The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 7
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PAGE SEVEN N.Y.CENTRALTft NEW HIGH HARK A. T. & T. Also Soars to k High Record on i Wall Street. . New York, April 7. VAP)r-Con- tiDoation of a heavy investment .demand imparted strength to the high grade arils and industrials In today's stocic inarlcct, which was featured by the establishment oCi the highest prices in over 20 years.i by, New York Central ard American Telephone. The rcijt of the list presented considerablt. irregularity, vlth weak spots cropping out in a number of motion picture, electrical refrigeration, sngar and .lobBCco shares. Ne^y York central assumed the leaflershlp of (he rail group tiy moving up above 150 a share, on n largo volunio of trading.; Buying was Influpncpd 'by Iho speculative holier tlwt the federal courlii would upset (he Interntaie Commerre CommlslAon 'H. valuations wfien ul- lemps wor» made to use ihom n.s.-a basis for rate making purposes. .V'ew rinan'^g for the Fox Film Corporation and predictions of an Hin^avorabJe federal trade cotnnilB- sloh declfljori in the Famous Pjay- ^ers case were given as the-reasons for the weakness of the motion picture shares. Pools again were actlvo: in a number of specialities, tleneral Motors and U. S. Steel comAibn held fairly steady around lS3 and 172,' respectively. ! and commftn to medium fat covfa bulk vealers to pickers |li .OO @ia: few at $liSO; small killers $14.(liO <&'I5.00. • • • , Hogs .37,000; ^low, .top! fliJOi: 210 "to 250 lb. butchers mostly sit lll.00@ll.35: 25^ to 300 lb. JlO.Tp iS" 10.95*; few pac!king sow* O.SO^* 9.75: medium tlo good 8laugbte|r pigs $10.75®! 11.25; heavyweight |10.40@li.l0; medium $10,550) 11.50; light Jll.OO© 11.70; the IJgW light llO.SOtgHLTO.: packing sowk |9.25@9.85: slaughter pigs $10.6^ @11.C5. ! ' Sheep 14,000: very slow; ,150-ih(. wopled cwcs $11; bulk better grad fat'laiiibs held fully steady; earl bids around 25c: lower. Kansa .<)CUr Grain. Kansas" City, April 7. (APIWheat: receipts 85. unchanged to Ic lower: So. 2 dark hard J1.29@ 1.35; No. 3 .1.2S@1.34'^; No. 2 bBrd'n .28M. ® 1.34%: ?Jo. 3, 1.28 ^1.3414: No. 2 red ?1.26@1.27; No. ' 3, 1.25(@1.26i;i:.; . ' Corn, unchanised to '^c lower; No. 2 white 71 (g 73Uc: No. 3. • 68U .@ Tic; No. 2 yellow 75 (it ^6¥jc: No. 3. 72i3^75c:;.\o. 2 mixed 71 @ 73x:: No. 3. 67>^ @ 70c: Oats, urichariged: No. 2 white 46%@48iic: No. 3.' . 4514 @ 47c; -T' ' Milo maize. $1.19<gl.23. Kafir i$l.ll<g 1.19: . Rye 9§«^ e 98c. Barley T7 @ 79c. KansJtsi City, April 7. (AP) — Close: i I Wheat:;•. May old $I.27"-i: .May new $1.2614: July 1.21?i. \ Corn:|Jr!ay 73 3-Sc: July 70 5-Sc; Sept. lO^ic.' • • SOUTH MAPLE GROVI Mr. and Mrs. John Crolsant am family and .Mr. and Mrs. Adolp) Croisapt and family spent Sunda; at the parental Crofsant home it Humboldt. .Mri>. CapPugh railed on Mrsj OeorgH Mcfntyre .Mpnday morn InR* Mr. nnd Mrw. Klmnr .Martin an" Tint" Martin spent Sunday at Ih PiiRi- home near Bl.smore. j .Mr. ind .Mrrf. Kd Ilnrnhnrt vlnllerj with ^Ir. and .Mrs. John Croisan and fomily Saturday evening. Mr. and ^Irs. ^lenry Saving i*cr<j fred" S iving's. .M^ttendo^f Rpen| Sunday visitors at Mr. iand .Mrs last Sunday altteni Crolsant's. Mr. and Mrs. |F. (1 ed on .Mr. jind Monday afternoon. .Miss Fern .Mc ore night and Sun ay- Wilbur. Mr. and "Mrs. and Everett vi oon at Adolplj McMillin call Mrk Ed Uarnhart spent Saturda> with Genevieve PUBLIC AUCTION—Public anctlon .oveiy Saturday-at 1 :00 o'clock Bishop's Sales [Fayllipb. PUBLIC AUCTION—1 will sell at pobiic auction Fi ^tday, April K, at 1 :30 p. m.. at^ 414 goiith ThIM, furniture of four room house, siich as two gas heaters, coal header, gas range, tm-o beds complete, dres-sers,. Coliiipbia graphophdne and 50 records, bookpase a^d radio cnjnbined, jjoff^t; tables, chairs, cabinet; • rockei-B, rugs, disUes. cooking utensils, garden todls, otheif tool» and' lots of other; ir- Jjcles. C; 8. Bishop. Auction^r. AUTOMOnVE AatomoWJe AKCMIM A USEID CAR—Is as dependableju the dealer who aells It —D(^ge Sales and Service. The best pli c« (n buy goodi dependable used ca *«. At present we liave ^ comphte . lini ot *oth open and closed mc d els, priced to «oIL Ellis Motor Co., 211 North Washington. REAf'I ESTATE FOR SALB Parmn iiD4 Land For itale 88 .I.MJPROVKO— 5, 10 or 20 acres on hard snrf^ce. For sale or trade. .I^H Hamilton. 15 ACHE TRACT^One of the best in the ;CoaDly:.'Tca6onable price, possession jtt on'ce. John Renthcr. Houses For Sale 84 GOOD .MODERN COTTAGIlJ—East front. I16.W. J. H. Hamilton. Wanfed—Real Estate S9 \V.\.\TED—To hear from owner of land for sale. D. M. Leight. Alzada, Mont LEGALS Leml Xot^ren 91 at BUD WHITE MOTOR CO.—Hdd- son-iSssex dealers. Everything In high class used cars. You wall rind what yon want/here. All priced worth the monejr. We trade or give liberal terms'. '219 Sonjth Washington: Ptibne tiO. ABtomobOefl For gale Will Martin. Irwin kited with .Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Maif^in in lola Isundayj afternoon. Sunday visitoHs at G. D. Cunningham's were: Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Barnett. Wanda and Juanlta. Mr. and .Mr.«. Fred wster, .Mr. and .Mr.-*. Roy tunningha n. .^jis3 Helen Craft and Helen an^ Junior Cunning-| ham. ' ' I 1 :—Read abou S hijl: Auction Sale| L'sed.Fofd Car; on Want Ad page. McCarthy Moto' Co. ;-Vir. and Mr:. Flank Giles and Virsiuia of Huiiholdt ^pent Snnaavi with Mr. an4 J its. K. L Sweiring- eti. .Mr. and Mrii Charley LaK .«man. Mrs. Edna Kramer and children anil Chester. Boone of Fort Scott and John Fori ester spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and .Mrs. Al-| bert Frouk anc family. .Mr. and .Mrs^. Will Martin were GOOD USED CARS—Buick roaster, neiw tires; Studebaker coupfe; also a bargain in a Buick touring. Marr Aufo Supply Co., Bulpk Dealers. ! FOR CITY, ,FARM jAND AUTO— Insufahce see thq Ray Investment Co. ' ! IT'S TI.ME FOR TOR.NADO— And hail storms Better let us write yoii uo a policy and be protcctetl. Arbuckle Real Estate. VoTbff, TmeklBgr, Storage 25 COJIR TRATfSFER CO.—Packing, •tbragei long distance baullng. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. Profeii<i|onar St^rrice^ is SUROERY — Medicine, X-ray. Dr. F. I^nskL Phones: otdca, 88(: resldeBce, '1138W. EMPLOYMENT HHp Wanted-Frmnle' SS WHITE RIBL —E-iperienced in housework. . good home, good way^s. Wrlie Box .113, lola. DIRT—For grading ply, firm and me: low. ders .'with Shannm Ragle, 27 South OJilo, EMPTY FLOUR at 50c to $1.00 Milling Co. SACKS— FTor sale ner dozen. Icda FLAGS—All kinds typewriters all times. Co.. over iGlbbe. WALNUT POSTS— her for sale. A. South Cottonwood Rn «InpSH and Office :, unlimited sup- Leave or- or see m 'e, at all times; to reit, all kitids at Williams Typewriter And native Inm- Swinford, 617 [street. Eqnipmerit St LARGE GROCER'S-Or restaurant ice box, new; jals^ used computing scales. Hjohnjlnger's Furni- tnre Store. i Fnet^ Fefdj Fijrffllcers Help >Tanin ]T .Male KAH.M HAND — Wanted. Mur^X- W. K. Situations Wanted^-.Male S7 FORD ROADSTER-rLate 1924. new tires, Al condition everyway. $180. Ralph Jones. Geneva, Kans. 1 lola visitor.": Monday morning. Kun^as t'lty LIvesliMk. Kaiifas City. Apr. 7. \V. S. Dept. If .Vgri^ulture) -Hogs. S.IIIM ): slow, early traifinp moKtly on flight welKhtV: ^lesirable 170 to 2lo Ibt^. Ill to .l.'ie lower tiirin Wednendny's average. lisbt ll>fht.s dull, 2'> tn 35c lower) llglit wolslit butchers ifljiw; st"< k piK$; HlroiiK to l.'ic hlghfr. »ll.S.j#I3.'»0; top in.-fS on 15(J to .x-JBO pounds: deKlrablf 170 to 240 IK .unilH mostly $l».7r ,ft 11.15: 140 to 16(1 pounds $11.2rifrll .35; packing w.wH f9.on(?r9.6i>. ('H|tl<', 2 ,500; culvfs 'Mi;, fed • steei^H a<'llve. .10 to I5tr higher: other killing clitHses fully Mendy; ve .TlerK «(rt»nK. toii Ill .'.O; three • U>Hd«- cholcfl l ,3 ^n • pound sjeers $l .'<^2.'i: good medluhi weights $12: bulk desirable grain fed ranging upward from I9..'i0: good 61» pound fci heifers $.I('.00. S i Sheep, 10.000: most sales mature ^mbs around 25c lower; sprlngert ZbffSOc lowers sheep about steddy: i*ooled lambs $15.75; '.best held above $16.00; shorn offerings. $14: Bfnall bunches .native ftprini; lambs :|7.6<i. others ai -ound $17.50. Chicago Grain Chicalgo. April 7. (AP)—Close: \Vheat: Mav $1.34 5-8 to *4: July $1.28ia to 5-8: Sept. $1.26 5-S: Corn: .May 73^ to ^ @ 5-8c; July 78 to 1-Sc: Sept; 'Sl ITSC. Oats: May 44 l-Sc; July 43%c; Sept. 43 3-Sc. Rye::.May $1.03%: Jaly 1,00 5-8; Sept. 9514, Chlrago LIvesforiL. Chicago, April 7, (V. S. Dept. of Agriculture)—Cattle 11,000; bedt fed stei^rs $131.50,;: bulk $11.25; feeders and stockier^ $8.00@^9.25; heavy medium bulls up [to;$7.40: cutters fOIxA HIDE. PCR & WOOL COMPANY; , .. Get onr prieea on I POULTRY AllD EGGS . ! We will come after poaltrr. ! B. A. JONES 80. Ohio- Phone 1307 .Mr. and Mr Foster. .Mr. ail >'(>ti .ind riiarl Leona Michael ors at Clark W .Mr. and .Mrs. ior of Emporia a visit with 0.4KLAND T- Dealers —POJNTIAC '2B Pontiac-coupe, good ai ne '25 Chevrolet touring, like ne '24 Ford roadster; '22 Ford cou good; '18 Ford coupe, cheap; Hudson sedan, tood shape; Studebaker 4-pdss. coupe,. luue shap^; '22Dodge!<;oupe; '18 Dodge touring, good; '24 Overland tot ring. good' '26 Chevrolet cou )e. fully ^quipped. Some other v<ry cheap cars. Cafih. terms or trafle. llobart-Steele, Motor Co. Ira Barber, ."Vlrs. 1 .Mrs. Frank Oib|»8. Fern Moore and wore Sunday visit- lllbur's. Kil Mutton and Jun- cumc last week for Mr. -uid Mrs.- F. I J. Sweiuingen. Mr. iluttbn returned home Sunday hut .Mrs. Hntton and Junior remained ifor a longer vliiK. I Mr. !tnd Mrn. Foster k)f Humboldt Mr. and .Mrs. Kd Nordb and fam lly, .Mrs. f!. O. Cunningham and Tlllle and .Mr. HIHI .Mrs. l^innieHa ker spent Weilnexdny afternoon 'at' C, I'. Bcemnn's. GliASSIFIRD ADVRRTI8. IHrCI IlVPORlfATION. jGRiENNAN^^ MARI K ET We iMjr the folloirias prices: 'Xo. 1 Eggs —.-L ^22c • Xo. 2 Egp? —. — I —18c jro. sEggs .1 — >-o. li Hens 1— Jfo. 2 Heii!) _—-—— 19.- Broilers —i L—30<r Horse Hides —U J ^.9Sm eivdn Hides —i-.——-.'i—; «c rr^BBinisD nATiss tity rate per line for ooMtecuMr* tlons: Charge Cash ;ix d «fa 7c M lir«e <te]rs 9a Td fh"^ day .: llr t«o Mtnlmum charge. Sfic on Any ad. ' Mtnlmum caRli. SOc. • Count fivfl Words to •. tin*. PHONE TOtTR CT^ASSIFIBD AD TO IS Errors in advertisements should be reported Immediately. The Beglster « responsible i for more'than 3Ee incorrect ,lns#tloD. Ads ordered I tor six'times and stopped before ezptratioo wUI l>e charred for inly the number of Umeti the ad appeared, and Bdjnstmfnt made at the tite earned. •The lola Reslster-orflea la open to recifve advertisements from « a. m. to « p. m. dally; All ads receive^ up un-; til l p. m. win ap-,.£ar In all eity editions the same dny.- Special rates for yeartr advertising. The" individual advertisements under the. following' elaaslflcatlons are •rranged in, ALPHABETICAL order for: nntek r «f »ronpe. ANNOUNCEMENTS PUBLIC -VOTICE—I will atand an Arabian stallion, scrub license No. 15^1. this spring at my place nine ntilQs northwest of lola, knojwn as tlije old Dave Runner farin: $5.00 cash for the .season. Deweiy Hua£- wOfV. Genev.% Kansas. i -Strayed, Lost, Foond 10 RELIABLE USED CARS — lS26 Nash, advanced touring: 3 1925 EsseX; coaches; 1922 Essex four touribg; Cho 'sler "5S'' coach. We! tradq. Ross Arbuckle's Oarape, ChryHler Dealers. Phone .=>6. REAL USED CAR BARGAINS 1926 IChevrolet coach; 1925 Chevrolet coach: 1923 Chevrolet: roddster: 1919 Chevrolet touring; 1923 Chevrolet ton truck: 1922 Chevio- let light delivery truck; 1923 Star roadster; 1925 Star touring; 1526. Star touring: late model Star tlx touring; late model Star ilx coiipe; l^te model Star four ledan: 1924 Essex coash; 1918 Dod ;e touring; 1918 JChalmera tpurlni; Ford touring. B. T. Barber Oi rage, 211 West strict. Phone sis. t'SED CARS—1925 Chevrolet truck, dandy shape; 1925 Chevro et coijp't. fine shape: 1924 Ford toting; iOin Chevrolet tourii\g: 19ta Chevrolet sedan: 1923 Ford trutlf, (lib and hoily. Shelly Motor Cp. IIS We«t Jackson. Phone 60. 1826 FORD ROADSTBR - Fltjef class condition. Boyer Motor Co. Ante Aeeesflorfes, Tires, Parts CHEVROLETT PARTS—Both n^w upd used, a big s.lock. . B. T. Bar her Garage. 211 West street TIRBS—30x3. 30x3%, 29x4.40. Cin be bought at a real saving. Ic^a Wreckings Co. Phone 782. VOUNG MAN-~Want9 work of any Ijind, clerical work preferred. Can furnish references. Address "Slt- uation." care .Register. , FINANaAL BBsinesK Opportonitle!* 38 TIRE AND BATTERY SHOP— Well, located. Jack.son Realty Co., over Brown's Drug Store. ' Money to Loan—3rortKage.s 40 FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne, 213 S. Washington. MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastern money to loan on farms and city property. Low rate. Terms and payment to suit borrower. Stewart & Funk. , FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms, 6%. city 6%; Long or short time R. M, Cunningham. LIVE STOCK NICE PRAIRIE H hale at barn. Lentj north and one cast WELL ROTTED MANirRE -For flowers, gardens a|id lawns. J. C. Butcher, H<iut«ebold tiwods BARGALVS IN <3T( RAGE FURNI- ture—New Simmons beds, 2-inch prist, Vernis Martin finish, $5.00; 1 used New .Method gas range, high oven, broi er. and 4 -hole cooking top, $20.00; 1 used buffet. dark $1.1.5jr): 1 used k with I breakfast fa out of side, $20;00: S-nicce walniit din tchen cabinet !ilc that pull.s 1 slightly used ng room suit*, 54-inch buffet. 40?50 iifch table, five side chairs, 1 host chair, gen- I uine blue leather iieat?. $68.00; 1 used duofold, blacli imitation leather covering, in good conditioUi $20.00; 1 used wing rocker, fine quality mohair covering. $15.00. A. R. Sleeper Furiilture. Co. HOUSE—5 room modern, floors, ncwjy decorated 966F2—45. all oak • Phone SYCAMORE,, N. 911—S^ room modern hoDse. sleeping porch, garage. Imiuire 901 N. Sycamore. garage. Intjulre 901 N. Sycamore. THRfiE ROOM HOUSE54Electric .lights, city lirater. located at 508 South Chestnut. See A. Schlick 9 ROOM COTTAGE—Modem, In good condition. Phoiie i ;033. Snbnr^n For Bent HOUSE—Barn and 3 acj-es, house, lots of fruit. Man Kelley Theatre. I 80 chicken Hyning, (First Published in 4116 Ihla Dally Rcgister.April 7. 1927). .\OTRE TO R{\\U CO.^TRACTORS Notice i$ hereby .given that sealcfl proposals for the construction of County Toad' work in .-Mien County, Kanse^, will be received at the office of the Coun{> Clerk until ten o'clock .\1 .M. .-\pril 23. 19^7. and then publicly opened. The road to be improved is known .as V. a Highway .Vo. 73W. Patrol -No. 4. section B, briefly described aS follows: Beginning at the southeast corner of section 22, T 24 S. R IS E, then north for a distance of one mllei Beginiiing at a point four-tenths of a mile north of the n!>rtheaat corner of isect^on 22, T 21 S. R IS E, then ndrfh for a distance of one mile. The net length of road to bn improved is two miles. Said improve- LEGALS Leffal .Notices 9r, meat Jncltidcsf the strlppiiig of the' gravel pit in the northwest quarter' of acrtitfn 27. T 23 g, R 18 E.and the' loading and hauling of 2600.0 ; cubic yards of gravel j-5.80 miles. ,Thc spreading and. compacting of the jtravel will h0 done ' by the County. - All of tiie work to be done in accordance with the sped- . fications of the Kansas Sttite Highway Commission. I>etaile<I inforr mation of the work to; be done may be had by an examination of. the plans and specifications on file in the office of the Caunty Engineer. ; By order of ^ the Board of County Commissioners. / W. D.CLARK. ( n 7 -rf. County Clerk. 1 J, (First Published in the lola Daily Register April 7. 1!>27). ; >»TI( K OK HXAL .SETtf.K.HKNT State of Kansas, Allen County.! ss. In the Probate Courr. iji and ifor said county. In the matter of |the Estate of Abigail C. Coy. jdeceased- Creiiitors and all other persions interested in the aforesaid Estate are hereby notified that l| shall jap- ply to the Probate Court in and ferr said Cotjnty. sitting at ijhe Covtvt, House in lola. County of Allen. State ot' Kansas, on the 7th day of .May. A. D.. 1927. for a full and final settlemcbt of said Estate, and for an .order finding and adjudging who .ire the! heirs, devisees and legatees of said deceased. J. .M. I^.WER. Adinini.strator of the Estate of Alifpail C. Cov, deceased. (1) 7:^14-21-28. 1 fi«| i\Y—Baltfd, 35c is Powell,-mile Iron WoVks. 59 bak. in g^ood condition. TWO SALES TWO SALES RAIN,OR SHINE COME EARLY.^ND INSPECT CARS i BEFQRE,THE SALE — EASY PAYMENT PLAN IF DESIRED. AM .MAKING—A| big reduction on- cotton jnattresies and cpngtj- Jcum rugg.' Brysoin Fuj-n. Store. | Seeds, Plants, IFlowerji Horses Cattle. Vehicles 4.S CABBAGE PLANTS! while they last. Gas. OUTDOOR TOILET — For sale CAN.VA BULBS—2,1- cheap. Phone 1201J. - dahlia biitbs, 10c 1316 N. Jefferson. c dozen; al^o ! 'each sprouted , , , - — , Phone 979-4.1 old. weighs years old.iFJ.N'K HLCB GRASjS—Cfover atjd! 6S —40 cents 100 ti. W. Chan*, wild pasture, roojn foir 20i more head cows April 15 Lonnie Shapel f'arlyle. Kans. Chll 972-21. will be jielid on the liorth side of the Square in lola on the lot behind the Sandwich jinn (old Peeress ^station), j ONE .MARE—5 years 1250; one horse. 6 weighs 12.^0, well broke and a good worker: 10 head milk <ows, • just fresh; 13 head .ferseys. Dur-; hams, and Guernseys, will be' , „ . . . fresh in;fcw days; one set work ,•^•''''-'^ CORN-lmpr^vcd Reld's\el- h.irness;' one wide tire wagon:; '"»' «eed co^n. official ger- onle low iron wlfeel wagon withtest 93 bwl; two saddles: one 14-tnch;"- McKlnneys. walking plow: one mowing biachjine: one. disc; one hay rake; will sell on time or trade for other cattle J. C. Butcher. TIMOfTHY SEED—( biisl^l. Allen Co Comtiany. YEARLi.vGs-r ;;rai7 ^v;r~fo;' VMI^^ '^Pr^}^"}.^' ^5 BtJSINESS SERVICE Bnsliiess Serrfces Offered is I CLEA.V WALL PAPER—Just like new. liefme demonstrate. Phone 316. Bex 132. lola. Building aid Centnirdngr 19 BUILDI.NG—Of new homes Is fir bfetter than repairing old ones. {I have some good lota, that I can bitlld houses on. and sell at a vejry roasonabic price. J. H. Palmer, builder of modern homes. 4?5 North Elm: I%one 609. sale. W. E, Murphy. For sale at :;ie,in. $2.30 per inty Implement fertile soil, $2 bu ^_ ply. C. W. Workis 25 .VICE; PIGGY SOWS-WIU f.1 r-{ J»??IJJL row In from one to three weeks: I red ones, white ones and black 1_ ones, .r. C. Butcher. Wnnled -Td I'onltrr and Supplies 49; BABY CHICKS-WhIte r .,egliornH. from heaviest layers. Edward Russell. Phone 955-;f evenings. ' .^^TROLLER—In ROOMS^NC IMMI condition. Room<( YfUhou FRONT SLEEPI.vq exposure, modern. BABY CHICKS—500 S. C, H. I. Reds. 500 Barred Rocks and .500 White Rocks for Tuesday. . the | FUR.VISHED 12th. all accredited stock. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. 220 West street. home, modern. 222 street. Phone imw. HIGHEST MARKET—Prices paid for cream, eggs and poultry. Our track and chicken.coops are at your service tp pick up poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pho. 658. Wanted—Live Stork 50 CATTLE WA.WED—To pasture. B. B. Spurgeci. m le east, 5 north of LaHarpe. jj CATTLE WAjJ^TEI^—To pastur T. W. lola. REAL ESTATE Apartments and Flats 74 FURNISHED APARTMENT — In modern rooms. . home: IPhone 671J Farms and Land 160 ACRE FARM—For rent, excellent ground, fair Limited sup- Farin. Hum- Buy «8 BOARD Board ROO.M—South Phone 88.5. ROO.MS—In private South Buckeye F^R RENy ilso sleeping after 5 p. m. For Rent 7p Lytle, J2% i miles west of! iPhone 995-i2. I WANTEJD to BUt—All kinds cat- i tie and hogs.!. J. C. Butcher. I SO acres'cultivattoii, balance pasture; 140 acres adjacent. 100 acrei eiiltlvation, 40 jneadow. Rent one or both'. S. .M. Knjix, Humboldt. Honseti For improvements. Rent 71 WANTED-H3to<?k to pasture. R. E. I HOUSE—« room, with garage, gas, Sullivan. 2 miles south of lola oil 1 elfctrlcity. water ill house. Phone State street road. Phone 988-1. 1 557J. ;n case of rain, sale kvill ]be held in our 3uilding, 212 Sbuth iVashington. 17 Ford Tourings 8 Ford Rdnabouts 4 i Ford Coupes 1 Ford Sedan Ford Light Deliv'j^ ^1 Ford Truck 1 Cole Phaeton This includes our entire, stock of used cars, as listed in detail below.'' .\o. l-l»jt TOl'HIXtt, xtar'ter, demnuntable, tender brare!!. \o. 2-19*! TOIKiXiJ .Htarter. deniunnlablc. .\o. .t—19*1 TOl'RI .^ti starter, clincher, go«Ml DON'T MISS THIS HUGE SALE EVENT! . The chance to buy the 'ear you've .alvvajyS wanted at your owji price. L, COME —BRING p ALL YOUR FRIENDS H -a tire*. .Vo. .V-U123 TOI'RIM Plinenfx iirown. standard, new pninl, itart<>r, clinclifr, (rray j|«. '74 -iMI TOrRI .Vt^, starter^ clincher, new lilArk palnL I >o. 1»—WW COri'K. iliirler, drwonnlnble. .>o. II—IMt HirXABIH'T, »lttrtrr, demounia- lilr, new black palnL >t». IS—IWI RrNAB (l (rT, ttfarter, demounla* bir, new black paltiL Ko. II-IKO TOrRIXG. starter, clincher. S«—1931 rftl'PE, slsrter, demonntable, good tires. 1 . .\o. sii— I9SI KCVABt^lTT, starter, ellnrlier, new black pafnt. [ .' Jfo. sii-lWS TOK TRUCK. cli»sed cab, platform bodr, HoUey Taporaer. 5o. .15^I9S4 TOl'Rim ntarter, demoantHhle, hnmpers. . So, .17— mi TOCRIJiC?, standard. .\o. 41—1920 LICHT DELirERY CAR. >oj 17—1933 TOtRI>'Gl starter, clincher. Xoi 49—1934 TOUliI>'Cj, starter, demonntable. new Mack paiiif. Xo. $1—1939 TOUKRG >o. 5»I-I^19 TOrRIXG, — EA^Y starter, clincher, standard, cUoeher. So. .V< 1926 TlUOR SKOAX, bulltwin tlrc: » I'irst clni* can | ' X«. «a ~tfHl ms.smir, slaijdard, new bill ek pninl. j • * " ; .\».-«7— HMN TIH'KI.Vf;, slHtidHnl. ' ' .No. Stt--I9:i« TOI'RI.X;, ncH gun metal bine ipiilnt, nirc nheel«, iili ncn biil|<mu tlt'^, \ rent /ob. .Vo. Ml—1921 TOIKIM', HUirter, clincher, new Phoenix brown palnl, *ui»'«"'*'e;'r Jo««» like new. y». W-I02« RlVABOrT. Mnrler,; dcmonn a. We, new Phoenix br«nn'paint. Look over Ihe arce<(sorlr<» on thin car. , >«). 9i m\ fOIPK. -ilnrter, tfcmotinlable, a new radlntnr. blncfc Dneo imlnf. .\o. 99-I92I1 KrXABlMT, Mandiirri, clfncher, all good tire». .Vo. foil -IflSy.TOtRIVC;, starter, balloon, three bran new tfres, other one good, nen^ bat- tef7. .Vo. 103—1919 Rr.->ABOrT, standard, very itood tires. .V». I9S4 TOlRI.VfJ, starter, ciinrhpr, n|w bl^fck paint. ; Vo. 105— 19SI RUVUBOl'T. »t'%rter. deinoan^- blc, new Phtrehlx brown palai. AH lifw tires. Vo. IS-igiK GOLE S-flL. PH.iETO.V (l -bafs. open) in good shape,!bran new oil iinlsfaj paint job in brown color—top and cnrtalbs . < in fir.ft. class sllape. PAYMENT PLAN IF DESIRED 'I 212 South Wasliingtpn ^flU.NTAI.V PEN — Gold, with Vtiihrlstine" engraved on^ side.! Finder plegse pho. 1192J. Reward. Toans nnd Old Cocks i—,11c • Wei will come after yonr poaltry. J. E. Grennan Produce Co. Kjift XMroe and ElB FJiMe S7i Ida ..Kuii! ^AUCTIONS Anctlons 10A PUtkLIC AUCTIO.V—I will sell! at pniilic auction at Bishop 's Ssjies Pavilion. Saturday...\pril 9, at <ine p.m.. horse .o, cattle, including three extra good milk, cow 's; hogs, calves, chickens, farm machindry, gang pIoW; hamcM,, Wagons, hitg- R 1 J>S. 8 gAnd attlomoitileH. anW lotK ot'cstra good hpuxobold furniture. d.iS, Bishop, Auctioneer. I -,..!: 1 - H

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