The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE POUR STEERING EASE OF IMPOr"" A. li. Ellis Points but Factor Which Makes Tnick Worth the Money. ' "An Important point TUck owners often overlook in pi iking thieir purchases is tiie ease witli wh cli the truck i^an be iianlled," Siiid A. L. Ellis of tlje 5 lis Motor conipapy, local jDodgi Brothers important all 'dealer. • "It makes tiecause it the differeiice. in the • world ip Uie preventidn of accidents. A truck -which responds to Tvlieel and less likely one •• every touch of the braking .mechanism i.s to figure in, accidents, than whith is lacking in those qualities. Powerful,, easy [braking Is prpbably one of the largest factors in truck- driving safely. While size and weight make a difference In the handling, still ; the truck having the' ease of steering and braking will Iiave fewer accidents. "Oraham brothers jtrucks and commercial cars are (jesigued for easy handling and ai^e ,for that rea.son preferred by truck drivers; w.ho 'rt'iilJy know their> advantages. Anyone can observe thfi ease with wliich one of these truckfi or commercial jears travels through tlie = traffic. It )ito|is and sturis and! is handled Willi the ease of a passenger car." LIBERTY April r,. .Mr«. .McDunli'lM and MiB. Wulii'i ilolMi.son in lola Wt'dniiidny inorniMK and pur- <liniit;<l iH'W irjpiT fur llitilr klld • en: .Mr. JinO Mri4. UIIHKCI Htirnlmijt of lolu .iilli-d at Wulli-r'Jolinson . d-'rliliiy iVfnlhK. . ! • ,Mr. .iiid .Mr.M. McDanli'ln and .It llu vlHili 'irat .SwjMhi); Kallit Sui (liiv afli ^riiooii. ':r Tlif Iti 'V. I.Mr. V.zfi- filled ilv .pulpit Hiimlay tjvcnlu^ . MIHS llrs- ^ fit- .S<-arcy led the OhrlHliau ICii- deavyr nicetlng. ' to have two lady evaii- "geiists who'will hold a meelliiis in the near future. P. S- Heath is starting in t|iis -week to fix the drive wiy into his home, i It lias given him consider' able trouble during the heavy rainy season and the winter niud. Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Hillbrant and small son. Jimmy, were callers at O. B. Foley's Sunday. , ^^^s. Anna Wilson and children visited with her; mother, Mrs. A. L. Towusend, Sunday., , i ' Mr. and .Mrs. Brooks were • at Chris Jensen's Sunday. The Willing Workers are: to meet w.ith Mrs. Estella Hamilton in » Davis addition next Thursday; P. S. Heath land wife spent Sunday with W.alfer Rugh and family, near Moran. Mr. and Mrs. Epgene Fisk were at Johnnie Johnson's Sunday. Ilaymond Thompson spent Sunday with Wilbur Hairria.f ''< Lloyd McDanlels viskted ,Sunday with Chauncey • Seal-cy, Lloyd • Searcy was at home for the day also. t ' Kugene Ffsk is havirig his house painted, which adds very much to apiteararicc as well as Va;lue. i Mr. and Mrs. Fisk attended the birthday party of Mrs. IjOU^se Pink and .of .Wjiyne Bliss, whit h-Js an aiinual affair.: They repo-t about fiO present and a spendi 1 i time. - Mrs. Frank Bliss was the hostjess this year. • ' " • Mr. ieitas Conger and fimily are driving a n<?w Ford these days.' . .Kelsey Kincaid ate dinner with Eugene Conger Sunday and later Mr. Conger and their gne^ drove to west of Piiiua to call 'on Mrs. May Wills. - r j Cbas. Harris and /Mr. | Shocltey are i rebuilding the b^rn that -was deslxoyed by wind onj the Kennedy farm. J Lucy Wilson and Lucille Teeters Visited Mrs. Conger Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ballah called at the parental Wilson hbme L Sunday evening. Later they all I called at their sister and daugh- ! ' ter'ij. Mr. and Mrsi Ray Tpvrai- send's. : i : . / W. V. "Wilson and daughter. Miss Lucy, and Nathan callid at Henry Harri.-i's Wednesday evening and later they all went down to Upend the»eventng at Uay TownSerid's. Mrs. W. V'.' Wilson 'is spending .7* AN ENGLISH TYPE j COTTAGE THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. APRIL 7; 1927. MORAN NEWS OF THE DAY Vr. E. Worth Elected Mayor--Mo' nn People LUe lola LItt e SymphoBy | Concert. (Mrs. G. H. Ford), Moran, April 5.~^^<^1 weather isnce ; our big add the warm sunshinej haxtentng the grojwth of veketa- tiott very rapidly. *Yult .trees are laden with blossoms, with no ; the slffhtest \ indlcatioij of the t eavy frepzes leaving any permanenjt injury. ' C. G. parson re{turned the last near Ge atry, owns a arge farm and where his has been for the past. several veeks assi sting inj>lantlpg the ^arly crops of country and also ilanting a vineyard. Mr. Larson is pleased wiiti the outlook o^ new investment' t lere and Spiring rain is here hopd lie gueat of For the small jfal: a home, of distiiiciioh, this English cottage" ^^liould mily that! seekB little! receiv » consideiTation. Not only will • it give a ^ome of character but will prove an economical iayostmeiit as wellj for, it is designed to be built atilpw cost. . " • ' . \; The sketch of the exterior gives one a good idea as to' how tlhe house will appear when built, while tiie floor plans show the compact^ economical layout Ural is to be desired.^ i. . . . _ . ,: The' walls arei frame construction with st\icco finish. Uie chim­ ney is red brick, the roof is slate and the- timber work, etc. is stained. ) One enters the house! through a vestibule, on eiiher.side of which are provided generous coat closets. From the v^tlbule one passes into the living roonu ; The stairs start up from the, living room and land in ilhe center of the bouse ttt the second Jloior; thus requiring but small hall Space. A single service entry serves the kitchen, refrigerator an(l cellar. : • I ' ' • THO kitchen is iwe^l'. arranged. T,bfi. sUik is located Jdirectly b'e-> nualh a window &A bar large cujii- boards on either side. Two good l)fd room.«| a bath and plenty <.r closeta cu/nplete the second floor plan. i Storage spaije is pro^-lded in the attic' A cellar extends under the entire house and here is 'provided the laundry, the sfpace for heater, the coal bin and surh^ In building this house the first floor level should be establi^^hed two steps above tlu- grade, so the finished- house will set close ip the .ground as shown in the sketch'. C()mplHte working, plans and .specifications of this hou.-'e may li obtained I for a nominal sum fro " the Building Eilitor. Uifer House A-lKt. ue I ho attended the Concert in lola were especially and fine that large well his his the bis •sons rela.- mauy old friends future will abundjintly prov^ present ;belief. Miss Ver^ia McAJdam of Pa was here Sunday t' lives and friends. Moranj'people, w Little ^yinphony Sunday afternoon, pleasjed with the f^ne progran are ({liTd to knov that this organization will' be permanent and. can look .forward to repeated entertainment sue i as was etijoy- eil Sunday. .Moraij friends are glad to know that Mrf). Iva'MeLiiiKhllu of Uion- Hon, wlio has be< n at St. JtihuH liospllal rollowlng » Hurglcul Wper ution, was able lijj bu taken hmw a few duyMiugo and Is slnc(| gel- tlni? on very nicelV. The! C I. C. clafiH of the ^1. it chinch enjoyed « Topsy T pjirty In their claks rooms I cbnnii .MoiKlny I'vi-nlng. Thv iiliig closed a tliilee months li-st for attendance, and thiV losers III the contest guvje the party and every feature was just ai^ the name suggests a^nd the honor guests are report|lng the ^nlire i -veiiing as a hilarious success. Twenty-four members were "present to whom a four course banquet was served as follows: Fruit .cock tail. (A slice of lapple d!ec^at(.d with a chicken feather). String beans, (.bean.s on a string), cheese straws, :(a straw ihorugh a piece of cheese). .=calIoped' potatoes, (potatoes sliced, and cut in pcall- ops.) Doughnuts, dough). the last course and! the on}y one not a Joke w^as ice creaih, cake and cocoa. These young latlies are just! finishing theii^ cla^s jrpoms and are lo be congratulated ^n the numerous successfiil , enterprises thfey have undertaken ii^ making it possible. ' • : 7 f —Read about big .\ucl ;io «i Sale Used Ford pars on Want Ad page. .McCarthy ]^otor Co. The ticki[t placed in nomination at the regular city caucus held here two vyeeks ago received the majority v (?te in the regular city election held Monday. The following are the ne\v' city officers; W. E. North, mayor: K. Sl .Mc^ Cormack,. police judge; Walter Woid, E. Burton, George Yeager, S. C. Knight aiid Hank Smith. * , • •> • • • • • • • • i .' •:• KAX.SA.S 1VEF.KLV I'ROJP • •> REPORT. •:• • I •> • • • • <• • • •:• • •;• •:• •:• •:• • •> Topeka.iKan., April I. — f'.onfral sections favored by higher temperatures, the earlier planted fields are. making rapid devel9pment. Irish potatoes are planted for the most part. • Indications. ur-.' that treating df seed- has| been the rule; • ' . I; ' < .'Mfalfa i." in'excpllent- condition. BETHEL j (Ma:rjorie Gibson)| Apr. 4.—.Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Bacon and ifaiiiily spent Suiijday afternoon at Frank Bacon's. E. L. Gib.'jcn left Sunday for Hutchinson to gi-t his which have bi-eh there on whetit pasture since Jaiiuary. He t-x^ieits to return within ten days if the weather stays nice. : . • .Mr. and -Mr.s. Tom /imnu-rmaii and chihlren, .Mr. and Mrs. Ci-ci! Balm and Lucile Alderman visited Sunday at'Jolili 'Ziiiimeriiiuirs. .Marjorie • (iibsiin' visiti-ii from WL -diiesday• till Siimlay with Iter conslii. Rath Iloliiii};sworth. of lola. ; .Mrs. Irvin IJaptist and Ladiiie yjH-nt TiU'sd.iy afternoon wit!i .Mrs. John /Immerniaii. Mn. Itiissell of 'Miaiiule vL-ilted last week -Willi her daughtrr, .Mrs. liM-x (iiliKon. fork li.gK were iiiimcd IhfIr Inventor, a .Mr. Cork. ifltr lirvey the eve- con- Harvelotul di»< covery. iPJfty times mora powr erful tbad aay similar prdduct. Acta quickly. In handy tuba. 60c at yoiir retailer. AMihUi Kills farm work was. more or It-^s at a.aiiliough slow- in makiiig growtlf. standstill in. the central and to low ^temperatures. Ha • ern. parts of the state during the |nieadoWs and pastures are in good latter part of week.due lo the icondition and greening up general- rains which fell • KPixruliv' over !ly. Flint llillii pastures should li- these, sections. Uapablu of carrying stock! by April Wheat is reported as .mowiii^; •-"'l'- ' • rapidly w-hcr.- iiioisltir.' lias he-n ' I.ittlc fr.'f/.ing and frost injur;/ ahundanit and is in fxci -lli-nt con- to| fruit is reported as yet. Api-i- ditiiin .wlicrir there; lias l )i 'en siif-|cots .ami peaches yre coming into ficient winUT inoi>il:ur>". In ' soim? i Iiloonf rapidly. . sections! th... condilipn, is prohleii-.- I alical as if cannot: li<' .seen howl •• strong .he growth may he-onie. as i ^^^.^^ the ivorv handles of a resijit of warm.-r weath.r and „r ^^t^^ rccv'nl raiiilall. , ,j,^.„, ,„ crack, and dis- (;rowth of oats has Iifcn siow.; color. 'Hold in the . hand whilu. due to cool wcathcfr. hiil in son>'' washing the blades or pi"ongs. In all the new li^ht shades f G r Spmng". Beautiful patterns, to go with dai'k coat, or slip-over li;?ht_ Swfeat- er, or just with a nice liicht colored shirt; Really beautiful |pat- ^erns in gray . mix-' tures, tan mixtilires. Many, of them with .silk stripe. Prices $4.50™ $7.50 .: See Our Window Barclay-Sliields Clothing Coi a few^ days with heir daughter, Mrs. Fay Ballah, at Humboldt , this week. j ' I^alhan Wilson spent the week­ end'with his sister at iliimobldt. JEDDO : (Mrs. Joe Strubliart) Apr. 3.—Leo Collins of Piqn^ spent Sunday evening a week agiji with Oliver S'rubhart. Joe Gervai.s, Jr., is. at Kansasi City where lie is taking medica treatment. Mrs. Elsie i'ord and .son are vis-| iting relative* in this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hess, werd shopping iii_51umbbldt Friday. ' The Cleiiiens young folks 'siient Friday evening in Chaiiiite. , - George Klotzbach and son' Wayntj calloil at the Strubliart borne Sat urday morning. —Head about iiipr' Auction Salt) IJsetl Ford Cars on Want A^l pai;e McCarthy Motor Co. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hebs and family attended chqrch in loM Sunday evening. Mrs. Delia Hess ai lola spent Saturday night and Sun-^ day at the Henry Hij Mr, and Mrs. Geo ^Chicago's Vcrters Will t)ec id Blanche ot •ss home, l-ge Klotzbachl and family spent Sunday with Mr. antj .Mrs. Homer iMsh and funilly. • Jo and AVIU' KWtzbach, .Mr^s. Lindemann and ''James Hess spent Sunday afternoon,at the Strubhart home. Quite a. number of the young folks of the neighborhood spent Sunday afternoon with the! Clemens young folks. ' J! Mr. and Mrs. Lyie Wing atid family spent : Sunday iat the iA. W. Thompson home. Mr. and .Mrs. Hugo Stfubhart spent Sundiiy evening jwithiMrs. J. Strubhart. The champion St. Louis; Cardinals evidently found Avon JRark a satisfactory place to train, as it is understood the club inteud4 -to return to the Florida towii next Spring. • •^ : The best method of climbing higher is to remain on the Ifevel. the Aroma of Fresh Kipe IJniit I when boiling water is added; ttf Sun- lile-Jell is your assurance oif purity. Only iliigh gi-ade pure food gelatine is u.sed in Sunllte. Your grocer has I Sunlite or can .get it. Compare it with any gelatine dessert| yop, ever •fasted. Then judge for yourself. s ymdAU. MALE xmuPSQtr jidfiss THAT THIS £J CAer IJiBEliD'ZUS JtAYOl^. fiP JCBW ^ORK MW tn^ odair mcAoo' Chicago this year has had one bt the bltterfest mayoralty Tn lis history—Mayor WlUlaro E. Dever. Democrat, runi* lonniir Mayor Wflllam Hale Thompson^ UJU Kobertson. Independent.* Per8onalWe8 ;;lnve8tlgafJ • -and counter-^harjrej. have heated the Chlcapo ctunpalgnt nig agatnst| d iDr.l John charges Ml- M DIAMONDS on our FINEST QUALITY EASIEST TERMS LOWEST TERMS That's What you get at , JBeautiful New Easter Hats Scores of Smart New Styles Tarn Rj>!wris Skull rlipfi Pokes ^rbans Bv^med Hals Our iJ New Maleriifis New Shapes i New Colors ; mense Buying: Power Enables Us lo Give I You The Best Values. MATRON'S HATS Plenty to choose from. AH head sizes. CHILDREN'S HATS Cutest Styles and Col- Drs. MILLINERY CO. An Orthophonic Viptrola Changes Its Own Records music in the self-operating talking nia- ing to do but relax and en- At la^^t—the! chine. Notni joy. Another Victor achievement that adds immeasurably to the enjoyment of home. ^atah it operate, and marvel at the skill of American inventive genius. You simply select 12 records—place them in the Victrola "magazine"—tui-n the electric switclj—sit ^own and enjoy an hour of wonderful ipusic—music of your own chooskg! The mechanism is almost human. It puts the record on the turn-table—i)lays it—takes- it of f—places it in a drawer- Think what puts on the next record and so on, through twelve selections. Plays a complete iymphony straight through. Furnished danc^ music witbout anyone's having to st|)p and change records. at bridge—for dancing—for programs of any nature, planned in advance. You merely relax and enjoy! Music that you really want to hear, furnished by that marvelous instrurrient—the Orthophpiiic Victrola. i . | The AUTOMATIC Orthophonic Victrola ^ plays eithei- automatically, as described or, by tujrning another switch, single rec- oi'ds may be iDlayed, as on any Victrola. In addition tq its convenience, this in- sti-umeht is the Orthophonic Victrola, with all exclusive Victor features. [ It brings all the musiq of all the world,^ played ursurig by the! most eminent ar-" tists in cviery field—op;eratic, symphonic, ballad, dance. It repro'duces the originkl rendition in tones of startling realivsmf tones that are full, imihd, mellow, natural! This Orthophonie principle is controlled by Victor. this means! The conveni-See and hear the AUTOMATIC Ortho- ontinuous music hy] the phonic Victrola at our store at any time enceofit! ~- . ^ , , _ world's foremost artists while you dine-- from 9 a. m.. to 5 p. m. The Automatic omc DEMONSTRATIONS DAILY J MUSIC COM PAN V

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