Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 8
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Tiger Twllockahd Freeman Pepper to .Clash.iin Main Bout—Harris j And Clfemens ' To Mix. Fort SroH, April 7. (Special) —(Yeeman PiCpper, flaxhy Ft. ticiitt, ie(l>poDnd«r, knocked tout Yoonff Borni* of VaUoMt Texas In the fourth of]H Nche- duled fen round bout nt SprliJKfleld, .llo^ Monday, night. F'ort;Srolt,.KaMS. Apjil 7. (AP). —PIghtJaiiH of soiithwiHt Kansas will be given an opportunity to witness two main bouts ou j)ne card at ,tho American Legldn's ijext! boxing show here at Memorial i hall next Monday evening, April, 11. Both of the' bouts w»i bC; ten three ipinute rounds. In the.'tlrat Freeman, Pepper- ot- SIdux City, Iowa, Mil meet Tiger fTedlock of PlitBburgV KaiiiSas. Botlj are mld- dleweights. In the second Baitling Clemens of Atchison. Kansas? will ,nieet Johnny: Harris of Kansais City. They are feathei; weights, i; In addition there will be a six round preljminary between Walter Dunham' of Fort Scott and. Babe Knaupp of Arma and a. four ro.und curtain raiser featiA-ing Luther Ashford of Fort Scott and Kid Stewart of Des Moines. George Cox of Mulberry will all bouts. ' : 1 • Mildred Cenient Man . Hono^ed^ by Paulen - Topeka, Kans.^ Apr. 7. (.-VPJ — Ooveruor Pauleu today appointed, at-the request of the .American academy of political anrf social science, the following members of.the organization to represent Kansas at the :<unual meeting of the academy: Dr. P. H. Womer, Topeka, president of Washburn college: James A. Carroll, Independence, oil roan; John C. Stutz, Lawrence, Hed-(. retary of the league of Kansas niu- nlripalitieJi; Dr. I>. Webster Mu^tz, .McPherson, president of .McPher- Eon ciol |Pg»»; H. H. Blaise,. Mildred, cemeiit manufacturer, and j J, R. ijurrbw, Jr., TopeUa. banker,' lUnned trom Page D, LoWden Campaign Is On in Three States ' iPerbapa eiren special mentioi^ might be made of this one — be cause it: certainly.has been hearji enough times: "O-o-o-h! Elmef Oa.ntry In the book shelf! ^JThere .are twa questfona,. whlc& ti^e hosts afe moat oft^n ' called upon tajanswer: "Does the person wfiQ buys the house have'^lo bur all tfaeLfurhishings in it?" and "Ka i the ho.use |>een sold yet?" iTo ^inswjeri these brle.Oy — the house is belngy sold -empty. Of bourse everything; in the house la for sale and thei purchaser of It roiiy buy'as many of them as he ctioOHes, but he is not forced to buy any whichdo not suit bis taste. jThe house lias not been sold-yet. Itj will be sold, however, uiwrt tlie be^st terms that can be made between now and next Sunday niglit ~|the laHt day of "op«ni houHe|' Those who are IntereHtod should seethe suh 'H agl-nt, John Jlcuthej*, ln|niedlately.. , ! iAhother contjmious siring of visitors went through the Ifomc^ Beau- tlljul yesterday afternoon anil evening. Itils prob;iblo that Gonslder- alily more Ihffn .'i.OOO people will vikit this home before t]ie end of Ih 1 B .week... |Tl^ose who co-operated In th'p building and furnisliings of tlii Home Beautiful are the following ARCHITECTS— ''.Washburn'&Stookey. GENERAL CONTRACTOR— ; John A. Griffith. BRICK AND CONCRETE — : Roy Perkins. ILASTERLN'O— j C. A. Fiske. PAINTING-- ' ! Clair Lincoln. BUILDING MATERIALS— ' Northrup Lumber Company. PLUMBING AND FIXTURES— ' lola Plumbing Company. ' WIRl.NG AND FIXTURES . I Jones rEIectrical Wbrks. HEATING AND HARDWARE— ( T. B. Shannon. . WALL PAPER'-- I j : Cook's. i PAINTS AND VARNISHES— ! Rowde'n's. FURNITURE— 1 A.'K. Sleeper Furniture Co. SILVERWARE-^ ' Lfffler Jewelry Co. RADI6— . ; Arbuckle's Garage..; LANDSCAPING— The lola TOILET ARTICLES— Fry's. BRUNSWICK— . J. V. Roberts .'VI UH I C Co. .MEN'S CLOTHING- (ilobe Clothing Co; OHGCBRIKH ' l'>yer Bros. FhlOUiAIRK '^'BtaL*' HO iLAJDAILY BEGTSTER. INZOLLERN, JR., RECEIVES A ROYAIT CALLER. New Vvrk, Apr .7. (APil-An or- Kutilxed «'ff<irl to place foriuer IJov- vrnor Frank O. Uiwden bf lllliiols beroD' the people as a Repiililiran cuhdldntc for president ^us under way today in three easttrn slaleli. WItli h<'ud(|unrter8 o )enpd In New York, the movement ha»< been undertaken In N^w York, New Jersey; and donnecllcut With the knowleilge bit not with the ciinsent of Mr. Lowden. James I^. GirMtt, treasurer of the Lowden For President Ahsociatlou iof New York, Inc., announces. Prince of Wales in , Steeplechase Winner O.Nton, Nottinghamshire, Eng.. . Apr.^7. (API—The prince of Wales' >ode-his own mare, I.,ady: Doon,, to . a thrilling .victory in the South Nott.s point-to-point steeplechase The mllejrace was run over a heavy course. [ The prince lost the'lead* once but. regained it and >won I handily. cheered wildly by women bettors . who had baicked Lady-Dopn. ' ;»l • I., n, HliORH Hhleld'H Hhoii Hlore. IttbKS- : Th<r BvnnH Store. ART FUllNIHHINOS- A. K. nibson. DRAPER1K8 AND LINKNS- 3. C. Penney Co. LAUNDERINCl— I lola Laundry. STAR AUTOMOBILE— ' B. T. Berber. GASOLINE— I . i Peerliess :OII & Refining Co. DRY CLEANING— Ableson Cleaners. LAIJIES' READY-TO-WEAR— 1, Richardson's.' CONTECTIONERY— ; Sifers Confectionery. The Home Beautiful is insured by R IL.^ Thompson Agency, financed by [Security Building & Loan Asao- cialion and is for sale through John Jleutlier.' H. BUfttard. Christian X- King of Donniarkl. vl.slting Berlin, dropped in to sw:ip a iie with little Willie; llolienzollern whose alias was ome "the crown prim-.-." Here they are \Viilie, needie-sis to «ay. at the riglit. lyimt (Contlhujed frokn, Page 1) liEFOBT FBOJf HINKOW. SAYS j TK« UBtE; WORSE Shanghai, April 7. (AP):-^"SItua- steadUr." aaid tcelved-here tb^ where riotous tion irrowing jworpi a wireless report ir day from Hankow anti-foreign outbi eaks occurred over the. week-end Front' all accounts lawlessness in Hankow is Increasing, with.aiparently no effort to check It. ' fer'2 OilNKSE ARE AltTHORIZED TO .<^EAR(-J{ > SAB EXBASSY ' Washington. Apijl 7. (APJ—Au­ thorization for the search by Chinese local authori les of "pertain private properties" of thej Dabl bank and the Chinese eastern railway, adjacent to I he RuBsian embassy In Peking diplomatic quarters was granted* by the Netl erlans minister as the lenlor dinloma^, Ami-rlcan .Ministej MacMurj-y" reported today to t le state cjepart- ment; WAR 1\ flllXA IWAy BE ' FELT BY r. S. BAKEBS Washington, Api 11 7. (AP)—The war in China probibly will be felt by American bakers. Advices to the iigriculture de- egg and parlment say that plants at Hankow have been closed ind only'a few olf the egg drying plants in the interior are still opeiating. The United States depends largely on China fo rit; dried and frozen albupien and etg yolks for baking purposes, in porting 20,(100.000 ptinnds o- between three and four million dollars worth every year., :wos(ow iM»i J\AXT OVEB Mosi-ow. .•\pr.'7. dignatioii exists in •iv'-r tlif •'ni ^H attuc raid yest led to tljc soviet embassy; ill I'eki ig. Details <!>r )he raid thus far have h'-eii withheld imlilir. niiiiT feeling exists toward! j .M:<rsliul Chang Tso-Lln. Northern ciiiii'iiaiider;" "vhose troops are un- H. McNally lin -Victoi^y Over "Kid" Easter d'^rstood to have Executed the raid Parsons. Kau.s. Apr. 7. (AP)—A ,. Jabbing left hand of one llanip .\k- fool of .snow. .Nulty. I'ittsburg. Kau .sjis. wiltiT-' welglit proved tiii ».iniU-h for Kan-| ——— KHH Kid K'aster. <:iianu,'ie, in a ten round bout hi'i 'i-- last u 'lght accord- iiig to the ii <-wh»iiper ilii.-iHJoii. In ilie Menii -flual wiiidil)).' Fniiikle Hgilrl, Htlpiievllli', K :ninaH, llgJil weight olil ))(diiti'i| Harold Sliierf, Sciiliililiiiti K ;iii >t;u. Two :|in';il gliiut ni 'KrocH (iirnislii 'il iiit oiMiiIng Vnm- Hays Wins DuaJ Track Meet From Bethel Crew At :tlie opinlnu of the .\;iti()h:il and' with wh^^m »h Leat'ie season in Hosloii :;i! vfi>s ment has clashed ago first three games had to e-.-eii mure reseiitmj he pos'.iioned becauT Rroiiiul wa .s c -iiv.ric soviet govern- frequently. But nt Is expressed le the baseball toward the foreigii legations In ii j Pekhiu. who are supposed to have permitted the entry of the raiders. freezing Nabking QltilfTEKif Rjiill 1 ;X CHINA AP)-^Grea.t in- bffielal quarters l^rday on build- 1 K. Ur. Band to Play M High School Friday |Tbe.program ^aa annonnced'to­ day for ihe Kansiaa nnWer^Ity concert band program to be offered In ttte high school aUditoHuni Friday night by the 45-picce' band. Admission will be 25 cents. I The program follows: J j qverturd to the Opera, "Fi^ Dla- volo" i-_'._^ D. P. E. Auber Suite—"Ballet Bgyptien"-:{-LuigInI Cornet Solo—"lnflamatu?,'r from Opera, "Stabat Mater"Lj.RoBslni H. Ralph Davis. Or Alf Varle^-eUmaeV McCanles ! J. c: McCanles. ^ i Bescber Trumpet used) on from the Comic Opera, "Rope Marie" Friral Descriptive-American and Indian Fantasia. "The Death ^f Custer'^ or The mttle of Lltle Big Horn .-•-i— Lee: Johnson intermission. March Slave Tscbaiikowsky Sulte.i "Atlaiitls" (The I>Jst Con- finent)=_.. : Safrunek "Second Hungarian Fantasia" —.1:,,--^ P. Liszt;-TobanI Humcire^que, "We'dding of Heinle and Kathrlna" ——.H. L. Alford March—"Stars and I St^lpe^ Forever" . — 4--- J. P- Sousa Crimson and Blue.^ ! Gooolland Mayor Js ^tabhed by Employe Goodland, Kans. April 7, (AP)— Mayor George Harrison, j50. Is In a serloXis. condition in a.| hospital here I with three stab wounds In his abdotaen and I knife ! slashes across his face. C K. i^rice,' 60. whom Mayor GarrL on discharged today as city street cleaner. Is in Jail charged with the assault. Garrison has 4>een majyor of Goodland for two ybars apd owns an ice,, ice cream and soda water factory. He is expected to recover. • . • • I Inter-Oass Track Meet Starts This Afternoon The'Inter-clasS. track meet was changed from Pi^day afternpon to this afternoon and started at Riverside Park at 2:30. i The meet which was first to have been a high school inter-class affair has taken op a little different light when the Junior College men also entered, making it a contest betweeb the j high school:' and . Junior college ai well as an Inter-class m^et for the high bchool. Fresh- Inen receive the backing of the entire* Junior high schopi and have already picked a l^ak. The. other classes will Ittt almost any number of men enter from jtheir groups. The meet will probably Ue a cipse contest between the Juniors and seniors with lihe sophomores comlnig clBse behind. Letter men are allowed to enter. i Yale Okufi. the New Yorjt light heavyWeight._ has sailed for London where he Is to meet Phil .Scott. British heavyweight champion, inj a 20-round bout'on; April 21. - Newly Arrived! Dresses for Easter Wear $14.95 Dresses of' style| arid quality that yqu will, be pleased' to jwear; anywhere: Black, Navy jand all the new Spring shades, in Flat Crepe, Georgette and Prints veiled with Georgette. " Other Moderately Priced Dresse?, .$16.75 to $45.00. MIlUNCdVrlAOlK d ruRNrtHJNeS 0 Two Hundred "ThiJgs"; Run Out of Borger Borger, Tex. April 7. (AP)-:Twa hundred underworld characters, rounded up yesterday by local authorities'.-and Texas Rangers, were! moving out of this panhandle oil town today. They were given 24 hours to depart following a week of crime in which' a bank was robbed,' two officers killed aiid a number of election officials arrested. Dance halls and gam'bling places were closed. . •THE LITTLE HOUSE WITH THE BIG SHOWS.", Dougla^ Mac Lean in . "INTRODUCE ME" It's laughing lighting in Paris and the Sw^s, on the peak of the craziest mountain iii the Alps, with the most seemingly funny bear chase you have ever seen, ending in a thrilling, breath taking avalanche of snowballs, right, into the arms .of romance. Ben Alexander in ".SCOTTY OF THE SCOUTS," Our Gang Comedy-^'SEEING THE WORLD." . Note the price Matinee 10-20c; Night 10-25c. Friday the Lemon Bros., in a big Musical j Vaudeville Act. MONDAY—The Great Mother Love Story4- •'STELLA DALLAS." lllnys, April 7. (Ai") 1- IlliyH stall- tiMtllier .s <-oIli'ge (rack ni>'n won ..1 ilual uicfi y.cstili ilay. from l{<-tliel <(ilJ <Ki- of .Newton, '.tu to ?,G. Hay4 vjnii. elev»i| of II K- fifteen first phice.s. .showing especially strong in tlie fiflil t 'Vi 'iil.>;. Tile track, was .slow. Altiiough'Oiic of the best fielder.s of all time, Ty Cobb, like other great ball players has his weak point. The mighty Tyrus is none too strong in handling a sharp line hit to tl^e outfield. ] Tennis Tournamerit Is Started at ftumboldt ' The high school boy.s'have started a tennis tournauieiil. wliich will Continue duriiis. the next few days. It will be: tlK,- regular eliniiiiation touru:in)''iit, a full braikel 'of six- fteeu j)i;iyer.s having been si 'ciircd. The tournament w Dell Finch's cpurt St reel. 11 be playe.J on on Kast Osage Touring* Training Camps : Man of Hunches jnLAKK GRIFFITH, Inow largeajt .V4 owner, also president of the 'Washington club ot .t)ie American League, still reuina ibt superstitions of hla days as a ball player. As a matter of fact, 1 doubt if there la a great- ;er'hunch player in the American X«agueL . Several yeirs ago, when AVasli- ingtun was winning Its first pennant. I noticed oati day that Grif- ,flth was silting far down lb the left field pavilion. Ills box being deserted. . ' -When I queried H Im a.\kkii taking a seat so far remoTf d frq4 play, lie replied: "This is a lucky ^at^- Rver since J. have been sittlne'ddwn here the club bus been wlun|ngicui sistenily. . 1 am Kpiue to contfnui: tV sit here lintil II wear out the cba 'V\'ashiugtun won tbe| pennant that year and "UriiT' ^11^ tell you lie held down Uie. same son. Wasbtng- in a row •xk itild the seit all sea* Picks His Lucky Umpire j^AST tieaiion.| after v li]|ning two consecutive; pennants. Ion tailed to make It v.hen the i^tchlngj club went down witb ii • That Is the reason Wliy; Griffith liaM started playing bin^hbs early this spring. Ill ldZ4, Wakhlugtonl vfon a flag and! world peries. i TUe spring of that year. Emrnett OnuKby. making bis debut as an American League umpire, bandied the gwnea fur the :Washlngtoh dub. ~ It win ha uoted that Ormsby is In charge at tbe exhlpltlou games In tbe south this year. tinnsby was goOd^luck to us the year. w« won our fiftf PjeniiAJit. so I himl as 'bur umpire, this year for' ttieexli^liltlon tourJ" Donft.fdrget that Griffith Is sincere in the belief and bojie.that the ' good Jliick Ormsby first broiigbt lUm' will rfepeat. , " ' • • • How Does This Sound? rpHE:4 I commented on'the (act tiiak the Nationals ought to make'iilenty of money In the series of gaiiies scheduled on the' way north With the New York Giants: Griflith[4dnittted the possibility, then laughed, as he rentarkcd: : "Asl^de from the chances of mak* ing some money. I also played a hunch when I arranged the games with New York. I really believe the series ot igames we played with the Glaats In the spring of I!)2!> was respvnsibla for the winning of our second pen* naiit" V . » •. I a&ited him to explain what .ieemed to me a conqndrum, since Ij could see no connection between ex- hibtilou games and the Amerlcaa League pennant. • • • History Asked to Repeat t ^yOU will recaU," lie continued,"that we beat the Giants for tl(e worI(( championship in 1924. A lot ot folks said we were lucky, but we wonj » ' . "A spring series for 1925 was ar.j ranged with i the Giants. It watt hinted McGraw's dub intended to show iis up. prove we were lucky., ""When New York won five of-the first six games, it began to look that wa)^, However, it isiinply aroused the lighting spirit In our club and we went out and won'five ot tber; next sixl The series elided all even. .7.7. . *• > «» i "Like all McGraw teams, tha Giants liad battled to the limit for! every gami^ The series proved a' great conditioner and put Washington on edge tor a second penr nant. ""I bi>9e ^Ustonr repesia tlt|d Churchill Oil 'Field Hits New High Mark Wellington. Kan.s. Apr. 7. fAlM —The Churchill oil field in eastern Sumner county reached a new high production mark during the iMist zi hours, making l.s,o:!0 barrels. Th^ highest previous output was 17,.''.97. f With .'!;-. protlu ing welis in Ihe poyl, another nei; test topped the.( Sfalnaker 'pay sand ,today. It is AMckers and Jolinso'n Shore Xo. 3. Three new locations. Wiles Xo. 3, Rutter .No. .") and Sleigh Xo. 2- were announced late yesterday by the Roxana Petroleum Corporation for the field. The Koxana's riverbed K0i4 nilsseil the sand today ani| is-pulling the big casing at 1,-1 S33 15i ?et. •' Spray Demonstratloni Saturday Morning Orchard iiii-n are planning to attend the meeting Saturday inorn- ini; at Harry lloeken's farm in Salem Townshfii. L. C. Williams from Manhattan will dLscus-s and dempnstrate*the latest method.s of spraying, and wil! also consider the many troubles of the .averaja.- or-i c^ard man.: .Mr. Williams has had I ye:irB of eXTicrience in tlie on-hard j growins seif ^tioiis of Kansas, anil Is , thoroughly qualified to discuss lli'-se problems, so a good meeting: :s assured. " 1 ) Methodist General Conference to 1^. C; CliUago. Apr. 7. (AP)—The 192^ general conference of the .Methodist Episcopal ehurch will meet in Kansas City. |Mo.. it has bei^n practically determined, said ,a Rlatemeut from ; official church source.s tloday. i Atlantic City. X. J..| the only rival of Kansas City, withdrew its invita|ti6n to the conference beaus(« its couvention hall • would jnot? be completed in time, i but •made a reservation that Xew Jersey wanted the 1932 convention. I Sam r .angford. the famous negro boxer for whom a benefit was given in Xew York city not long ago. :starte<l In. the boxing game as a Ibantamweight and grew into Jhe lilllgbt,heavyweight dlTlsion. says GOOD old Prince Albert in ihe howl cf your pipe... a cooling current cf ta)c!.e pouring lover your tongue . ^ . tl-j y.jH' derful taste of a wonderful tobacco . . • nothing to compare with this an;-where, Men, I tell you. You ctfn smoke a pipe and enjoy it—with P. A. for packing., I was pipe-shy for years. Before I discovered Prince Albert. I smoke a pipe. Qther men seiemed to get so much comfort and enjojrment from pipc'smf^dng. Then one happy day, Prince Albert crosseid iny It was cool aind kind to myi tongue land throat. Fve stuck! No patter what yc^ur previous expert' €' :e Las beeii; tio jniatter how satisfied ) .-ppcar to; be with your present set' up, I advise you ta try Prince Albert?- Vcu loiow yoii are lin for soiae glorious £2io !;c -Sf :ssions the instant yoi^ get a wIiifE of P. A.*s fragrcncc. j ; The first pipe-load confirms the plea- p. A.h loU nerywhtrt In HJy tti lint, pounJand htlf-pautij lim himk dor; and pounJ cryUal-tl*" kunidott with tfontr-moitienrr lop. And dwtrs »ilh nrrr bit 6f bite and parch Jf . mtned by the Print* Albrrt proem. wianted to ; sure promised by tfa^ aroma. Cool as an open window.. Sweet a^ miUc fresh from the daffy. Mild and'mellow as a tropic night. Mfld, yet i«|ith that full, rich to­ bacco body that satisfies' to the limit,; I know you are going ji tin today! toilikcP.A.1 Buy a 01927.8.1. KcyBoUiTebMta Caopwv. WiMbn-Salen. M. C

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