The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 19, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1892
Page 3
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BE FOR You purchase your t I do not fail to call on the U. T. K. and examine the goods which they are offering. They have made great preparations for the present season. They Have Loaded Their Counters with the latest styles of Men's and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Furnishings, Under Flannels, Trunks, Hand Bags, &c, and they would be pleased to have you call and look them over. The Postvillc Weekly Review PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY W. N. BURDICK, BY —Snlzgaber at Hart's. TERMS: $ 1 .bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. -Pickles at Hart's. —Blood Sausage at Hart's. - American or German cuts nt Hart's Market. - Tho cows went ters on Tuesday. into winter i[iinr- —The material for the German paper arrived on Tuesday. —Try the celebrated prepared mince meat at Hart's market. —Pure, swoet applo cider, at 36-8 JOHN THOMA'S. —Half an inch of the camo down yesterday. •beautiful - ' — The highest prices paid for poultry at Hart's meat market. —Fresh Oysters by the dish, or gallon, at John Thoma's. quart, —Jas. Gordon has moved into Lang's new house on the west side. —Miss Addio Sanders goes to Chicago today to buy more goods. —Mrs. Dr. Becker spent last Sunday in Clermont visiting relatives. —Prepared mince meat at Hart's. House For Bent. A good medium sized house for rent, half a block from the postoflice. Inquire of It. N. Douglass. For Sale. My residence on the nortli side. t Mits. H. B. HAZLETON. Good Farm For Sale or Bent. A good farm of 200 acres, oj miles southwest of Postvillc. For terms and information inquire at this office. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and iniss, but a good job every clatter and prices very reasonable. THUS. SnonTREKD. Small Farm For Sale. -The John Moir farm of 40 acres, a half mile south of Postvillc, is now for sale. Call on John Moir for particulars. -O. M. Smith, a cousin of J. B. Hart and soninlaw of Orville Owen, has been visiting here this week. Ho goes to Brandon. Miss., where Mr. Owen now resides. —Waters Bros., on last Tuesday, paid John Gherky, on the Jemison farm, 9570.90 for 32 hogs. Net woight, 11,400 pounds. Price paid, 5c. Average weight, 35G lbs. —Rev. Henry H. Roser, state deputy- grand templar, will deliver a temperance lecturo at the Cong, church next Tuesday evening. No admission at the door. AH are invited. —Mrs. Dr. Becker is preparing visit her mother in a few days. to -Pure maple syrup and .sugar, at 36-3 JOHN THOMA'S. -Fresh bulk oysters received every Saturday at Hart's meat market. -F. M. Orr was up from Monona to attend lodge on Tuesday evening. — York State Apples by the barrel, bushel, or peck, a'. John Thoma's. —Mr. McGonigle seems to havo the pele" for postmaster at Monona. I WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. . T. K. CL J. H. GRA.Y, Proprietor. LUHMAN & SANDERS. HEADQUARTERS FOR wmmsm msmm —Mrs. Lydin A. Towns camo last Friday and will remain oyer to attend the golden wedding of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hart, which will come off on thanksgiving day. Saw Filing. For the present I will file saws on Saturdays of each veek, at Bishop's old shop. Leave saws on other days at Slaadt's drug store. II. B. TAYLOR. —W. Chriss yisjte<l with Kd. Eaton, at Monona, over Wednesday night. —Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Banister, of Pennsylvania, have been visiting at Mrs. G. W. Hanks' for several days. Mr. Banister is a brother of Mrs. Hanks. They started homeward on Wednesday ovening. -P. Bencher is putting up a large ice house for the use of his business. —Felt Boots, Arctics and Rubbers, at wholesalo pricos. L. STUOBEL & SON. --Elmer Marsh moyed into his house purchased of Carl Meyer, on Monday. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, but a good job every clatter and prices very reasonable. New location, Stafford's old shop, east of Luhman & Sanders' store. SlIOKTItEED & KxAMUEKIt. PostofQcos. What will agitate the people of all J communities now more than auything else l>i a few months, is the disposition ; of the postnllices under the forthcom- | ing administration. That they all will j be changed is certain, and that the fourth-class offices will be changed as soon as possible after the 4'.h of March is also certain. What will bo the new rule for presidential postoflicos, or offices of the third class, we do not know. It was the policy of Mr. Cleveland befcre, and of Mr. Harrison as well, to allow third-class postmasters to sarve out their terms, with the exception of those men who were considered "offensive partisans." Partisan editors who held these positions had to go at once under both administrations, and they will certainly have to go now, in short order. But if the same rule applies that Ins under tho two preceding adniinistra'.ions (that is, Cleveland and Harrison) such postmasters as our Mr. Perry, will not be distuibed, for a while, at least. And in this case we hope it will be true, as Mr. Perry is certainly not an oflonsive partisan and he has done more to givo the people a good office than all his predecessors. The office is now in better shape in all its appointments than any office in this part of the state. Besides we know that Mr. Perry carried his commission in his pocket for months and gave his predecessor tho full salary of tho office until his commission expired, something that we never heard of before. Common justice would do the same by him. Kd Hinds tho Stuff. It gives us pleasure to nolo the prosperity of former Post township people E. B. Hinds was nominated by the republicans of Gago Co., Neb., for the legislature and won by nearly two to one, running ahead of every man on his ticket. The following is what his home paper says of the race: "Ed Hinds can represent Gage county in the legislature for the next ten years if he has a mind to do so." ESTABLISHED 1883. "Mr. E. B. Hinds, our own Ed., heads the list with a total vote of 3,151, a plurality jf 1,670. He leads the other candidates for representative by- over two hundred votes which is substantial ptoof that Mr. Hinds was by- far the most popular candidate for representative on the ticket. This is further shown by the vote in this (Paddock) snd Gleuwood townships. In the former he receive 1 121 votes. Mr. Arnold also a resident of this vicinity receiving but 85. He also defeated Mr. Arnold in his own township (Gleuwood) although two years ago when Faxor. ran, Mr. Arnold tccuived nearly 00 votes the most." —A ne«v son is reported at the homo of Leland Horn, noi'th of Bethel ehureh. -You will savo money in buying your winter rubbers of L. Stroebel & Son. —Remember tho auction sale of J. C. Taylor's horses on Saturday, at one o'clock. --Aftei the maeting of tho Masonic lodge, on Tuesday evening, the members present repaired to tho Park hotel and partook of a line oyster supper. All agree that Dr. Mabry and family- did nobly by the craft. —Ed Morarity is down from Carrington, N. D.. called here by the sickness of his sister. —Thanks to our friend, II. A. Garms for renewal of his subscription for another year. Miss Mabol DeCou, Graduate of the American Conservatory of Music, Chicago; also pupil of Amy Fay, is prepared to teach tho piano, organ and harmony. Posrvn.i .E, - IOWA. Peter Smith Writes TJs. INDIANA MINEUAI. SI-KINGS , Ind., Nov. 15, 1892. W. N. Burd'.ck, Esq., Postvillo, Iowa. Dear Sir:—The REVIEW comes to us regularly Monday moruing, nnd as we open it it seoms to say, "How are you getting along?" So I thought 1 would drop you a few lines, and if you can cipher it out and have time and space you might say to those that care to hear from me, I am no better than 1 was at home. After throe weeks of very heavy treatment, consisting of being packed in warm mud an hour, ten minutes under a shower and ten minutes under a water bath, and drinking less than a barrel of water each any. No medicine of any kind is given under this treatment. I have held my weight, which was 120 pounds. When I Arrived hero I did not care much whether I was placed in care of the bath man or undertaker, and it took some time to recover from the effects of the journoy nnd opiates. I shall stay another week at least. They relieve and cure lots of people here, but occasionally they get one they can't cure. Yes, tlui domocrals beat us, and there are very strong indications here that they intend to lower the surplus. That is the surplus—whiskey. With kindest regards for all, 1 am &e, P. T. SMITH. To Our Patrons. This is the lust announcement before moving into our new store, as we in terd to move next Monday. Friday and Saturday of this week we will continue oiii discount sale on dress goods, crockery, Ac., and wo will give a special discount on clothing. Also on canned goods, (peaches, pumpkins, corn, &e.) We take this opportunity to thank tho people of Postvillo and vicinity for the very liberal patronage and good will shown'us since we have been with you, and solicit your further patronage, which we shall always try to merit by- fair treatment and low prices. Come and se^, us in our new store on the corner, where-we - shall bo prepared .to servo you better than ever. Very Respectfully, Bixnv & WILLIAMS. A Fine Market. J. B. Hart's new butcher, Christ Salzgeber, of Boseobul. Wis., is a first- class butcher, or at least a lirst-elass market keeper nnd cutter. i-or tho first tiino Postvillc now has a market right up to city style. The meats are hung in an attractive style, making a fine and appetizing display, and everything is kept clean and neat. Under his advico an addition is to be built on the rear to mako more room, a new refrigerator is to bo put in and arrangements made to pickle all pork and hams used in the ourkct through tho summer, thus saving froights both ways and the pucker's prolits. Mr. Hart has ample capital to do this and there certainly is money in it. We are proud of our moat market, and we like to commend such enterprise. CAEL lESIOIL/riEJIR; Prop- POSTVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. —Tho brick work on tho McNeil building is completed and the insido work is well along. — "A German paper is soon to be issued at Postvillo by Mr. Franz, of DesMoines, the eleventh paper in Allamakee county." -Monona Leader. We can't figure but eight, but as there are several townships not reported perhaps th". Leader may bo right. -Wo understand that E. F. M*dnry< and Fred Wolzel aro candidates for the Postvillo pnstolnoo. —With butter at 30 cts. a pound and no potatoos in the market it is a sorry prospect for us poor folks. —Mrs. Chus. Norton was up from Monona tho latter part of last week visiting relatives and friends. Pocketbook Lost. In Postvillo, on Saturday afternoon of laft week, a yellow covered leather pocketbook, containing $6.03 in money, besides sumo loose chango and a letter. Owner will pay suitable reward if same is left at this office. m mmmmm 5$ -Louisiana Dimonsou, Cypress Shingles and Arkausas Yellow Piue Finishing, f or sale «t SANUEKS & KAPLER'S. Full Line of Cloaks and Jackets-Plush, Plain and Fur Trimmed. Everything in our line is sold very cnetfp. I?$8pectfully, — Romomber tho colored concert ompany at Tumor hall this (Friday) uing. It is doubtless a good show. —Methodist church notices: Sunday, 10:30 a. in., sormon, ' secration." Epworth League, 6:15, "The Thanksgiving." 7 p. m., soiuiou. "Patterns, Now and Old." •Con- Best -Tho oloction bets havo boen paid, tho exuberance has exhausted itself and overylhiug has resumed tho even tenor of its way. —J. C. Taylor arrived with his horses on Saturday and tomorrow ho will sell thorn nt auction. Everybody should attend tho sale. -The ladies of tho Cong, church will givo a social in their parlors on Friday, Nov. 25th. Slipper served from livo to seven. An invitation is extended to everyone to come and spond a social hour and make tho acquaintance'of Rov. Mr, Hand and family. —Rov. Smith preached a line sermon last Sunday evening on the theme, "Tho best thing in the world." We fully agree with him that LOVE is Mic best thing. It certainly is the strongest power in the universe known to man, and we beliovo that no explorer of the bright beyond, during all the cycles of eternity, will find a hotter or stronger force, for we are told, and no man slnuld doubt it, that Cod is lovo. Wo haye always believed that tho man .' woman whoso heart is overflowing ith love cannot bo far wrong no matter what faith lie or sho may havo or may not havo. There can be no appropriate place in "outer darkness" for tho soul that is attuned to the sympho- cy of lovo. This is a Ihcmo which NO delight to dwell upon, and is the key nolo to all tho "SutKlay Night" articles wu have written during tho past qunr- er of a acntury. Our lioarl goes out to that minister who preaches lovo and not fear, hopo and not despair. Wc bolievo the angels touch the lips of such ministers and such men and mpartto them an inspiration thatsein- tilutes directly from tho great white throne. —Tho board of supervisors havo boon in session this week to canvass tho voto of tho county. This is tho last session of tho year. - The Turners givo a dance Thanksgiving evening to which all are invited. Tickets 75 cents. Music by Harrington & Nehl's orchestra. —Buy tho Boston Rubber Shoe Go's Arctics. They are the host and you can got thorn at wholesalo pricos. L. STKOKBEI. & SON. —Don't fail to rsad tho new advertisement of Wators & Nicolay today. They aro "in it" for the stovo and hardware Irado this fall. —Rev. Hand, tho now Congregation al minister, lias arrived, nnd will oemi py tho pulpit of that church next Sun day, morning and evening. We bid liim and family weloomo to Postvillo and trust his pastorate hero may bo long nnd successful. I'or Snlo. One thorough bred, registered Jersey cow, nnd two thorough bred Jorsoy bull calves, eight months old mid clllgi ble to registry. All well bred. For particulars address A. Chapin, Mj Grogor, Iowa. •We havo two organs of tho celebrated Western Cottago Mnnf'g, which we have undertaken to dispose for othor parties. Bolng out of our lino wo will oloso thorn out nt first cost, for cash No moro can bo had when those are gono. Now is the golden opportunity W. J. HANKS. —Skolton & Tangemnn havo issued bills announcing a very lnrgo cut o'n olonks, dress goods and shoes. Go in nnd soo what they can do for you. —Bixby & Williams will soon occupy their new store down town,-nnd it will be a daisy, tho fiuost store room in northeastern Iowa, without exoeptiou. - Sociable this (Friday) p. »>.. Nov. 18th, nt thu reside uoa of Mrs. F. S. Burl'.ng. Supper from 6:80 until nil | Dr. Will Cole's Dental Booms Will horoaftor bo opou every weok day, as I have tusociatod with mo Dr M. A. Humphrey, a graduate of tho dental school nt Iowa oily, aud a good operator. I shall continue to visit Post ville on Jl'uosday nnd Wodnosday of oach weok, as horotoforc. WILL COLE , D. I). S —As our campaign bird is uot likely to be in condition for thanksgiving, .i 11 Beport For tho Month Ending Nov. 4th, 1892. imi'AUTWtNl S. ixt Piininry id Primary Imcrineiliatc Grammar Higher Summary j5 <j0 150 16s 30 1 118 3» 1655 9S.7 YOU WILL BE IE LUCK if you see our new stock of Clothing, and you'll be in greater luck, if you make a purchase. Good luck seldom comes unasked and must be sought to be enjoyed. To see these goods you must come to our store and the trip can be made with a double advantage. After inspecting our stock you will have a clearer understanding of what yoti want and yoxx will get a better article for less money than you would otherwise obtain. It always pays to be alive to your opportunities and to know what's within your reach. This kind of activity yields a big percentage every time. It's a start towards bankruptcy to be indifferent to - the quality and price of your purchases. To really know what money will buy, you must see our stock of Suits and Overcoats. Never since vro have been in business haye we- shown as large a line as this fall in these two most important departments. HEAVY ALL WOOL SUITS FROM 6.60 UP. HEAVY STORM ULSTERS " 4.00 UP. • BOYS' OVERCOATS - " 1.00 UP. UNDERWEAR. A L,iir$re L,lne to select frojii. Ciruy mid VertIcnl tttripe, from UO to oOewifs, tlvnvy gray mid hrown, nil wool, from 7()c to S.OO per irnrmeut. GLOVES AND MITTENS. JSndless variety. From Heavy Shrunic Yum Alltts, nt U)c, C-ulf, Jiiivlc, Summit?, Hog unci Goitt, to the i 7 /jicsfc Jiit/ C/ovcs mid Alltts nt tho very lowest prices. FULL LINE OP FUE COATS. i: . Coon, Hair, Seal, Wild Cat, Dog'and Goat, bought of, the best Fur House in this country. Every coat war-r ranted. Come aud see for yourselves. You will find' our prices right and the lowest. CARL HOLTER 95.4' 90. b 92.1 ;»9 95-' K. II. Hum), Principal. FABMFOB SALE. Wo ofl'er for snlo the best farm cf its size In Winnesheik Co. Consisting of 280 acres, lying two miles Northwest of FrnnkvilU, together Willi 70 acres timber land in Yellow River timber. The farm is under :t high state of cultivation. The house and barn are new and good. The barn largo enough to shelter all stock on farm and feed for it. Good fences, &c. F.or prices and terms, call on or address, II. & ],. W. BKAUD, 3w Deeorah, Iowa. -A letter from Dr. lirown informs us of tho death, on the Uth inst.. nt Hockford, of Mr. Levi Lyons, father of Mrs. Brown, who, ninny years ago esided in this neighborhood. Wo will publish the obituary notico when received. Wo extend sympathy to Mrs. Dr. Brown and other rolntives. Wo nre pleased to learn of tho Dr's prosperity in his now homo. Ho says this has been the best year in his profession that he ever had. Of course ho Is happy ovor tlis general result of tho election but isn't onthusinstio ovor Iowa. Well, wo can staud tho national humiliation for four years just as woll as our democratic friends stood it for twenty-eight out of tho past thirty-two yours. Thauks for cash on subscription to Jan. 1st, 1894. - Tho original Nashvillo Students aud Wright's grand Colored Concert Co. will appear nt Tin nor hall on Friday night, Nov. lSlh, (this evening.) This is a first class company mid should havo a full houss. Any ono not woll ploasod with thoir show after their first act enn go to tho door uud thoir money will bo alieorfully refunded. Their fun ny comedy, the Cako Walk, will make nil laugh. Now you who havo boon wailing for a good show, don't fail to attend. Singing, danoing uud specialties. Thoy will ploaso all. Get your tickets in tulvaneo, at Slaadt's drug store. Admission, 26, S5 aud 60 ocnts —"Wo learnod from Tom Weldon tho other day tho whereabouts of tP.imiYi MnHmmiMAk. who BLai'tod the FARM FOB SALE. My farm of 200 acres for sale. Situated in Madison township, Winneshoik Co., Iowa, three and a half miles west of Deeorah, in sections 11 and 11. Well mproved and timber enough for farm use. In good stato of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. School within six rods of housu. Long time will bo given on part payment. Inquire on farm for particulars. Address: Wsi. MCINTOSH, (Box 288) Deourah, Iowa. Tako Notice, That tho Postvillc Steam Holler Mills wiil grind Feed, Corn Mual and Ura ham Monday and Saturday of each weok horoaftor. Having added iv line of wood-working machinory wo arc prepared to do Planing, Matoliing, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring in your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, E. D. STILUS. —It is truly wonderful how soon some men nohlevo greatness in tho newspaper world, while the rest of us Fabor pushers go on unhonorod and unsung. Our friond, Goo. II. Otis, of tho Monona Leader, has boon elooted justice of tho pence Whilo he will wear his honors witli becoming dignity of onurso, we hope he will not bo too lofty to recognize his old ftionds. FURNITURE, BEDDING AND CARPETS. The Largest and Cheapest Line of Furniture, Bedding, Carpets and Window Shades ever shown in this Community. Come and see us. RESPECTPULLT - , WAHTRR GHK188. POSTVILLE Ti ^W.WRSRi R. N. DOUGLASS, Puns. J. I'. SMITH, V. P ]AS. McliWUN.CAllllF.K. PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000\ Do a Uenerftl Blinking Biiiinoss. Buy nnd soil Foreign and Domestic, Exchange. Accounts of Farmors, Merchants and others received arid carefully protected. Interest paid on Timo Deposits. Investments uvado for oulaielo parties on favorable tonus. JBaayPi'otootud by lire proof vault aud screw door, timo lock, burglar proof safe Safety donosit stool drawers for rent. Turkeys Bee. 10th. As turkeys aro not matured nnd tho packing season does not comment until tho above dato, J. B. Uirt will bo prepared at that time to pay tho highest price for nil that come. Therefore you will realise bettor pricos and get raoro money for youv turkeys if you L.,1.1 ,111 llml I !....* I

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