Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 20, 1950 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1950
Page 19
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 20,1930 ALTON EVEN1NO TELEGRAPH Two TUte Played In Y Cage Loop The league leading Rlnkydinki- hid to |o alt out. to defeat the Carver Hawks, 42-38, in one of two games played Thursday night Ifl the VMCA Student League. The 1 other games found the Klekapbos smothering Red & Gray, 48-14, . While Cafver flyers won a forfeit from the Ruptured Ducks. The Rlnkydlnks were extended 'to the limit by the stubborn Hawks «Hd didn't. Ice the game until the last seconds of play. Louie Bowman led the Dinks to victory as he dumped In six baskets and one free shot for 13 points. Right behind was Ray Wlndmiller with four buckets and the same number of charity tosses for 12 more markers. . Brown was the game's high scorer. He flipped In 10 field goals and two foul tosses for 22 points. The Rlnkydlnks led by a close margin all the way. They were •head at the end of the first quarter, 10-6, then at the half, 16-14. The gap was closed to one point at the finish of the third frame with the Rlnkydinks still leading 29-28. The Klckapoos had no trouble with Red & Gray. They led at the end of the first, quarter, 6-2, then at the half, 13-5. Finally, in the third frame the Kickapoos picked up iteam and rolled to a 33-6 margin at the end of three periods. High man for the winners was Fowler with 11 points. Seago had 10 more tallies for the same team B. Williams tossed In five free throws to lead the Jed & Gray quintet. Klckapooi Player Llfht •Dtetschy Chum bliss Lock F«r1ey S »wler uttry Seago Brown Williams Red ft Oriy (M) ft It p< Player 1 0 OWood 0 0 0 Bowers 3 1 aooebel 0 1 3McGulre 3 0 UEccIcs 5 1 OD.WUltattti 0 0 IB.William. 8 0 ZEnlow 1 3 4 Baker 400 It tt pf 001 0 n o 1 o i 004 1 1 2 201 053 000 000 Totals ...32 814 Totals ... 4 813 Score by Quarters: .1234 Klck-a-Pooi 6 13 33 4B Red & Gray 2 8 6 14 Officials: Palermo, Griebcl Rlnkydlnki (42) Carver Hawks <3») Player fg tt pi Player i* ft pt WIedman 0 0 1 Porter 224 Gorman 1 0 4 Hardy 205 Pelhani 12 1 Filming 000 Windmlller 4 4 ZBvown 10 2 3 Gibson 9 1 1 S.Davis 003 Bowman 6 1 JJOddy 0 1 p Thobbs 211 D.Davis 000 Totals ...17 811 Totals ...16 616 Score by Quarters: 1234 Rlnkydinks , 10 16 23 42 Carver Hawks 6 14 28 38 Official*: Palermo. Grlebel. Calhoun Couple To Wed in Spring HARDIN, Jan. 20.—(Special.)— Mr. and Mrs. Moody McKenney, Golden Eagle, have announced the engagement, of their daughter, Irene, to Charles Church, son of Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Church, Har- dln. Miss McKlnney is a graduate of Brussels High School and is now employed at Owens-Illinois Glass Go. Church is a foreman at Laclede Steel Mills, Alton, He is a veteran of World War II. The wedding date has not been set, but it will be some time this spring. Kenneth Parker, jr., to Arrive " HARDIN. — Kenneth O. Parker, jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Parker, Greenfield, and formerly of Hardin, will arrive in the United States from a Mediterranean cruise, Feb. 7. Kenneth is a member o£ the crew of the destroyer USS Waldron, which is with tho Sixth Task fleet. Hardin Notes HARDIN. — Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jones, Mozier, are in Louisville this week, where they will attend, funeral services for their son, Cpl. Robert, Lee Jones, Cpl. Jones was a member of aAombing crew and was killed in action over Yugoslavia. He will be buried in a military cemetery at Louisville. The longest, term , of Circuit Court for years has been in session this week. One jury case was disposed of Tuesday and another got under way Thursday morning. Judge Maurice Barnes, Havana, is the presiding judge. Floyd Follis and Wayne Snider of the Snider Electrical Co,, are In St. Louis this week attending a short course in electrical training. Telegraph Want Ads "CUCK" RCA VICTOR'S Urn 10-inch ScrMit Prictd «t only $199.95 USD-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL 9 . Friday, Jan. 20 P.M. tilt Judy Splinters. iNBC) 4:30 Howdy Doody. INBC) 5:00 Cactus Jim. <NBCl 5:30 "Mr. MMlc" 8:45 1. N. 8. Tclapcwi. •lOO Kukla, Fran and Ollla. Puppet •how. iNBCi 3:30 Showroom: Roberta Quintan Starred. <NBC> •:«• News Caravan. <NBCi 7:00 Mama. (CBS) TSO We UM People. (NBC) 8:00 Versatile Varieties. (NBC) 8:30 Bi| Story. (NBC) 0)M Boxlni at Ullne Arena, Wean- Inflon.' (NBC) 0:41 Greatest. of the Century; Cans vi. Nelson. (NBC) 10:00 "This Week In Sporta" > IfcU Partdtae Island, Film. 101)0 I* !Q:M Ntwi. VMTTOII LINE BILL'S radio shop P«r«u«Hi WOOD ftlVKK. IMJNOM Dial 44I41 Tonight'* Radio Program lot CMMM» wU r "«r VriV v\™r iS: WIL. ItM, KWK t*M: WOHt (Mil *•.» M«| 1&1» »:00 S:l» 1:45 9:00 •:U 8:30 6:45 7:00 JMk* P M KSU New* JumpW JMl KXOK cnaiMim at tM ffMkM KFUO-NIWI. (tMUK-NMH WIL—j»ci» Bennett KWK-BIng CtOiby. f M KSU ItIM HIM KFUO-Amet. Mtd. AM'n KMux wotia Nmn f M KM* -(••»» KXOK—Sky Klin. KFUO—Bible Study. KMUft-.Curt MMMT KWK-tom MU P M KBD-MiMM KMOX-Ntws WIL—Sports tiirtM 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8: IS 8:43 9:00 0:15 II 3D 8:45 10 00 10:18 10:30 (0:49 11:00 11:15 11:90 13:00 6.-OC •:U •:SU • >:4A 7:Ui TtU 7:30 1:46 8:00 •:» 1:30 ... 8:45 •;00 • »ho*Um». KFUU irMi— Concert KMOX-Btulah Show WIU-Niws KWK-NtW* I- M KSI>~N«wi at UM KXOK -Ncwi KMOX-J.CK Bmitllt Wlb— Bob Crosby KWK-OII NCWMMIM rittt P M KSD— Stnatra-KlrstM «U(OK-Lot« MMMM KMOX--CIUb IS WIL— Mystery House. P M KSD Son» Shop. KMOX -News WIL- -Sparklera KWK — Music for Tomorrow P. M. KSD— Halls of Joy Ronald Colman. KXOK-rne rat MM KFUO iFMi-News KMOX Goldbergs WIL— Hobby Lobby. KWK— B-Bar-B Ranch P M KFUOiFMi-Sporta KWK-Waltei Cronklt* P M. KSD- We the PeopM KX«»H~TM» l» YOUI rBl KFUO iFMi -Family Worship. KMOX -Favorite Humana WIL— News. Jack Bennett. KWK-The Saint; News. H M WEW Kventia* Kcnaos KFUO cFM i -Excursion. In Bel P. M. KSD— Director's ^Playhouse KXOK -Orzle & Harriet KFUO iFMi Concert H«Ii KMOX— Leave It to loan ' KWK— Gabriel HeMMi P. M. KWK— News. Sports. P M KSD Jimmy Uurante K.XOK-TIM BhertM KFUO iFMi— Newh KMOX— Show Goes On. KWK -Meet the Press P M KFUO >FM> M'lody Pat m P. M. KSD— Life of Hlley KXOK Boxing KFUO IFMi -Bles^ni KMOX— Stun Daugherty. WIL— Rhythm KWK— Frank Edwards. P. M. WIL— Stars of Soniland. KWK— 1 Love a Mystery f M KSL> Bui Stern KXOK -Sona and Dance KFUO >FMi New> KMOX— Capitol Cloakroom. WIL— News. Music. KWK— Dr Klldars P M KSD— Pro and Con KKiiu ;.-MI open. Bible WIL— Sports. H .'.i -News KXOK-France Laiix i KTUO iFMi -Master's Muale. KMOX - Wiirld N«wa WIL-'Wrestlinc. KWK— Sports. News. f M KSD— H V Ka'tenborn KX>.<K— Newt KMOX— Bob Glson KWK— Orchestra P M. KSD— Guy Lombardo KXOK— Beautiful Music. (vKLiu >'*li Newi. KMOX — Crime. . Instrumental. KWK— Shopper's Guide. P M KFUO 'FMl -Abide with Me WIL— Guest Star H vi tvSU mews Sporta. KXOK— News KPUO IFMi Concert. KMOX New. Muste WIL— Dawn Patrol KWK— Dick Balsano. P. M. KSD— Helen Forrest. KXOK U N Today Orchestra Newa K & : iViUMrai HOIII KWK— B. Hackett Orchestra. P 01 KSD New. MuUC WIL— News Dawn Patrol KWK— Orchestra, P M KSD— Newt. KMOX— All Night frolM*. SAT'IRDA* A M. KSD— Newa KXOK— Town tt Country Markets Weathet WEW— News Mus:^«i Clock. KFUO— Call KMOX -Farm Ulk> Markets. WIL— Breakfast Club. KWK— Charlie Ackerson. H fid KBU Hymni KMOX Sunrite Sniute Weather A M KSD Melodies KXOK— Corn Stories. Wtv. Newh MUMI'H' Clock KFUO— Farm and Home Journal A wi KSU News Weather ,KXOK-Barnyard Reporter WEW — Grandpappy Jones KFUO— Newa. A M KSU . This Farm Builnesa KXOK— Newa T ft C, KFUO— Meditation. KMOX- World Newa. WIL— Breakfast Club. KWK— Bins Crostt.v A. M KSD— Time and Tempos KF»o H^nim «ni tie Home. KMOX— Llndley Hlnes. KWK -News WOKZ— Time and Temp. A M KXOK- -News WKU News ivieiridw KFUO— Through the Bible KMOX- Weather. Road Info. Ozark Varieties. KWK Ea Wilson WOKZ— Melodies. A M KSU -News. KKOK— Harmony Time WEW— Bacrefl Heart Program. KFf'O— Chapel Window A. M KID— Time ana Tempos KXOK-Newi WEW-New> KF"<V-Nrw» Salute lo Morning. KMOX— World News. WiL-Haiebruih uw KWK~0ew» Kd Wilson WOKZ— News. Melodies. A M KXOK Children* •tort Time WKW f\< v.uii service KMOX— Clock Watcher. A vi KSU Newt. KXOK— Conversation with CMC* WKW— Grandpappv Jonea. KFUO— News WOKiV-Mt Gideon Map enures) A. M. KSD— Quest Star. Kc'im Cnncnlr Varlntiag. KMOX— Garden Gate. A M KSU rreo waruu KXOK-Al Home with HuaM WEW— Newa. KH'U YOUI Pet Program KMOX-Houaewlves Prot U«gue WIL— Sunshine Serenw.era KWK -Bandstand Kevue AVON THEATKr MEDOKA, 114.. TONIGHT * RATUBOAV JtJOV OAKLAND "IN TUB GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME" Ces*ie> KMUX Jot OtMtMhi <flb Ntwi VWMtm *.•« A M WBtt MsWIiMg ttrnu Them** of the A gee. WOKB-Rhythm Doodlert. A M KtD—UMIM KXOK—N»»» Hout WBWi-News Children) Hout. KFUU—Mu*«r of the Master*. KMOft -Newi L*«- Pretene) WIL—Happy Valley Bevs WOKZr Plattti Patad* 10:1» A M KSD—NB( Stamp Cluk KMOX-Lets Pretend i0.30 A M KSD SmOtn f.d MrConnell •KXOK-Roger Pann KFUO-Fashlons end rabriet .-.M''X .lunioi Miss . WIL—News Fou< Knights ' WOKZ—Tun* runt 10:49 A M WEW-Bteln ft UrMWt KFUO—Bible Qulf Soelllng B«« WlL_Perr> cmno U«l A M KSD Newi, West net. KXOK—101 Bench Boys. WEW - Shopper t Bulletin KMOX Arinsirone Theater Today KWH-Kecall tt and wm New* WOKZ—News. F. Carle. 11:1* A M KSD—Public Attain. KF 'D--Newk WOKZ- Four Knlghta 11:30 A M KSD- A rent* Andrew*. KXOK—American Farmer. WEW-Just for Women. KFUO—Children'* Album. KIMOX (,rm,c ,>nlr» Station. WIL—News M I B WOKZ-Church of ooa ll:4» A M WEW Markets KFUO--Nutrition Council U:uu Nuon KSD Farm 4V Horn*. KXOK-News K* UO Minute Mctrrwnrk*. KMCX- Nrw« KWK—Man on the Farm. WOKZ—News Kapert 12:15 P. M. KXPK—Howdy, Neighbor. WEW c)r»nrtnnDD> inner KFUO—Moments with God, KMox Sunn.vdmi mnctio* WOKZ—Saddle Rhythm. 13:30 H xi KSU New> / KMHX lilvr 'infl i awe KWK—Lawrence Welk. WOKZ—Your *-H Club 13:45 P. M. KSD—Hollywood Melodies KFUO—On the Farm Front WOKZ—Babe Ruth Stor\ 1:00 P M. KSD—To Be Announced. KXOK—Metropolitan Opere WEW—News. Tunesmlths. KF' o Mumi /Minrrrmlior Hour KMOX Count) Felr WIL--Melody Lane KWK—Millcr-Benecke Orch. WOKZ News Band«iana> 1:15 P M WEW-At Your Service 1:30 P. M. KSD»-To Be Announced. WEW—Record -Jamboree. KMOX—Stars Over Hollywood. WIL—News. Melody Lane. KWK—Duke Ellington. WOKZ Woody * Wnnd Box 2:00 P. M. KSD—NBC Symphony. KFUO—Views on the News. KMOX—More Out of Life. WIL—Ray Manning. . KWK—Guy Lombardo WOKZ—News. Playhouse. 2:15 P. M*KFUO—Music. KMOX—Handyman. 2:30 P M WEW—St L. U Serlei. KFUO N<-ws KMOX—CBS Farm News. KWK—Ed Wilson 2:45 P. M. WEW—Sacred Heart Prog. KFUO Playtime KMOX—Cross Section U.S.A. 3:00 P. M. KSD—living 1950. WEW—News. Masters Moments. KFUO—Faithful Word* KMOX—Health and Happiness. KWK—News. Ed Wilson WOKZ—Platter Varieties. 3:15 P. M. KFUO—Recital KMOX—Public Affairs. 3:30 P. M. KSD—To Be Announced. KFUO—Women of Today. KMOX—Nbro Morales Orch. WOKZ—Panel of Brotherhood. 3:45 P. M. KFUO—Workshop Players 4:00 P. M KSD—To Be Announced. KXOK—Tea and Crumpets. WEW—News. Novelairres. KFUO- Opera Germ KMOX—News, Orchestra. WIL—Strictly Dixie. K \, • v.-iv H c] Wilson WOKZ—Medical Program. 4:15 P. M. WEW—Grandpappy Jones. KWK—Horse Race. WOKZ News. Sports 4:30 P. M. KSD—Report on America. KFUO—Open Bible. KMOX—Stan Daugherty. WIL—News, Jack Bennett. KWK~N,:ws Ed WHMin WOKZ—Sunset Serenade. 4:45 P M KSD—Light and Lilting. KFUO—Sports, News KMOX—Choose Your Career. yriL—Connie Hanes. , KWK—News ATA Auxiliary Meets nt Piasa Health Units Are Complete At BethaltO) Cottage Hilh InandOutot Service With Men of Area Copt. Sehuller Complete Course BROOKE ARMY MEDICAL CENTER, FORT SAM HOUSTON, TEX.—Capt. Rees F. Schaller, son o£ Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schaller, 2915 Edwards,. Alton, recently completed' 17 weeks training in the Medical Department, officers' advanced course held at Medical Field service school, Brooke army medical center, Fort San Houston, Tex. The course acquaints officers with the latest developments in all phases of military medicine, gives them thorough executive training in properly administering and directing medical department units. Billle Logan in Japan ITAZUKE AB, F U K U O K A, KYUSHU, JAPAN—Sgt. Billic F Logan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve F. Logan, 1000 Willard, Alton, i ., ha> been assigned to Ita/uke Air Base, located on the southern-most Japanese home island of Kyushu, it was announced recently. Sgt. Logan will work as -asj sistant to the Protestant chaplain. BtHie graduated from Alton High school with the class of 1948. He enlisted in the United States Air Force in May, 1948 at St. Louis. .Upon completion of basic training at San Antonio, Tex., ho was assigned to Fort Warren, VVyo., as n student clerk typist. Upon completion of his schooling hi* was assigned to Ellington AFB, Okia., later transferring to Tinker Field, Okla., as a clerk typist in the adjutant section. He remained on duty at Tinker Field until he was alerted for movement to the Far East Air Forces. Arriving in Japan in December, 1949, he was assigned to the Fifth Air Force and subsequently reassigned to Itazuke Air Base, the home of the "combat ready" Eighth Fighter Wing. TONIGHT — SAT. Sylvia Sidney-Fred MacMurray "THE TRAIL OP THE LONESOME PINE" Technicolor. 1:85 Fr«d Attains—Ginjrer Hover* "THI IAHKLEYS Or BROADWAY" In Color. »:U SHOUTS • HOUSE OF HUH NOW! ENDS iATUBDAY! POII Defor* -MY FRIEND IRMA" l»HT,V ft Owynu* SHIPMAN, Jan. 20, (Special) The Shipmnn-Plasa Auxiliary of '• the Anti Thief Association met j Tuesday evening nt the Piasa hall j with 13 present. j Mrs. Ruth Maworth presided HI i the business meeting. Prizes in games were given to Mrs. Lester' Cottlngham, Mrs. Lena Kulen- i kamp, and Mrs. Verna Kahl. Re- j freshments' were sewed by Mrs Roberta Shultz, Mrs. Pauline Dan- ] kenbHng, Mrs. Agnes Schuet*, and Mrs. Jessie Kahl. ! Birthday Honored ', SHIPMAN- Mr. and Mrs. H. M.I Shult/ were dinner guests Tues- j day evening of Mrs. ShultzV" brother, William Lacey jr., and • family at Webster Groves, Mo... honoring the birthday of H. M.' Shultz. They nlr.o visited Mrs j Shultz' father, William Lncey sr. | Announce Church Services | SHIPMAN—The Rev. K. W. I Dickey, pastor of the Shfpman- Plainview Methodist churches, announces services for Sunday ns i follows: , ' At the Shipman Church. Suridny i school will be nt 10 n. m. and wor- ! ship service will be nt 11 a. m. At! the Plninvieu- Church, Sundav.j school will be nt 9:30 B. m. anil I worship service will be at 7:30' p. m. j The Methodist Youth Fellowship will hold its party at tho Shipmnn Church .Saturday evening. Leave for Arizonii SHIPMAN—Mr. and Mrs. Arnold! Bohlmeyor and daughters and Mrs. | Cora M. Rhodes left Wednesday by auto for Mesa, near Phoenix. An/. They are taking Henry Rnker to his home. Mo was called here by the Illness and death of his mother. Mrs. Anna K, Boker. Brighton, Mrs. Henry Boker is a niece of I Mrs. Corn M. Rhodes. ! Shipmim Notes SHIPMAN—Mr. and Mrs. H. M Shullz visited Wednesday afternoon at Macoupin Hospital, Carlinvillc. with their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Robert Shultz, and infant son. Mrs. Donald Shultz and son are with her father, Fred Wheeler. Bunker Hill, while her mother is n surgical patient nt Alton Memorial Hospital. Donald Shultz is at the home of his pnrents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Shultz while his wife is away. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Christopher were Litchhfleld visitors, Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. William Alward and Mrs. Thomas Connors and daughter were at Alton, Monday. Mr. and Itfrs. Rolland Branden- meycr, Collinsville, and Mrs, Vairghn Pointer and son of Chesterfield were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Breitwiser. Mr. and Mrs. Dnle Maxwell. Wood River, were guests Wednesday evening of Mrs. Maxwell's patents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Shullz. Soviet Delegates Leave Far Eastern Meeting WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. f/P> — Russian delegates strode out of a meeting of the 13-nation Far Eastern Commission yesterday after losing a fight to bar Chinese Nationalist representatives. Ambassador Alexander S. Pan- yushkin led the Soviet group out of the session after tho international agency had voted to table a Russin resolution to unseat the Nationalists. The commission i makes policy for Gen. Douglas Mac-Arthur, Supreme Allied commander in Japan. er BETHALTO, Jan. 20, (Special)— The two new health units which have been under construction at the Helhallo and Cottage Hills schools are now complete, except for a few minor details, according to Supt. R. N. File, who stated that completion r>f the buildings wns material evidence of a dream he had had in mind for some 25 years Tho vinils have been erected at a cost of 51.10,01X1, File said, coM of which has been equally divided between the two schools. The unit at Cottage Hills in addition to the gymnasium, includes two separate class rooms. The gymnasium at Bcthalto School will furnish n long felt need, not only from the standpoint of sports and physical education, but also to non-school organizations, which hope to meet there. The board of education is inviting representatives from all organizations in the community to attend a meeting In the new gym ivasium at. Bethalto Friday, Jan. 27, at 7:30 p. in. to see If an equitable rental fee and system can be worked out. The gymnasium here is 125 feet long. The floor is of hard maple in about IL'-lnch blocks, highly polished, and is of regulation size for basket ball. In addition to the regular goals, which are. in the north and sout.'i ends of the gymnasium, cages are on the east and west sides, of the building, which will possible, File said, to have two practice games in progress simultaneously. The raised stage In the north end is 20 by 30 feet and the gymnasium is heated by the centra' unit of the school. Lights were | placed yesterday and todny marks,; the initiation of the gymnasium, i Nudists, Wife Claims JERSEY CITY, N. J.. .foil. 20. ,VI>i—Mrs. William .T. Niekcrion obtained a divorce on charges of de- I sertlon yesterday. She said her hus- mimerous appear- j band went for a weekend at a ago and never came home. He is making ances In this area before joining j his family in California. ! The schedule of services for' Sunday at the Assembly of God church Includes Sunday HEAD TELEGRAPH WANT AM school at | the basement of Zlon Lutheran 9:30 a, m. The Rev. A. H. Ferguson, pastor, will give the morning sermon at 11 o'clock. Proceeding the evening services, the youth of the church, Christ's Ambassadors, under the leadership of Howard Gatther, will meet at 6:30 p, m. Film to Be Repeated BETHALTO—The motion film "The Red Stallion," which is to be shown today at 7:30 p. m. In Church, will be repeated at 7 p.m. Saturday, to accommodate persons who failed to see It this evening, according to Mrs. Josephine Coil- man, president of the Aid, which is sponsoring the film. TONIGHT - SATURDAY "••in • JAMBS MAYO EDMOHDOBRIEN M«no.,RAOUL WALSH • Shown at 8:21. (Saturday at 2:29—5:58—0:21) «r« HATTOH Shown at 7:00—10:22. (Saturday at 1:29—4:58—8:21) Sterling Holloway Comedy Saturday Nifbt It'i DICK SUTTON Anti Hii Ordmtra WOOD RIVER MOOSE CLUB 9 to I No AdmUdou—No Advance In 1'ricek, Invite Your Fritn^t Bethalto Firemen Elect Of ficers Earl Inskip Ro-Elected as Chief STATE TONITE AMI SAT. BARGAIN MATINEE SATURDAY and SUNDAY Adult 35c Until 2 P.M. After 2, 42c Child He All Times tar«f«t Lmlyl GALE STORM mum MCR MOWN BETHALTO. Jan. 20. (Special > —Members of the local volunteer fire department, elected the follow- inp officers for the comitiK year: Earl Inskip, chief; Al Hutchin?, assistant chief; Los Cook, president.; Clyde Tisdale, vice president; and William (Hoot) Doerr, secretary-treasurer. The following were named lo the executive board: Wes Lehnen, Roy Cross, and Reno Steffanni. Plans were made for the department to sponsor a public fish supper from 6 p. m. to 9 p, m. Friday, Jan. 27, at the corner of Prairie street and the Route 140 junction. Bcthalto Rotary Anna Give to Polio Drive BETHALTO, Jan. 20, (Special) Twenty-two members of the Rotary Anns met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Louella Neuhnus, with Mrs. Virginia Plegge as assisting hostess. The members donated $20 io the polio drive.! The women played games with individual prizes awarded. Mrs. ijjcuhaus and Mrs. Plegge served refreshments. Mrs. Cain and Mrs. Page will entertain the club in February. Missionary (o Speuk BETHALTO—The Rev. George Clark, a returned missionary, will be speaker at Sunday evening services in the Assembly of God Church. He has recently returned from South America for a rest, and because of his wife's poor health. Shown at 8:40. — AND — BEHIND A BLONDE PIRATE, am/i - MKIE JEKENS HNKKOTS «commit Hermit ( Shown at 7:00—10:00. - PLUS "SIR GALAHAD" — SERIAL — TWO CARTOONS TONIGHT AND SATURDAY MATINEE SATURDAY ATTENTION PARENTS! Srncl (ho kiddles to the UPTOWN for the iittrriioan . . . know thnf they're hnv- inic n Rood time and nl*o he relieved of I heir responsibility for ii few hours, Tonight lit 8:'i5 P. M. Only. Sat. lit 2:20—5:50—0:00 P.M. My Friend- MARIE WILSON, (hi tfifinsl Irffls ol yout tivoiiti ridio «hcw AHALWALLIS Production starring JOHN DIANA LUND • LYNN DON with MARIE DEFORE • WILSON •nd Introducing KAN MARTIN «i< JERRY LEWIS PLUS SECOND FEATURE Tonight nt 7:00—10:00 P.M. Sat. nt 1:00—4:25—7:80 P.M. OUMK ma STARRETT BURNETTE MIDTOWN 155 E. 1'VrRiison • Wood River TONIGHT & SATURDAY WALTON CHAPTER No. 1018 O.E.S. BENEFIT DANCE Franklin Mutnit TimpU Saturday, Jan. 2Ut •:30 Donation 7te Half Chicken (Cut Up) Giblet Gravy French Frle* Slaw Hot Roll $1.50 RAY'S Pan-Fried (>hiok«n Phone 2-7342 1604 E. Broadway N BETHALTO PTA SPONSORING OVERALL and GINGHAM DANCE AT LEGION PAVILION BETHALTO 8:30 SATURDAY NIGHT, |AN. 21 Admission 50c Per Person IWKGEN/KK'S MOBILE RADIO and TELEVISION SERVICE 1222 STATE. ALTON * ON THE SPOT REPAIR \V« fix it in your honus * GUARANTEED SERVICE on all makes DIAL 3-5022 For Speedy Service! Sat. nt 4:00—7:00 P. M. "King of the Jungleland" COMING SUNDAY Glenn Ford, Charles Colburn — IN — 1 "THE DOCTOR AND THE GIRL" DAN DAILKY in "GIVE OUT SISTERS" EAST ALTON AMERICAN LEGION DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT Starting at 8:30 Legion Hall EAST ALTON Musio by Pansy'* Orchestra Featuring Old Time Square Dance* BACK ON THE JOB! We'll be ready (o serve you with our Famous Quality Food* TONIGHT — Service in Your Car — Or Dining Room Facilities ELMWAY DRIVE-IN ELM AND IIKNRV, ALTON n vv n%»t%»t»»%»v> j »'»'»*»***v BIG DANCE Saturday, Jan. 21st, at VFW Lodge MEMOKIAI. PARK, COTTACK IIIU.S (2 Block* South of Shell Station) GRAND TODAY ROCKINC the Campus with RHYTHM Shown 1:35 3:3S 3:33 7:33 9:38 Extra! Cartoon "HEPCAT." OPEN 13:45—36c TILL 8, PRINCESS TODAY & SAT. PLUS Shown 2:30 6.08 9:30 $ mMge. ANNSOTHDW ALEXANDER KNOX Shown 1:00.! 4:28 8:00 MATINEE SAT. 1:30 WOODRIYER TONITE ft SAT. MIGHTIEST 2-in-l SHOW EVER SCREENED 1 int«u8itn«m. CAK» CHAN! VICTOR McLAGUN DOUGIAS fWHBANHi HI JOHN lONUINI SAM MFH • nuMoo CMNMUI Shown 7:25 GUNGA DIN Shown 8:43 OPEN 0:30. WILDEY TONITE & SAT. "UNDER CAPRICORN" "BROTHERS IN THE SADDLE" MUSIC BY M AC'S ERRY AKERS MODERN. AND OLD TIME DANCING—8 V- M.—I P. M. 54Hi Per Person (Tits Included). Refroihmenti

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