Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 5, 1915 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1915
Page 2
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it. Iio lined in I DoH-t III hid Uie uratlar—ijon'i:*; hvcn ifor thirC diijiK oimore—put on i/dnr old i \:hiicr ipfjH and conn; to tlir XKW YOh'K HTOifrJ —jmif m a 'rinit—cyvn thoiufli f/oii don't hiiy. WE WA'S'l TO i<HOW YOU .S'O .I /A' I'UETTY SEW Spring Toggery 'Ticfll ifirr i;oi/ soincthini/ to think and tallc tihoiit duriiifi tlirsc strinitoiis xnoiri/ dui/s, ichivti wcin to iiuic inviidrd tlic countrif at Inirlc. ^ Yonrs respectfullij. NE}V YORK STORE. i /'.>'. IV/// spceial diiiiuf; thi\i ic cut her in a re- iHurhtihlr sale of phildreii'.t, JAAvwv' and Jjudies' HAIS COATt^. Yon can't afford to overlook our liHrffoinn. Ereri/ (.'out finurantced; if it's not nutis- fvctorij /(•(• irilt (jire you a new one. THEJOLA DAltYRKGBTER, FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 5.1915. liRE la BUT COACH HAKRISH IJX|*KtTS TO TIIIN the Third XecUiiK of tlie UuuM -• JteH Trtms mvi ViNlt4»rti JIave TiVo "TI <lo>fe »r to Crwrtt Better Sight— Annoyance Tork- LcUjieK Rive a larger tieljl of dear rhlap, ,B n. d their riirred shaJM makes, tbeni appear lery much neater thaa flat lenses Yoar eyelashes will not tOHcb flieTn, nor will you tinil any roar refler- ti<ins tit ronfnse and auuo)'. Let us ex plain (lirir many ad- rantafjrs to you. 4 Friend O' ?flne. Friend o' mlnej acro«s the dark Ybii have isent a friendly word, Aiad'beneath the rugged bark All the gap of feeliue stirred. iUke the llf^-l)lood crowding close i In the deep heart of a tree. When jthe Brtincbes berid with snows, 1% ybiir *'holesome memory. I Krlcnd o' liiine, you. bid me turn B6ck acr<kss the vanished years, To tWe dHy^ ipf youlh that burn Piamfe-Hke >with a fire that scars. Thofee'wereigoodly day^and true. Every last:"looked like queen, AwS'^e Ihuglfcd and loved, we two, "Whefa the^hill^ of life were green. Friend o' mine, I know we've gone Miany years: since then apart, '. For. the roajs we travel on i Seldom bring us heart to heart! , Set I'Jmow that howsoe'er ' pointed for each stfcial meeting and I Life's red^fla«oned cups incline, Mrs. Afzbach's issistants for this '"Weirhall find the flavor rare meeting were Mrs. M. E. Beam, Mrs. Wften we drain them friend o' mine.' f• Florence and Mrs. Floyd Elliott, and together they served delicious re• Vanished days—well, iet them go, freshments. Until the weather be- j They -were sweet, out sweeter still comes mpre favorable the club has 4re the days that wait, we know, i decided tjo stop its regular work of 1 On'the'other side the hill. 'quilting and the home meetings are : Life fs found us with her roses ! made pleasant with Ifancy work and ; Fairer than the past has blown, visiting. The guest!^ for the after- An(! {oVe's suiAmer breast discloses noon were Mrs. R. Cl McKinney, Mrsi ' BIOMdms' spring had never shown.. Becker and Mrs. D. E. Peck. i jFriepid o' mine, I lift you lightly '_JLf|iyc by ptave another song; S^'flite'swdin! that flashes whitely All «ie~darker steels among. Cloud' andi wind and | sunny weather— Stop, and smaclt' the landlord's viiie— •'; " \ Wc .^hail ifoot it yet r.ognther. Qaroc toi, meet; me, friend o 'mine. —Willard Wattlca, in the Springfield (Mass.) Hepublican. Mrs. D. ,P. Northrup and Mis.s I ^il- lian IJJorthrup have gone to Kansas fcity and expect to remain for some time. 1 ' ,.' f •'• On Monday afternoon there is to bo a riicetitiK of the Sprosls club at' the usual hour and Mrs. W. J. Evans will be the! hostess. It Is nearly a month since tlw wives'of the United'Commercial Travelers; thet' to form an auxiliary and they had planned to hold their, first rej^Iar • meeting •tomorrow afternoon at the home of-Mrs. T. O. Canatsey. l»uf beeause of tiie inclemency of jthe ^eathjeir and because the members jare ahxionsfor the first .meeting to bejthe tjfest'possible it has been decided to postpone it until Saturday of next wiek in the hope! that a more favorable' beginning nSay be made. Fifteen merabt^g of the MoUiers cliib and three guests wei -c present on Wednesday afternoon, at the hoine ofi Mrs, 1.. Atzb^eh on North Chest- nat street for th*; March social meeting, and all wh4 ;Werc present made It an esJJec'ally ?enioyaale day for their hostess byijgiving ner a hand- ksrebief staowfT in hbnor'of her birth day.-^Four' hostesses are always ap- art-y 'Tf"--f Glass^ Fitted SaUsfaetioii Gaaraoteed or lour .Jfwwy BcfaBjled. • * ! Every little town has a woman who is her own press agent. She would not trust it to another. And some towns have her inthe plural. She always Ijoosts herself In your presence, —you who fall so far short of her in these matters—by insisting how well j she performs hf r Duty. She says she .always returns her parties, dinners and things, social obligations. She wouldn't let anything interfere with it. She.says, "I get a good dinner every day. of my life." And "I always go to church." Well, Ishe need not rub it into His Woniaiil It won't do any good. To bcsuro. ghe does not do any of these things. And she Only careg JO cUucte or two about them anyway. But she is Glad: Glad to find one who so perfectly approves of herself, and her work. It must be .supremely soothing ind comfy to feel HioKP beggarly little i conscience stlck- OTs bristling up as'one had thought' riiicSelf abo\it to ciljoy' an hour of blissful reporse. Siirely snch an one radiates great blobs of sunshine, religion and good will. Though peace may l>e scarce-^-whierc there is so much doin'.—Mrs. Tom Thompson In Howard Courant. Ii was announced yesterday that Circle, number five of the liidies Aid Society of the First Kethodfst churclt would hold an exchange at. Fryers Grocery today, but following the us^ ual custom it will be held tomorrow, Saturday. • • • As tomorrow is the first Saturday in March the l -i- T. Tv. will meet at the jiome of Mrs. C. P. Day, 706 East Jackj son, for the lesson. A few of thoi birds have come back from their win/ ter in the south and ;t will be oiilyl a week or two until more will be'com* ing and so the leaders have chosen this as an excellent time to begin the ' The lola and Independence High School basket ball teams will meet in a battle royal at the Auditorium tonight, lola fans doubtless^ remember the two defeats administered to 6»r team last year by the Independence five and our athletes mean to ev^n up *iV old score. The lolaha will be seriously handicapped by the' absence of Forrest DeBernardi and Russell 'Brown who at present arc unable to piay on account of sickness. Perhaps thi.s handicap will make the game alt thiB more interesting. At Shy rate, the remaining players are determined to make up for the loss of the two players. The local machine has probably set a record that will stand for years to come fn the Kansaa-High School conference. They have won sixteen consecutive victories and have played^ the sItrbnErest teams in Kansas tjesides de- fOating' the NevadaV'Mo.; squad which la'Tegarded as the class of that state. Thtf total score amounts to 719 while their opponents have made but, 208 points. But the greatest part of this bii: run was on last Friday and Saturday when they hung up four Wc- torios, and brought the district cup homo. .Visions of that cup nt Ijiwrencc in the iolu high school case has set the student body in a state of continual enthusiasm. Tonight's clash will be the last chance for the followers of the Indoor sport to see the local team in action bofbrS they depart for the different touriaaments. • Those whom Coach Harriss has called on tlie floor' tonight to fight for the orangennd blue ari^: Captain Harry Sheue, Ok-rin Brow*, Harry Cook. Bob Fife, Earl Nelson^ Howard Richey. The rink will be cow foftably warm. T!ic game will be call[ed at 8 o'clock sharp. Wanted to Shoot HJsle In Sun. New York.—.* sad etampie of the effects of sunstroke was furnished witli' the arratghnient of E. ^vlpes, formerly a soldier in the regular army, on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Svlpes was sent to Bellevue after he had explained to Ma6tBtratc FrcschI that he wanted to shoot a hole in the sun wai let the heat run out. .^MoFvc It.That'» Be«t Way. Tiic only sure wr.y to ccf riil of danrl- rulT is to dissolve it, llicn you destroy it cfitircly. To' do tWs, g/t abi-iit four oiiticcs of ordinary H(|uid arvon ; .".pi'ly ;t at flight when retiring; use ciintijjh to moisten the scalp and rub it in gently with the finger-tips. Do this tonight, and hy morning most if not n\\ of your.danilrulT will lie ponr-, and three or four-more applications will completely dissolve and entirely dcsti-oy, every single sign and trace of it. no matter how much dandruff you may have. - You will find, too, that all itching and digging of the scalp will stop at <3nce, and your hair will be fluffy, lustrous, flossy; silky and soft, and look and feel a hdndrcd times better. If you want to preserve your hair, do by all means get rid of dandrufT. for nothing destroys the hair more quickly. It' not only starves the hair and makes it fall out, but it makes it stringy, straggly, dull, dry, brittle and lifeless, and everyone notices it, \V)u cau get liquid arvon at any drug stor It is inexpens- ivi; and never fails to do the work. Way Out of Difficulty. Alice was paying a visit to her grand- /ather, whom she dearly loved. The morning after her arrival she entered the dining room with a small rosebut* In her hand, remembering her grandfa^ thers habit of always wearing a but- toniere. Beside her grandfather at the breakfast table was seated a young uncle pf whom she stood in not a little awe because of bis merciless teasing. "Good morning, Alice,'* said her grandfather as she appeared,"who is the rose for?" "She will give it to the one she loves the best," said her uncle in a gruff voice. Just an in> etatit the'.little. slrl heaiUted, then looking from one to the other, the Mid. -Wait. Ill get another." ...... \fin IK th&Tiac.Ui liiet Itid of These Do vou Jjndiir iio* easy it is lo remove those' ui^ly sipots so that no one will call you freckle-face? Simply get an ounce of otbino, doubly strength, fi'oni your druggist, aiid a few applieatlohe shoatd show you how easy it Is to rid yOurself of freckles and get a beautiful'complexion. The eiih and winds of February and March have a strodg^^endency to^brlng dat frieckles, and as a result moro othlne Is sold in these months. Be'surc'to ask for the "doflbte strength othine;^^ as this is sold Under guarantee of money back- if It fails to remove tiie ftecUes. bird studies which the chiidrcn enjoyed so much last year. The first bird story will IK < told tomorrow and all who want to hMir it should be there on time. • • * —Tomorrow is the day when ladies of Trinity Church will serve dinner and supper at G-. A. It. Hall. Everybody roiue. •:• •:• • On account of the siorm last high! no meeting of St. Margaret's Guild was held, but there will be a short meeting on Sunday afternoon for the purpose of beginning the new lessons. • .J. Mrs. Chas. P. Scott went lo Cha- nutc this morning to be the guest of Mr. and Mrs: Park Helmick until tomorrow evening. . • • <• Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Morrow returned this afternoon from a visit with relatives in CoUinsville. .Mrs. Morrow has been gone for several weeks and Mr. Morrow went to meet her yesterday. « « <• -Special Saturday at tlie Palace of Sweets: Butter Scotch Wafers, l.^c lb " <. • • To the forty young, people of Trin-: ity church wlio gathered last night at the church parlorg for a social and reception to honor new members of ,the Epworth Ijdagiie it made little dif ference that siioW drifts were piling up out of doors, for a merrier crowd of youiig people coiiid hardly have ;bcoh foiind. The lea%uc has been 'growing rapidly latiely' and' as it is 'always a little hard for "everytwdy to meet everybody else a bustness meet ing this m'aifner 6f getting' acquaint- cfl was ch(^en by the sociar committee.' After! ganies: contests had 'been enjoyed for several hours Miss 'Qela Dai'ifit,- sdtiial vjce-pre«ident, assisted by Miss Amr Anderson, Miss Kate ?udgi and Miss 'Phlla Smith, served a two course 5<incheon. The Epwbrth League has been divided into tWo'sides for several weeks past .and ;6oth sides have been trying lo-galh {he. largest number of new memtiiers.:This contest will close on Sunday night and a isecond reception wlU be given some evening next week at which the winning side will be'entertaiined by the losers. . (Clara Fisher) March 5,—Rev. Gilbert will iiroacli at the M. clnirch Sunday at !'l a. m Will Kipp .spent a few <iavs with his parents, .Joljii Kipp, last werk, returning to Humboldt Tuesday. MIsrt Katlieriue Deiiner and Mrs. Lambert were shopping in liila on.'' day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Oshor:) .spent .Monday with Lew Osl>orn. •Lizzie, F'raiu'es and Will Kipp spcni Sunday with Will .Massotli, west o!" town. ./V. A. Smith loaded lio^s .Monday. Miss H'atwis, of Hunibol'dt. is visiting her sister, -Mrs. I'^dd Sniidi, this week. • tJrflndui;i I'aiks wiui has li''oii ;m invalid for twenty years or more, dieil .It her home north of lowii tlie first of the week. '\Vc extend our .s.viupatliy to the sorrowing hearts. Mrs. .Tarvis, of Garden City, i.s vi.sit- Ing her sister, Mrs. P. ('. ('Ias]s this week. We wish to extend best wishes to Mr. and Mr.s. Frank Preston wlio v;crc married .March lilK., Mrs. S. C. I'lurnhart wlio is ill is not much improved at tliis \vl•itin^. Miss Ralston, of.loin, is helpiii.i;- .M.vrtle Barnhavt with the work. ' -Miss .Martha Hryaiir took suiijicr with Clara and Vera Ki'^her Thiirsday evening Kd RHvyy. who lived out west ol' town moved lu town t!ie first of the week. .MONTKV Al.i;. March r..- .Mr. Clritwood and II. (i. Frederiek.son iiijide a Itiisine.^s trip tf) lola Monday. Mrs. Irene WalUs returned home from Eureka where she l.a^i hien \is- itin,? her parents. Cupiil has aK'iiin east his arrows in this neighborhood, KUa Kogi.'rs and Earl Chezein heiiiK the viclinis. Monday they ijuirtly went to lola. and wore, married. The Urido is a daui;h- ter of Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Rogers. She has alwa.vs lived on ,the farm she is now- leaving, and has won the admiration of a host of friends who will miss her jas she moves to her new home. The igroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Chezem who live on a farm near Rising Star, one of the ' neighbo.rhood's pronu'sing youiig men. They will reside on a farm near Elsmorc. All the friends ioin in oongratiilations and best wishes. Mr.s. Hill visited at Mr. Wallls' lasl Monday afternoon. Ocir Diekrnson visited with her teaclici". Emma l>aiighprty. .Motida}' night and attended the i)ie Kupper at Star. Mr. Tinsley has rented the .Matthews farm for this-year and moved in last Week. It is Spring ahead^^/t jmr store. The long drawn oiit winter has beie^j^ie tfresonie and it is a real pleasure to look thfqugl} the pretty new things we are showing. Theris^re a number of tilings here that have niever been shown it^ lola before. if it's here it's new — j If it's new it's here first Jpyie pay mileage \ • i(iH! Try Musteroie. See Hov/ Quicklj It Relieves You just rub MUSTEKOLR in briskly and usually the pain is gone—a delicious soolhin? comfort conies to take it3 place. MUSTEROLE i;: a clean, white ointment, made with oil of mustard. Use it iustead of mustard plaster. Will uoi blister. Doctors and nurses MU3TEROLE lUd recommend it to their patients. They will gladly tell yoa what relief it jives from Sore Throat, Bronchitis, ^roup. Stiff Neck, Asthma, Neuralsfi.i, Congestion, Hleurisy, Rheum'atism, Luni- 3.igo, P.iins and Afhes of the Back or loints. Sprains, Sore Muscles, Bruises, *hilblains. Frosted Feet, Colds of the .;hest (it ofteu prevents Pneumonia). At your druggist's, in 25c and SOo jars, .nd a special l.-irge hosi):!.".! siie for $!?.50. Be sure you "get the gcuuiuo MUS- .'EKOLB. Ivcfuse imitations—get what ou ask ior. The .Musteroie Conipauy. Ilevelaud, Ohio. New Bell TLKASA.NT VALLKV. IBerklhl.-^er) .March t.—On Saturday uislit, March 6. the people of tlic Valley cinircli will give a play at the churf;h. Admission one dime. All are invited. The Glascocks gave a party Satur^ day night for a fmv of their friends. Several of the boys from here attended the dance in Colony Friday niglit. • s .Miss Lola Hazzard who has heoii visitin.?' the p.-ist two weeks with .Mr.'-', 'jiaseock has rctiiriiod lo hei- home in Gas City. Harry Ciriffin moved Tuesday to his new .'lonio north of lola. .Marion .MrVey was calliiip: at the Chas. .Ma.xwell linnie Tuesday. Tlie members of the GranRO at Silver Leaf held • a meetin.s? ^Saturday ni .Etlit Mr .and .Mrs. F. 0. Baker, of lola. Miss Ada Duvcr. of (^tierryvale, and .Miss Mahle Oxender of Gas City visited Saturday and Sunday at tlio Glascock home. Mias Lola Maxwell visited Wednesday n''?ht at tlie Cha". W'ilnioth home. Genrce lames aii.i Uomer Maxwell helped 11?'ary Griffin move Tuesday. .Mr and .Mrs. ("has. .MaNwell visifili.v; in lola the |iast week.. Dei' CtrieveK w;is vi.sitinK his ents. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Grieve, day. Ilo.'.ier M ;i .\uen will leave tl of Acii; for lown. where he has work for the suminer. .Mr-s. lien Grieves visited Saturday and Sunday uitli hcj- parents, .Mr. and MIS . Wanen no"^ett, south of La- ll.irp-:^. The Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company will go to press with their nextj directory March 10th. Those desiring a listing! in the new book should make the necessary arrangements at once. Omce. 210 East Madison. Telephone No. 561. Missouri and Kansas Telephone Co. were par- I'li- first Wiu .ii —"Do you helieve in weather signs'.'" WmVr'. —"To an e.\tevit. Kor in ;-taiHe.| if I I'ave my umtirella stolen, its a pretty sure sipu it's KoiiiK to rain.'? Some reforrneni e;iii lie( iiiiie delirious without the ahl of drink or disease. ' H* tf^ii-.r^'!:; -jlUtUt CAMPBELL UNDERTAKING CO. Phon^3.T2 We Strive to Please lola, Kas. We Card of Thanks. sincerely thank our kind noiRli- bors and many friends who so kindly assisted us durini? the illness and death of our husband and father; also for trie ImautifuJ floral offerinps.— .Mrs. Ella lle.ath, Mrs. Minnie Gardner, .Mrs. Anna iJewester, Mrs. Marjorio Wililams, Miss Dorothy Heath. Tlie hand had another had iii>;ht last Saturday night, which makes the ?cconl had one of recent oc-urrence. - Kinc-aid Dispaicii. Man is niade of clay ,but don't jump to the conclusion that every man Is a brick Altoona Tr'^bune; George E. .Vich- olson .owner \of the Altoona smelter, arrived in Alti>ona Tuesday from New York, and upon being asked by the writer how mn 'jih of the smelter be ex-J pectod to opcritc, he said: "We hoW h.'ivc ready three blocks, which will be siarted at'once and I expect to have the other two running within three or'four weeks, or as soon as they can he . repaired.. I will operate the five blocks." |Mr. .Nicholson says he e.xiipcts the present high prices, of speltor to preiail for a long time. Man^' men iia^ve arrived in Altoona during the past week to work at the s .Tielter. ! SALT.S IF BACKACHV AND £IDi>ETS HDBT mm Drink Lots of Water and Stop Eating .Ileal fur n WliHe if Your Bladder Tro)nbles You. Some of your friends may be the sort who i|j«treyou plejityo{ wcnUes. ^ TliLs w ;is (IH- rie.<:t (,r the Ijivttf-r ifiquipiiif-nt. Tlii .--('U! oli ' is 128 w ei'onom.v. liirte your}? (-7 :iiui:;u;l trii ;Sii.Uua bus just voted $100,000 HALINA HIt'.H HOUOOL. high .srliodls of (hf .stiKe («> I»r rrcctpd. t'o .st -ffid.OOO exclusive of it)) 20 fc;ifhers._ Tlie toin-.s.' of study includes two years of domeHtic lining, a year of printing. . ' for a uew Junior High Scliool. ' — Wiien jou Waka up with backache and dull misery in the kidney region it generally meansiiyou have been eallns too muc 'ii meat. Bays a well-known authority. Meat fjljrms uric acid which overworks the kidneys In their effort to filter it from the blood and­ come sort of paralyzed and loggfy. When your kidneys get sluggish and clog: you must rclieVe'tbeni Hke'you rcl'eve your bowels; removing allthe body's urinous waste, else you have backache, sick h^eadache, _dizzy spftlls; your stomach sours, tongue Is coated, and when the weather is bad yotj "hive' rheumatic twinges. The urine Is elou&y full of sediment^, channels oft^ttiet sore, wate" scalds and you are obliged to seek relief two or three times during the night. Either consult a good, reliable physician at once pr get from your pbanfta- cist about four ounces of jad ,piilta: take a tablcapoonful. in a glass' 'of ivaler before breakfast for a few'days and your kidney^ will then actt ffne. This famous .salljs la made trom.'^he acid of grapes a^d lemon Juice, combined Avith llthiaf and has l»^ tt«ed for generationa to clean and. ikHDiilate giug^sh kidneys. ali<» to-.n«fltndize acids in the urinc^JH) jpo Idoger-ftsrl- tates, thus endin«[ l>lad^e,r WM^wii, Jad ealtg ia »:U(e «»vjati |bs.ifOfular meat eatera. ; It it tnezpcaaive; caahot injure and makes a deltchtful.'elTer'- veBceat Uthla-wat^r drlok. t <

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