Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 17, 1961 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1961
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

SAVINGS MflTM TOW SAVTMftS ACCOUNT ' I^Mefef f»ft ffcwli IHTER BUILT •M 8t Lonh Avamw Bast Attoa, DL DM OL 44122 GLASS FURNITURE TOPS CALLFOft FREE ESTIMATES PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY LYONS GLASS CO. 2400 Ml* HO 2-2731 F,LilLBIRT DM OL 44246 Ow Virtue CASUALTY TMI NfW WE AOftKBf Recently Oliver treyt, ABC-TV president, In a speech before the Cincinnati (Ohio) Advertising Club stated that "follow-the-leader tactics by the oUUIne networks are threatening to deprive the American public of the best possible program service by limit, ing their viewing choice. "It is common knowledge that since 'M when ABC began to develop Into a challenging net* work they have been watched by NBC and CBS to such an ex tent that the western program mlng was copied over and over SCRmi-STOtM WINDOWS ux w rut w/eottTMnoa- OERSMAN i 00. 2043 E. Broadway HO 3-«711 Repaired 101'S ONI-STOF SHOP 386 Edw. Rd.. Wood River Dtal CL 4-1911 or CL MS71 j^UYUm UW) HORSItACK l}g\ RtP'rlfr Holiday Hffis Ranch. Inc. O Saddle BROOK LANB Horses for, bought and . MM. g • Vlilt oar* complete H Saddte * Shop- S • Visitors 1 weleoaM. 3 OPEN DAtLYSX RANCH Dial HO s-esse tTON 20 North Wood River Ave. Wood River again. Detevttr* was also dupHciten, We have nothing aUtost west eras «r dete«liv«s. We enjoy "Cheyenne", ttonwiohe", "Dep. oty", "Wagon Train", "The Detective*", "7t Sunset Slrtp", artd -Cheekmate" like the rest bu Mr. Treyf s statement (hat "the old-line networks started t abandon their established area of achievement tn live drama, variety and comedy shows to parallel us, may be a little broad in scope bat suecetsdoes breed imitations and sometimes —poor ones. "Each network". Treys suf Rested, "must strike out on Its own, confident of its inhenn itrength and creativity". Cotft- ter-proframmlng has been .* major factor In ABCi suectai but "inventive experimentation and counter-programming bean no copyright". Treys pointed out the success of counter-programming of an other network (NBC) against 17 Sunset strip" by placing •Sing Along With Mitch" opposite the detective series and now is Currently No. 1 in that time ipot. (Mitch has been renewed for another season). This emphasises the case for imaginative counter-program mlng as stimulus to Increased iewing interest Mr. Treys fur ther states that ABC-TV in '61 62 will have far fewer western than either of the other net (though the action-adventure j format is at present their great est strength). ABCc "Winston Churchill - The Valiant Years' and "Close-Up" have scored high with viewers. Mr. Treyz ended with " t h highest cause of television i served by each network devel opnig its own vitality, its own individuality, Its own unique ness and personality". We agree ALL AROUND THE TtJBE Frank Aletter's wife Lee Ann Meriwether and their nine- month-old daughter making de buthe on the CBS series "Bring Up Buddy" tonight. 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Srd Thrifty Drug 828 Thrift Hardware 500 Helle Vick't Shots VoejiM 00 W. 8rtf Dry •eeds IM-IM W. 8«i AVOID RUSH and TENSION! nip> i» CPUI it Monday JBctn^ng f f INgetf Mix Moby rfVMIl v(Ml twMl , WwWi Wallet nOM W«fiMr». ftafltiM W«rtfw wltfi Afnwnd CBS News; Ewwerds, Hunfley, Brinkley News Heritage: Louis Arm- 8:00-8 4 5 9 6:10-1 6 «:15— ^ 5 9 ^AM*M4M SITU! IK 8:30-3 Cheyenne Show: Sugar* root to Appointed attorney HIT two young bwthew accused of rnurdef and encounters trouble wltt opposing counsel, pretty lawyer who happens to be murder victim's daughter in "trouble 'at "Sand Springs." Suzanne StorfSi 4 To Ten fte Truth 5 America*: Ben drawi dangerous assignment of tnfif- •trating New York City enlistment racket in "Bounty •Tampers." Ray Wataton, Anne Helm. 11 Bold Journey: The Pagans. <h45-4 Sociology Course. 7:00-4 Pete and Gladys: Couple agree to take care of friend's 7- year-old tor a couple of days and discover the "Junior" turns out to be a chimpanzee. 11 Men Into Space 7:80-3 SurtStde Six: Cha Ott O'Brien's nephew tolls In tove with showgirl and winds up being accused of slaying her in "Circumstantial Evidence." 4 Bringing Up Buddy: Aunts discover a nurse in doctor's office that would be just right for Buddy. Lee Ann Meriwether. 5 Wells Fargo: Hardie's Until Hf DMmMQF MWrwSu fHot story pt0B off In rapture of ate* BnWM *ol Ayrien fit- tnofn ftittjr. 9 tfon and 11 Behind Closed Doors 8:00-4 rJamvthwrtas: Danny arouses the schoors ire when ne benches Rusty before imporr- ant basketball game. S Acapolcot Pitt learns that a girl and her invalid brother are guilty of murder and theft in "Blood Money." 9 Metroptex Assembly: "Place to Uve," 8:30—3 Adventure in Paradise: Troy and a passenger, pretty Island saloonkeeper, are marooned on an island in "Serpent in the .Garden." Marilyn Maxwell. 4 Andy Griffith: Elite tarns farm girl into glamour girl. 5 Concentrattortt (Color) Hugh Downs boat as daytime quiz start! nighttime series. 9 Bookmark: Library and the Community. 11 Mr. District Attorney 9:00-4 Hennessey: Chick aids seaman charged with burglary in "The Nogoodnlk." 5 Stanwyck Theatre: Miss Stanwyck stars as restaurateur who la forced to decide which of two men with whom she 18 trapped is escaped psychopathic killer in "The Choice." Robert Horten, James Best. 9 Meet The Professor. 11 Movie: John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara: "Quiet Man" (1SB1) AfRfMoijt fipHer — k^ ^^^ ^Mte ftfe Wl^^^^l man in nnj goev TO minn peace and •eft Hep* mam Mr l^a^ ^^T flot IH MONDAY, APRIL 17, ittl her* by Mudftf Att. flu Wt'rt Optn Til! Hint I iTIfttO mivitiON NO MONIY DOWH - IAI«T TWltt 4 June ADytoB: Jtmtft Gregory atari in "I Hit and raft," drama of hfttttftam accident. (repeat) 5 This Is Your Life: Dr. Bob Pierce guest. 9 Metraplex Viewing Rwt. News: Spencer Altai News: Bob Hflle News: Walter RAM Weather: Fontaine Weather. St. James Eye on St. Louis Jack Paar (Color) Hugh host in place ol Paar 10:00-4 5 9 10:10-4 5 10:15-4 5 Downs tonight. 9 UN Review 10:30-4 Movie: Boris Karloff, Barton MacLane: "Walking Dead" (1936) Electrocuted man is brought back to life to meet out vengeance. 10:55-11 News Roundup 11:00-11 Dial 999. 11:30—2 News: Comedy Time 12:00-2 Movie: Bill Williams: "Legion of the Doomed" (1958) Drama of American in French Foreign Legion. 4 Movie: Marlene Dietrich, pary Grant: "Blonde Venus" (1932) Glamorous Berlin night club singer gives up career for marriage. 12:00-3 News: You Asked 12:35-5 Weather Report 1:10—4 News: Prayer. MOTOROLA WITH NEW PO WBRFPL HAND. WtRBD CttAWM 4TH&NASASTS. ALTON Tuesday Daytime, April IS 5:45-4 Prayers: News 6:00—4 Town and Country 5 Continental Classroom: (Color) 6:30-4 P.S. 4 7:00—4 Morning St. Louis 5 Dave Garroway Today 7:30—2 Science and Human Responsibility 8:00—2 Camera Two News: »Grimsby Wfilie Wonderful Capt. Kangaroo Romper Room I Love Lucy Say When In School Programming Jack LaLanne Show Video Village Play Your Hunch: (Col- 4 8:15-2 4 8:30—2 9:00—4 5 9 9:30—2 4 5 or) 10:00—2 4 5 10:30—2 4 5 10:35-2 Topper Double Exposure Price Is Right (Color) News: Hayward Surprise Package Concentration Coffee Break 11:00—2 Morning Court 4 Love of Life 5 Truth of Consequences 11:30—2 Love That Bob 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Could Be You (Color 11:45-4 Guiding Light 11:55-5 NBC News: Scherer Noon—2 Camouflage 4 5 News: Weather 9 TV College 11 The Story 12:05—4 Burns and Allen 5 Charlotte Peters. 12:30-2 Number Please 4 As the World Turns 11 Modern Almanac 1:00—2 About Faces 4 Face The Facts 5 Jan Murray: (Color) II Movie: "Quiet Man," See Ch. 11 9 p.m. Monday listing. 1:15-9 News: Walter Ross 1:25-2 ABC News: Al Manns 1:30—2 Comedy Playhouse. 4 House Party 5 Loretta Young 2:00—2 Day In Court. 4 Millionaire 5 Young Dr. Malone 2:30—2 Seven Keys 4 Verdict is Yours 5 From These Roots 3:00—2 Queen for a Day 4' Brighter Day 5 Make Room for Daddy 11 Dka Chase. 3:15-4 Secret Storm 3:30—2 Who Do You Trust 4 Edge of Night 5 Here's Hollywood 11 Scope 3:45—11 Cartoons 4:00—2 American Bandstand 4 SS Popeye 5 Susie 11 Capt. 11 Showboat 4:30-4 Movie: Margaret Sulli van, James Stewart) Walter Pic geon: "Shopworn Angel" (1937 Chance meeting between soldier and showgirl turns into to probable romance. 5 Wrangler dub (First 15 rain, color) The Telegraph 9 s Daily Radio Chart MONDAY N—Newt w—Weather S—Sportf KSO (NBO) 5BO KC WEW (MBS) 170 KC KMOX (CBS) 1120 EU KWK 1UO HU WOKZ 1510 KO P. 5 ••isvim. 6 .•»•«• 7 •••• 8 .ee .is .at .a .is .M .4$ .19 M .49 .IS M .U .S* .4* 10 ••••• 11 .15 .IS .30 .44 N: S: Lew Busineae; Welk Hllle N l.ombardo: N Music World N; W; Mutte Music World Music N: W N: W: Davit B. Anthony S; N N: S N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N: S P. Faith World N E. Morgan Sign Off N In Person B. Burnes S: N N: Rlcnard K. Richard S: Richard K. Richard N: Music S. Digest j. Palm Palen; N Sign Off N; Music N. Music The World Sc. Editor St. of Law Progress N; Richard K. Rlcha»d N; Wilde D. Wilde N: Music MUBlC N: Music B. Music N; Wilde D. Wilde Metronome N; Music B. Music Fan In Stands Dugout Inter. N; Wilde D. Wilde N Memories Cards-Dodger* (At L.A.) N; Memories Memories Memories; N N; Wilde D Wilde S; Wilde D. Wilde N; Wilde D. Wilde N; Watcn N. Watch TUESDAY A. M. 1 .ee 8 91 101 11! 121 3 fl .«t .14 r H. Gunther Roedel N Music World M M N; Wllllanu o. Wlillamt Clockwatcher N; Club Coffee Qub N: Club Coffee Club N; Ounthw H. Ounther »» •« Roedel N U. Viewpoint Music World N: W. Music Music; N; W Nl W Rex Davli world N Clockwatcher N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N; Day B f? b Day N: gay S: Day N; Day Bob Uay World N H. Gunthar N: Gunther H. uunther Music World N; W; Music Music World Music; N Rex Davis Clockwatcher N; Club CoffM Club N; Club Coffee Club V,.y N; Burke) J. Burk. Music World " W; Mmlc ; Ni W ilusic Ni W Clockwatcher Flair: Scott D«vU Q. Davis) Ni Davli G. Davt* N: Music Takd firaak i»ll A Oul» R. Benson N; Newsomf G. Newsome Music World II U N; W: Music Music; N; W N; Qodfrev A. N; Davli G. Davit N; Davis G. Davit N; Benion II U G. Newsome Music World U II N; W; Music Music; N; W N; Party House Parly N P'nout« Pty. World Music N; W; Music Mutlc; N: W Your Servloa Rex D.vls N; Davit O. Dgvto N; Davft O. DavU i D«vlt . DavU ; DaVH . Davit v*. U. ualaas N; Party Mu}lo World Your Service N; W; Music Uutlc; N: W J. N: surke /_ uurke Miifle Wor.4 N ; Mcoarmkl, N; W. Mutlc Mu»lc; N; W Joaat Jonas JOOM . Jons* 8: Mutle N, Nr^-soou •' •• Mu*Jc World N; W; Your Service Music world Mullc;^8 M M ToftHiYouni •fAIIAfu" W««W» 0«p«rture». rully lftclu«l»«.$ 30-.80 P»y$ lncl.ilr. 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