Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 6, 1915 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1915
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 6.1915. A solid carload, 2526€> of Brass and hm ^he new 1915 lijie of •iSturgis" (30-CAKTS and CARRIAGES. Almost a half carload New EXTENSION TABLES. Another big shipment of RUGS. ^! These things all have to be sold t —"nuf ^ed". ii H T.4).\JUlil<; HKirj.AH POYNTKIt "TIIK hlTTLK Willi; THAT III; (In "Five; I'iirts) OUACK rCNAUl) iind FItANCIS KOIM> 111 A Conan Doyle's Kanioiis Slinv- Vu'k Uoliiuis slory "A STirilY IX StAiirKT" (Two I 'iUtK) IB-FEATURE REELS-6 Ucliance. Two Reel Feature "TIIK LOST RKr.Kll'T" Keystoae Cdinedy "Only a Fiirnier'ji nan^hter" KXTKAJ i K '<'.VKl «?i<' CoMiedy, l)e l-iix<, in Two Parts Pri'sliyteriiiii rhiirrli. FinST CHURCH-Rev. S, S. Hilscher ih« pastor, will preach morning and evening. TW morning combination servke begins ai 10:15 with the preacliinK first hnd Bible sjudy fol- iowrlng. Tht? evehiiig sermon is the next III the series on the Revelation. The. 8U|bject will be "The Beast From H>e Sea." Read tlie Utli cliapter of llie, book or the Revelation, and then bear this sermon.- Old songs will be sung in the song service preceding tile sermon. The Junior Kndeavor Society will meet at 3 p. m. and tlie Senior So<'ie- ty at «:;{0 p. m. I.ittle Builders' Chapel, \USH Kinn«^v, Superiiuehdcnt. Sunday school at p. "m. UaR8 ((tt ('hai)el, William Davis, Sup erlntendcnl. Sunday school at 10 a. m. First .Mclliodisf K |»iN <'«|>iil Cliiiri'h. Holy. Comuuinion wlU be celebrated at 10:1.". a. m. The beautiful ritualistic service, will be used. Bible study follow.? jmmeijiately.' , Bernhelni, of Cliicago, a con- averted JcwB.qs, will give the a<Idress at 7 ;:iO p. ni. She is s^wpman with rare spiritual insight and unusually eloquent. .Junior Kpwortli l^eagii6 2::'.0 p. in. .Ep.'jvoi'th Loague 6:30 p. ra. Class meeting fl :30i .a'.' ni. >EW LIBBikBT BOOKS. One Hnndred ToliiBeB Hare Been Added Since Jmttmrj First. Jicen or- BcT«l»ti(iii. When the niisi iwtng.s low in ilio val- .i •• ipy I ; • And the moon ^-arcsscs (he hills. And the de.j)lli| of j-ach woodland alley •'is a-lilt' wiijh the When the. stars v. , hiding, ; As.jhe curtiilns.^of night unfold, l:-cai( see Onej l)l\5ino abiding. niurniur of rills; s li.c'*li oui from their In all that j^yheh the bu : s,plendo(, .- And tlie bir my ~i:yes Tichuld i ils ^ursi fonh in their is bring tidin^of cheer. And the violet frc.sli and lender, . Smiles up throu'gh a il< \v-dr()p tear; When the bc<^s w:ing tours of inspic- lion, ss Springs u\) from the I And the gra sod, can view And witnes ith; grand r (>Kurrcction, ; tlje hand of God. —Marry J. Williams. On Monday Thayer will ;A group of - jtiyed many pleasant gather this w| night at the Wrilio Pereau afternoon Mrs. W. T. ^ntertain tlie Current Rvenls Club lior the rt'gular meeting at. Her homei TIC North Colborn street. •>•• * , friends who have en- evenings to- inter met again last honje of Mr. and Mrs, to; suprprise Mr. Pe- retau. in honor ofj his birthday. The ^ests gatherjed About eight o'clock tcf;' spend the evening with music and fiiin.and Mrsj. jPerfeau was assisted by MjB. Claude- Parker In serving a daia tRi luncheon, e^t were Mr kh, Mr., and aed. MriC Walter'Grar, Mr. and Mrs. I Those w-ho were pres- an^ Mrs. Claude Bar- iMrs. A. E. Curtis, Mr. jMr.iand Mrs. Wm. Ding Mrs. Pereau and their R|iy Haszard nfen, Mr; and t^:o cbildrenj. • !* • b-Special Saturday at the Palace of Sii'eets: Buttjer Scotch Wafers. 15c lb. -When one jor t^o members are initiated into m^b^rshjp in the W!. R. Ci it is always an interesting event, bilt the members?of the local corps wAre especially - pleased yesterday wliep five new mojnbers were initlat- e* at the regular meeting at the.G. A. H. hall. The new member..; ate Mrs, .MoUie .Stiili^ell. Mrs. Mattie Kiiipp, Mrs. Mary, Hubbard, Mrs. Ida Moore and Mrs. Clara Farmer. {Pour grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. J. E.SHeBderson arehn town for the Wffbk -end, Thty j^e "Bill" and Merle Fitted Eiajnined dBiKTiinteed or Your MAner Befunded. MeParland, of Nickerson, Kas., -who are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henderson "and others," Glen Uiwyer, who came early in the. week from Springfield, Mp., aiid Elmer I*iwyer, who caine last night from Lawrence lo visit their parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. Fraiik Lawyer "and others." .Miss Jessie Samuels entertained a few friends last evening at her home 711 South Buckeye street, to ^.celebrate her flfieentJi nirthday. The guests were entertained with flinch and oilier games and the hostess served light refreshments. Those who were present to *>n.ioy the birth- (la.v. )iarty and to wish their hostess inan.v more such happy birtlidiiys wire .Miss Cliloe Davis, Miss .Mabel Hecker, Miss Mabel Durham, Miss .N'ssie Samuel, Vernon lOllis, ICugciie Ollivn,, lOverett Dennis, .Mr. and Mrs. K. (Opting and tlieir daughter, .Murine, and Mrs. and Mrs. J. H. Samuel. • "Good Bird, the Indian," is the title of the text book tJic Queen Estlier Circle has chosen for study this winter and at their meeting yesterday afternoon Miss iJouisa Kauake" rer viewed one of th*} chapters in a very instructive manner, and following the study of the life ^of the Indians Miss Helen Bay in a. short talk told .c;omc- t|liing about "The Medicine Man." The next social event for the circle' and its friends will be a social to be given about the first of April for which some plans were made during the business session yesterday. On account of the weather the attendance was not quite so large as usual, i ^ ^ ^ • • ; The Violet Club was entertained at (he home, of Mrs. C. B. Krause yesterday afternoon when fifteen members were present to answer roll call, and there were four guests, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Morrison, l^Irs. ^enry Mrs. Corr and Mrs. Billtigj who wer» invited, to spend the afternoon with them. As usual nearly all of the members were busy with their needlework and quilting occupied a part of the time. In serving a two course luncheon'Mrs. Krause WPS assisted bv Mrs. k. B. Krause. • <• * The Intermediate Christian Endeay or society of the United Brethren church has decided to hold combined ljusiness and social meetings on the first Friday night in each mooth, and last night thirty of the members met at the home pt Rev. and Mrs. G. E. Moody lor the first of these ineetings,. Diiring the business session it Was de cided to defer all business, w-hich has heretofore been breaking in on the Sunday evening lessons, until these monthly meetings, so; that the full hour for study and the program may used, for that purpose ailope. Tlie business wag completed in a v^y Jew minutes and after that time t1he members spent a merry hour with garoeg and music and noise and later light refreshments were served. « « • Mrs. Bernagin, of Chicago, ig a guest of. Dr. and Mrs. B. M. Powell anji will speak -tomorrow evening at the First Methodist church. Mrs. Ber na^n is a lecturere and worker for the Woman's Home Missionary Spcie- ty, her special field o£ aptivity being among the Jews ot Chicago. She is ku eloquent speakei!, has.had wonderful experiences, aiid as a converted- Jewess can tell many remarkable things about her life among her own people. * •> • At a meeting of the General- Aid Society of the Christian church heldj yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs.' Tom Moore plans were completed for the spring bazaar. April sixth has been cho.sen for the date, dlnne-r and supper will be served and a i«pring- atidf summer ^wearing-apparel will be sold in the, booths. The place, for holding th<> bazaiar is'to be ch6s«^n later. Dainty spring flowerg were used to decorate the home of Mrs. J. E. Powell oii Thursday aftelrnoon when she entertained the members of the N, T. T. club, and nothing could have been prettier than the arrangement o't the pink and white hyacinths and swanfionia with growing . plants oh' the dining thble, about "whlcli the guests were seated for a lovely five o 'clock luncheon, after they had spent the e:irller part of the afternoon with their fancy work. The hyacinths and the i)Iants formed the center decora-- lioD for the table, and from the chandelier to the place cards at each (;ov er were streamers of pink and white ribbon ending in a tiny souvenir bo- ^iiei of swan.sonia. Sixteen members bi Um'A to lliis club and of that num- I HM- only two were absent on !iccounl of illness, and all who were present enjoyed a very delightful and happy afii'nioon as they always do wlien .Mrs. Powell entertains, Mrs. T. M. liariels and Mrs. Walter Woodside assisted ill entertaining. •> • Yesterday afternoon members of (h<' .Junior Epworth League of Trinity .Methodist church gathered at the par souage for U .merry party. The young er members !of the league were entertaining for ihe two cMSses that will become members of the senior "society after the next promotion. BAMSliT .Sf'ROFI LA. Hood 's SarNainirlilti ' CieanseK Ihe . Klood, Skin; TnrableK Yanlgb. —St;rofula eruptions bh the facie and body are both atinoying and disfiguring. Many a jcoiiiplexion would be jierfect if theywere riot present! this dikease sho^s Itself in other ways, as bunches In the neck. Inflamed eyelids, .sore ears, wastlnk of the muscles, a form of dyspepsia; arid general debility. Ask "your druggist for Hood's Sar- saparllla. This,, great medicine completely eradicates scrofiilaj It purifies and enrl «!h €s the blood, i-emoves hiihiors, and builds tip the whole system^ it has stood the test, of forty years, and has received thp.nsands of testimonials of the eiitire satisfaction it has giVtiri. . ' .Setbftila'ls elthfer inherited or acquired. Better l)e sure you :are quite free from it. Get Hood 's Saf-saparil la and begin takinir It today.' ' The tnan who will have field or garden seeds to sell this spring ought to be saying so right nqW." 'Everybody In the land As inter^Med in gsirdenlng, wheither Inteniis'to make a garden or n'o.t. . fiardeh, seeds suggest the smell of fresh .earth and spring. Everybody is ahxious for spring and .therefore everyone is Interested In garden seeds. If you have garden- seeds for sale and say so Iri the Regis ter everybody in the land will read it. • • . , • H ' First Church of Clirfst Scientist Svindi^y Scivool iit It; a m. CinVrch service.^' at. VI a. in. Subject: •••Man." Testimonial meeting. Wed. S p, m. SerCices held at the chuvv-li" at the corner of BaW and Syeamore streets. The reading room adjoining church is open frpb, 2 to 5 each week day. You are cordiailly Invited to attend the ser- vK-e:; arid visit the reading room. First Bn|)tist nmrch. (.1. T. Sharniari. Minister) Sunday School at' 10 a., ni. Moinlng worship at 11 o'clock. Subject. "Raising Dry Bones," followed by the i..ocd's Supper. Sunbeam meet at 2:30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. at t;:?.n. Leader, Group 1. Evening seiinon at ,T:.'?0. Subject, "The Day of .Tudgment " Most iieople have an iilea of.ii general, judgment day when all will be jiidged. Mr. Shar man bcllves there are five jujdgments taught in tlie Bible. He will speak of these. •.adies' Aid: Division No. 1, Friday Willi Mrs. (iuiin; .Vo. 2, Wednesday with .Mrs. Vezie;. No. 3, Friday with .Mrs. Nathan LeUler. Bead the fiynopsis of Mr. Sharnian's .sermon iirinted in this issue. of the Iteifisti'r iiy request. We weU-onie you 1(1 all till! services of our church. riiit«'d lirHhrcn Cliiircb. Pastor Uev. George R. Moody will preach niovnins ''ind evening. The i'oinbination Service liegiiis ItlM .'i a. Ill .Morning worslilp followed by Bible study. Pastor's theme, "The Heart of the Ffttlw.r." Tlie Endeavors meet at p. m. At l::;i) -Mr. .Moody will Rive the third number of tlin scries of sermons which lie is iireaclitng on "Careers for Coming .Men." Tlie subject, "The Young ."Vlan as a Teacher." In connection, with the sernioii, lie will, read letters frdm prqriilneut educators in the state giving as thetr opinion, the requirements of a young man for a teacher. Men like Dr. Mason of Baker University; President H. J. Waters of Manhattan; W^nfield Scott Hall of Xorthwestern; State Superintendent Ross; Thomas Butcher, of Emporia; Chancellor Stronk of Kansas University, and many other prominent teachers and educators, have replied to the letters .sent them by the buslnes.s committee. To soothe pain and jto allay infirm mation R5XAI.I, Mentholine jBalm combines the antfieptic and, healing qualities of Menthol and Camphor. 2 .>v. Your money returned if yoii are not satisfied. Christian Church. Slides show-ing our stations and work in far away Tibet will be thrown on the screen in the evening. Brother Victor L, Goodrich, the blind teacher, will be with us and give a short address at the morning service. Brother B. L. Wray, field worker for the A. C. M. S. will also be with us in the evening, not to take an offering but to give us greeting and the good news of the progress of the line of work in which ne Is engaged for and by the church. There will be special riiusic. Morning worship begins at 9:30 and closes at tli:30. The gas pressure is low, to be sure, but the furnace will be fired with wood and the auditorium warm. Every member urged arid all friends cordially Invited to attend thc.?e services. The Salviition Army. Sunday services as usual. The Sunday School Js finishing a six weeks' attendance campaign. The Blues are, a little ahead of the Reds, but it doesn't matter which side wins;'it is up to Ensign an^ Mrs; Donaldson to furnish thq' treat. We have 53 names on the company register and we will have a social and treat for them "ruesday night at ':30. Three friends of the Arriiy are fui-nishlng the treat. ENSIGN AND MRS. DONALDSON. During Jaiiuary ana February one hundred books were added to the Library. Other bnokg ijave bi'en dered but have not as yei oeived. The new list is: FICTION ,/ , Adams -T -Tlie Clarion. Aiken—The River. Carleton—One Way Out. Cooker—Barobi. Dowd—Polly, of Lady Gay Cottage. Dudley—In My Youth. Ebers—Uarda. Fox—Trail of th^ lionesome Pine. Gray—Little Sir Galahad. Harrison—Captivating Mary Cal- stair.s. Hawthorne—Twice-told Tales. Kingsley, 0—Westward, Ho. KIrigsiey, F. M.-^Wirhelmlna Chang es iler mind. , . . Lincoin—Cap'n. Eri. Lincoln—Partners of Ww 'I'ldo. I.rf)ng—Janice Day. Lynn—A Stepdaugliter of the Prairie. Lytton—Harold, the Last of llie Saxon Kings. McCarter—Winning the Wildc^rness. Naylbr—Ra<Iph Marlowe. OlUvarit—Bob, Son of Battle. Opiienheim—The New Tenant, etc. Opponnelm—To Win the l.*ve He Sought, etc. (gift). Oppcnhelm—The Yi'Uow House, etc. (gift). Peek—White Dawn. Rineharl—The Sfrc-et of Seven Stars. Sanderson—The Camp Fire r.irlH at Pine Tree Camp. Scott—The tall.'?nian. Slossou—Flshln' Jimmy. Suedeker—The Si )ariaM. Vachell—Quinneys'. Warner—The Gay and F<?stlve Clav- erhouse. PAY SHELF. Bacori—Today's Diiughter. Connor—Patrol of the Sun Dance Trail. ConJ-ad—Chance. Grey—The I^nt; Star Ranger. Kesfer—-Hand of the Miglity and Other Stories. McCail—The Strange Woman. Stow -i -Nancy the Joyous. Waller— K Cry In the W'llderness. HISTORY, TRAVEL, ETC. Cramb—Gerriiany and England, Hart—The War in Europe. Johnson—Highways and Byways From the St. Lawrence to Virginia. Johnson—Highways and Byways of the Pacific €oast. Mach—What Germany Wants. Parkman—Consplraev of I'onliac, (2 vols.) Parkman—Jesuits in .Vortli America. Parkman—I^Salle and the Discovery of the Great West. I'arkriian—Old Regime In Canada. Parkman—Pioneers of France in the New World. Stelner—Prom Allen lo Citizen. Sumidirast—Americans and the llritons. Worcester—The Pliillpiiine.';, I'asI and Present. (2 vols.) LlTKItATUKE (poetry, essays,) Hacon—Essays. Cavancss—Jayhawker .luleps. Cavaness—Uliythniic Stuilies of the World, (gift.) Cotes—Bible Flowers. Emerson—Essays, First and Second Series. Homer—The Odyssey, ir. by I'al- iiier. Noyes—Collected I'oems, (2 vols.) Palgrave, ed.—Tb(! Golden Treasury. Wattles; ed.—Sunflowers, a Book of Kansa.s Poems. USEFUL AllTS, PINE ARTS, etc. Ashley—Wireless Telegraiiliy and Wireless Telephony. Batchelder—Design in Tiieory and Practice. Course In W'ater Colors for the First Eight Years in School, (gift.) Roberts—Pocket Manual of Rules or Order. JUVENILE FICTION. Alden—Cruise of the Canoe Club. Alden—Cruise of the Ghost. Alden—Moral Pirates. Barbour—Captain of the Crew. Barbour—For the oHnor of the School. Barbour—Four In Camp. Barbour—The Half-Back. Barbour—The Spirit of the School. Harris—Uncle Remus and the Little Boy. Ray—Natlialie's Chum. Ray—Teddy, Her Daughter. Theiss—In Gamp at Fort Brady. BnrJ'eU's Prog Store Second Baptist, Church. Sunday School at 10 o'clock. General speaking ritceting at 11 a. m. Services at night. All are invited. The Fofnff Prbgrjim. Paper, Mrs. W, H : North. ; Reading. Miss LnUi Beatty. Duet, .M1 .SS Duncan and Miss Coker. Recitation, Miss Ann Coker. Paper, Mr. Will Rucker. Subject—"Should the Jiegro Enlist In the r. S Array Under the Present Condlton Toward the Bace." BROOKS LANE, Pres. Students of animiil I::.';;: :.y J have observed that a pu |i •^ve;;.; a good deal, compared w;:;i wi a^c<c«npiishes; , will itself :.t it Kept Gietting Worse. Very Sore, inflamed and tUnsiffhtly. Itched and Burned. U^VUticur9,$ofi|) andOintment IhShbrttimeWell. Rente No. 2. Box 27. Predertc Win.— " About a' year ago, pimplea and blocUieada farokit out on my face and'kept gettinfc worie and worse.- At' flrtt my 'face was covered with bladchead^ and In a short timo mall red spota appeared here and thera which Increaaed very rapidly. My faco became very 8ore and inflamed. The erup- tioos were very unsightly and diafigured, me badly. At tious tbey.itciied and burned BO l,l>ad!to'!«at<.'h tbeio iiiid after ttiat tliey got'stni^Worae. "I used tWo different remodieH but got: no good heBiiita. I wrote for a tfoi sampio of Cutlcwa 8<np and Ointment and tliat seemed loi^ve'fQod renilta so I liouilht three cakes oi Ciitlcuira Soap 'and a box or iCiiU- cura OUitnieat. Tlioy stoppeil tlie burning at boce. and In a short time I was entirely WbU.' and. all diaflcuremeiit was guoe,"' (Sig^) Gunard rrWerg. November 5. '14. Beauty ur'sldn and hair, promotad and maintained by dally use qf.Cuticura Soap, and Cuti^ura Ointment. Sample Eack Frae by Hall , With 32-p. Bliin^pol(,«m reqiMt.'^ M- dren post-card <'C«tlciifn. Mpt. T. Bos' ilaUtliMuihamitavwflclit; IN EXCLUSIVE STYLES —For Women, Afisses and Girls Individual Styles in Neu) Tailotmade Suits I'lir \\'(iiii*>ii and .Misses. to N>w «i;iT>iiniiiies, I'licrlis,'Co vi'i-ts. clc. ill llu' iifW s|iriii}i sliiules. I, New Kid Gloves Sole aficiits for (lio" cclc lnjilcd,f''•/(/»'///(•/ / Kill (IhircK - all. lll'^v ioiiiirmatii>iis and coloi's. Women's Neu^ and Misses' Model Separate Skirts l'xcliisiv<' iHiidcIs I'di" dress and slic(>t Wear in a varielv of cirrnjar, I' <'n'('cts. .lit' and |ili;utt'tl $3 98, $4.98, $6M, 8.50 and upward New Spring Millinery (»n llis|.l V .Nfoiidav. I- New Corsets for the Spring ^ Mode~$l. 00 to $10.00 For Wonicii iind .\fis> •vex. ; (iir iiinr. hciiHj IKiiniliir. DKikC". , I'.IJUh'IK. Tlir iicir nioiUTx <uhij)lvij ID the niniiiji iimdrt iihiwrii ill CDinitU'lv iissiirliiii iil>i. ill nil iif Ihr iiiriii(iiiH) th<: f,'0,s '.v .i/,'/>. 11' 1 A'\/•;/.' ('nrnclK (111 (1 <'(H!}('t MdintK fur ijiilx mnl m issi s -50c-$l.S0 Women's and Misses* Coats A >T/)iT.-<('tit(itii(' collci-lion of CoatH in iillni KIIKIII sti/lcs— iirir iiiatcridl .K.CIi iidddli. ('orcils, VUcikx. Ildpardiiics. Men 's Wear Nr/yyc— $6.50y$7.98, ^10, $15Z ward Plain and Fancy Sprikg Silks ('oin/irisinf/ the inoxt dcsiivhlc irca rcK in lilu colorinfiH, iiill itffd- rciij xpvi-jul iirii-c ndnn, Tiic (irlRiiial PO N <J !•: H SIJvK, 42 inrlies wide, in itii"ii. speciiil, %\.'i\) jM 'i- .vard. NHW F.MI.LI-: SILKS. .''.C inclics \vid<', in a wide i-anjic iif s|iiiii}<: sliades, Hit; new niaterials Uw skirls (ir suits. I'i'i- vaid. .fl .r .O. TAFI«;J':T.\S. liisti-e. s(iC( fi el; and the iicn: to(/cn. Iliirh (iiade ('IlIFirON .'tli iiK-li, lii^li isli, all.NliatkK, S|.ceiai, .fl.riinxM' yard. •10 indies wii! small design daik j;i'<imid. SILK CKKl'IC, lie in lai'^je and on WiiUi and V>'.)r pel' vard. Superior r If E I' E I) K CHLNI.'. Ill incjifs uid<', in cv eninjj; and slieet sliades, also fjesli lini for underwear; sjiecial. $\.-J~> per .vard. New York (Thompson—Green Moiintain Boys. Tomlinson—Three Young Continent als. Tomlinson—Two Young Patriots. Tomlinson—Washington's Young Aids. Van Dyke—Story of the Other Wise Man. Wiggin—Timothy's Guest. JJJVENILE HISTORY, TRAVEL, etc. Allen—David Crockett, Scout. Lee, Yan Phou—When I Was a Boy in China. Putman—The Children's Life of Ab raham Lincoln. Sabin—Buffalo Bill and the Overland Trail. Sabin—On the Plains With Custer. Sabin—With Carson and Fremont. BEPOBT M\yj CASES Off RUEI/VATIS.U XOW Says We Must jKeep Feet Dry; Avoid E-xposure u|nd Eat Lena Meat. . —Stay off tWe damp ground, avoid exjiosure, keep feet dry, eat less meat, drink lots of water and above" all take a spoonful of '.salts occasionally to keep dowwn uric acid. Rheumatism is caused by poisonous toxin, called uric acid, which Is generated in the bowels and absorbed Into the blood. It l.s the function of the kidneys to filter this acid from the blood and cast it out in the urine. The (lores of the skin are also a means of freeing the blood of this Impurity. In (lamp and'chilly, cold weather the skin Schrader—Frederick the Great. ... i pores are closed, thus forcing the Van Bergen—The Story of Japan. JUVE.Vlt.E USEFUL ARTS, etc. Doubleday—Stories of Inventors. Roth—First Book of Forestry. Zerbe—Carpentry for Boys. Zerbe—Electricity for Boys. Zerbe—Practical Mechanics for Boys. BAVAHB. March 4,.—GoWie Lainiinyon was at Qrandnia Lainunyon's Friday afternoon. * Hazel McC'allen spent the last of last week with Versa Hite. Seth Camp shipped a load of hogs from Bayard Monday night. Tom Lamiinyon's visited In Bayard Monday. Art Hutton's spent the day Tuesday with Lester Stokers. Mona MeCallen from lola »i)eiit tlie first of the week at home. , J. R. Dunlap of Carlyle visited in Bayard this. week. I Andy McAdams moved to his farm southeast of Bayard this week. .lohn Byerly shipped a, car loaded with household goods and iniiilements and stock to Carlyle W^ednesday. They drove across the country wfth three teani.s, coUs and cattle Thursday. kidneys to do double work, they become Weak andj sluggish and fall to eliminate this ijrlc acid which keeps accumulating and clrbulacing: through the system, eventually settling la the joints and musdles causing atiffaess, sorenes and pain called rhenmatim. At the firt tWinge of rheumatism get from any liharmacy about four ounces of .lad Salts; put a tablespoon- fui in, a glass of water and. driiJc before breakfast each morning lor a week. This is said to elimioatcurlc acid by stlmulitlng the. kldncya to normal action, thus ridding tha.blood of these Impurltiies. .lad Salts is Inexpensive, harmless and is made from the acid of grapes and' lemon juice, combined with HOiia and 1^ used with'ex'cellent resulta'by thousands of folks who are subject to rheumatism. H^re you have a pleasant, effervescent lithla-water drink wliicli o've'rcomeS uric actd and is ban- eficial to yoar kidneys as well. This— Peace hath her victories, hut we generally have to fight pretty hard for them, .ind Fire eCnts. —aO .N'T .MlSSjTHlS. Cut out this slip, enclose five cents to Polpy. & Co.. Chicago, HI., writing your'hame dnd address clearly. You will receive in return a trial package contatijiiiK Foley's Honey and Tar Coinpound, tor coughs, colds and croup. Fol^ey Kidney ' Pills, and Pole>i Cathartic Tiiblets. J. Burrell's Drug Store. ' i"- I - - CAMPBELLUJ^IPERTARING CO, We Strive to Please Phone 332 loIa, Kas.

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