The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1915 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1915
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 4,1915. S. • -I > Sit 13 lOpON Two Women Among Castaways From Parkentjne'Wr'ecked Off Georgia poast. SHIP Hit Bt TIDAL WAVE Women ^et «• If Shipwrecks Were Nafura Part of iSea Voyage—Hope Almoi t Abandoned When Steam\ atlp Manzi'nillo Comes I to Rescue. / 4 -!-B • : 'i ft 1 —i . 4 Ne^ Tork—Mate Charles E. Olsen of, the Aiierican. barkentine Ethel V. Boynton^ a bronze Eli-footer of Viking aspeit and ancestry, recently arrived troi I Cuba with a vivid yarn of • the wrcQt of his ship in hurricane blasts. an( pondsrous eeas oiDt the Georgia coast. ; The wife of the ^kipper, Capt. G. W. Waldemar, and hil niece, Gladys Lni^ rock of Boston, w^re in a ship's company: of 1^ all told that drifted six days lashed or grasping life lines on B raft and tfce detached deck house ofthe barkentlnei Sharks swarmed around them at timea and the more vigorous of the tastaways, for diver sion batted the big fellows over the snoiit whenever ^ they came near enough to disturb^the serenity of the women. ^ The stalwart mafe says the skipper's niece and his wife acted as if shipwrecks were a natural part of a sea ^.voyage and did not do any praying, as shipwrecked women are supiiosed to in. raoniffrtts of iinu=iral stress. Per- i\ans one tiling tfial imerfered with prayer, oir-i'i. of a mental sort, was the unremitting extortion of holdlngion and dodging wrecltage and the crdsts •of combers. ( Girl AlmoBt'Loses Hope.' On tlie morning of Monday, J|anuary 18, a) few hours before succor came with the' steamship Manzanillo, Miss Gladys ;had almost abandoned hope, • and saia to the mate: ''We never shalll se^ Boston." He l&iJghed and, pattirlg • Her on the shoulder, remarked: "Don't give up." She a^hswered his laugh with a smile, and said: "We v.ill die .with Btouit" hearts.^' She went' to a hospital it Santiago with the rest, badly bruised and suffering from salt water boily, but she did not die. The Boynton sailed from Mobile for Genoa on December 26 with a fuA cargo of lumber, a large part lashed on Ideck. Off the Florida | coast on Jannary 11 a heavy southeasterly gale lashed up tall sfeasvand forced the lumber ship to heave to under storm try- sail. The g»Ie iiic|reased to a hurr|i- cane, and fearing ^be might pound out heri bow in "tie crashing Jcombers, the skipper turned tail to the blast and rani miles to the northwest under hare poles. The deck load shifted in the flight dpwn the wind and the old ship began to leak. All hands were on deck, the sUrboard watch ai the pumps and the port watch trylifg to.,jettison the deck load, which ^imperiled the lives ^of Ul hands. The T*omen were safe from the tumult ^ in the after deck bouse. 1 • The deck cargo, relieved of its lash- inKB. went by the; board on the morn- lOKJ of January 12; The Boynton was then waterlogged, her main deck al- oiost awash, and^ floundering in the tFougta of Uie v.aVes. I Hit by Huge Wave. A monster sea; which the mate called a "tidal /wtve," but which doubtless was a cumulative wave, or two or more waves rolled Into one, rose 40 feet above the vessel and descended on the de«k thunderously. It proBed over some pf th% seamen. None was In Its almost resistless course. It tore off 40 feet of i the quarter deck. At 2:30 o'clock the next morning a wave'almost as big' as the giant boarded the wreck and; swept the forward bbuse into the tumult The men cut away the main ahd mizzeh masts at daylight. The foijemast later jammed Itself through the bottom of the ship. • The yawl had t^scaped the smashing seas and an ^ITort was.made to launch it. The drifting lumber stove It in and finally; it was broken to matchwood. The cargo below the main deck. lorced up by the water, lifted the deck fri>m the after house to the place wher^ the forward house bad been and thi^ big section went sailing off by itselC and was soon out of view to leeward. The released beams and boards leaped and rolled out of the barkentine from both sides The skipper and the lusty mate, wltli the crew, attacked the after deck bouse and with ax^s and naked hands got off the top to;use as a raft. All bands -got aboard.' and the seas launched It. | The next; morning, tlje mate says, ' be did something that no castaway in bis memory of wrecks ever did: that is, as 'he said, smilingly, "We sighted tbe '.^in de9k,"'Jwbich had drilted - back In a sbift of Uhe gale. ^ vBaftB tashBd Together. ^ TbeTBmaller raff felt as if it might •ooB-g6 to pieces 'and it was decided Uv board tb* main deck, two hours of [bard paddling; wltb broken oars broogbt tbe little nft to the big <«e, jWid after IJashing the two, the sea IMwrlng gone dowkwmewbat, all handr Mttj^'tlw tnuufjMr, tbe men. aasistiDt Good To Wheri Made Witlr Calumet pastry is good to l (M)k at, ! I(KH1 to e.»t. Al\vaj-8 Jiffht; tiuffv. liiidcr ami whcic- ''iine. Calumet is tlio one baking pcwdor that is high in qvaitiy and WUidi.rate ill price. K£CE1VE0 HIGHEST AWAXOS WofU' P*n FM4 Ei»Miti«. CUcM*. O. the women. At the end of several days the main deck began to break up and the castaways,, with lifelines arohnd them, made their way back to rns'smaller raft. The women lay dowc and the men held X'M-. li.elir .fti-;. At 10:ao that niorn,ing, January tR the Manzanillo hove in sight. The mate, being the tallest in the party, waved as a signal of distress the only bunting saved, the international code signal R, a square flag with a yellow cross on a red ground, which had been made fast to an end of a long piece of board. Most of the shipwrecked were ear ried aboard the JjjinzaniUo from her lifeboat. They were cared for generously aboard and taken to a hospital' at Santiago.! The skipjier and his wife and niece ard on their way to Mobile. Mate Olsen and the rest of the crew came here on the Monterey. (JEXEVA. (Doris Ccta) -March 3.—Cecil Hamilton unloaded a new buggy one c ay last week. U. M. I^eavitt hiis been hanging paper at* the .1. Holtz home the last day^ or two. Mrs. Sadie Lee, of Gleneoe, Okla., spent a few days Ipst week visiting at tl!e Child's home. .Air. Henry .V. G^ay visited with Mr. md Mrs. D. Curtis'last Friday. OI'J Biddy is. certainly rpaking uj) i';)! : s' time t- ese balmy spring days. .Mes(i!:mes C. W. and J. D. Leavitt •lent Tuesday at Xeosho Falls.'innj Orwin is moving on his iiroperty here in town. , Oior (?!ice Howland had the misfor- lune-to h:'ve one of his horses cut very b:Kny in the barbed wire Sunday. Ira I,owe left: iast Friday for New York w'nere he has enlisted in the anny for a four-year service. To!n Sl-.erwQodc^nie down last Sat- !ird:iy from Garnett where ht is working:.- Mr. .!. Mullens attended tlio Charley Salerite sale lapt Tuesday. \l. M .Leavitti is doing .seme carpenter work for Joe Fitzpa trick tli is week. K number of men have been era- ployed in straightening the tangle of telephone wirei?, r^netting poles, etc., caused by lastl week'^ storm of sleet 3nd snow. Miss Marie Smith, accompanied by her cousin of 161a, spent Sunday with home folks. If Polyanna coul(}, find anytMng to be glad about the wtfatlier we are h 'av- .ing-, we tliink the only tliing _would be because it! isn 't cold. The grammaf grades and bigb BcbooV'Ot Qleiiev* will. Arrival of the NeW Every day is bringing more beautiful things to our store for this Spring's selling. Siiits and Coats Several models that are the most beautiful' examples -of the tailor's art we have ever seen— bright and beautiful—bristling with style—splendidly made with becoming neatness. These handsome garments will be enthusiastically welcomed by every woman who appreciates style and quality at a minimum cost. Right NOW is the time to make your selection. Coats ranging in price from $22.50 down to $5,00 Suits ranging in price from $35.00 down to$12.50 Children's and Infants 'Coats —a Splendid Showing Bargains For Late Winter Take your choice of any winter Hat in the house, QQp values up to $8.75 ggb Suits—values up to 07 40 $30|; choice 01 iTU Coats—Lot No. 1—values up to $30; your pick of the lot Coats—Lot No. 2, your choice $7.49 $3.97 Blankets reduced to the lowest possible selling price. $1.75 Blankets .......$1.25 $1.25 Blankets k .. .90c Flannelette Gowns at less than wholesale cost. New Hals Beautifully trimmed Hats of such exquisite style and beauty that every j; one appears a masterpiece. We have been able to effect several little economies in buying that enables us to give exceptionally and you'll be able td find just exactly what you we have such a big ow prices jV^'-ant, for line. has met Miss Long, who with much favor with the ladies of lola, is tui'ning out hats each day of rare beauty and superb'style at very attractive prices. ' Unusual bargains in DpeClUL Umbrellas and Rain Coats—a great assortment. RICHARDSON'S and musical contest on theevenlng of March 12, at the Congregational church. All the friends of the school and all persons interested are cordially invited to attend. PROVISIO.\S FOR THE AB»Y IX THE FIELD. Iniimrtuikfe of Keening; the Uody >Vcli Nourished. In time of war, the greatest effort is always made toward cutting off the enemy's base of supplies, it is the well-nourished people who light the strongest and live the longest and contribute most to human progress. Is your stomach doing its duty-rdoes it convert food into good blood and tissue? • : Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery has been so successful in the treatment of indigestion, that thousands of former sufferers owe their good health of to-day to its wonderful power, and 'estiinonials prove it. It arouses the little muscular fibres into iactlvlty and causes the gastric Juices to thoroughly mix with, the food you eat, simply because it supplies the stomach Avith pure, rich blood. It's neak, impure blood that causes stom^ ,ach weakness. Get good blood through he use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical !>i.=covery, and you will have no more indigestion. It is the world's proved blood purifier: It's not a Secret remedy tor its ngredients are printed on the wrapper. Start to take it today and be.fore tnother day has passed, tbe impuri- He= of the blood will begin to leave vour body tbrougl) tbe liver, kidneys, bowels and skin, and in a few daya vou will know by your steadier nerves, firmer step, keener mind, brighter eyes ^and clearer skin that the "bad blood is passing out, and new, rich, Ijure^blood' is filling your veins and irtories. The same good blood w'll cause pim- >le.<:, acne eczema and all skin eruptions to dry up and disappear. Dr. Pieice's Golden Medical Discovery is Mie helpful remedy that nearly everyone needs. It contains no alcohol or narcotics iif iiny kind. It cleanses the blood, and every'organ through which the blood flows Is benefited. Get it today in liquid or tablet form. The biggest joke is the man who takes, himself seriously'. . BRONSON NEWS M NOTES K. >'. A. GAVE PARTY FOB MRS. ROSS A\D MRS. HOLE.VA\. Man}- Enjoyed a Pleasant Evening— .>ew8 >oles and Personal Mention. >ot Feeling ".Inst Rifflit." —When you get tired early in the day, have an overfull feeling, are bil-i ious, have bad breath or suffer from! indigestion or constipation yon will find Foley Cathartic Tablets quick and comfortable in action. They are whole some arid health giving. Mr. U IJ. Levy, Green Bay, Wis., says: "They do not gripe and their effect Is quick and sure. The finest cathartic I ever used." Burrells' Drug Store. BRO.XSOX, March 2.—The Royal Neighbors planned a surprise on Neighbors Mrs. Harry _Ros8 and Mrs. Clarence Holeman before the families move to the country. About eighteen or twenty of the Royal Neighbors met at the home of Harry Ross and the surprise was complete. The evening was spent in social conversation and music. Light refreshments were served and too, the evening happened to^ he Neighbor Lizzie Ford's birthday, which was celebrated by the same crowdj Neighbor Ford being one of our oldest. charter members. - Every one present enjoyed the evening fine. Only Clarence Holeman wants to be .told of [ the surprise parties on him so he i might be dressed up. We all left at a late hour saying it is good to he a Royal ISelghbor. Mrs. John Duerson came up from Uniontown Monday looking after his property, and renting it to Rolla Hick- sons. Mrs. Duerson was the guest of Mrs. T, A. Jennings. Mrs., Jeff Txjve spent yesterday in Moran visiting her son, Ernest's family, and her niece, Mamie Evans. Mrs. Hattie Wells, of lola, came In Monday to visit the Wright's, returning Tu^day. Mrs. taz/.le Steele left for Beawlce, Nebraska, this morning shipping a car of stock and household goods. Clark Huber, of LaHarpe, visited his aunt, Mrs. T. D. Webster, Sunday. Miss Jessie Billot has quit the central office and Mary Camac has the day work now. Squire Hammel shipped hogs to Kan sas City Monday. Mr. Anderson, the National Biscuit salesman, was in town today. Except in the field of noise, a baby la the most helpless creature. -A doctor's confidence do ^sB 't de-' —Tell ir Wants to SMM thru Just received a car of Cherokee Deep Shaft Lump Coal FREE from rocks and impurities. Only $3.25 on car at M. K. & T. tr^ck, or delivered for only $3.75 if taken while unloading car. lOU JUNK Company Phone 317 409 N.Jeff. L. E. HORVILLE, Pres. W. S. KAUFM'AX, ind Vke-Pres. J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. A. W. BECK, Vice-Pres. , F. 0. BENSON, Asst Cashier TOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $2^,000.00 Surplus 15,000.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME pEPOSITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB REJiT. THOS. H. BOWLUS, President. J. f. SCOTT, Cashier lOLA. KANSAS. I Allen County Stat^ Bank ESTABLISHED A QUARTER OF A CENTURY Capital $ 30,000.00 Surplus €000.00 Deposits •. 550.000.00 INTEBEST PAID OX TIME DEPOSITS. / SAFETY DEPOSIT B0XES FOB RENT Northrup National lOLA, KANSAS. Bank OVER FORTY TEARS OF CONSERVATIVE BANJilNG IN lOLA. Depositor} for the Ualted States, the State of Kansas, »Bd Alien Coanty OFFICERS. E. J. MILLER, President MELVI.N FRONK, Cashier.^ L. L. NORTHRUP, Vice -Prest. J. L. JOKES, Assistant Cashier. ' CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURSPLtJS $20,000.00 INTEREST PAQ) ON TIME DEI

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