Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 14, 1963 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1963
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS JTjjjjJ SUPPORT YOUR DfeZ-i RED CROSS BLOOD PROGRAM Good things happen when you give 'tmmmmmBBmmmmmmmmtmmm f, Mtomatic Action Brush for Teoth »nd Gums from Sqpmn the perfect Christmas j gift quick, gentle up-and-down action L A/ Watching TV BLADES WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE West Side of Sq u a re And anyone slowing up this committee is going to get a gavel on the head . . ." The famed IM1(1.\ stone Light was erected in 1698 off the nioutli of Plymouth Harbor, England by Henry Winstanlcy, who said lie wished to meet, "the biggest storm that ever was" in his tower. Five yours later, one or the greatest storms in England's history swept away the lighthouse, crew and Winstanlcy. Television A Challenge To Jagger TONIGHT 6:00— Pioneers 3, Death Valley Dey« 5, Porter Wagoner 6, Country Show 11. 6:15-- Big Four—Newi 4. 6:30—Hootenanny 2-3, Jackie Gleason 4 -13, Lieutenant Si. 7:30-lawrence Walk 2-3, The Defenders 4 -12, Joey Vijhop 5-6, Checkmate 11. 8:00—Saturday Night et the Moviet 5-6. 8:30—Jerry lewii 2-3, New Phil Silver! Show 4 -12, Wrestling 11. 9:00 Gunsmoke 4-12. 10:00-New» 4-12, Roller Derby 11. 10:15—Movie: Wolf lanen 4, Movie: The Searching Wind 12. 10:18-Saturday Report 6. 10:25-Newi 5. 10;30-Movie: Samion 2, Have Gun, Will Travel 3. 10:33—Saturcay Night Jamboree 6. 10:35—Gold Award Theater 5. 11:00—Movie, Last Stagecoach Weil 3, Top Star Bowling 11. 11:03—Moviei San Antonio 6. 11:55— Frankly Speaking A. 12:00— Movie: The Persuader 2, Touchdown 11. 12:10-New« 5. 12:15—Movie: Blonde Dynemite S. 12:55-New» 4. 1:00-New« 3. 1:30—Newi 2, Weather 5. 1:35—Mahalia Jackion 2. AT By BOB THOMAS Television-Movie Writer I Great Salt Lake's water is eight times saltier than the ocean. EVERYBODY'S TALKING About The Beautiful Christmas Trees At — PINE TREE FARMS Only 3 miles northeast Mt. Vernon on the Tolle Road. Join the crowd — Load up the family and pick one of the lovely white—Red—or Scotch Pines as they grow. Cut your own or pick from fresh cut trees $1.50 Up. MERRY CHRISTMAS NOUMCEMgNT! DOROTHY & DON DeMENT ARE THE NEW OWNERS OF THE MUG DRIVE.IN RESTAURANT ALL TYPES OF SANDWICHES & BASKETS WITH FRENCH FRIES & SALAD (Flsli and Shrimp Baskets Also) PHONE 242-5677 AND YOUR ORDER • WILL BE READY UPON YOUR ARRIVAL. Open 9:30 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. Weekends Till 12:30 We take this opportunity to thank all our customers of DeMent's Texaco. We invite all old and new customers to visit us at our new business. HOLLYWOOD (API— "Tcle-i vision is a new pari of our business," said Dean .1 agger. "It is nol the craftsmanship that I had known on the stage and in films. But it is important, and that's why I wanted to be a part of it." The actor was explaining why he accepted the role of the high i school principal in the new, highly regarded MGM series, "Mister Novak." His quiet authority lias been a major factor in the growing success of the Tuesday night show, which also stars .lames frYaneiseus as the English teacher. For Jagger the adjustment to an hour-long weekly series has nol been easy. Recently he collapsed and missed some filming. "I was trying to do loo much" he slid. "I had an illness that kept me out, and I tried to go back to work loo soon. "Then I really gol hit. II was the first time in my life I didn't have complete control. II scared me. I didn't like it. And I began to wonder if 1 should undertake something like a series. "But 1 came back and the people in charge at MGM have : been wonderful. They (old me ! they didn'l want me doing too | much. They want me to spare I myself, and I've been trying to I do jusl that. It seems to be j working out well now." [ Jagger, who won the support- I ing Oscar for "VI O'clock High" ' in 10-I!). accepted "Mr. Novak" ias a challenge and admitted he i was amazed at I he reception j the show has received. Always I a man who speaks his mind, he | said he had some misgivings i about I he mode of production. ! "I'm a word-polisher," he I said. "Thai was my training in ! the theater and in movies, and it's hard for me to reconcile myself to the television schedule. | "We finish a script one night ! and begin the next morning on another. It's pretty lough to get much quality that way." 12. The Lydians in Asia Minor are credited with minting the first true coins near the end of tho 71 h Country B.C. Their hard cash was electrum, a natural alloy of gold and silver. "While visions of sugar plums... For most families—children and parents alike — few things match the joy of Christmas. Vern Bond Dial 2444341 Bob Garrison Dial 244-1756 Randall Jenkins Oial 242-4427 irady Terhuns Dial 242-4860 It's a once-a-year wonderland that binds families and friends closer together. And it's a time when Christmas spirit gives new meaning to the old message: "Peace on earth, good will toward men." For Country Life and its agents, there's extra satisfaction at this holiday season. Because of the services we can provide, Christmas is happier in many homes. So it's "Merry Christmas" to all our friends—and we look forward to serving you through a happy New Year. Country Life INSURANCE COMPANY I V *N (Otit ' I, CM-AMI SUNDAY PROGRAM Morning 6:30—Big Picture 12. 7:00—Gospel Singing Caravan 7:05--News 4. 7:15—Big Picture 4. 7:45—Christophers 4. 8:00—Camera Three 4, legacy of Light 5, Industry on Parade 12. 8:15-News 11, Chrislophera 12. 8:20—Mahalia Jackson 2. 8:25-Ncws 2. 8:30—Religious 2, Faith of Our Fathers 4, Christophers 5/ Paducah Devotion 6, Bob Poole's Favorites 11, Herald of Truth 12. 8:45—Message of the Rabbi 2. 9:00— Fisher Family 2, Lamp Unto My Feet 4-12, Met. Church Federation 5. 9:15—Hamilton Brothers Quartet 6. 9:30—The Answor 2, Look Up and live 4-12, This is the life 5, Christopher) 6, Allen Revival 11. 9:45—Sacred Heart 6. 10:00—Catholic Mass 2, Montage 4, Eternal Light 5, This is the life 6, Frontier! of Science 11, Camera Three 12. 10:30—Sacred Heart J, Way of Life 4, Industry on Parade 5, The Ansv/er 6-12, Herald of Truth 12. 11:00—Viewpoint 2, Quir a Catholic 4, Quarterback Club 5, Popeye 6, Third Baptist Church 11, This is the life 12. 11:30—Pro and Con 2, Cartoon* I, Face the NaHon 4-12, Lone Ranger 5, File 6. 11:45—light Time 3, Davey and Goliath 11. Afternoon 12:00—Faith For Today 3, Challenge 4, File 6, Oral Roberts 11, Hollywood Matinee 12. 12:30—Movie: Samson 2, Allen Revival 3, KMOX-TV Views the Press 4, Gold Award Theater 5, Eternal Light 6, Rev. Beeney 11. 12:45-Movie: (Part I) Huckleberry Finn 4, News 11. 1:00 Discover/ 63 3, Tim Holt 6, News 11. 1:30—Direction '64 3, Church of Christ 11. 2:00-Oral Roberts 3, NBC Chlldrens' Theater J -6, Conn Organ Theater 1'. 2:15—Changing Times 2-4. 2:30—AFL Football-San Diego at Houston 2-3, Human Rights Day Program 4, Amos and Andy 11. 3:00-Hall of Fame 5, A Cry of Angels 6, Wrestling 11, Great Music From Chicago 12. 3:30—Eye on St. Louis 4. 3:55-News 4. 4:00—Sports Spectacular 4 -12, Wild Kingdom 5-6. 4:30—Amateur Hour 4-12, College Bowl 5-6, Ghent That Walks Alone 11. 5:00-20lh Century 4 -12, Meet the Press 5-6. 5:15—All Pro Scoreboard 2-3. 5:30— Pre-Olympics Show 2, laramle 3, Mr. Ed 4-1 1, Maverick 5, Accent 6. Evening 6:00-True Adventure 2, lassie 4-12, Bill Dane Show 6-11. 6:30—Travels of Jamie McPheeters 2-3, My Favorite- Martian 4-12, World of Color 5-6, Shirley Temple 11. 7:00-Ed Sullivan 4 -12. 7:30-Arrest and Trial 2-3, Grlndl 5-6. 8:00-Judy Garland 4 -12, Bonanza 5-6, Thriller 11. 9:00— Laughs For Sale 2-3, Candid Camera 4 -12, The Making of I Pro 5-6, Movie: That lidy in Ermine 11, 9:30 News 2-3, What's My line 412. 10:00—Steve Allen 2, Movie. California Passage 3. News 4-5-6-12. 10:15—News 4, Movie: Twelve O'clock High 5, Movie: A Woman's Secret 6, Movie: The Brigand 12. 10:30-Movie: Three Godfather* 4. ll:0O-Movle: Shockproof 11. 11:30-Pcter Gunn 2. 12:00-News 2-3. 12:05—Mahalia Jackson 7 12:15—Movie: Love On Toast *. 12.30-News 11. 12:40-Newsreel 11. I2:45-News 5. 1:20-News 4. MONDAY PROGRAM Mernlng 5:20—News 4. 5:30—Sunrise Semester 4. 6:00—-Town and Country 4. 6:30-P.S. Four 4, Focus 5, Sunrise Semester 12. 7:00—The Morning Scene 4, Today 5-6, Breakfast Show 12. 7:25-News S. 7:30-Today 5-6 7:40-World »f Mr. Ze*ni 4. 7:45-Mshilii Jackson 2. 7i50-Farm Report 2. 7t55-New» 2. 8:0O-Capt. Kangaroo 4-12. 8:15-Medlcal Profile 2. 8i25-News 5-6. 8:30 Tree House Time 2, Today 5-6. 9:00-King and Odie 2, Jack lalanne 3, Newt 4-12, Say When 5-6. 9:15—Romper Room 2. 9:25-News 5-6. 9:30—Trail West 3, I love tucy 4-12, V/ord of Word 5-6. | 10:00-Price Is Right 2-3, The i McCoys 4-12, Concentration 5-6. 10:30—Seven Keys 2-3, Pate and Gladys 4-12, Missing links 5-6. 11:00—Tenn. Ernie Ford 2-3, Love of Life 4-12, Your First Impression 5 6. 1l:25-News 4-12. 11:30—Father Knows Bert 2-3, Search For Tomorrow 4-12, Truth or Consequences 5-6 ll:45-Gulding light 4 -12. 11:55—Dey Report 5-6. Afternoon 12:00-General Hospital 2-3, News 4 -5-6-1 M 2. 12:05-My little Margie 4, Charlotte Peters 5. 12:15—Pastor Speaks 6, Modern Almanac 11, Farm Picture 12. 12:30—Divorce Court 2, Religious 3 As The World Turns 4 -12, Romper Room 6, Cartoons 11 1:00- Educational 3, Password 4-12 People Will Talk 5-6, Double Feature 11. 1:25-News 5-6. 1:30-Day In Court 2-3, House Party 4-12, The Doctors 5-6. l:45-lise Howard-News 2-3. 2:00—Queen For A Day 2-3, To Tell the Truth 4-12, loretta Young 5-6. 2:15—Double Feature 11. 2:25-News 4-12. 2:30-Who Do You Trust 2-3, Edge of Nighr 4-12, You Don't Say 5-6. 3:0C—Trallmaster 2-3, Secret j Storm 4-12, Match Game 5-6. ; 3:25-New» 5-6. 3:30—S.S. Popeye 4, Make Room For Daddy 5-6. 3:45— Brave Stallion 12. 4:00— Adventures In Paradise 2, The Hour 3, Movie 4, Corky the Clown 5, Best of Groucho 6, Film Feature 8, Capt. II's Showboat 11. 4:15— Bozo's Cartoons 12. 4:30— Maverick 5, Popeye, Dance Perty 6, Industry on Parade 8. 4:45-The Friendly Giant 8, Rocky and His Friends 12. 5:00—City Camere and Weather 2, Mickey Mouse 3-11, Amos and Andy, Ann Sorhern 6, What's New 8. 5:15-New» 2, Yogi Bear 12. 5:30- Zane Grey Theater 2, Clutch Cargo 3, News 4, Huntley and Brinkley 5-6, Encore 8. 5:45-News 3-12. 5:50-Weather 12. Ivening 6:00— Rifleman 2, Cartoons 3, News 4-5-6-12, Biology 8, Three Stooges 11. 6:15-News 4-5-6-12, Rocky end His Friends 11. 6:30-Outer limits 2-3, To Tell The Truth 4-12, Monday Night at the Movies 5-6, What's New 8, Amos and Andy 11. 7:00 I've Got A Secret 4-12, Perspectives 8, People Are Funny 11. 7:30-Wagon Train 2-3, The lucy Show 4-12, Best of Groucho 11. 8:00—Danny Thomas 4-17, Biography 8, Checkmate 11. 8,30-Andy Griffith 4-12, Hollywood and the Stars 5-6, Cinema—Path of Hope 8. 9:00-Break!ng Point 2-3, East Side/West Side 4 -12, Slnj, Along With Mitch 5-6, Moviet Savage Horde 11. 10:00-News 2-3-4-5-6-12. 10:15—Steve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, Law and Mr. Jones 6, Weather 12. 10:20— lawman 2, Movie: Wake Island 12. 10:25-Eye-line 4. 10:30—Movie: Smart Girls Don't Talk 4. 10:45—Tonight Show 6. 10:50—One Step Beyond S. ll:15-Movle: Cuban Fireball II. 11:20— Movie: South ef Rio 3. 11i45—Peter Gunn 2. 11:50-News 12. 12:00-Movle: Mllliona in the Air 4, Tonight In St. louls 5. 12:15-News 2. 12:20— Mahalia Jackion 2 lJ:30-New» 3-5-11. 12:40-Newsreel 11. 1i25--New» 4. 1 Jacoby t ! On Bridge 1 SKKINT. ai (Anns i IS ADVANTAGE BV OSWALD .TAfOllV Newspaper Enterprise Assn. I East wins the first trick with the ace of spades and returns a trump whereupon South is able to run off the rest of the tricks. Had E;isl simply led the ten FIGHT TB WITH CHRISTMAS SEALS Kubor tribesmen of New Guinea regard visiting naturalists with esteem because they themselves are well - informed about birds, insects and animals. But to them, outsiders who come to scratch for gold in stream beds are "long-long," or ci'azy. Crop production now is 70 per ; cent higher per acre in the : United States than in 1919-1921. iRS358^)8s3JW3)SJ|5)8j5; GIVE YOUR CHILD A LASTING GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS *£<3ive the world book encyclopedia gand chlldcraft. Dill 2444*14 or tS write— 0 BOB JONES P. O. Box 77 Mt. Vernon, III. S 11 NORTH 14 • 63 VK10 • AQ986 + AQ73 WEST EAST (D) 4Q.T984 A A 10 »JQ9B V 1 4 3 • K J 2 • 10 7 3 + K.8 + J 106 54 SOtTH A K 7 5 3 ¥ A J 6 5 2 • o4 + 92 No one vulnerable East South West North Pass Pass 1 A 2 • Pass 3 •/ Pas? Pass Pass Opening lead— A Q my's queen, cashes the ace, ruffs : a third diamond, finesses dummy's ten of hearts, cashes the king and is finally ready for the key double dummy play. He learls a fourth diamond from 1 dummy. East's best play is to I trump and .South must not over- I ruff. Instead he discards a spade | from his hand East has to lead ] a club whereupon South gets I back in dummy, leads his last | diamond to get rid of his last spade. Thus. South winds up los of spades a, trick two the slory j ™ Z^Llt-^ ^ ' would have been entirely different. South would have had problems in every suit and would have probably wound up making either two or three hearts, but not any more, so East's lead at trick two cost his side at least three tricks. In double dummy play declarer has the same advantage you leaders have. He can see all the cards! Therefore he makes plays he would not in a real game. 1 With that advantage he wins the second trick with his king of spades, leads a diamond to dum- Your Motorola Dealer RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE SPORTING GOODS Phone 242-2323 KEEP YOUR BIN UP! COil CO. & PATIO SHOP 17th and Perkins Phone 244-0884 Due to expansion program need man who believes In his ability, will work hard and be compensated accordingly. Age 35 -40. Some college preferred. To nina who qualifies, unlimited opportuntly with our organization. Base income and commission. Reply Vtrn lend P.O. Nt). 811, Mt. Vorncn €IVf CIFf MEMIEISHIPS AAA—AUTOMOBILE CLUB ILLINOIS DIVISION OFFICE 1110 Main Str««t Mt. V«rnon, Illinois Phon* 3420242 KORMAX I* HARMON District Manager 244-0322*244-0323 • TV SERVICE AND APPLIANCE SERVICE AS NEAR AS YOUR PHONE!

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