The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 16, 1947 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1947
Page 5
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Editorials- Gr««k-Turkish Loan Tells Moscow We Are No Longer Appeasing OVERWHELMING house in*•' dorsement of the $400,000,000 Greek-Turkish program, 287 to 107, is a warning to Stalin that America will not stand back meekly and let communism overrun the Mediterranean and the middle east. The precedent-shattering measure was voted by a combination of -127 republicans and 160 democrats. It was passed at the urging of President Truman and Secretary of State Marshall. The idea behind it was to stiffen the economy of Greece and Turkey and so stop communism from overrunning the Dardanelles and middle east oiL • Following this house action, the senate voted $350,000,000 for the relief of suffering abroad. It rejected a house plan to hold the sum to $200,000,000 and likewise omitted restrictions on aid to communist dominated countries. The vote was 79 to 4. This, of course, is additional to the $4,000,000. economic and military relief grant to Greece and Turkey. It has not been easy for America suddenly to make an about-face in foreign policy, and dig in against Russian encroachment. Out of considerations of keeping Russia in the war, President Roosevelt made concessions to the Russians that were assumed by Moscow to set a precedent and pattern. The showdown was thus deferred. Now it devolves upon America to'take a stand or be crowded out of the area which historically has been a cockpit of war. '—AND DOMINIONS BEYOND THE SEAS!" Did You Know? By The Hoskin Servict EDITOR'* NOTE: Bu<*n »lu( tkll •«rvic« in 4neiti*n« «f faet—n«t c«nu- sel—<*b9«l¥ slfn fill name And attfres* tut Inclne 3 cent, f.r rtl«r. po»Ufe. Our decision has been to sup- conversationalist. Look Out Below Anybody who habitually does his best is likely to have a pretty good average on his job. 6 # * National merger of AF of L and CIO is a thing much easier talked about than accomplished. » « * A patient listener is almost sure to gain standing as a charming port the people in Greece and we couldn't escape the obligation of backing Turkey at the same time. The American task force now at anchor in the Bosphorus leaves no doubt in Moscow that we mean business. The fortunate part of the Greek- Turkish aid bill is that it is not limited to simply sending relief supplies to these countries. With it goes the power of the president .to use troops and supply weapons to Greece and Turkey, if necessary. In short, it is a virtual ultimatum to Russia to get out of Greece and quit pressuring Turkey. LJISTORY alone will determine *1 whether America has made a wise decision in stopping communism in Greece and Turkey before it overruns the near east. The policy is simply a diplomatic version of the idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, it will be simpler to stop communism before it leeches on the Dardanelles and middle east oil than to blow the reds out of-this vital sector at some future time. Communism is a scheme of infiltration and aggression. We fought shoulder to shoulder with the Russians against a common enemy, but Russia has refused to work with us afterward in writing a decent peace. TODAY Russia is a belligerent 1 bankrupt, and getting more difficult to deal with as time goes on. Our one hope of making Moscow understand that we will not sell Europe into slavery was to make a stand somewhere and let Russia know we mean business. Eisenhower had to do this in winding up the war in Berlin. Truman has now done this in Greece and Turkey. It's bootless to argue what- Georgians today are wondering which was the worse—Sherman or Herman. might have been in Europe, had Hitler been stopped on his goose- step parade across the Rhine March 7, 1936. But today's conditions offer some parallel. Hitler, as we know now, was bluffing when he marched a few skeleton columns across the Rhine bridges, scaring France and Britain into doing nothing about it. If France and Britain Tiad sent one division into the Rhineland at that time to pull Hitler off his political perch, Germany would never have defied the Versailles treaty or started out on its insane attempt to conquer the world. U7E are at the same bridgehead *" today. Because Britain has been bled white by war, Russia is about ready to try a Trojan Horse march into the middle east. If we accept the advice of the isolationists to fold up like we did when Hitler broke bounds, then Stalin can loot Europe, grab the oil resourcse of the middle east, and be ready in a few years to wipe American democracy off the map. If we contain communism behind the Balkans, we save European civilization from communism. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges Our Safety Record Iowa City Press-Citizen: Death riding on a motorcycle brought an end Saturday night to Iowa City's enviable safety record — 1,021 days without a traffic fatality. The record, followed day by day in the columns of the Press-Citizen, is pointed to with pride by most Iowa Citians: To those drivers conscious of their own safety and that of the other fellow's and to the police department, we owe a debt of gratitude for 1,021 deathless days. Economical Government Lake Mills Graphic: Some day, we hope, the American taxpayer is going to awaken and realize the political flimfams that eat up his tax dollars must be eliminated — while it is highly improbable under the present political system it is possible to have a sound, sanely run and economically operated government — but not until you, Mr. Taxpayer, become sufficiently aroused to demand it. Losing Freedom Northwood Anchor: Every church denomination or creed that acts to gain more favor from state legislatures or congress is simply laying up trouble for itself. It isn't such a far jump now from the violation of the constitutional law prohibiting control of the church by the state and each step in that direction is another step toward loss of freedom by religious organizations. Asks About Red Cross Swea City Herald: Was the Red Cross guilty of negligence? That question still remains unanswered in the mind of every citizen — contributor or non-supporter of that organization. Since the Texas City, Texas, disaster, the Red Cross has been the target of damaging charges to its reputation as a charitable society. White Flour for Russia Boone News-Republican: Health By H. N. Bundesen, M. D. TREATMENT USED FOR A FORM OF LEAD POISONING R ECENTLY I discussed treatment for lead poisoning. Today I would like to tell you about a specialized form of this danger, one which, unless great care is taken, may jeopardize workers engaged in the manufacture of the anti-knock gasoline which modern industry has given us for our cars. The compound which gives gasoline its anti-knock quality is tetraethyl lead. Now this substance is highly poisonous and acts the more readily because the vapor it gives off is quickly taken up by the lungs and passed from them to the blood stream. It is safe when properly handled. Risks of poisoning with this substance occur both in its manufacture and when it is mixed with gasoline. Unless great care is taken there is also some danger involved in cleaning storage tanks which have contained such gasoline. Such storage tanks after a time contain a thick material on the bottom which contains many highly poisonous lead compounds. According to Drs. David A. K. Cassells and Edward C. Dodds of London, the earliest symptoms in 25 cases of tetra-ethyl lead poisoning-studied by them were disturb- United ances of sleep and of digestion, wheat The classical signs and symptoms certainly didn't sit any better with of lead poisoning such as pain in the American people than it did | the abdomen, trembling, painful I with the state department. The news that Russia is demanding 400 carloads of white flour from Romania, a country which the States is supplying with and other commodities, tltii Dirtai, Waiklniin. O. C. What president was as a witness In » UwsultT Thoma Jefferson, while president, wa summoned to testify as a witnes at the trial for treason of Aaron Burr. He did not attend, explain ing that to do so would leave the state without * head. What sporti require the moi skill? A poll of sports writer: taken some years ago showed a majority of them voting for gol as the game requiring the mos skill. Baseball was ranked second and tennis third. How many Irishmen foofht under the British flat in World war H? The generally accepted figure for the number of citizens of Eire who served in the British forces during World war II is 165,000 This was the figure • announced in the house of lords in 1946. How much has the averace per capita income of the American people increased since the last war? In 1939 the average per capita income was $539. By 1941 it had risen to $693 and by 1943 to $1,040. m 194S the figure was $1,150. Why is it said that it takes a year to make a match? It is because the green timber has to be seasoned at least a year before it is fit for use. Selected straight grain pine is used to make matches. What is the average cost per mile of operating an automobile, Including depreciation, gas, oil, repairs, etc.? The Ohio Motorist of Dec. 12, 1946, carried an account of a study which concluded that the cost of operation, including depreciation of the car, was approximately $1 per day, plus $.03 per mile. Why do clowns whiten their faces? The white face of the modern circus clown is a direct inheritance from the Pierrot who in the 18th century powdered his face with flour. How many times has Joe Lonis fought Max Baer and what was the outcome of the bouts? Joe Louis and Max Baer 'fought against one another only once. This was on Sept. 24, 1935, in New York City. Louis knocked out Baer in the 4th round. Does tuberculosis occur throughout the world? Yes. It is most prevalent in large cities, and es- pecialiy in overcrowded districts. No race is exempt, but some races appear more resistant than others. When did the football series between the army and navy begin and which team has won the most fames? The series started in 1890 The total number of games played since the beginning is 47. Of these army has won 25, navy 19, and there have been 3 ties. Are shoe sizes the same in Enj land as in the United States? Differences in American and English shoe sizes range from one full size to a size and a half. For instance, an English woman's size 5 shoe is equivalent to a 6i in the United States. Widths also differ. OBSERVING Air Pollution From Smok* have it on the authority ol the Journal of the American Medical association that "the coal-burning steam locomotive constitutes one of the most serious single health menaces, in urban air pollution." The journal points out that "death rates from pneumonia, tuberculosis and respiratory tract cancer provide a clear index of the damage air pollution inflicts on a city's population. All three of these diseases show a much higher death and incidence rate in badl? polluted areas." The health menace is particularly serious for heavily industrialized cities located in regions prone to natural large scale fogs or to night fogs from a hill and vallty topography . such as one sees at Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, according to the article. Coal-burning steam locomotives, it is stated, contribute: 1. Carbon particles, which would be harmless if pure but which have condensed on them varying loads of tars, some of which have been found definitely cancerigenic in ar " r *ials. 2. Fly-ash, which is probably more damaging than carbon soot ,o the human respiratory tract, especially in setting up chronic irritative states. 3. Noxious gases, especially the oxides of sulfur, which form corrosive acids when dissolved in water. 4. Exhaust steam, which itself is not harmful but which is liberated into cold winter air in far greater amounts than the air can hold as invisible water vapor and hence must remain as a steam cloud. Wh«r« the Wom«n Rut* am not sure that I should pass along the information about the San Bias Indian women who live on the islands of that name off the Atlantic coast of Panama. According to the Middle America Information bureau, these wom- are like women everywhere in hat they like to adorn themselves with clothes of many colors. Unlike most other women, however,' they wear beads around their ankles and rings through heir noses. And it's this latter tern — the rings through their noses—that I'm reluctant, as a mere male, to amplify. You see, these rings are not symbols of subjugation as is the case in most other places. The ruth is that the women of the San Bias islands really rule the roost in a big way. Husbands can't buy or sell any article without their permission. Kinship and descent arc reckoned through the mother.. The girl even does the proposing. The boy may refuse, but if he accepts must work for his father-in-law until he fathers a daughter. High Cost of£hool« find myself pretty much in agreement with a friend, F. F. J., in his complaint against the high cost of our public schools. They're costing each one of us $17 a year. 'Why," exclaims F. P. J'., "that's more than women spend for cosmetics. They only average $15 a year. And it's doggone nearly as nuch as our cigarettes cost— they're only $19 a year." "Of course, our booze bill la a bit more, $31 a year. But they're sure soaMn' us pretty stiff for developing American citizens in our public schools and chaperoning the roungsters during the day." nformatiort, Please! 1. Of which United States ter-i itory is Ernest Gruening governor? 2. Who is United States ambassador to the Philippines? 3. Who is now governor of Georgia? Answers—1, Alaska. 2, Paul V. McNutt. 3, M. E. Thompson, The Day's Bouquet To THE REV. F. W. WENDLAND—for being returned to the pastorate of the Grace Evangelical church of Mason City as appointments were made at the Iowa conference of the Evangelical and United Brethren churches at Cedar Falls. Mason City Glofce-GaMtt* An A. W. Lit NEWSFAFEB taut* tJtrr Wetk my kr t*» GLOBE-GAZETTE PUBLISHING CO. Itl-ltt Kut State 8L Tll*pk«M MM LEI P. LOOMIS Fablilhtr W. IAKL HALL ... Mua«la« Mttar ENOCH NOBEN City Mttac LLOYD L. GEEB .. .AararUiiaa; M»r. Friday, May It, IM7 Entered as jectnd-clajs matter April UL »». «t the pMtottice at Maaon City. Iowa, under the act of March J, 1171: MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRIS8, wUch IB excluilvelr entitled to vat for icpuaH- catlon of all local new: printed In thil newsMper *• well as all AP newi dli- patches. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ilajon City and Clear Lake, by year, $13. lason City and Clear Lake, by week, 23c. Outride 100 mile zone, per year, 113; 6 mos., W.50; 3 mos.. 13.50; 1 no., »1JO; Outside Mason City and Clear Lake and within 100 miles of Mason City and Out' aide of the Carrier District of Mara Oty and dear Lake: By mall « monthj ., «4L» Per year by mail at. a.00 Per year by carrier ,;.. U.M Per week by carrier ,,......**.,.. JO Remember? TEN YEARS AGO O. G. Sorenson of Bergen, Norway, left for California after spending a few days visiting with his cousin, A. L. Lake, 191 Crescent drive. Mr. Lake had not seen his cousin, an employe of the Norwegian government, for 35 years On the way to Mason City Mr. Sorenson stopped to visit other relatives at Muskegon, Mich., and Milwaukee, Wis. muscles, neuralgia, constipation, paleness of the skin and certain changes in the red blood cells either did not occur or were a very minor part of the picture. By No Easy Problem DALESTINE hi its present armed * condition is a problem too deep- seated and complex to solve by any Solomon's decision of the United Nations. The crisis cannot be oversimplified by saying that too many people want to live in too little space. If India defied solution for 2 centuries, Palestine has mocked solution for 55 centuries of recorded history. In taking on Palestine, the United Nations have tackled a formidable Gordian knot. far the earliest sign was sleeplessness. Following shortly after this symptom there were loss of appetite, sickness to the stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. Irritability, restlessness, nervousness' and anxiety were the next symptoms. At this stage the pulse was usually slow, the temperature below normal and the blood pressure was low. As a rule it is not difficult to diagnose tetra-ethyl lead poisoning. The symptoms are fairly typical and in addition there is a history of 'exposure to lead. A determination of the amount of lead in the urine helps to give some ideas of the degree of exposure. The dangers of working with tetra-ethyl lead are well understood and the use of proper safeguards will help to prevent poisoning from this source. Insofar as treatment is concerned, all that is needed in the milder cases is to remove the patient from contact with tetraethyl lead, to have him take light exercise in the open air, to use a well-balanced diet with plenty of fluids and to relieve sleeplessness with one of the preparations used for this purpose, such as the barbiturates. Willie Willis By Robert Quillen I read that female eagles are bigger and fiercer than the males. I'm sure glad women ain't bigger. They're fierce enough now. Top Soil Needed Eagle Grove Eagle: We have another job for the Chamber of Commerce and the city council. That is to figure out a way to give several inches of top soil back to the farmers up around Goldfield, i Renwick, Hardy and Thor. Congress Barking Ames Tribune: If congress keeps on barking long enough and loud enough, it may wind up with nothing tangible to bite. Which would be all right with most of us. Editorial of Day PRAISE FOR OUR SCHOOLS nAVENPORT DEMOCRAT: The " Davenport public schools are to be congratulated on the farsighted vision expressed in the occupational survey of Davenport now being conducted in co-operation with all local employers— some 3,500 of them, large and small. Much has been written about the problems of modern education. Many questions have been raised, among them: Are the 3 R's—Reading, 'Riling and 'Rithmetic—sufficient equipment for a young person in today's world? Shall emphasis be upon culture or upon the ability to earn a living? Can the confusion which besets so many young people today be resolved by educating our youngsters in the fundamentals of Americanism and the essentials of political and social sciences—• and, if so, is there still room left for job skill training? The Davenport board of education and the administrative staff believe firmly that students may be given the general educational background required for good American citizenship and at the same time be prepared for earning a self respecting livelihood. Particularly important to those students who do not plan to enter colleges or universities — 85 per cent of them do not—is the occupational training program so earnestly being broadened and strengthened in our local schools. Schroth of Adell, Wis., returned to their home after a week's visit at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. C. A. Hinz, 146 12th N. W. Mr. Schroth occupied the pulpit of the Bethlehem Lutheran church last Sunday. TWENTY YEARS AGO Bringing'new blood into an organization brings in new ideas and Mrs. William H. Hathorn, president of the Woman's club, has created 2 new departments that will have a tendency to rival any of the other flourishing departments, but that will not detract in any way from the success of the others. She has also established another standing committee. A department of philosophy and science with Mrs. Raymond F. Clough, the chairman has been launched. Another department that has a direct appeal to most women will be the current events department with Mrs. Harvey J. Bryant and Mrs. John A. Senneff, Sr., as co-chairmen. THIRTY YEARS AGO A Cerro Gordo county man is probably furnishing the "U-boat antidote" that will relieve the world of the submarine menace. George Barlow of Clear Lake, has a letter from his .son. Lester, for- in Villa's service, torpedo has been mer aviator whose aerial adopted by the United States giving some information about his latest invention. R. D. Foster has purchased the East State street store formerly belonging to Abe Goss. The store has been partially remodeled and entirely re-stocked. Mr. Foster will no doubt maintain a first class grocery. FORTY YEARS AGO D. J. Stewart, the South Main street grocer, has purchased the vacant lot on the corner of Superior and 4th, and will erect at once a commodious and modern house. The foundation has been laid out and the contract let for the residence. The location is one of the good residence sites in the city. The property was occupied up till last fall by an old house which was practically in decay, but has been torn down and moved away. The residence to the west is the property of E. R. Hubbard. \«oa^ SLWHOTTB: V CHW KMOO_ HEAR TWO 5 DOLLABS BID!; NOW THE LAST ITEM OF THIS SALE WHAT AM I OFFERED FOR OLD FAMILY BIBLE. 0 THAT ABOUT FINISHES! YOU CAN RULE VIY BUYING, r GUESS; HIMOUT. H& HEDE TriAT BOY W4S JUST OUTOF CURIOSITY A FALSE- ALARM! X NOTHING ELSE. 1 CHIEF RAlVMN-THE- PUSS IS CHIEF OF WIU.YNILI.IES/ now, CHIEF y HOW, LY1H'BULL// DAVY SCOW.' THIS IS CHIEf OAKY 0' TW' WILLYNILtieS/ HE WAMT5TD MEBBE WE GET MAGIC THUKJDER- STICK- AWAY FROM DAVY GOOW/ MERE COMES DAVY GOOU AUD GUY IN SHIUY SHIIfT.' DID THAT SUCN ME MV 8l<3 BKSHEB |S A COP." REST] THINS IS TO , UfT HIS 8SACELETS.' MV HAND CUFFS? GONE." JUNIO/3S OLD MAN HOME VlflH ME-' NCTHAPPEN AGAIN.' THERE'5 A SlLENdER ON THIS ROD, BRADFORD.' THREE COUNTS BEFORE I FIRE IF YOU DOST HAND ONER THE GEMS — ONE — BESIDES, I DON'T HAVE THEM OF COIRSE IT'S JlKT OH, 3Oi — K THIS— GASP — SlVfti — riOLI CATS- DO IQll i oom SM 8LUDHESS! CAM'S fISHT HEf?£. ,. OHM, KID, LET ME • HELPVotttPf-Tjeee, 1 SAFE MQARD THE KAfTf f

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