Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 16, 1963 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1963
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1963 CHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOJ* Golf Course Inside Prison By HAL BOVLK NEW YORK (AP)-Thln R s a columnist miijlit never know it ho didn't open Ws mail: Narcotics addiction is a factor in 25 per cent of U.S. crime. The albatross, the largest of all sen birds, often gorges itself so on fish and mollusUs that it is unable to fly. Someone has figured out that one of every 41,000 Americans owns a racehorse. The New Mexico penitentiary in Santa Fc boasts it is the only institution o£ its kind that has a miniature golf course. In rating the nuulities they want in a husband, most girls place consideratcness first, sincerity second and a good income third. Geologists believe man lias existed for only one two-thousandths of the earth's history. Our quotable notables: "Whatever reputation I have is due to the fact that I never open my mouth unless I have something to say"—George Bernard Shaw. A leaky faucet dripping >i drop a second will drip 700 gallons in a year. Of every 100 people now 25 years old, only 6-1 will still he alive at 65, live will still be on the job, and only one will be wealthy. "Being poor has its navdn- "Being poor lias its advantages; the car keys are never in your other pants" — Die Farmers' Almanac. Folklore: One way to get rid of a wart is to steal a dishcloth, rub the wart with it, then bury the dishcloth. Another way is to rub a snail on the wart. When the snail dries up, the wart will wither away, too. Few men want lo change their sex, but G5 per cent of women say they'd rather be men — it they had a choice. "When everyone agrees with you, it's time lo recheck your facts"—Arnold H. Glasow. If you are suffering from a cold, the odds are 12 to I that you didn't catch it from a kiss. It was Austin O'Malley who Observed, "Show me a genuine case o£ platonic friendship, and 1 shall show you two old or homely laces." 1'IIONE liOOTII YIELDS TRAIN ROBBERY LOOT—Police officers examine sacks of cash—.$140,000 In small notes— found in a London phone booth Into Dec. 10. An anonymous telephone tip led Scotland Yard agents lo the cache, believed to ho part of the $7,280,000 taken last August in Hritiiln's now famous Great, Train Robbery. So far 31 persons have been arrested in Ihe case and ,$8'10,00l) has been recovered. (AP Wlrcphoto by cubic, from London) Jacqueline Gives Away Space Dog, 4 Others WASHINGTON fAP)- Mrs. John F. Kennedy li"s Riven two of the family's five pet dogs to White House aides. Ptishinka, Hie offspring of a Soviel space dog who was presented to the late President's Khrushchev in 1061, was given to Jrvin M. Williams, the chief While House horticulturist. And Charlie, a Welsh terrier who had been the family's main pel when they moved into the White House, was presented to Robert Foster, a Secret Service agent who had been assigned for some time to Ihe Kennedy family. White House officials said Mrs. Kennedy gave up the pets when she moved out of the Wite House Dec. f». Meanwhile, Ihe former First Lady and her two children spent the weekend at her ranch- type country home at Atoka, Va., which she has renamed "Wexford." Her late husband's Irish ancestors came to the United States from County Wx- ford. Kenedy visited Wexford last June. This was Mrs. Kennedy's first weekend al the retreat since her husband was assassinated in Dallas Nov. 22. Later this week Mrs. Kennedy plans to lake the children- Caroline, G, and John Jr., .'I — to spend the Christmas-New Year's holiday in Palm Beach, Fla., with other members of Ihe Kennedy family. Your Manners MONDAY Turn the tallies on an amateur psychologist by gazing into his eyes and asking ir lie lias thought of seeking help. Churches Plan World Program l!\ JACK KDTLKDGE MEXICO CITY CAP I — The World Council of Churches' commission on World Mission and Kvatigclism began working today on its program for the years ahead. More than 200 protestant and Orthodox church leaders, representing ''00 million members on six continents, for a week have discussed subjects ranging from America's racial problems to church challenges in Africa, Asia. Latin America and the slums of the Western world. They turned now lo mapping missionary, finances and church unity programs. But they took time off to hoar Dr. Kathleen Bliss of London, general secretary of the Church of England Board of Kducation, talk on what the church means to the intelligensia. She was to address the night session. Sunday the churchmen heard an American, an Asian and a German speak. The Rev. Robert W. Spike of New York-, olr the United Church of Christ and executive director of Ihe Commission on Religion and Race, urged that other continents help America in its racial crisis. He called for both financial help and missionaries with experience "in hostile environments." Dr. C. II. Hwang, principal of the Tainan Theological College, Formosa, and the Rev. Thomas Ekollo, school manager of the Evangelical Church of Cameron, agreed there should be church unity. F.kollv said that church members in his area were "disturbed —horrified—by the division of the Christian church." Dr. Hwang said that, colonialism has left, its scars on the Asian churches and that they no longer could carry on "business as usual." Johnson Motor Co. CERTIFIED USED CARS 0th and Harrison Stree*» PHONE 241-1014 HUTSON MACHINE SERVICE Royal Portable Typewriters CHRISTMAS PRICE $49.95 2231 Casey Ave. Ph. 242-2707 YOUR CONVENIENT B.F.GOODRICH STORE RANMAR'S STANDARD TIRE 1014 Broadway Dial 242-6560 SAVE up to $5.00 ON A NEW BATTERY ANY battery more than 2 years old Is • risk. Let us check yours today...and Install a new one, it needed, at Incse tin savings. B F.Goodrich Oelco Discount Silverlown 500, 600 Ser. S5 (with eictij Pow-RPak OC-12 H (with cxch.l Electro-Pak DM J3 (with exchj I8.F,Goodrich dealers may carry cither ore or Celco batteries, or both) POLITICAL START PIKEVILLE, Ky. (AP) - It. hardly would be a surprise if twins Ned T. and Harry Lee Bentley gvew up with nn interest in politics. Born a week before the 190.1 election, they were named for Kentucky 's governor-elect Edward T. (Ned) Breathitt. Jr. and his lieutenant Rovcrnor, Harry Lee Waterfield. The twins were delivered by Dr. Roy Sanders who was elected a state representative. CIVE CIFT MEMBERSHIPS AAA—AUTOMOBILE CLUB ILLINOIS DIVISION OFFICE 1110 Main Street Mt. Vernon, Illinois Phone 242-1242 NORMAN L. HARMON District Manager Did Sinatra Kidnapers Pass Roadblock? CARSON CITY, Nov. (AP) — Did the abductors of Frank Sinatra Jr. ealmly pass through a roadblock with the blindfolded youth in a back seat? A California sheriff says "yes," but a Nevada officer emphatically says "no." The KBI won't say one way or another. Shi 'tirr Krnesl Carlson of El Dorado County, California, said Friday he was told from Los Angeles I hat Ihe two kidnapers passed IhroURh a Nevada roadblock ,'i0 minutes after Sinatra was abducted from Lake Tahoc last Sunday night, Robert .Humphrey, chief deputy o£ Ormsby County, Nevada, said thai "every car which came through our roadblock was searched thoroughly, both in vehicle and trunk." He said officers took down the license number of every ear that went through, and ho had "three p»Rcs tilled front, and back with license numbers." He added that the list was turned over lo the FBI. Carlson said he received a report that the kidnapers' car sloped shortly before a roadblock near the intersection of U.S. SO and U.S. 395. He said he was told that one kidnaper tfot into the trunk and Sinatra, bound and gagged was placed on Ihe back scat under a blanket. The men took snow chains off the car. Al the roadblock, said Carlson, the men told officers they had stopped merely to remove the chains off Ihe car. Carlson said be understood I ho story was reported to the FBI by Sinatra after his release in Los Angeles Wednesday. l t> AWARD No Obligation — No Purchase Necessary me/ Giant Plush ANIMALS Choose from Chubby the Bear, Leo the Lion, Fifi the Poodle. Shop Early Register Early Get Full Details at Our Store BLADES WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE West Side of Square WE GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS Jacoby On Bridge HANI) MUST BK NO-TRUMP TYI'lO BY OSWALD JACOBV Newspaper Enterprise. Assn- No one likes to bid no-trump any more than I do, but i do try lo temper my no-trump bids with judgment. Long experience has taught me that no one should NORTH -(D) 16 A J3 V A 10 6 • Q7 + AQ100G4 WEST EAST A8764 AKQ!) ¥542 • 653 * K.T1084 4875 + K2 SOUTH A A 10 5 2 VQ.T87 • A 92 + J3 North and South vulnerable North East South West 1 + Dble Redble Pass Pass 1 • 1 N.T. Pass 3N .T. Pass Pass. Pass Opening lead— 4 3 hurry to bid no-trump unless his hands calls for it. Unless your •hand does call for a bid of some number of no-trump you should always try lo find another call. In a recent duplicate game I played with a strange partner who had the bad luck to make several most unfortunate no- trump calls. Each one illustrated a good reason why no-trump should not be hid and each was properly punished. Here is the first one. South had no reason to bid over Kast's one diamond. His redouble had shown strength and I could be trusted to find another bid when il became my turn. Once lie bid one no- trump I raised him lo Hirer'. West opened a diamond and my queen of diamonds became of no value. F.ventually, South lost tour diamonds and a club and we were down one trick. Had I been declarer at no- trump there would have been no way to keep me from making nine tricks and 1 probably would have made 10 or 11. How could we gel lo three no- trump from my scat? Easy for good players. South would pass the one diamond call. I would go to two clubs and now it would be up to South to make a really good bid! South should bid two diamonds. This bid would not really lie a slam try, but an invitation for me to bid cither a major suit or some number of no-trump. I would bid two no-trump with my partial diamond stopper and South would raise to three. TINY TOBACCO SEEDS LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -A package of tobacco seeds the size of a package of cigarettes could keep you in smokes a long time. There are about 450,000 seeds to the ounce. Two teaspoons lull will set an acre of tobacco. r Unmistakably Continental ... and yet, Continental for 196<l incorporates a substantial number of refinements. One example: slide inside and stretch out; you'll find considerably more spaciousness, made possible by an increase in overall length. The trim, tailored look, however, remains the same. We'll be more than pleased to point out still other changes that have been made for your comfort and satisfaction. W-G MOTORS Mt. Vernon, Illinois 513 South Tenth IT'S HOT AND WE'VE GOT IT! 6 ROLLS OF 26-1N. WIDTH GIFT WRAP * PAPER A total of 540 inches gaily colored Christmas designs. A regular $1.00 value! ROCKING CHAIR & DOLL SETS THE PORTABLE THAT SETS A NEW HIGH IN CONVENIENCE, BEAUTY, QUALITY! 79c VALUE, GIFT WRAP FOIL Three rolls, 26 inches wide, total of 108 inches of gleaming metalic foil. 49 *58 05 FEDERAL TAX INCLUDED • Its top is its carrying case! • Types red or black or stencils! • Rugged, high-precision construction! • Your choice of six exciting colorsJ GLEAM-LITES Each lamp burns independently, if one lamp burns out the rest of the string continue to burn. For indoor use. UL approved. 10 READY-MADE CHRISTMAS Stick-On Bows FIFTEEN LIGHT SET • REGULAR $1.98 VALUE SEVEN LIGHT SET • REGULAR $1.00 VALUE $10.98 Value Sturdy padded chrome rocking chair, plus a gorgeous Horsman doll, beautifully dressed, magic skin, with bottle and pacifier. A combination that any little angel would like to find under her tree! Pick the gift you'd like to get...pick the gift you'd like to give [CORDLESS! 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Never before such exciting styles in warm sleep wear. Regular and extra sizes- MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS GIRLS' QUILTED $ ROBES 2.99 108 South 9th St. Outstanding styling—rich fabrics—handsome patterns—and quality workmanship— mark Fruit of the Loom men's sport shirts. You can choose from a wfde range of wanted colors In traditional favorites and smart, up-to-the-minute Ivy styles. Included are 100% combed cotton wovens and fine fiber blends. Some have tapered bodies for extra-trim fit...all have long sleeves and are wash and wear for easy care and convenience. Fruif of the Loom 's 110. years of cotton know-how assures perfect fit, perfect comfort—quality features you look for in sport shirts. Stop in soon aod stock ep. Sizes SowH/Medium, la*ge and £xfca large. GIFTS I$ he'll go for! I BUDGET PRICE 99 9* TWO GREAT STORES IN MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS ILLINOIS BROKERAGE Under Supervision of Store Manaqement, Inc. 224 South I Oth St.

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