Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 26, 1947 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1947
Page 6
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Mr-^rt&^t&rt&Mx-n&.tfZa-x'^ixi&i.jj^&t'*'*-. ••<•"• 12 AprU 26, 1N7 Midwest Livestock SATURDAY'S Albert Lea. Minn. «CH,01....Q,,rti.,M«, I without limit at to the amount- to lend I »oney and to accept a» security for the Payment thereof mortjati. upon red •tat* and personal property: to sell build. ings of any kind, as well as nal estate upon contract and to take and accept purchase price mortgages. - To manufacture, buy. sell, trade and 160-170 .:.::.:::::::::;;:; J^-JW b' ..................... *21.1» 180-200 Ibs .................. 12210 SOO-220 Ibs ............. . , 220-240 Ibs .......... ....... 340-270 Ibi ........... ..;; 270-300 Ibs .......... ..... 300-360 Ibs ........... .... . 330-380 lb» .............. ... Good Packing Sows- 270-300 Ibs ............. siann 308-330 Ibs. ........ . ....... 330-360 Ibs ....... 380-400 Ibs ........ 400-4SO Ibs ........ ....... }fS 450-500 Ibs ..... .... . .......... Austin, Minn. Steady to 25c Lower $20.10 Ml.10 122.10 $22.10 *22.10 W1.85 $21.49 $20.U $90.13 Waterloo Steady $19.73 $10.75 *21.7S 111.75 $21.75 $21.79 KIM $11.00 $20.50 $18.25 ' •* $U.2S J18J5 $11.00 $18.00 $11.00 STEADY MARKET ON LIVESTOCK Chicago, (fl>) — With the usual Saturday dullness prevailing, all classes ol livestock were quoted nominally steady at the stock yards. Nominal hog top was $23.50. A divergent price trend developed during the week. Although hogs were weak, losing SO cents to $1.50, an active demand developed for both cattle and sheep. (USDA) — Salable receipts 200 (estimated); total 3,200 (estimated): compared week ago; hogs weighing under 280 Ibs. 50875 cents lower, heavier weights MW $1.50 lower; sows $1 lower. Salable cattle 200 (estimated): total not given; compared week ago: tJnusually active market all week on most classes- receipt!; approximately 43,000 head larger at 12 markets, expansion over week earlier locally being 15,000 head; high-medium to low-choice steers and yearlings predominated overwhelmingly to make cows, bulls and vealers as well as stock cattle very scarce; In response to very broad outside demand plus stiff local competition; good and choice steers and yearlings steady to 25 cents lower; medium kinds is cents higher: all grades closed active; heifers strong, comparatively scarce; stock cattle slow, steady. mostly fU.500U.50; with warmed-up choice yearlings and fleshy South Dakota S? lb /, st ? l!rs to Wl-SO. but practical outside thin kinds J20.2S; Increasingly liberal supply good grade b«f steers jmd yearlings scaling 900 Ibs. upward $2250® 24.75; with weight at premium, choice offerings $24.75 upward, strictly choice 1,412 ID. steers topping at $27.25; choice medium weight steers $27; long yearlings ?^* n .'Jfl'. TearUn e» »«: choice ttt 16. heifers $24.50; all interests bought common and medium steers and heifers freely all week at $15821.50, common light Mexicans at inside price; narrow run beef com aosei 25@50 cents under week nigh time, canners and cutters steady t SSS'«S8 ttH i, $13 down! mml 'x*' «» $13.756117; strictly good offerings spar ingly to $18.50, heifery kinds to $JO Vnd better; most medium weight and weiehty sausage and besf bulls $1«.25®17, latte price paid freely; bulls steady to 25 cents S*5fV or w " k: VMle " $1SS up, mostly $2 higher with $24 the top, paid freely Salable sheep 100 (estimated!; total no even: compared week ago: Receipts STOCK MARKET DEALINGS SLOW New York, (#)—A little short covering and timid buying here and there by professionals kept the stock market pretty well balanced Saturday although many leaders slipped and dealings were among the slowest oi the year. Sehenley was an active and relatively strong spot Publicker and American Woolen also were favored. In the plus column mort ot the time • Cedar deal in. both at wholesale and at retail. Rapids «t«l products and steel Buildings. Steady to d. To buy. sell, manufacture, repair. 2Sc Higher «lter. let, hire and deal in all machinery and appliances necessary Incidental or associated with the business or business** $1«.79 operated by this corporation; to carry on $19.75 any other business which may seem to $21.79 the corporation capable of being conven- $31.79 lently carried on In connection with the $21.79 powers or calculated directly or Indirectly $21.7i to enhance the values of the corporation's $21.50 property or rights. $21.00 «• To acquire and undertake all or any $30.13 part ot the buslneas assets and Uabllltlta of any person, firm, association, or cor- I1I.29 poratlon on such terms and conditions $18.33 <s may be agreed upon, and to pay for 118.23 the same with cash, stock of this cor. $18.23 Petition, bonds, or otherwise, subject $11.00 only to the provisions of the laws of 1h« fli.OO st »<« °* I<""«$1«.00 *•, To iaue bonds, debentures or other obligations of the corporation and to contract Indebtedness and to secure the same by mortgage or mortgages, deed or deeds of trust or pledge or Ben on any, or all of the real and/or personal property of the company. To enter into, make. perform, and carry out contracts of every kind not prohibited by law with any person, firm, association or corporation. This corporation shall have all the power iranted by law to private corporations organized for profit and to carry out »ny ol the businesses, objects and purposes herein enumerated either within or without the State of Iowa. g. This corporation shall have an option to repurchase Its issued and outstanding stock whenever the holder there- LEAVING for McAllen, Texas. April It Can take I. Raymond Cufle). Hampton WHL. 20 I mar a*vsny tOST-Betwaen Mason City and Cleat Lake, 1 bundle of window frame material. H. W. Oil-ton, K CKfc Drive LOST—April le. Dodge keys and others In front of dty rest room lit St. Heward. Uetum to Olobe-Oasttt* or W. T. Rich, Clear Lake. Phone JTf. LOST— Surveyor's rod in eanvM case. Reward. rwdlf. Andersen J01HS. Momy to SIGNATURE - AUTO WANTED A OUALITY FIELD MAN BY THE CEJUIO OOKDO COUNTV CADty PRODUCTS UtPROVCtlENT ASSOCIATION ^^ Make Personal Application at th* Board of Directors Meeting to be held in th* office «th* County rx- tensloo rnrector to th* r*d«ral »uOd; Mason City, Room MJ. at t p. a. Thursday, May i, JMT WANTED—Women to ore tor slentu rams. Permanent wtek. either full i&.l^dS.r.'' 1 "- *"* Apply to WANTEO-Juiitor, fuu or put time JP*r- manent employment. Apply Ibr.. tad. mar hotel. WANTED— Man to run tractor: No chora. c. L. Smith, CarUnviUe, low*. note men needed M »t*«dy employment Apply in «ou.d*rd Mfg. Co., «lt *th?t a. LOANS JSteel, Chrysler, Goodrich^ r —. -forth American, International Paper, Pacific Western Oil, Km- necott, Dow Chemical and Air Reduction. Occoiisnal stumblerj Included American Home Products, Procter ft Gamble Santa ft, Norfolk & Western, Chetapeake & Ohio, Great Northern ReUwayTaepod- year, General Motors. Bethkhem. Amerl- £*«*"?** *° " u the **»«• «tock- JmSLlS. 6 f ' M** but de ™ nd vastly improved: slaughter lambs active from mid-week on 30 to $1 higher than a " i ,?' lth or<l * r buyen! representinf llera getting the bulk on ever? 5 i * ood and cholce fed eastern »« lambs for 4 days *21.So®a2.BO, latter price top for 103-107 Ib. averages, several cart medium to good $20®2ljo, most good an h fall shorn pelts __ „ latter price late for" fud Vith^i~f JeMs";' S, ? U iV le t med ' um and good around 90 . s . horn Iamb! * TOln Kansas wheat pasture $18(918.50; other classes scarce»™JU lot s slaughter ewes steady at $loa 10.25 for wooled and $868.50 for good and choice shorn ewes. Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Steady to 25 cents higher. $°°* '/«*' 5**t» 140-150 $18.00 Good light lights 190-160 $1900 000(1 {j«j;j J'shto 160-170 $20:00 " g i? "f?. 1 ?,;- »9-»« *».oo Bonds were uneven, as were grata fu. turcs. Cotton still attracted demand. WHEAT IS FIRM; CORN TAKES DIP Chicaio, (£")—Responding to overnight announcement of April 1 grain stocks, wheat was firm while corn broke more than 3 cents at times Saturday on the board of trade. Price changes in oats were not large, but the grain displayed an easier undertone. _wheat supplies were placed by the agriculture department as the lowest In ten years. Some grata men felt that the SnSS *€ «""""' on July 1 of loo,- 000,000 bushels, which it a very low carryover, would not be achieved. In contrast, corn supply was at per cent higher than last year. Another depressing factor in corn was an expansion of country offering! In cash grain. Dealers estimate that purchases on a to-anive basis this week have been over 1,500,000 Bushels. Wheat closed Vi lower to 2Y. higher, r*v v> j»-«*u «« -, ag 2ft-3% lower oats were y,-% « • «- holdr desiring to sell Ms stock shall first ««f to «M * to ft, corporation. andS it declines then to the various stockhold- "?A. \ •!'?, °*. Itw * ihtB not •» *» Md without foUowin* this procedure. Th« price to be paid by the corporation or the stockholders shall not be less than th* amount that can be obtained from others for said stock. Nothing contained la tola paragraph shall prohibit a stockholder from transferring and anlinlnc to BUT member of his immediauXmlr/ ill « «ny part of the stock owned by him ta this corporation and in such event he * " wllllou t. li "? ***>« "» notl ™ COMPUTTE AND IMMEDIATE SERVICE FOR MEN AND ' _ WOMEN ANYWHERE IN NORTH IOWA UNITED Financial Service "Tunny Fla$mc» CouoMllon" IS) North Federal Phone 57 Over rord Bopsdo* Drue Stow CSOBOI r ouox. MOB. WANTED Experienced Radio Repair Mao. Apply at once. Mier Wolf & Sons Mason City WANTED—Lady with car. full or nut time. Earn $• to $15 In 3 hours. No oan- ^Mdlo service, 11« Tth N. B. Prompt Mrvie*. WAHT J D —Washings or ironings. S04 llth A»B«» and rubbWi hauled .._*. service. Phone 9H3-W. WIT N. Qulocy .H«lp WM.. Mat., F.mdU 23 . S. The total authorized capital stock 'of ™'2S? OI ?, ti ?.? te *"•" Thousand Dollars ($SO,000) divided into 800 share* at the par valu* of One Hundred Dollars ($100) each, all ot which shall b* common stock. l*e corporation may commence business when One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) In stock has been Issued. No stock shall be issued until the corporation has received payment in full therefor at par in cash or property; provided, however. that,when stock is to be Issued for anything other h it must be subject *to th* the Executive Council of *" MONEY BY PHONE Your application can be made by calling No. 3 . Mr. middleman, Lysne or Darland will have your loan ready when you come to the INVESTMENT DEPARTMENT First National Bank Htlp Wf»j., Ftmolt 21 WANTED Man or Woman Under 40YearsofAge As Sales Qerk No experience necessary. Apply before 9 A. M. Cook Paint & Varnish Co. J»tiHnii carpenter repair, at. 8. «. rrts-w. 25 H Federal tUacount Federal. Telephone Sit, Korth SEB th* Unlttd Bom* Bank and Ttiait Co. for red *it*t, mortgag* loan*. SALESLADIES WANTED We have openings lor salesladies in several departments. Experienced people preferred but not eaentiaL Good salary plu« commission and liberal discount on all purchases from our store and catalog. Apply Montgomery Ward & Co. Mason City, Iowa WAirap-Salesnian who can jell to re••U *&"* » B" «« commlaslon, on *»« selUng items. D. D. T. and M-D weed killer. You can nuke your fortune in the next 4 months, results up to you. Writ* A-34. Mason dty I NEED SALESMEN Immediately lor profitable aalei work in several localities in Iow». Tc SJ *f dM "' t «uk* Both dWeraote, neither is it neceaury that you b. a Tn. lsh*d» salesman. You must ban « «r ajd .dj*. », ^..^^ tt^,™. k shall a board of not leas Ihan ;' ™ ra May $1.67y<-1.67. and lower. May 88H-14. Good med. weights Good med. weights Good med. weights Good med. weights Good med. weights Good med. weights Good med. weights , 180-200 $22.00 ,... 200-220 $22.00 .... 220-250 $22.00 .... 250-270 $22.00 .... 270-300 $21.50 .... 300-330 $21.00 ... 330-360 $20.50 .,„„,, - . 270-300 $18.25 Good sows 300-330 $18.25 loS! S ow s 330.360 ^ Good, sows Good sows . . 360-400 S18J5 . 400-4SO S17.75 , 450-500 $17.75 CATTLE MASON CITY— For Saturda Choice steers and heifer* .... «2Z.OO-J4B Oood to choice steers, heiftrs tto 00-21J Good stews and heifers .... " Medium stten and heifer* . Fair ttecrs and heifers Mason City Grain MASON CITY—For Saturday . 2 oats, 34 Ibs, or better 81c 2 corn, new $1.53 Soybeans, 14% moisture ... |2.95 CHICAGO GkAIN CLOSE CWt>j«. (/P)_ High Low Close . -.-...2.6W4 2.62 2.63-2.63% July 2.3154 2.23V, 2.29V4-W Sept 2.22% --'?«. Dec. 2.18J1 CORN— May 1.70V4 July Sept. , »t«*holders of the cor- shall be elected at the . <" °» tockholder,, SI first of which meetings shall be held on lh« second Monday to Janu*r»ri»4« and ">« »»™«l Monday thereafter. UntS NEED MONEY? For extra fast service phone or visit Household for a loan of $25, $50, $100, $200 or more on salary, car or furniture. No endorsers required. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORPORATION " 117t N. Fed. Ave. Phone 541 WANTED CONSCIENTIOUS AND INDUSTRIOUS WORKING GIRL OR WOMAN FOR GENERAL OFFICE WORK Must be capable of meeting public and handling correspondence, state age and education in reply. WRITE L-26, GLOBE-GAZETTE --- —•—, -—..—. wid John ison of Mason City, Iowa. The M . « ^j ^i* 5° l w» t 'on «1«U consist of a president, vice president and wor>. tary-traasurer. The officers, shall elected by the stockholders at their nual meeting, and until their LOANS OS la (X», state ftntae* Co. TO Weir Bldg. Pnon. KM. ^^ ^ WANTED—Dlsh washer, good hours, good pay. Lake Cafe, Clear Lake. {"•"•«>-• two J" 1 " J " u •* V* have you eajtung around Urn weekly and more in a few wtaki Hma, Write, giving Met outline <* put exjwrieiicn— SALESMANAGER P. O. Box 1562, De« Moines, Iowa You Don't Have To Be Without Seat Covers For that Nice Carl We can make and install fiber or leatherette covers lor any and all makes of cars. SEE US NOW for that new Convertible top. Immediate Service on Body and Fender Work and complete painting. Complete Radiator Repair Service WeDoItAll!! See BILL MULDOON I«K SALB-Chotce tot. 1 talks. W. of Harding school. Mil N. lump. Place. roR SALE—Beautiful Forest Part lot, 70X1N ft. Priced for quick sale. J. B. Voungblood t son, Realtors. ACHMM 37 For Sale-^12 Acres Close In, Northwood, 7 rm. house, mostly mod, attractive home, bam and other outbuildings. Possession at once. T, W. GILPIW, REALTOR NORTHWOOD, IOWA TOR RENT—7 torn and small house, by the season. Ino, at 1703 No. XML Ave. CUSTOM plowing. Hit S. Virginia Ave. _I*mt* for Sal* 39 FARMS at Lapiner Motor Co. Telephone 1182 blade* sharpened. Btw ——, Mason Otr. WANTED LISTINGS OFGOOD IOWA FARMS THAT ARE FOR SALE Call or write for interview. Reference furnished. C. E. Proctor, Gamer, la. FARM REALTOR Rooms for Rent 32 TOR RENT—Mderly man will share dry basement room. Private ent.. auto, hot water and toilet. Boom rent $2.50 we*k. Room and board for elderly man Denslon- er $45 per mo. Write V-28, Olobe-Oazette Strvicn Offer*! 27 CALL NOW And have your cesspool and septic tank cleaned with modern equip- WANTED— Day help Vera B. Fmiey, 137 cleaning woman . Stot eT Ph. 3S31. WANTED—Dishwashers, day or night. Grill Cafe, Clear Lake. be * , uccesso «re elected and oualifled. the officwf this corporation shall be: " mwr « NEED MONEY? Easy to Pay $30 LOANS $300 See Mrt.Sltnoa SECURITY 1OAN CO. Room 321, 1st National Bank Bldg WANTID—Companion housekeeper on farm. Electricity. No children. Write H-2S, GIobe-Gautte. Set*, 17 ..1.51% .1.41V. .. 89V. .. 82% .. 76% .. 75Vi 2.16 2.17 1.67 1.E7H.1.C7 1.60'/, 1.61-1.61V1 l.«y< l.«V4-% 1.39 1.39i4-y, May July Sept Dec BAHLEY— May 1.58 LARD— July Sept. 21.00 Oct. Nov. 88% 81% 88H-54 81K-54 7854-V. 1.58 21.87 21.00 19.75 1SJ5 of tte corporation: "" m " CARL J. TOX ?OB15RT J. WARREN JOJIN L. JOHNSON SDWARD R. BOYLE l»»n»rators. Attorney for Incorporators. FOR SALE-About «o bu. ear corn. Otto L. Stoltenberg, Hanford, Iowa. ron -SALE-Manchu soy beans. Ames tested, germination ««%. G. Beecher, Ph. 9 on 98 Dougherty, Iowa. FOR SALE—loon bu. of ur corn. Fred Jurgeni, phone 4392, Brill, Iowa. NOTICE Of THE ArTOINTMIM- v f' thlt to « " *14.00-15.00 Medium cows ... Fair cows ' Canners and cutters Good bulls . Medium bulls .,.."". ', Bologna bulls ... . SU.50-13.50 , SIO.50-U.oo . S 9.50-11.0, . $13.50-15.50 CALVES Choice . Good ... Medium Common Culls .... MASON CITY-For Saturday SHEEP W1.00 »i».oo *17.« tlb'.MMJ.W MASON CITY-For Saturday genuine spring iambs *UJM Oood genuine spring laSbs " Medium genuine spring Good ewes ...'.',".'.""' J Medium ewei III!"""" a svt Common ewes ! * jisS ........«».,..,.,,„ f ajio Produce 'Qiatatlens by B. o. Kens) MASON CITY—For Saturday Eggs current receipts 39 c LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF TNCORFOBATION OF N °"JH IOWA STEEL BUaDLVGS, WC. To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that we. whose names are hereto subscribed, have asso- elated ourselves as a body corporate un- S£l° e provisions of Chapter 491 of Title XIX of the 1946 Code of Iowa, and the acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, and to that end have adopted Articles of Incorporation which provid is follows: aiifi4*«~t4—7 T-—"* ™"* ptesmt them, duly Iow^e a 'S «, tt f "ndersiped for .i y . f?i_5? 5 f nd *"' ta *be office of th« Cleric of the District Court. S. tt MacPEAK. Clerk tlistrict Court Butln«jn OpportHfiitlti 18 GAS STATION. » Tires arid batteries and building suitable for living quarters upstairs. Good going business. Poor health reason for selling. T. W. Gilpin, Realtor NORTHWOOD, IOWA WANTED 2 Typists and Transcriber Operators Excellent working conditions. 5 day week. Apply Personnel Dept. or write W. H. MILLER, Mgr. Standard Oil Co. Mason City, Iowa ment. Phone 211-W, Northwood, Iowa ASHXS and rubbish hauled. Leave your orders at M2 So. Adams or Ph. 291SW. FOB BZNT-I sleeping rms.. U0» N. Fed. Mochlnery 41 room. Men. 3ZB FOR MOT-Sleeping room. Oentleman preferred. 113 No. Adams. Ph. 4392W. Housw far Sole 35 TOR COMMXTI Vmetten blind XTVK* rttlVniettan Blind Laundry, sau* and Service, lit R. Commercial. GENERAL trucking, have tarp. R. Turnbull. Ph. 51-F-82, Rockford, Iowa FIRST CLASS Body and Fender Work Car Painting Free Estimate* Mason City Nash Co. 1311 N. Federal Phone 935 FOR SALE 5 ROOM BRICK BUNGALOW IN FOREST PARK Recreation room, gas heat, new garage. Immediate possession. A-l shape. Can be seen all day Sunday. 919ThirdSt.S.W. CHET NELSON, Owner sssaasap PLOW SHARES Shares. plows. Available for popular WARD'S FARM STORE ASHES, rubbish hauled; basements cleaned out. 1«41 H. Madison Ave. WANTED—Waitress and short order cook, good wages, no Sunday work. Small restaurant. Call 30 or 41S4W. Nl So. Fed. WANTED — Companion-housekeeper on fi;, ? B S ricltlr - No cNldrra. Writ* 4. Globe-Gazette. , The general nature of the buslneu 1 by the lbs - 25c r l .' - c Light hens, under <i Ibs ...... 20c Old cocks .................. 12 j Eggs, at retail ............ 44-47 c Butter, Iowa State Brand 72-74c Butter, Corn Country 69-73c CHICAGO CASH GRAIN caioto. iff)— NO wheat Com. No 2 yellow 1.75; No. 3, 1.71-1.72%; sample grade 90-95; oats. No. 1 heavy white 98 s^nS^'iJf •« ™»touT fled 1 12: 50 nominal: feed seed per hundredweight ?,2ft? : £ M doV6r 43 - 47 : sw «' dover " 5 "-"- "- J Top 17.50-iaso; timothy *• 7.0, conduct and carry on the business of builders and contractors for the purpose of building, erecting, altering, re- airing or doing any other work to con- lection with any and all classes of build- ng and improvements of any kind anc ature, whatsoever, including the building, rebuilding, alteration, iepautog or mprovement of homes, factories, buildings, works or erections of every kind nd description whatsoever, including the ocating, laying out and constructing rf oadj, avenues, docks, slips, sewers ridges, wells, walls, canals, railroad. « street railways, power plants, and generally to all classes of buildings, erections and works, both public and private. or integral parts thereof, and to perform 7.40-7.75. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS Chicago. «v-Unofficial estimated live No true vipers are found on the American continents. SS5* S* PrePwatlon of plans and specificauons in expert work, as acting and consulting and superintendent «n! gmeers and architects, and generally to ao and perform any and all works as builders and contractors, and with that f .n!f w t £_ sou<:i «> obtain, make, per- INTERNATIONAL orianiiation offers opportunity for young man 25 to « to nave own business in exclusive territory as distributor of motion picture supplies equipment, and films. This is a tremendous field and the man selected must be capable, energetic, and financially responsible to make investment of J2SOO Should net *M,IXX>.Oo first year's operation* Write full details, la-aho, aw. Washington St., Chicago 2, HI. WANTED WAITRESS Apply Black & White Cafe WANTED—Woman for part time work Rent Cars, Trucks "DRIVE-'UR-SELF" 804 Fourth St. S.W. PHONE 447 FOR SALE—Small house Ina South Carolina Ave. Realtort. bedroom upstairs. Beck Bros." rOR SALE-A nice 5 rm. all modem bungalow. Roosevelt dbt. A. W. stubbs WILL CAKE FOR CHTLD in my home. Write P. O. Box 824. WANTED Sports minded girl with nice personality. Able to meet the public and plan social functions. Very pleasant working conditions. Position for summer months only. Write T-24, Globe-Gazette BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES If you want to start in business for yourself. Sell a nationally advertised automotive product. Call on service stations and garages. Write SI-EN-T1F-IK Dist. Co, Amana Iowa. - lS?7*'" d " MMOn Iowa. April 17, S " H " MtcPEAK. Clerk of District Court. NOTICK «*, THE APPOINTMINT OP "i"».»«^». -I. Sn^SJSSS FOR SALE OR RENT-Texaco station In Garner on Highway 18, Don't write, come and see it. FOR RENT—Good service station with grease room at Garner. Apply «S Jrd N. fi. Mason City. WANTED—Office girl, some bookkeeping. Colonial Furnace Co., 406 S. Federal. MAHTIFACTUBER OFFZKS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY To become distributor and jobber handling electric and household appliances, Clerk Of DUtrlrt r m ,^ , and wheel twdi. |6,ooo working capital req'd. Investigation proof opp. No «rp. req'd. EGA 2518 Monttose, CMcago Help Wtd., Malt 20 Card of Thank, ^ , »£""}, ?i1? catry out «»HMcts covering the building and contracting business and the work connected therewith b. To manufacture, buy, sell trade and deal in all and e ver> Sid ^^iron, steel, wood. brlckr~cen7«St; materials''toludSfg "the* quHry^J "£ to Duy, acquire, hold, use, emplo rights, letters patent, _ . .Inventions, trademarks, lurmiua good will and other rights; to take ac oulre. buy. hold, own, matntato wo r develop, sell, convey, leasV Sortie "V^^^^St 1 ^^ Mrs. C. J. Janssen and Children. funeral Director « > erwsM and dispose of real estate and real prop. erty or any interest or rights therein HERE'S HOW TO WORK IT: } HXFPMHYMFIM SGJR UYS CM G JUKT G MAGII NUDA — AG YCICPM. UN FUB CT 4 MEN WANTED Inside Work * SEE PAUL WAGNER ROLFE PRODUCTS CO. 400 EIGHTH S.W. WANTED GIRLS In All Departments of the Laundry IDEAL AMERICAN LAUNDRY HEIMENDINGER TRANSFER UNE for experienced and economical local and long distance moving Office at 823 Fourth St. S W. CALL 1070 ASHES and rubbish hauled. Phone 18S5-J. I REPAIR ALL MAKES OF Washing Machines Also have wringer rolls. I slso repair and sharpen liwnmowers. I buy washing machines and sell rebuilt. L. A. WHIGHT Phone 1849-J or 3623-J FOR SALE One of the Better Homes IN MASON CITY OUTSTANDING $25,000 . For appointment see G. S. RANDALL Fourth and York Ave. S. E. See us for PORTABLE CORN CRIBBING -at- SPECIAL PRICES Mason City Implement Co. MASON CITY CLEAR LAKE FOR SALE—John Deere 4- row bean planter, spaced 34 in. Good shape. $75.00. H. M. Holmgaard, Coulter. FOR SALE—John Deere 999 com DEGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sanding. Ph. 167Z MIHKOKS rtsilvered. Factory process. Guaranteed. Macfcet 1 *. Phone 781. Drop us a card or stop in and tell us. We win be glad to Call For Your Laundry AND DRY CLEANING Ideal American Laundry FOR SALE Grocery and Meats, good going business, modern fixtures. Good, clean stock, brick building, 2 stones. Modern, located in good live town on main highway. Only reason for selling is my health. Write K-19, Globe-Gazette. FOR SAUT-5 room house, large sunroom, Insulated, good basement, some fruit 2 lots, Portland. L. V. Wheeler, Bt. 2, 4 mi!a« — aft ~t «ir___ u ^«*_. ' ' miles east of Mason City. FOB SALE-New mod. 4-rm. house; new mod. 5-rm. house; 1-rm house not mod., 314 S. York. G. s. Randall. TRACTORS We now have an all purpose utility tractor that is an ideal size for acreage operators, small farmers or fill in tractor for larger farms. See this handy and economically operated tractor now. One available for immediate delivery. Complete with power take off, pulley, mounted plow and cultivator. WARD'S FARM STORE FOB SALE—194S Fotd tractor, plow. FOR SALE-Ensilage cutter, corn binder wood stove, silo, 14x30. Bernard Byers. Qamer, Iowa. FOR SALE-J. D. 999 planter with tongue tTUCK, in eood shape 80 rods win, Clarke Ftnkeil, HanloStown. SALE—By owner, 5 room house Adams. Call 651. Funeral Home. A beautiful serv. ""' Ambulance Hoie - Personals HDMAN HAIR BOUGHT, 12 inches Up; Need City. to Chicago Monday. April 28. 4 passengers. Ph. 22F21, Mason ANY client wishing to order Spencer Gar. ments may do so to May 15 Lena Thorndike. 1215 2nd St. S. W. Ph! 4491-w »~? l ' ha ^ I ! on '* H « Hh Products at Norma's Bath Salon, 510 N. Georgia. 175.00 to »150.00 up a week. Call on T j?SS iantl - Kapldly growing business. Largest company in its field. Quick pro°" on - Permanent. United BId *- GIRL WANTED For General Office Work Should have some office experience including typing. Permanent position, pleasant working conditions. Liberal discount on all purchases through our store and catalog. Apply Montgomery Ward & Co. Mason City, Iowa SEWING machine repairing— oil makes. Guaranteed work. Free estimate. Singer Sewing Machine Co.,- 123 N. Federal, Mason City, Iowa. CROWLEYS, Painters, Decorators, Remodelers and Paperhangers. Ph. 3536.J. FOR SALE—Enclosed steel frame weather proof 1 wheel trailer, hitch, good as i, 8 !? 1 » n ,1 w « ire ' tube - Hel 8 ht 34 m by 4.1x33. 911 No. Jefferson Avenue. FOR SALE—4 rm, partly mod. fu n™«- «» 26th S. W. Immediate p session. Call evening or Saturday. WANTED—woman for housework by Est. $400 MONTHLY DRAW tew. So. Minn., Iowa— Old firm. Supplies for dairies and locker plants. Fine chance for $5000 above expenses. No high pressure but hard work required. Must have new car. Single pref. Age 30 to 40. Experienced traveler. Write fully giving experience with recent snapshot. Sanders-Midwest 121 Palace Bldg., Mpls. 1, Minn. WANTED-SInglc man or boy on farm. Wayne Miller. 5 mi. E., iS. s., 1H WANTED-Marrled man. Mod. house. Ph. MT95. Rockford. Hoyle Olnther. WANTED — Part-time door man. Apply Palace Theater. Wanted, Girls or Women for operating sewing machines and general factory work. Apply Mode-o'-Day Corp. 840 Twelfth St N. W. BATTERIES for all makes of can TIRES Popular sizes and priced right H&HMOTOR SERVICE DEPARTMENT Sales PACKARD Service 12 Seventh St S. E. For Sale by Owner 3 BEDROOM HOME Fully mod., completely redec., gar. ARTHUR W. MERKEL 1215 S. Pennsylvania FOR SALE-1 .Case combine. A^ shape FOH SALE-4 row J. D. corn planter with fertilizer attachment, ISOroda wire. Glen Swedberg, Nora Springs FOR SALE-IS ft. Case tractor disk, 2 GaM: ^ 33RU - * W ' BA ^- f o?, SA ^?r or - D - 4 B 2 - 16 i" ow ™i OUyer 2-16, on rubber. Like new. Paul Cahslan, 1 mile east of Portland. FOR SALE-2-1* in. Molina plow. Jalmer Solyst, Forest City, Iowa. FOR SALE-2 bottom 14 in. tractor plow • ° rse ' lUlnter - sn »U bamm s • v «, r - s » bammermm! S mi. N. W. of Clear Lake. L. N. SanguS. FOR SALE Close-in location, 8 rooms, oak upstairs and down, stoker heat, double tile garage, bath and a half, quick possession, only J7800.00. Also for sale or trade—8 room modern close-in location, and for sale 8 room partly modem, N. W. section, $4750.00. See L. H. RUD, Realtor 20M. South Federal Ave. ROTARY HOES For faster, easier and wore practical weeding in cultivating Use » Ward's Avery Hoe. Will not injure corn or beans. Kill, weeds and mulches top soil, pulls in reverse motion for c AUTO and truck repair service. Johnson Auto Repair. 14 «th St. ». £ """"*' SALESLADIES wanted if not already -™?? s ^ te<1 m your community. Direct -" Great earnings. Lingerie, ready* ' Wilmette. HI. nylon. Thogersen Co, VERY desirable experienced stenographer and office assistant. Interviews confidential. Call mornings. Frank J. Enbusk, Certified Public Accountant, 309 First Notional Bank Bldg. HOUSE FOR SALE Four bedroom house, 1 bedroom down, 3 up, large front room, dining room and kitchen, full basement, all modern. Good garage, good location with lots of shrubbery and flowers, J(4 blocks to school » block from highway. Possession now. Ray Sandry, Clear Lake BULK PLANT STORAGE TANKS REBUILT AND REPAIRED Contact I. E. Elwood 325 Second St. N. W.. Mason City, Iowa Phone J6I5-J FOR SALE—New 15 ft. trailer house used 2 weeks, JSSO.OO. t C. Rohwedder, Greene, Iowa. 2 AND 4 ROW SIZES Available for immediate delivery Supply limited so order now WARD'S FARM STORE FOR SALE—6 room strictly modern home, gas furnace, 2 story garage, im- OR SALE-S rm. house, good location. Write J-S4, Globe-Gaiette. WANTED-Cook, 7 a. m. to 3 p. m. Apply Buckler Cafe, 720 s. Federal. Washing Machine Service Washing Machines repaired and NEW WRINGER ROLLS AND PART* _ „ FOR ALL MAXES tjsed Washers tor sale, also New Mangles. Free Pickup and Delivery. 72 hour servic*. Service and Satisfaction With * Smile. At 910 S. Delaware Phone MM Mason City Washer Co. FO 5 SALE—ParOy modem 3 room house with garage, in N. W. part, Km.OO Immcd. possession. C. R. Brown, Realtor We Can Furnish a Few Elevator Sections to fit Wards or Sailfitter Double Chain Elevators. These are scarce. Innes Combine Pickups We are selling these pickups In this terri- \ tory this year. Stiff or spring fingersTWe I ^" t ^f. Ki °H r s "Kfc «o last for morf fr mo« than 30 days. Come in today. Bundy's Farm Store r CLEAR LAKE PHONE 268 Cottage A35 NORTH SHORE—Small modem cottages F fum- Avail. May 15 for season. Allan Lots for Sole 36 THE HIGHLANDS—seven adjoining lots all for $1,723.00. Buy this group for future building or investment Highlands values are always sound. Associated In- Ivestors, 218 First Nat'l Bank Bldg. Livestock for Sole 42 field, Iowa.

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