Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 5
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=4 • NEWSEYEHTS OFHOMBOLDT Election QoIetTrlth-Light Tote- Carl Drake Mayorj-»w Ma- riilneo- for HUnilHitdt I'nion.' < AFrahcis Cuher) HUMBpLDi:, AprJ 6.— Unusual quiet aaU a light vote were the characteristics iuf election day here -yesterday. One reason for the quietness Waii that lew oftives were . contested, several being applied • for b.v, only one applicant. Carl DraKc irweiveil the office of mayor without oppositioir. J. B. Flint was ' unopposed for dtiy treasurer. Jas. Ciljbs" had no rival lor treasurer of the board of .education. Four coun- cilnicn were- elected,: lut in only one.ward was there a ^onlvst. In the firiiU ward M. K. Stevenson won over F. T. Foster for councilman by i vote of bi to hi. Iii the second ward Lloyd Johnson ivasjelect,- , ed uiiauiinously; in the. third.'K.H. Bowlby.aud in the fourth. Dr. A. It. Ciianibers. iTBree members ol the school board wei-e elected from four candidates. C. B. Sheplird, Sylvan .Wl.'er and George Keyn<)lds vcre elected liy voles of 417, !301 and 337 re.specthely. "VV. <;. Casper was eliminated by a votH of a;.'.!, J !^ a. Lehman defeated Vv 'il- liam.s for police judge by a vote of 267 to 215. T^e total rote of this election amounted to a few over r,i-i) votes or about JiaJf of the legal Voler.s. C. • A. Ue.vnolds, editor of 'the Humboldt Union, is following his policy of coiitinuing to nuike bin • paper "bigRia- aiid belter than r ver" by recently purcha.siug more han three thousand dollar's worth • bi machinery I'or ^he l|'jiion office. This includes a large liiiotype ma- chme and oilier j>feces of valuable machinery. The cH|uipment of the I'nion office is now as coniplete and up-to-date as that of any pa- peB its size in liie state.) The new machinery is being moved in.thi.-! •w<?ek. ] ' . Ceorge Ii»-ttinser of .; Idaho is here this Wt -fk to vl .sit ibisi sister. .Mrs. kd Kaufman. .\Ir. ll-jitingcr was :ia oid settler here andjis well remembered by the older reHi<lents. ' Humboldt Itelphlan fhapter met with .Mrs. O. -C". il'avne Tuesday. April '.. with, a good attendance of the avtive members. - The subjet t tak<'n ui) was "I-aU-r Komantlcists" and wan a study o( ihe four <om- j)osirx. .Mendelssiihn, OhoVln. Her- rio7. and I .ls/.i. The leader, MrH. K. I>. t!nlver, ariKlRiled partx on the ^iniKram lo .Mrs. IJoyd Johnson. Mrs. I 'ayrK'. Miss Chambi-rK, and".Mrs. Kallflliach. who each pave' splendid talks on Ihefie' vurioufl composers ahci ihejr'works. ! 'Mrs. Lotilse'Cox Lejirack of Klin-; sas I'ltv Is hen-, a guest at the; home of her, sister. -Mrs. K: II.; l.*ltr.bach. Tuesilay evening .Miss .Mary Schmidt gave a dinner in her honor. Oilier guests were-.Miss (Vt 'oiMior mill -Miss l><)retta Diamond. INEOSHO VALLEY I' <C. It Ainold) !A)pr. 6.—Services at Salemi chape^ are] as rollows: Stinday school on Sunday. April 10, a 10 a. TO . Christ Uan Endeavor at 7 m. Preaching by the pastor. |lev N. L.' Vezle, ai 8 p. m.. W. M. A. ca ThurRday aft ernooij of this wee t. Mrs; Christina \oune came ou 'fj-om" town Sunday and passed tb| afternoon with A. I. Hays and hl^ niece. Miss Janey JHorney. The fact that the blrtbday p Mrs. May Zink ajnd Mr. Wayn« J same day am t the Zink tarn- lly and Wavne's jiarents and tht Bliss'Occurs on th the further fact th younger members c close neighbors ant her of years -back qf an annual celd f the family are^ frleuds, a iiumJ {aused the issue bratiun t^at is shll an outstandlilg sqclal and friendship event n the hoiiored siibjec families concerned who ^coiltrlbule to these annual occas fer from the report bratlon was 'leld Bliss family home isi a part, on last ciurse did not .:fall .tlic features that g good, enjoyuTile time. The dinner wis exceptionally f iie, and brought oiit words of con niendatiou for tJiDse who contrJbi^ted to or spou-| uch enjoyed by l|s as well as the and neighbors the success of ons. As we iii»- tlris celei l^t the Frankj If which Wayne! ijunday, and pj short in any of b to make up a sored this act, and] filled and. satisfied, of comijosure. exi good wishes to the The; following is a list Of those present] .Mr. Bill Hoke and- Mrs. E. G. Obbqrn, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey' Lorai: Mrs, Christina You^g. .Meats of El Dorado, Young, -Mr. and .Mrfe Mr. siud .Mrs. \Viu( and '.Mrs. \V. L. Zin F. T. Preston and cl Mne and Lee l^restofi, E. J. SieVefs and L<iiJise. ...Mr. and M: ance, .Mr. and -Mrs. Mr. and .Mrs. Gene Mrs. William 7^ik;! Burte Zink ana baliy Mrs. Julia Fisher, ,\|is4 ters. "ttiose who ca| ernoon were ' Mr. a .\f,eats of Xeoaho Fii —Read about hig] I'-.ed Ford Cars on .McCarthy Motor Co. pi) -Monday evenlni^ stand it while .Mrs caritiR' for her chic far udvuticed, weigUiln rJ THE TOLA DAILY BTOtSTEk fHURSDA^ EVE W G . J PRILT; 1^27. INSIDE THE PALATL\L HENRY yORP HOME. when all were In their season ressed sinci-re Quests of honor. of Chanuie, .Mr. icejand Beulah, _ -Mr. Fredilie KUns.. .Mr. Will ^raiiJi DraH', elil Drake, Mr. klr.j and -Mrs. ill ren, Frances iMrJ and Mrs. baby; Loberta ' B^rhef L6r- fiyd JLorauce, sk,'Mr. and r. and .Mrs; Bettv Lue, Xellie Wal- leM in the aft- Mrs. Woyd Id eriige around !a poun A 'liicyi-le record'^llut has re- m-iini-d unbroken for nearly a t|uaiter of ;i century (is that of Jimniv .Moran. wjio in /•y miles'220 yards beliind ' Revere (.Mass.) cycle !»0i r <.de 197 puce at the traili. Rugby fpotball, almost unknown in Holland ten yearsl as'. is becoming mc«-e and moi^e popular in that country. The stijdent.'^ of the Delft University of hnve an e.xcellent teai|i. Te(hnology ciiiiKht fire ti|iid mit liundred )hu( were ad llig closed in the liu iilght but very few Jack Tawney and anion*.' their old lieiiihbors in the, Sunday aft- Auction ;Sale iVint Ad page. {is we under- (:oi|iger ' was I. that were ,. _ an av- jl,! thi' brooder Of the three the! time he- Idlus for the e>e saved, ftirtilly wi'ri' .William Tbon^as Mtqut wis ;born in Bond County. UUnois. November ^7. lSi4, and diediat I^Harpe, Kansas. April 1927.) at« 8 o'clock p. m., being .S2 iyeark 4 months and 6 days of ag^. • .Mr. Stout spent b|i8 cblldliood in Illinois and at the age < if seventeen, volunteered his sefvkW t > j his •.ountryj! and was ^nl^te^ n, the army Ni6vember 20,11861,. at Gwenville. Illinois.-in. the l'2nd Regiment. Illinois'Company El and re enlisted in the wititerj of 1864 in Compilny F 42; wka discharged December 16. IS65.Ja|t Portiav|ica. T^xas.' Hs saw much taHive i ervice at ibe front. ' At the close of the war he came to .Missouri where h?j»net thfe wife of his youth. Sarah ip. Warren. To this ,union were bom; welv< children, all of whtim »urv ve hi n, ex- cepiJ.Mrs. Lucy Jackkoii. and Qnin- cy Stout, who passed v on several years ago. Mrs. Stout liled Odtolier 22 1914. and later Mr. Stout iras martjied to i.Mrs. Kathryn Hicks in of .Morah., who Las so faithfully earn tor him during his loi^g illness. I Mr niau:i PAGE-FIVB NORTH FAIRVffiW April 5.-7-Mr. J. J. Upton and family; and Mrs. J. B. Giflhain spent Sunday Iwitb their^.daughter and granddaughter. Mrs. Carl Guffey and Mr. Guffey. Mr. and Mrs, J. T. Ross,made a busiiiess trip to .Ft. Scott Satnrdaj-. M. M. Cubbison and daughter. Mr?. Ralph Townsley. /spent Snida^'in Topeka visiting th^iij daugh­ ter and sister. Miss Lydia Cubbison Who is working there. —Read >ibout big Auction Sale UR ?4 Ford Cars on Want Ad page. McCarthy >fotor Co. Howard Mc^'load an^ family spent Sunday a week ago with Mrs. .MtCloud's sister. .Mrs. Luther Gill- h^m and Mr. Gillham. Alfss .Mary Reynolds is at'home after having been,working for five months for ilrs. Wcatberby 1^ Bronsofi. i ' .Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Donnelt spent rFriday with his bifotheif, Jesse Donnelly and family., Howard Codnfield and E! mer Up| ton spent last Sunday .-ai Luther Gillham's. .1. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sisaion -aad daughter spent Friaay j ereninif with Mr and Mrs. Hal Marshal, j vicinity of LuHarpt ernoon. .Mr. :inil Mrs. Geor^je Potter and chlldrin have been down from (!arn»tf at the home of .Mrs. Potter's parents .(luring a short lay-off in Mr. Potter's work At that place. .\irs. Christina Vouiig was out from lola .Monday and spent a while on the fariii. wlxh Mrs. Tawney. • .Mrs. Young contemplates a visit to Iter jiative'liind. Sweden. AitPT ap absence of forty-five years it is not likejy that the changes that' have taken-place will appeal to her interest -and; pleasure with the same of rapture that the.n would bad she not have been so Umg out of touch with her old home land, but she will donbtle .is 4 !;et enough out of her trip and visit 10 lie well worth the e.xpense of time and niean.s. .Mr. and .Mr.s. W. G. Hillbrant vis- Stout was converted In early ood. living a dtjvout Christian life until his death. He was a won- detfiil friend to all those who knew I liiiii. and to know. Grandpa Stoiit wa.s to lore him. He lived n the t.ui>tist church for ^ears. but was received as a member in the :hrls- tiaii church several years ago. where he held hi.s ikiembersi ip at I the time of his death. Those left to iuourn are b a ten ! children. Jim Stout | of .McMlen. Texas; Raymond Stiout. of Wash- lUKtuii. l>. C; Albert Si ou . ot j .Newton. Kans.; George Stout, of Bronson. Kans.; 'Tom Sto it. qf Cherry vale. Kans.; .Mrs. Ola Stickley und.Mrs. Ida UicWeuso) oi .Moran. Kans.; -Mrs. .Miry Brac^well. .Mrs. Xora Spraguejaud Lejinard Stout, all of Lone Elii. K im : bis wife, one slster.i Mrki Eliza Clark of Kansa.s^ City: twiuty-six gnind- childri-n. and fifteen great wrand- ichildri 'H. Mr. Stout has been a resMiut of j Allen county . for lifb' years He ' was never happier t lun whtju his <lt>l(!ren (bulJ all be with hirn. and for the last several y^ars ihew have, practiced being with him op hi-s birthday. His lite was such that h^. was \ loved and respected by all that ; knew him, and we 'an wel feel Mfsured that he has low tak-n up his abode In that ^eitmonent home II' "I made with hands( Funeral services were hel !ll:e Chrlstlnu church! at Kans., and conducted|by Rev. and thej .Muraii These (WO uxc'liislve t'lciiites .show sci-nes lnsli[.> the palatial home of i iiiu„„n,.r of t,aHarpe, a Heliiy Ford, at Dearborn. .Mich., where he is recuperating from iiijurin»{ laid to rest in thd .1 received when his h'oril.cnipc.went down trti cinlmnknietit and crashed jery.—.\ Friend. Into « tree. Iiocioi]^ wei'e abli- to keep FoTiI in his big hospital only jtltt'ee days; he tin n iij .~fsi<'d that lie be taken home. Above is the drart;- Ing room, with part of ih -pipe org-in consoU- visible ai the extreiiie rlg,ht. The iiipes ar*- ioiiceaJed .behind the beautiful wmxl carvings oft the sidewall. Ilelowl is the giatol stjinrcase aJid jpart of the second flixr hallway. .An,arrow'i)oijiis lo the dooj- of .Mr. Hord".-* suite. ile I at the Zink hoine heyuisil .Veoi shi F:ills Ijsl. S'.inda.v. ;i!iil Tuesday ev« iiing they wer- .with their .son Lli yd ami his wiii- ai lluiiiboldl for a while. lYank l)av.tii)iirt. wiio ruii.~ the to\yn:-ihip . road U'acior. puts in the evenintf .Mr. ami, .Mrs. F. Shiultz Averc callers. .VIr. and Mrs. Brown w.-re ovfr from -Morait :^atiirday. at the F. E. I'ral.<' honu;. ,,N".l Li Ve/.ie, who is acting asia .lih.. nioist of his oft lime wcrkin'4 for|"h F. I B. .Shullz. liy the w:i.v. .Mr. his new liarn em losod finite .Tsse ?..;or for F U. Sliultz? he West Side, is fietting his? Shliltz has now. iallo?nietit ./bout finished. ^ The rig is now up on Ihe J. R. Clini- farm for a new well.- .Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Vl-.'ks and :»xi>ei is to go to the Bartles}- gruniiduJtglitt til,- .Mis'^es Thelma i ville sanl about ;<U<( feet. We, a disappoiiit- ,,J hope it • will mn be jiiig eltort. . gr: and .Marjorie I'eik; w-re to spetiil the (lay .-it K;i:l llickss.Sun­ day, and in tiio atlenoxin .Mr. OHn 1 Mr. and Mr.i. Clayloii Hicks and Bnrti h and faniil.v wire out from ; Gerrriide •.vere up from Humlioldt! 'own. j to spend the evening oil Thursday Leoiin Doyle from near Hum-'''o^' week; with Earl Hicks anil Mr. and Mrs. <j. lo; Fisk and''f''inil>"- THE SUGAR BEET Dear Pussy Cousin: One of the most interesting things that I Baw • <m my trip,'was the sugar beet. Tou know the big beets that tbe itarmers feied to tbe; cattle? The; .are raised In large qtiantltles abou^ bere and taken to tbe sugar bouses to make beet sugar. It Is like tbe cane sugar but U sweeter and the. - grain .la finer. The beets were mnch larger than • ^aajr I bava«r«r aeea and a dUTerent Tbe Big Sogar Beet : jOiape. Tb«7 are longtt. mote Ukej « carrot Tbe big sugar beet told me Wine .of its history. It was very proud «' the fact that in 1747 ^ Berlin ' cbemlat discover* that It was possible to extract^sugar from 'jeets.- There was only a little sugar in -tbe beet root then. Sixty years later Napoleon offered a prize for a practical process of getting sugar ''fronk: sugar beets. A cartoon np^ pea red showing Napoleon In \ the nursery of tbe king; the nurse pat­ riae s bect4ato tiMJDaiUh at tfa* In­ fant king, isaylng: "Suck It, dear. Tour fathe)^ says It's sugad.' ^ i^ugar b^ts are now one of the moist profitable crops gro« n. For a great many years they we re not appreciated and were fed to cattlii. Now they bold their rlgt^tful position In tbe world. The sugai; beet and the sjigar cane are tbe principal sugar pn ducen of the world. The rock made yields maple sap which Is made l^to maple sugar. Tbe sugar beet (old me that they liaye.become more important to the »ujrar Industry t^isn the ca le sugar. They are much easier growi and arp sweeter. They can lie put into * cold st<^rflig» plant ami will itUl bold their sweetneiu). while tl e suKu'r c ;ne hnn to lie pressed inir lediateiy of It wlH dry out. Sugar Is generally dUtrt lUtcd In the vegetable world. J AIiAtiW- all p'ante contain suga.- at some 'Stag^ of tbelr life. ] Sugar is one of tbej fl 'st substances manufactured by the plant from simple miterlats; namdy, water and the carNinlcj acb; gas of the atmosphere. ' • Sugar la ewentlal to tbe life and growth of a plant. It jean only b« (oritied wh,>n ^the weather i warm and wben' tlieosun shtjies. Plants ^ manufartiire more' jingar thi in they want Cor tbelr Immediate nexlspitt- tlng the surplus by for a rainy day. This, reserve is not alwayW sic red away as sugar but Is converted first into starch and then changed baick into sugar as It is needed. Soine. plants that bave starcb reserves are potatoes and wreals. Otbe^ ^eep their reserve food las sugar. It Ik this group In which we are i low ln» terewted; ; The large roots of the tain ot, tb» Iia 'rsnlp and the beet all lontain sugar made during tbe first year of. the pl«pt'a growth, to be drawn upon during tbe second yeai wh^ the plants are in flowers ^Al.three are possible sugar prodnce« bot mas has only used tbe beet Goodnight' Herman Claiiier wer- .Sunday visi- tois at the .lohii.son lioim''. The i5-i\!..ys visited at the iuiiiie of .Mr. am! Mv<. !'.:i;iiev. Cab.' Mrs. C. .\. Curby and son-in-law and .hi.s lamil.i wcTe stopping briellv on the West S:de recently. Denressioiis ill wheat ami oats near <':.:l.vl.: Suii!'.:y. j fields were drowned out by the re-; Th- br:Ili.i!U I h-ze from the ,cen^; heavy rafns. .so the fields are biiiiiin:; l)n,odt r innis.: ou the Coti- ' pretty hailly .scarred. t?er premises. .Monday evening attracted :the .•iiteiiiio'u of tic i;;iibiir- The fartiegie natatorium in New hO '(d folk.i. hut Ihriv were few who Ilaven. where Yale swimmers have could tell what was hurniuc. (csiablished' so many intercollegiate .Mr. and .Mrs. VanFosseii and .Mr. Bert ('(arl:s folks were at tiie ! winmins K. 11. Croi-ik iioiiic S.ind .Ty am) in i Slatt s. records, is .said to be the pool in the ta=(est l-'nited at .\toran. J. M. body •erne- Simmoii Steel and ^^oc^d Beds EVERY riED IS OF GOODJDESIGN SEE THEM IN OUR DISPLAY WINDOW Here's your chance to eq^iiip your spare roorn or sleeping porch with the best in steel , or wood beds, at a big siiving. Simmons 2-inch, continuous beds, brown finish, 45-]h., all cotton niattress, guaranteed spring with 96 coils. Full or twin size. ^1 Q PC A The outfit complete L,_ n )-lJ/«OU Simmons 2-inch, continuous post beds, brown finish, full ori ,/ 4 twin size «pD .Tbel Graceline Simmon.s Jjjed.s, American walnut finish, steel imitation cane panels. Regular $22.50 ^IT OP^ value. ^.^.s.. ePi .f *£ri«J Simmons 2-inch, round post beds, in:, American walnut finish, steel imitation panels. Regular flJI /I QK $20.00 values .._ tPL^^OitJ Wood beds in old ivory enamel finish, full size onlv. Regular $22.50 values. Priced to ^-j r A|\ out «pXit>»U!lr Walnut semi-poster beds, full size only. Regular 535.00 (COT PC A values tPiW I •Dy A. R. SLEEPER FURNITURE COMPANY **wheresavijiigs are greatest SOUTH SIDE SQUARE lOLA, KANSAS On Easter Is The Timel Whpn New Coats Are Important . " • I. • I I - ' . mom—the promenade, reflects the modes accented for Spring anil Summer. For your selection, vre have gathered a representative showing of authentic coat styles! Self-Trimmed, Fii^^tyle and Price—Absolutely Right! ^'wwwA Tatfore^ Trimmedf Borders and Embroidery Applique A score of deUghtful coats—appropriate for every occasion-—twills aiid tweeds in high shades, navy and black. The prices meet'ivery budget! Styles, Johnny Collars- Dress Coats Tailored, double- bicasted costs for smart •portwear — plain coau with Ichxmj collars and dresi^coati of twill, kasha- like matexials and satin.

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