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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, November 12, 1892
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PUBU8HID EVERY 8ATURDAT —»*— W. M. BtTRDIOK. TERMS: 91 60 Par Year, Strictly In Advanoo. The Belt Advertising Afeiiium to renc't the four north-tastfrn counties* Offlc* BontbiiMt Comer Ltwlet mad TIMoii Si VV. N UUHDICK , Klitir and Proprie lor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE TERMS: $1.50, IF PAID IN ADVANCE VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1892. NUMBER 35. ADVERTISING RATES: TIKE I 1 in. I S In. I 4 In. \H col|M col;I col 1 wort .... I meki... 8 weeks... 1 month .. Jmontln. I months.. 4 months., lyear.... It 1 GO I M g 60 I 00 4 00 5 fiO 10 00 $1 601 f9 B0 t as « oo I 76 4 60 5 SS 8 00 t 76 6 00 8 26 0 00 II !» 16 00 18 0M 18 00 tl 00 fl 00 6 76 8 00 7 SO 10 00 • 11 76] 18 00 SO 00 80 00 12 00 17 00 »; oo S3 00 46 00 $10 00 1 18 09 i« to It 00 25 00 85 00 60 00 80 00 Business cards not exceeding fWe lines, |5. Local advertisements at legal rate*. Adrertlse- ments inserted with no speclfto time will be published until ordered out anr" charged tor ao- oortllnplr. All bills payable quarterly. ,„nl Two hundred Dimkitrds who wore CON DVJ NSK I) NE VVS holding « meeting nt Phllllpsburg, O., . | were rendered dangerously Ul Tuesday Switzerland Is building Its first sugar refinery. Tho public debt was decreased $105,430 In October. by entlug seup Into which some llcnd ! had poured cruton oil. There were no fatalities, but Uio meeting was broken, up. The Indiana democrats and prohlbl-! At Louisville, Ky., Albert Wing klll- tlonists make a dicker. I ed his wife Miriam In a brothel Tues- Ten Catholic ctirdluals have died dur-, nl « Ut> | uld cs ^P« l - kcloug- , eil to proiiilnent ltunllies, but the wo* mnu went astray lug the past ten mouths. George C. Stebbins 1ms gone to Ire- laud to assist Mr. .Moody. Palestine is about one-fourth as large as the statu of New York. An attempt wus made to burn the Star Theater at Cleveland, O., Tuesday. The bunk ..of O. 11. Holleubaek at Auburn, Oil., failed Monday. Liabilities, $04,000. AU tho ollicers of the national W. C. T. U. are re-elected, lnelutliug Miss Wittard, tlie president. A three per cent dividend has bo.-u declared on American cottou seed oil, payable November 1!). Tims far twenty-one bodies of persons drowned in the Roununlu disaster liave been recovered. i A manual of Cliristlan Endeavor priu- 1 cii>les is to bo printed hi the Armeuiau ami Turkish languages. A trump was killed and three, train men injured in a railroad wreck at Dlspuuiuii Station, Vu. Charles Kilos of MlnncupolU has been arrested at Ritchie, W is., tor passing a forged check for $1,050. The senate has decided to petition Chancellor You Caprivl to declare that Hamburg is free of cholera. Tho Canadian I'aeilie Railway company are trying to secure a fast Atlantic service to tho world's lair. Advices have been received at Ottawa, Out., flint Japan is preparing lor a crusade against seal poachers nest season. Consul General Domingo Kuks of Ecuador, accused of forging notes, was iicijuiDted by Justice Uyuu In New York city. A train on the uuuiuti road niu into a hand car at Sibley, lowu, killing two men and fatally lujuriug another. Judgo \V. 0. Anders, one of the best known jurists in Texas, suicided Tues- duy ulght while temporarily insane. A sister of tin! late king of HoUuud has made a generous contribution to the social Viork of tho Salvation Army. Mas Schocuthal, a New York hop and limit "dealer, has fulled. His liabilities agregale upwards of $250,000. M. l'eveaux, director of the Ottoman bank at Constantinople, has committed suicide by drowning himself at Corfu. Nathaniel A. Burney, for twenty years proprietor of tho Occidental hotel at Muskegon, Mich., died Tuesday ought. : Deutt McVeagh, uu alleged horse thief, was shot and killed while resisting arrest by Fred Drees, at St, ileu- ry's, Ohio. ICd Murlhi, a cigur-maker 3o yetirs eld, committed suicide at Sioux Falls, S. D„ by taking laudanum. Disgusted with life. Thomas A. Gleusou, a well-known •cotton buyer in New Orleans, has been AMERICAN POLITICS. nov. T. DoWitt Talmago's Ante- Eloction Dlscourao. rhu DiuiRcr of the (Jovcrniuentiil l-'nbrlc from IVilltlciil llrlbcry, Sm tlniml An- tUKiiiilitiiis unci thp l.iiu- State of l'ublln Mornl*. and the man was sent to the penitentiary for killing a man. OUIeers from the United Indian reservation In Utah, express considerable anxiety at lite temporary removal from Fort Duchesne of a portion of the United States troop. It is said the Indians are now indulging in drunken orgies. Unknown persons visited tho stock farm of D. K. Simon, near Valparaiso, Ind., Tuesday night, knocked the horns off of his tine Jersey cow, drove n sick horse through a bui bod-wire fence, and turned the other stock into the public highway. > l'relimluury steps towards the organization of a naval militia have been taken In Pennsylvania and Vermont, There are lare.uly eight states with properly equipped and creditable naval forces organized in conformity with tho national law. Canadian cattle shippers arc much excited over the report that the Eug- lisli hoard of agriculture has ordered 12,000 head of cattle, lauded at Duudee from Canada, to be slaughtered, on account of the existence of pleuro­ pneumonia inuohg them. Two l.ieu entered the house of Henry Stuluui, a farmer Uviug near Lincoln, 111., Tuesday night, and at the point of a revolver demanded j?2,000, which the farmer had placed in a safe at his father's home. Before uccomplislUtig their purpose the robbers were frightened away, and made good their escape. Tuesday afternoon two men robbed Cashier Baird, of the Ford County bank, at Spoarvllle, Kan., of $17,000. As tho robbers ran out of the bank and jumped Into their saddles a party of hunters came along, and hearing of the robbeiy opened lire on them. Mauy shots were exchanged but tho robbers managed to' escape. A large reward is offered for their capture. Suit has been brought by Vice President Levi P. Morton, John H. W-'uian and John G. ltichardson, executo.'s lu the superior court of New York to decide the construction of ctrtnlu clauses in the will of Lizzie H. Perkins. The estate Is worth $127,000. There are a number of odd bequests of wearing apparel ami jewelry and queer pvo- Isliins in the will which make the business of Iho executors dllUcult. Anticipating the large volume of mall and tho value of quick transmission during the world's fair, the United States Rapid Transit company of Chicago, has submitted the details of an elevated road to tho post office do purtm'cut at Washington. Tho plan is to erect this system between the ex position grounds and the post othce, and by means of an electrlo cable plaerd high cno\igh to clear all buildings along the route, attain u speed of 200 miles a minute. At Detroit, Mich., the United States arrested, charged with forgery. The custom department seized 300'pounds amount involved Is $6,000. The Davenport, Iowa and Dakota railway wus sold at auction at Cedar Rapids, lowu, to tho Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern, for $020,000. Attorney General Muler Issues a cir- -euiur of "instructions to all federal olhlculs having to do with elections and tho prosecution of electoral frauds. Au American woman In a Philadelphia hospital has every symptom of leprosy. The patient la 07 years old, and always Uved In the Quaker City. The International Juridical congress, now hi session In Madrid, is discussing the question of an International agreement for tho arbitration of disputes, Two brothers named Burgess, who of smuggled opium, valued at $5,000, and arrested a man gtvlug the name of A. .1. Morrison. The stuff was brought across tho river Tuesday night In two largo trunks and was being checked tit tlie Michigan Central depot when the solzura was nude. Tho seizure is the most valuable one of opium since the taking of 000 cans by Inspector Me- Donough about four years ago, although In that Instance the one having it managed to 1 give tho officers the slip. tuuudiuu Dairy Advice. The Ontario Department of Agriculture lsaued from Its experiment dairy, at Toronto, lust June, u bulletin glvlui were iu juil at Lebanon, Va., charged tho methods adopted in uiuklug butter with murder, wore taken from their Tho bulletin contains uoiulng that cells by friends of their victim and would bo new to our readers. We pub- liauged. dsh tho conclusion, which pretty fairly The sugar trust on Wednesday plac iuuloates lu a negative way the practice i ,, f .nnVt ,„.r with John Ballev of the st" Uou - 11 s '»' s: , iuwu ,"*> m perhaps fifty ways of uuiklug good but!,(, tor, and we do not claim that ours is ed a conrtact with John Bailey Philadelphia for 5,000,000 bags, which all sugars will hereafter shipped. Town Marshal Eugene Heath, of ] Oorydun, lnd., wus killed Tuesday night by Clove Schak, sheriff of I he county, us the result of u quarrel over polities. Kxeluslve of specie, tho totid exports from New York for tho week ending tho best. There are scarcely two persons that pursue exactly the same method in ull the details. Wo do not consider that we know everything about butter-uittklug, as something new is being discovered every mouth. Not only from our own work are wo learning, but also from the research and observation of others. We November 1 were $8,755,780, against do not keep a cow that makes less thun $7,227,750 for the corresponding week of 1S91 The supreme military council has con- ^rmed the death sentence passed upon -Colonel Nlcves Fernandez, charged with treason in falling to capture Gurzu, .the revolutionist. A false uhtrui that the steeple of a 200 pounds of butter lu a year; nor put tho dry cow on a starvation ration; nor expect a cow to make something out uotlihig; nor keep em' cows In tin ice house, hogpen or dungeon; nor allow them to go u whole year without carding or brusldng thorn; nor depend ou pasture alone for a supply of summer feed. We do not allow the nilllt to <ehurch lu the village of Vlnagora was | stand very long iu tho stable to absorb collapsing, caused ti paulo among the ...... ......... •congregation and twenty-five persons wore trampled to death. Omar S. Kittle has been missing from \Uohmond, Ind., for more than two- weeks. His accounts Wednesday were declared $4,000 short. Ills property has been attached. Miss Mary Mosby, daughter of Mayor foul odors; we do not uegleot to strain the milk at ouco after uulklng; nor sol tho milk In deep cans In weU watot without changing the water at least twice, or without Ice; uoi mix sweet cream with cream to bo churned less than twelve hours boforo churning (tho cream ) B cream for a whole churning); nor add ti* - !&2l Mosby of Cincinnati, will break the scalding water to tho cream; nor guess baptismal bottle of wine on the uew at the temperature with the finger; uoi cruiser Olnoinnatl, next TueBdiy, .vhen take two or three horn's to churn; n iv It Is launched nt the New York yards, gather the butter until tho "dushw The Keystone express train run Into stands on top," and thrn dip U out of a freight train itettr Pittsburg, Pa., (ho buttermilk; nor iidd'conrao suit by Wednesday morning. The engineer guess; nor work tho butter lb' o grou3e; and Unman of the express Were badly and Dually, wo do not send our butter Injured. None of tho passengers wore to markot wrapped In old rags tba hurt. The civil service commission recommends tho criminal prosecution of Treasurer ThomaB, of tho New York nnmbUcau state committee, for sollolt- lnp campulini funds front ifovcrunior' may have seen other service in the home.—Mirror aud Farmer. A Onunl Ileojieued. Health l» largely dependent upon a regulat The following ante-elect inn discourse was prepared for delivery by Itev. T. PoWitt Tulmnge, but lie was suddenly (.'tilled away ami did not preach. The text Is: AIAH . nlna. Hint great city Babylon, thnt mighty city '. tor in one tmur Is tby judg- mout ronu'- Hrvelattoiii*, xvlif., ln- Modorn scientists are doing u splendid work in excavating the tomb of a dead empire holding in its dead arms a dead city, mother and child of the same mime—Unbvion. The nucient mound invites the spade and shovels and crowbars while tiie unwashed natives look on in surprise. Thrse scientists find yellow brielts still impressed with the name of Nebuchadnezzar, and they go down into the sarcophajrus of a monarchy buried more than two thousand years ajjo. May the explorations of liawl'nson and Lavard and Chevalier and Opperto nnd Lntlns and t'liesiu'}' bo eclipsed by the present aivliinological uncovering. But is it possible that is all that mains of llabylon'.' a city ouee five times larger than Loudon and twelv times larger than New York. Walls tilt- 'u hundred and seventy feet high and ninety-three feet thick. Twenty- live burnished gates on each side, witli streets running clear through to eorre- spondine- gates on the other side. Six hundred and twenty-live scpinre: More pomp aud wealth anil splendor and sin than could be found in five mode'ii cities combined. A city of palaces and temples. A city bavin? within it a garden on an artilielal hill mi' hundred feet hi li, the sides of he mountain terrace I. All this built keep the king's wife, Aniytis, from leeoniing liomesieU fur the niountaiii- us region in wbieh she hud spent hei ii-lhoud. Tlie waters of the Euphrates spouted up to irrigate this great altitude into fruits a'id flowers and arbor seence unimaginable. A great river 'tinning from north to south clear hruugh the city, bridges over it, tun lels under it, boats on it. A city of bazaars und of market places, unrivaled for aromatic nnd nn- guents, and high-mettled horses with mis by their side, and thyme wood mil African evergreen, nnd Egyptian linen, and all styles of costly textile fabric, and rarest purples extracted mm shell fish on tlie Mediterranean coast, und rarest scarlets taken from brilliant insects in Spain, and ivories brought from successful elephant hunts in India, nnd diamonds whose Hush was n repartee to the sun. Fortress to fortress, einbattleinent rising above embiUtleiiient. fJrunt capital of the ages. Hut one night, while honest citizens were asleep, hut all the saloons of suturmilla were in full blast, and at the Icing's castle they had filled tho tankards for the tenth time, and reeling and g iffiuving and hiccoughing ni'outul tlie fttate table were the rulers of the land, Gen. Cyrus ordered his besieging army to take shovels aud spades, and they diverted the river from its usual channel into •mother direction so that the forsaken bed of tho river became the path on which the besieged army entered. When the morning dawned tho conquerors were inside tlie outside trenches. Babylon hud fallen, and hence the sublime threnody of the text: "Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, thnt mighty city, for in one hour is thy judgment come." Hut do nations die? Oh. yes, there is great mortality among monarchies and republics. They are like individuals in tho fnct that they are born, they have a middlo life, they have u decease they have a cradle and a grave. Soiiiu of them are assassinated, some destroyed by tlieir own hand. Let me call the roll of some of tho dead civilizations and some of tho dead cities, and let some oun answer for them. Egyptian civilization, stand up. "Dead!" answer the ruins of Kuriuik and Luxor, and from seventy pyramids on the east, side of the Nile there comes up a great chorus, crying: "Bead, dead!" Assyrian empire, stand up aud answer. "Dead!" cry tlie charred ruins if Ninevah. After six hundred years of magnificent opportunity, dead. Is- aelitlsli kingdom, stand up. Aftei two hundred and llfly years of Divine Interposition and of miriieulnns vieis- tude and of heroic behavior and of appalling depravity, dead. Vhcenlcia, stand up and answer. After inter venting the alphabet, and giving it to the world, anil sending out her mer bant caravans in one direction to Ceu Irnl Asia, and sending out navigators to the Atlantic ocean in another direction, dead. Pillars of llureuies and rucks on which the Tyrlan fishermen dried tlieir nets, all answer: "Dead l'hnMiioiu." Athens, after Phidias, after Demosthenes, after Mlltlades dead. Sparta, after Leonldas, after Euryhiudcs, after Kuinmis, after Ther niopyliu; dead. Koinnn ompiro, stand up and answer. Empire onoo bounded by tins British channel on the north, by the Euphrates on tlie east by the great Sahara desert in Africa on tlie south, by tlie Athintlu ocean on th west. Home of three great eivillza tions, owning all the then discovered world that wus worth owning, Itomai empire answer, tlibbon, In his "Ulso and Fall of the Raman Empire," says "Dead!" und tho forsaken seats of tho ruined Coliseum, and the skeleton of tlie aqueducts, and the inlusmu of tlie Cainpagiia, and the fragments of tlie marble baths, und tho useless piers of tlie Iti'ldge Trliihiphulis, and the Mam- ortlne prison, holding no more apostolic prisoners, and the silent Forum, und Husllicu of Constantino, und tho urch of Titus, and lli* I'untlieoii come in with grout chorus, crying; "Doiid, dead!" After Horace, uftor Virgil, after Tiicltus, after Cicero, dead. Af^jr 1 lorn tins on the bridge, and Clnulunv tus, (he fin mar oligarch, lifter I'on|- puy, after Sclpio, after Cuwshm, jtftei. Uort in nis mercy Interferes and through a purified ballot-box nnd a widespread public Christian sentiment the catastrophe be averted. This nation is about to go to the bn I lot-box to exercise the right of suffrage, and I propose to set before you the evils that threaten to 6*stroy the American government and to annihilate American institutions, nnd if (<od will help me I will show you before 1 get through the mod" in which each and everyone may do something to arrest that appalling calamity. And I shall plow the whole field. The first evil that threatens the annihilation of our American institutions is tlie fact that political bribery which once was considered a crime, has by many come to be considered a tolerable virtue. There is a legitimate use of money in elections, in the printing of political tracts, and in the hiring of public halls, and in the obtaining of campaign oratory; hut is there any homoueuhis who supposes this vast ainoiintof money now being raised by the political parties is going in u legitimate direction'.' The vast majority of it will go to buy votes. Hundreds and thousands of men will have set before them so much money for a republican vote, and so much money for n democratic vote, and the superior financial inducement will decide the action. You w-nt to know u-hich party will carry the doubtful stales day after to-morrow? 1 will tell you. The party that spends the most money. Tills moment, while I speak, tile peddlers carrying gold from Wall street, gold from Third street, gold from State street, anil gold from the Brewers' association, are in all the political headquarters of th" doubtful states, dealing out tlie infamous inducement. There used to be bribery, lint it held its head in shame, it was under tlie utmost secrecy that many years ago a railroad company bought lip the Wisconsin legislature und many other public officials in Unit state. Tlie gov ernor of the state at that time received fifty thousand dollars for bis signature. His private secretary received live thousand dollars. Thirteen members of the senate received seventy-five thousand dollars among lliein in bonds. Sixty members of the oth"i* house received from live thousand to ten thousand dollars each. The lieutenant governor received ten thousand dollars. The clerks of the house received from five thousand to ten thou umd dollars each. The bank comptroller received ten thousand dollars. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars were divided among the lobbyists. You see, the railroad company wns very generous. Rut ull that wus hidden, und only through the severest scrutiny on the part, of a legislative committee was this iniquity displayed. Now, political bribery defies vou, dares you, is arrogant, and will probably decide the election next Tuesday. Another evil threaten'ug the destruction of American insCtutions W the solidifying of the sections against other. A solid north. A solid south. If this goes on we shall have, after a while, have u solid east against a solid west, we shallfliuve solid middle states against solid northern states, we shall have a solid Sew York against a solid Pennsylvania, and a suiM Oaio ; gainst solid ICentucl.y. It is t.verity-seven ears since the war-cloud, and yet at, every presidential election Uu! old antagonism is aroused. When Garfield icd und nil the states gathered around his casket in sympathy aud in tears, and us hearty telegrams of condolence amo from New Orleans and from Charleston us from Boston and Chic go. said to myself: "I think sectionalism sdead." But alas! no. The difficulty will never b> en led until ea-ih stattof he nation is split up Into two or three great political parties. This country can not exist unless it. exists us one body, the national capital the heart, sending out through all the arteries of communication warmth and life to tlie very extremities. This nation can not exist unless it exists us one family, aud you might us well have solid brothers against solid sisters, and solid bread-tray against a solid nidle. und a solid nursury against, a solid dining room; and you might ns well have solid eyes, and solid head against solid foot,. What is the interest of Georgia is tho interest of Massachusetts; what is the interest of New York is the interest of South Carolina. Does the Ohio river change its politics when It gets below Louisville? It is it possible for these sectional untagoii- i nis to continue for a great many years without permanent compound fracture. Another evil threatening tho destruction us our American Institutions is the low slate of public morals. What killed Babylon of my text'.' What killed I'hououiela? What killed Home? Tlieir own depravity; and the fraud und the drunkenness and the lechery which have destroyed other nations will destroy ours unless a merciful God prevent. To show you tlie low state of public morals, I have to call your attention to Hie tact that many men nominated for offlc.' In different states at different times are entirely unlit for tho positions for which they have boon iniiuiniiteil. They have no move ijunlillciilion for them than the wolf lias qualification to be professor of padourl theology in a Hock of slice]), or a blind mole has qualification to leuture a class of eagles ou optics, or than u vultaru bus qualification to ehiiperon a dove. The mere I pronunciation of some of their names makes a demand for carbolic auld and fuinlgutlon! Yet Cltrstliin men will follow right ou under the political standards. There Is enough otil.-uud-nut Itutn- I-.,,]..IH\KH in Auieric ,n cities to-day to bring down upon lliein tho wrath of that God who, on tho U-Hh of August, TO, burled llerculaiiuum and I'otupe.ll so deep In ashes that the eighteen hundred and thirteen subsequent years have not been able to complete tlie exhumation. There are iu somu of the Amurlean citlut? today whole blooks of houses which the authorities know to he infamous and yet by purchase they uru slleucud by lying abominations. As the Romans were after the Celts, and as the Normans were after the Britons, so there are evils after this nation which will attend its obsequies unless we first at- ' tend theirs. j Superstition tells of a inaxlne reptile, the cephaloptera, which enfolded und crushed a man of war, but it is no superstition when I tell you that the history of many of the dead nations proclaims to us the fact that our ship of state is in danger of being crushed by the cephaloptera of national depravity. Where is the Hercules to slay this hydra? Is it not time to speak by pen, by tongue, by ballot-box, by tlie rolling of the prison door, by hangman's halter, by earnest prayer, by Sinaitic detonation? The-son of King Croesus is said to have been dumb and to have never uttered 5 word until he saw his father being put to death. Then he broke the shackles of silence nnd cried out: "Kill not my father, Croesus!" When I see the eheatery and the wantonness and tlie manifold crime of this country attempting to commit patricide—yea, matricide upon our institutions, it seems to me that lips that heretofore have been dumb ought to break the silence with cunerous tones of fiery protest. I want to put all of the matter before you, so that every honest man and woman will know just how matters stand and what they ought to do if they vote, and what they ought to do if they pray. This nation is not going to perish. Alexander, when lie heard of the wealth of the Indies, divided Macedonia among the soldiers. Some one asked him what he had kept for | himself, and lie replied: "I am keeping | hope." And that jewel 1 keep bright and shining in my soul, whatever else I shall surrender. Hope thou in (iod. He will set back these oceanic tides of moral devastation. Do you know what is tho prize for which contention is made to-day. It is the prize of this continent. Never since, according to John Milton, when "Satan was hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal skies in hideous ruin and combustion down," have tlie powers of darkness been so determined to win this continent as they are now. What u jewel it is—a jewel carved in relief, the cameo of this planet! On one side of us tlie Atlantic ocean, dividing us from the worn-out governments of En- rope. On the other side the Pacific ocean, dividing ns from the superstitions of Asia. On the north of us the Arctic sea, which is the gymnasium in which tlie explorers and navigators develop their courage. A continent ten thousand and five hundred miles long, seventeen millions square miles, and all of it but about one-seventh capable of rieli cultivation. One hundred millions of population on this continent of North and South America—one hundred millions, and room for many hundred millions more. All Horn and all fauna, all metals, and all preeious woods, and all grains and all fruits. The Appalachian range the backbone and the rivers the ganglia currying life all through and out to tlie extremities. Isthmus of Darlen, the narrow waist of giant continent, all to be und one government, and all free and all Christian, and the scene of Christ's personal reign on earth if, according to tlie expectation of many good people, lie shall at last set up Ills throne In this world. Who shall have this hemisphere? Christ or Satan? Who shall have the shore o her inland seas, tho silver of her Ne viidus, the, gold of her Colorados. the telescopes of her observatories, the wheat of her prairies, the rice of her savannas, the two great ocean benches •—the one reaching from I (u Ilia's buy to Terra del Kuego, and the other from llelirlng strait ti Capo Horn—and all the moral and temporal and sph'itnnl. and ever lusting interests of a population vast beyond a computation save by Him with whom a thousand ye rs are us one day? Who shall havu the hemisphere? You und I will decide that, or help to decide it, by conscientious vote, by eurnest prayer, by maintenance of Christian Institutions, by support of great philanthropies, by putting body, mind and soul on tlie right side cf all moral, religious and national movements. Ah! it will not bo long before it will not make any difference to you or to me what becomes of this continent, so fur us earthly comfort is concerned. All we will of it will be seven feet by three, und that will take in tlie largest, and there will lie room and to spare. That is all of this country we will need very soon, the youngest of us. • But we have nn anxiety about tho welfare aud the happiness of the generations that are coming on, and it will bo a grand thing if, when tlie urchungePs trumpet sounds, we find that oar sepulchre, like the one Joseph of Ariimitlieu provided for Christ, is in the midst of a garden. By that time this country will he all Paradise, or all Dry Tortngas. Eternal (Ind, to Tliee we commit the destiny of this people! —When a man acknowledges that he ,vus in tlie wrong ho but avows that ho is wiser to-day tliuu ha was yesterday —l'opj. L1ULI at hand give tho republican ticket In any change. In Massachusetts the vote this county a majority of nt least 1,000. tor governor Is very close and still In A very heavy vote was cast. doubt. .leirersoii. Albany, N., (Y.—Gov. Flower tele- Jefferson, Nov. 8.-Th'e third precinct P ll0IK ' 8 from New Xorli cit y tuat 010 I democrats claim New York by 05,000. Cleveland Carries the Country by An Overwhelming Majority. New York, Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut and Wisconsin All Counted for Him. Peck and the Democratic State Ticket Victorious in Wisconsin. Weaver Gets Nebraska, the l)a- kotas, Kansas, Wyoming and Other States. The election resulted lu u democratic landslide, though the returns are not conclusive. Cleveland has curried New York by at least 40,000 plurality, Gov. Flower says 55,000. Illinois has unquestionably also gone democratic at least on the national ticket aud ludiaiut like wise. New York city and Kings County give Cleveland a plurality of about 100,000. Massachusetts is in doubt. Wisconsin has probably chosen Cleveland electors aud elected the full democratic state ticket Connecticut, Rhode Island aud New Jersey are democratic, Weav or doubtless carries Nebraska, the Dakotas, Kausas, Alabama, North Carolina, Wyoming and Idaho. Delaware is in doubt. Iowa, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire are all republican. Of Cleveland's election there can be no doubt. The house will be heavily democratic. WISCONSIN Milwaukee, Nov. 8.—Twenty-two precincts In the town and county give Harrison 4,000, Cleveland 4,101 Twenty-four precincts lu the town and county give Spoouer 5,400, Pock 4,830, Tlds indicates a slight majority for Spconer, though this Is doubtful Mitchell will probably have a small majority over Otjen. It Is impossible to make oven a guess as to the legislature Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 8.—Returns from 82 out of 00 precincts show a democratic plurality of 1,202, which BUP ports the claim of the democratic man ageis that they have carried the county by 1,500. Emerson D. lloyt, republican, 13 elected to the assembly from the I'lghteenth district by 1,000 majority. Keogh is elected from the first. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 8.—Fifty-live towns and precincts give Hiurisou 11,- 0'M, Cleveland 12,452, Spoouer 12,208, Peck 12,775. Wuuwatosa, which will go epublicun by 800 majority, has not been heard from. The outlook is now that the republicans will curry the county by a small majority. Thus far Otjen lias 0,112, Mitchell 10,2(1(1. Milwaukee, Nov. 8.—Paine says Wisconsin Is sure for Harrison hy 5,000 to 8,00 aud for Spooner by 1,000 more ('olmulitu. Poyuette, Nov. 8.—The vote of Poy- tiefte was: Spooner 02, Peck 53, Caswell 02. Burwlg 5!!, Harrison 02, Clove- laud 53, Main 55, Jumiesou 05, Cambria, Wis., Nov. 8.—Tho vole of Columbia gives Harrison 100, Spooner 107, Caswell 100, MeConoeklo 103, majority. Unrigo, Horicou, Nov. 8.—The first precinct of the town of Hubbard, Including the village of Horicou, gives Cleveland 280, Harrison 09, Peek 200, Spooner "8, Barwig, 202, Caswell 07. Fox Luke, Nov. S.—The vote here was: Harrison 105, Cleveland 180, Spooner 198, Peck. 183, Caswell 197, Burwlg 183, Miller, for assembly, 197, Burke 184. Tho state and county tickets are tlie same as for governor. Wittertown, Nov. 8.—Tho Increased deinocrntlo majority Is 110. The congressional and state tickets are about the same. Beaver Dam, Nov. 8 o£ the town of Jefferson gives Cleveland 105, Harrison 10, Peck and Spooner tho same vote; congress the same, the balance of tho ticket the same except Bulluck for railroad commissioner, who runs a litUe ahead—a democratic gain of 4 over tho vote of 88—a gain of 13 over the vote of 1890. The town of Jefferson, first and second district, gives Cleveland 038, Harrison 105, Peck 041, Spooner 190, Barwig 034, Caswell 185—a democratic gain of 38. The balance of the ticket runs with Pock. Bullock, railroad commls sloner is 50 ahead. lloilglllri. West Superior, Nov. 8.—The returns are coming iu very slow, the vote Is light. Six out of fifteen precincts give Harrison 409, Spooner 473 and their plurality will no doubt reach 800. Buchanan's friends conceded Haugen's re-eleotion to congress. Mills (rep.) is elected to the assembly. riorcc. River Falls, Wis., Nov. 8—Harrison nnd Spooner will curry the city of River Falls by 98 votes, Fhipps for senator by 93, Corcoran for assembly by 85, Hogan for congress by 90. l.iifuycttc Darlington, Nov. 8.—Cleveland's majority In this town Is 72; Peck's Johnson, democrat, for assemblyman, is probably elected by a small majority. Returns from other towns of tho comity show democratic gains. Tlie entire county ticket is claimed by the demo cmts. KcilOHllll. . Kenosha, Ncv. 8.—Kenosha City Ives Cleveland 408. 'iho vote was thoi heaviest ev.'f polled. Clio .New York Commercial Advertiser says Cleveland shows a los -3 In King's county. I'hladJelphlu—Tho republicans claun Harrison's majority in tho state Is 70, 000. A New York Herald special says Colorado gives Harrison a small plurality. Werbs is elected governor of New Jersey by 4,000. \ lluftulo. Fountain Ci.ty, Wis. Nov. 8.—Tho vote is light with a democratic gain. Tue vote for Cleveland is 125, Harrison 00, Peck 1^4, Spooner 02, Coburu 121, Shaw til, Lcnhardy 73 Prescot, Nov. 8.—Preseott city, complete, gives Cleveland a majority of 10, Peck 141, Buchanan for congress 15, state senator J. Goo 13, assembly H. Bascoiu 33. Appleton, Wis., Nov. 9.—Barnes, deiu oorut, is elected to congress by a good round majority. Matt Claire, Nov. 8.—Tho city of Duraud gives Spooner 131, Peek 113, Richmond 17. The national tickets tire the same. Racine, Nov. 8.—Returns 3,000 ropublicun majority in district. | Indicate the first BULLETINS. Boston-John F. Andrews is undoubtedly re-elected to congress in the eighth I et i to congress, district. Sb-. counties in New York state above Haiietu show a democratic gain of 1,000 over 1888. In Oswego county N. Y., Hurrisou mis 1,300 behind 1888. 1800 voting precincts MoKinley's plurality over Campbell lust year 21,511; Cldcagu—The Tribune says returns at hand at 11 p. in. show Cleveland has curried Illinois by about 15,000, and that the race between Altgeld und Filer is very close. The republicans concede the defeat of Harrison electors in Illinois. The prolific democratic (joins lu Cook ct unty completely swamped them. Charleston, S. 0.—With tho possible exception of tho seventh district, South Carolina returns a solid deinocrntlo delegation to congress and choses nine Cleveland electors. Rochester, N. "Y.—Cataraugus county gives Harrison 2,300 plurality. New Haven—Authentic advices show that Cleveland has carried Connecticut by 2,000. Concord, N. H.—Concord and ten other towns give Harrison a majority of 217, a gain of 54 for Cleveland. Providence, R. I.—The republican majority for the state ticket will be above 1,500. Concord, N. II. —Returns from twenty- two towns and wards give Harrison 83, Cleveland 2,474, Bidwell 149, scattering 17. The same towns and wards in 1888 gave Harrison 2,013, Cleveland 500, Flske and scattering 70. Ottawa, ill.—11 p. m.,—Returns from LaSallo county are still limited but information is received to foreshadow the democratic majority from 800 to 1,000. There is little doubt that two representative and the entire democratic ticket will be elected. Topeka, Ivan.—Partial returns from tho seventh congressional district now represented by Jerry Simpson, indicate that he Is defeated. San Francisco, Cul.—Nine scattering precincts in six couutics in California give Harrison 125, Cleveland 00, Weaver 20. There con be no comparison mudo ou uccount of changes of precincts. The count is progressing very slowly in San Francisco and thero will probably be no returns from here until lute tomorrow. Cleveland, 0.—Sixteen precincts out of 150 in this city give Hurrisou 1,830 aud Cleveland 2,500. Last year the samo precincts gave McKlnley 1,781 and Cuinpboll 2,190. The net democratic gain is 245. The same ratio of gain will give Cleveland the uiy by i,000 and the county by 500. Four years ago Harrison carried the county by two thousand. Toledo, O.—Sixty-three precincts give Harrison 1,009 majority. Jersey City, N. J,—Union county gives about 400 majority for Werts. Chicago.—Tho Chicago Tribune says tho returns from 500 precincts out of 702 at Chicago give Cleveland a plurality of 25,121. Now York—The collected New York city returns give Cleveland a plurality of 70,840. Columbus, 0.—Tho chairman of tho republican commltteo claim tho state will go for Harrison by 20,000. The election of Bowler (dem.) in the first congressional district is clulmed by tho democrats. Bismarck, S. D.—Indications uro tlmt Harrison has carried the state by 1,000 and tho republican state ticket Is elected by small pluralities. Junsen is elect- Yank ton, S. D.—Tho chairman of tho democratic state cotnmlttoe claims the, state for Weaver. Helena, Mont.—Tho republican state committee claims tho entire state ticket, ntttlouul ticket aud congressman. Portland, Me.—The republican pltiral- 54 precincts of Cincinnati give Harrison Hy 1» 14,500, Tho Itlvor Nile St. Louis Republican: The Nile has a full of but six inches to the thousand miles! The overllow comuieuccs hi Juno ovcry year and continues utttil August, attaining an elevation of from twenty-four to twenty-six feet above low water mark, and flowing through tho "Valley of Kgypt" lu a turbulu'at body twolve miles wide. During the last thousand years taoro has been but otto sudden rise of tho Nile, that of J829, wheu 30,000 pooplo were drowned. After the waters rocedo each year tho exhalations from the mud tire shup ly Intolerable to all except natives. . This mud deposit adds about eight ltiohcs to tho soil every century, and throws a muddy embankment from twolve to sixteen feet Into tho sea every your. This being tho wise It Is plain Hull tlin ii, ^,,11, II,,, .1.,,,,, I„ n,„,.,,,., - 00 plurality was 1981. Tho same precincts lust year gavo McICinley a plurality of 1724. Indications are that Weaver has carried Colorado by 1,500 plurality, Sixty dislricts above Harlem, N. Y show a democratic gain of 20 per cent, ou tho rural vote In 1888. Complete returns from 20 Indiana counties claim for Harrison a plurality over 1888. Now York—The Herald bulletlu says Delaware has probably eouo republican. White River Junction, Vt,—Returns from fifty Vermont towns give Harrison 12,705. Clevehind 5,000, Bidwell 143, a republican doorcase of 1,054 democratic decrease of 4. Tho prohibitionist gain is 38, ns compared with 1888. Cincinnati, O.—In 2,809 votlug precincts In Ohio, MoKinley's plurality over Campbell last year was 21,511. In 54 precincts Cincinnati gives Harrison u plurality of 1,081. The samo precincts lust year gavo MoKluloy a plurality of 1,724. Detroit, Mich.—Forty prcclnots In Tho pluralities | Michigan out of 1,820 glvo Rich (ropub- lu this v lt,v arc Cleveland 305, Peck lloun} 4,853, Morse (demoorat) 4,481. In 21)8, Burwlg 292, and Burke for assembly 287. Tho state and county democratic tickets have about 205 majority, Foll.l ('u Rlpon, Nov. 8.—This elty gives Clove- land 14 plurality. Harrison received 78 in 1888. Peok received 10 plurality. Tho ontlro deinocrntlo ticket received pluralities ranging from 100 to 270. Tho most sanguine democrats did not hope for "this. The town of Rlpon gives Cleveland ten against 101 for Harrison in 1888. Wood, fjrnud Rapids, Nov, 8.—Centralla glvos Cleveland 181), Harrison 150, Peck 202, Spooner 147, Barnes (democrat, for congress) 170, Brown (democrat for senator) 120, Grab (republican) 149, Gay •tor (demoorat for assembly) 10-1, Joluv son 172. Grand Rapids, Wis,, Nov. 8.—Grand ItapldB gives Cleveland 213, Hariison 185, Pock 212, Spooner 180, Barnes for congress 210, Frtimbnoh 180, Brown (demoorat for senator) 128, Dist 211 Grub (republican) 182, Gaynor (domo cmt. for assembly! 221. Johnson fro. 1888 Luco (republican) had 0,320, Burt (democrat) 4,841. Chicago—220 townships In Illinois oulsldo of Cook county give Harrison 41,259, Cleveland 85,830. Cleveland's not gain Is 1,523. Montgomery, Ala.—Cleveland has Chicago.—549 out of 003 precinots In Olilctigo glvo Harrison 72,310, Cleveland 89,721. Denver, Colo.—The clear weather brought out an unusually heavy voto in this city. Indications are that tho republicans have n small plurality in electors lu the olty, Cincinnati, 0,-155 precinots give Harrison 27,017, Oloveland 23,058. Same last year gave MoKluloy 23,740, Gamp- bell 10,073, 102 precinots outside of Cleveland and Olnolnutiti glvo Harrison 14,114, Cleveland 12,740. The same lust year gavo MoKluloy 12,004, Camp bell, 11,721, • Now "York.—1,070 districts outside of New York aud Brooltlyu gWo Cleveland 132,480, Harrison 151,140. Tho sumo districts in 1888 gave Cleveland 1M,W\, Harrison 101,202. Buffalo IliLU-iiinii 94 <iss nbwulnndJ Richmond, Va.—At midnight eleven cities out of sixteen and 21 counties out of one hundred show a democratic gain of 21,370. , New York.—Weaver has NebrasV.-., tho Dukotus, Kui-jis, Alabama, and North Carolina with a fighting chuuao In Wyoming and Idaho. Jersey City.—Middlesex county, gives Cleveland 1,200 majority and tho same for Werts. New Haven* Conn.—Returns from 160 towns out of 108 show a plurality for Cleveland of 3,500. Kllziiboth, N. J.,—This tho home if Keim, gives him only soventeen votes over the candidate for Coroner. Now York City.—W. F. Holloday, from tho democratic committee says Uiat Cleveland 1ms 155 electoral votes 30 without doubt, iu addition to tlie voto of New York, Connecticut, and Indiana, with some possibility of Illinois and Wisconsin. Wheeling, W. Va.,—Everything in this stuto indicates democratic victory. Milwaukee.Wis.,—The city is claimed by both parties. Returns are very incomplete. 00 out of 128 districts In Buffalo glvo Oloveland 18,018, Harrison 17,577. At 9:30 Chairman Shcchuu, of tl& democratic state committee, claims Oloveland has curried New York state by at least 30,000. 570 districts of 018 lu tlus olty give Cleveland 80,033, Harrison 50,049. Cleveland's plurality, 20,884. Now Haven, Conn.—50 towns show 321 democratic gain over tho vote of 1888. Philadelphia—Under tho new law in Huron, 8. D.—Cold but dear weuther brought out a full vote, and early reports indicate that democrats followed tlie "nstruetlou of their loaders to voto for Weaver oltctors. Pennsylvania, tho work of counting the votes in this city and state is very slow, and will not bo concluded until quite lato. Tho Indications point to the state going republican by 05,000 majority. Topeka, Kansas-Jerry Simpson appears to be defeated ia the seventh district for congress. Oloveland gains 870 over 1888. Boston, Mass.— 400 townu show democratic gains of 004 votes over 1888; a TOpubliomLiBtfu 0JL^l^ejtl88L—

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