Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 14, 1963 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1963
Page 10
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10 AE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS SATURDAY^ DECEMBER 14, 1963 The NIGHT, The WOMAN By Stephen Ransomc fup.wUlil v. 1962, 10(i3 by Stephen Kanitome DMrihiilrd by Newspaper Enterprise A?fn. Blake had seen them in his left hand—not just one search warrant this time, but two. Barcello separated them, retained one and handed the other to Tessa. While she stood looking at it uncomprehendingly, he glanced over ... ... .. , . . t his shoulder and nodded to to me like this. Vou re trying to ;Chjcf Kn?sh> Immedialcly the make me say something I can't put into words. You . . . you chief and Lanson went into the house. Blake watched them She fumbled with the war- in a daze, unfolded it, XXXIV "Another possibility has come up since then—Blake," Todd . ,„„ u .,v.. „.„„i. ....^.v... — went on. "Thcv've built up seem to be forcing me to d<-'-'turning ( 0war( ] the bedrooms, a strong case against him. What cide which one of you two men as un p reparC( ] f or this move as they're going to do to him will murdered Val!" 'r cssa ^ been wreck his life. If you believe Blake had listened dumb- gj. I'm guilty, how can you let'founded: Tessa's own question rant in a aazc umo iaea it, them go ahead with it? Whyjhad been spinning through his !starc( j at n $\ xc ' hlurtcd, "But don't you go to the police ann'mind: what was "Todd doing to|' tnere j sn >t _ j don't under- tcll them he's the wrong man?:her? In some oblique way he stanc jt" Tell them I'm really the one seemed to be trying to darifyj T) c , ]Q , b th h d *'h|ywant.' some area of the situationi in , document, crushing it, She recoiled from the his own mind while leaving it . . , s .. rin ; roum i.£ V cd thought of it. dark in Blake's. In doing so. he ™ d S stuimed o say "You're mv datiahlcrs bus- had pressed her into a position " 1 1 sUinnc(1 10 sa * band. How would ihith feel to- of painful strain. 0It " . , * ward me if I—'' Two cars had stopped at the „ , "There's much more at stake curb. The first was a police . , Alrs -. u . in K a ' e - , rb ^ c f M ° than Ruth's frelincs. If vou cruiser; Chief Krcsh was at the said, explaining himself, I had know I'm really guilty, nnd if wheel and a young patrolman <™ interesting phone call to- I'm willing to let Blake take the named Ed Lanson was sitting day. •ap in my place, how can you beside him. As they ducked 1 he-phone call was troma fail to speak up for him?" out, Lieutenant Bp-cello and ma »- V, e refused to give his "Todd, what you're saying is, another man, a stranger to name He told me that he and ... is crazv!" In the eerie green i Blake, alighted from the sec-: "s Rirl were in a rowboat on glow of the pool water her face^ond car. Barcello indicated thci^e bay night before last — the looked like a frightened mani-lway and they walked side byi^g"* Mrs - ^y.™ was killed, kin's. "There isn't any evidence side toward the garage and out 1 ™ 0 ? were drifting along near against you. It would only bejof sight. l! h , e * ea ?' a » , at t!lls P art , ot tne my word . . . and I can't be! • • • island when they noticed some- certain. No! I couldn't . . . Tessa was sitting up again, ]sw1imn ,V n , R / r Cy „ haclITnQ " couldn't ever—" looking confused and offended. •«•<•'«, the lights of Mrs. Hay"Ah? So vou're not too sure/'What do they want? What are wards boat and this swimmer about me! The police may beithev doing out there — in was coming straight from that right — it must be Blake after Win's shop?" (direction, ihey saw the swim- alf?" ! She was rising indignantlv.mer rise out of the water and She shook her head almost when Barcello rcappcare d lc, »mb oyer the sea wall in front hysterically. "I don't know'alone. of this house In the light from what to think! Why must I "Perhaps you don't know the windows they could see the think anythin"? I can't do any- ihcre has been a death in this woman quite clearly—a woman thing about it!" house. I'm too upset for this;wearing .a bluo-and-whtte ilow- "You might think this. Tes- sort of thing. It can't be so im-jcrcd swim suit. ^ sa: if it wasn't me it was Blake,Iportant. Besides, you're em-! lessa piurtcci. r\o but if it was neither of us, thenlbarrassing me in front of my, 1 noticed you in this pool of course it had to be someone!neighbors. Police cars corn-yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Wining—" ''gale. You were wearing a swim "I'm sincerely sorry." While!suit of that description. You're Tessa glared at him, pinching:a strong swimmer, and Mrs. her lips together. Barcello went on, "I have the necessary pa pers for what I must do." else; and in that case the guilty person will sit back safe and untouched, and let Blake go through the wringer." "What are you doing to me? I don't know why you've talked Hayward's boat was not anchor- Jed too far out." (To Be Continued) Christmas Trees —Jefferson Co. Crop Your 1963 Tree May Be Home Grown Most farmers plant, seed in the spring, baby it all summer and harvest their grown crop in the fall. Gale Sledge of Bonnie plants in the spring, too. And he harvests in the fall, eight or nine years later. Sledge is a Christmas tree farmer, and he is harvesting his 1963 crop on an 18-acre plot on his SO-ncre farm in Spring Garden township, east of Bonnie. He has about 25,000 trees on the farm and the "harvest" this year will be approximately 3,000 trees. Where did your Ch istmas tree come from this \ ar? It may be it came from Gale Sledge's for the Mt. Vernon Optimist Club purchased 600 trees from him for re-sale here at their Tenth street lot. Sledge sells Christmas trees on both a wholesale and retail basis. Trees from his farm are being sold now in Mt. Vernon, Florida, and several Illinois cities. Periodic pruning and good care has resulted in a big crop of well-shaped Christmas trees at the Sledge farm. Christmas tree farming has become a new industry in southern Illinois and the Sledge farm is one reason why Jefferson county is among the leaders. Story telling is a highly developed skill in Moslem countries where religion forbids the portrayal of human and animal likenesses in art. An hour of farm labor today produces more than five times as much food and other crops as it did in the period of 19191921. STAN THE TIRE MAN OFFERS YOU THIS SNOW SPECIAL . . . OF MUD SNOW TREADS Thais right, for ."55.00 a month rent a pair of snow tires! Ix;t us put them on now beforo the big snows como . . . After the snow season, drive in nnd we'll take them back at no extra charge to you. No fuss, no muss. For Sizes 6.50x13, 7.00x14, 7.50x14 Mrs. Allen And Rev. Lernay On Welfare Group Two appointments on the Jefferson County Welfare Services Committee were announced I from Springfield today. I Appointed to the committee | were Mrs. Ruth Allen, 1309 Har! rison. reappointed, and the Rev. | Everett Lemay. 900 Park Ave| nue appointed to replace the I Rev. William E. Griffiths, re- j signed. : The appointments were announced by Harold O. Swank, i director of the Illinois Depart! ment of Public Aid. The ap- j pointments were made on rec- I ommendations of the county ! hoard of supervisors. Other Sizes As Follows: 800x14-850x14 . $6.00 Pr. 800x14-950x14 . . $7.00 Pr. Extra Wheels ... . $1.00 Pr. Whitewalls ..... ... 50* Pr. * Rental Per Month Bill Thackrey 2G00 BMwuy Dial 242-1421 Homo or Offico 242-4827 State Farm Lifo Insurance Company. Home Office: Bloomlngton>Illinois. Bowling FKIKNDSIIIP T.KAOUK High Games—7arkie Osterman 180; Clro Sanduskv "186; .lean Glitzier 181: Beverly Curry 181; Betty Campcll 168; Wanda Ward 16S. High Series—Cleo Sandusky 493; Betty Campbell 478; Jackie Osterman 468: Wanda Ward 461; Jean Glitzier 461; Beverly Curry 440. STANDINGS W I- Fcatherstun Maytag .... 35 IB Security Bank 34 17 Betty's Beauty Bar 33 IS Ward Insurance 29 22 J. Lambert Excavating 27 24 Jefferson Asphalt 2-1 27 Jeri-Elen Kennels 22 29 Conoco 20 31 General Radiator W.i 31 National Auto Supply .... UVi 39',i Will RL.VWAY I.EAGUK High Games—Phyllis Adcock 203; Virginia Buskool 192; Pack Henry 183; Velma Sammons 1ST; Ree lliggins 178; Nonie Willis 174. High Series—Phyllis Adcock 561; Vclma Sammons 512; Pack Henry 492; Mildred Henry 479; Harriet Kelley 454; Eaiiene Taylor 444. STANDINGS W li Holman Motors 31 17 Clark Jewelers 30 18 Dairy Brand 30 18 D-X Fuel Oil 27 21 Kinman Gas 26 22 Sandy's Beauty Shop .... 24Va 23»,i Nu Bowl Lanes 23 25 Courtney Movers 22 26 Toney's Speed Wash .... 21 27 Davis & Wilson Texaco 20 »i 27> 2 Marco Pharmacy 19 29 Schoch Advertising 14 34 The annual payroll of the dairy industry in the United States is $1.3 billion. IIAIJK isi.KiHifj (in top plioio) examines one of tl»c 25,000 Christmas trees on his farm in Sprint; Garden township. The bottom pholii Miows n portion of (he 18 acres planted in Christinas trees. Sledge expects to harvest and sell some 3,000 trees (his year. Break Would Make Cambodian Prince Happy PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Cimlxxlia's chief of state, Prince Norodom Siha­ nouk, said today he "would be happy to break diplomatic reunions witli the United States." Sihanouk said that U.S. Ambassador Philip D. Sprouse had delivered a protest to his government thai was a "thinly disguised threat to break relations." "Let us then hope for an early break in relations bet veen the United States and us," Siha­ nouk declared in a speech in the province of Takeo. "Then all the United States can do is to threaten to make war on us and to send us their famous Polaris bombs (sic) if, however, they do not fear being killed by ridicule." In Washington, the State De- partmcnt denied Thursday that Sprouse had delivered a protest. It said he had requested clarification of the language used in a broadcast by the Cambodian government radio station Dec. 9 which U.S. officials interpreted as derogatory to President Kennedy. U.S. monitors reported the broadcast ordered celebrations because of (he deaths of South! Viet Nam President Ngo Dinh i Diem. Thailand's Premier Saril • Thanarat and "the great boss of iliese aggressors." Officials in Washington look the latter term as a reference 10 President Kennedy. The Cambodian government press service denied Thursday that any such celebration had been o r d e r o d for Kennedy'se (io.tlh and said he had the "unanimous respect of all Cambodians." The Prince said today Sprouso's protest had caused him to recall Ambassador Nong Kimmy from Washington. Relations between Cambodia and the United States have deteriorated steadily in recent months because of Sihanouk's contention that the Unit e d Stutes and South Viet Nam are arming and supporting Cambodian rebels seeking Sihanouk's overthrow. The United Stales | has denied the charge repeated-> >y- I Sihanouk on Nov. 19 re- i nounced all further U.S. economic and military aid. The Prince has shown more and more affinity for Communist China. IHJTSON MACHINE SERVICE Ruviil Portable Typewriters ' CHRISTMAS PRICE $49.95 2231 Casey Ave. I'll. 242-2707 JANSENS SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SPECIAL For Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday Dec. 16-17-18 Ladies' and Men's COATS RC , s ,„89* Ladies' and Men's SLACKS «.* 60c 49* Pick Up or Leave 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. 60 MINUTE SERVICE 8:00 A.M. to 5 P.M. FREE Parking in Rear and Side of Building JIM JANSEN, Manager 318 South 10th — Open 6 A.M. to Midnight Daily Attendants On Duty At All Times A V '^(f)]SPOHTLIGHT 70,000 Cheer Tottenham Hotspurs By Associated JIM BECKER Tress Sports Writer GIFT MEY'LL ENJOY [VERY The Bible Speaks To You 8:30 a. m. Sunday, KSD, St. Louis 9:15 a. m. Sunday. WCNT, Centralia. 9:00 a. tn. Sunday, WJPF Herrin TOTTENHAM. England (AP> —The bed sheet banners waved wildly. The cranking sounds of noisemakers cut llirounh the shouts of the crowd of 70 ,000. .lininiy Greaves bad scored for the Tottenham Hotspurs. Any fan of the New York Mels would have felt right ai home, although the Hotspurs more closely resemble the New York Yankees in the field of English soccer. And Greaves, a small man with black wavy hair and the moves of a Bob Cousy, is the Babe Ruth of professional soccer, Britain's national game. Only 2 :i, he is the youngest player ever to score 100 goals in English League soccer, and very soon he will be the youngest over to score 200. He makes about 520,000 a year, remark- j crosstown able here where a Player worth ; w . as onl >' a quarter of a million dollars may only get SliiO a week. In his first season, Tottenham, a London working class suburb, won the title of the English League, then the National Cup and finally the Cup of Cups, a competition among all European national champions. This season they arc riding around the top of the Division I standings and excitment it naturally high along Tottenham High Street on Saturdays when ! the Spurs are scheduled to pl"y in their big home stadium. y, Saturday is soccer d 'i> VA throughout'the British Isles. Al- | x£ most every community has its j :fy-> own professional team with 11 1 VA operating in the London area ! Av alone. ! Jfys There are 02 teams m the four I YA English div'sion.", and two other ,' ; leagues in Scotland. The top top J ,U English divisions have 22 teams j 1'f each, and the other two 21 cadi. ; ftp At the end of the season, the ; IV two lowest teams in the league i }.v standings move down one divt-! fc£ sion for the following season, and j wj the two top teams move up one ! Ill league. ] This creates fan rooting inter- | VA ests at both ends of the stand- 1 ft* ings, although in Tottenham Ine : JfA thoughts arc only of titles, as : yA long as Greaves is healthy. ! *;» In a recent game against Jf/. rival Fulham, there ~' x one explosion. Deferi- sive-cninded Fulham held the great Spurs off until there were onlv 10 minutes to go. Then Graves with a deft fake slipped away from the man who had been shadowing him. got a pass and smashed the ball into the corner of the goal for a 1-0 victory. TO THE COLD WEATHER IS HERE AFFORDING Y0U ALL COMFORT IS YOUR HOME THE THAT IT COULD BE? STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS COULD BE THE ANSWER STORM WINDOWS STORM DOORS DRIVE TO Uth and BROADWAY STAN THE TIRE 242-6400 242-2705 TIRES AWE OUW BUSINESS...WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL yj>.ROYALrt TIRES • One Track-With or Without Screen • Two Track—Self Storing • Three Track-Self Storing • Sliders—For Ranch Homes • Picture Windows Overlap or Blind Stop • Hi-lite • Self Storing • Jalousie Pre-Hung for the Do-It Yourself Job These Units Are Custom Made In Our Shop Heavy Duty Aluminum Extrusions Weather Stripped Installation If Desired UNBEATABLE PRICES WE OFFER A COMPLETE GLASS SERVICE HOME—BUSI NESS—AUTO Mirrors And Desk Tops Screen Repairs Our Specialty CARPORTS-AWNINGS-PATIOS-ALUMINUM SIDING FHA Financing Up To 5 Yrs.—Free Estimates ATLA SEAL OF ILLINOIS, Inc. 216 N. 9th Mt. Vernon, III. Dial 244-2708 We Don't Want All The Business—Just Yours T New Low Price *39 50 GIFT WRAPPED for this new HOOVER r Constellation Model 86 • The Cleaner thai Walks on Air • Full Horsepower Motor • Exclusive Double-Stretch Hose • Combination Rug and Floor Nozzle • TOP BRANS'* TOP TRADES/ RADIO -TV-/ TOP SERVICE EREO : 0323 iii2 ommi e Would Be Happy to Mail The Register- News' to Your Friends and Relatives Any Place That You Desire It to Be Sent. A Christmas Card With Your Name Will S Be Mailed to the Person Receiving Your jj Gift Subscription to the Mt. Vernon Register-News. p- — - SUBSCRIPTION RATES" — - BY MAIL JEFFERSON COUNTY AND ADJOINING COUNTIES; I One Year $7.00; Six Months $4.25; Three Months $2.75; One Month $1.00. BY MAIL OUTSIDE JEFFERSON AND ADJOINING COUNTIES WITHIN 250 MILES: One Year $10.00; One Month $1.50. Three Months $1.00; SERVICEMEN AND OUTSIDE 250 MILES: One Year $11.00; Six Months $7.00; Three Months $4.50; One Month $1.75. Please send The Register News for.... Name _ — Address Cify _ 8 If to the following: State Christmas Greeting from If 11. flilllWll Register News 112 N. 9th Street Phone 242-0117

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