Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 6, 1915 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1915
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. MARCH 6,1915. Thp DUBW Sitmg tbjpQg^ are pret- 5 I irtment Is gciing to be the biggest thing of the kind in Southeast Kansas this, season. Come and seethe ne^^r Greations. Allen County's Greatest Department Store. ~OMi^ Mo. ,for- a. vialt. of several days "wltnier' tnotlrer. • Miss Marion Hepworth, domestic scl ence teacber at the high school, is iil and it is feared that pneumonia may —Dr. 0. L.;Cox, Syenalfst, Eye, Ear, Mrs. Sam Dile, of Bartlesvllle, Okla., will visit her mother, Mrs. Ida Smith, for a^ .1 H. Sawtelle was in Emporia today looking after business affairs. _Dra. Hall ft Hall, astcopathie i;iVBicliMi»> HhoBPS l:Hi and Ml. fjedrge Post has srone to Ifuinlioliit to spend next week, visitins hia bio- tlier. lA'^ Mrs A. Fegg and her son, Kyle Pegs, went to:Chaniite this afternoon to visit Russell Pegg for a few days. . —The Owners' Exeh <Tnge can sel! or trade your property if it is worth the money. Rooms IT and IS, f)Ul Court House Bldg. Phone 673. Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Kerr, who have been visitins at the home of Mr. Kerr's ..parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kf-ri ^for,a few days, left this afternoon !"or t'Miir home in Bartlesville, Okla. wiM imiimiiiu FnE Mr and Mrs. .J F. Kanlve ;ind her two children will visit relatives in Chanute tomorrow. —Hot and "Drug Store. Cold Drinks at .Mumim MONiiilN NEWS UNO NOTES ktPTISTS H 0£ D .4.\> U\L .IfEET. I I \j4 HERI^ XEXT WKEK; EraproTepents on the t. .4. Jennings i Jl «9l4aDce— Aews Kotes and Per. jtunal .Mention. this week visiting Martin. night ; BRONSON, KAS., March (J.—The Ft. Scott Baptist Association will hold jtheir anniual Sunday School and jloung people 's convention here ne.xt ^eek,\yadnesday'and Thursday. Mr. Xfefford 's have moved liack to Bronson,:: Mrs. Camp 's sister has returned to tter home in Illittois. i Mr. A. Jenoiiigs had a new porch * Sullt ovt the porth side of his resi- • 4 ?nce. • ., i'Jim Dye was here I>an West^ and John 51 Homer, 'Banta eaitie in last f|om OlUahoma Gity, Okla. i^The ladies of , the Baptist church hold, their ikjinual bazaar at the hall Saturday. Dinner and supper will biS served.- < vJake ^^rakenis on the sick list • Mrs. O; V. Rogers and daughter went to Ft. Scott last night. 'vMrs. Louisa Love came home from ^ Scott'.this week, where she has 8|)eht tha 'winter. ;Mrs. Jpie Love's mother from I^- Hatpe vlJBlted .her this week. jThere kere qiiite a number of sleds a|id sleigl^ in toin today, people taking advahtage of j the. heavy snow. 'rMr. C.'F. Hammond has returned from Kansas Citjr. •I 'Rev. 0|lver is suffering from a car- btincle oa, bis hand. .fRufUB Watson is plastering the Bus- b^ huildfqs, ;:Owen ftetry and Lee Webster have p^t in a repair shijp in the Goodno building. Joe A'alentine is working for iKem. .jCrlt Caldwell came in from Morpn •V^edn^sday to piit in a dump at the N'i^lpi elevator, but had to suspend his wlbrlc becaus* of bad weather. ^James Miles came home today fr;rn Iflinole. • . SMrs. Wm. H}xon returned frpm La- Tfeipe Wednesday- evening, bringing hlr father, brother and wife home for a^Tisit, Sliutber "Watson's are in town visiting rilati 'yes before leaving for Colorado, ^Bronson Pilot: Mrs. Joe Love who his'been" quite .seriously ill nearly all t ^etliiie since last August, threw up affanjiy ^stlck" or tie pin last week, afld It fS' hoped that she will now have d!uch better advantage to regain her hfealth. Mrs. Love recalls that about aryear ago, while '.clerking in the Love ^vthera itore, sbie placed sevieral pins 14 her. motitfa while waiting on a cus- t4i&er, and while Joking among tbem- s^lvea Mrs. Love laughed heartily and tlieg.- remarked to others that she believed: she bitd swallowed a pin, then bed at tiie id ?a and forgot it. The 'had-a fancy ^t bead, but had lost I aet. and if atiavtt two inches long. A.\.\Or>CE.MEST. To Gas Consumers in lola: Wfi wish to notify the gas consumers of this city^hat Monda^.March S, 191.5, we.are compelled to relay a portion of our main line south of the lola Portland Cement Plant. This change will occur between the hours of 9 a. m. and 3 p. m. and may cause a slight decrease in the pressure on the city mains. We w-ill appreciate your cooperation and good will on tins occasion ant! will endeavor to merit same by a continuation of past good .^ervi<'.'. Respectfully yours, PORTL.'K.N'D GAS & PIPE LINE CO. PERSONAL MENTION I 'he board of county commissioners ouined late yesterday afternoon to meet March 2i>th. —For Kodak Finishing go to .Mundis Drug .Store. Mr. and Mrs. .M. D. Shockey, of Garnett, have recently moved tp this c to make their home. They reside at 216 North Chestnut. Grant Shockey is a nejihew. > Miss Beulah Shockey who teaches at C'arlyle is at home to spend Sunday with her parents. , .T. D. Mittlebach, who attends the Mrs. W. A. McXeir left this aft^^f, Pnncipia .Military Academy in St. noon for her home in Talala, Okla.. Louis, is here for a short visit with tils after a short visit with her parents, parents. .\Ir. and .Mrs. W Bates, ia LaHarpe — — —The 191."> Indian .Motorcycle is be—Exchange youc Old Furniture and ing shown at the General Repair Co.s Stoves for New . at Ed Mennlnger's store on Jefferson and East "Jackson Streets, for the first time. Come in Stove Store. Miss Edna Ford will visit her |iar- ents in .\Ioran over Sunday. ' —Let".s take the .sleigii and go to lola and see Arrowsmith of the Allen County liu. Co., about that farm loan and fi .'i' insurance. . lis evening and take a look at this machine. Mrs. J. S. Smith, of Moran, was shop ins; here this morning. I.uella and Leslie Varner, of Coffeyville. came in this afternoon to spend i afternoon Sunday with their grandparents, Mr. and .Mrs;, .f? F. Varner! M». and Mrs. A. T. Welch, who canit> yesterday from their home in Ematon, Kas,, for a short visit with Mr .and -Mrs. B. F. Clark, returned home thi-: J.J J JJ-U- l.-.!..L.. iil(>'H SCHOOL FIVE 1»EFE.4TEI» IX- DEPE>DE>CE LAST JflfillT. Hon. OrriB Brown Starred for Onr Atbletex Milk Ulx T^au mtes PlaylB? Fast Rail. —Eat dinner and mui jter with ladles It has been impossible to hold meetings in the Christian church this week ; on account of a defective gas main in of TrinHy churrb at 0. A. B. hall Sat- ' front of the building, but the main was iirdaj. Everybody inrited. '—Good l-ump Coal for your cook stove at lowest prices at lolu Junk Co. Ah'.) S. Jefferson. Phone 317. The Marr Motor Bus Company yesterday rf»t-eiyed a fine new car to be placed in service at once between lola and Humboldt. The car is a Ford "limousette," and has a passenger capacity of si.\. Its first trip was made yesterday afternoon. —Rugs, Riigs. Ru^s. Over 100 new floor Rugs at l-d HinhinsT's Furniture Store. Mrs. Elizabeth Stir.ipsnn. 30') South Indiana street, claims the early poultry record with an incubator hatch of 110 chicks. ed. -Drug addicts successfully Dr. Sutcllffe. ! treat- LeGrande Cbx spent today in Yates Center for the purpose of inspecting the Yates Center company K. X. G. —J. W. Rickman, Phone .S8. Paper Hanger. SlMSejkirSale''Ad toflifr lir Renter J will be an ifaiportaut ad to 4.pi^ple who are getting read.v ito bov. And there's always s a^ocklly nuinber of these. ^ Tbey weigh and .liaiaiue land consider the ads. •» i* They an«wTer Uie "likely , ones. i They finally buy advertis jed homes. 3 Onp of these will buy your I prp^rty if it's desirable, and ^piploed rightT^aiid well ad ;[V»rti«ed! '! ' One oent a word. "V Miss Madeline Bennett, who has been very ill with pneumonia, is convalescing nicely. —Lowney's and Johnson's Candies at -Mundis Drugstore. The divorce kuit of F. R. Xesblt vs. Edna Nesbit will be called for trial in the district court late this afternoon. —For Trade: A 160 acre Scott County improved farm for lola city property. See Arrowsmith. The Allen County Inv. Co., Tola. Kans. Born, yesterday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Layman, a daughtei;. —Gasoline atlthe Palace Garag^ now for 11 cents, i " Clarence Baker, of Blue Mounjd, spent the day in lola transacting, business and visiting with friends. —Special Saturday at the Palace of Sweets: Butter Scotch Wafers, 15c lb. LeGrande Cox went to Yates Center this afternoon to attend an inspection of the militia company there —Get your best Lump Coal at summer prices, from lola Junk Go., first door north of M. K. & T. idepot; 409 North Jefferson. Phone 317.. Bryan Blizzard, twenty Imonths old son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Blizzard, has been very ill with croup. —Make the Mundis Dru^ Store your meeting place for either business or pleasure. When" the snow ceased failing yesterday morning, pert Fetberlin, who lives on North Jefferson avenue, got out to cle^r off his walk. He became so deeply interested in his work that before he realized what he had arcom- Dllshed hip had cleared several walks In addition to his own. E. R. Riggs, operator at the Katy -station, who was taken to the hospital February 13th, suffering with appendicitis, was able to be out for the first time today. repaired today so that se^rvices can be Held according to schedule tomorrow, and in the event of further trouble with the gas. other fuel has been sup i plied for immediate use so that no one need stay away from church on account of the weather. ' "What i.'i this new high school buildin .i; going to cost me?" , g That is the question that a good many people are asking tlieni.'-elves and each other. That is the question that the Board has considered very carefully and they have figured out that the thing can be done by increasing the ta.\es just fifteen cents on the thou.sand dollars of valuation. If you are paying ta.xes on a valuation of i'lM the new high .school will cost you just eight cents a year more than you are now paying. If .vou are paying on $1 ,000 it will cost you just fifteen cents a year. If you are worth $.'),000 it will increase your taxes seventy-five cents a year. "That won't hurt very much,"' you say. \ I No. And when you take out your trusty fountain pen and figure the thing out you find that it is not going to cost'anyone very much. There isn't a public spirited man on the town site that would not gladly contribute |.=>.00 to bring to towo some fine new indu.stry that would put up an fSO.OOO building. I Because he knows it would help the town and would increase the value of property here. But what industry would be worth more to the town than a splendid new high school? One of the first things to be considered by a prospective home buyer is the kind of schools the town has. That may in many cases be the factor that will make people decide between lola and Chanute. .\s the matter now stands Chanute would certainly win. For Chanute has two fine iii>-to-date high schools, built last,year. Let us not talk so much about what a fine town lola used to ;be and how hard the times are NOW. That is not going to help. lola is a better town to live in than it was ten years ago. And we can make it :t good deal better than it is now. Push for lola! The lola high school basket ball machine did not appear to suffer seriously from the absence of Russell Brown and DeBernafdi. two stars who wer^ out of the game because of illness, because it ran away from the Independence highs in their mi.\-up at the .-Auditorium last night. -A. good fast bill was i>ut on, but it very much resem- bli>d all the other previous games in which the Orange and Blue has entered—the locals holding the upper hand throughput. Independence scorr ed thirteen in each half, while lola counted 28 in the first and 26 in the final act, the- result being M to 26. With DeBernardi laid up for repairs. Orrin Brown played forward, and he was the scintillating star of the game- He fell right in with Rltchey in .start- ins; team plays thatlcounted and monopolized the scoring Business by shooting a flock of six goals in each period, some of which were difficult shots. Ritchey appeared to be In a sluniji. in throwing, but his speedy footwork was eminent. Harry Cook took R. Brown 's place at center and plriycd a good game, outjumping his oi;ponent, Clair Dennis, a former lola lad. who was no slouch at his position Cook usually got the tip-off, and oLly his lack of experience in generalship of pjays was noticeable. The old .stand -bys, Sheue and .Nelson, put their usual crimp in the enemy's team work, i Nelson doing some brilliant guarding' wiiile "Cap" got on the scoring wagon and shot a covey of six goals. Bobby Fiff relipved Nelson In the last period. For the visitors a tall forward by the uncommon name of Smith played the star game. He was everywhere on the floor and garnered a total of five baskets; besides S free throws. The .Montgomery county team invaded lola with a splendid record of victories, but as has been the case with visiting teams all season they lucked tUe speed and class of the I0I .7 five. Referee Hite had hardly blown iHs whistle before Ritchey and Rrown had each tossed a goal, and it was soon^ evident that only a hot-box or broken cog would stop the lola machine. The' crowd, while large, was not up to the usual count last night. A home talent preliminary was luit on by the Immedars and th^ None Such, the latter boys winning the game 25 to 21, The Immedars lost the first half but came back strong and almost nosed out on their opponents. Prof. Hite of Humboldt, who has won universal praise for his ability as referee in the past few. games, was on hand and officiated in his pleasing manner. Mr. Hite is one of the best officials lola hds ever .seen, his rul^ ings usually meeting popular approval. - 1 This winds up the basket ball season at home so' far as the lola high school five is concerned. The boys owe a couple of return games and yet have to face the state and K. U. tournaments, but last night was the last chance to see the great machine In action on the local court. The score of the game follows: When You ThmK of you natnrall.v think of a ti(^w foisot fiisi- inakf voin* .«eliH-tioii lieic. \iu\ von can iM ^st .M: s T TM :.MF .MMi:R -W. P.." <i ()o .l rois «'lin}i i** iiiuiK'i- of clKiosiiig Vonr model wisely. ;ind .«<eein<r to it tli;ii lh«' in-jind" is "W. H." for, no niatlei- wliat vom- tif^nie iii;iv I k-, von r;ni ipi |iiov(> it with a "W. 1',.' . if yoiii' liijiirc is slftHJtM- or :ivfi;i!i(> sizt'. ask for a W. I». NIFnii .M <'6KSi :T (Sjil.dO iiii); if yon afc well-developed :ind wish to ap|)ear with slender outlines. W. H. I:L.\STIK1: KKiH'SO ruH^JKT (*:'. hips :ind alidonien 1 to ."i inclii-s. then yon need a 1(10 n|ii to reduce Witli the proper model, \\. \',. .Vnl'oiin or \V. IJ. Kliistine- Rednso. you will walk. s I uih I oi- sit ^ji-iccfiilly and ea.sily, :iiid preiient a tii<idish ap[ie;iriuiic. ihhi'x-Snh- Aijrnt. 1 ".4 IOL\— ."4. G. FT. F. Ritchey, f 4 <i •> 0. Hr.^'.vn, r. _-.I2 0 ."> Cook, c '•J Sheu'!, g 6 1) .Nelson, g — ._0 0 4 Fife, g 0 0 2 34 6 IT INDEPENDE.NCE—26. G. FT. F. Smith, f. .1 «• Schoenfelt, f. i> 0 1 Dennis, c. • 2 0 Callahan, g. mil 0 2 Raines, g. 0 4 Overholtz. 'A. 1 0 a 9 s 1."; ASLEEP ON BIKE TWO HOURS Meaaenger Wake Boy'a Mother Him When He. Home. Had Got to If yoa rant pash, poll! If yoa caat do ellher, don't get In the way IhoNr tlial raa and wilL of I'erre Haute, Ind.—When a call came into the Western Union office recently to send a messenger.boy to the Iteming hotel, Robert Leonard, who was asleep, was awa,kened and sent on his bicycle. The Detnitig hotel is two blocks from the Western Cnion office. When the boy failed to appear about a half hour later anoth er boy was sent out. Robert app ^red two hours later at bis house with bis bicycle. He rapped on the door- and his mother let uim In to find him souud asleep. He had beeis rldi&g about the city two hours whev aaleep. DIRT CHEAP! Oklahoma L-ind—from 10 to 040 acres. $•"> per acre and up; half cash; balance terms to suit jnirchaser; on unpaid bal; ancer 10 acres at IllI .-'iO, cash, bal. to suit iiurchaser. L'i» acres at $50; $40o casli; bal. to suit purchaser. 40 acres at 16.00; |100 cash; bal. to suit purchaser. 80 acres at I6 .OO; ?20ii cash; bal. to suit purchaser. 120 acres at $10; 1400; bal. to suit purchaser. 160 acres at $r).00; |4uO cash; bal to suit purchaser. 2.'.0 acres at .$'..00; $fi2 .'i cash; bal. -"i years 6'/. 320 acres at $2.".; $4000 cash; bal. years i','}',.. The Potter Realty Co. Room .'(—Old Conrt Hons BIdg. Phone .m .ire You BhroiiiMtie?—Try Sloan 's. —If you want quick and real relief from rheumatism, do what so many thousand other people are doing— Whenever an attack come on, bathe the sore muscle or joint with Sloan's Liniment: .No need to rub It in—just apply tt^ Liniment, to the surface. It is wcnderfully penetrating. It goes right to the seat of troubie and draws the pain almost immediately. Get a botti'j of Sloan's Liniment for 25c of any druggist and have It fti the house —against Colds, Sore and Swollen .Tbints, Lumbago, Sciatica and like ailments. Your money back if not sJitisfiP 'J. but it :1oe8 give almost instant relief Miss Faye Robertson has gone to Clianute for a visit over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, A. C. Hild<?brant will visit friends in .Neosho Falls until Mondaiy. FOR SALE—PURE S^ C. BROW.V lieghorn Eggs for batching; good laying strains; SO cents per Jaetting or $3 per jiundred. .Mrs. X. I.owe, 1 mile north and 1 mile east LaHarpe. Canon City Coad To Close up Stock, While it Lasts— Delivered at ^M. Per Ton. lola Ice, Cold Storage & Fuel Company PhOBelie Fnak HM4le, Xgr. New York Deatfs^A of I»la March Offerin?. —During Mai:ch we are going to make a reductioii on plate work, so that yon will be able to get a gtraran- teed plate for half the price others are asking you. Call early and be convinced we are doing just what we say. Later we [may make yon a redaction on Crown and Bridge work. Phono No. 1131! In response to an inquiry as to why the big clock in the court house is not marking time as usual J. V. Merchant watch inspector, says that the heavy snow has drifted back of the clock's face and frozen. By the time the weather clears ap so that the public will again take an interest in such matters a.s the time of day the clock's irregularities will be adjusted. —W. T. Azbell, ex-postma.^ter of Rdwardsport. nd , writes: "1 suffered from severe trouble with my kidneys and back. First bottle of Foley Kidney puts gave me relief." Thousands Hes^ tify' that backache, rheumatism, sore musrles, aching jointii and bladder weakness vanished whfen Foley Kldnt-y VPills were taken. Uurrell'a Drug Store. MILLER OA ea P^ONE 112s. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Majesticj Line Oils and Greases, Kerosenic and Gasoline, lola, Sanaas. BRANCHES: Chanute. Kas. Clinton. OMa. HumboitftL Ka«. Cutter. Okla. vyichiu. KM. SL\(iL£ COMB WHITE LEG. UQKN £668. At the Tril -State Show at Par-sons, Kas., in a divided exhibit. I won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th hen; 2nd, cock; 1st. 3rd and 4th pullet; and Isjt pen. At Independence same week I won 1st cockerel; 1st pullet and best cocke el in .Mediterranean class. Eggs from penned birds acor- Ing from 9?, to 95 points, WtM per setting. - i Range Stiock $4.00 per 100. Baby chl|;ka $10 to flS a 100. MB.S. .4. J. SMITH Colony . - • - • KsRM» >«it reel .—When you Ing "Jaat BJglit.'' get. tiredi early in the day, have an (Ivertull feeling, aria bilious, have bad breath or suffer from, indigestion or ^constipation you wJlb- find Fol^y Cathartic Tableu quick, and comfortable InjaCtlon. They are'whole' some anti health giving.: Mr. *L. L. I^vy. Green. Bay, Wis,, says: "They do not gripe iind; their effect is quick, and sure. Th^ finest cathartic I ever \ised." Burrel^a" Drug Store.

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