Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 13, 1972 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1972
Page 14
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<**,. few '., 1. ? Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1972 Bridge By OSWAm & JAMES JACOB? NORTH (D) HAKQ4 f ?a • A1082 WEST *J985 ¥Q10965 4KQ75 + Void HAST 41032 ¥4 464 AAKJ10872 SOUTH *76 VAKJ82 • J93 *Q64 Both Vulnerable West North East South 14 2* 2V Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—• K There is a very good rule of bidding which is that you don't double a forcing bid urfess you 'are sure of two things. The first is that you can defeat that contract; the second, that the Information given by your double will help your partner, not your opponent. Wset, a player in our rubber bridge game, really thought that his opponents were in trouble and it never occurred to him that South was going to make his two- heart contract. Thus, when everyone passed his doubls he opened the king of diamonds and sat back to watch South try to wriggle off the hook. South did quite a job Of wriggling. He took the first trick with dummy's ace of diamonds; l?d a heart to his ace; took a short look at the ceiling; came to the conclusion that West held either 5-5-3-0 or 5-4-4-0 distribution and proceeded to give West the full treatment. He led the jack of diamonds. West took his queen and led a spade. South cashed dummy's top spades and diamonds to get rid of two clubs. Then he ruffed dummy's last spade and led his last club. West had to trump his partner's trick and lead away from his queen of hearts to let South make two overtricks. What would have happened if West hadn't doubled? North would, have bid something. If North and South reached a nnitrump game they would make it but they would probably wind up playing some sort of part score. The bidding has been: West North East South 1 * Dble Pass IV Pass Pass 2 • Pass Pass ? You, South, hold: 4AQ87 VKJ4 432 *K984 'What do you do now? A—Pass or bid two hearts. It all depends on what sort of bidder your partneri&Ifbeis likely to bid again, you had best pass. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of passing, your partner has bid two hearts over West's two diamonds. East baa bid three diamonds. What do you do now? Answer tomorrow (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) ATTEND OUR FREE BELTOXE Better Hearing WORKSHOP BETTER HEARING Isn't that what you really want. To find out if you can hear better... even i( you're already wearing a hearing aid 1 It is possible .. .and during SrpiemlHT I'.cltone will show you how . .. at our special free hearing aid workshop where you can. []] get the answers to your questions about any problems you may be having - even troublesome whistling and wind noise. ^ your hearing aid ""'cleaned and adjusted — free f~| have your earmold cleaned and the tube replaced- free Qhave a free electronic hearing test. 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