Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1927
Page 3
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Records at tie police station at BartlcBviHe show that^ 315 car col- nsolns have occurred OTer tlie city during the past six niohths. Fiftysix collisions were reported in March J. Mrs. L. H. Taylor of Kincaid was a between-train liusiness visitor iu Ida yesterday. • *' :• —Ladies! If you arc not l)uying a new Mat, have your old one made new ant] brightened with a flower.! for Easter. Edwards MjUinery. • .Mr, and Mrs. G. W. Thompson of ]j)14 North Sycamore street, who hav^ been residents otr Volk for the; past twbnty-one yearS^4eft tm the 4: 2S.'Santa Fc yeaterdjay. for their • •• lornior home in Kahoka, Mo..', where they will make their home. Mrf and Mr«. Thompson have been active in church work In Iota and . will l>o greUtly miaued by their i. friends. . ' , —^I-owor prices on high Rradc Edi.son Electric Lamps.- Bujj them by the c^arton. K. C. Electric & riumbinj; Co; | OrvHle Dawson, son of Mrs. yi'tyl Elliott, iH homo on a fur- If.UKh. He belongs to I the regular urmy and Is iitationed at Ft. lUley. ' Sheriff H .D. Smock attended the fnneral services for fl)e late D. W. ^ tHuxton yesterday at Mildred. ' - Swiniminiir. ' —Baptist Temple Pool now open. y,\cn and l>oya. Fritlay and Satur- d.iy nights, 7.00 to 9:30. Women and girl.=. Ft-iday and Saturday aft- erfioons. :>:0y to 5:30. The Eastern Unit of the Women's Farm Bureau clubs met this aft- ,prnonn with Mrs. Jolin Cramer near Gas. The lesson study on Foodand Nutrition was led by Mrs. Frank Melton. Mrs. A. Sickman jftd daughter. Helen, of Humboldt were shopping, in lola yesterday. . • » * » • » * f • * (nil Bronn Taxi or Kelley Hotel for Bus Schedule Phone 410 Yates Center, Toronto, Eureka Mr«. I., if^ Naylor, of Kincaid was ah l(;la visitor between trains yesterday. '•• \ ' ; Marion ZlJIlox. whci lias been vlstt- iiiK bl .H brfrthler, Arihor XiU ox of , ID ) South iTlMrd street.; Imt re- tiiuK 'd to bis home In ; Garland. Kjinv. I --.Siiei'lal prlre on Dairy Feed 'V next ten diiy .M. H. C. .McKlniiey. Mr. BiUbe of 224 .North Third .stree^. who has been In Chanute all rtinier, has returned home and is visiting bisr Kon and family, Mr. iiiul MTH. .1. W. Keiwiuger. I —.Tust like Angel Food Cake. Van Hobzer's Bread, 2 for 15c. -. Mrs. Dan Dressier of 709 East Spruce "street, who has been ill, is. now able to be up and around. .Mr. Dressier; who has been here visitir.s .several days, has returned to hi.>i work near Oarnett. —Jhe D'Ploina Examinations for rural schijols will be held April 16 and April 2.1. 1927. ai lola. Hom- boldt; Carlyie. Mpran.'Mildred. Els- niore and Savonbiarg. Fee, $1.00.— Florence H. Robnd, Co. Supt. of Public Instruction. . mx? Gladys Wig of -Mr. and Mrs. B. Carlyle. has the di^tinctipn ing tlie only one elasB at the Teacl^e; Emporia making studies throughout ;in8, 1 daughter Viggins of near of be- in the senior Ts College* at all ones in her kast semester. —Try it jonce— y^a other. Van' Hoozer 'i Mrs who and Cltan.u! unUl I. Johnson. Mis^ a gue;* ard Sunday. • • • h^r F. E. Coll visiting Georga e on the no<>n itomorrow er of Chicago. parents, Mr. |Ewell, went to train to irisit .Miss dlar'a wttth Lottie Sbavf of Mr. and Before I aster Ifs time t» f^menta Cleaned anijl den«| those to be Pressed: Ablrvon Phone Clcanrrx 105 Mr. and .Mra./^v^rctt family .of 512 EaH motored to KimbuM to vlgit their son; and Mrs. Paul Reidc Beade and Neosho 8tl -cct Kans., Sunday }ind family, iMr. Mr. and Mrs. Pail son. CUarlcs. of street are visiting farm near Fredonii 5S2 -r-We have moved 1023 North Buckeyj Nirth Third streeU caltion; and we ithink hdjra for the .kinjlD<j age tfcey have gi to say to our new* neighbors, any bus $mall or great, will Come and see us. Spears. ' Mrs., Homer Dug^^n AValnut street, who reported improving. —Dr. A. B. Twa^ell .Vew Globe Bldg. of -Mri V .ill The lola friends BuBsart will be sor^y to \eirn t)iat she is quite ill at .Chle'ago. .Mrs. Bu Jived in lola. • r. L B. LEATkLL, TS. P. Special attcntlbti . eases of Colon a Electro-Therkpy Physiotherapy. Office lola Statej Phono*—147 . Lloyd l^iig or It been nulte ill Of" th|o aide to return to day. Ottawa Herald: "Vivan, son of .Mr. and Mrs. .1. 0. -Munden. l.-JSO - South Cedar streets and.a junior in Ottawa Senior high ^chool. brpke 'lii.« right arm at the wrist this morning about 7 ' o'clock while cranking the Munden Ford car at ^thc home.- The starter on the car Rrefiised to work and the youth rc- • .-orted to the cranking method. Trie youth and his father were pre- p.irinB to go downtown.'f Vivan i." a grand.son of Mrs. J. N. Burnside, of .109 .North Waahiiigton. .\r .W BITS SKBTICE i -FOB lOLA Boqte —SW corner Square. east on Madison to Jefferson, north to East street, east to Kentucky.'south, to Madison, west to SW corner Square. Tliiie—Leave Square. 6:45 a. nv and 'every 30 minutes lhereafte,r luntil 10:.10 p. rn. •l ,(iave Ivenpicky street 6:.'iO u. m. and every .'10 minutes tliereafter, Until 10:35. Fare—^Ten Cents. BROip- TAXI LINE ^^rs. E. A. Wright was hostess t<. the rUfany Art Club io her hf.nie. 211 North State street. Wed- ''.ne.sdsy afternoon. The meeting . .J 'wa.'j opened at 3 o'cltick by :the ^president. Mrs. Viola Brown. Boll call was responded to ••itfith a qiio- . tation from; "Dunbar." All topics coming under': the'-'"head of luifin- ished. business was'discussed, and the embroidery quilt stamped la a basket desigi^' that was made by the club .was Mrs. Viola Brown for $S.O0. After the general routine of 'business the - afternoon- wa.s spent in painting the lamp , shades each one is making. At 4 o'clock the hostess served ai dainty - . 2-couTse luncheon to the members, ; .Airs. Viola Brown. Mrs. B. Wallace. Mr.s. R. Hughes. Mrs. O. Foster, ' ' Mr.< Mary Wilson. Mrs. Harry .'Davliu Mrk E-A. WrlRltt and MiNi Conla Brbwn » were guefits.—Re^ i porter. Leon T.bouvenel o| ported ill ol the i will have no Bread. .of Girard was .Irs. E. I. Wood- THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER.lrttURSDAY EyENlNG, APRIL 7,11927. t O. Recob and South sUte relatives oik a filom our store Ip street to our pr6sent our nei [ss and patrj 1 us. We'w friends ness given [be apprecjaijed. truly. Vfery of 208 So lhas been ill Osteop4Ui. P'ijone 191. her home 1 in sart |fprmerly Mrs. Isaac Lci^asters. wbq has been spending th^ .winter with her sister, Mrs. Hattie Morgan iand ^th other relatives in Illiiiois; arx<ived borne today. Mrs. Morgan accompanied her home for 'an extended visit. • ^ i Glcni'. Green, a. student at Jnn'ior High, was able-to return to sc tool today after an Illness. ' •• "i" I • • —For Fuller Brushes pbo. l^iiJ. C. E. Coy, 421 S. Walnut. lola, jCas. Lorraine Swiggett, who attends school at Washington, was unjible to be at school today on account of Ulness. ; i —Scientific lawnmowcc grint^ing. F. G. Lawyer's Shop. 12 .N. Walnut. Mrs. Anna Rogers has TJetuiJned home from Chanute where khejhas been visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. P. Faucett aiJd family. | .Mrs. Ed Biitlcr 'of 201 South Elm street is .^-isiting her daughter, Mrs. Rose Cadeli' west of the river. I — 'acuum ^ Sweepers for rent. K. C EIectr.ic & Plumbing Co. UiLs Marler, who has been ill the past week, Is able to retiiruUo I Hchool; She i.s a pupil at Gartii-ld. .Mr. and .Mrs. Arthur Ziiliox have , moved from 201 i.North Secoiid ! H^hed street to 101 South Third street. .Mr.«. .M. A. Whitakcr of South Kentucky street went to Chanute tcila»'.lo spend the afternoon with hrr .son. .\Iva Wiiitakcr. .Mri:. J. Rolin went to Earlton. Kans.. today to visit over the week- etld with her daughter, .Mrs. T. H. B llbe and family. Alto HIS DOCTOR. lo- ;h- >n- ish nd us. L. given ,DIs- ^d Rcctiith. and Bank Bldg. and 705. Its SHelt, who h measle .K. wks chool Wednei- I Basset'l is r sle.«. I mii HA,VES LEE Opionielrict * ^, * •.Eye.-; examined Glaaucs fitted • Phone 158 for appointiuent * This picture BIIOWS Henry Ford and Dr. H. D. McCl'are, superintcidcnl of the,Ford hospital at Detroit, ivho i^ in charge of the large stsff of physicians and nurses ciirlng for the injured billionaire. Ford citab- the lio.^pital. afttT being presented with a liexorbitant bill for physician's services to his wife. Optical Parlors 3 N. Jeff. f ..... , S. S. Roy, Who suffered a r.troke of apoplexy .Monday, hi reported as improving slowly. . MI . Roy makes his home with his dauKhler. .Mrs. Lawrence Rice. 422 South Svca- more street. Tin; .Missouri Pacific announces a rate t-'f on" and one-half fare to Wichita. goiKR tomorrow and returning the Sth. The occa.sion U the dcdicatioti of the new Shrine temple. • ' —For Rent: Store mom. In- q'iire at Tire iiepair Shop, 116 Eatl Jackson. R;iy Hale left la:it nisht for rievoland. Olilo. called there by the illne.-:».of hi.-i s^ister. .Mi.s .H 'Irene Hale. -M.ijor F. O. Apt took hi:; father. -•Vtlorn^.v ('113:^: M. At>t to tho .Mayo clini<- at Rochester, .Minn., leaving nicht. They will be at the hospital about two -.veekK. — Free Demon;,Iratioii "f Rogeni Bruiijiing Lacquer I-'rifUiy and Sat- uid;iy at '^Un Evans Store. , Mrs. .\. iDyi-r "f We.^lpbalia wa.s a Iiiihine .H .'S vi.sitor in lola toda.v. i -Mrs. O. p. Diinc-in left tl r rni'lU forJToixika to he w '.':;U.!-.||( r. Mi.sri wi'I ;i!i'l<+;;o a l^i ti.'ii tomorrow. iiMr:--' at the Ch: pcka. hisj lary Duncan, u>;ille<to:ny .Miss Duncan list ho-pilal iii — Iton't fail to I -e the denionjilra- tii.n of Rnrers Hr-i.-hinp Larjquer Kii|l;ry .iinl .Saturrlav at The Evans Store. r ; . ! Mr . Kaipll tiorsudi returntd to ! r „-<|i1\'in tl(j laltnriio-in after a few :d;iv! vi;.il v.itli iji.'r pai>t;nt:-. Mr. I '^ae.d Mr;;. (). Ih .\Iar;5h aiid fanii |ly. ' - t). L. Cox. | M . t>.. Specialist, i Eye. Kar. .No::o and ThroaL M'rvin Hill .'iii a student at Jun- icr llieh. w;t:. .ilide to be bacp in yi; I'I-I);I.V ;itli!r an ilino aft- her who opcru- is, a To- I .\fr. and .\ir.-. H. P. Jone.s have j irviv .| IroMi J'i6 ^..tilli Tliiril .street 1 to 2'1'J .s'oiiili Ti 'iini'.s.see strce Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jones haiJe moved to their hiome at 202 South Tennessee stireet: I \ A surprise birthdayj party was given on Mrs. Viola [Brow^ {last evening at her homej 905 j South Wainut street- The roonisf were matle pretty with jiouquets' of sweet peas. Games ^ere played during the evening.. Befreshments were served to' th^ following guests: • Mr. and .Mrs. E. A. Wright, Mrj and Mrs. Harry iDavis, Mrs. Roy Miller. Mr. Will Wright. Mrs. Mary .Wilson. .Miss Cc|rda,Jirown, and;the honor guest. Mrs.:£rowu. Mrs; Brown was the reci^ietit of many pretty gifts.—Contribiited. -pDr. Montgomery. Chiropractor. loIa Laundry Bldg. Phone .133. .Mrs. B;C."-Irwin of 224 South Sycamore street moved today to ap4rtmeuts on the: north side of the square. .Mi-ss rJaVica Taylor is. verj- ill at her home in Baasett. . • -r-Vve have a largo selection of Easter Cards and'Cacdy. Brown's Dn^g Store. 1 v' - • . - • H .i O. Taylor came froth Seminole. Okla., tills morniuK. Mr. Ta.vlor has been working in Okla- honia. .V blaze .supposeil to have originated from a defective flue, yc-^ter- day morning destroyer! the lieven- room frame house ou the E. P. .Uoulton farm, known ;as the old Sutherland ranch, cotithwest of Ncodcsha. . Practically ;all of the cojtcnts of the house [were destroyed. T.hp house wa.-j a very obi one, and. being built of native lumber, the fire burned .fidwi.v and tiUeH the with smbkc ."=o- that it was impo.s.siblo' for | volunteer helpers to make headway in saving the content^. Two cliitdt-en. who were asleep in the tiotisc, were rescued; however.! , j Farm C'IHII Meets. The HorYillc Unit pf the Farm Bureau ladies met W^neeiiay- aft-j ernoon at the Fethemgilt b <|me. It was a "Food and Kutrltlon"; meet- *ng but some of the "Recreation" was also given. The club is 'ln- rtted to the Fethemglll home April 14 to eat some of this food cooked by our leader, Mrs. Clara Howland. The next meeting will be April 20. at Mrs. Clayton's. Miss .Anna Feth^rngill wSll give the work in '"Sowing." Those present were: Mrs. Syverud, Mrs. Patterson. Grandma Patterson. Mrs. Austin, • PAGE THREE '^m . } . - "I ' % Mrs. Vern Austin and chjTdrftn. Ruth andlCbaHiei Mrs. aara Howland, Mrs.'I^wls Howland and ctiiHreh. 'te*ls and Margaret, Mrs. Denning, Miss Vide Fethemgill, Miss Anna Fethemgillj Miss Nellie [Austin. Visitors were: .Mrs. Ray. jMrs. John Gregg and Mrs. Edwanl Gregg.—Cltib Reporter. t « Mrs. F.-A. iMcBurney aiid, small j'^ granddaughter. Betty Jo tfcunes. of' IWicbita arrived ,Ia'st nigl^t for a ivlMt with their fiither anti grand- Ifather. S. S. Roy, and with the Lawrence Rice family at 422 South Sydamore stteet. itrs. McBa ^nfey ^ jjis a sister of Mrs. Bice. • I wish to ai^nounce that I havie purcha.sed the ness of the formpr Frantz Optical Co., including the shop which is one of the best equipped in the Southwest. I am fulli^ prepared to make scientific.eye examiiia-- tion, prescribe lenses when needed for the correction of refractive errors, to give treatments to correct imbalance of the eye muscles. AH records of eye examinations made by the firm sin<:e 1911 arti on file at this office. On the basis of profe.s.sional skill and sen-ices rendered in the past I ipvite you to consult me if in need of eye care. DR. mu HAYES LEE OPTICAL PARLORS 3 I^- Jef fei-son East Side Square Phone 158 The monthly lueteorologiciil su]r- vey for March sent out by .the I'nited Stales Weatlier Bureau station at lola shows that the; pajst month was warmerj than usual . on j the average, having an even teiii- i peratiire of 46 as against a normal of 44.5. "The highest temperatu was 74 degrees on the l.ith and the lQwest..was 13 degrjees on the "aid. •fje total precipitation for the month ,was 5»i inches with a snow f^U of 2.6. This wias about twice thep normal March: precipjtaticjin which is 2.S8. Thelbrevailing wi^d has. been from the .South with an average hour velomty of 8.3 miles and there were 14 Iclear. days, ten cloudy days .and{ seven partly cloudy. The snow map shows thlit practically all of New England, a small area in Ne^^. York, all >f Minnesota and the northern part if theL Michigan peninsula/ are sttll co\-prfd with snow.' - -Brown female hel i in city pound for sale or redempi claimed will be k Police. ' hound' will \^ Ifor 48 hours j ion. If not I llled.—Chief bf Fred Hillig of Babgett left lod.ijy for Joplip, Mo., where be has tni- ployraent. .\fter adding Ihre^ more miles, la spiir from Stark to north,,the .Neosho tj he county linjC lounty' commi sinsera passed .^fresbhition authoti- izlng the com;tnipion , of thle Stark-Kimball road project .Monday- afternoon. When If'- there will be flfte< o! hard-surfaced rjad cpunty. lis is finished h" miles nibr« for that j —We have Just. ret'<' fl-cm the markets » of beautiful Easter I fiower trims, sjiapcs, snappy and. hats in all colorw also flowers and Special pried on Friday and Millinery. Cecil Gardner, an ntly returned ith a full linjc |at<t: hair hat and small chic. .Matroni' head sizei hlldren's hat ererytbing fi Saturj^y. Edwa: a^nd 8-year-6ldilfoy; while playiBg in hiii father's ' tare hear Silverdale recently, klck!- ed'iip what appeared to be a piecf! of shoe leather. Tt e • second kic^ rereal6d a gripen paper, which-so resembled a dollar bill that toe youngster picked-up the wallet anil ran to the I^ouse with it. Parentfe and boy excitedly fulled the twb pieces: of leather apt rt and within foimd I severaF twenty dollar blUsI, a ten dollar _burn ;id some Byei and ones. Tiie mohey baa. b«ei^. sent to* Washington for . r^emp tion. Since the bills were folded the 'ends of each bill were gone, and the whole thii^g. piirse anti btUK,; was so DiaAseu It wa.s Inot possible tf asca'rtain the exact 9!P6aiDt in -tie VOntl.". toiietber that A Carnival of Eieonomy aind Fashion RICHARDSON'S starts Tomorrow Lasts 8 Days Stylp.!-. hi)l extniTiiKiiiil at KUhard^on'-. Kiitlier It x- Hiiu-niilly Ihrlfly in \\\U Ra-ler Sale, when tuerrliKm|Ke lovelj* newness i* tifiered at most welcome l«u prJce^* item e>pryi departinenl. we hate fhtiMPM Kerns of merit «n<1 fashion I" be -.old al prices that border on the srnsiitionnl. COATS Silk Bed Spreads. Bhic: jelbiw. ureen. pink, laiendrr* ^C:> >alue. ( lioice *l.t>i» S'n.*> JIH inches Icintr. New Buckles and Bullens. \ Ladies' llmne Jnunial Patterns. .Vllen -V Hosiery. DRESSES IlozenK »{ Hcw Tnals hoiisht far fhiH sale. Sport, Dreti.t lilark and white and bitr siz* PS. A coat for every piickpt* iHtok. • j $8.75 TO : $22.50 Inusnu'l YuliieH. NiEW PARASOr.S ilJK to I^»H ' (Tuaranteed RAINCOATS t3.9H i» tK.7A, imuranteeil I Year. Silk irnderwcar. «I-2S T»st <v earh ; _-9Hr #l.on HUk Toddies earhJMr «J5 .Saleen Slip e«Jli.-3t»c 41.£i S«le<« Bloomcrk each J - ..S9e! fJowns. SpeelaL- $1J»S «..>0 Stei».lns. Speclni:-!fl.!W iCiO Beamet Slip Silver She^n Sllp.<3>i i&OO French Shrtrties—$IJ>S> .>!ic I'fiiicess I'ai ('inirhani jd. -ITc .';tK- Suteenv. ydi S»e ;{.'><• .I.iniierle frepe, jd'--27c Xn- ci»I(iri 'd .Vaiii'fook'. yd. 27r 't\W Uajons i'ai;«hy. yd.---2:Sc .'lAc I'epperil 9-t Sbeetim; rd 1 .190 \-l.\n. Pillow Tnl^inir. X'.c liMllan Head, yd.,., 27r 2."»c ( anibri<', jd.j 21r •HW UojK' ^niislin. jd. 13c 12 l-ir Bri/«n .Miisllii. yd-KK- Ittc Urtiwii Muslin yd.. S i-ic l.> I 'lMvelinir. yd. _ M l -2r Hall I.lnen Tourlitur. yd-.-Uc Easter Bonnets \ew ones e»ery day. .Wash C 'reprs i'rlnta. JieorKelles, Fur i he -tiaiKinnt, Ktadnallon. street and dre^ut }i>u wilt iind tJiera hrn-. $8.75 TO $27.50 Staple Department. '\ iXtf Oiitincs. yd. L._l9r :i."»r PoDiree I'rints yd._..i.'ic 20r fast co or Percale, yd.. I7c 2:;.32 In. ( liiKhanLs yd. .!.>. 2 .H- Dlmititjs. yd.... 17c Fast color j Snitinits. ya..2Sr Fre«k and new.irtitn the titjie renters. Hieh Hats. Rlorb HAttoms. Slraws.lHalrhr»l*» FeJtx and a biir rinc oi' linie Hi «iJ »«s Hat"*. j Tlie prire is low. Voii can have several. <»i|ic big la«>Ie lull,. rboJre— $2.39 TiO^nt ,75 at 2.'> at 50 at .4.-.53.98 .4---- J.nR 5.75 .i..,-. 6.75 Ruffled Ciirtains. Fine assiirtnient. VI bite vtltli colli •torders- While they last, pr. 200 pair red raffled 69c Special Tomorrow and ."satnrdiiy 12 Munmy all silk Pongee, yd. nl ohij ...t 5»« (Six yds, i« a cjastomer.) S|LK DEPARTMENT llowin? Silks for the Banquet an^l (irodnatlns Girl. Crepe Be ChlMs all color*, jyd. %\Sii:, «a.»5 Georgrelles JD-ln-. ib all eolirs, yd ...*US9 1W ,00 Flat Crepe-s 4o.ln„ yd. «a .lJ9 ^2.00 Pmfan Crepe 40 -111.. yd. :.?14a SiOO Fancy (Tepe*.,^yd. -i— ..MSA iUJA Badlnm .SUks" yi -| i-*1-«9 aiJM Beamer Salln, 40-111, yd- —i L.$1.29 65c Bayon, yd. — . . i —i— 50* •"Onyx : Pointex Hosiery'* "Hamming dRYCOObS^MEN^ WEAR-MILUNERY Bird 'Q\Jk' KANSAS A'drthmp Bid;;., formerly oceapied by James RkiurdsoH lOLA'S POPULAR STORE Hosiery' Spring Fashions for the DRESSES GOATS .75 to 29.75 12.50 to 69^ •Frock.s that wijl .startle on Easter Day :with their chic. All newest fashion fea- Jtiires, incliidinjL,' concealed fan pleatings ' in the skirt that .sUrprj.singly swinsr out a.s ydu walk in the Ea.ster, fashion 'promenade.' In-the parade of fashion on Easter Morn Coats from thi.s .store wilf-play, a ppominent role. Materials that are .smart are kaaha, flannel, tweed, mix- turea and novelty plaidB an well tan »ilk.; A. very special offering—that is in time for Eastier. \ ^•ism'' Select .vour new Easter Hat from the largest selection in Allen Goanty. Latest. styles7—I>Je^yest sielections. j RAKY B0!«MrrS ' 59ctb$3i48 Just received a ne^ selection of BabyBoiuiets of Organdie, Nets^ Silks and Straw • combinations. i ^ OIJR LOWER. PRICES WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, SENEKER'S 1.

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