The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 5, 1915 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1915
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAJIiY REGISTER, FRmAYE^^^ T^U Your Wdnte to SBO^OdO People Througli the Jtegister WANtS-^ALL KINDS * ' a «ft? * $ 3- «ifc****??-**-!-* IP K\ NEED OF A FARM LOAN, or any kind of INSUR- ance, come to me. 1 am prepared to TAKE CARE of you^ R. h. Tttompson, office over Evans' D'fug .Store. Tel. 142. BABIES CAREi:i FOR AT 202 N. Taylor. Mrs. Oldham, LaHarpe. Kas. •:• •:• •> •:• • •> • • • • •;• •:• • • -i- •> <• •> • • List Your Property with • • «. y\. ADAMS •:• •> Rea\ Eiitate, Loans Li^e and *> <• Fliie Insurance. . •> • Over PaTaee. Phone 296. •> • < <• • • • <• •:• • • • • • • • ••>*•» •:• • FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE OR RENT—FIVE ROOM cottage, 613 South street. Innttlrc C. S. Bl.'tck. Phone 867. FOR SALE—HEDGE POSTS AND hedge wood. 100 laying hens. Geo. L. Shoaf, LaHarpe. FOR SALE-FOR SALE FOR SALE—NICE BRIGHT TEXAS Red Seed Oats. Also Commercial White Seed Corn Phone 989-21 or 984-4. \V. F. Webber. FOR, SALE—WHITE BLOSSOM Sweet Clover "Seed. .1. N. Thompson, Route 2, Moran, Kans. FOR SALE—PURE BARRED PLY- mouth Rock Cockerels. S. W. Harris. Geneva, Kan. FOR SALE—40 FOOT LOT \^^TH 5 room house one block from square on terms. Phone 117. FOR. SALE—W HEAT Phone 971-14. STRAW. PAYING EMPLOYMENT FOR AVO- : ineri; tall of iiart time. Sell guaranteed cotton, Ifsle, allk hosiery to user. Experience unnecessary; large profits. Spring husineAs now on. International I Mills, 3046 Chfestnut, Philadelphia. i WANTED-TO RENT FARM. SMALL i J^l^rs^'^^^^'t^ V l^'^'S^^r Tnr'^^^^r?! - ' she^nou^^oS'l^ U^li yod got? •\ddyess O. .1.. care Register, j .j.,^^ Register Book Bindery. FOR SALE—PIGS AND SHOATS. Call 987-23. Frank Bale. WANTED-pMlDDLE AGED WHITE „„„ g,,, lady for general house work. Phone' '^^1^.°'^' i»8 after 6 o-clock. , ^1^,^',.^,%^,^ i.E—BAY HORSE, WT. Ki-^O. wagon; set heavy harness. Chestnut or Phone 811. , FREE, V.ALUABLB STOCK BOOKS : ~~ ~„rto «T -^v, ODTTT^ ^kh each purchase of l^eGcars Stock ! FOR SAtE-T H O R p L G H BRED Pood Eakirt-g Hardware. . ; Barrel Rock Cockerels, tshile they last ' - ' ; : rilM each. Also eggs $2.;>() per hun- \v >AVTF ^n_jrAR\r wixn- rnnn i'^''•''1 f'**'^'^- From penned fowls W.A.\TED-F.\RM H.^ND GOOD: ^ Mueller. Hum- wages for the-right man. -^(^dress. M. 2 M. Cubbison. Bronson. Kas. boldt. Ka^.. Route J. ROOMERS WANTED—302 \V .lACK ; son. Modem house. i WANTED—EVERYBODY TO RE-j member that Trinity church ladies! will s^'rve good meals, tomorrow noon I ana eviening ait G.J A. K. Hall. FARM LOA>S. low rate, annual or semi-annual Interest. Privilege to pay in full. I >"SrKA >'C£ written in the best companies. B. M. CCJiMXGHAM Office SUte Savings! Bank. FOR SALE—FIGURE PAPER AND sheep skin scraps. The Register Book bindery. FOR SALE—GOOD, CLEAN RED Clover Seed, $10 per bushel. G. fi. Dick, LaHarpe, Phone 723. EGGS FROM PLTIE BRED RHODE Island Reds and Single Comb.WTiite Leghorns, good laying strains, 75c per setting, $3.00 per 100. Mrs. G. G. Dick, LaHarpe, FOR SALE—FOR SALE * * * « • • A YELLOW SINGER CA.VARY FOR Sale. Phone T09S. ' s FOR RENT—ROOMS POF. HOUSE keeping or sleeping: partly modem; 212 W. Madison. FOR RENT—FOURTEEN ACRES of ground adjoining Ida with S-roora house, good barn and good chicken house. -Mrs. Steinman, 7.8'/iS. Wash- in.gton « * !•> F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. <• * Specialties— * ^ Diseases of the Cbest < <> Diseases of Children. ^ <> X-RAY. * « FkOB'es—Office 147: Re«. 11' « * lola State Bank Bldg. « i* . • « J. PEPPEB « « DenUst « « Office «.er Riley'« Hdw. Store 4 « Ea8t8lde84. Pkoae 687 « -» • FOR RENT, FOR SALE, LODGING, Furnished Rooms, Boarding, and other cards can be had; at the Register office, neatly printed in large, plain type. Five cents each. FOR SALE—EIGHT BUSHEL POP Corn at 3e per pound. Phone 423, Gas. —Special sale qn Rugs and Linole­ ums tomorrow at Allen's Furniture Store. Call and get prices. FOR RE>T. Throe roomed house East lola, $2.50 per month. Two acres land, 3 roomed house, edge of town, $5.00 per month. , Five roomed house on paved street, $7.00 per month. • Six roomed hbuse, good location, $.1 .00 per month. ; G. W. ADAMS . Over tlie l'alac(> Stofe. Phone 2%. FOR SALE—FIVE B;OOM HOUSE; built three years. Price right. 402 N , First St. , FOR SALF^FRESH YOUNG MILK cow: also prairie hay. Keefe; North Kentucky road, hi mile. FOR EXCHANGE FOR TR-A.DE—HALF I.NTEREST IN good business for tola property. .\d- drti.=s Busines^s, care Register. FOR - SALE—REST.\URA-N'T ' Located on north side of square; established trade, doing good business. C 'neaT) for cash. 66 care Register. LOST AND FOUND LOST—1 STEEL' BALL BEARING I Lav?n Roller. Call 116..Frank Riddle. IBA B. FRANTZ OPTICAL CO. lola - • Kantai * REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. * * * •> Guaranteed Human Hair Braids * * for sale. Combings made to or- <> * der. Coloring done. 502 North * * Chestnut. Phone 1242. • •> .> •> IT Have the Register mailed t« <• yon. On rural rontes In Allen <• Connty 12.50 per year; f 1 for • « montlis; 15 weeks for 75c By •> mail to any part of the U. S. <• iie a month. Subscribe now! —Attorney John W Brown has opened offices in the Stevenson build- 'ng where he will be pleased to receire those desiring professional services. NEWS FOR TMY DiTERURBA> TAR aiTIi 'STRACK- I >0 O.NE l .VJrRED. UEBE^S PROOF. An lola Citlien Tells of His Experience. Bobbefy of D^nsrhe^lJF Shop Rep^ricd I ^.>ews '?fote.«i and Ppr»^on;ii 'Mention. • i LAHARPE, .\Iaich ."•.—Some time <lurin.5. Wednesday .sonic one cnterwl the Dougherty ,shop and took two razors, and arbout $.".4" irpm the drawer. One of-the razors belonged to Mr. Dougherty and the otlier belonged t^, Bert ,Sha»'l. Suspicion now points strongly in one direction, and all Mr. Dougherty asks i.s tht the niz- ors and money t*;, returned and then; will be nothing fulrther said about it. Georg"? Moore, hi' I'rinceton. .Mo.. I;as purchased pro{)eVrjy in l.anyonvill«. Mr. .Moore Teturn^!<t- to his home yesterday. ' i C. H. Hackney and Win. Furner T^ent to Kansas City yesterday morning, where they will attend t'j.lmsi- ness matters. —See oud new Iin<' of .MantJi.' Clock.s. Every one guaranteed. Watcr.^ & Danforth. Drugis and .Jewelry, The Phll^jmathian Society 6i tin- high school gave a-n interi'sting tiro- gram tills a,ftcn)iwri at the lil ;;h M-liooi building, j •• —If you jwanl sonic good Wall Pa- l)er CHE.AP sec Cooksrv, the druggist. The fron trucks of the 2; 20 slroel car yesterday jumped the tracks in Lttnyoji»ille and the lonsetiuence was ulliat the passengers walked the ton biocks to town. ^ • —We now have our complete line of Wall Paper on display, beautiful patterns. Prices from 7c double roll on ; up, •' F. A. pooksey. Druggist. . I The merohants shoveled snow from the sidewalks yesterday only to have U start snowing a.gain. I The pie supper which was to have been held at Prdirie Hall church tonight has been postponed indefinitely. —We now hayie our Complete Line )of Wall Paper oil disi^lay; beautifur patterns. Prices from 7c double rcl! i Ion up.—F. A C<>ok»ey, Druggist. ! t 'A wedding which is of interest fol LaHarpe peppleftook place Wednesday ! lat the bride's ho ne, north of Carlyle. '•when David Sm^rt and Miss Mary' Y'ou have a right to doubt statements of people living far away but can you doubt lola endorsement? Read it: ".'haric? Cole, 2MJ.V. Buckeye St.; lola. says:' "I vrai in such poor i ealtb tliat I had about given up hope of ever being cured. I had kidney cr>mpl(aint and for twelve years I had b ^en trying various medicines for rc- i'Qf, but my efforts were unsuccess- fif. My back was very weak and the l »ast work caused intense pains to dart across my kidneys. My feet and i:'"bs prien became badly swollen and 1 liad trouble in passing the kidney .'•.ctretions. This latter symptom led n :r; to believe that I had kidney trouble a-iid on a friend's advice, I began iis'ng Doan's Kidney Pills. In a short tinie 1 feltjbettPr and I steadily improved I 'ntll f was cured. I gave a Etp .temcr .t f»r publication, recommending Doan's Kidney ^IIIs before and durin.g the time that has since passed, iry otiinioij of this remedy has not ichangcd, I occasionally take a few riosrs. finding that my kidneys aro tl :m kcrr normal" Pric; .'M.', at all dealor .5. Don 't slm- piy a£k for a kidney remedy—get Donn 'F Kidney Pills—the same that Mr. Colo had 1 Foster-Milburn Co., I 'ropf . Duffaln.! .V. V, HAPPENINGS VPAT OLD GOLONy .SIGGESTH»\S FOR OFFICE OF .MAYOR ARE I\ ORDER. The "Harnionj Fonr"' Played to Small H<mse—>>ws Xotes and IVrsonal Mention. .\»;aly. v.cri,' niH.rrleci at ll:;iO, After t :.i' wedding ceremony a bountiful dinner wa.s served to the guests. Only the iiuniodiate relatives of the families at- leadrd the wedding. The couple left lyt-.stcrday for Columbia River, Wjsh.. ; where they will make their home. Mr. j Smart has lived in Washington for 'several years. ' --Dr F n. Hook. Physician ann .^"urgeon. Phorte r,ij. Office south rooms I over .National Bank: ' The people who live on Rural Route .\'o. 2 are very proud of the; mail carrier. For ten years he has been on the route and every day hai made his delivery. Aide litadadM^ bHiooniesE. iiileb and Iwd bveatb am'vuaU y cauaed by inae- <M«<bMNilK; ^Soi^ BexaU w ^lliMTljir foftlr tad cffee- SAMA EE TIME TABLE. (Effective Feb. 7. 1915) $<|nth Bonad. 'No. 2fll Passenger daily_-.ll:42 a. m. jNo. 20.3 Passenger daily 2:45 a. m. !.Vo. 207 Passenger Daily_._ 8:24 p; m 'No. 209 Passenger daily 6:30 a. m. No. 215 Freight da. er. Sun. 12:35 p. m. No. 219 Freight daily 2:20 a. m. Narth Bonad. No. 202 Passenger daily—. 1:40 p, m. No. 204 Pas'aenger daily— 3:20 a.- m. No. 20* Paaaenjger d#ily—. 6:30 a. in. So. SIO Paaaeofer diily— 7 >:16 p. m: No. »$ rt «iiM ^. 14:15 p. m- i; COLONY . .Mac. .7— .Merry Christmas. I The biggest sn*w storm of thp year ^as the one on the 3 and 4 of March. Drifts to the depth' of four feet accu- 'nuilalod in the roads and on the sidc- walk!; and the roads were as muddy as they ro<ild pet so It won't make that (ondilion worse—just prolong it. The cifv had a man, horse and jsnow plow working on tlie sidewalks sjo the people could get home but they drifted full Tbout as a;-; they wore plowed open. It vvill cause lots of suffering an;on'_' unsliedded .stock as it is wet and cold. .Spring will have to come all over again. .Mr. and .Mry. .John A. Rarick write her 'mother, .Mrs. Ed. Hunzicker, that th'^y have moved from Streator, III., to Towanda, Kas., on route 2. S \t.' R. S. Staples and Miss Anna Stailes returned Thursday from an extended visit with her daughter. Mrs. W W Scott, at .Vorfliaii, Okla. II T. Iliil lianded us the following til kt .'t for thij coming city election in Colchy, naniifd at. a convention held the 4th, and tpey are all good men and .shouirl run well if they wait 'till the snow ni'.'lts to start; For mayor. .\. T. Paul; lor counjilnian. W. D. Bishop, D. F .Mason; .1. !. Henderson, O. G. Farri. s. and O. C. .Meyers. It will be known as the "Citizens' Ticket.'* WTio will Le the next? ' '. F. .1. .McKenna is spending the last of th.' week with his mother at Cartii- a.HC -Mo. Lcsl-. Wiiley is running around ^ith ead tandaged like a Mexican track!worker, but be says It is a case of t'ne earache and that the police sou rt had nothing to do with it. .1. .1. Rhodes was here from Coun- cused of extravagent school expenditures. E.xaminations for rural carriers will be held in Garn'ett Jklarch 27th for carriers out of Westphalia. -Anyone in the county is eligible to compete. If you are interested write the Postmaster at Gamett for blanks for applications. The "Harmony Four," from Arkansas City played to a small audience at file .school hjbuse the 3rd. It was a.stormy night The boys can deliver the goods as a quartet or as soloists. Tii'e bass singer was repeatedly encored and the Qvening thoroughly en- .joyed by those who were there. . Who will put the ON in Colony in cap letters? Speak up boys. : The rains and snows of the pa .it two weeks have put the kibosh on threshing kafir corn and there is a considerable quantity of this vaji'ablc grain yet lo be threshed and. marketed. The delay was caused by the price going up tcrt late for the machines to handle ifc and it had tOj be headed tlien before it could he threshed. .\nd the weather has not only stopped moving that was dated for March first but it has everlastingly killed a number of public saffes that have been postponed- two or three times up-to- now. A Colony man named .loo. Got stuck in a drift of snow. He said, "Go tell ray wife And you'll save my life. • For she can make anything go." Fiilly Quiett has stsirtcd back into the farming business, that is, he in- teuds to. He says he has spent $1500 already but hasn 't got started. Two teams—$500.00. and other items that run into money like machinery and harn.-ss. But then Billy will get it hack in the fall and a, good profit. THEMrSOOINBSATIiJISGiTY ED HORD H.\D X.iRROW ESCAPE ly RESCriXG HORSE. School Will Fre.<;ent the Play "The Mouse Trap" jn Xear Futnrfr— Xews >'otes. Report for the week ending February 27, 1915, compiled by the lola Abstract Company, Clyde Thompspn, Manager. Febmary S3. L. D. Baldwin and wife to Lewis Fabeir, residence on SB comer State and Douglas. Tola B. T. Evans, single, to Elvin W. McKaughan, residence, Michigan ave.. Bush's Add. to lola ,$1 A. J. Nichols and wife to B. P. Christy, small tract adjoining lola on the north $1,500 February 2S. H. E. Melton and wife, to Etta .M. Hala, residence 62Q North Third St., lola $500 W. E. Latham and wife to Nancy E. •Mofflt, 80 A., 5 miles N. of LaHarpe $2,p00 .Nancy E. Moffit, widow, to W. E. lith am, residence 514 S. Cottonwood St. lola : $1,000 Kathryn D. Barber and Clarence A. Barber to J. S. Shields and E.I A. Myers, 2 lots NW corner of S. Second and Cherokee Streets, Huin- boldt |$1 Sheriff to C. L. Arnold, residence +15 N. Jefferson ave., lola $8;25 I Allen county to A. A. Stockton, llot ' N*E coriier Benton and N. Ohio Sts., lola $4 F. D. Culver and wife Grace A., I to Minerva Chapman, tot on N. 7th St., Humboldt $50 E. W. Moore and wife to C. L. Woten, 4 lots on SE cor., Jackson ave., and 3rd Sts., LaHarpe $400 L. H. and C. L. Kirkpatrick and thei;: wives to Harvey W. Gates, 317.92 A", one-halt mile S. of Moran.. $16,800 John F. Bissett and wife to Frank Hunter, residence 311 N. 3rd St.:; residence 507 S. State St.; lot East Calhoun St., all in lola; 3 resideivcs properties on NE cor., of McRae and Pine Sts., Gas City $6,000 J. F. Bissitt and wife to Frank Hunter, res., 319 N. 3rd St., lola $1,200 Febmsry 84. W. D. COX, unmarried' to Louise C. Cor, 25 lots in Elsmore $1 Heirs to Andrew S. Orr to Edith May Sellers, a small tract adjoining lo­ la on the west '. $1, M. -V Sessler and wrfe to Marvin V>'. i Ross, 80 A., a mile SE of Gag $5,200 j Ina May Fllckinger, single to, B. T. | " Barber, residence SE cor., Spnise & i Elm Sts.; lola $1,000 WHEAT {OMES DOWNAI»IN KA-XSAS ( m CASH IS Ic TO 5c lOWER TODAY. Other Grain U UncluiBged—LlTestock Values Are HoldlDg Up With Strength. (By |he Associated Press) Kansas Cit^ Lirestock. Kansas Cit.v, Mar. 5.—CATTLE, receipts 800. Market strong. Prime fed steers $8.25@8.75; dressed beef steers $7.00@&.25; cows and heifers $4.15® S.50; stockers and feeders $6 00@7.80; bulls $5 .50ia6 .75; calves $6 .?0@10.50. HOGS—Receipts 6,000. Market 10c higher. Heavy $6.60@6.70; packers and butcherfe $6.65i@6.75; light $6.60® 6.75. Chicago Livestock. Chicago,'Mar. 5.—CATTLE, receipts 1,000. Market ».teady. Beeves $5.75® 9.05; cows Hand heifers $3.50®7;70. HOGS—Rleceipts 24,000. Matket was strong. Light $6..55®6.85; mixed $6.65 ^6.85; heaVy $6.30@6.SO; pigs $5.75 @6.75. I Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mar. 5.—The Produce market unchanged. Kansas Ctty Grain. Kansas Olty, Mar. 5.—Cash 'Whbat, market 4c jto 5c lower. New— Ho. 2 hard, f 1 .37m .38; .Vo. 3, $1.85^1.3^; -No. 2 red, 11 .35® 1.36: .No. 3, $1.»5%. Close—-May! $1.29^; July $1.05'%; Sept. 98%® 99c. CORN—Market unchanged'. No. .2 ' mixed; 70%c.; >'o. 3. 69%c; No. 2 white 72c: No. 3j 71c. Close—May 69%c; July 71'%c;JSept. 72%c. 0.\TS—^iarket unchanged. N'o. 2 white, 55%i: .No. 2 mixed.-52%.®»53% RYE—$i:i4 to $L15 per bushel . HAY—Malrket firm. Choice Umothy $15.00®l5.o0;; choice prairie $I1@12. Wheat received, 19 cars. —Register Want Ads bring results. his 'rJ HEAD STUFFED FRQM CATARRH OR A COLO I GAS CITY, March 5.—The Junior League of the -M. E. Church will have a party tonight at the hoihe of Miss I Ruby Fennimore. All the members of theileague are invited. Miss Lena McCaney is suffering with an ulcerated tooth. The many friends of Mrs. .M. Pool, who lives in Concreto, will be pleased to learn that she is progressing nice- [ly after being sick several weeks. The faculty of the schools have been preparing a play entitled "The Mouse Trap,"- which was. to have been presented to the public tpnlght at the Christian' church, but owing to the bad weather, it t^s been postnoned until Friday: March' i2th. BeSldes'the play a nuiiirber of Solbs, readings and musical selections will be rendered. • Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roberts, of Col- jony.iare here visiting relatives. Mrs. L. A. Shipley was reported not 'so well yesterday. I Lloyd Young, of Blue Mound, is In 'the city visiting relatives and friends. Fred Frovert, after a pleasant visit ; with hbi parents, has returned to Clia- nute. I Ed Hord, *ho lives near Colony and who Is moving to the Hockett farm, • north of here, drove to the farm Wednesday night with a load of furniture and! returned, to his home yesterday morning. While he was crossing the Weatherland ford on Deer Creek the wagon drifted down stream. Mr. Hord got out and cut one of the horses free but the other horse was drowned. Says Cream Applied in Nostrils 1 Opens Air Passages Right Up. ^ Instant' relief—no waiting. Your .cil Grove Thursday visiting his moth- clogged nostrils open right up; the air >r. He- is a member of the school passages of your head clear and you board in his iiome town and the board can breathe freely. No more hawking, had been risiting the schools at Cha-j snuffling, blowing, headache, dryness, nute and Independence with the idea,xo struggling for breath at night;of formulating plana for a new build-jyour cold or catarrh disappears, ing for Council Grove. We hope theyj" Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream will be able to visit both lola and Ot- jBalm from your druggist now. Apply a tawa the next time they are hunting uttle of this fragrant, antiseptic, heal- models And it might not be Imper- in^ cream in your nostrils. It pene- tinent to add that^lf there is a town- trates through every air passage of ship, school district or county In the tlie head, soothes the inflamed or swol- state that is spending too much ntoney leu mucous metiibrane and relief on Its schools we have not lieard of it •comes instantly, and even the state itaelC. bni not yet i it'g ]uat fine. Don't stay 'stuffed-up reached a poMit wher^ ^t can tw ac-|witl| 4 eoI4 6^ gast^ c »t«rrt|- <0 Help Widowed Mothers. Twenty-two states now help women who hpye lost their husbands to support thfeir children. The legislatures of these states have decided that the widow without means Is as much in need of help as the man who has lost a hand. The state profits in the end, liecause the children become In time self-supportInt, if rrcperly brought np. ^fhi^ |9 No QuMUon lia Chicago Market Close. WHEAT—Sept. $1.04%; May $1.38; July $L12%. COR.N—May 72%c; July 74 %c. OATS—May 55J«©55l4'c; July 51%. PORK-^May $17.37; Jdly $17.75. L.ARD—Mjay $10.-37; July $10.62. Local Markets. , rroduce qnotationi fumlBhed dall> Elsie P. Kelley and husband J. M. to [ j,y Coghlll pcmmtaston .Company. John H. Cox, residence Edwards and Sycamore NE cor.. [ Sts., lola $1 Febniary 35. Walter Burti^s and wife to ^, ' F. Krouse, 80 A., 6% miles SE of Humboldt 43,400 Methodig Protestant Church SE cor., J oVeen HTdMi Maple & First Sts., Moran ... $400 ' 13 50 g^ch " .lolin C. Shields and wife and B. A.| " - .Myer.i and wife, to Katheryn P'. j •• • —; BarbT, 40 A., 4 miles south of'Hum-[ Ida ..... holdt $1 jO. P. Rober Wm. J. .Murray and wile to Carrie i Howerton, Bird, small tract adjoining. lola on • ' lola the north Febniary 36. Albert Chidester and wife to Ellen Vanhoy, residence property SE cor.. [ of Breckenridge and! N. Jefferson f ave., lola .1 :$222.50 1 Frances R. Hinkle and H. A. Hinkle.' her husband to Minnie V. Evier, 8u : A., 2 miles S. of Ipla .......... i$l Packing Butter—16c per pound. Fresh Eg^a—15 >4 'Per dozen. Poultrj'—^lens, 10c per lb.; young cocks, 6c; spring chickens 9c lb,; F. F. F. ducks, 9tt F. F. F. geete, 6c; No. 1 turkeys, lOd; No. 2 turkeys, 7c; old i toms, 8c; giiineas, 20c eact; " • lie: No. 1 horse hides , $1,000 son and wife to Phillip residence 32? N. 3rd St., ir $300 $1 i Walter BurtIss and wife to Herman MiddendorK 160 A., 5 miles SE of Humboldt $6 ,500 Total $74 ,511 .50 Daily Averag $14,902.30 Sorrows of the War. They tell i story about Mme. Schn- MlnnieVvEyi;r "ViJow :;o-Frances I "^^^^^^ engagement In- Phlla- R. Hii^kle, residence properly SWdelphiajeceiitly that shows how^ the cor.. Sycamore and Vina Sts., lola »1 Blanche Wood widow, to the All^n County Inv., Co., 80 A., 5 miles SE of LaHarpe $6,000 Allen County Inv. Co.. to Abrara Pierce, same as above $6,200 Honora M. T. Schmidt and cHnry-F., her husband to Lena Amog 6 lotaon NE cor.. Central and 11th Sts.. Mum boldt .- $800 Christina ,Anna Eckan and Coiirad, her husband, to George A. Amos, 2 - • lots on E Osage St., Humboldt . $550 Alice J. Keygfr to Alfred Fawks and Cora E, i'awks, residence 429 N. Oak St., lola ..: »650 Charles G. Geisslor and Katie E. Geisg ler, his wife, to Lena Amos, ^ lots on East Bridge St., Hdi^boldt $300 Andie Terril and wife, Zeta, to Geo. A. Amos, mercantile bailding on 8th St., Humboldt $500 Febniarjr S7, Louise Moorehouse and John A. Moorehouse her husband to Clorinda Trust & Savings Sank, residence .\E cor.. Main and lat Sts.. Gas City $20(0 W. I. .McCall and wife to J. C. Hatch, 60 A., 7 miles SB or LaHarpe .... $4,000 W. I. McCall and wife to H. E. Hatch 60 A., 7 miles SE of LaHarpe .... 18.M0 J. C. Hatch and wife to W. I, icCall. war in Euro|ie brings trouble to many people far fijt>ra it. The flance of her daughter had Just, had bla Jaw shot off and had sent word to her to break the news to her daughter and also to notify her that he released her from her engagement. The great singer put more feeling Into her songa, thrae wlio heard hVr'sdid, than ever before, lJ*r breaking heart proring no barVto what she considered her duty. " 80 A.. 1 mUes SE of Gas ... K .OOO will fetf ia*P Sheriff to U B. |U)el(weU, paMeMe^lpewa^ |ia|4 When your head adiea yo 1 simpty must have relief or'you will go wlM. It's needle83 to sofa^ when joa ^can take a ra^edy ,){ke JaaW".QMM|- ssnho |N>wd«rs and relieve the p«n|/jU^ neuralgia at jodee. ; Sea4''aofMap; the drug atiprja; Mw for a dunafCanaB of Dr. Jamea* Ibadache ' lfo«^ti$. Dont aulftr; In a few nomeata JTM win feet teii;|fcaadaeln foti •»

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