Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 5, 1915 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1915
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VOLUME XVltl. NG. 112. The Weeltly Register, Established 1S67. - The Dariy Register, Established 1897. lOLA, KAS., MARCH 6,1915—FRIDAY EVENING. Successor to The lola Dally Register, The tola Dally Record and The Iota Dally IndeXi ALLEGED FKRS mi KSMKS SAW TO HAVE 1 *K« KM II HARVEST. ON BOGUS NOTE 8l\K 1VA ,S XMoyO VHTIMS OK A J UOI-O I'LAN TO SWINDLE. !'rls<in«Tji Who Ari- rimrjrid WIUi OStennv Now Tut* (lUlilj of Ar. rancinii: a "ScUlcmciit." SIX PAGES IF* XHEV ALL HAO A VOICE IT WOULD BE DiRFERENT. .(Oopyrtsht: 1U6: Br Mui T. lioOutctaeoii.) J News was recolvcd hero today'of Uic (iri' at Indcpcndehce of lliroo Bibln .^aljMimen whosb ojifirations Ii.ive been Causing tlie police of southeast Kansas i pities more or less; concern recently. -5 "l>e men are I. H. Phillips, W. E. 1 -^hillips and one C'ljiydecker and it is Alleged that they--or one of tlieni— aobtaincd aboul tloOifiy means of frau- ,Anient notfs deposited in an Indcpen- ;'>ilence bank as collateral for cash ad- jvanced. ; • " ^Concerning the irr(jsts a reprint . iifroni'Independence] today says: i Fiirttier developments in the case !or tfie forged notes held by the Citizens' National Bank show the work of ?tlie Bible agents to be the boldest at- Ueniptcd at fraudand swindle that has ^been unearthed in this section for . Imany a day. i Sheriff Lewis returned from , Neo- idesia Jesterday morning, where ho ^apprehended and placed under arrest Jl. H. Phillips, tlip absconding meni- jber of the trio, who failed to put in an ^appearance at pojice court Saturday, r where he was cite'd to appear for can- ivaesing in Independence without a city sUcenie. . ; PunUps is the man to •vfhom all the ;• forged notes were made (^ue and pay- rable, and on wrhjchhe had been ad- i vanced- fl50 by the bank .j j • Sinpe his conlmcment In the coun- 5 ty jatl the priscmer has experienced in grebt-cliange of heart, and says that < he n^w r^Jiiizeg ^ha^; he has,made the, - .'i raistafke of) his life; jtWllje'le anxious,' to m'et aH the S'lctlms of the notd 5 swindle, talk the. matter over and will' ; arrange for a settlement of the amount ; represented ky tlie notes. His partner, W. E. Phillips, a bro,. ther. and Claydi'cker, who were coni- , juitted to Jail because of lack of funds . for bonds, and who at first denied hav- • ing any connecftion with \. H. Phil' Hps, now say they are wining fo aid - * him In squaring' matters. ' f-rom all .evidence there can be no . doubt but that 'the only object in se- l curing signatures to orders for Bibles " ; was lor the purpose ol gaining names of pr <)minent people so that their ^ names might he affixed to the forged i notes.'! • ', At some places they called at proiii- V inent homes and told the lady of the , house that her .husband had Instruct; ed them to call and secure their or: ders tor the books. And this without the knowledge or consent of Die hu.s- ; -band. ; i All the notes; forged are now in the possession of Sheriff l ^ewis. A glance > at them reminds one of the story of / "set rich quick" Wallingford. Xearly ] all the notes ate made out for ninety j davg. .The handwriting varies some- r what oh each, but a close student of chirfigraphy w|ll observe that the pen - tn| each Instai^ce has lieen guided by ; the same fingers. Have You a Dolhir to Si»;ir<'? , ;- The Register knov/s of two girls, 11 , and 13 years'of age. who have been • unable to go to school sincp .January 1 ; beeWuse they have no shoes. The fa- • tlierl is old anfl in*^ ill health. The Register knows another family •In which there are five children out of ^ Kchdol for lack of shoes; and another .in which there arc two children with f ' ricltner shoes;:nor stockings; and an? othgr in whio|i a boy of 9 and a girl of TWO FLEETS PROBIBLY MEET RrsSiA >S STEAJtflX,' KMVAKD A TirRKISH FLEET 1\ HO.srilOHlS. BEET SnJAll MA> SFEI). (iovernnieiil Would foUert I'ostagc on Lodge's Frank. TWOWEEKSMOREf SESSION TWO HOKE OER.HAX suns. SINK. (By the Assocliiied Press) AVushington, Mar. 5.—Suits to recov or -157,600 from Trueman O. _Palmer. Allied Shi|»s (onilntK -ir A'pslerday (o ; .secretary of the United States Beet : Operate Against iSic Dardan- ' Uritiiih Destroyers <>ot Auotlivr Ycs- I terday Oft" Hover. I fP .v tin; ..i.x.soelaU-u J 'n'S.') KA.XSAS lUI-LS <'A>NOT ME HA.NH- | London, Mar. 5.—Two German sub- TWO I.EH IS LESS TI.HE. 'marines have been sunk in British waters according to iiu ofticial st9t«<- QOIIKE miN SHUKES ITIILY elles Forts. Stigai' Industries was iiled liere today by tlie Government which alleges that the sum is the jirojier postage on tlircc hundred and twenty thousand • , , ; cojiics of "Sugar at a Glance," deliv- London. Mar. Iho Hur!iari-sn ^,,.,1,, j„ t,,<, ,„i,i,g under the Frank of (l!y Ihp As.«f>eiiitiv(l I'lcssl IMSTIX FELT T SHOCKS AT iiASA. WERE The A ()piy |iri4U «U8 Deadlock IN Find «;d and the MreiN <>er« i'l^n to tiet Togetlier. correspoiuleiu of the I'^eniiig .News telegraphed today tiiat tlie lJu.ssiaii offensive movement in Galiiia liail forced the Auslriaiis to fvacuate, the capital of Bukowina. The dispatch sayg the main Austrian forciis in this region have retired in ilu; direction of Francenthal, to the south of. the Carpathians. The Itussian lilack Set fleet is steaming toward tlio Bosplionis, says a dispatch from Rome. 'I'lu' Bucharest correspondent of tl.c (',iornale de' Italia, of Boinf. tcli-ftraphs that the RuHHian' flcpi had passed !>urgas, Bulgaria. Burgas is .situated on t !ie west slioro of the lihick Sea near i )ie, eastern .e.vtremity of tile Balkans. If is ''i miles iiortli nT Adrianople. Should the Russian flei;! aitaek tlie Bosphorus lle'it it would liave tu d' ;i) with the Turkish- lleei whieh is -iip- Iiosed to be. in tliatf re ;;ioii. The I^OSIIIKH'US is about US miles long ami from lo- miles wide. It is de.j 'i .'nded with inudern •forlilica- ticms. . ; • itiris. M :ir. '>. —Au ofiieial statement today says tjliat the batileships of the Allies eoiuiuiied Thursday their operation aj ^airis'i the Turkisli fortificalioiis at the . lJardar !C/l !es. Sehaior I..odg(i'. Tlie government bill alleses that ('aimer substituted his liamplilcls witjh tabulation of ligures used by Lodge in his senate debate and tliai postal officials were deceived into believing they were proper matter to lie carried frtfie. The incident (l-iy llie .Vssiieiated I'li'ss) Topeka, .Mar. .''•.--Tile - legislaliv-; session iirohably will continue for two weeks. That is the opinion of Speaker Stone who d<.'<tlares it will be impossible lo complete the work before .Marcli IS or 20. With the breaking of the House and Senate appropriations Ueadlock. leg- lur to lie carried tree, iiie Uiciqent ' r":"":"." -—- • -•• received atloiilion during the lobhv I mcmliers took hope that he .„.jjlj,. " . session would soon end. .Many big f bills originating ia the liouse are I now tied up in the Senate. On the "UCI D no rCTCll"Ur UIIDyCn «nun^ber"of Senate bilU IlLLr Un iDIML nC nAnnLU^^ importance have received no cou ] sideratioti in the House. For this i re;('son tlie speaker believed iiiuti ad- Told a Ttile of a ilesolate Holiu; aiul ' week ^T Itcdarcd Food .Mu>( Oe at Once i u'itii I'ortlicoiiiiiig. ment given out today in London. The text of the statement follows: "The secretary of the admiralty makes the following anuouncemeui: Tlie steamship Thordis has now been t'-vamined in dry dock an dthe injuries to her keel and propeller confirm the evidence of Captain Bell iind the crew that on February 28 (he ves sel rammed and 'n all probability sunk the German snbinariue which fired a torpedo at her. Yesterday afternoon' the German submarine II-S was sunk in the channel oft' i:)over by destroyers. Its officers and men were made, prisoners." Dover, ling.. Mar. .5.—The crow of Fear of Kepetitjau of., the Reeent tJreal, Disaster Throws rcople Into a I'anir. . (H.v till" AssrK-iriloci Prr-ssj Florence, Alar. .1.—A slight earthquake shock lasting four secontls was felt at Tuscany and otiier sections in central Italy at 7:56 o'clock night. There were no fatalities and only slight damage according to' reports here. A panic was caused \a the district Caslle under an armed escort. The ,V-H was smaller than the later German submarines, her displacement, under water being 300 tons. SI"; had 1 — -. - a speed of 13 knots above water and jjoiirnment might, not come for two g submerged, with a radius of operation of 1,200' miles. She had three uuvui, iz^iig., ...e ..e,v u, , where the shock was felt and it was the I'-S, numbering 2!>,,was lauded at i feared it tniglil be a repetition of the IJover today and wa.s taken to Bover I recent disaslet^ Jn the Abruzzi dis- B00TIES6ER PHtDEO GUILTY .Mark -Hiller Giu'U iW Days and .sjiKHI .^011 Eavh (orint ( liargiiig Sale ami NiiisaiK-c. II /are barefooted; and a man wlio can not go out to work because he has no [shoes. (The Register knows a family in 'whfch the mother is sick without de. c^nt night clothes and with Insufli- 'cient l>ed clothing;' and another family In which £here is a sick diild, very sicjk, and noi delicacies of any sort, barely rough; food enough to sustain life; and another family in which four are sick and no money coming in. (It will take about $25 to get shoes inoUgl) to aeiid these children back to .ichool, and tjiere ought to be at least • $2.5 more to jnake the sick reasonably comfortable |or a little while. If you have a dollai* or tw^o you can (Sipare, tlierfefbre, will you not send it . In to the Register office right away? , An >3iccoutitiijg will be made of every penny of it ; ' J. M. Baldwin, of Humboldt, this afternoon brought suit in the district I court to collect the sum of $252.20 'fT6m the Big Four Implement Co. Mr. Baldwin ilormerly was engaged in the liardwarA and implement business Huznboldt. He charges tliat he entered into an arrangement with his | -Maek .Miller, the fleet-footerl liast lolaii wlio :! few dayw HKO escajied from Lee .Morrison, coiniiy jailor, and who latiT was captured by rhe saiiK! officer, staged another little act this afternoon whicli siiiiplified instead of complicated tlie situation.. ' The county was prepared to conduct a vigorous prosecution of Miller on charges of violating the iirohiliitpry law and frolm the atti"ud<! of the prisoner it seejned tbait the case would have to be fought to a finish. This morning, however. Miller sent word to ft'ounty Attorney Anderson that he de.sired toyenter a plea of guilty. He was jiroiiyitly accommodated. Wlien arraigned'before .ludge F'oiist, Miller formally adniitted his guilt. Ho was -fined *100 and sentenced to 60 days in jail on each of two counts charging a uiiisance iind sale­ quor. With the naming laio Thursday I t„l,ps „ sistor ship flight of the members of the joint com i ram<ius V'-!> wliich in tlie early jmilleo to consider appropriations the ' ,„onii,j^ of ii,.p war sunk the floguc, ilirsl move to get tcgclher was made , Aboukir, Crcssy and Hawkc. Instead (d' applying to the Associal-, t.oday and shortly att,er noon hot It . ^ ihaiities lor relief, a man who house and senate members hoped fori ed ihaiities lor relief, a man who house and senate members hoped fori lives ill "West' l(da went to the oflice an early end of iho session. General J Of She'rift Kd .1. iHiiifee to notify the consideration of all appropriation | j' autliqrities of hi» sf^'icken condition bills of importance will be inaile by | DR. EA.HES IS DEAD. „ ..jiport and to warn (hem of the desiieratc this committee. This plan will in-| stoiis ho had in mind should assist- elude ilic consideration of th(- ediiea- ance bo refused. i tional, charitable, penal, executive "W'e are out of food," the man told and judicial budget. As a result the Sheriff Dunfee, "and I must have pro- j„i„i committee w'ill work over the visions ul once. There are five of us measures independently, in llHi lainily and two members are u js hardlv probabie that a report liUle Kuls who can not contribute to will be made until some time next our support. I liave received sojiie ^-eek help from the county but it isn't , ,„ 'nic interest of what the Senate cnougli. We must have .food—help designated as Harmony, Senator Wag must come at once or i steal: • se„+;i' of Atchison, withdrew this .;u„ie Ul u, . ' SKIier Ol AlCniSOn, WlUlUiew uils bheiiif n.inlee called County Attor- moniing his resolution for probing luy Wallace II. Anderson into con- appropriations budget of Stale bulalion. „ •„ . , I Auditor Davi.s. The resolution was in lu a lew moments. KB. Brig laiii. t,.o,,„,,ej the purpose of calling eo .mty eoii ,mi.ssi ,mef 11, charge ol the f,^^^,, ^„ ,.x„lanation from the auditor jioor, answered his telephone. appropriations to the stale oduca- Counly Attorney Anderson told of insHinlinn^ the hungry man's appeal and describ- j •"'^tiiutmns. MIY OESTROY MEXICO CITY Bank of England Wants Hoiids. London, Mar. .5.—The Bank of Eug land today invited tenders for the issue of 50 million pounds ($250,000.000.) in exchequer bonds nayable in five years with interest at 3 per cent. ed his condition. Commissioner Brigham asserted that tli<; applicant had" received help. "Yes, we received $2.50 in provisions a week ago luit that isn't sufficienf." "'l"wo dollars and a half wott't keep a family of five- very long," .Mr. Anderson interposed. "Well, send him over," said Com- missionor Brigham after a conference with Mr. Anderson, "\\;e'll give him a little more aid." With the man's case temporarily disposed of, the officers are attempting to learn something aiiouf him and to what extent assistance ia required and merited. THE WEATHER HMtFrAST FOR KAS.H.tS: Inset- tied fo,niirht ii|td .Hatiirday; fMiMsiltly light snoM' Hurrleit. Data, recorded at the local office of ProlMililv Got a Suhniarlnc tBv the .\5:sAetnro <1 Prei;.«;) • Paris, Mar; 5.-^The Minister of Ma- t«rea into -^n arriiuBcufcui. ".vu ...^ ,'••••no announced fhis afternoon that a creditors to;turn over his stock to a'German submarine of r -2 type was trustee and] that the Big Four com- 1 * •'••^ "lo*- hv p Freneb cruis"'- in the iiany caused; him a loss oi the am ^Ount English channel yesterday. The sub- 8ued for ,b:^ reason of (breaking its I marine plunged and no further trace agreement. < •, of her was found. hi-niisl. Had >Iany lni|t«rtant Disrov. rrie.s to His Credit. (R.v tlie Assoe;.'itCf? Pro.^.'j) .New York, Mar. 5.—Dr. Charles I. ICames, a noted chcmrst who has many chemical discoveries to his credit, died here today, 84 years old. Dr. Karnes first advanced the theory that carbolic acid used in surgery would prevent infection. He also discovered the important part of tlie art of man ufacturing celluloid and without his discovery it could' not be comiiier- cializcd. Another important discovery was a method of forging steel direct from ore, the first process of this kind ever used in this country. Tlie first successful crematory ever jmt up ill thiij oouiitry was built jit Fresli Pond under the personal supervisi<m and from plans of Dr. Kames, LILMAX (OOKA SIKIDE. SM-retary Hrvan Asks .^Slllinian .Make Strongest Ueitn^sentatioiis to CarranKU. to ' <lty the. Assijciiifcfi }*n'S'^) Washington, .March ."i. —Seerelary Bryan and Ambassador De Gaiiia of Brazil conferred late today over reports that General jObregon is threaten ing to attack .MexicoClty, cutting off the water supply and thitt pillage may begin. . • After receiving the lat^'st report telling of the situation. Secretary Bryan dispatched an urgent message to Con- .su! Sllliman at Vera Cruz, telling him to make the strongest iiossible representations to General Carranza, urg- the U. S. Weather Bureau: j fm; Mm to take, some action which Tem lerature—Highest yesterday 3 might relieve the dangers threatening p: m.SS; lowest thismorning 7 a. m.,i Mexico City. 2t; uprma! for today. 38; deficiency' yesterday, 5; exceA^g since .lanuary iBt, 393 degrte.s. Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, .175; total for present month to dHte, 1.60; excess since January -St, 5.62 inches. ' H (: River stage 7 a. m. today, 3.2' fket. Relative humidity 7, a .m. today, 96 p?r cent; barometei,- reduced to sea level, 29-70 lijches, ' I'.read Sales Forbidden. (By the Aasnnl.-itcd Press I Berlin, Mar. 5.—The sale of wheat, or rye floiir on Friday, Saturday and Sunday has been forbidden.­ thorities find that hoiisewives who are not compelled to use their entire supply of bread cards during the week haye been using the surplus to lay in a reserve stock of flour. .Missing t.'Irl AVas Searrhed for in Three Stales. (Hi- Die AssoelMted New Haven. Conn., Mar, 5.—The autopsy on the body of IJllian May Cook. thOi lK-year-oI<r stenographer, dead body was found in the Irict. The fact'that the tremor was accompanied by' siibi.erranean rumblings has given rise to the belief that it is of volcanic origin. Reports from Tuscany and a poiclon of Kmi- Ua regions say the shock was felt ev- ery\vher(< in thos(' seel ions . with more or less severity. At I 'isa tjio first shock was followed sooii afterward by anoiher. Bolh were iindulatory from the ntirth lo Uic south and at- tcnrled by uiiderRn/iiiid rumblings. Many residents of the city rushed to (he celeliratcd calheilral, fearing the effect of i.'ie s 'l'K 'k ujioti the leaning tower. . smmpG mr WKE FLOOD Hir.HWAYS OVER STATE ARE IX WOKST t'ON HEItVY SilOW FROM SIX TO IS THE K,l From Chk-aKo to' Canada fo ferej* UITIO> EVER. COVERS NEST FIFTEEN ISVHEd ANSAS REPORT. W'lominfr and Fron T«i'x«s—Snow loler- Traffif. With (Tiy the Aijiioclatpd Press) Omaha, Mar. h, —The heaviest snow storm of the sciiaon prevailed over Nebraska, South Dakota and loiWa last night and today. The local weath er bureau reported a fall of 14 Inches while more fell Hn the western section of the state!, ^ Kansas City, Mar. 5.— From 6 to 15 Inches .of snow— f the heaviest precipitation of the winter in Kansas was recorded today land at many points snow flurries continue to prevail this morning. Trairis are from 1' to 4 hours late. Concordia. Kas., had the heaviest snowfall, 15 inches. St. Joseph reports. 12 and Hutchinson 6 inches. In the Ozarks of Missouri many of the streams arei overflowing and near Springfield and Joplin washouts interfere with this railrpads. Twelve inches of snow} fell m Kansas City. There was a lull early today but later A flakes began a [fresh descent with the prospect that the fair mfgbt. continue all day. •. Chicago, Mar.: 5.— The blizzard that swept the Middle AVest reached Chicago early today. According to officials of the loiial weather bureau, a heavy 8nowfal|l is expected. Telephone and telegraph commnnicationis seriously hamjpered out ot Chieago and throughout the snowbound di*- tricts. There* was no abatement of the fall today land a special snow fore cast said the snow would continue until night wiih high winds. The fall here at 7 a. ri, yjap of an Inch and in the succet ding two Wurp nearly doubled,' All transportation including elevated car;! is hampered. Trains are running iwo faourg latej_,, Topeka, Kas., March 5,— All Kansas is tucked snugly utider a blanket of snow ranging from four to seventeen inches in depth today. In Weatern Kansas the sun is shining. Iti the eastern sections of the state snow, showers and jclouds hovered low. Wire and rail coinmunications have been criiipled on^, slightly. All night the railroads kei|t their lines cleared with snow plows.'^' Several branch^a were out of commission this morning. In Dickinson and Cloud counties the heaviest downfall is reported—seventeen inches.! Highways are In the • worst condition in history. Continued damimess in the last few weeks has FEAK THIIMKEN WHITES liOS'F. Party \Viis t" Have I'iissed I'hrough Scene of Indian Tronhh'. Salt l.,'.ke City. I'tah. Mar. 4.--A party of thirteeu, <onsisting of six white men. two women, four children and a .Navajo Indian teamster, has been lost track of in the territory which has been the scene of tlie recent Indian trouble. The iiarty left BlufT yesterday for Kayputii, .'\iiz., and had to pass over the danger zone to reach its destination. It was headed by .Tohn Weatherill, who asked Marshall .N'ebeker to send a rescue party if Ije did pot re- liort his safety from Mexican Hat trading post .about twenty miles from Bluff today. Xo report was received from the iiarty although the phone line to BliiR' is working nicely. 'A .scouting party sent to investigate signal, firi's in Washington .yesterday found-where'the fires had been built but w/ire unable to track the Indians. Navajo Indians arriving at Bluff says that Old Polk leader of the band % hos< ,. ^''b!^ "Jerl^/S ;od;:y ^''The 'cort:^erUaid h-' would kill 'any^white POt^on has declared that Miss Cook, for ! "ho got within range of his guns, whom the police of three states have searched for a week had committed suicide. The auto|)sy wag decided on for the purpose of deteryinining Ihe condition of her health al the time she went to the lonely park and ended her life by sending a bullet through,her heart. t'HAXE OF WAR IS LESS. (Tiv tlio ,\ss()e;.iH.d Pressaj I'aris. Mar. 5.—The treaty sinned at Washington. September 15. 1»H, to facilitate, the settlement of disputes between France and the I'nited States officially was promulgated today. The agreement promulgated in Paris refers to one of the peace treaties negotiatod by Bryan witli twenty nations. The treaty provides for a spec ial in\'estigation where the resources of diplomacy fail. Great Britain one of the other nations with which the time of vear wlien lots of water a similar agreement was reached, . -does good," "Snow Worth Ten Million." Topeka, Mar. 4.~In the days when wheat was worth on an average of 60 cents a busliel a fi-inch snow in -March was regarded by F. D. Coburn as worth a million dollars to the Kan sas farmers. "If that estimate fits the case a 10- inch snow like this, covering every inch of. the state and with the price of wheat where it is and prospects for continue<i good prices, this snow is a 10-iiiillion dollar affair,' 'said J. C. Mohler, secretary of the board of agriculture tonight. Mr. Mohler is Co^ burn's successor and for twenty years was his assistant. "From the letters j have had froiri farmers no Kansas wheat is (lead of in any but first class condition, t have not had a report of an acre of wheat being winter killed or showing serious damage by insects.. This is made the rojids almost impaskabie. Farmers, unable to drive to town for supplies! are procuring' only the necessities by pack horses.. Mail deliveries are made by one and two or three horses carrying sacks. Reports of tiifflculties in funeral parties liavc bcjen received here Macadam roads have been ground down into the foundation. If the sribw melts suddenly, it^is feared that streams will be swollen tu the.overflowing point. OPEMJJIi MOTT CAjrPAieji. X Forward Moremeut, R »tlflously« Amc^^g K. ir. Students. (Spedial to the Register) I.<iwrence', Kas., March 5. —"If you men and w^men ot the state of Kansas go to sleep at the switch the state is going to liave the same problems to face that the big cities have to-day," was the fcw-ceful stateiiient of Raymond Robirts, made to 1200 students of the University of Kansas, Wednesday afternoon, 'in Robinson Gymnasium. Mr. Robins is here as one of the big leaders In the Mott religious campaign. He[ was formerly a lumberjack and Alaskan prospector, but now a great civicjeformer and BOclofogist of Chicago' ? "This isian age in whlflh there Is no such tiling as pioneering," continued .Mr. Robins. "Our struggle from now on is the world, belong to n the populated districts of Frontier days Me gone. I jlhe last band of pioneers because 1 gaw the end of the western movemetit |)vith my trip to Alaska. "There i^ an issue in every age. You are going to meet it some way —maybe face-totface, maybe back-rto-back. but. you cajh't escape. When you do meet it, wi^rk. No man ever got gold without digging for it and no man will ever set the good out of life unless he dIgN for it. Remember that the progress ot civilization is notmeasiW- ed by the least, advanced." piost advanced, but by the VOSOES jiTRUGCLE 18 BKSrXEB. Yiolenf FrrbHnr IM Taktef PiMe aad Shell! Fail In Swltawlan'd. Basel. Switzerland, Mar. 4.—Fighting of great severity is in progress in the Vosge?. Reports received here show that! violent encounters are tak ing place )>etween Pfetterhausen and St. Die and in the Munater 'Valley near Sulzern. ' • , A French attack on Hartraans -Wel- lerkopf was precipitated by an attempt of the .Germans .to cut the French cohnmunications jtietween Bel- : fort and 3t. Angaria, eighteeifi mil«s northward.; Shells from German Held gutis havej'again fallen in Swt,'8{i terri tory.

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