Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 9
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lOLA, KAN., THURSDA'Y EVENING, AP^IL T, 1927. THIS HAS HAPiffeNEO BILLY WKbLS. hikdhif the cl>'V<- ; deii^rtment u( the -bts; C urtl-s K(<ir<-. : wins p iirixe for] her •«! !•»•«!!« to ' uucKtlonnhlrc ppcparfd;! IJ>- T. Q. CLTITIS hiniKell. Billy 1 ; fcusplrfrtus tif i<»lil T. Q ."H h)ol |vei<. when shi-. obi4 ?n-.« that XYDA IXiijrAX. WINNIE SlIEUTON and tM ty -lw» winnrrs of ,-pii .,v*ry (.reltUrst BirU In When • the old nwiii secund and amazing . fe«in. htT suspicions are e*\. and- she rcsolvtra toj lilan .-f. "When Hhei tcllx Tia. f<>n of- thi! nilllin Hbimt ribt HVKond coiilesjij Htnntty Mii)ipti-I<>u?< and lo let thcxoiitexl Jlloii tlliiliihrrito} lilmKclf 'uiid 111)? In t.lic home: of th< • ily In H iwrrnr i part • n 'H -kiiiK In if fficl'iiy tniixlc nl nifcht. ^ Hv ,ha« l<frn thrown 'Rctn/^K who r'fuwnl hi IeHrti><l llifir m»r.rliii;<' n lnh <?rltHn<->>. Ilti lU -ti -rmln '-H !•> nuil. bin own Wiiy, thiinKli >.:tli<- llr<- -nf » worklnir man nniteii linrfhlv <fii U - S'nXitlVO M >Ul- Jl HoUl lluH l "X <x IwMuty and muVii: »Vovi> oil •l-"-.. Wlly'x ambition to Iw a-Kr.-at <i >iii '<-rt vintlnlNt Is sin- j-tr iBC"''t l;"'il'l b<'t«iM-ii the two rtl>'iul ." ' •Wha i .H Old T. y. (iiio?" isillv H!<k!< hf-mrir Ihi' day .1 t>T tli 'f blK ct-lf'brsitlon while she |K> «•« <iv«-r the ^rnl*::< for thf .•^eeoiHl ''oi ti 'Mi. When she slis down lo Willi; I IT esriay tin uther tweii- ixlen ar^ .the lie .xlore. ;ilnn<iijtK-ns' a iit.?.-.i." mil." iiibHtiintfat- uiioiver liH LAY crit-. lilire OWIU 'l', t'l.iy ijx In)»ain»' Hilly nay )i;i>« 1H ROW llv- W.HH fam- the t'twri. ltd wrliliiK own liv an ^1 whi -n "he' anf hlK dl- .-;llit t *;int •y f*r a » .•! i .-o..d whnt sh'' would do siviald .-li. . h'-rit a hundred thouiMinil.'dollaryJ . dlscowrs that * she dM <-sn"t wea4th:.only enough tnoiiey fine violin and le!Mon> irom .. ! teaehi-r. After her litil<> • tonl.sslon is 'written, .-^he t.'ll', hi 'i; nioth 'T- that >h^ l>ellf \tH sli.- , 1:111 proiih'-sy who eisrhl ofi tlie t.-n wlii: llers of the contest util IH'. SIK? •writes down ^•*Hi a .-^liplof |np .T 1 !!•» nami"<: of tli" eiKht priiuiest RiiH., NOW'GO (JN WITH THE STORY rHAF'TBll Xm. The barometer i>f the Curtl.s Store morale that first week ;•' of February registereU it rirjjp of at least' ten degrees, aged 'women who ha'ti t faileri to win prlzeis in the Tlired! middle- Hed and luestlonT nn.LY I'AI:SH:I>. I!Kit KiN (;t ;i :s. TKI.I.INi ^i THE nairc contest, or who Had been :foo j're ^ goose-if you don't write ind women who ha. flure of failure to ti-y. said cutting,, all that down-except the natie of aueslion. "If I had ? lip-tv ^iBtiijg vvot-ds ^tothe I'letljf ,ho ,nan." she amended. I iand dollars." V .VA.Mi;.^ t>f TUK G1111.S OKK r|N- 1 had answered ihty. hundred thou- girls who had Won j and .suspicion! ••(>},. 1 c <iuldn "t:" Leila llii^lied KDd speculation rage<i abofit bobbed niorc darkly. •Til just die if uiiy- .and shingled and laarcelled young;body but you knew what I Really taeadii. . ! • BUIy had raiher dreaded to gjj to work on .Vfinday morning, for fear she woulh find herself besieged with picks for help by ^irls who^ had no gift for compositiicn. But >'h'e-.found that nearly all of the iwenty-five winners of the contest were strangely reticent• as to their hopes and pTans for winning the secopd. Only Leila Samp- eon, her devoted chtun. asked diffidently and humbly for her help. "Only twenty of jthe twenty-five wknt to do. An;l whaf.s tlie u.^'r.'" she asked drearily. "Ii's iill jii>r make-believe. III never liavi- a hundred thoui-und doUUrs. or Stanley Power.-, t«r—or anything." A tear rolled down her; tiMi phiinp. freckled .cheeks. Leila ^imiispn w.roto • Iier fcou-: scieutiousjlittlc e--.say, with the-help j ot her; father, a blind man wiin, spent bis; time making whisk; brooms and wire coat hangers. At j His suggestion, her mythical hun- „, , „ -, . I 'Ired thousand wa.s lauilably si-ciii «.n :w4n-c«nii *te. L^ilai told, ^ state circulating librtiry tor Billy as Ihey sat o^er-thelr U.nch-; ,he blind, with brauches it c-vcry eon in the cafeteria, "^ou know | ^.^v/-' Susie Howard's leaving- the store Saturday night, and Callic Ihist- wick, who won the tw.cnty-fifth Vr 'ze., sa\'s she lyouldn't waste ink and papef on^the silly contest. So does that Meyers girl who won the .next to tbe last prize, T Mr.s. .Mli- son in the Stylish Stoiits sa.ys she •hasn't tlSne, because two of her chilldren are sick, and Mrs. Kiiiley in the French lingerie says the : whole thing's too silly for word.s. So that leaves only twenty and there arH ten prl ?es. .Maybe I'll get One if.y <H 'Il help me." "All r ght. but don't talk so loud." B Ily cantiiined. "Nyda and Winnie ; fe listening. I'll be glad when m> lunch^ hour's changi-d tomorrow 50 I won't he running info them. ^pw.. Leila,.what would yoii do if yo 1 had a hundred thousand dollars?' : Billy grinned at her as/ • she. dug her spoon into a baked apple. "I coildn't put down, oh paper whatTr really, do," Leila whispered, her plain, . freckled . face staining a du,ll rfii. "I'd go tp Paris aid; ha^e all those beautv . treatmerts thoy write about. '1'^ .' get redu -od- and have my face peered, .and ny nose made smaller and straight* r; and, get my hair dj/ed and peri|ianeut-wav«>ia, aiid hire the best modiste 1 could find. Oh, I sound crazy, I know—" "Xo, you don 't. Billy tpok her friend's hand and squeezed if Hurler cover of the fable. "Co on.' V^tter you were turned into an ir- re^i.-itible beauty, what woiildj you dor- I "I'd comeback here and biijld a nice little home| for Dad anrf me, and-^and try to make Stanley jPow- era realize I'jii alive. You 'honestly aren 't— aren't in love with Stanley, are you'?, Vou always 'said yon weren't:" she plekded. "Of course I'm not in love with Ktanio)'. I Just (o with hini you 'll b.ivp a chance to see hi ^in nt :niy IIOIIHO ," Billy UHsured her. By Thurstlay, tlii! lust |day on which essays could be stjhniiUet!. Nyda Loniax and Winnie iShclInn. whtj had heoh' friend.--. »vei'<; hardly speaking lo «aih otii'rr. jiud P'.>arle iladley was in a Jsl ite of Ai- .nio.".! eonstant toariulncss >iecaiisp of the .suiilis and cuuin:: reniark.- that she .so iinde.s'.Tveilly met on every hiiml. .N"o! one knew just Imw T:' t). planned to award the prizes, whatever they niiKlit hiK and when Tuo.-:- day of the next we.jk arrived, tfie eniir- nreanizatioii was secthin? with roiijectiire. re-;enltnent. and open su.-ir'icion of'T. (J.s motives. At f.'inr o'.'loek, uheii tlu: slorc was at I its jieak ol nervous- tension., augmenteil by the latipne | oT au iinnsually heavy day 's husi- nc.-"s, old TJ I.J.'S iii-r.sonal , offii-i- .ljoy. r.jis. darted like a grinning -Mercury frnim department 'to de- 1 partment. carryini; sealed cnvelnpe.s ' which Ije delivered with his choicest wisecracks, to the twenty girls "A billi-do for' Billy )Vclls. with, )ld T. Q.fs complinicnisi and man] appy riiiurns of the day." fJKs nudi: iieif a low,, ii'iuckifig bow 'as le undercd the iuvclope. Hilly was about to open the missive when a man ]>auscd at her •ciun'er. itefore she looked up into jliis fate, she was conscious only of iiiiuiy :in<e that she would have to lefer reading "ivjr fate as to the •tmie .st. biit in afiother moment she iad f <)rsf)i '-en eyeryiliing but the urn's eyes, rthich •iver-- .snv^nc | irnndinply down upon-her. They' were strange eyes—a veiled, ,som- jcr black,' but -oddly compelling. I 'he lid ot (jne 'drooped slightly, the on?, straight.fringe of black laah- s alnioat lying ajraitist the smooth, warihy skin .of hiW Xcat) cheeks. She bad a, foolish, fleeting thrill jof te:;r tliat the man's eyes were liypnotlzing her. aiid she was rurl- jously relieved wihen lie:smiled. Her released from th<! spell he Iliad-' momentarily liiid upon her. ttaiele.l iwifily his. fare and iT ^ii;-e. lie was very slim and ex- tr»mel3r wejl groomed. His si raight. dark brown hair lay flkt aid pol- iabeii against, his narrow, aristocratic head, and the sprink \tk% 6t gray; above the temples add >didl8- tlnctlinn to his Oriental good> Icioks. The thought riashoff throuf^h her mind that be. was a Hindu, [for he somehow suggestcii India, but when he spoke it wa.i with a voice that she had learned to associate with fBoston and Harvard. ' "Good afternoon," with a flight, foreign bending of the hodyiiit the htps. and that sniile on hia lips and in bis eyes which chani(ed'his face so miraculously. "Some gloves, pleaso. for a young lady. French gray short 1 gloves, with litltched cuffm" ' i "The Blue, please'.'" Billy fell^j that, with (hojik! few coinim|npIacc;' word:"/Of liis, lie had walled t^o two of th<!m off from the rest of the store, that they were alone in H cha.rmed. tiny area-of precious Intiroac.y. 'Her pulses were leap- [n>r..nn(| she feared that her voice had trethbled. "I believe the young lady's bands! arc almost as small, as yoii^a," he | smiled. She was passionately grateful that she need feel no shamed for her'hands. 1 "I wear a five and a half.'f she ansiyerod in- a low voice, to match the low, almost caressing intimacy of his rtwn tones. He bought' three pairs of the most expensive French .gloves in the Curtis Store, and ortljered Ihem sent to ^liss Anette. Triiman. one of the "sociofy girls " of ()nlfax. but he did not give her his cani rio enclose in tfie package. j When he was gone, with aiipther of his continental hows., and another of his flashing, intimate smiles. Billy stood 'for a long minute, unthinking, wrapped in a dreamy haze. "Have you forgotten your note from T. Q.7" Julie Barker, who had l)»en an interested observer of the X'isale, inquiretl caiistiealiv. "Won- pleased tb inform yon tibat you are doe of the ten prize winners in the «bnteat. 'If I had a hundred thou- S nd dollars.' .Mr. Curtis also re- ^ts that you refraid from conversation on the subject of the contest until after he has made the »warda.''.<i ; Billjr flushed and trembled with an excitement .that cbuld not be ^boliy explained on thji grounds',of flation over winning fan unnamed J irize. For inexplicable reasons, he felt that.ehe was vn the verge if something tremend>us, vitally Important to'herself.: j I>ella Sampson came to Billyjs department after the store haU closed. ) -Oh, Billy. I won a prize J I'm so excited I can hartly stand it. r »ld you—but of course you did!" "Yes." Billy answered briefly. Uien her -own fore|^|(liugs were swept away at sight of il.«ila'8 shining,eyes. 'Tm awfully glad you are one. of the winnerfj. Leila." "It was awful In the dressing rooms. Billy." I.k>ila.confided. "Some of the girls wouldn't even speak to niu. because they'd hiard I'd won a prize. And they're saying the most dreadful things iihoiit T. Q." "I^t's go up." , Blllv vigorously irnshnd powder from the front of Oer little brown yelvet dWiss. "I'm hot so stuck on this :ohlest business myself. I ho^n tbis is t)ic last of 'I'. Q.'s bright 1 lejjs." Tliey •were the onl; in the ascending e when they arrived at tlic open door of T. O.'s private offie^. they found_ that the olhjjr eight pf-izc winilers', were already there, clustered self-! ' passengers j bmlthy dlwrUon. ert rroiU» eVator. ind S^^i ,jSl,&^>K cons( ib-isiy about thej store owiior'rf. unoccl smiling with their lips. fng one anotber with suspicjous, speculative eyes. Billy! let I<eila Sampson sH > 'in ahead of her. then paused in the dooryway,' telling the names of the girls ofiC on her ffngcrs—oqc^two. three, 'four, five; six. seven-j-No, she hadn't wi>n -he'r wager—^^qtiite. (TO BE CONTINI-Er>) j In the next chapter: T. Q. cjirtli ' awards: fan^irtic prizes In a fantastic contest. • ; . j irhr Look OM Beiore Your ijirae.' So maiiy tired, nm-down men and women lobldng older thaii Itheir years, needlessly endure bodily; mis- <jry and discomfort by day i and sreep-disturbing bladder weakness by night. whcVJ just two Ifoley Pills diuretic (corrective aiid l -ogii- laiivc) taken at intervals as directed, would give then\ Iv .idily ;coni- fort and a graleful ease from jpain., As a recent us.r snni.s it up'•Foley Pillsi^m'ade a big difference jii nie' and I feel stronger and hetipr in every way." Satisfaction giiiran- teed. Ask for Foley I'lUs diuiietic. —H. A. Brown & Son. Better digestloa; EiidsCQnsQpattoil eraUn omtcm tn iinproro. • SwaM: ft» br t*li<nr rhamiyrlain"* Tmb^ * IM> for m wrek. -They armwi department ipied <lesk, but regard- nmplp writs eii«inberlaln,M*d. 1 Oo.,B94 Park St.. 0«*M<iin«.la.^ CHAMBERlAi TABLETS 1$Sfj^«e»> Tanlac Never Fails Mrs. Bowers D'ArMr* t\ai tK« r*aarli*bU n*» pr*- tMdarhM, iin, 4 ..... ... Mlcklr. 11 it dIM •B< <MM Hi wark Wllkml bMrt dtpr**' •rrlBiim A -Vat will (Up iMtr* bMdarhfi, •farnifla, rbtuuiiri ••rlMl' P*i"< ^"Ul y »lB, •!«.,' vtrjr fulcklr* ft » dlfftrtat •i *iL.. W* rKommanl snd (urssla* MIU t»-tl»ii. Tnu wilt t>« 4tlltliit4. ' ' ' Caauias aa ^Mj ^rte ^attiaiM « W«r '• PALiACE DRUp S'TORE Before BabyComes ' X ^^BT iow' to ease moeh nimeeeaMinr anf- ering toe yourself is one of ih* • ^ mportant tiiisgs In to I now, iridit' now, mpti er-to-be I Learn 4he ziith:lfoDow the simpt* method of an eminent pbjrsieian wiw dedicated :his life'* woric to thi« Kreat ae- tvmplithmtkt for jour ben^tl -: "t wa« in labor only 25 rainutea with mr laat cbiM.' bat aulTerad asonie* with thye pre- rioui cbildren," writea an cathuiiastie motlMr . tirtt j>oir, front tbia da • on, and rielrt up to tbe day of rfciW- _ biilS IMotbtT-.^FrUBd" ihoold WHio Bradflcld lUkulaUr Co.. Dept. BA T; AUanta. fia.. tor Im Baoklrt (acnt In plain fnvelo|>r> .telllnc many tblnanrvrry •latent mother iibouU know. "Xother** Kf|»nd", U »olii' at all « drug •lorcf. n «|cin *u>i<> and ynu will rraliia Iho wUdoai «f :doin« to a^ tb« w«cbi ruU byl \ WIGGLE YOUR TOES. COT A COIN? W Blade a Jtxat "EiidiO-CorB'* for TOD. To«r Di^jrgist Ii Waitiag foTiToa to Call L "•KO-O-OORN- aetuullly TODS CORNSaBd Ttry paetogfc contains a MOKST OUARAMTUC^at I yon can lea ^^t BP]^ bkak U yoar karpa do not r "'%%-0-CoS(r*' M twdJrsa« by- the ItollawtBv dnm ^tiC bBt ir^tb« ar* not toear jron laod- yovr aelclibiMiaod droa- " jMirj»,|aa5y m* aril wW-*»tSatyoa IS THERE RELIEF SKIN Oilarrh of thu Stomaih, Food Poifonihp.nnrlRun-dotcn Condition Relieved. Strength Restored. 'Tanlac.will always h .'ive my highest," says Airs. .Vrvena B<jw- crs,lL >30Ja'kson.St., Topelca. ,"0n several different orca-r sions this mar^Tloua tonic iias kived me from stiff 'ring and restored HJKKI healt h. "For .5 years catarrh of tiJe .stomach _ and tiowpjs eau .scd terrible .sulTcrini; and pain. .Certain foods I could not eat. And in the evening gas would liloat my stomai'h. I IMizy spells were freouent. And for'J years I was on a diet. Ircad alxiiit Tnnbcand.wiiat it had done for .others.^ I tried it. It brdught mc relief and put my stomach in good shape. "Later I was pois9nedT)y fo <jd that I ntc and was confincid to- my bed for 5 weeks. I took Tanliic. It relieved ray trouble and I bcgaii to feel l)cttcr. It, toned lip my systpm. Put my bowels lA good shape. Then I liecame run-' down. And apain Tanlac came to my rescue It built uj> my strength, gave me cnefRy, vitality. I gained 10 lbs." Tanlac htts baniiihcd auffcrinx and sorrow from tl^oiuands of lives. It is made from roots, barkti and hcrfaa Kronling to the Tnnlac formula. Over iO millioii bottles sold.: Take Tanlao for hcttltb OQiJi strrogtb. At druggista. dcr who the slieik is " Cee. Billy, you fell for bim like a ton of bricks." • I She did not answer, but took up j T. Q. Curtis's note and ripped open the envelope. Then, with her e.yes on the sheet of paper, the spell wias broken: ".Mr. (Sirtis requests yoiir presence in his private office "this aft-i ernocn at five-forty-five. He is DISTURBED SLEfiP. Believed Y'or Wisconsin Ijid^ Ifanrs to Tell Others. Blnd- \ der Irritation the Cause* —Mrs. Ellen Johnson. Hillsbpro Wis., says she will tell or write any one how she was .relieved by simple iithiated buchu (Keller Formula.) She says: "I had to get np| nlgbls so much. The Irritation was so hpd. I had to go to the hospital for eleven weeks. I Improved some but ]was not at all well.- I began lo take Iithiated buchu. ' I feel fine totla,v. Haven't talien medicine for two months. .\m still well. Gafncd 30 pounds. . • i Keller Laboratory. .Mechanicsburg;, Ohio. Sold liy all druggists, lyically at Cook's Drug Store. . V . / r , Mutt I Contf nue to Suffer the Unbearable ItOtfiig? 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Value proved by unprecedented sale. ; OLDSMOBILE llmodels-$875to $il90 Gratifies your finer tattet satisfiet every need. A tralyfixM carac moderate cost. Beautiful Fisher Bo^e*. Diico finish. Powetfnl 6^ cylinder motor. Harmonic balancer, ,4-wheel brakes. Many odtacaaur «improvements. And a wide range of nu>dcb to choose from. OAKLAND 7modeLi—$1095to$129^ ' \\^nnlng and hoUlink goodwill everywhere because of fes ad- •anced engineering and precision construction. FIther Bodies. Doco 'finish. Robber silenced chassis. 4-wheel brakes. A ."sl:^ whose q:aBllty is doubly, assured as a product of General Motors. BXJICK IStoodels—$1195to$1995 Everybody knows Bulck^s worth. General Motors empha^ees \ Boick'sstatementthatitsnewtnodelsrepresent"TheGreatescBoicIc; Eyer Built." Vibrationless beyond belief. Famous 6>cylinder vah»4iw head engine. Bodies by Fisher, Duco finish. Many mwlcls. LASALLE 6naodel»-$2495tD $26a5 ; General Motors' latest contributioii to the fiiie car fidd.-TUs b die new and beautiful car deseed and bnOt bif Cannae as a con^ ^Mnirtn trur ta CMtilUr. Ha« V-typr- AtrylfaAif mnfft%^. P-*^ BnillaS Duco finish. Now on display. 1 ' CADILLAC «'i^4i'sss^ : I The piooecr'ld tfa07 »CT &iiiler fieU. Standard of the wodd. - Improved V.;type90-degree engine. Marvelous bodies by Fisher and ' Fieet;wood.Ducofinishesi.AchoioBi>f506dlfifefcntcok>raiidaplKik I ' scery, combinations to emphasiie indfvfafaiallty in owaersh^ i • ALSO- • . . , FRIGIDApiE eUetHcrefrig- eraton. The largest selling; electric refrigerator in the world. Bulk by General Motors. Many models-—many prices. DELCOi.UGHT eUesrte plant*. Anodier General tors product, Bilugsydu alllfi0 - con venif net s end lahoMBvlpS devices of electricity. - OAKLAND [ALL PRICES F .d .B.FACTORIES] CLIP THE COUPON W E WANT YOU to knowmpre abouf Genend Motets and its cars and other products. Check the car that interests you most and mail in khe coupon. We wOI aend yoti« free, interes'tTng illustrated booklets telling aUaboat ^ that car and what General Motors is doing to assate you of both value and satisfaction bi car ownmhip. Cli^ the coupon now. Mail it TODAYJ Don't wait. GENERAL • « —— -CLIP THE COtJPON GENERAL More RS (Dept. A ), Detroit, Mich. j ICHEVROLET ^ p^^, SX^^S iPPNTiAc m^^.isS^'^^^'S^ JOIDSMOBILE • deJerincaseIm.y.wl.h.d.«on.tratio LASALLE CADILLAC •-I Name— • ^ Ai ' Q. Address— • FnqroAISE Electric R<fHSBa<»«D DELCO-LI^HT BbcMt^FbiM* £3 1

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