The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 10
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 10
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>AGE LOLA'DMY REG , - . C^AS. I-..8COTT Xntered at I .'the lola. ! Pos, ^ , _ ijagcond OaiM ;^ia^te|•. 18 -f^ipM* bity of lola, - PaiMT City of Bai m Paper AmnXoun TER Office. SB - '.I By. I One One One ^lUBSCRIPTIOfH RA tnd Suaett. 8. Qaa Cityi liBHarj)* * ..i.l«C«nta ilhf.,...- i.70 Cente ; J7.80 BY MAIL. , .1 Outline Allan County • _ One t4^f •••••i »5-w Six Mw&hs I4.B0 Threl»'Mbntba I i 1 In Allen Coun :y One-lTear «.00 Btx llbntba »1 J Tliwifc'iMOnlh!* .... .iU. One .Month ..i..Dftc •of- I nal Editorial Aatdelatlon. ThVl<jiSw DijIy 'L.eSjue. ; Audit .Bureau of. Circulation. Presa Congress of:the World, fifpally Rresa.^ssi>ci«tlt>n. Inland f MEMBER .ASSOCIATED PRESS. The" JdsslflWr carrtejt .the Aaaociated Preaq report by special leased wire.' The AaifociBted Press la exclusively en' titled .t<> the use for ]repuMk!atton of an news dispatches credited to it or not otttlafcwUe" ctedRed' tn this'pnper. BilOe Tkoitght for ^xidaj/i • J idll cure them, and will reveal unto them the. abundance of peace and truth.—jer. 33:6. tlfat. and It is 1 the bousebold THE'4tJlN8i»'$ Oli&^l^ -OUT.) An "Imperative general withdrawal" of missionaries from.their posts in North China to coastj cities "oit'.accQvnt Qf revolution causing great danger to life," was reported by Bishop Ijauress J. Bicney of Shanghai in a cable to the Methodist board' of foreign missions in New-York." \bia aqnoUncement win be read with poignaut interest In Ipia.for it means that the Perry O. Hahson fatiitW, wSleh for nearly thirty years has been stationed at Taianfu, where it has done a great work, will be obliged to drop; everything and make its 'way to one of the coast oUies, piiobably Tietitsin. The means of transportation.avail­ able for the Hansons will be so .! I neagrfe that it is doubtful if they wUl be abl^'to carry anything with them except what can be put Into thinks or small boxes, possibly not eyen' so much'' as very certain that ,al goods, ruga, (uroiti^re; and the like, wlU tBU'iato the Hands of looting .soldiers'of one army or the otber. It ,iB probable that the chaotic conditions which doubtless will continue >itx <Chinn if or; k long ^tlme will make It - wise for ]th«;m to return home: Jt is ar beiBrtbceikking experience, to which these iteli<>^'tow>^inci>ct^ 4 >uri9 seem destined. Mr. and Mrai Hanson went to China in the very flush of their'youth, in a spirit at contlilete abnegation iwd consecration, with .no.dther thought oi; purpose tlitm to spend their ,lives in spreading the Gospel, not of Christ only, but of Christian civilization, among the Chinese. With absolute devotion and with boundl ^B sea) and energy and .unflagging enthusiasm, (hey have carried- forward' I their work. They have built up a gireat school I from which hundredH i Of boys and ^jglrls have gone out to 'carry the light that was placed In i their hands. They have made ^heir i mission a' centsr from which beor ! efjcent iuf luenoes huve radla^eil in s countless i^lreotlpnr. They 1 hav« I been cheor^id nnA etjcouroiri'd and made happy by (hn HIICCOHH Whlcii hM crowneil thefr etforlK %n(l thtty ..eould look Iforwird to n fiiti^rc In Which all ihut section of phlna 'i would bo linpplef and the }mote, ! prospfiBous beoanso of what they : bad done. And now they "see the work they 'gave their lives to broken," with .'every probability that^h^ will'not be granted bvett the poor boon of "stootitng to bulM it up; again with -wprnout' tools;" It Is pathetic and • tnigic beyond words. \ , And yet there are two considera- I lions' that should In some degree «omfort them. .One,is that they are : i^ot - leaving becaus^ ihe Chinese people, particularly the. people of ! the little .cify jvebeee ^tey have done their wdrk, want them; tp lea-ve, ;.but because war conditions bftve imaile it impossible for' I them to stay.] And the other one is that -.the'^feadjr light of Christian faith jand ifortitu'd^ which their example' land their teaching kindled iin the| iiei tts of scores of ybuiig men and jwomen will continu^;to shine, and •;r. ttaje ihMiugh these ' converts and Ft. >cott' Tribune: [Again' let's contemplate\ti ^oanre on t facti In Bourbon >i»unty' alM« t i liren. jthto tH^d >^5i^.ars \ .Is being ex^clcd each day in the maint Jnattce of AtttoBMbbilea And trwitiM. { Tlils^cost aa;i «8atM mote Utigititwo f^id bald' million dollars a yep. ' Th«(| estiliWe is based on; a&'a^^iroxl- pmtl coftt of IMO a .day (oir operating^ an automobile; The. fl^urfi doe^ notlndnle the|orlgi ^tU cost of .4 >e cars, but doea, of courstfi' tak^ accoiint of depijeclatlon, t6^- gekb^ wlthialliotlicr <:OBt's of maln^ trance and djkei;atIon. • li is a'stArtillnr fiKure.'^e com-| plain bitterly of high taxes, but gt>' on paying .tbls enompus bill wltb'-^ but; cpmplklnu. We jik6 li. We "'our home or our furnl- woubL' sell we buy to will have ^ their cost. And wha be to businj lieve indnist ^s. 4low it ture before dispensing with our automobile In other words, it Is worth.the noney. Again'le's-tliink how easy it would be't > pay our taxes in just this same j syciiotogical -setting. We could' ijeroo le all the' pain and burden of! tax s. We« could tell the county trei surer to.go hang. We cpnM'mdfct it as pleasant and ioy- pus to pay axes as to pay the aijto- mobiie bill SimpI^ by: ai^dj them in littBe Insignificant :amou ng nts to the purcjiase price of the things to |we of teat or wear—mostly| non-essentials, but to things nd enjoy regardless a stimulus it Vodld ess development to re- 7 of the btjrden ofUax- would encourage people ' tt"!bUiltl' homesand improve propdrt^ aiid engage IDL manpfac- ttrih 'i.'''Wider tfeSre ^^bt System, the first thine fa ipan takesj into account when he is about .t6° engage ifn any new enterprise'Is the amouhjt of taxes he must charge against the, enterprise.. And more than half the time the' amount* of taxes he would have to poy tu4-ns hi^ hack from it. ' if we 'have the sales tax- liow is the tax to. be regulated? How jis the amount to be collected, to be determined and hPw can a fixed adipunt be depended upon? It niiist depen:d upon the amount of sales, and these' vary greatly according as times are gbod or bad.—Leavenworth Times. There really is not much varia- jtion in sales between good times iand bad,—nOt more^tban about 15 i»er cent; the econd'mlsjs^and statisticians say. That is one of the reasons a merchant is' warranted in advertising all the time,—for the reason that even in dull times people^ are obliged to have things to eat' and wear4 And the things peo- plei have .to have ^ make up about 85 per cent of the things they actually do have In n<^mal times. Presumably the way to regulate a 'sales tax would be to take It on «llittle at a time until we found out what we coidd. depend on. Kansas, is making a. pretty good start. | We have been trying gasoline foi^ two years, Now we are >golng to.taice on cigarettes; Perhaps . the next Btctp would!be to levy a Sales tax on ahawing;gutti, aqd then on jtow- der and tbeh on rouge and then on lip sticks and little things like that which.don't cost mudh huj which people have to have! It could ]ii worked iHip'to. gradually, illke the boy bobbed his dog's tail.j by cutting off an inob at a time. THE iota DAILY REGISTEB. THTH •<1: 4 IX THE HAY'S XKW.S, The Archbishop of Canterbury, nr. Randall T. Davidson, who to- d ly enters upon Iiis eightieth y^ar. if at once the holder of the highest ofice in the Drltisb realm and the itioRt hi.storic Church office in England,.one which datf!; back for hun- di cds ofj year^ before America wa.s discovered. "The first Archbishop ol Canterbury! was Augustine, ap- pc iuted A. U. tbT. The Archbishop ol Canterbury ranks' ininiediately n<xt to royalty, taking precedence Ol er every one Of the king's sub- jeJt^, no matter whethei* duke, prer ra leij, lord high chancellor, or ^sec- re tary of sta.te. Dr. Davidson is a S< ot'—a rather curious fact when 01 e remembers that he is head I of the Church of England. Xo fewer thjan! 25,000 clergy look to him for .alivite .and spiritual guidance. For a qi^arter of a century Dr. David- spii has been Archbishop of Can-' t^rbury. In, his early career he w IS a humble curate in the North of England. \ > „ 1 Home paripn Whatlslibme Without a Gafdm? • I • Two / brilliant annuals, little grown but 'de.servlng of wide iKjp- ularity in Uie garden are the clarkias and godeUas, jotli members of the evening pri family and having the sat ny toxlur)> to their bloom that cliaracterizt'./l flowers make a fine .show. These! !^ many of the plants ot this tribe, ."rhey* prefer u poor soil and arc- most brilliant i>n skimpy fart* aud wax gross anil too laiy to givt* therr best bloom if well fed. It hfng, this BtfMents .of.thiQirs th^ work which ^<-'<1]i«|y have been doing will be car- |rl^ on. Fortunately the family wnl In good health . and they |wi(^ have no difficulty .ip finding yr^k to d9 if'they, are ^obliged to jr^rn to their home laaH. Siirely ii ^l CP .Chln^ I Uiey may comfort. M ^qwetoea; mm the Jcaowledge i^iiitr •Mtay ba^ done what they . . A alngle stroke of jUghtoing kill',' adi 40 cattle belonging to a farmer C ^new Ponca City la.tely. I me Bill Thompson ha{i»been elect^ {Sd^mayoroj: Chicago agalni There •^i8 ,;Ao acc0u |iting.Jpr -tntifs. is really a iiuovr rumor thul oppcarK perlMlcally to the pffcc^ that the Ford Ajptor C'om- ptihy li^ going to'i)u| n HJx-cyUnder onr on the market.; | theilatest.ap- I jlotrance'b^ the :Ht6J-y tyiis one day last week when a i dispatch. was puli'llshed in some of the papers to the effect that Henry Ford'"would make an important annoiincement next Sunday" -(lafit Sunday) which was consbrued to mean that h^ would announce a sixioylinder car. Sunday came and poised and no announceine'nt came from Mr. Fdrd, important or otlierwlse. As a matter of fact (lie Ford Motor Company has categorically denied, .on three different occclsions durrng :the poist year, that it had any intention 'wrhatever of-putting out a iSlx-cylkider car. Why then the persistence jDf the rumor that| it dOes Inteiid tO do so? The Ford' people th^aeives believe it is -propaganda i^ut.oiit fagr a vival ^motor company for the delib^i'i^rte-.pnrpose of. hurting the Ford liusiness.' Coiild that be:possible in these days of "honest and friendly competition?" Some one who claims) to have made a survey of Iowa is out with a,statement that SO per cent of the fa mers there were against the Mc- NJ ry-Haugen bill and 80 per cent of I the-banIters wero for it. Tho farmers argued that it wouldn't do them any good, and the bankers argued tl|at it iniglit help Ihcin to gcij out from under.the farm landsl thay took In on liiorfgages as a renult of the wan lino boom. What everybody knoWn is that the trouble In luwu IK locunonilc and noli «K|lculliirHl. IPnrnirtr .H- bankorH and everybody f^m> w«int crftBy, the" of furm l«nd Went to iho H, bnnkorx niiulc Innd (l(!l>t prI •(• I«iv >l (if city 111 Ion iH for iwluo t|in aiuoiint ili Vfulf worth, farmurs went In to l)|iy land thoy didn't ncod—nnd I 'verybody went broke when (he bnl loon Imsted.' which will prove fine I cutting material. One of the older Varieties of- godetia, Rosamond, ii a favorite for planting narrow vaate strlpa where its brilliant latiny pink For a patch of i»oor, dry soil try on? or both of these annuals. Th^ clarkias have beeu' taken up bjr the greenhouse men and now are popular for w,Intcr.(-ut flowers but thtty arc just; ns. handsome In the garden and very cuKlly grown. The doublo varli-tii-rt tiTi> hoHt for cutting, runglng froiu whito through llghi tuKi dci'p jilnk to orange scarlet. 1|ltc xodellns have large blooms of imoro brilliant rnloring, often splashes of color on llghl Krnnuds to make, them more striking In appcaranco. New gladiolus-flowered forms are offered this year plants are best sown! where, they are to bloom, sowing tlie seed thinly; thin the plants to stand about- eiglit iuohes apart. Tliey like sun.; There are dwarf fornui which.roaka, very attractive little bushes, i The. godetias come in lioth[ double and single forms. The new gladidlusrflowered; forms, which come fiom.English experts, are improvements on an old double form name< Malmalson.' a favorite for cutting because of its fine spikes of dcuble blush, flowers with scarlet c >nters< Theyi grow to a height of two <eet and are one of the season's naveltl^ well worth a trial, give them ritdi soil. But do i^bt DATE AND .COOKIES 1 cup butter V/d cups sugar .1 eggsv well beata^ 2Vj cups- flour 1 teaspoonful grcjnnd mon Vj teaspoon cloves 1 teaspoonful soda spoonfuls bot *rnter Cream butter and tlugar. Add{ ogg.s. Beat well. ThoA add flour, and spices. Add 1 poujtd of dates) cut In small pieces English walnuts cnt pieces, .also 1 teaspoon! 2 cups smatl ol candied orange peel, chopped^ Jlne. Then add the soda In the hot water. Drop in small spoonfuU ongreaaad' pan nnd' liako In moderite ov«n.— S. .M.! HoU the silver In an aluminum pon Into which one-fourth bar of ivory Hoap has been shaVed: add a teaspoon of table salt. I oil for ten minutes, rinse with hot! water and tlien dry. Why should anyone discuss the farm Relief bill Ip ^Cansas? The, Kansap congressmen ml yotM tor it-^will all vote for it any Way it oomes^up ln :n «lt co .ii9res8 ..KlvisaB congressmen always vote for anything facmers want because the gEdateat .KansaB industir ia agrl- cultiice.— ;H1 matfaa. World. What Js trottbling the Kansas Congressmeii right ndw Us .the uneasy {consciousness th^ the Kansaa fanners -perhaps did not want tiiem to vote for the relief iiUI they did vote for. The National Association of Letter Carriers will hold its 1927'con- nntioa «c -Bl 4*Mo -nwt flfptwhber. dnha- in 3 table- 1 pg^und marsliqiaUows I can isliopd pfaeappla 1 can white charrlaB poui^.ScapcJB % pound salted almonds Out maralwiiallows in'- smaU Dfi^a apdl pit cbarries. Pet 1 and )tea<IM|ia «rap«s and cut in Halves. iC^t almonds in half and mix with ithe fmit. Then add to the fOUow- iing di«s8lng: f ^ To 4 eggs beaten sjiff, a^d ¥t Qup heated milk and the juiic^ of ,one lemon. Cook in a double) IMU- er until, mixture- coats spoon. Wnen oool add one pint of whipped ,aream. Mix th6 fruit mixture and ^he dressing thoroughly and put] In: a mixing bowl and keep in the refrigerator overnight or until ready to' serve. This serves 16 pelrsons. 1 eavelope golatine ' % cup cold water ' 1 pint hot water • Mt-teaapoonfni salt X (No. 2). can crushed apple t small' cup sugar Jnloa of-2 lemons 1 cup'diced cheese ^ pint double cream Dissolve gelatine in cold iivater. Add salt andj hot water. 3tir until dissolved: and )let cool. JBring pine- the; pipeajiple, sjigar .and , lemon jiiice to a Boil aajL bOll '5 niinute^. When cool, adjl diced cheese. When the gelatine has set, whip it and add the-pineapple mixture, also the qream .^hiab: has been whippeit stiff, tj^tp. taio s mold and chill. j bresaliig for 'above salad: 4 eggs ' 3- teaspoons angar teaspoon mnatard % cup vinegar 2-3 cup a-neet milk 1 cup double cream 1 green pepper I 1 cup chopped celery Mix the beaten eggs, sugan' mus-. tardj milk and vinegar and cook' in double boiler until thick. When cool add the cream, which has been whipped stiff, the chopped piepper, and celery.—S. M. CHICKEN AN» SWEETBREAD cROtttoBreES 2 ctjps finely.' chopped cooked .chicken 1 pair sweetbreads, cooked and. chopped 1 cup canned mushrooms, chopped ^ cupf batter [ 1 teaspoon grated onion'' 2 eggs % teaspoon mace % cup flour 1 cup milk ! - ; 1 cup chicken or other atock % cup cream '•• % teaspoon salt . ^ teaspoon White pepper % teaspoon paprika . . Melt the btftter and add the onion: cook gently tor a teir min- 2» YEARS EXE^IEWCi: Pttoites JS$^I437 35<i €offee _.__L___ L _^.________:L :____._30c 45c Qoffee i ...... :___„_40<; Beirt i'eaberry Coffee .1.. _„ — 40c 3-lbs. Navy Beans, large or small : ;—--25c 8-lbs. Baby Lima Beanis __25c 3^1bs.^good Prunes ___L : ^ ....25c 2 1-2-lbs. Sunmaid Raisins ^_-___25c ; 1-lb. fancy Dried Pearg | 26c 2-lb8. Dried Applet __L 36c 3-lbs. Fancy Head Ricfe ^ —25c S-lbs. Gocoa ^-25c 1 can No.'2 Sweet Corn;______: lOc^ 1-lb. Dried Sweet Comj ..—^ L __,__30c Np. 2 can Kiiners Sauerki-aut Juice ____ 20c No. 2 1-2 can Peaches L ___l 20c No. S.can Libby's Apple Butter _— 25c 2 cans No. 2 Blackberries ; ^^35c 10-lbs. Cqr^meal ^35c 5 -lb8. Coi-nmeal ______Li_^ 20c' 5 cans Sardines 35c 3 cans Van Camp 's ^lip, No..3 .can Apric6ta, iU'heav assorted .- 25c y .syrup '.J _,___30c Plenty of FrJBsh Fiju ^Si Vegetables and Chickens. NEVER MiSS THE WilTER ^^mwimi WELL GOES Bmi i6iOu LL mm A ©ANDY COFFEE DP' CANOVA Ym imirt TRY. Special Fridajf ()iml 1 Bottle Canbta SalwliStMdav^ Freni) listed-area few«vei^dav prices '.tO '^ow ycfo-.we can-aura ypu money everyday. Hefce! SoaR, 13 Iwrs P. & G. — SOe Bteokbenies, gal. siee^ a'goed one . 736 'Pears, packed- in syrup L____ _ ^^25c Eeas» exfm fancy, Ricfcwick, per can :_16c ^G«rn, wilK^:gi»in*Bck»^^ can _ ____16c •Coooat 1-2 pound ofiieF ^y^S^. none betto* —.21c €oeoa, lv2 pound Poehler King, a gootd one _-_10c AaisiM!, \^ancy seedlek&lper pound ._^_Wc Ftour, the best grade 48-Ib. for. 1_— $2J0 liStttwdarroniy <tliM )e j%9fniati»e from Arm s 'be in .our store-a special' rep^8 to show you theraanyf ine FREE SAMPLE^JSOUVENIBS FOR THE K»DffiS-«q|ME EVERYBODY. f^x^ilMc^ Fruits |uid Vegie>taiaes a^ All .Times. utesj then j;radua]ly stir in the flout and coOk to a smooth- paste, taking care thbt it dpes not brown. Carefully pour in the milk, and, stock, stirring constantly, .ami cook un^U th^ck and smooth; add the cream, then the chopped chicken, sweetbread and inushrooma. Drain and dry the latter thoVougti- ly [before cobpping. Stir in the seasonings and'!let; cook gently a. few! minutes longer; then fold in the; tggs beateh together but nut tqO: thoroughly; let cook Jiisi a moinent to set the eggs and turir out on a flat' dish to cool. Whea cold, mold into small croquette.s. of which thi.s quantity will make about 40. Roll: in finely sifted bread crumbs, then ini beaten «gg and agaitt in the vrumbs. Bet asitlc in a cold place nnUl reoulred. Pry in hot deep fat—39p. degrees jF.— to a delicate brown. Pile symmetrically on a platter garnisheU with fresh water cress and lemon!) cut in fanciful forms. • I SELF-SERVICE MARKET Phone 193 Our pSusinesd^ Is Week. And we,are sure there a reasoTi? The very best . meats we can buy for cash, and our metliod of handling it. This combination siiits our customers. ' 1 .. • .1 For a short time we are offering you Swif t^s Skiniied Premium Hara^, la to 20 lb. 09 i» Average, lb. O -w C Morrell Pride Hams. 10 to 14 \b84 Aver- Q Ai» age, lb. j__ OvC Armour's Shanklesis Pic- SJ'....-... ...23c iCudahr Puritan Hams, > 10 to 15 lb. Aver- OA^ aee,.per lb. eW /V Plenty of fresh Baby Beef and Fresh Pork. Cheese of'aU kinds. Try our 35c ;md 40c Bacon, it's fine. FrMi Barrel Skied Kraut SPmALLY PRICED 6K »s. .... . .25^ Bring Youv Pails. W. L. HARPER, j Proprietor. Choice Beef, Fancy Baby Beef, Pork, jtentiiiie Spring 1.Amb and flens. tlHOICE BEEP I "Not just ordinary Beer ' Boil* 12o Ikh Jloastr St«Mwi - i—-I-Wte lb. Ifamhitr^, freKhu ..lSe Ih. Piir» Meat; FANfcY BABY BEEP Bolls 15c lb. R6aKf« 20e lb. Steaks _—.35 awiSSe lb. I Poric, young tender lean IcutS. !'-. FRESH HAMS Small, XonHK, LeiBD Hans. iRoMts J _-88c lb. Steak —-.aSc lb. SHaUIJ )ER Roasts oriBolto' SSe lb;; Steak- —I:- &c Itr 420c lb. Pure Meat, LAMB^^-^nirine Spriiig »lb 9f»w.:i; _.u-15clb. Sbenld^r ^ast or! Seeafc -_- „:.-SOc lb. viCG LiAlfV^Sdast ' or Steak;. ^ lb. IiuiKh>]^eat Season Js Heue. • Odr UM la (joawkte. BolM Ham Rex UiBB DrMiBeef i Wieners ym loaf^atn real Loaf, ItaUan -4Jser ^[.oaf • I Co«k«4 CwEBediBeef llTorwitt** / Cheese of >AH: Kinds BnU: Pickles . \; AUvsyav Center Cut-of •Oar Stents ace -tj. S^sOo^.'.. JasiMeterf^'- ; >

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