Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 12
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 12
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ffi TWEL' WHAT THE ROW lOLA BIBLE dijASS GEtSi RECOGNITION I. . pdvenior and Legiiila- tnre Sfkietiines; > Disagreed. ° > In a syndicate letter 4o a number of Kansas newspapers, Mr. A<f L. Sbultz, about the 8brewde«t political .obBerrer^ in Top«Ica, responds as ,tQllpws |to a recent in- anlry in the iRe ^ster: "Why," IncLulres Char] sy iscott of - lola, "why don't soiiteo: the newspaper men wbb are. k iepln? tab on things at Tdpeka open up a!nd tell the world.what is it the bottom of the row between Governor Paulen and the legislature?" . Vejpy llkeiy the reporteris wouldn't bring in a unanimous verdict.; Everyone Iinew something was wrong. Quite prol|abIy, as it ^tpears to this observer, there were a flock of things wrong. In brief Governor Paiiten's program failed because the legislature refused to calch drift wood'on the shares. Governor Paulen didn'.t high hat the legislature as 9ome observers claim. He merely failed to get up when the alarm £lock went off. J Having worked! in the legislature before ho took his present job, Governor iPaulcn helped jsmack the program of Hodges,' Capper, Alfen and Davis either as a state senator or lieutenant : govefnor. He, with other legislators, regeut- ed executive interference, with law making. Rather to his credit than otherwise, he sent ' Uls message to the legislature and refused to hang around the clo^k rooms putting his proposafjs inio laws. His attitude created' a strange sensation in legislative chambers and the house and senate backed away and told^ the governor to go. sit on an egg. | Thpre were a {number of things , that contributed 4o the gejieral situation.. Almost everyone wHo spent time around the legislative halls knew the | stories. Some of them might be recounted, although it means that more people will wear holes in the marble stairs at The State Journal building to have (this obseili^r's i pay chef k stopped Saturdajr night 1' lola, as the home town of women's Bible, class which made a record for charitable an^ kindly work, is getting some ac vertislng. national In; scoipe if which the .whole town miy well take pride. The clasi responsibly for the publicity is that talight bj^ Miss Dollie Adams in the Cbristiar Church." "It Is known as the Loyal Leaders Ciass. A pictnr^ of the members and a statementl of their accomplishments '• appear in the March 13 iissii* of THE LOOKOUT. a^JournaUof religious education read throjighout: the! country by Christian Church people. ' i Last year, according to the ar- thb wom- Class tide in TliB LOOKOUT, en of the f>yal ' Leader^ made 3374 i^IIs, as representative of the organization, and se ers costin &|$110 ' to tbose tress. Clothing and food wl tributed to the poor. Last record was the best made class since its organization dti6tion in the salary of tt^e state .business manager. ^ A Republicar is about to take tl|e job. Had th. governor's desire been followed, the Republican would di-aw $1,000 a year less than the Democrat who hadheld the office since Govwent: to the state crnor I'auleu house. i Since Charley Scott has raise the question, it might be mentioned that Senator Apt—right fro!^ Mr. Scott's own district—came tb town with blood " In his eyek Wanted an appointment. Didn^t get it. Threatened, a lot of veiiy unkind things. Got a place-.on the committee to Investigate the public service comml^ion. May whbop i'er ups.for more trouble later. Gos' sip s^ys^he harbors a governs^ip plan iof his own. i - No one will'evjsr convince Senator Getty that jGovernor Paulen didn't have a dizzy speel when he aiHwinted. the board of regents. The Wyandotte sleriator' wanted on ; the board which ^s merely an honorary piacc Felt he had a direct spromise. Didn't conie to Topeka for the session with a happy' disposition -and Mr* Ford probably doesn't mannfactiire enotigh parts to replace-all the things be took out of the Paulen machine. Dan CItase, lieutenant governor and presiding officer ot the senate, wanted to be budget director after the senate | put a crimp In 'Nort Tufhcr, Helped tie up the directorship bll!s| in a. winy that forced jiasty appqintniBht. \ Had to have his face raised yriien a reading clerk whispered Hbat Representative Jackson otl Comanche county bad been named. . In connection wlth^he same job there was the anibltlcm ot Repre- flent&tive Clyde Coffmiin of Osage «ounty. Beaten for speaker, help- led hang Crepe on the .Paulen pol- ilcles flrstthalf of: theeession. Sud- jdenly came out of. it. Friends whispered he had been promised the placei Coltman jwas one of the' most, willing administration Vorl^ers on .the Xloc^ for a time. rThen the job slid over to Jack; son wTio hadn't so much as asked' ' for the appointment.; I ' Pi-oba'bly J fifty per cent of the -membership of the two houses ivonld have .consented to move to. ' Topeka for a few years if properly urged. Some, of them fellj they bad promises that didn't i^ter- lalize. Others took interei^t in «ome of the gov^nior's proposals and. suddenly found that th^ captain of the ship wastt't! giving the •problems much more ithan; luke warm absent treatiment. - This sit- .nation was particularly true of the primary-convention bill. It was , deserted by th^ house Republican caucus preceedlng.a ^cond test. Action seemingly, didn't disturb the governcA* in the! least.. . An evidence of hostility canio When the governor suggested a re- .^notlier thing might be poiitted ou( in connection with Governor Paulen'ii failure to keejt the legislature In a pleasant /ramu of mind. It was a rather natural result of his refusal to force upon the house and seualo the adoption of his program. I'iually In former legislative sessions governors have kepi :niany legislators In a friendly attitude by intimations ' that they wejte to be showered with ap-. ^pointments. Not Infrequently op- 'positibn to ait executive program, has been smothered by patronage promises. So when the governor didn't suggest trades, it Is easily understoo(( that several meml)ers backed into ,a corner to plot ven- geancii. ;• MID-W^EK WORSHIP « BY * FREDERICK Wj LEWIS. • Pres. College of Emporia • • ti. ^ot that Governor Paulen hasn't d|:^tributed plums to the solons. Most' of his recent appointments have gone to legislators. Other governors have simply played better politics with a I equal number oi| jobs and finishe 1 a session with a fine showing ol achievements. : Maybe Governoi' Paulen didn't care. He talked with memljers frequently. Appeared to discuss his plans in a free and easy iiianner. But he didht. peel off his coat, spit on his hands and actually go to work. He*, didn't organize and when something slipped, he accepted the decision as a matter ot fact 'without the slightest iair of concern. -,- I '' r- "Thou vlsitest the earth and wat- crest It; Thou greatly'cnrlchest It; Thou niakcHV lit soft with flowers; Thou blesHctit the Hpringing thereof." • , : "Head Nature like the mnnuBcript of heaven, And call the flowers Its poetry. Go out, T And read it, \vhen the fever of the world , Hath made yonr hearts impatient, and if life Hath yet one spring unpoLson'd, ' will be Like a beguiling music to its fiowj N. P. Willis. ofj the forsythia. for daffodils and tulips blooming in the gard-n. And now- as the pussy-willow's flowers are fast changing into thci - green promise for the. future anid . red clusters of elm blo.isoihs. ar| freshening into vernal traceries Of loveliness, and bees are flying ligh to gather pollen from maple hjoHsonis and bumblo-beos are hurryltjg from flow- in dls- |ere dls- year's. by the in De­ cember, 1922, but| eacfi year has ablfc Mrs. J. A. Gavjins of tlie Loyal Leaders has an enrollmenit of the members young children Christian Sunday is president Class, which of 135. Most [are mothers. ,o'f attend the School. who AVater polo In plenty of keen pl^y the quality seen tries. Fools throw kisijes men deliver them We ble^s Thee, kind Father, t<\r the loveliness; of April. ''For loll tho'wintci- is past, the flowers appear upon the earthi the time of the singing of birds is cohie, and he voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land." We thank Thee for feweet violets by the wayside, in Ninety-seven per cunt of the the woodland and on tlje river working class families in Boniluiy |l)anks, for the bright'golden, bells arc housed in onc-rom tenements. flower to flower to gathef t le first nectar of the season and thd woodpecker Is drumming ardent; avowals to |ils mate, help us. Oh Lord, to be ip tune with all this atmox- phero (if hope and renewal, of love arid lydaulynnd song. "Why art Thou cn-st down, oh my soiil. imil why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou In God. for I shall ypt praise Him who is the liciilth nf my i-ountenaijce and my God." Amen; the work done 1 highly credit- Holland yields but is below in other conn- NEWS NOTES WDI Woods S «ll« ^l^rty and WIU KeileTe to Colbrmdo— Parent Tmebers' Ai socla* < ' ; tlon' Meets. (.Mrs. A 1 F. Hcltein) Gas City, Apr. 6. —John Cartmel and son, Vernon, ofj Burlington, visited Sunday with Mrtf. Cartmel, who is staying at the hope of Mr. and Mrs. C. i^Kteborn while taking treatments of a doctoi* Iik lola. . Mid-week services ^t the M. E. church Thursday evenini|r at 8:00. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peres and family of Humboldt, JNepr.,; spent the week -en4 here visiting at the homes of Mrs. C. L. | Osporn. and Mrs. Henry. Potter, 8ipter,s of Mrs. Peres, enroute to Arkansas where they expect it,o locate. | Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cuf-ry have purchased the property of Mr. and .Mi's. Will Woods who will soon leave for Colorado. | The Parent Teachers* Association will meet at th^ Gs.s school- bons^ Friday evening, April 2. Ev- eryohe is invited. A program will be jiven under the direction of Miss Pearl Johnson. The Rev. Mr; CarsweiJ, of Missour , will be A the. Church of G6d Saturday night and will conduct, a two-week's revival meeting theri. - Jo in Boyer and sister. Mrs. Dora White, left Monday for Indepen- denc! on business. Mi;8.. Will W(iods is enjoying a visit from her two nephews, who are here from Missourl.'i' H. H. Jackman spent Saturday evening, with his sister, Milrs. C. S. McFann. and Mr. McFann of Ida. LET JONES DO IT! lones Electric Works PHONE 199 wise young iln person. NEW WAY .TO STOr FITS Wonderful results are reppitt'd by Epilepsy Colonies using a new remedy that stops the most stub- horn cases of Epileptic fits or spasms and is not habit forming. Any reader, who .sends name to Pheholcptoljco., Dept. 700. Box 71. St. Johns Place Station. Brooklyn. X. Y.. will 'receive a free booklet explaining this new guaranteed tr«iatment. :Write them today. , P Pes on Two Gallons of Gas AITO.S START I »i.STA>TLY !>' ANY WEATHER. —Ontahu, Neb.—.In astounding now invention now malies It possible for autos to r in 120 miles on two gajlons of ga:. Besides the miraciiUms gasoline mifeage. this new discovery, called Quickstart, starts t3ic coldest motor Instantly in zero]weather. It also removes and prevents carl ion. .eliminates spark plug troubles, save* oil and repairs and lengthens life of motor.^. Many users r;port 46 to 60 miles on one gallon of gas besides unfailing instant starting of motor. The inventor wants agents and guarantees traielling expenses and liberal draw ng account to exclusive distributois. Chance to make $."i0.00 to' $401.00 a week guaranteed. Free sample ' to agents. Write Quick ;tart .Mfg. Co., Dept. .26G6-E, Statli n C, Omaha. Neb. Stomach 86 Bad Milk Turn^ Sour. —"My stoma<;h was so bad even sweet milk fermented. If'suffered frptri gas, indigestion and headache when I ate. I found i-eal relief in .\dlerika."—Mrs. R. W. Bightwell. Adicrika relieves Htomach gas and sourness in TEN mini tes. Acting on BOTH upper and lower bowel. It removes old waste matter you never thought wat in yoiir system. Let Adlerik& give your .stomach and bowels: a RB/^L cleansing and see how miich'bet­ ter you will feel. It will surprise you!—Palace-p>ug Store. i , Pi'obably a considerable majority of the legislators were at heart friendly to the governor and wanted to put through some of his proposals.. When the governor himself failed to register more than passing Interest in his policies, the house aud.senate took up other m'htters. When an-administra- fion. -bni came along, there was ho organization for the fight. With this situation the business of blocking the Paulen policies was duck soup for the opposition. As. a result of trades and purchases during the past winter KPVCII of. the eight teams of ths Tetas League will start tho*l!»27 soaiion wlth'tmany new faces in the ll'ie-iip. The jcighth club, Dallas, luis jle- clded to. stand pat with virtually the lidme team that won the pen- riant last year, j i i ! ^ Tallin's Big Offer I ToThoseWkoHaTe ^lomacli Distress keiid wjiat CohVu hruw Hion II HN io (ia> About para'a X«ntba IVptto. ~Wln*n ^you have any troublo with your difeitlon. Much H» gaii. b«avlneiw and dldttntioii, why fool trlth thltiKM whicli at bcit can givo only puftlal rcllar..^ • _ IWhy not get a medicine that In imade to help >tr»ngtl;en your up- Mt, disordcVed stnn^a<ih ao that it IwllI do wUhimt artificial ;lielp; ' . " . j' •.• finch a medicine Is Dare's Meji- -tha Pepsin, a dellghtfril elixir that ta Bold by Cook'sfDri^g Store and >jl live druggistsJwlth the distinct jiriderstanding that If it aoesii't dreally help you your mone^ will lie gladly returned.. , ^ It; IWR helped thoiisands-l-lf will' no doubt help you. GOITRE GAUSEDl iNerroi^Hness Eye Trouble, Throb- bin^* Cboklnir, l!lhort|ie .xK of Breath, SleeplexkoeMM, llivV' Trouble and Bad Hearing. • Relieved by Colorless Linlraeht. [ban. 4446 Wcst- uis. Mo., says: i -Quadruplc Six as well a .H I and am now nd scrub with- all. WJll f-ll perience." Get from Sorbol burg, O. Drug r locally' at —Mrs. Rose M :J minster Place, SL "I have Used Sorbol weeks.: Am feeli ever did in myi llfj able to wash, iron out at^ trouble at or write my full e: more • information Compariy, Meghan ii stores everywhere Brown's Drug Ston For lilgh.grade Elelctrt; and' Plumbing Serviced / PHONB Plans and Estimates I'ree. IT f Eiectrie^d '^•^•Plombiiigto. fbr the rich man only If you have loads of money... if you can af-. . ford to buy twice asmany gallons ... if yoa can pay thecost of burning or scraping off the old every two years or so—and the added Cost of frequent repainting . . . then you ^ rich enough tcj. use a "dheap/' low pried house paint. But if you want to mal^e every dollar count ,T—to get value for yoiu- money—^then you'd ^l)ettbecbuy,,tlieVt>est house paint money can hvg^0§9fPltt<costs no more in the beginning an^iAuch^less in the end. jCome in and let us tell you the truth about the ez<|)rbitant cost of "cheap" paint. • GUARANTEED! 6WPi8^(/aranfeecftolookbetter,lastloriger,co«tlesspe> Job and less per year than any bouse paint on the market. J. EASTER MEANS See "Paint Headquartiersf The Evans Store ^ Store Means Wide Selection Hdft Schaffner\& Marx, Society Brand, Clothcraft Mean: BEST STJYLE AND EXTREME VALUE FOR TOUB CO^rTEXIENCB WE DELITEB FJiEE ' ^&d^' ^hJ ^M^B JAM Hi^nowARsai. IMFLEMENt^ lOLA-k^JAX Jlnceiss7\ THE NE\^ COLORS Pigeon Grey, Silver. Blue, Roan, Hazeltan. STYLE LINES Good Shoulders Easy Drape In Trousers THERE ARE VERY EMPHATIC SUIT VALUES FEATURING ALL THE" NEW MODELS. COLORS AND FABRICS AT— ^ WE'LL: SHO CHESTERFIELDS MODELS OR AT— NEW FABRICS Fairway Twoeds. fcdward Strfpes. New! ide.T:; in Flnnnels. Worsteds, Cheviots. rV YOU TOPCOATS IN EASY DRAPED UNIVERSITY STYLES J. B. STETSON HATS • $7.50 Manhattan srid Wilson Shirts ! $2.00™ $5.00 BOS rONlAN OXFORDS $(1.50 ™ $10.00 Easter NeckWear and Tie Sets $100; $im $2,00 K E L L e T Jlalinee, flrtures Ouly, 10 and '.tie; Mght ^5 and .'lOc. TODAY ONLY. | Eddie Lemons j ^Vho heads the cast Mf ;t .lie inah 1 MUSICAL COMEDY . , fX)MPANY 1 Eddi^ is correctly called !' the king of blkckfaco i comedians,and was ffea" : tured for two season's • withi I Miller and Lytles Running Wild . Show. EIUME AM) 1118 SI PI'OllTlXi CAST OF 25—COLORED ARTISTS—25 I»rcsent a FMay that will keep you in uproar of laughter. SPECIAL SCENIC AND LIGHTING EFFECTS YOU WILL SEE—The, fa.stcst^dancers in th^ country. band and juzz orchestra. I • ON THE SCREEN— ! 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