Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 20, 1950 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1950
Page 20
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PAftl TWttNTt ALTON ftVRNtNO TfcLKOHAPM FRIDAY, JANUARY 20,1MO of 4 Truman Budgets too Low Congress Has Added $3.8 Billion in 4 Years By CHAftLfcS MOLONV WASHINGTON, .Tan. 20. (/Pi- Congress \s locking with calls for cutting President Truman's 512.439,000,000 spending budget, but the cold record shows that this is easier said than done. Government spending has wound Up greater than Mr. Trumnn predicted in three of his four hud- gets for previous years although there has been some clamor for cuts every time. The Increase for the four years totals $3,869,000,000. ' J* Responsobillty for after-budget «£ Increases in spending is disputable :£' because: •» 1. Congress has sometimes vol.- •;&• «d to spend more on certain things ,~j than Mr. Truman recommended. J* 2. Mr. Truman has sometimes *« jiome through with new or ex** 'Jfllnded spending proposals after his Initial budget message. 3. Circumstances unforsern by ' ejther the President or Congress • aemetimes knock initial spending .estimates haywire. •• Examples of this last, kind ln- jjilude cold war developments, which have sent costs soaring, nnd 'ho 1949 business decline, which sho up subsidy outlays while knocking down tax revenue estimates. Mr. Truman's new budget for the 12 months starting next July 1 '!« the most costly peacetime pro gram ever laid down by a presiden at the opening of Congress. It foreshadows a $5,133,000,000 deficit unless taxes nre raised. Yet it anticipates an !£858,000,00( or 2 percent, cut under 1he current spending rate of §43,297,000,000 : The current rote Itself is the out', growth of a $41,858,000,000 program Mr. Truman submitted a year ago The President's claim of a cut under current year rates depends heavily on two estimates that be ' laHmltted to be—necessarily—based on guesses: '1. That veterans cost, will cle- ;cllne $825,000,000, largely because 'fewer veterans will apply fot .•** Spooling and other readjustment ** Tkenefits. '2. That outlays for farm price •upports will drop $581,000,000. " 'The President said in bis message that Congress has ns much rcspon slbility for government, spending as he has, for "nil expenditures flow from obligationnl authority • »nacted by the Congress." • - - He reminded Congress, loo, that „,, $12,100,000,000, or 29 percent, of *i his spending total was authorized ;'* at earlier sessions of Congress, put- ''• ting it beyond the reach of "ccon- i orny drives." '* iMr. Truman this time beat Con- .5 gross to the punch on one program g that has added $800,000,000 on paper to his past two budgets and has added that much to congressional claims ot '"spending cuts." That program was universal mil itary training. Mr. Truman mentioned It favorably in passing, but quit anticipating Its approval by Congress and dropped It altogether from his spending estimates. Here is the record on the four previous budgets Mr. Truman has {submitted: •••January 1946: Proposed spend-Wg total $35,860,000,000; actual to- "til at year's end «39,289,000,000; Increase $3,429,000,000, January 1497: Proposed $;17,528,000,000; actual $36,066,000,000; decrease $1,462,000,000. January 1948: Proposed $39,594,?. 000,000; actual $40,057,000,000; In?; crease $463,000,000. 5 January 1949: Proposed $41,585,*''**0(IO,000; cost estimate with fiscal j- -year half gone $43,297,000,000; ap- i i I parent Increase $1,439,000,000. Allies Dislike • German Policy .,- FRANKFURT, Germany, Jan. 20. (JF> — Top Allied officials arc deeply concerned because the West 'Carman government Is neglecting .threatening domestic problems for a preoccupation with international affair*. • Latest thorn in the Allied tlesU is the Bonn government's bitter at' tacks on French refusal to give Germany back the Saar valley and •Its rich coal mines. The Saar, which through history has swapped from French to German hands and back again, now hag an autonomous domestic government under French control. The French early this week said final action on the valley's status would not be taken before the German peace treaty is written. ,• 'American, British and French officials don't want to criticize openly the West German regime they helped create. But privately they say that they feel West German politicians are hurting their own cause by not buckling down to the problems gnawing at the area's vitals. . They point out there is no possibility of settling the Saar problem .now. The Allies have agreed that any change In the valley's status lUUsl await the peace ttealy. The Saar dispute is not the first Instance of what the Allies consider undue attention to international relations. Before this arose, th» Adenauer government's main efforts were directed toward halting factory dismantling and Internationalization of the Ruhr valley's important industrial Installations. . . They explain that the whole government structure could be brought crashing down by failure to solve the mounting unemploy the big trade deficit and the FIREMEN BATTLE TO RESCUE TRAPPED BOY—A fireman is visible (upper right) through smoke-filled window dunnp, the height of a futile attempt lo Kevin fLiherly, 10. trapped m a fire which r wvept through a three-story tenement at Boston. Body of bey was later found m '-rronc) floor after he had apparently fled from top-story bedroom.—AP Wircphoto. Upper Alton Reflected I'rcxldrnt of flnnlrn Clnh TvlrB. Albert. Lnuck wi»s reelected president of Alton Garden Club nt the monthly meeting held Inst nlfiht nt Hillerest Community House. .1. C. Bloemeke nnd Her- mnn Hanei were chosen first and second vice-presidents; Kred Clnuscn, lecturer; Mrs. Frank Stobbs, secretary nnd William Deo, treasurer. Mr. Hlnmeke Fuilx In Keep Appointment Fred I-eitze, 05, rlirln't get to meet, his pals yesterday and to talk over news of the dny. He started but before leaving his home, 302 Mnin, he turned nnd went back lo the house. This Is a news item because no one can remember when he didn't feel like walking to the corner to chat a bit with clerks nnd customers nt. Main Street Market and at the Double Q groc- sided in the absence of Mrs. Lnuck. cry on Broadway. At the Double Plants that, bloom outdoors In Q he meets Dell Clark, a winter were discussed by Mrs. | 18 yet, a hoy compared Frank Stobbs and articles on the fall flowering bulbs, Kolchicum and crocus; lielebore, better known as Christmas Hose; the varieties of witch hnzel, both American tind Oriental, and Alabama Follier- gllla; Persian Parrolia, which nlooms in moderation Irom November to March; Winter Sweet; winter honeysuckle, that very 'ragrant shrub that, is soon to jursl. Into bloom; winter mushrooms, the only edible fungus that grows in winter and which can be propagated on either elm or wil- ows that grow in low wet. places; icncnthoo: winter aconite; the true snow drop; the February Daphne and Scilla Siberica. Fred Clausen, lecturer added information concerning the various plants discussed and advised members to live long if they sec their Christmas Hose do well. After ten years It will bloom and at 100 years of ago it will approach Its prime. Buds are formed In November that burst into bloom when the sun shines. The flowers are not. damaged by a freeze. G. W. Hinrlchs read an article on "Weeds, Good and Bad." Several members told of their Tiny Tim tomatoes that are bearing in 'lawerpotsi The. vine Is delicate sprays of yellow blooms and /ttfoblem of the millions of refugees pouring from the east Into tightly. packed western Germany. , -Settlement of the Saar problem. these officials, will solve none Mine domestic troubles nor any decisive effect on Ger- Immediate future. Imported more than ~ worth of silk and rub- toff |ft INR. Because of compel i. domestic synthetics, are not expected to 1,000 In 1950. Wmi A<U -CLICK" .he fruit is of use both as n garnish nnd in n tossed salad. Seed catalogs will ho tukcn to :hc next meeting and those having more seeds than they will plant hemselves, will share with others at the February meeting. Curd Club with Mm. llcrrin Mrs. Clyde Herrln entertained her pinochle club last evening at cr homo on East College. Two uests, Mrs. Sam Bnker and Mrs. Lloyd Leeso were guests and .irtzes were won by Mrs. Millnrd Wllkcy, Mrs. John Bower and Mrs. Otto Sandner. The club will moot In two weeks with Mrs. Bower, 1800 Washington. 1'itntor Culled to SiUrm rn-titiytcriuii The Rev, J. S. GoehrliiK of Donnellson, III., has accepted a enII o the puslornle of Salem Presby- crlnn Church and will bo here Sunday to begin his work. He and ils wife will move to the par- ioimge the Ins! of (be month. Mr. Goehring conducted set'•Ices at (be church aboui n month ago. Skillinu I'urty in SI. l.oiiin Twenty-one Girl Scouts from Troop 28, that meets in Upper Alton Rnpllsl Church, enjoyed n skating pnrly yesterday afternoon at Winter Oni'doii," St. Louis, as guests of Mounds Figure Skating Club. They were luTompivnied by Mrs, .1, K. Ciwilliam, their lender, and the mothers, who provided transportation: Mrs. Richard Beuttel, Mrs. G. R. Clarke, Mrs. W. Pitt man, Mrs, Kdwurd Stobbs nnd Mrs. Walter Stohbs. IjMivt'K for Chicaijo Mrs. Kills Gashm and her' three daughters, Clieri Ann, Jennifer Jill nnd Klaine Mnrie, left yesterday lor Chicago to join Mr. Gascon, who left a few we-eks ago to enter Moody Bible Institute. Their house bold goods were taken to Chicago yesterday noon. Mrs. Gnston is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Tallyn, 300!) Ktbcl. Another daughter, Miss Dorothy Tallyn, student at Greenville College, arrived home this evening to remain until Tuesday for nn end of semester vacation. I'ollo I'ulieiil Improving Six-year-old Claudia Qunken- bush is recovering from poliomyelitis, the attack having come Sept, 19. She was a patient in SI. Anthony's Infirmary nnd al Memorial Hospital for 15!) days before being taken to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. V, Quukcnbush, 3510 Biscayne. Sunday. Able to sit up lor n half hour at each meal and walk without a brace foi 20 minutes every day, CJaudla will have to wear a brace on her left leg for a while, she has been (old, That 'while' luis been set at from three to four months. A teacher from Alton niblle schools, Miss Betty Lane, her lessons every morning. man of to the nonagenarian. The two have much in common though for their memories revert, to days that are history to most others. U'illitiin Ijiux in 110)11111111 William Laux, 1824 Worden, is resting comfortably today at Memorial Hospital where he was taken yesterday morning. Afflicted with a heart condition for some time, he became worse Wednesday night. I'ri'puriiiK t« Leave Alton Mrs. Charles F. Daniels, 3011 Brown, is making preparations to leave Alton to make her home in Chicago where her husband has been for several weeks. Formerly manager of Giberson Insurance Agency, Mr. Daniels has taken the position of manager for the Great Lakes Insurance Agency. While searching for a residence, he has been making his home with Mrs. Daniels' parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. E. Berger. Mrs. Daniels is remaining In Alton until the sale of their property is completed. Her resignation as teacher of the third grade at. Horace Mann School became effective today. Chnlriimn Makes Announcement Mrs. Klrby Siebenthal, ticket chairman for the Girl Scout dinner, which will be held at. the YW Feb. 6, says that reservations must be In by noon Friday, Feb. 3. Tickets riiny be had from neighborhood chairmen, Mrs. Kdwnrd Todd, Knst Alton; Mrs. Rny Snlsman, Mrs. Ray Brown, Wood River; Mrs. H. Hart, Bethnlto; Mrs. T. n. Metcalfe, Middletown; Mrs. F. Zimmerman, St. Mary's; Mrs. T. Wilson, Dunnar; Mrs. V. Anderson, Upper Alton; Mrs. Clem Jackson, Godfrey; Mrs. F,. Spntz, North Side nnd Mrs. V. Christopher, Milton. Surwry nt Hiinu-s R. V. Stahl, 3202 College, who wns taken to Barnes Hospital this week, underwent surgery this morning. The operation was performed to remove pressure caused by a concussion sustained in nn automobile accident last fall. Members of. the family were with him today. KiilertaiMH Cluh Mrs. Willard Kuethe, 3407 Milton Drive, entertained her bridge club Wednesday evening nt her home. Two tables were formed and pri/.es were given to Mrs. Lowell Fulkerson, Mrs. Raymond Schlndewolf nnd Mrs. Kuethe. MekKiah Fellouithip lo Meet The January meeting of Messiah Fellowship Society will be held Produce Price* At St. toitifl ST. LOUtS, Jan. 20, Ufl — Produce and live poultry: POULTRY — Heavy breed fowl 18, leghorns 14'/4, commercial fryer, broiler and roaster white crosses 20-22, reds 20-21, roosters 14H. Other prices unchanged. Gains. Losses Equal on Market NEW YORK, Jaii. 20. <J&— The stock market started to slide down the price scale this afternoon after a morning climb. Numerous early gains running to a point or go were trimmed or even eliminated entirely. The net result was a scramble of gains and losses, most, of them fractional. Rails and chemicals made a better showing than most other groups, with a few advances amounting to as much as 2 points. Turnover hit a rate of around 1,500,000 shares for the fuil session. Among the gainers were Santa Fe, Chesapeake & Ohio, Union Pacific, Nickel Plate, Allied Chemicals, and Du Pont. Corporate bonds moved narrowly. Abbott 54 1-4 Al Chem ft Dye 206 Allied Sirs 34 3-4 Allis Ch 32 3-4 Am Can 113 Am Cnr & Fdy 27 3-4 Am Gas & Elec 52 7-8 Am Loco 16 ,'{-S Am Pow 15 3-4 Am Had 14 Am Smelt. 55 Am Snuff 41 AT&T 148 7-8 Am Tobacco 74 7-8 Am Zinc 61-2 Anaconda 29 3-4 Armco 29 Armour 9 A T & SF 109 Avco Bald Loco 12 3-8 Bendix 36 7-8 Beth Steel 32 1-4 Borden 49 3-8 Borg Warner 56 3-4 Briggs Case . Caterpll Trac 29 3-4 45 34 Ches & O 30 1-8 Chi & NW 12 5-8 Chi RI & Pac 43 7-8 Chrysler 64 3-4 Comwealth Edis 30 3-8 Congoleum-Nairn 27 7-8 Cons Edison 28 7-8 Cons Gas 44 1-8 Container 41 1-8 Cent Can 37 1-8 Cont Steel 15 3-8 Corn Prod 69 1-4 Corn Prod pf 184 3-4 Crane 29 Curt Wright 81-4 Douglas 74 3-8 Du Pont 62 1-4 Eastman 46 1-8 Eaton 30 1-2 El Auto-Lite 44 1-4 G E 42 1-2 Gen Foods 48 7-8 G M 73 Gen Time 23 Good rich 75 1-4 Goodyear 46 1-4 Gt Nor Ir Ore 12 3-4 Gt, Nrthrn Pf 43 1-4 G reyhound 11 Homestnke 46 1-2 Houd-Hersh . Hudson Mtr . I C Inland Ins Con Corp Int Int Harv Harv pfd . 13 1-8 . 14 7-8 . 37 7-8 . 39 1-4 . 14 1-8 . 27/3-8 .180 Int Nick Can 29 1-8 I T & T 12 3-8 Jewel 59 3-4 Johns-Manv 47 3-8 Kennecot t 54 3-8 Keystone S & W 18 1-4 Klmberly Clark 25 Lib Glass 63 1-4 Libby, McN & L 77-8 Marshall Field 25 1-8 Montg Ward 56 7-8 Nash-Kclv 17 3-8 Nat Biscuit 39 Nat Cont 81-4 Nat Dairy 38 3-4 Nat! Steel 89 1-2 NY C RR 12 3-8 No Am Avia 11 1-4 North North Amer 18 7-8 Pac 18 3-4 Ohio Oil 27 3-8 Owens Glass 65 3-4 Packard 45-8 Chicago, St Louia Grain Quotations Cat* Orahi CHICAGO, Jan. 20,- <*» — WHEAT-None. CORN — No. 3 yellow, lake, 1.27; No. 2 yellow 1.32; No. 3, 1.2832; No.. 4, 1.22-26%. OATS — No. 1 heavy mixed 7676; sample grade heavy mixed 74; No. 1 heavy white 76; No. 1 white 74U-75H; No. 3 heavy white 74H; No. 3 medium heavy white 74'4'Vi: sample grade medium heavy white 7H4-73U; No. 1 heavy special red 74H; No. 2 heavy special red 75W. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting 1.20-60; feed 90-1.20. SOYBEANS-None. Grain Future* Low Close High WHEAT— Mar. ... 2.15V4 May ... 2.19% July ... 1.92U Sep. ... 1.92% CORN— Mar. May July Sep. Dec. 68 62'4 1.28% 1.27 'A 1.26 1.21 U 1.14 OATS— Mar May , July . Sep. . Dec • • RYE— May ... 1.39 July ... 1.39 3 i Sep. ... 1.39Vj Dec. ... 1.39'X. SOYBEANS— Mar. ... 2.32 May .,. 2.28V4 July ... 2.24 Nov. ... 1.99 2.14 »i 2.10 U 1.91% 1.91% 1.27% 1.2614 1.25 1.20U 1.13 % 67% 61% 61 1.36 tt 1.37 U 1.38 1.38% 2.30 2.26% 2.22 U 1.95% 2.15 U-?* 2.10% 1.92-92 U 1.92 : ;'» 1.28 V4-H 1.26%-27 1.25% 1.20% 1.13% 71 67%-H 62 Vt 61Vi 62% 1.37%-% 1.38 V* 1.38 1.39 2.30'/4-% 2.27 «4 2.22 %•% 1.95 Vt St. Ixtul* Cash Grain ST. LOUIS, Jan. 20, <£•> — WHEAT — Receipts 8 cars, 2 sold. No. 3 red winter 2.20, No. 2 hard 2.22. CORN — Receipts 55 cars, 6 sold. No. 1 yellow 1.32 %, No. 2 yellow 1.32^-1.32%, No. 3 yellow 1.281.32. OATS — Receipts 11 cars, 3 sold. Livestock Pried At East St. NATIONAL srocKYAftOs, m., Jan. S», <*» — (USDA)— HOO9- 8500; trading active, steady to 25 higher than average Thursday; weights 240 pounds down and sows mostly at. the advance; bulk good and choice 190-240 pounds 16.5017.00; latter paid freely far weights up to 220 pounds; one load choice 190 pounds 17.25; most 250270 pounds 15.50-16.25; 270-325 pounds 14.25-15.75; 140-170 pounds 14.75-16.50; 100-130 pounds 12.7514.50; good and choice sows 400 pounds down 13.00-75; over 400 pounds 11.50-12.75; stags 8.5010.50. CATTLE—800; calves 600; veal- ers ftrong to 1.00 higher; odd lots medium steers and heifers 21.0024.00; common and medium cows 15.50-17.00; odd head good 17.50, canner.i and cutters 12.00-15.00; j early bids 19.00 down on built; good and choice vealers 29.0040.00; common and medium 19.0027.00. SHEEP — 500; market steady to J25 tower in cleanup; good and choice wooled lambs to packers 23.50-24.00; odd lots medium and good 21.50-23.00; cull to medium throwouts 16.00-19.00; odd head common to good ewes 8.00-10.50. 20,000 Polish Jews May Head for Israel TEL. AVIV—t/P>—Jewish authorities directing the "ingathering of the exiles" hope 20,000 Jews will come to Israel from Poland In 1950 to find a new home. About 100,000 Jews from Poland are now believed to be here. Polish authorities recently have tended to let the bars down on Jewish immigration to Israel. In recent weeks, several large transports of Polish Jews have arrived Available estimates indicate 50,000 and 60,000 Jews remain in Poland out of a pre-war population of 3,600,000. The Nazis were said to have wiped out 3,000,000. Hundreds of thousands have been scattered in various countries since the war. Sample grade white mixed 76 W -76'/4. 73 V4, No, 1 Pan Am Air 9 3-4 Param Pic '. 19 1-8 Penney 56 3-4 17 1-4 Penn Pepsi this evening at the chapel hall, j ^f''" 8 There will hip an educational topic, i Phillip a brief business meeting and a Phillip 601-8 recreational hour. D. K. Kuddes is Pure Oil 28 13 5-8 Mor 97-8 ° JJ 1-4 chairman of the society. Nairn Mr. and Mrs. William .). Meyers, jr., 1013 Main, Mr. and Mrs. Her- iierl Wickcnhnuser, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Ryndors, Tom Fleming and Norman Chnllacombe are home from Springfield where they attended (be state coiw'ition of Master Plumber's Assoe' The convention was In sessin "lay, Tuesday, Wednesday n: iiurs- day. A slight improvement Is noted In the condition of Anuel Whitsell, 1705 Clawson. He was taken to Memorial Hospital Monday afternoon. Mrs. Truman Carpunky, 607 hamper! is a patient at St. Anthony's Infirmary where she is undergoing observation and X-rays, Itu.viuon I,imilH<rl Hurii'il Funeral services for Haymon Lambert were conducted at 10 a. in. Thursday at Feuu funeral home, St. Louis, by the Rev, Father Sheen of St. Gregory's Church, St. Ann's Village. Pallbearers w,ero Dale Hoberlson, George Snodgrass, Robert Mninion, Gone Larimore and Jack and Juko Schneider. Bur. IH! was in Greenwood cemetery. RCA. ! Reo Rcpub Stl Scott .... Scars ... i Shell Oil . Simmons . a woman's hat as through Queenstown, Wind Hloui Hut Home small wlrlwiwl whipped off it lipped South Af- recently. Dismayed, she the hat disappear ovei tin- rooftops. Sho gave it up for lost, but was delighted, svhen she reached her home a do*en blocks away, to find It caught in her own garden hedge. 10 1-2 24 5-8 67 1-1 43 l-l 35 5-8 28 1-2 Sinclair 32 1-2 Socony-Vnc 16 3-8 South Pac 52 5-8 Spiegel 9 1-a St Brands 22 St Oil Cal 62 1-2 Si Oil Ind 43 1-1 St Oil N J 66 1-4 Sterling 37 1-4 Studebakcr 263-1 Swift 36 1-2 Texas Co 60 3-4 Timken-Axle 15 7-8 Transamerlca 16 tin Carbide 44 1-4 Un Pacific 86 Un Air Lines Un Aircraft U S Rubber U S Stl .... W U 1-1 3-4 25 7-8 41 1-8 27 7-8 21 3-8 West Elec 31 3-4 Woolworth 50 Wor P&M Pr pf 19 3-8 Semite 5 1-a York Curb Ark Nat Gas A 10 7-8 Carnal Ion 65 Cities Svc 73 1-4 Kl Bond & Share 19 1-4 Hecla Min 11 1-4 Kalser-Krazor • > 5 Kingston Prod 31-4 Nlag Hud Power 15 3-4 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Illinois Battles Bucks Saturday In Big 10 Game CHICAGO, Jan. 20. UPt — Defending champion Illinois, hoping Lo make amends for an 83-62 setback at Columbus, will meet Ohio State's high-geared basketball team tomorrow in the feature attraction of the Big Ten weekend program. The Buckeyes 83 points was the highest total ever scored against an Illini basketball team, but since that. Jan. 7 blasting Conch Harry Combes' Illinois squad has trampled Purdue 59-54, and Northwestern, 76-50. Furthermore, 15 victories in 16 Big Nine games of the season to date clearly show the home floor advantage and Illinois will be playing at Champaign before 6900 followers. Illinois must stop Ohio State's sensational Dick Schnittker, who has scored 73 points in three conference games—all triumphs—fir a rousing average of 24.3 points a game. Capi. Bill Erickson has; sparked the mini's resurgence into the Big Ten race with 41 points scored in M» last two games. He now has a four-game average of 16.8 points in the mini's two victories and two defeats. Wisconsin, runnerup lo league lending Onto State with three wins und one defiat, Is idle tomorrow and will not raturn to conference competition, until Feb. 4 at Ohio State. Northwestern—Only team in the league thus far to defeat a Big Ten foe on IU own floor when tht Wildcats stopped Purdue, 60-58 in an overtime—travels to Iowa (1-2) tomorrow. The Wildcats still have championship aspirations despite consecutive losses to Ohio Stale and Illinois, which gave them 2-2 record. In other Big Ten feuds tomorrow Minnesota (1-2) plays Michigan (2-2) at Ann Arbor and Purdue (1-3) is host to Indiana (1-2). In a collegite doubleheader at Chicago Stadium, De Paul of Chicago, which upset St. John's of Brooklyn, 74-68, In New York Tuesday, will oppose Kentucky. Loyola of Chicago meets Toledo in the nightcap. Bradley's powerful Braves will ho seeking their sixteenth triumph In 18 games tomorrow night when they invade Detroit University. The Braves easily defeated the Titans in Peoria last Monday, 71-50. Prince Charles Has Many Namesakes LONDON—</P»—More and more Britons are naming their sons after Prince Charles. Birth notice columns of the "London Daily Telegraph" alone showed 54 babies christened Charles in- 1949—more than double the number in 1948. It. was still well down the popularity list, however. John led, as usual, with 179, followed by David, Richard, Michael and Christopher in that order. Elizabeth—the name of the prince's mother—held second place on the girls' list. First was Susan, with Jane in third place. Skeletons Wanted "Wanted; Second hand skeletons or half-sets. Good prices offered," says an advertisement in a London medical journal. A skeleton is secondhand when it has been used. A new half-set costs from $35 to $42, a whole skeleton from $84 to $112; secondhand ones according to condition. LEGAL NOTICE Con/ales Makes It Four Straight Victories SAN JOSK, Calif., Jan. 20, (&~ Rlchard Pnneho Gonzales made it four in a row over Jack Kramer Inst night, winning their professional tennis match 8-10, 8-6, 6-2. It left the score of their world tour at Kramer 40, Gonzales 13. Uncle Heir to M« Kadlo Fertuue LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20. I* The $9,500,000 estate of Thomas S. Lee will go to his 80-year-old uncle, H, D, Merrill, wealthy Se- In a 16- wlll. Lee, radio and automobile fortune heir, named his uncle as sole beneficiary. The younger Lee, 43. plunged to his death from the I2tli floor of an office building lust Friday. "Big lurk" Explodes CALDWELL, Ohio., Jan. 20, <*•» -The "big Inch" gas pipeline exploded early today, shot flames 500 feet Into the air and burned black 60 acres of surrounding farm land. No one was Injured. The blast awakened nearly all the 1800 residents of this eastern Ohio com* numlty. Service wej restored by bypassing the break. attle lumber tycoon, year-old handwritten NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING The annual meeting of the stockholder* of the Alton Building and Loan Association will be held on Wednesday evening, February 1st, 1950. al.the Association's Office. 620 E. Third St., Alton. Illinois, at T.30 P. M. Election of Blrectors. and transaction of such business as may come before said meeting, will be in order. Stockholders welcome. Wm H. FELDWISCH, President LOUIS G. JUN. Secretary. Jan. jOijaLJjiL- NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice i« hereby given to all persons that First Monday in March. 1950, is the Claim Date in the estate of James H. Dodson. Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County. Illinois, •nd that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. Dated this 17th day of January, 1950. STELLA DODSON STOLZE. Executrix. Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. MANUEL M. WISEMAN. Attorney. (HARRY MONDHINKI 642 E. Bdwy., Alton, HI. Jan. 20. 27. Feb. S NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all persons that First Monday In March. 1950. is the Claim Date in the estate of Bruce Robert Carter. Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons Dated this 9th day of January. 1050. PHYLLIS E. CARTER, Executrix. JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. HAROLD G, TALLEY, Attorney. Jan 13. 30. 27. CALL FOB BIDS Th« Revenue Committee ot the City Council hereby gives notice that It will receive sealed proposals for the sale of the City of Alton. Illinois, of 8,000 Wheel Tax Auto Stickers for the fitcal year beginning April 1. 1930. and appropriate receipt formt therefor In triplicate. The stickers mutt be capable of transfer and attachment to windshields and the detign may be specified by the bidder, provided the design t-h»ll not be one which hat oeen used In the past five years by the Clt». Sealed proposals must be filed with the City Clerk on or before 5:00 O'clock P. M.. January 23. i»30. Any or all proposals are subject to acceptance or rejection by the City Council. MIKE WAIDE. Chairman Revenue Committee. WALTER C. BROWN. WALTER WETBTEIN Jan. 17. 18, 30 MN I) BMrttV-rtB. L6M ** MAIWM ALTON MfMOftlAl SAlfS Mo M«M at AIM. in. FMM I-MM _ to sem Alton «M noni our _ tuHnt all teadlnn auiltty - Serae* Al p«eei which if* or*«r now ret spring delivery - f *e*h loeai firm NOT reprtfentMt M» out*M« inter«rt« _ MONUMetm - MAftKtftS BEFORE YOU SELECT ANY MEMORIAL . . Wi urge you to investigate an* compare DELANO SERVtCKt DELANO QUALITY! DELANO PRICES I REMEMBER THIS: When you boy from Delano you buy DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER. You eliminate all the Intermediate cost* and that me«Bi you secure DELANO FINER_ qtJALm AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE >HICES ! DELANO GRANITE WORKS 32*0 Hawthorne Blvd. Alton, in. DIAL 2-2J52 — DAY OK EVENING national wrtnvent to Men*- PERSONAL ANONYMOUS ~ OM ^ ALCOHOLICS „..-..-.-_-_ phone t-?ja» or a-4iee. n P 197. "WHO KILi call. 'l. O • SOCIAL EVENT" RUMMAGE~SALE—Friday ft Saturday, 624 East Broadway. Sale starts Friday, 12 noon, by Alton Eattern Star. SOCIETIES — LODGES CHAPTER-NO. ». n. A. M. Friday, Jan. 20th, 7:30 p. m. P»t ft M. E. M. Degrees. Gregory Flynn. H. P, . . _ . TRAVEL - Th«« neat »piw«rini vounf. l*di««. l« -»• Aver»«* earnlnt, WO. 175 weekly. Tran»port.tlon '""J^***; expense* advanced. No «*P«««nc» necettary. W* train you. **.*'• Lottin, 4-i. Friday «nd Saturday. Savov Motel. No phone calli. Pl««*»j__ CUSTOMERS WANTING , AVON-«epJ«j tentative wanted. Writ* Avon, qii Eat! 6th. _ _ _ __ _ YOUNO LADY-For general «»» w «2 and can do tome tt;i»l»i. E *P*J 1 '*3 not neceaaary H wll Ing towort and learn. and Offic t neceaaary rn. Give pertonal referenc*, ••«. d p«it experience If any. Writ* Port ficS Box No. ». Alton. 111. ____ SALESMEN «sj nrrmsM SB CT «»•**•» i mi_ WILL AC«lT APtnJCAtlOWa - W men who. can Ml) emtmtoto MM ot art and ctaimtrclal "'"^•"•Jf'SLfS: vertlilnt ipectattlct. Oped '""""'••US and bontiMi. Small refuiMlabl* ««po»Jt required. Write or call Standard Cf> endar Co.. 1213 Maditon Ava., Mao> •on. III. . WANTED—3 Ironings wan' tar day» of cleaning! Dial 4-TMO. MIODLBAQED LADY—Willlnf to car* for Invalid penon part time. Call 2-7349. 9 a. m. to 6 P. m. i BBSTAURANT—Cookinf"or ihort order, or waitreii work. Write Box 1030, cart Telegraph. SMALL BUNDLE WASHINGS — An« Ironings. Dial 2-8953. . WHITE LADY — W«nti~ waihinfi and Ironings. Phone 4-8438. SITUATION WANTED—A. JlouMheepar. Write P. O. Box 149, JerneVvllle. Ill, l» LOST—STRAVED—STOLEN LOST—Ladies diamond rlnf. stone IV: karats, between 319 E. '4th street end Dr. C. W, Emmon.i office, East Broadway. Return to 318 E. 4th and reccivt reward. LOST — Ladies brown" billfold: monej and papers. YMCA, Wednesday nllhi. Please call 3-B10B. Reward, LOSTT STRAYED or STOLEN - Sma'll black dog. weight about 25_ pounds; short black hair. \>-hite on breast and all four feet. Collar. Answers to name "Teddy." Reward. 3-30e8 aflcr H:30. LOST—Maroon wallet between Terminal station and 3200 Burton avenue. Finder keep money but please return wallet and papers. 3-5018. LOST—1 string of pearls on Whitelaw or Ferguson In Wood River, 205 Whitelaw. East Alton. FOUND—Black and white bird dog, about 2 years old. Milton vicinity. May have same by paying for ad. 2-S537. LOST—2-strand pearl necklace, square clasp. Wednesday, downtown or North Alton area. Dial_2-2786. LOST — Blue corde purse, between Esst Junior and Masonic Temple. Contained glasses In case. Reward. 2-1306 II NOTICE INCOME TAX RETURNS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE NOTARY PUBLIC Call 2-5466 NOTICE—1 will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself. Dated this 20th day of Jan.. 19150. Charles H, Tolbcrt, 411 N. 3rd flreet, Wood Hlver RIDERS TO ST. LOUIS—Oii~~B to 4:30 or 5 shift. 6 days week. 3-98S5. WANTED—Ride to vicinity of Southwest St. Louis, between 6:30 and 7 a. m. 3-3645. WANTED—Ride to ~1550 S. BdwyV St". Louis. 7 a. ni. Dial 2-4428 Joe Morales, Oakwood road, Alton. WANTED—Ride to downtown St. Louis. Office hours: 8:15 - 5 p. m. 2-5077. WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIRING — Murphy, 630 E. Bdwy. (Crown Gift Shop). STATE LICENSE AUTO. CHAUFFEURS DRIVERS Ktc C. CLARK. 1804 t. Bdwy INCOME TAX SERVICE _ C. CLARK. 1304 E. BDWY. ALTON CEMETERY HA* LOTi FOB SAL* Swmi hundred «-ir*v» u>t» ta vurioui oarta ot Ui« cemetery »Tr »»all»bl> WANTED—Ride to vicinity of South Grand. St, Louts or Granite City between 3:30 or 6 a. m. from East Alton. Urgent. Phone 4-7783. INCOME TAX SERVICE Have Your Return Prepared by • TAX SPECIALIST (Over 20 Years' Experience! Complete Service—All Forms. Low ratei E. W. MANNS Accountant — Tax Counselor Notary Public OFFICE: 201 W Third St. i Over Hollywood Shopi HOURS: 10-4 - 7:30-9:30 P. M. _ _ Phones: 2-8232 - 3-6839 HARRY A. MOORE PIANO TUNING and REPAIRING 603 Forest Ave.. Alton. Dial 3-7826 ISA INSTRUCTION ja^_BtjglNE88 OPPORTUNITIES nESTAURANT FOR SALE—At East Alj ton, doing good business. Located al 101 West Main. LINCOLN HOTEL"— Implements and business for sale. Apply Lincoln Hotel, 208_Stjte._ TOR SALE—l«-ft.~HquTd soda fountain, complete Ivllh carblnator and compressor! Ice cream capacity. 40 gallons. Barton's, at Greenfield. Phone, day 151, night 134. _ CAIIPENTEH "WORK—Repair "jobs and Hue tiullding. Free estimate. Phone 4-0086. _ VALUABtF." FRA'NCHiSE"—if' you want to make some real money. $5000 will start you manufacturing and selling patented articles In franchise-protect, ed territory on royalty basis. Phont 3-3225. t _ DRY" CLEAN ING' "PLANT "FOR" " SALE — Will teach you to operate. Dial 3-S02S. 1222 State street, Alton. SERVICE STATION FOH LEASE— Excellent location on Broadway. Majol brand products. Small investment required. Contact Mr. lluber. Box 191, Edwardsyllle. Phone Edwardsvllle 205 CAR OWNER—With 5~hour» week spar* time to service route of new type Nut and Amusement Merchandising machines. Income up to $300 monthly to start, with future possibilties. $523 working cash capital required which is fully secured. Applicant must be dependable and have references. For interview Include phone in application. Write Box 1050, care Telegraph. ** HAJMICII - „ _ "CENTRAL ILLINOIS SCHOOL "of BEAUTY CmTURB 401 Henry Street Alton's Oldest State Accredited Beauty School it year* ot I Student* AMB . _._ »«n «oi mnnnt « LAUNDERING x WASHINGS & IRONINGS WANTED — 3102 Delia. Dial 2-6881. BENDIX AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY SOFT WATER — DRYING - STARCH- ING—TINTEXING. OPEN EVERY DATf FROM 8 TO 5:30 P. M.. EXCEPT MONDAY UNTIL 8:00 P. M. EXCEPT SATURDAY UNTIL 2:00 P. M.. WE DO YOUR LAUNDRY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME. 3-HOUR SERVICE. Between Food Center and Doris Dodson, Jr. 1856 E. Broadway Dial 3-9295 CURTAINS - Washed and stretched. Called for and delivered. Ola) 3-9373. CURTAINS — Washed and stretched. Called lor and delivered. 2-7656. BVS CESS POOLS—And septic tanki buill and pumped, reasonable rates. 2-5415. BE KIND TO YOUR SHIRT — H hai stood behind you. now give it the gentle treatment It deservei. round only al the White Way Laundry at 9th and Belle. TO PROPERTY OWNERS — Beware of termites. They are destructive to your property. For free information call Century Termite Control. Phone 152. 1019 Ruskin Ave.. Edwardsville. Ill All work guaranteed. ., VETERANS Why accept anything less than tne . best? Thousands of mechanlcalb in clined men have benefited through C. T. 1 Training W* will assist you in getting part time work while attending school to add *80; to $115 per month to your government subsistence of I7A to $120. Learn one of the following splendid pay trades In only 20 wrecks' Auto or Diesel Mechanics ' Body and Fender Repairing— Painting Refrig- — Air Conditioning Radio - Television Servicing Electricity • Electronics. You will be taught on modern equipment In our large shops undar expert supervision. Free placement service after graduation Living facilities available. Write today for complete details No obligation. Commercial Trades In stltute. Box 1200. care Telegraph CONTRACT CEMENT WORK — Of al' kinds. Union work. Free estimates LYNN WOOD. 3603 Franor. 3-9293 2-1175, TREE SPECIALIST Trimming, topping and removing, wi haul away the brush Fully Insuret •nd reliable We also have tome twee) gum shade trees left. Free estimate M C. LOVE 4-7823 GUTTERING—Spotting, metal chlmnej covers Free estimate*. WHITE'S Tin' SHOP.' 2-1424. TREE SPECIALIST Trim Top. Take Down and Haul Away- insured ED KRAUT. Dial 4-8343 GASKENS' CEREMI STUDIO — 706 Grove street. Instruction. Enroll any time. 2-3553. II MLP FULL OR PART TIME Could you sell an auto service coupon booklet for $1.00 containing lubrications, brake adjusting, spark plug cleaning, wheel alignment, oil change, etc. Car owners grab it on sight. 115 to $25 paid daily. Hotel Stratlord. Room 211 8-0:30 a m.: 12-1 noon, 6 - 8:30 P. m. Mr. Keyes No phone calls. * CAKD Or THANKS REV. N. H. ELLIRSON — We wish" Jo express our appreciation and heartfelt thanks lo the many friends for their ! sympathy shown during the bereavement of our dear husband and father, Rev N. H Elllrson. A special thanks to | those who gave flowers, the minister* alliance, pallbearers and flower girls. ! the Russell funeral home for their kind and efficient service; and donor* or cars. Mrs, Elliriion and Family. MRS? ANNA BOKBR-We wish lo express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all our friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank Rev. Schleler. the Doctor al St. Joseph's Hospital, Nurses and Sister*, Warner funeral home, those who sent flowers, donated cars, and all who assUt- ed in any way. ._ , «. .. The Boker Family. __ IN~MEMORY— Of Stella M. Jones, who pasted away 1 year ago today, Jan. 20, 1949: That we cannot forget you, Mom, Nor hide the lean awa.v, We miss your gentle kindness, Your tender love and care: Heaven must be tweeter. Mom, Just because you're there Sadly mined by ___ Hu«band_and F_amlly. IN~U5VING MEMORY— Of "Marlon \V~ Elliott, who died in nervicc Jan. 20, IM2: He little though! when leaving home He woj u no moie THUD; That he in death to toon would tlecp And leave ut her* to mourn. W* da n<> -.icw whin pr.m lie l»rc, We 'lid not tea nim die W* out. know i<t |i*»rd ew»y We Believe This Is a ONE-IN-A-THOUSAND OPPORTUNITY-FOR-SALESMAN Who want substantial earnings, plus security To men accustomed to earnings of $6000 or more per year we offer a most exceptional opportunity. Ours U a na- llonal organization, the tops in IU field. Our deal enjoys certain exclusive, tremendously important features not usually available. Top quality leads, renewals plut promotion and concentrated advertising. Generous commissions with a permanent connection are available to a few real producers. Qualifications are: Good personality, a car, and the ability to make the most of a rare opportunity. For Immediate appointment write Mr. C. A. Peterson. 901 W Center Street, Danville. 111. MARRIED MAN—For general farm work, near Medora Mutt have car. Slate age, experience, etc Write Box 1000. care Telegraph. _ YOUNG MAN—To do general work an* do light chores In retail store; experience will help but not necauary it energetic and willing. Full or half-day time considered. Give age and pcnoiul references Write Pott Office to« No. 8. Alton. Ill Mother and Sister* Ig HELP WANT60— SECRETARY—Why commute to St. Louit? Local concern, several Job*. Heavy dictation, experience 3-5 years necessary Salary open. Writ* Box 11)90. care Telegraph. WANTED—Girl' for general housework and care I child. 4-3385. MIODLEAGED WHITE WOMAN — For housework and care of 2 children. Go nighU. 3-day week- Box 1080, car* Telegraph. WOMAN WANTED—To car* for child 5-day week. Reference* required PiaJ a-8643 alter 8:30 p. m STENOGRAPHER WANTED - Must b* able to take dictation. Apply Personal Finance Co.. over Sail* Ann Shop, 301 Belle. Alton. MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NEW—Rent our high speed sander and edger Dial 2-2141, 1004 Phinney. WALLPAPER STEAMER FOR RENT— Dial 2-2141 1004 Phinney WALLPAPER STEAMER FOR RENT — Dial 2-2141. 1004 Phinney. PAPER HANGING & PAINTING—Also steamers for rent. Phone 4-6946 aftei 3 p. m. FLOOR SANDING - And refinishingl also painting. Reasonable ratei free estimates. Dial 3-6814 or 3-3230. PAINTING «t DECORATING—Removing wallpaper and patch plastering No. money down with 36 months to pay U to desired. All work guaranteed free estimates. John Ewlng 2-8785. WANTED—Paper hanging Good work at reasonable prices Phone 3-50117 01 8618 Yager street INTERIOR DECORATING - Plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Reference. Free estimates, Dial a-SJTI DIAL 3-2141 -- For free estimate o* floor sanding and Inside painting. WHY WAIT?-Get your decorating don* now before the spring rush There la no plastering <fbb too small or loo large for us Will we plaster your celling r Ye»t Will we plaster your complete room? Yen Veal Will we remove .vour wallpaper, paint your walls or hang wallpaper Veil Do we guarantee our work? Yen Will we decorate your whole house and give you eaiy lermsT Ye»l Why not phone ui today No ob- llgatlon. Of course got. Phone iMTitS INTERIOR PAUfTINO - Removing or cleaning wallpaper: floor reilnlihlng. Special pricei now. 3-S3S4. INTERIOR PAINTING—Plastering and patch plaittrtar II VM are Uret) o* old wallpaper, call us today we will remove your wallpaper and with the iate*t style colon, we will remooero- Ise your home. Call today (or • Ire* wllmete 2-eoap. ' gj BLECTBIC-1.ADIOS _ RADIO & TELEVISION SlfVT 720 I IROAOWAY - 3 9411 BREOENCER'S Radio Televtdoa MTV- ice at your home. Guaranteed plsl 3-5022 1222 State rUBNITI'M WORK WINDOW CORNICES r- Wall cabinet*, what-not thelve*. etc., made ta order. Dial J-M83. _ FOI K MOVING ruuiiTUU . HiS »-Mao« , IILC H A NIVLIN MOVING. STOIACI Ac*ma LOCAlT CftJG 01 i«l WA1MINQTON AVS ICI

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