Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 6
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Pre-Easter Serrlees to Be Held at M. E.vChBr^li All awtt Week, t 0. 0, T. P«t» on tlie Second Degree. / (jjirs. Opal lilitchell) l.AHAilPB, Apfll 6.—Pre-easter aervices';'will be helfl all next ireek at the M. J3. Churclf by Rev. 0. T. Andrevs, (lastorlot the church. A food-meeting is | looked forward to r %ith much Interieat. 'The I. O. 6. F. put on the second degree work for two candidates. J. C. Afore and I, W. ETans 1 Monday nfght; A number 61 young people from licre attcndcd.the picture skow and . talk given, at Allen Center iMonday evening by, the' Fam Bureau. I Mr. and Mra. Ed pan forth drove to Ft. Scott this afternoonibn busi- • ness.'' . V . The youpg people of! the Christian Endeavor of thp Prcsbytorian church expect to h^ld a social at . the Claire Kerr home this evening. iMra.Boestler has.returned homo from a visit with relatives at Cha* nutc. Mr«. Frank Spradley has received the ncwK of the marriage of her niece, Mlsu jLoralne Clemans,; to • Mr. W. B. McGie. both of Tulsa. MiuB Clomaiis has many frienkis - hcr<> who will be interested in / learnJhK of. her marriagci Paul Drj<icn, who spent'the winter in New; Haven; Mo., where he had employment, has been home on a visit ahd went to ,Cbanute yes- T terday to visit relatives until'Frl- iday. • ^ •, '.. 1 .—^Easier Slippers! Yes. we ife- ceivied 46. pairs moij-e pf-the ve.ry latest, mostly high ihecls. Will have^ a large shipment again first of next .week: We think qiiality and price must-J)e right,- as last as we §ell them. If. in want of silk hose, examine OUTS. Roach-EIliofl^ Miss Irene Penland, of Lope Elm, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. (Yates, is reported quite sick with the measles. Mrs. Mary E; Burris is reported quite siok. news her friends arc sorry to hear.! . Miss EXta*^ Westlakc expects to leave tomorrow for her homo in Aurora. Neb; She has been Jiere several months helping care for her .uncle, Mr. S. M. We.stlake, !Mr. apd Mrs. Pratt and daughter visited Monday with Mrs. Pratt's mother; Mrs. EasUQm. Mr. and Mrs. J.-W. Spangler received a visit trom their nieoe. Mrs. Bekl and husband of Ottawa, Kan., today. Mr. and Mrs. Beal expect to loave Friday for 3outbern Texals to reside. John moving a barn from the farm tO his property In town today. ' • '.Many old friends, here are , saddened to learn of the death of tlri- clc Dave Ruxton, who passed iiway - yesterday morning at the home of bis son near Mildred. I Charles Pcnningtpn shipped two car loiada of cattle today. i : Hyron Hughes is here from ^ad-. Lson. Kan;, wiiere he has employment, for a few days visit with'bis family. I Mr. and .Mrs. Barney Lime* ex- peol.s to return to ;their honic iji Kaniiw. Ok/a.. (tomorrow. fThey have been visiting the former's mother. Mrs.H^ E. Limes and other relatives and .friends. I Burlington State'Bank Closed by Pi ^tprs 'i 'opcka. J<ans., Ap*. 7. ' A I P) — Thf! Biirlihgtnn State ftank of Biirl- lugton wks closed triday byi .its board of jjirectors, the state baik- , inc deparlment announced. | ;M Hccivy .withdrawals of depoBit? was giveti as the cause. The bank had withdrawn from the state guat- flnty fund. ' : • [ ' The banlv had- $25,000 capiUl; $6,662 suriilus; 1171.000 depO|Slts: $161,600 loans and $5,031 bills jpay- able. A.'J. Sanders is jpresident of the bank and Mattiei^ Hutcbings cjishier. ' . ,• ; j Isn't it odd? Southern training .trips ahd fabulous salaries were unheard of by the. old-time baser ball players, yef they i played I just as good a brand of ball oftener than the present-day giioup. Grant! Rapids. Mich..| Will be One (if tbe largest. cltfesU^ the United States without- league mseballj this fear. and! worked West [(bentriat Avenue (MJaa^VeretoaXho^felith I f- Apr. 4 .4 -Mr.' "and" Hrp.':-C slllson spent Friday eyeniig 'with J iMrA. Hnas'tad-sftna: n/.' Misk-'Bttrell Peterson spent day evening ^itH MlBS«?E«' rkaii4'MiM» orioiii-' ![ i Mr*: ami ::ijk Bd Nordt, ail _ et, ^elenland Frances "and jSfr.^and Mrs; a^atgel Nordt anj: - lJfA-'--«- spent Sunday at the; n Nordt home, j > t Mf. and Mrs. YerHle Wing Sunday withjher parents, M Mrs. Carol and'family:' Mr. and Mris. tinsilwind son ton. visited '•• at Ji W. Th(>mas '8 Thursday evening. •Mr. .and. ^{rfl..^hurcbea and spetit Simdayiwitb Mr. end £thertoii of, ilqla. Mr.;and "A^rs. Guy Wing children visited Sunday ajt' xnoou withi Mr.-and Jlrs. Lee Faijlliner. Mr. and Miis. Fieans visiti urday atterndon with their i tcr, Mrs. Cart Cation 'anid :ii Mr. and Mr.*. Oral sdm a king with Mr. and Mr6.- P«;terson, I Vern and Ethel Baker rctumdd to Coffeyvtli day evening:'but Mrs. Bak niaincd fdr ai few days, Vjal her parents. | •Mr.i Baker called on Mr. Wi;drie«duy afternoon. I Mr. .and Mrs. Lambert Sunday w)|th'tier &lsfer;'Mr8. and her mother,'Mrs. Oatmotr Mrs; Ghiirches ' and Waynje and .Mr?; Pfeteriioji • and Ethel • Sunday; evening with .Mrs. and soiisi ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lassm: Pauline, Mrj and Mrs. Arthur and Bernioe motored to Cianht'c Sunday afterndon. Mr. and .Mrs. Eggars ant children spent Sunday with M ' ' Mrs, Hottenstein and iboys.j Mr. and Mrs. Huss and spent Friday evening at tnd Thomas home.' j i Mr.-land Mrs. Fred Sawr'and sons ^pent Sunday Vith .and Huss spent $iedle, liriSHed Cdpp n and Rals.h {r. and sons R. E. .Mrs. Fired Patch •Miss' Ethel Peterson visit :d Fri- ilrs.' Henry IdlA DAlLyREGISTKB. THURSDAY EVg: . 1 - ^ < rO./APRIL 7. 1927. WThen Chan? Tso -Un's defense agd generals an^ many-soldiers fled td nst the Cantonciii; weakened, Chinese Japan. Here Is Chang Hseuh-cljieng, i6n of Marshal CliahfC Tso-lin. wllih his-wifc and child, pictured a^' they irrived ImTokio. Mrs. Chang Hsuth-cheng; regarded as one of the.raost }eautiful women in China, fonneifly was known as "queen of the three tastern provinces." Wichita, iKans., pisfrict Jiidfe Ti ^ent today^ent a conUder f iU* .yerdi yejEterday wWcli <'lilllfps":f>f .ifewk dam,a ^ep; >^tnst ArkaiisBS City, fo of ^Is 1rife |s alfec ^.The ju^ca tblct Q^stpn iir& gnllty a'ffectloha! of Mrs. ^nd ihioutfl be a d6mii)eiuurate .wit] ferbd.^ jtiiliips as eSuit : fratle More t»r. .ii (AP)— ison j W- Sar •y baick tojTe-' returned slate awarded 0/L. . :okla.. $1.00 >e Gpston. of tire. ^Uenation Ins. " .'^^ i I i- Jury that If I alienatihg 'Uie mi |2°sl her hus- trdedj (lamagcs lie t'oss'helsuf- 1 for! $150|0d0. V. miners of including Oklahima; and day afternoon with Triemer of Humboldt. —Read about big Aucllob Sale Used Ford Cars on Want A l! page. McQarthy Motor Co. ' ' • Mr. and Mrs. Art Krone a id Mrs. Krone I visited Sunday arernoon with Mr. and'Mrs. Henry Ntrdt. Sr. 'Mr. and Mrs. Huss'vlsit<d Sun- daj' afternoon with Mr.' ii d Mrs. jW. M. LinvlUe. Mr..and Mrs. John Muel er. and children visited Sunday evening with Mr. and'Mri. Ed No dt and fkmlly:- ° -'Mr. Churchill called )n Mr. Churches Thursday evening. Mr. Pieper called on Mi, Peterson Wednesday. Mr.- and Mrs- Fred Sa ler and ftoys spent iSunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Quy WlBg snd children. Mr. and Mrs. Huss and Wilfred visited Sunday evening at the Peterson home. • .Mr. and Mrs. .Tobn Frarkllu and .Tunior. Mr. and Mrs. Pail Laisman and Patiline spent Sunday evening with -Mr. and Mr i. ArtAur Raish and'Bern ice. Mr. andMra. Peter ion and Ethel and'Mr. add Mrs. O 'al Baker spent Sufncfey I with * Mr. ind Mrs. .Martin Aiiidbrson, Harold, Hope ahd Joye, of Moran. . .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank calleU on Mr. and .Mrs. Bifker Monday afternoon. I The Rev. .Mr. Crismore trict -Superintendent Prit callera at the Huss horn da.v afternoon. ' • Mr. 'and .Mrs. Guy children, Mr. and Mrs. iF red Sauer and children. Mr. and M-s. Daniel, Pearl and Cheater, auc .Mrs. Charlie Churchill, A Alvis were Tola shoppers Saturday. ! Mrs. Beemah, Lottie otity visited Mondaj' aftei Mrs. Ed Nordti and children. Mr.° and Mra. Lambert Mr. and Mrs: Churches SJinday eve-| nlng.. Mrs. W. M.' Bruenger Mrs. Huss Thursday af ernoon. -Mrs, Elnjer Thomas ii th».(lu. j AlvlB Churchiir re school after being abseij on account of aitAness. Mr.' and Mrs.! Bcrtcb ahd Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heai and^chl^'ren' spont Suiiday afternoon wit'h Mrs. George Wing. Archie Jacob Is now vforking for Charlie Churchill. Mrs. Hottenstein called on sister,: MrsrSggars, Monday morning. •']•" • I Mr. and Mrs- Arthur. Bcjrnice, Mr. arid Mrs. Osb'orn an ihildren sjwnt Saturday ' cvenin , *iih .Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wing aufl (hlldreri.. | Miss Lllllai) Lambert went t<i ola Thursday to "work. Friday afternoon callers at Ih luss home Were the Rev. Mr. Cris hioro, Vernic Hiiss. R. E. Thoina i and Mrs. Cliirrhes, Clarence and jfaye. . : | Mrs. John Kranklin went lo lol^ JKriday a weqk to take the rccrca] ion work, j •• Pe.irl and Chester Daniel, Lew. ind John Hottenstein arid Walter ind Edward'Hestefberg were ab! ;cnt from school Monday. Mrs. Vernie Wing has been en erfainfng the mcaslcs- Mr. ^nd Mr.s. Charlie Churchill I'crena and Alvis and Mr. and .Mrs 0ren Haugh visited Sunday eve iiing with Mr:?; Ina Hanson a7id Mrs. Hawlcy. of Hilmboldt. Mr. and-, Mrs; Paul Lassman vis ited jWednesday evonlng with Mr :irid.:.Mrs. .lohn Franklin. Earner Tjiomas rlelivered <'attl<i for Rudolph Kamping Saturday. 'otash Conspiracy Is Charged in Sui "Washington, Apr. 7. (AP)— tjonspiracy to control and monoiipl Jze the potash industry of thij United States, directed ?)y German and French producers, vfas charged ijn- a suit filed In New York todajj by the government. : t Oil Scouts Watch Salina Oil Well Salina, Kan.s. Apr. 7. (AP)—Oil •scouts coritinut- to arrive iu Sa- liua and watch the progress at the Ella. Davis well, just southeast of the city. From 900 to 1.100 feet of oil is now standing in the hole and kome estimates arc that the well is good for twenty barrels as it stand.s. Drilling cannot proceed until ' the hole is slraightcncd: Scouts are an.xious for additional drillirig to determine whether or riot the Wilcox sand exists in this new territory as believed. Kansas qity, Aplr .J 7.: (AI^X-x-An- ather.effprt to rejcli a njcw w»ige agreem'erit was sti rl ed Here today by coal operators t the southwest dis r; Missouri. Kansas,' Arkarj^' If 9. negotiatidn duce "an, agreement morrow. It was bi 11 ference iwould be a die, virtually .brea^tijig of to agreo on a -new place the one whicjh ,Obttuary-^.\iaud< Maud Lucy Hard! i tcmber 16 1885, nia arid dciiurtod this li'e] at her home near Mausas City. .Mo., at the age of 41 j |c4ra, ' 6 and ISidivj-s. She was married .Vash .Mprch 9. 1305, C. M. T. C. May Draw About 1,550 to Kansas Washington. Apr. 7. (AP)~Oi)e thousand, five liundred and fifty young mcn'aro expected to attoiid a summer citiZ(lns training caran to he held begiiinihg August firKi. at Fort Leaven wor'tlr, Kansas,! it waj? announced today by Iho war de-. parttrient. Datop for other camps, Ijeginning June 11 <n various parts Of the United States also were made public. • Ferdinand's Bed Js Sc^ne of Meetings Vieniia. Austria, Apr. 7. (.\P»— Dispatches from Bucharest say a crnwn council to deial with the rr|;ency question was held today at;' the bedside of King' Ferdinand wiio is rerioualy ill. to Daniel M. . Ojt Kansas CHy and to' this union i ras born one daughter, Ruth Le '< n, age four yjsy-s. . f In the spring of 1J13 they moved to Sylvan Orof\'c, I i icoln County, karis., where they nadc their homo for 11 years.' Kroi there they moved to liichmoi .i. Mo., and 4 weeks ago moved biiclk to the lariu near Kansas .City. She was the youni ;c st of ten clBl- dreni all of whom : i rvive her except three brotheri. She is survived , My Jier hijsb; i d. Daiiiol .M. liTnd daugljite', Ruth, I..<n-oii. four sisters, Mr^-. Id i Suggs; of (ia:s C4ty; 'Mrs! Eva Sprio ?slon,; of Mildred, kan.s.: M''*'- fit na Burriss of 'I City fall to pro- today or loved the con- ^jour^edj sine . efforts cf)utraj-t to re- expirjd April Hvy Vttsli. fvas.b)ru Soj)- Iol:|, Kauii., April 1, I'J27. months \Vh4t"mcntai telepathy" klid to a phi-ilcr carii-atiii-c o.f the [lYcsi- dent on view at the .Society jot' In- dx'pfndeiit Artists' osJhibit in New York! (icorge Zodivic;wa9'di ^satiK- fifd with -.the work' and wjien it was brofeeri.^ lio a-scribi d it Ui psychic imprtrt-atioiis. One- of the While -House pups, also in [iastcr, spems to pay little atteiitio i here 10 thi> c'.Mraorilinary' spectit'le of his i!i;i.sti,-r's fliseml>|^died head lying at Iiis feet. '. Springfield, Mo., Ha^ $150,000 Fire Ijpday Spiingfif-ld. Mo.. App. 7. <AP) — Fin,', believed to have be^n rau.sed ^ _ 'iy fk'fec'livc '.viriii^, (-aiisedj dam- -Miidredf, ka'nB.: Mr .rikffie.'lFVsii of j ••stiniatcd at approxijnately lolil: also two brbtlicts. WJil liar-,'t"'" '"'•^'IK' S.S buildlnRS din] and Alvin Ilardiuf of lola. and i |" "^'^ "owntown di.sti;:r:t ear^tliis otlier relatives and'! friend.s|. . F]iirierar services jy^rc at .Slbeper Chapel, ^etv smith officiating. lJ!ui1ial in lola cemetery.; a host of r-nlwIiK.ln.l niornins- Fat Steers;ffit a New Mark ihi Kansas City Kansas aiy. Aprl 7. (AP)—Fat steers selling at 113125 a hundred pounds, reached the highest price in eighteen months on the Kansas C^ty marlcet. A bunch of fifty av- epaglng i;390~ pounds going at that price were shipped here by William Bowness. Fairfax, Mo,, who purchased them on the market here last September at $7.90 when they averaged 1.017 pounds. Hockaday Flies to Topeka for A^eetiiig Topeka, Karis.,~ Apr. 7. (AP)— Woody Hockaday. of Wichita, Kas, high\yay trail blazer, arrived here today in an airplane to; attend the first meeting of the new state highway commissitfu. Hockailay left Syracuse, nearj the .Colorado line, at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, spent the night at Chanute and arrived here thi.<} morning He covered appxoximatcly 45i) miles in Six hours flyirigj time. * * **•'** *• t ^\ * + *. * ^ifl^^pm^offlco of • * Ida Abstract Co. -t- ^ ' ; Aprilfl. 1927 ^ Deeia John M. Rose, widower to .tn- nie M. Sheff 12!28'26 Lot II) BI-., k 46 lola' $i.00:- i George F. Cox and wife Murilia and Elmer E. Cox widower ;•> ^ohn W. Barley 2'21l25 Lpt :i Block 2 Bayard $1500:00. Allen county by Clerk to TIi- lola BIdg. & Ldan .^ssn. 12 aeon; In SE corner of SVi% 31:24 1!p. $72.51. : : i • Sjvimming is one of the national recreatibn.s of Holland, aUhoi^li the firstiDutch atteriipt to swim the English Channel has ^tlll m bo made. Mdst every runner in the cok; bratjjd Bqisston . Marathon loses on an aver.ijifr from four toi cigiit poufcds In the 25-TOile race; ; These Large Upholstered Fiber Rockers On Sale Saturday at 2 p. m. . $12.75 See Display in our East Window. . $12.7d ' W. BECK FURNITURE CO. The Boston Mara pons race of Its WoA most often by w let^s. Evidently it tboricr who wbrks -win such a gruellln! on. d, kin kes •d COD Your Leak-proof, RustrproQf Yfiiti Help Sh^ep !^aj^iejf^ By W.'0.iKAI8EII' Aaricultur<l EngrtiMrr Bvpi^y Bheep ralaer knowa jthat he roust dip bis flock at least t<wlca k year in order to control the ahee^ a ck, -which' :iniRks ; the noimal's ood and Impalra Its general dei Hrvloptnent. . J t r The ' aecon^panylntr •hows criMi^tlon RoBnd MUfMrli irelnfQrc^hient bi are 4P>«*f{Sf«il' Incheh ipiirt h zontally,'«nH I-ieteri Inc l»e«^, ai rerHfallr.^th^ftbrlzonti I and iicafibarb fftrjd'a latlice wotk, Tha of lEons sts saiid The farmer cad cbniiteact marient,' watertig it, Tial-prdpt at concrete-falmseifL:?3oth th« and the fiber of the vat lai^e dC a, nn^orm thickrieait Ijichc i. The coacr(tt«''iRi ' ooe i ick of portlahtT content > $tod < ne-half ctibic {^-Of sa l)?nr. cable feet pebbles. Band and pebbles most be ilnd lard. r HI: the cement, sand pebb: es thoroogfaly so that ;nire idll have oniforiri color, iniz 1 aionly tooufh.water to CroBS-StoUoH of a Sheep Ql^plnfl y«t The rat Is ten Inches a per- vat walls made five of |to two and Both clean ai d tie the mix- Then wide at the width of 20 cbute is bottofai, and U;>en to a Inchek- a^tUt 'tap. •• made isf^iiio^e i yrlfifi. Forms &r''flie''yht ijre. oiade of one-loiwiomb r,'bj>ace|.%^%4'%' If thffade gS tana m^oem -Hk. the ower aldicr^'iwt be'needed: As. »^ ^m|l''is tjla'^ in the forma.'It shonld'l^ ligh or spaded, so that^e watertight and ba«» srirfalces. | ; Tbk foor of the 'tamped will be even .Is 4 Week. is the Satur- -ihc Dress—the Hat—and Gloves Kiir Di»Rtb!> you haie l»ee|i planning yonr,Easier outfit-the Coat and liu^e and other acr<,ssuriet» to nintch. ! r I , • • • • • .\nd riMv It should Interest yon to know that your citniitiete outi'it cuu now be pun-hiued ut the Leud^r ut it pi ire nithin the reach oi'.every purse. EXTRA SPECIAL EASIER um Sfrorf Coats, Hre^s Coats, this price--.Shop early! COATS A limited number at Other Coats $10 V Beautiful spring colors! Wonderful wool fabrics! We w^nH 3 tQO strongly to see for y«ur-s^lf. . j For Young Men—N?W light plors, including the new slwil' ' Coats, and blue doMb)^ \vf4^i^^. For Men—i^inc heaW blue serges and genuine A|etcal^ .S|iort Coals, ,Sut sh(fu. 00to|$35.00 . In, Tivilis rhanueen. Polret- EXTRA SPECIAL EASTER FROCKS $8.75 to Beaulifni Crepe and (.'eorgetfe.s. Rxrlusfrely hand-laiiored drjBsses of the better lyne— all sizes, all eoIovK. . ' Gfood-Morning Frocks. .See tiie clever new wash frocks. Absoliileh lant colors—Kayons, Peter-Pan Prirt.s. VerV j»peclal-^ ; $5.69 PIKE steds in ^ark colors •woolens that appeal „ • or greys. Closely woven, ' superb | ' to thoke who want the best ' R SUITS AT $14.50 AND UP. t'nusu^l values iq! CAPS $1.49 A sale of higher pri very sp^ial values and Sat ^4^* . \ ..-Ull-t . ^ II ped caps- East Side Square lOLA j ' CI ' * 1 or Friday Silk Hosiery $1.00 - 1> I • u In nil shudrs. PAIK Full-Fa.shioncd j "KOSAI^E" " Pure. Si Ik Hosiery i\ $1.50 tip. .Scarfs for your Kii *ler lit nt $1.00 np. A Gr«at We of Men's Drejis / V TROUSERS $3.98 Lififht or dark o^lorts—f^iaranteed valaei^ up to $5.95, "f ^e savings are bonestl^f here if you,'U tMMne and get them—For Friday and Satistrday. "Rayons" The new Rayoais Spring 'come in many beautiful patte are fast cotors^ 39c Up. • t |out« EASTE^l HATS ^'Icver Styies—The season's - ver^ ratr«t creations In straw*, and h8lr:> braids wftb eiever flower and metnt trlmnlnpH^ $2.50''^ $5.75 Ifatu for Children ^IM up. "VIVsiTTE LINCfeRIB" FJneMi quality, dainly Mhajiex. Kiery style of Ksmirnt. Hnm^khlntf new and dHferent. Purses .Select oka .of these IpTely Purses—Envelope or Pouch style to nwteh year outfit at $1.98"° $10 RAYON LINGERIE; i 98c Vestfi, irti^^lBs liloomerS, Silks! Silks! \ mont, wonderful: dhplay of I H I I silks fer tier baniiaet - $1.50 up a nkei ed 8ill(s at«8c up. showintr of print- st«».|||» l,l« tedd /s. TjUges. Prints •See our great stork ,,t ne^v prints iTc to 50c J i t'njif colors, wasthaMe, tbej prettiest pattern-^ ever shown.' STORE THAT SELLS FOR LE^. i ^ IJTK ! EMPORIA Children's Buster Brown Hosieryi 39c up. AU Kinds of Beautiful Powers iSejip.

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