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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, March 8, 1915
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TBE [VOLUME XVIII. NO. 114. The Weakly RMlst «r. Ettabliihed 1M7. The Daily RegTatenr EeUblisheil 1997. lOLA, KAS., MARCH 8,191&-M0NDAY EVENING. Succesfwr to The lela _D«lly ^Weg ^f;^Tli« tola Dally Record and The i EIGHT PAGES! mm SCHOOL BONDS WILL ALSO :i BE VOTBD 0> TOMORROW. ^. km m IS PREDICTED 1 LABORfXG PEOPLE HAVE EVINC ^ ED MUCH I!<TEREST IX OUTCOME, l^Xittle Conceit in Ran; for ('onimlH. •loBer MM Bqth ,Fre «>niBn and Shum. bangii Will Be Xonilnated. y'-'i-'- . \ The stage 1^'all set for the primary I'Sind li.Igh school bond election which L 'iitakis place tdmorrow. The polls will I? oto ^n-at 7 a. 'm. and close at 7 p. m. ^Tfi* ballots vhave been printed, the * r canvass bootlis are in position at the . ^ po}Ung places and pencils are ready • 1 for the voter.. -£ In conjunction with the primary" rt'i; election to b^' lield for the purpose; of f r nominating, candidates for Commissioner of Finance and Revenue, meim- hers of the hoard of education and i treasurer of the board, the people of I Bchbol district number 10, which in^ dudes the city of lola and the south' 5- em section of lola township, will vote r 5 on the proposition of issuing bonds in » the 8um, of $S),OOP for the purpose of I i consb -dcting ai hew high school: build- j ingbn the sit^ now owned by the dis- i'.trlct ,' ^ f ^ i ; Tlie names which will appear on the city ticket, their order and office f~ sought, follow^: I ' For Commissioner of Firance: Geo. [ Freeman. A. J. Shambaugh.- I; ^ For Membei* of the Board of Educa- f; tlon: F. M. Qonhet, C. Gard, Paul % Klein, J. E. I ^owell, Frank Riddle, J. ]; J. Simmonds.vR. L.. Thompson. i- . For Treasurer of the Board of Edu•li cation: J. Hi Campbell. '1 - The ballot njsed for voters in the out . 3. ilyins portion <if the school district will be the same with the exception that i those living gutslde the 'city, will not - J-, vote for candidates for city'commls- sioner. They-will vote only for mera- r- bers of the school board' I Every voteii in the school district ; will receive an official ballot entitled: i Qnestion Submitted. Under the title is will follow .th^ proposition which is as ; follows: \; "Shall the Board of Education of the Cftyiof lola, of the State of Kansas, issue bonds {n the sum of $80,000, bearing interest not cNceeding 5 -per cent per annum, and payable In not more Than 20 Jears from 'their date, to 1)6 sold at not less than their~" par value, the proceeds thereof to be used for the erection of a hfgh school build Ing^ for school district number 10, of Allen County, Kansas, the Fame to be located on a site now owned by said district itk said city?" /rhe pdlling? places . and election boards have |)een designated a.s follows: r , ^iMt Ward. (216: .N. .lefferson) Judges: G. HV. Allen, Wm. F9UBt, B. E. Hildebrant. Clerks: Mrs. Fred Moore, Ruth Brown. / siMcond Ward(Globe Building) • Judges: M.; G. .Robinson, T. T. Anderson. Davii^ Wolf. Clerks: Mrs. A. > Flake, Lena Brown. 'third Ward. (Polioe Headquarters) Judges: J. ;.C. Keim, Geo. Tapkins, C. E- BirdsallJ Clerks: Mrs. Geo. Talbert. Hattic Coblentz. h(urth Ward(214 S. Jeffersbn) ; Judges: A. H. Miller: 1 H. LeMasters. Ck-rks: Roie Varner.J ! FIflh Ward.! (Wicks I-^ldg., East Madison) Judges: A..V. Hart, J. M. Ruby, J. F .Baker. Clerks: Lois Strode, Minnie iCott. j $lxtli Wari. (Schonierus Uio. Store) Judges: .leb Etherton, Chas. Moh• raff, A. R. Statler. Clerks: Velma Arnold, Mrs. D.'Schomerus. The total registration ci|f the city is \ 2710 and it is predicted that a heavy I vote will be polled. Intcirest centeas ijcldeny "in the bond issue and the vote ! on candidates'.for the board of educa- .^on and the campaign has been-wa?ert .'on that •basis, if he'vote in theVrimary race for Commissioner of Finance and Revenue, nay ^;be said to be merely a test of the! relitive strength of the can didates, George i ^eeman and A. J. Shambaugb. They will make the race jat the regular election, April 6. Mr. JFreeman is the present conviilssioner. 7t isnpfreflection uponi any candidate to say .that Mr. Freeman has been sealbtiely active in his duty and the head and wheels of the city's financial Bysteni for the past thnee years. He •sya be wantstvotes oythe proposition of merit only, iThat ought to be a fair deaL I • • ; The address: of Andrew J. Sham­ baugb Is 210 Stouth Chestnut. He Is a •retired grain dealer and has lived in .lola, about ten years. He is said to be a mta of many excellent qualities. He taaa never been In official life here. The ^dldates for the board of edu catioD and the >andidate for the noni- r ination for treasurer are |S0 well * fcaovn that tie mere mention of , names Identifiils them. K iV An wusual feature of the bond elec- I tlon 'is the apparent Interest of the - Ip ^borjing men. Tbere will be a heavy ^iote from ttaia class tomorrow but) it 'fremaina to b^ tbl<l how the bulk of B. Frantz, 1. feelie 'Travis, THE WEATHER FORECAST FOB KANSAS: CBset- tied tonight and Tneadav,' i^robably ralnror SBOW ; waiimer la wettt-and central portlaas tonight. Data recorded at thejocal office of the U .S. Weather Bureau: Temperature—Highest. yesterday 3 p. m., 30; lowest this morning 7 a .m., 2fi; normal for today, 39; deficiency yesterday, 7; excess-since January Ist, 356 degrees. Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, trace; total for present month to ^ate 1.60; exi :ess since January 1st, O .N inches. Relative* humidity 7 a. m. todry, 88 per cent;l barometer reduced to sea level. 30 .4+ inches. v Sunrjse today, 6:44 a .m.; sunset, 6:22 p. m. TRHL NEXT MONDAY FIQUA MAX IS CHARGED WITH MURDER OF HIS FRIEND. Ilenrjr Brandmyer, Wounded During Midnight Brawl in I'ool Room, ' ; Died In Uotipltal Here. Barney Brannum, of Piqua, •\vill be placed on trial in the Woodson county district court at Yates Center /Oext Monday on the charge of murder in the first degree. Brannum at present is at liberty under $10,000 bond. The nature of his defense has not been indicated but the persistency with which reports come concerning Brannum's life long friendship with his victim^— if he fired the fatal shot—Indicate that the showing will be self-protection. The quarrel which cost the life of Henry Brandmj-^r occurred in his pool hall at PiqUa late last fall. In a statement before his death, taken as he lay in St. John's hospital awaiting the surgeons who were to perform an operation in the hope of saving his life, Brandmyer told of a day ahd night drinking. He said both he and Brannum partook liberally of a certain cider until they became under the in- fhience of it. An altercation arose over the payment of a small sum alleged to be due Brannum's son for service performed^Jn-the pool hall. During this controversy, Hrandniyer said, Brannum shot him. The dying man's statement said that he did not know that Brannum was armed or angry and that he w.-s not. Brandmyer lived lor several days afteT the shooling. Frank R. Forrest, former county attorney. Sheriff Ed. J. Dunfee, Dr. J. Siitcliffe, Mark Fullinwider and'oth­ ers, have been' summoned as • witnesses. ' . • FEiaER HY 6ET PAROLE J'risitner Who (iHve Alarm When liaiik ' KoltlM'rs l-'lid-4o Fn -Kent I'etlllon lo Judge FoHfit. i Because he tried to halt James Harmon and Harry Hilton the two escaping baiik robbers and gave the alarm after the pair had fled from the county jail at Yates Cienter, Walter Feazlcr. .serving a six months' sentence for bootlegging probably will be paroled. Tl'.e Woodson •' county conimissloncrs have remitted the costs in Feazler's c.-isc and are willing to petition Judge Foust t^ parole the prisoner, who lias served only about half his term. Feazler wa.s ari-ested here several weeks ago by Cnder.siieriff Kil. P. Stilh orland at the request of Sheriff Carroll, of Woodson county. 'J'liese <i!eneroiiN Feople. And it i.s not the people of lola only. Here is a letter from Mr. J. B. Scruggs. Jr., who is only a poor country news- piper man up at Kincaid, but who .sends in his check for a dollar and .'jays: "Our little ones all have shoes and -ian attend school and 1 am sorry a dollar's worth for the lola youngsters who ha'ye not." Mr. L. B. Pearson tclcphonqs in from Salem: "Put half a dollar, in tliat pot for me and when I come again I will repay thee." James-- Finley wants to know if there is still room for his dollar and discovers] much to his satisfaction, that there is; And Georfe VVIlliams. the Register circulator, doesn't know what better to do with two or three hours ol the time of himself and his liorse and buggy tlian to i)ut it in driving around to theX'ouses of who had offered donations of shoes and clDthiner arid gathering the things up and dellverin:; them to Mrs. 'Sampson for distribution among those who^-need them j; Thf, total casl) contributions, there- f.oro, up to' the hour this Is written (two o'c ock) have reached the total of %n:,n\ whii'h is within $1.50 of the amount asked for. And considering tiiat the contributions of clothing aniouiited tn much more in value than $2 .").fH). It.Would seem to be only fair to consli'^-r that everything asked for has, been r^iVen. The best people in the world! At n Inter dnto a report will be made of tiie disposition of thp clothing and the m^nf>. . . Poet; seifiptr" Since the foregoing was. written the Daughters of the King and St Mjargaret's Guild, both of the Episcopar church, have handed in checks for one dollar and two dollars respectively, so that the cash total now reaches $1.50 more than the sum asked for instead of being $1.50 less. .AbsoluteU' the best people on earth! Picture Map of Dardanelles and the Forts Destroyed by the Allied Fleets. Seme of the fortii in the l>ardanellcs which have withstood the claims, of the powers of Europe and the efforts I of Russia to break through from the Black • Sea to the waters of the Mediterranean and the open seas of the world, have fallen at last. The Allied fleets of British and French warships have smashed five of the forts near the entrance, and are slowly making their wa'y toward the Sea ol Marmora and Con^antinople. The principal forts wore at-the entrance of the straits. [WENn-EI6HT ARE INOIGTEO TERRE HAUTE FOLITICIANS I>TO MORE ELECTIOX FRAl'D.S. Finding a Jury is DItlicnIt and Testi- mou}- Frol>al»ly Will Commence ' Tomorrow. ! ! (By the Associated Prp .K.^i Indianapolis, Ind., Mar. 8.—Twenty- eight politiciarfs^of Terre Haute were placed on trial , before Judge Anderson in the United States District Court,here today charged Vith conspiring to corrupt the election last November. The • defeneajits include Doiin M. Roberts, mayor of Terrii Haute and avowed candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1916. " Eli H. Redman, judge of the Vigo county circuit court. Dennis Shea, sheriff. E. E. Talbot, city comptroller of Terre Haute. Maurice Walsh, county sealer of weights and measurea .ind treasurer of the l>'mocratic ciiiiii)aign committee. • i Harry S. Montgomery, presidoii't of the board of public works. John S. Maaelink, scaier of the city. Thomas C. Smith, city judge. George Ehrenhearl, mninber of (he board of public works. Edward R. UriscoU, scerelary of the Detrip<:ratic county committee. Hilton Redman, attorney and son of Judge Redman." Joseph O'Mara, street commissioner. Some difliculty is expected In obtaining a jury and the.taking of testi mony it was announced would not be begun until Tuesday or Wednesday. A.\ IMl'OI{TA>T ADDRESS. .>.>..:....>..>.^.>..>j '3_j(,g jfdi^j^s SRE KILLED • <' • • • • • WHEAT TAKIS A> • EH .IIT (I:M Ji .Ml' • •:. Chicago, March s,--Foreign •> inlying iissiuialed >vilh rcporis <• that (ireece and other conn- • trieM niluht enter the war, liud •> much to do with (he advance • of S?i tfiits a bushel in wheat <• today. Kansas City, .Mar. S.—Wheat •> adviniced today *c on the cash •> market. • •:• • •> • • •:• • •:• • •:• •:• •:• • • •:• •:• •:• • LA TOl RAIVE IS SAFE. I Burning Ship is .Making for Fort Under Her Own Steam. STATE'OFFERSPRIZEFOR CROP MAHI> A\TI.SHRI>KA(JK KILL IS FAISSED UXOFFOSED. BATTLE REA( lli;s Tilt; IIA>D HAM> STAiJK. i'O French Artillery Proves 'I'oo .Much for the tiernian Rapid Firers— Mines Destroy Trenches. Th<>' Kansas Senate Passed Anieiidinrnt, the Rill for tion of (.'rain.. Without nspcc The Cnrrent Topics Club is Fifrtunate Again. Dr. C. C. Nesselrode, who appears before the Current Topics Club at the usual hour this evening, is a membejr of the faculty of the University Medical School, and; he conies to lola;a |S a representative of the State University,-the State Medical .Association and the State Board of Health, all of which are co-operating in a campaign of the state for the promotion of the public health. Dr. Nesselrode will talk" to the fiinent Topics Club about "Cancers," diseasing their nature and cause and tiieir' prpvention and cure. Ijiter in the Evening he will speak to the County .Me<lical Association on the subject of "Gastric Ulcers." Slipper at 6:20. address at 0:45, Y. M, C. A. this evening. -i SAYS ITALY Mi:ST liET l>. that vote sfiatl go. Many of them have expressed themselves in favor of .the brind issue, , Sample ballots will be issued and full 'instri^ctions as to ,the manner of voting will be given under the usual ^conditions,,. "Fur llie Country's interest," Rome Newspaper Declares. Rome. March 7 (via Paris).—The Giornale d'ltalia, which, although it is not the official government organ, represents the political majority supporting the cabinet, in an editorial argues thAt it will be difficult; for Italy longer to remain neutral, declaring the attack by the allied fleet on the Dardanelles has brought up three great problems affectln"? Italian interests. "The first of these problems," the news|)a|)er says, '-Is the new rule to allow Russia access to the Mediterranean through the Dardanelles, the second concerns the equilibrium of the Balkaiis, and tiie third the partition of Asiatic Turkey, whlijh affects the equifibrium of the Eastern Mediterranean. It,Is impossible for Italy to keep out of the solution of such problems, unless she is satisfied to.see not only the powers of the Triple Entente settle these affairs according to their interests, but also <he small but audacious and resolute nation, Greece." .\h Adkins says his son-in-law couldn't eat rabbit without feeling Ifke a cannibal, (By llie Associated frcs.><) Paris, Mar. S.—The manner in which a fiirious German attack at Notre Dame de Loretta was trans- j forined into a defeat in which 3,000 Germans fell is described in the Petite Parisian by one of tlic combatants. "The Germans blew in by mines our first line of trenches," saj/j the story. "Before the echoes of the explosion luid died away an avalanche of Germans poured down and forcel! the French into the second line of trench es after a fierce hand to hand struggle. The Germans suddenly raked the trenches with machine guns fore-, ing th(! defenders into a third line, i I after another bayonet battle with su- ' perlor numbers assaulting. "In no way dcmorarized our men si)ent the night preparing to win back the lost position which the Germans strengthem.'d with sand bags. Our artillery was placed into position ready to fire. As soon as dawn broke, the I'.-rntfliers opened xvl.'li salvos. The shells burst in "our old trendies pep- pcirln gthc Germans. Then the heavy artillery joined in deiiioralizlng them. " (My Ihf .\.s.sor :;it<*il IM 'CSs; Toiiek.i. .Mar. 8.--Four prizes of $.")00, %\',i> and 1100 making a total of $1,000 from the state treasury for the encouragement of interest in lh(> production of stapro crops in tills state is the offer carried in tlic.Nigh- swonger resolution wTiicli passrjd the Senate today. When It p^isses the lower house the contest will be turned over to Secretary !\Iohler of the State Board of Agriculture. The first prize of $500 will go to the j Their artillery tried to rc|)jy and their person producing the most kiln dried i ."heils exploded with an awe inspiring corn, from five acres of land and the ; noise but did no harm. The battle (H .v tlie Associated Press) l^ondon. Mar. 8.—The fire on board the French steamer La Touraine has been almost extinguished and the •Vessel is steaming to her destination, the French port of Hav^, at 14 knots per hour. The information here is the latest newg being sent at ten last niglit by wireless from the cruiser es corting the I-a Touraine. Xelson is No Better. (By tlie AssoniatPd Press)-v Kansas City, Mar. 8.—There N was little ci/ange today in the condition of William Rockhlll Nelson, editor of the Kansas City Star, the physician, announced. Mr. Nelson except for brief intervals hag been unconscious since last Friday. The family is at his bedside. I>ater this afternoon physicians an- noimceil Mr. Nelson's Condition slightly iniiiroved. three smaller premiums will be paid for the next record productions. The Senate passed without amendment tlic Kansas .state inspection'of became appalling. Our ".irtillery pieces fired as rajiidly as tiiey could be /loaded. "After "lioiirs the tiriiis ceased and grain bill. The bill will divert $,^0,- our infantry dasli«jd forward, croucli 000 to the state treasury. i ing on hands and knees. The Ger- The Mahin anti-shrinkage bill aim- i.niaiis fired vo!l.-y after volley, worked at the Kansas City stockyards pas- ing i|uick-tirer.> feverishly but .our sed the house this morning opposition. ithout nien would not be denied. They took i the third line but could ,i !;0 no further SOME WHEAT IS STILL HERE The House today killed the Aldricli'as the second line v.-iis sandbagged bill providing for the crejition of a and crammed with dead Germans." state school sanitary commissioner, j London, .Mar. K.---Theci-nler of interest in tlie west front again has drifted with the aunouucement from I'etrograil that a great battle is developing on (he left bank of the Vi.s- tula soul Invest of Warsaw. It is not yet clear, jud .i ^inK from messages n^acliiiig Loiuion, which side has taken the oflensive, but iri- sjiired sources both in r:erlin and f'et- rograd have heen liinting lately that vital operations might well he ex- Only a Little Over (iO PerCent of the Croji Will Ue Shi|iped From tlie State. (B .v the AssocVHtod Ptpssl ; Wasliinglon, Mar. S.—Wheat remain iUR on farms -March first airiounted to } pectcd in this region. .Messages from 152,000,000 bushels, of 17.2 per dent j the Russian capital have declared of the 1!)14 croi). About 60.7 per lient i that the old; field of action in the di- of the 1914 crop-will be shipped but rectioii of Posen ami Silesia only of the counties where grown. (could serve as a decisive battle Corn remaining on farms March 1 j.ground,'while Berlin has been predict was 910,900.000 busheig or 34.1 fiier ; ing another brilliant action in the di- ccnt of the 1914 crop. About,^per | rection of Warsaw by Von Htnden- cent will. be shipped out. 'I'hu rfier- chantable quality of the crop is '84.5 per cent. ; Oati remaining on the farm Is ^79',000,000 bushels or Ti.'Z per cent. AI)out per cent will bo shipped out. Barley ramuining on the farms Is 42.88!»,0O0 bushels or 82 per cent. About 49 per cent will be shipped out. TAKES A SLAP AT CAPITAL Frank Malsh Says Every Man With a Fortune Must Hare Committed a Crime. nVv Ihn A.'SKni.-liiteo Prcssl (.'liicago, Mar. 8.—A minimum wage of $2 ,511 for unskilled labor was advocated by Frank P. Walsh of Kansas City, chairman of the United States Commission on industrial relations in an address last^night before the forum of Grace- Protestant Episcopal ciiurch. Mr. Walsh said the government should retake all the lantf procured by fraud, withhold all benefits of the tariff from every employer who exploits women and ehildren and prevent labor from organizing. i "lie who first gives bountifully to the poor must have first robbed them a i)leiity,'' he said. "Every man with a foftune inust have at, some time crossed the line of ethics and criminal law. The root of poverty comes because f orkcrs do not receive full prO duct of their toil,'; BO liED BY U. S. NOTE CONDITIONS IN MEXICO CITT MU^T BE IMPROVED. LAN6VA6E IS USED REPRESENTATIONS ARE LITTLE SHORT! OF AN ULTIMATUM.. l/ Cruiser Taboma Is Ordered to Sail For Mexican Waters—Other U. is. Craft There. EDISON HAS ANOTHER FIBE Fire is Discovered and t'becke'd lie- fore Any tireat Damage is Done to the Property. (I '.V the Ass<«:lntocl P PI-SH) West Orange, N. J., Mar. 8.—Thos. Edison at his work In his laboratory after midnight today discovered a fire in one of the buildings In hig great plaftt here and summoned firemen in time to previent what might have been serious loss. The fire practically destroyed the building where valuable phonograph records were stored but {the records in a concrete vault were saved. , When he saw the flames, Mr. Edison dashcfd out in his shirt sleeves and stood out where he could direct SLAVS PUSH Ai'.STRLiNS OX. Retreat All Along Line Means Reuceu. patlon of Szernowltx. berg. No grsat activity has been reported elsewhere on tlie east front ('xcopt at Rawa to tlie so.iilliwest of Warsaw, wliere tlie German army headiiiiarlers --- ," , u. . claim the capture of »,4()0 prisoners, the firemen before hia wife and son It Is possible that this action may be '="'"1 l,''','-""/"!^ Him to put on an over a part of the great battle which Petro • '^'"l 'n^-fnto"- soaked \si the grad says is now under ,way. There ^>',"'*; "'f ''ose whu-h twisted (B .V. the As.Hoclatcd Press) Washingtjon, Mar. 8.—New and urgent repres <^'ntatlon8 amounting practically to a warning have bee'n aent by the Unified States to General Carranza, deihanding improvementg in conditions |m Mexico City. ' The corimunlcation to Carranza which was idrafted after conferences between President Wilson, Secre' Bryan and Council Lansing, guarded with secreCy pending word from Carranza concerning Iiiia attitude. It was s^id by officials that tbe note contained the strongest repce- sentations t^at have ever been made to Carranz4 and'indicates that the American government is rapidly losing patience with bis Indifference at the objectionable acts of Gen. Obregon at Mexifco City. \ Those who know the contents of| the communication said that it did I not threaten force and was not in the I nature of ak ultimatum, but it pointed \ out in explicit language the seriousness of the; consequences if the welfare of foreigners was not better protected. \ J- Early in jthe day Secretary Daniel* i had said n6 additions were contem-; plated to tliie fleet in Mexican watera but later Itt was learned that the cruiser Tacoma bad been ordered from Port'j^u' Prince, Haiti, to Vera Cruz. Secretary Daniels was in- con- . sulfation later with Secretary Bryan.,; Further movement of vessels may be- decided upon. • Just what.'move >s contemplated tSi known onljj- to President Witaoh- andi a few of hjis closest advisers, but it was apparent to the officials that it was realized that a new crisis Was' at hand whiqh; might have to be toet with strong: measures. The gederal impression ijn official quarters was| that although the use of force had! not; been threatened in the note to Car-: ra^iza the American Governmelit was prepared to meet eventualities and would be r^ady to pursue an insistent course to compel protection folr foreigners and their Interests. . Secretary Bryan stated that the placing of an embargo on all abip- ments.of mjvinitlons of war to Mesico had not be^ considered in the |ll«8- ent situatiort. Such a move would be ' of little prilctlcal effect because nkost of the arms and ammunition availhhie In the United States has been cotttfOCt ed for at high prices by the European belligerents. . : Scarcity bf war munitions heirl!. It is believed,! has already had an elect | on Villa's campaign and while his forces havel been making some h^ad* w^. according to official reporta. it has been less than those of Carraitaa. The possibility that neither taction will be ablfi to gain a complete vicr tory and thfat the situation may remain in a deadlock \ indeflnitfty is known to have influenced the Washington government to take its ethnd. The Washington government bad bten ' bombarded with foreign commdiklca- tions seeking information without suggesting a solution, but the activities of the foreign diplomatic repre-' sentatives have constituted a moral pressure tltat has practically compelled the JAmerican government to speak emphatic language to the Mex lean, authorities. THIRTEEN HURT IN WRECt. Rock Island! Passenger Takes t« the Ditch—Nine Will Die. New York, March 7.—A London Daily Chronicle dispatch from Martin Donohue says: "The Austrians in, , Bukowina are retreating along the i ficulty in fornilng a government with is no Indication of a decisive gain by eUher side. Attempts of the Allied flei;t to force a passage in the Oardau'elles has caused a ferment ]n the near east, which has reahhed the proportions of a cabinet crisis in Greece. No new cabinet has yet been announced and King Constantjine may have great dif whole line with the Russians pressing hard: behind them. The Russian re- occu'pation of Czernowitz is imminent, as the Austrians show little in- clinHtinn to dispnto the Russian advance." the popular fok-mer Premier Venizelos leading the opposition. There is no late news of the situation at the Dardanelles and the British public awaits with keen interest the next step. out of tlie hands of the Are fighters and fell within a few feet of him. The building burned was the only one not touched by fire last December. Warning to (>as'Consumers. The Portland Pipeline Company was unable to make the change In its line as scheduled for today and will do so between the h6urs of .9. a. ni. and 3 p. m. Ttiesday, March 9th:^ Every effort will be made to cause as little inconvenience as poBsible but all gas consumers should exercise sp^ial cr v tlon between the hours;mentioned dur- |ing tomorrow, - (By tho Associated Prfss) Topeka, Kas., March 8.—Thlrteep persons wer^ injured, nine seriously^, when Rock Island Train No. 38, wa« derailed neaij Cuba early this morning. The train, OA its way from Omahd tQ Fort*Worth, [plunged down a baaklB- to a snowdrift, where several eara were overturiied. The injured were E. L. Dillmitn, of , .Mankato, back sprained. I . . 11. F. Hutchinson, Burr Oak, JKaa^ ! left ankle sprained. • I Dr. R. M.| Tinney, Norton, Kas., sjiraiaed lefc knee, bruised shin. E A.-Holbrook, Morganvllle, KlMi-., cut over right eye, and bruised Itlin. l tJERMANV HOLDS 7S14HW MltV. . Berlin, Ma)-ch 7.— Among the iltma i given out for publication by the 0*«r •:• seas News Agency are the following: !; Members of the Prussian Diet who J have been visiting the prisoner eaiapai have receivcid Information thM.-at : nresent there are 781.000 .w4r prla- \ oners interned in Germany, attyln- < crease since Ithe end bf 1914 of <BMire than two hundred thousandj mttl.f FasNport ^'easplmtar 9eite*N4, New York. March 8.— CharleanBn- roede, one of the aix peraona in the ,alleg^d conspiracy to the. United Statea to obtaii i passporitB foi^ fSernan rMwytati^.te^^y pleaded guilty. Hb mik i^en^^rtf threc^yeara 1^ the penft«ii^,£itpV| if-:.

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