Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 11
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rtt)USEHaL] Address ail letters and [inquiries to Aunt Nancy, of the^Honae. iuld JSepar^eat, In-care of the loiA I^y.Regiater, lola, KaiuaaJ will find' your ; normal weldht.' should he 154. 154 limes. 15 is 310. That, Ip- how many calor— that person, bhould ^ave in one day to.diaintain their-'weight. I ut if you Wish to reduce your weipt oiuer ijitj *a.u<. 3;ut it Ih hair or better still re- Ing for our; families? f^oyi nWi"^ i^u-e it lo 1 000 ti^es j,ave;i heard wqmen Uilk-f « l^OJJ"; ConntW Calories ; r ^ This is a tiiiie- *heii. ieilji | have hegun to realize the value; p£ food in feeding stick and caring , for them, iwniy d^ w% ieilMtftp con; sider the value of fobd when copk- .U '""r *r.rih."rfTf"f;r^rp '*rflt^^s ""iTbw are'wr 'to find the calo • I caAnot print it herK [ it has Ik'cn said Ity a prondip- ent physiijlan that the stancia 'd J merican breakfast is fAst< killing Americans, (bacon,' eggs, toast aid i(ioffee iiid oats.) A guinea |pjg : ft-'a on i^iis menu for three dais died siidileiily. .\'post mortemlek- aimination resulted follows: liy mixing the caffine 5n the coffee. 0 we as mothers use thfe .same care In prepMng food for our families? How many-times have you -stopped^ and thought out.a propel baiinced' menu for your; ^rowJngiboys and girls or your over tirecj husband who works brain and muscle each day to his utniost'capjiclty? There. i& more in the' discussion of food values than at Hrst appears on the surface and I j realize I ani not competent to discuss it only from a'very conservative standpoint. But there is one thirig 1 would like f<j get my readers to. realize and that IS "Eighty ^=ive pfr cent of the present human ailments are caused by the kind of food we put into our bodies." Then does it not stand us in hand to stop and consider once-in a while food-values? When a grown person eats more than enough^ to k*ep their bodies warm and healthy yoii are storing up fat or desease qr both and plenty of trouble with'eitlier. ' 1 It has been trijly .said tliat the body is a machine and has been overworked^and abused more than any other iniacihii^e known (unless it is a Ford, t ; I . ' •When we have machinery of aiiy kind janil do .not give it proper care yon ktiow' \ihat* soon haprjiens to jt. An engine njnst have.fuel, oil and water an excess of one to the neglect of the other causes trouble. The human body is not unlike it. it must have fuel, air, water and an e-xcess of oiic to the to the neglect of the qiHers <auses trouble. ' Now a word to those., of you who are too .stout. Do you want a rule to go l»y to tell you ' how much over weight yoi/areV Here is a good one by Dr.- Lulu Hunt P«Kers addressed to the K. F. F. (Friendly Fat Fraternity.) . ; "Multiply number of inches ov- number of inches under five foot, five and one half, and add HO.' If you are uuiDer five feet multiply number of inche.s under five fott by five and''one half and subtract 110. For example if you are five feet tall. you are allowed to weight 110 pounds. For every inch bver you are allowed to add five and one half pounds." If you, are over weight and have not been in good heplth.try counting calories for six liionths. I know by experience' you will be a lot bettei. i . A caloHe iis a^unit of measure pf heatiatid of fuel of «nerpy value of food. Sail let us consider how many calorics you need in a dav to supply yojur bpdy needs. First get weighed, see Exactly how much over or under w^eight you are and then keep ini mind |liow much you should weigh and multiply: that by 15 or twent>j.- A persbn who does not exerci.fe much needs to multiply b>f 15 i but th^ . per.son who is bnsy'frot^i morning until night multiply by'20. . For examijle if you are fi^e foot eight and weigh 200 pounds you the acid in, the meat, the albiim, .. in the egg it had fOrra«!<i a poison that enlarged the heart fo twice ' norinap size and thei result was (lied, of heart trouble. ' The above statement jnay be 'c . or done.'but let us consider in tie future how and what wie feed oar families ' a little ; more carefu ly than we have done in the past. AUNT .MARY : fTo make meal planning easi .. hjkve acard index,for, menus silli­ ly to thaiifor '*«*l |*.es. Its it FA^ lEGAME AKOPpLY AlilrSRAN Relieved Mipationi—deared skin, i —in 30 daysl Readf this riemarkaile testimonial to 'the poweri ot-ALL-BRAN over constipation: ; 'Tor. four ye«r» I hive been k ehi anlt •I Serer from conatipatiun. B«inic m a ik^ m in f< r sUn preparmtloiui, I wak bro igbX Sice U face vith a serious questloo i iieO ar fa e lieeam* bIotch>!<l and pimply. I uwd without r«auit4...unt I a frjeod b«nuad«il me to try the rccular use ot KfOasg't ALL-BRAN. "Ill Ika than 30 daya roy e<iiut{p«ted Ma- diUoD .•r 'aa cuned'und my face jcrmaix ntly cl^aredj AlthouKh I sell akia aalvca. «t u. I xccooutiand Kello^e'a to my dote irfenUa.'* UL HnxAN DDSAvaz !. ' ' Vbilaaeipfaia. »^ Morie than forty diseases lira caused by, constipation. Headacues, bad complexions, weakSess,. dimness and many other forms of auf- ferihg. But KelloggCs ALL-BRAN is guaranteed to relieve it. Eat two tablespoonfuls daily; in chrtnic casesj with every m ^l. ALL-BRAN coined lesdy. .to serve. Delicious -witn milk or cream) .—and add fruits or honey. Fine in cooking. &ild and served ev^ry- wher^. Made by Kelldgg in Ba.tUe Gree^. Kecipes on pa^ge. ALL-BRAN On SWe- If P / ScpttTlMiie Snitfen C»m9 Mr MbrtonsMfc A&fi ^ Oystertf f t-or. CAN 13c Rbu. lOc c BtOE IILAC CAM 1,1^ I OUVBJOfO. ij Jtoiu far. ^MnirMklK JiXStTiS Chicken an^ Croquettes . Vegeta}>le Salad .Rolls Jam .Butter . Coffee I r II Sliced Cold Meat Potato Salad mxed PJckles i Hot BIscttlu 1 Currant Jelly I Chocolatie Sundaes Cocoa: i lU i To|3ated Cheese Sandwiches Olives . . , / Pickles Over Xlght Fruit Salad Vanilla, Wafers T^a- IV Black Walnut Waffles Maple Syrup. Bacon i Cdffee - \., c : Li C»REEX CiAGE ¥Uli iCE I C^EAM Whip 1 quart cream and % cup ipllk. Add ^ Ipint sugar. Chill in freezer. Add beaten whites 3 eggs, then stir in 1 large can plums (put through ricer), iVs teaspoon (or less) green ^ruit co^ring, 1 cup English walffbtsror pecans.—S. M. A. little grated cocoanut sprinkled over the appiesj of a pie before putting on the top adds~ a delicious 'flavor. 1 (Ida Kelley) April ij—^r. and Mrs. Bogar and Mr. and Mrs. Haniilton were dinner guet ts at Upshaw's Sunday. Phil draf spent Snnday afternoon with the HUl.bdys. . Rali^ Stepbenso^ has recovered from the measles and is back in school. , Mrs. Ida K^lly spent the weekend In Lyndon visiting her mother and sister. Mr. anp Mrs. S. E. Russell attended! the funeral of their brotb- er-lh-l^w; Mr. Witt of lola. Report of Old C&rlyle school for the seventh month ending March 25: Number enrolled, 13; average daily attendance. 12; -number tardy. 0. Those neither absent norjj tardy for the month were: Max-; ine Upshaw, Richard Weberj Ray-; mond Upsliaw. Clifford GUlceson.! Christine I'psbaw, Merlbeth Apple-:' gate, Marjorle Hill, Charles! i:p-!( shaw. Wllber Upahaw and Donald;j Watklns. | > —^Rcad about big Auction Sale Used Fjn-d Cars on Want Adi page. McCartliy.-Motor Co. The followini; received spelling certificates: Wilbur Upshaw, Charles Lpshaw, Riymortd Hill,^ M^r- jorie Hill. Merlbeth Applegate.' Christine Upahaiw. Clifford Oilke- son. Raymond Upahaw, .Maxiiie Upshaw and Richard Weber. \ rendered by Oai) City •at Carlyle school Tuesday ! night was enjoyed by a large crowd I from this neighborhood. . i - H^ury Urtshaw visited all day Sunday with! .Mr. Cleo Stephenson | in lola. ' • i [ We;bers called • at| the Brainard homes Sunday aftert^on. .Mrs. Iva Vezie Is staying at Brainard'.* help­ ing care for the the measles. Mr.'and Mrs. Ily visited In: day. ; Mrs. H. T.^ _ ilrs. John Tipple boon. U Dsbaw ) Sundi Miss Daisy ISunday night !frlend. Miss Mar| I The Buchanan !l)oria spent Sunday at ,the Mrs. Edwin Kellj. Wllber . Upshajw joyable day ih Quality (foods—iilways dependafajle, are building Pigfely Wiggly popularity. TJie popiil^ prices plea^ and the convenient simple system of Piggly Wigrgly suits everybody. Akk your neighbius, 98k your friends — test the popularity of ftggly Wj^lv in your community, THERE! MUST 3E A REASON. ' Pojpiilar Priceaf F6rFridi^ and Saturday ^B&nsinds T SKT pounds .._ 2Sc Oranggs .^^i^."!.'""-,,, 27c Grape Fruit Florida, medium sizk 3 for 25c Head Lettuce ±"-"-"1- 9c I Ni^e crisp .3 bunches __ An Unusual Offering ROSEMARY GRAPE JAM Full IG-oz. Jar 40c value Saturday Only _______ 23c Prunes Santa Clara G0-,70 3lze, 2 PoundH \ J.- 21c Pwk&Beaiis S ^..JL 2Sc Olives Libby's Queens 3 oz. Jar ? l4c Stop — Look II Bros. Coffee i^^i'Z, It,is sold as high as 6^c (Limit One Pocmd io a Cuskomer 49c Coffee Lady Alice , , . Giiarantieed duality I Per Pound .l Libby's ^st TaU -GaiK. W. Our 40c Pri Beec:hnut: Large Size Bottle / 113 East Madison] Get [the for lljss. - • i ^pplega^e lola ^uerlte family j Satlirday and. tam- Sun- called on ly , after- spent I her Rogers, from Em- hlght and ijome ot Mr; and spent, an ; en- bla Friday as a Je^ ^es't of the Vocational ture clas^. i ' palters .s^t Applegate^ aftemoop were: Sirs. W and Mrs. Harry Matney dren., Mc. and Mrs. • Jf and dan^ter. Edmund, Delmer jKidd and Lewis Gas atji. Marlorie Hill spent il the Cojjk iirls. Mr. a^d .Mrs. S. E. to Brooson Sunday to funeral of a friend. I At the congregationai Wednesday evening. C. was elected a ruling ~ A^rlcnl- Snnday vMr. and chil-. tMatney Qerald and Steel of El«er - i.'i. iSnpday with Rnbsell went iittend the meeUng ..Sawyer ' to suc- 25 lb. savk Cane Siigar ... ..... Electric Brand i>eaclies, No. 10 can. Navy Beans, 8 lbs. Bacon Sfiuares, per lb Sweet Potatoes, 9 lbs ; Sunkist jOranges; per dozen....... $1.75 . 59c^ 50c 20c 25c 20c N^N Gvoceify 120 E. Madison CiLSH CASH MONEY SAVING SPECIALSJ[ Here Is an income do plies at ou loninir |irl Jymore !*or a npportnnity for the honse-wife to make her treekly twice the work It now does by bnyinir fahle snp- f- sanitary, ihire food store.. One irlanre at the -es .xhonM eonriiM-e you that at onr store ynu'itet dollar than a dollar will buy elsewhere. || Baking: Powder, large K, Q. .... iUOc Salmon, best pink, 2 cans ... 4 Cans for!65c. Corn and Peas, feood Quality, canJUOc Pork and Beans, Van Camps, 3 medium cans ^.............. JI.25C Tomat>,Spup^ 3 cans SniderVor Van Camp's ... ,y — Corn Flakes, Post Toasties, i for. .| Shredd ed Wheat, 2 pkgSi.... I MmaU tnm — in «l iennnirhj for'two In 'I'eM-hes, AprleoU at I'herrleH and Vxy\\ .Sniad;.— .i.»r \o. 2 }4 niiw In hduTy Kjrrap ot only — J--- M'e have sold orei- 40 rases of this fmit in the last 30 days, tiel on this iip^ial iKifKain.' Hame <|ne«n. one «f| the hest Floors mBI. ^.od Ju Kansas, 48.|b bae —— WINNE B I —The next best Flour, 48-lb. at Fruit JelL 3 packages J- Marshmatlows, 1^. fluffy kind ^^_J_ Cocoa, 1 %. Hershey's i_j iSraham Crackers, 2-lb! box J. :_ Crackers, 2-lb. box 1 !_ Oyster Siell, 100-lb. bag i I Soap, 27 bars White Napthe ___________^-L. Bijk Oats, 6 pounds <Joffee, Cypsy Boy —the best toUsSt S »ncy peajbeiry i- We alwa: s have a complete One of Fresh Fmii s and Ve^etables'and our prices will pkase yolu In Syrup Pekchiis^drs In Syrop I-., i • \ ceed Mr.^McDanlel. 3Ir. Russell. Mr. Mealerfand Mr. SMnson were re-elected for three years. \ liloyd iPeters and Bf Us Ma,hel Up-, ^w; Howard: Upshaw- and Mr, Leohiird; miggins attraded t!be musical: at Memorial Hall ^nnday att- ertiooln. ; . ( | ,Mrs John,Peters and^oyd were dinner guests at'J. M. Kelly^s Sun- Howard Vezie and Rldhard "Weber spent)Saturday afternoon with the Upshaw children.; Last Friday ^evening.' iCE. Saw-, yer, Edwin .;ICell7.C. A. iSi and the Jler. ;Mr. Hamf^ltqii. guests at a banquet ,gi,Ten [at thft Kelley >faptel iH lola. i|rbn. Ida Kel^ ley Jipepjbithe e(iren(ng<i |f4iaiiig witli' Mrs. Estberj McKenni. Mrs.j'Ham^: ilton spent thei evening'with .Mrs.; Stlhi^n ahdj Mrs. Arnold. If j . - Ne^t Friday aftepioon the. an> nual school meeting will b^ belil at the school hoase: | 1 :•' Over 2OO1OOO texiile wOrkejrs are on .strike in Lpds, Folandi demand- ing.ji.25iper cent,wage4ijaci Keeping is a business withr a multitude of details. We can help you with your food problons and save you both time and money. Just phone 401,40-2,4U3 for prompt delivery of quality foodstuffs. Bonnie Corn, 2 cauas. 15^ Coffee, 3 lbs. ... 85^ Good P^un^ 6 ffes. .. U ...SiSc ^f^[f^V^i^^ms&^^^ . ..... ;5(>c; Cooking ^igs, 4 lbs. .... 5(>e Dates, per Ibl ......... 15fc Layer Figs, p^ lb. .... .20e OW Fa^*one4i^cjkles,pl£. jar.25c i s. a • We're .unleadlnK ara^ , otker car of., »his fresh niilled Jtansas Flour. 24 III. bag— 48-lbibag ____$1.80 Jelly Powder for fruit salads, 3 packages ;— SOAPSPECIA I L S1.40, Bundle of Soap and Wiashini Powder \-J '.— Folks shop at the Self Service GxfX^ry, vYmxft Ihey .can- ni^.teriaUy reduce tjieu' living c^fst and they are allpwed the privilege of selecting, for themselves. •f. ' * Plums, per gallbh 45c Pears or 0oose()emes, pier' gaAon .... 55c Bta'ckferries, jper gatlon.... 65c Peacbes, per gallon ..... .......59c' We also have g^Ifon Pine^p^e, Cberiti^s; Apricots, LogaiAierries anil Apple Butter. Su^MV25Ib: bajk pure C. & IL Cane.$1.7^ PokToisi^iea,large ^ize,2 for ...... •25c Tpmatoes, No. 2 size^ Saturday special I afor .........................i25cl Potatoes, g'ood cookers, per peck 4flc Apples, 5 pounds — .. .25c Sv eet Potatoes, 9 lbs. Yellow Jersey-s. .25<^ Bf?n^'as,fa^ffdii31bs: ..........25<f C^ape Frtftt, iii«e iiA, 4 for .25e LeknoRS, large size, per dozen.. .. .25c &qnosIen IS-Ih. bag ......... Peuiess IS-JIb. bag er Feed^ Bulk Oa^s, Scraitdi Feed and tester S!fcH .i , •• - .1 s ' M r SPEckAI^SATUM)AY On tl^e Spare kibe A ^1 •4

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