Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 13, 1972 · Page 23
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 23

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1972
Page 23
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ALL STORES SELL BEEF BUT THAT'S WHERE THE SIMILARITY ENDS!! TRUCITY GROCERY CO. SELLS ONLY THE FINEST U.S. GOVERNMENT GRADED "CHOICE" BEEF. . . CLAUDE MILLER, VICE-PRESIDENT OF MEAT OPERATIONS AT TRI- CITY, PUTS THE "TRI-CITY STAMP OF APPROVAL ON SIDES OF FULLY MATURED, GRAIN-FED STEER BEEF. THIS BEEF HAS BEEN GOVERNMENT INSPECTED AND GRADED "CHOICE" BEFORE CLAUDE PICKS THE BEST OF THE "CHOICE" BEEF FOR TRI CITY! IF YOU'RE NOT GETTING U. S. "CHOICE" BEEF, YOU'RE PROBABLY PAYING TOO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO GET . . . THINK ABOUT IT! "CLIP 'N' SAVE ALL COUPONS.. .YOU'LL SAVE S3.52 IN CASH"! Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Sept. 1.1, 1972 C-3 "NONE SOLD TO DEALERS" TRI-CITY WORTH 41 c CROC. CO.5 COUPON ~. unit FREE! ONE KB, BOX ZESTA SALTINE CRACKERS WITH THIS COUPON Limit One Coupon per customer with additional $5.00 more purchase of meats, groceries or produce, not eluding cigarettes or any couponed Items. Coupons expire Tuesday, Sept. 19. Customer must pay sales tax Involved. ON SALE THIS WEEK WORTH 17c WITH THIS COUPON Limit One Coupon per customer with additional $5.00 or more purchase of meats, groceries or produce, not Including cigarettes or any couponed Items. Coupons expire Tuesday, Sept. 19. Customer must pay sales tnx Involved. NOTICE! Our Coupons ftxpirr Tues., -Sept. 1!) All Othnr "Art" Items Good Only Through Hat., Sept. "Wn Rosorvp. the Ki to Limit Quantities JONATHAN APPLES POTATOES STEAKS U.S. GOV'T. GRADED "CHOICE" Lb. CLUB STEAKS SHOULDER ROAST U.S. GOV'T, GRADED "CHOICE" Lb .$129 U.S. Gov't. Graded "Choice" Practically Boneless Lb. ORANGES California Valencia "Sunkist" 88 Size POT ROAST U.S. Gov't. Graded "Choice" Boneless ROYAL CROWN COLA POTATO CHIPS *< Doz. CARROTS California 2 a 29' YAMS Louisiana Puerto Rican U.S. No. 1 Grade "A" 3 »* 59* U.S. Gov't. Graded "Choice" BEKF SHANKS Fine For Soup Lb. U.S. Gov't. Graded "Choice" 2 Lbs. or BEtF FOR STEW More Lb CUCUMBERS E- 2 for 9Q C SWISS STEAKS U.S. Gov't. Graded "Choice" POT ROAST 7-Bone Cut Lb. 79' Extra Lena Family Pack 3 Lbs. or GROUND CHUCK More Lb. BROOKS CATSUP 12-0z. Bot. 22' KELLOGG'S Corn Flakes 18-Oz. Pkg. 35 U.S. Gov't. Graded "Choice" Round Bone Shoulder Lb. PURINA Dog Chow CHUCK ROAST U.S. Gov't. Graded "Choice" Center Cuts Lb. 5 °°< 79' MILNOT Tall Can 13' MUSHROOMS Moonlight Brand Fresh ONIONS Northern Yellow 3 Bag 65 "PILLSBURY" LAYER CAKE MIXES "Pillsbury" Rondy-to-Spreud FROSTINGS U.S. Gov't. Graded "Choice" First Cut BISQUiCK Biscuit Mix 40-Oz. Pkg. 59* WELCH GrapcJe " v 'r'29° JUNIOR TURKEYS U.S. Gov't. Graded "A 1 "Golden Heritage" Lb. 59' RKEY STEAKS U.S. Gov't. Inspected Cubed Lb. I-LB. $ <f 00 With Country Fresh Flavor!! MIRACLE WHIP Kraft's Qt. Salad Dressing Jar ECCO 1% MILK Grade "A" Homo. Gal. Jug BREAD " Jersey Farm " White Enriched MayfONO — So Delicious HEAD CHEESE Sllced - 99 e Fully Cooked — Koiulv to Gat S54 RQ WAFER SLICED HAM Lb 1 "Sea Pass" Just Heat 'n Eat Cooked Whiting Fresh Chilled — Ready for tln< Tan SKINNED WHITING - 79 C - 59' PILLSBURY Buttermilk Biscuits 4 £ 39' FLUFFY BISCUITS "Hungry 9'/2-Oz. Jack" Pkg. 23* "MEADOW GOLD" ICE CREAM Half Gal. Sq. Ctn, HAM STEAKS For Frying Boneless Lb. BALLARD Cinnamon Rolls 2 r/2-ox. Cans BRAUNSCHWEIGER "Mayrose" 2 to 3 Lb. Pieces ASSORTED COOKIES PKGS, 51 29 Snoozies—Fudgsicles or POPSICLES Your Choice 10 ct CQ | ^ Pkg. JJ JJ "Snowcrop" Frozen ORANGE JUICE Coffee Creamer COFFEE-MATE ARCHWAY Kentucky Blue GRASS SEED 1 Lb. Pkg. "MAYROSE" Homestead" FERTILIZER Sunflower PEAT COOKIN' BAGS All Varieties . , , Your Choice "KLEENEX" PAPER TOWELS "Thank You" PIE FILLING "C" TOU'.-YKI) I'UKCIl.-VSK JUMBO $ 1 00 WORTH 16c P TOWABD ASSORTED OR DECORATED WORTH 39c Cherry Peach punter's "Thrifty" SKINLESS , Lb . Wieners •-Skinner's" Thin Italian—Save 47c 4% SPAGHETTI 3 GROUND BEEF SHELLS WITH THIS COUPON COUPON LXPIRES TUESDAY, SEPT. 19 CUSTOMER MUST PAY SALES TAX INVOLVED. COUPON EXPIRES TUESDAY. bLI'J l l » PAY SALES TAX ENVOI VED "TRI-CITY" COUPON WORTH I*. T°W** D "P" IOC PURCHASi Four 15-or. Can$ HUNT'S TOMATO SAUCE WITH THIS COUPON Ixpliti TuMday, Sept- 1* Customer must pay talcs I" involved S3 S^"TRI-CITY" COUPON »|J2 JS5J ~%i\ * WORTH m- TOWARD "p""~^ H? " ;1 If! IUC PURCHASE : 2 3 f\ ii One 24-oz. Bot. MRS. BUTTERWORTH'S SYRUP WITH THIS COUPON E»p!r<»,Tui>day, Sept. 19 Cuitomvr mull pgy sales loi involved TTRI-CITY WORTH TOWARD "I PURCHASE Two l!i-oz. Cans OCEAN SPRAY" CRANBERRY SAUCE T4IS COUPON sday, Sept. 19 uy sales lax involved WITH iipimt I Cutlonwr mutt | "TRI-CITY" COUPON ijg WORTH «JA- "p" iW FREE! One IS'A-oz. Can PUSS 'N. BOOTS SHRIMP CAT FOOD WITH THIS COUPON (xpliil Tu«ido>, Stpt. If Cwlorni' mutt pay tolei leu involved "TRI-CITY" COUPON WORTH TOWARD PURCHASE One IS-oi. Pkg. Frozen JOHN'S PIZZA T i? WITH THIS COUPON Ixpircs Tuesday, Sept. 19 51 Customer must pay sales t<u involved 5i"TRI-CITY 20c One WORTH 33 FABRIC WITH |xpir«s Tin Cuslomtr must p COUPON £ 3"TRI-CITY" COUPON U WORTH *%(\- TOWARD "D" AUC PURCHASE "TOP JOB" 28-o*. CLEAN KK Bot. WITH THIS COUPON [xplrct Tutiday, S«pl. 19 Cuilomct mutt pay M!«I tax inveU»d >»"TRI-CITY" COUPON WORTH 7_ /C TOWARD "p" PUICHASE One 5-lb. Bag PILLSBURY FLOUR WITH THIS COUPON Expires Tutsdo/. S«pr T9 Customer must pay soles tax involved rUUUUUt V'TRI-CITY" COUPON WORTH On, TOWA8D j?' JS ~**^ One 2-lb. Con FOLGER'S COFFEE WITH THIS COUPON {jpitBi tusiduy Stfji 19 uttomet mytit poy ioU-> to* m»olvt A a a a a a U a a a a a a a a a 1 COUPON VARD ' p' CHASE -oz. Bot igrc'TRi-cmr COUPON ^T WO8TH Q IOWAKO "p 1 ?! Two 4-ioll Pkgs. ~ II BATHROOM WITH THIS COUPON x^i'vS T.C-.UUf ieul 1 JMI "TRI-CITY" COUPON IrT" WORTH , r _ | im£l rd 'D Qt. l_ ?! Punch - I Detergent u it .1 it a Ii a a a .t a a a a -tt II With IrtiS COUPON lipir.-i Ioc>d^f Wpl \<t Cuttomuf mult pof ujlvt IUA ln«olv» $ NU-SOFT' SORENER COUPON ins iday, 19 al«s tax iiif WORTH " COUPON TOWARD "p" PURCHASE One 10-oz. Jar Folgers WITH THIS COUPON Expirrts Tuesday. Sept. 19 Customer must pay saU» tax involved "TRI-CITY" COUPON WORTH « *\ TOWABO p 1 UC PURCHASE Two 16-QZ. Cans "CHEF-BOY-AR-DEE" SPAGHETTI SAUCES WITH THIS COUPON Expires Tutsder Svpt 19 Cuklom«r mw.t pay sal«s lux in»eUi 19 » M"TRI-CITY" COUPON WOI1H TOWARD "D 1 PURCHASE " COUPON Two 5-oz. Tubes 'GLEEM II' Toothpasre WI1H THIS COUPON inpirvs Keide, Svpr 19 tt it Ik lut it a tut ii tt u T» 5 '.« WO«TH I *\ TOWARD "p"' I XC HURCHASS One 12-cl. Pkg. »rkj*^f>j;CC" SANITARY IVIv/L/£«k9 NAPKINS _ WIIH THIS COUPON 2' S E.,..r,, Tv.iooy. 19 j^j -"*"* ' Jt " —j^iLI u it a a n a u a u a it u st <t >> a ti0| " COUPON WORTH 1 ft TOWARD -a' I UC PURCHASE Five 3-oz. Pkgs. JELL-O GELATIN WITH THIS COUPON E*pnei, Sept 19 Cuslorriiir ntuht poy soles lax in it;a.a a an tt a a a u <><> <t U<

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