The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 5, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1892
Page 4
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MATIIKRa. us u wius WHO, wun iron win, nau taken mailers into his own hand from tlio moment lie had discovered the crime —lio who hud administered chloroform to her la tlio very instant of her return to coiiHcionsiit'ss, Bolliutslie had scuroo- ly lull one punt; ere sinking into oblivion; iiml this lio had donu HO ruthlessly, so entirely against Uio doctor's commands, that liu had been warned by him that it would bu minder ii Hhu died I will abide by tlio iasue,".ilr. Kyie had said, and lliu whole nijrlit lliion^h never leit hur aide, till with lliu slriitf- ,'lin/dawn had eouie u new lil 'o, and Madcap had awakened to tliat c .iso of body that in eruiflly hurt people HO of ten piecrilus dealli. ii a pan-; seized his heart to think that Boiuewliero she Would awaken ouely, unprepared, not looking lo tlio .•lory beyond, but backward, slrolclim;.. out tier arms to tho.10 dear ones from whom alio had M 't out Willi no word of irlin^, ho piittlieliiounhtby—alio had no am lo rtpeut 01— others could pray .or her, and deep tluwu in tlio man's miliburii Heart saddled vague iiiarti- „-u. ale cnes—it is by our human utluo- uoua that wosuugglouplo thosespirit­ ual yearnitiRs in which wo recognize (jod. "I'm BO tired," sho said, "but I don't want 10 fall asleep just yet—it soema almost wicked to bo so perfectly happy, as if ono must be paid out lor it by mid by— there was only one little thing, and that lias com;) straight too, just in time —but I'll tell you about that when I wako up—and you won't be angry with her any more. And you'll toll Frank how well I am, and how happy—some how I had an instinct last ni„'ht, that something was going to happen—I'm afraid my littlo baby won't bo very strong at first," sho added wistfully, 'but we'll take such euro of her—you and I—and you always thought you could love something that was like tuel" "How quiet you are," sho said, alter a little pause, in which tlio ecstasy of spirit that possessed her, rose higher; "but you've had a long, trying night- lay your head down on my shoulder, and we'll botli go to sleep— hut I should like to see the children lirst." 'They shall come presently," he said, selfish in his love for her to Hie last, and grudging each priceless moment that was not given to himself. 'How fond they will bo of her," she said, a faint .smile gathering 011 her autiful, wan lips; "anil wneu X get up, 1 shall bu able lo run nbmit, mid jump and play as I used to ilowh.-n you called me your Madcap, and I'll lead you lo many a dance yet," the dimples showed in her while cheeks— "i >nt you 'll catch mo up, as you always did, 'however much 1 might seem to get ahead at first and Christmas is coining, the happiest Christmas I shall ever have known." Would it bo? O, Godl if he could only 00 sure of that—if ho could only know that however miserable himself, somewhere she was happy—his one earthly stako had been her happiness, and if he won that, at whatever cost to himself he might surely be reckoned a man not worsted by fate, but victorious, since upon himself only fell the ptiuisliineut of ' ' ' nt!ino .i9i |i uojanoqiou nr>m jo^rr} 9Ai:s.. •i(S!iiS[iu sti( ui'pnopi pp:s oi[ c /.fh!iipii]V '"'om BAHM Soil piiioo OA'O| Aui ||« OR puv,. •uoiji p«ot| HIT] ojtli HIUIIO }iHU BHIM IIOIH et|i ojijAv i !Koi |i .woipiiuog •Oipib pnptll IM!|I{ v>.{ VIII pillnf) 7».|M.;t| J.»f( im P.Jffff (»'(! pny Vl^N pun oilmi jtt || ni KH.U oi|g !eq o.\0| oiuj A *ui J.1,011 pim>.> npij, —M\\ uodn pe •7)00)01)8 n vifluoii'i en; 'pn .iiiiua \»»\ oi|n ff.ili|.u nod 11 511111 }o Qiii| 'p.iiji pi :i[ 0t|S t|V !(ip 01)1 JO 10}j •Still Kit) tit) )M|p 'Xjiot) p|oo n)vtl jni| <q JIIO.W'H OI nuioa put) ot| ititn i()t:o oin pill! S>.MI (l ||HJ 1BUUI B.11W1 OX "IIHS J1001H ))tll! '.l.))iptlllS OA [K[llAllO.'> OtIO OAlljl 3 JlJOlf «t 11 MOll^ joq UIOJ; uou)i oiii pa;jn X|i 'uu3 on REMARKABLE WILLS! When Sonic l'coplc Die. They Seom to Delight in Mist Hy­ ing Everybody. NEW SIAMESE TWINS. had no more to do with the crime than herself. If it had already crossed more than one mindtlmtshe herself, with Digges's assistance, had committed the crime, no one dared utter the accusation in her presence; though when she was alone an awful look of fear came Into her face, and a shuddering memory of the gallows she had seeti erected for Janet Stork, took possession of her mind. All that day justice waited, or moved in the wrong direction, while the search . Sl r ,™m , ?.? ?1, J R , li ' ,lnom, * lw ?? cnrrle(1 As All Instance, Jeremy Hcntliiun on from attic to cellar, with the excep- ' ' J (t Carts Colds.Courhl.Bare Throat,Croap ,lBfl««B- ia,Whcoping Cough, Bronohitiiand Aiithmk. 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HOOK o of nilntuuluu* «ui«« >on* fill K Ten Days Trea ment Furnished Free •)» Mall. H.I, mm» MIS. mcutua HUIIA IUMM his sin. 'I think I could sleep now," she said: and her voice was weaker than it had been a few minutes 11:40; "but you'll call the children tirsc——" ttieri lay with her eyes lixed on tho door, listening for the little footsteps that soon were heard approaching, i)ody came dancing in, half drossod, and ran to her, liuigliiuir, but Donne, who understood better, stood just within tho threshold, his lip hanging and liia iieart pierced by n trouble that lie only vaguely understood liody had climbed upon the bed, and thrown his arms round her neck, then crept under the coverlid, ami drawing It up about his neck, tried to nestle to her side, and shut his eyes, "Seep wiz mummy!" lie said. "Is '00 quito comf tile':" he added, wishing tlmthis father would take his annaway. and so let him creep tho closer to her Bide. Sho pressed the little curly head to her bosom, and kissed it; then beckon ed to Donne, who came slowly, and looking at her with un earnestness that somehow threw a- now light on his character, aud made her kiss him all the more tenderly for the thought that hitherto she had undervalued his affection, When Josephine had placed n little white bundle in her arms, sho whispor- ed to Mr. Eyre, "You'll kiss her Hist;" and this he did, but stooping his head In such fashion that Bho could not seo his lace, while on either side of her the ilttlo brothers with awo on tha mysterious atom that father had actually condescended to kiss. You've got a sister, my sweethearts," she said, as Doily came olose, and looked in tlio tiny face that already seemed to have something of her own look; "and youUl lovo her, and be kind to her " But whilo Dody tried to take the luiby out of Madcap's arms, Douno stood aloof, somehow convinced that it was the cause of his mother's looking so sick; and when Iter arms relonsei: their hold, and the two boys were led away, ho was sure she must be very ill. or Dody's sobs would liavo wakened her. Sho supposed th.'.t sho must have fallen into a slumber, when, after space, Bho awoke and found hersetf alone witli Mr. Eyre, his ann still wound about hur side, his head lying on her breast Ho asked if she were in any pain; but as the wife of I'ootus, who, with calm smile and death-wounded Iieart, whispered to her lord, " hurts not," so Madcap, who knew no hurt, laughed and answered, that sho had never felt so well, or so supremely happy, as now; then, ns a child who nestles itself closer to tho bosom of its mother, too weary even to lift its lips lor agood-ulghtkiss. Madcap foil asleep. cnAiTisri xvi. Tlio cormo Is onlin below our knoe, (Tlio M>lrJl lu-ljrlil nliovo 11100, Dulwruu thum worse limn either, wo Wltli'iui tho rust and glory; Ho uhHul.OGcHll Pody and Doune had been kept olose prisoners all the morning, and could not think why so many people kept coining and going, and why tho villagers came to the door to sob and cry —Dody was sure they would disturb his mother, who was' still nsloop, thoy told him, and must not he wakv-ued. nut in cne servnuts uimier-nour, he esoaped into the Borden.and there picked as big a nosegay of llow^rs us he could find. He was some time choosing a linndfui to hta taste, and wondered at the liberty as ho ran hither and Uiither.till he had Rot it to his mind, a hen he 1 crept up stairs, aud sat down outside hia mother's door, waiting till she should wake up, and open it. lie wiBlied that lie had not got such dreadful pain in bis oheat—It made him cough, and he had been told to be very quiet; but presently be would see mummy, and she, wuuld; take Uttu In he anus, Rjud^^ciulA-KiwIiim, aud then A IJrt^tMdJfllteUtJJr for awhile, then ft WU18P9P-- diiopnrc 'Pttl-w uodn poq out pntpvojiJ -tin >|ii!U,.t '11 puiipiil P|i'P npi'l :>i|11""' u.itlo joop oijj 1n1.11 'iinin '..C |);i .ui|> ^.niq oq ppio.w 0t| JO.) "ltl01 |llM ptllllH UIIt( op«n VinunipiKio vni iiiit.woii^ •pui! 'Joop t-.jninom BII| 01 ){.m\ Apod pot.t.uia on •io }|tittn 01 HiMO uipi pnA .i.Miim ouainni pwi| 31 ili )ti|.vv linn op oi iuti| 111 .i.i.wod otn naj i(uii.ijX ' ttisAxo.nd vii) uni|.w ^uq '.ajt.M pun ptn:qKiit|.ioj p .'J 'tth. .1 oq pjnoAV OAV.lJl 0110 311(1 A"|.'M|| p.-Uli'i S 11 Wl |l OB 'qitMp pun oji[ ixi.n 'ioq ^ti . I-'AOIJ tuooj ix.ui *)in 111 StiiX| iiq .won ion ppioAV oq ' OAcqpiuoj OJA^I -jpc J! s;di ;tiJi >,j "'«n no.< OAOI A"prfT pun'ito.C wo; Xiumniu :£y[ 01 uo.f aj(i| ion A'uitiiiiui,, :.)OI;J s ,5 |iiia k i 1 I UIKS|> I 'Api'cr puis ,,'^H 1 ."°(I-> 'IIOtilMJ BII| p .lAIIM XpiVqoJtl 111111 BJ «a} jo imu ii tit j-nildi'tis sti.w unuq puu iJtiaq' uodn inv .iis nt|i 'hiujimni u; dn £\»>(X iqiliuio '^UVIJI nv. juq—Xpoq pjoo jaq 110 uio 1.HM11 Kiq A'J.I puqo li:t |'l iiooB piiq ot( JI utM|i Xplaap njoiu ijcaq B i uuiniliuu)Xi!oo.iaidp|Ui)i|H 'Jaq HiuptiB jo oouapiiuoo nilj 111 ouniii jaq pnoju Slinpio 'Kpiivq Htq lit (.'JOAiori qijAt J9 -iliom puop Biij oi liuiiiiiiu ' PUHD Xddnq OIWH « JO iqiliB oqi XqAt AIOII>| i,uop 1 .^..uatJAvAiiu jaq naas noX OAiiq,, 's ,5 |tiv.i k .i oiui vpuiiq BJIJ paddtiB 011 su 'XnsaujiM S UIMPU ,,tJon horeV" He covered his face with his hands, then, with one last long look, replaced the linen, and left the room "You has been a welly long time," said Dody, sighing, as Frank lifted him in his arms, and thought it but another vexatious delay when, half way down stairs, Frank unused, and laid his ear against tho chilli's chest to listen II was hut a slight sound that ho hoard; but it seemed to come from Frank's own breast, as herlaspeil Dody ni'ur r to him, and asked liiui if liu had any pain. "Oh, yes," said Dody. wrinkling up Ids nose with an air of t'oinripieiice, and laying his hand on the bo .iiuunf hi frock; "Hiinilin" here, lint mummy '11 make it well for me," hu added, nod "ing. "Mummy is asleep," said Frank, •'and Dody would not liko to vex her, and Frank will stay with him, and play ames;" he paused, groaning, and turn t!d aside—he could mil hear the child's lear eyes upon him, and thought himself turning into a woman, so incapable was ho of self-control. Dut she'll wako up bimol>y,"sait! Doily, with perfect faith; "and we'll take her tho nosegay," ho added, even whilo Frank noted that the (lowers had already withered in the grasp of tho lit­ tlo feverish hand. He carried him to the nursery, wher Josephine silt, crying bitterly, whilo Douno stood besido her, frowning, and the very picture of revolt. I'll Aw him," ho said, stamping his foot, and without perceiving Frank naughty Digges to hurt my mumuia when I'm a big man I'll sliool him dead;" then all at once threw himself face downward on the ground, crying out, "Mother, mother!" Dody running to him Bhowing him his nosegay, telling him that they would both go to see mummy presently; but Doune thrust him away. You're too little," ho said; "you can't understand. Sim's dead!" I "No," said Dody, "grandpapa's dead, I mummy put lowers over his head; but mummy's only gone to sleep, Frank says so. Didn't you, Frank?" Frank turned aside ami asked for pon ftnd ink, and sat down with Dody on his knee, who watched him with deepest interest 11s ho wroto a telegraphic message K> the most famous doctor of tho dav for disoases of the chest. But," said Josephine, who had looked over his shoulder, "the other doctor will be hero BOOH for master. Can he not prescribe also for Master Dody?" But Frank shook his head; and hav- ingdispalclied tlio mossago, returned to Dody, who was rapidly developing every symptom of inllammatinn of the lungs, and long before nightfall was tossing in his bed, the withered flowers still firmly clutched in his burning hand, his little, unceasing, wistful E laint for his mother piereing Frank's eart. IIo was weary of tolling the child that she slept, and Douno's ab- sonce(l'or ho had mysteriously disappeared, and could not be found either in the house or grounds) caused him a new anxiety. Aud alono, in tho room adjoining Madcap's, Mr. Kyro lay, struck down by the hand of God at the very moment he most inquired his strength, his stertorous breathing alone giving sign that he was numbered still in the ranks of the living. The great man, who arrived I'rom London that afternoon, co'.ild give small hope of him. II1 feared serious apoplexy, and that Mr. Eyra might die unconscious; but thero was no likelihood of a chmi go for probably unothor twenty-four hours. . J-tUter in the dav oamn another visitor to the nouse, who toon Dody on his knee, and asked to see his toys, listening, as if iu-play, to his chest; then after awhile, laid him gently baok in his little bed, ami thinking Frank the father, told tho truth. The child might live three days, it was possible that he would not last out two. There was lung mischief of long standing, precipitated into violent inflammation by a severe chill. Dody smiled, and waved his hnnd to the groat man when ho went away, but during the night began to wander, mid by daybreak liad gcii'e a long, long step of the journey that was to tako him to nis mother. They had found Douno at last, rigid with coltl and grief, beneath the sheet by Madcap's side—her chill hand in both his own, his aching head pressud to the bosom that would never shelter or warm him any moro. Hut ho did not resist when they brought him away, nor did Dody's illness seem to move him— he crept into the darkest comer of tho nursery, thrusting away tho food they would have had him eat. Frank realized then, as lie had never done before, the Intense power of loving that lay in that little heart,and know how of the two, Dody's lot was tho happier. The tnmu It of! confusion and horror without, at the orlme committed, oould not penetrate to the sick-chamber in which, night and day, Frank sat, lie would see no one, take no stops to assist justice; for him the sick fancies of the dyliiB ohild wore of more momnnr tt>«- trtan tna ormguig to aeatn trie slayer of his lost Madcap; and all day long, fasting and BleeplesB, ho looked at the panorama of Dody's short young life that the child's babblings unrolled to his gaze—all the great little events of his three years, all told—his childish troubles, ioy», thoughts—each seoret 0! the little orystal mind laid bare before birn, I wonder how many there are of us who oould bear such a scrutiny us that to whlou a child unconsciously abandons itself. We slide our impulses or dtBgulae them, but the child tins 110 art to nlde his. If we had time to pause and study tho drumn of the Phlld, we should no longer dream of Qpd but uuderbtund lllmi and su'long as there is «uiunpQunt little pne in our mlilafc-.Ouiwi. In nnK nna umnillr 11A UlllA tion of that room in wliich the dead lay anil tho nursery. As tho night drew on, Dody became much worse, and wundorod more—talked of his little kitten, begging Joseph ine to tako care of it whilo lie was away, and lay it in her bod each night to keep it warm—thought it was prayer-time, and repeated a verso of his evening hymn, breaking off into a merry laugh ns ho cried out, "8<tw the Princess of Wales, mummy!" then, as though in answer to some question of his mother, added earnestly, "She looked very U'ffl'jt"— babbled of his little baby-girl, and of how ho would wheel her about in his littlo "pram"—whispered in Frank's oar that he was going to get up early to pick mummy a birthday flower, but ho must not tuU'Douue; then, ns he f ;rew weaker, talked less, but lay quiot- y in Frank's arms, patiently enduring thoso useless rem. di. s that had been ordered, and that gradually the young man ceased, feeling tliem to bo a needless cruelty. Douno looked on with a bursting heart, ho knew they were going to put his mother in a great black boxiiko tho one Unit had taken away grandfather, and ho feared thoy wore going to tako Dody away in it too. Hut mother was silent, and Dody could talk and laugh- perhaps it was all a ugly dream, and no would Vako up to-uiorrow to find everything just ns usual—ami ho climbed into his brother's bed at Wstnnd fell asleep beside him. But as tlio night advanced Dody grew rapidly worse, and Frank, who had sent Josephine to be 1, took tho littlo restless body in his anas anil walked with him to and fro. In the deadest hour of the night, when tho silent house showed from the outside but three lights from its windows, for the living, tho unconscious, and tlio dead, Frank heard footsteps coining heavily up tlio stono steps from the garden, aiid a moment after a hand groping for the lock. His heart beat so violently thnt Dody stirred in his uneasy doze; in that moment ho knew the awful fear that had haunted him, and which now took shapo in what stood without, not daring to knock and demand admission. For awhile ho stood rigid, his eyes fixed on tho door, half expecting it, though locked, to part and disclose a terrible figure to his oyes; but tho moments passed, and an absolute silonce prevailed. Ilosat down with the child in his arms, and moistened the feverish lips with a cooling drink, carefully covered up tho little burning limbs, all with no sign of haste, but intensely conscious of ono thing only, that outside that locked door something crouched, aud ho must seo it. Ho crossed the room nnii laid Dody down by his brother's side, nnd Doune, half waking, clasped his arms about him, BO that they looked but two happy littlo lads fallen asleep on 0110 pillow as Frank turned away. IIo lifted a corner of tlio blind nnd saw opposite him the light burning in the room in which his lost, his murdered Madcap lav; his heart grew cold as ice. and tho blood seemed to stagnate, imtl grew chill in his veins ns ho moved toward the door; and after a minute, in which his hand refused its olllce, unlocked tho outer door, and set it open. Something raised itself up. and camo Blowly toward him, then falling back, said, m a hollow, starvod voice, like ono 111 whom the life has sunk too low to furnish strength with which to cry out— "I wanted Josephine." Bv the light that came through the ooor oeiunu mm, lie saw nor plainly— haggard, wild-faced, and travel-stained, whilo about her right hand, outstretched as in fear, was tied a handkerchief soaked through and through with blood As ho Btood ,not speaking,butwithhis arms outstretched as barrier to her entrance, a change camo over her features; she tottered, and almost fell, then- He is dying—ho is datd!" she cried. IIo is ill," said Frank; "but why do you come to him liko a thief in the night? Where linvo you been nil yesterday and to-day?" Sho half looked over her shoulder to that light which burned in the opposite wing, then with n shudder and gasping cry. pushed past him, and ran into the nursery, where, seeing the little brothers asleep, and leaning their heads to each other, sho foil down on her knees besido thorn, uttering a faint "Thank Godl" Outcast, and a something intangible that in Frank's eyes shnpod itself to guilt, wore written on her iace whon she looked up and mot his eyos; then, ns one whose thoughts escape nor, she said, in a whisper— "She's dead. Do thoy know who killed her?" He came near to her; then said—his loathing eyos glancing at nnd away from her blood-stained hand— "Go now—escape before it is too late —for hor sake—because thero must be no scandal over her grave. I will let you go; to-morrow it may bo too late to Iiido yourself from Mr. Eyre." She looked at him vacantly, almost with the expression of an imbecile; and the thought crossed his mind that she was indeed mad, and not accountable for her deeds; but in the same moment Dody 'B painful breathing arrested her attention, and she cried fiercely, aa she Bpriing up, nnd bent over tho child— "He's more than ill, he's dying. What have you done to him while I've boon away?" Sho stooped to lift him, but Frank put her aside. "Can you touch him with those hands?" he added, certain by now that they wore stained with Madcap's blood. Sho looked down at them tor a moment; then as Frank took the child in his nnns she fell on hor knees, with a terrible cent urn of lomrino-— (To be continued.) Wanted to be a Scien­ tific Mummy. The (Jueer Testament of a queen Wlio Desired llur Doe- tors Killed. A remarkably curious will has Just uuen pubiisned—so rcuiurkuble, Indeed, Uiul it lxngUl Weil bo added to lUu already copious catalogue, of eccentric documeuls of tins iiuluru. i'hu lesia- ior f uucurUlui; lo uiu Loudon 'iVlejjrapli, was u wino 11101 chain, of Bristol, who lot', purbouullty valued at u lUUu lojfc? iluin illi.UOl). lie bctiucilictl ouo-hult ol Ws property In trust to seciuo an annuity 01 ilOO lo nis wilu during her widownood, and directed Uiut Uiu other moiety should Lie divided iulo 11s many idiarcs us ho hud children, lur whuiu, unui Uiey respectively utuiuied tlio utfo 01 10 years, tuo trustees are lo provide plain loud, simple clothing, and uuru necessaries," togeUier Willi u sound, pruclical educuuon ill u day sellout or uoarduig school. At Ihe conclusion oi lireir ucuolastiu course Uio boys ate uul 10 nave any payment mado on Uieit ueUaif, ci.cci)tmg sucli as may be re- Hinsiiu lor leuclinig mum sumo houesi u'udu or uanuicruii, just as 11 they were Uio children ol suiuu wurkiugiuun who had only lelt behind hiin a cerluln sum 10 pay lor the educaUou oi hi.s jllsprmg. 11, however, any oho ol the lads Is lounti 10 display exceptional capacity ior a profession, such as 10 give promise uiul he would gam distinction lucrum, Uio tiustees are auUioiuud lo spare 110 expense 111 his uaiiung lo. such prolessioii, and niay oven, 11 uiey ihhiti it desirable, Uench on. Uiu capital ot his shore; but 11 any ouu child, owing 10 continued ul-heallh, sunuid i"-' incapacitated lioni earning ins own uv- ing, Uio U'uslees may apply part oi ihe incouio oi ins share lo his niiiiuiuiuiiice. On niuihiiug the ago ol ^0 years each sou and daughter is lo receive his 01 her share ol Uio leslalur's properly ol which, however, may bo deierred, il •j.rcumsiances ilemaud it, lor another two years. This, perhaps, unprecedented win would nut on Uio laco oi it appear 10 comprise any clauses couiniiy 10 public poUcy, such us Uiosu which pariiu- inunt contemplated when in lsuo Uio so-culled Xhuilussoii uct wus passed, ru- suuuilng tesuilors Iroui devising theli properly tor purposes of uccuiuulauon lor moro Uuui twenty-ono years alter their death. Wlii-n Out- 14 Hurl I In* Othi-r M IIM I <-ry Iriiin syinpiilli.v. The new Slameso twins do not come from Shun. They are natives of Orissa, In India, nnd tho following description Is sent by 11 correspondent, whf saw them Uio oUier day In _ I'oonn. Thoy aro to appear In 1893"at tho world's fair, In Chicago. Tho names of the children nm IUull- ca anil Doddleu. Tho two littlo girls art- three and a half years old, nnd am really pretty children. Tho peculiarity of tiielr connection Is Unit Uiore Is n flexible bony nttncliinont from breast to breast, and below this Uiero 1B visceral conu'.'ctlou. Thero Is only one navel. 'Hie children were born In a caul, If food Is given to ono tho other la satisfied, and If nietllcluo Is administered to ono the other Is affected, but not to the samo extent ns tho one to which It was glvou. The most curious clrcumBtnnco is that when n sentence Is begun by ono child the oUier frequently finishes It When sleeping ono child lies on her back and the oUier on her side, which gives an Idea of the great flexibility of the connection. The children aro very good friends and seldom quarrel, but when younger their proceedings were not marked by that unanimity which they have since discovered to bo essential to their circumstances. I As might bo expected, when their | relation becamo strained, thero was i -oiisiilerablo tension between them, but when It gradually dawned upon their Infantllo Intelligence thnt when one was hurt tho other had to cry out of sheer sympathy a mutual understanding was arrived at Unit "rows" should be discontinued, anil now balmy ponce reigns supreme. For their age, the twins nro particularly Intelligent They have ten taught English for tho lust three mouths, nnd although Uiey do not speak more than a fow simple words, they seem to understand It fairly well alriady. Tho twins havo excited n gootl deal of Interest among Uio medical profession In India, and thero Is Utile doubt that their appearance in London nnd In America will bo welcomed by scientists no less than by the unscleiitilic sightseers. introductory topic of conversation In plnco of tlioco graceful and nlry nothings of which tho French aro masters, the art of saying which eludes most Amerlenn tongni-s. Furthermore, thero are soinp people who can talk nbout the weather with more HOUHO than on any other subject." It Is much bettor to speak wltb unili-mtnnillng of the probability ol showers, Uio quarter In which tho wind Is lying, or (lie remarkable miiifilibm of day before yesterday, than to discuss boldly the respective merlt« of various pictures with no moro knowledge of art than was recently displayed by 11 pretentious young woman. Standing before a lately-completed portrait she said to the painter. In a gush of enthusiasm, "I do think your foreshortening of the skin tints is perfectly wonderful!" The artist says that he Is still tillable to dwell upon this extraordinary statement without a flight, feeling of dizziness and confusion. A similar sensation was caused in the breast of a musician by the recent glibly-expressed opinion of n young per- sou who, discouraging upon music, said firmly. "Beethoven's sonatas are not nearly as pretty as tho Straus? waltzes." A I i.ll.-Ki. I'l |»I, Irnt liASCAs -rr .it. 1'u.. (let. :r.i. — ltev. (If... W. Wiiliird, president of the Krsinns col lege, formerly president of Hi -idi-!- burg college, Tillln, Ohio, has ln -t -ii married here to Miss Mary K. liorm'- ley. l>r. Willartl is S3 years old and his bride is 73. TvniiAHRffn l.uniltt 'r Cotnpmiy Annlsrn C HATTANOOGA, Trim., Oct. 29.—The Morri'on I.umber, company assigned to-day. Liabilities s:ir >,000. It is feared that other lumber disasters In this sec tlon will follow. August Flower" "What is August Flower for?" As easily answered as asked. It is for Dyspepsia. It is a special remedy for the Stomach and Liver.— Nothing more than this. We believe August Flower cures Dyspepsia. Wc know it will. We have reasons for knowing it. To-day it has an honored place in every town and country store, possesses one of the largest manufacturing plants in the country, and sells everywhere. The reason is simple. It docs one thing, and does it right. It cures dyspepsiaB PLEASANT -Mi POETS LAUREATE. is wiiu HUM- lli-lil Hi.- (llllii- siiii-i- Ii* i ;«l;|l,ll-luiH in. Mm nUtt<r<fll(!<', Tho ottior day when a horso drawing a onrtrul of coal got staleed on West street, tho pnbllo was promptly on hand with advloo. "Put on the iwhlpl" shouted the driver of'tin express wagon. "Take him by the head!" added 11 truckman. "If that was my boss," added a man with a bundle of clothes uuder his arm, "IM tie a cloth over bis eyes. I seen It tried a hundred times, and 11 makes them pull their best" "Don't believe it," said a man with 11 caue. "I've owned horses all my life and I've had same bad ones among thorn, The only thing to do Is to blow Into his right ear." "You mean the left," said a man with a very thin voice. "No, I don't; I mean tho right ear, I've tried It often enough, I guess." A crowd of flflfty people bud gathered and now the driver got down aud looked tha ground over, pne wheel was down In a rut. He stood looking at it, hl» hand on the howou hip, and every body around bun teudeH'Jflg him ftdyioe, wheu.ft wwte f# mm#m? nirnt -and one of them nn1l«l.Mil— i It will bo remembered that i'eter Isaao xnclimssou, a uiereUunL ol bwibs exiracUou, who bad long carried ou a prosperous Uustutss iu l .uuoou, wuu mod in li'JT, leil a bundled thousand pounds lo Ills widow and children, mid Uiu residue uf bis properly—uioru than MiUO.OOO— ho tell to trustees to acctiiiiu lulu during Uio Uvea of bis Uiicu suns and the lives ol llieir bulla; Uieu ino estates directly 10 be pmcnased wiui the produce of Uio accumulated 1111HI2 wore to bo conveyed lo Uio eldest | lineal nialo descendeut of nis Uireu sous, with the beuelit oil suivivalsliiii. t'elcr Tbellussoii's win led 10 prouaci .-d and costly liiiijuuuu, winch waa not concluded unui H>oJ, wlieii iln: Joug-pondiui; iruosilous were decided ou un appeal lo Uio hou&c oi lur as; bul 11 wus suited when Ihelr lordiiUips' decision was given, thai, owing lo Uio im- uicnso suiiis spent In luynl cosUi, inc value of the estate did not very givui/ ly exceed tho sum to which 11 had umounuil sixty-two years previously. This colossal scheme lor accumulatun; wealth beyond Uio dreams ol avanuu may or uiuy not huvo been original, but, curious to relate, ruler TUellus- sou's idea wus made uso of by Kugene Suo in his romance or "The Wandering Jow." A normally lurgo sum ol money wus supposed to Uuvo been uccuuiului- lug at compound Interest for upward of two centuries, uud Uio mainspring of tho plot wus u conspiracy on Uiu part of tho Jesuits to get hold of ibis tremendous pocuiiuiu. Tho general 01 tho JesulUi did ut lust succeed In clinching tho precious packet of securities representing this untold U 'cusure, Uul hu wus unuwiu'u of tho contents of ihu puree!, which wus accidentally burned, uud the untold treasure vanished into Uio inliiilUos. Tho most curious uud perhaps Uio most spiteful will on record Is that of Queen AusU-iglidti, comiort of ivhig G OU U TUU, who by hur nuncupative or verbal testumeut enjoined hor husband lo slay nnd bury in tho same gruvo with horself the two physloluus who hud uttouded to her majesty during hor lust Illness. Scarcely less vludloUvu wus tho will of tho soliish husband, who forbade his wife to marry a second time, concluding with tho threat: "If she disobeys mo 1 will come again, If I can." Quito at Uio opposite polo of seuUment wus Uio direcUou of the married woman, who predeceased her husband, to her executors, to seek out some nice, good, pretty girl who would uiuko uu uffcotloiialo second wife to her spouso. KoceuU'lclty, and nothing else, distinguish Uio (Will proved in 1724 of Henry Trigg of Stouugo, In Uio eotmty of Hertford, grocer, who directed thut bis body should bo committed to tho west end of his hovel, to bo decently laid there upon a floor erooted by his executors; and only sixty yours ago, It is said, the hones of Mi'. Trigg still remained vmburlod in tho ratters at die west end of Ids hovel aforesaid. A provision quits on bizarre, was made In the will of the philosophic Jeremy Benthum, who enjoined his oxeouton to embalm his corpse and dress it In tho clothes whloh he was accustomed to wear in bis lifetime hi order that be might form the text of a lecture to bo delivered annually at u literary institute held at a sohool of uuutomy In Windmill street, Huyuwket, On the oowelon of one of the lectures on Jeremy Bentham's mummy the venerable phlLpsopber 'shead fell off imd oinno to UTemedlflWe grief, whereupon ou artJ- H M l,ly »J TVHB rnnrjalnrl 111 wllg 1>T A vt-rsilicutor regis was appointed by Henry ill., VJM>, with 1UO shillings salary. Chaucer was appointed laureate bj Kit-hard 11. about 13S0. .I0I111 Kay was appointed to the laurel by KdWiird IV. about 1-1!)^. Andrew lhcnard was the laureate In the reign of Henry VII., beginning 14S5. iloliu Skelton was appointed to follow lScrnnrd by Henry Vll. about 1514. I'Mmui.d Spenser was appuiuted by Queen i'Jli/abelh about lOSS'J. Samuel Daniels was appointed by silt eccd Spenser about 1U00. lieu Johnson was the appointee of Charles 1. hi l(hil). William Davouaut followed lu 1037, appointed by Charles I. John Dryden was appointed in 1070 by Charles II. Nullum Tale was appointed by \VU- Ham ill. iu lotrd. Nicolas Itowo was appointed by Ceorge I. in 1714. Lawrence Kusden was made laureate by ti'eorgo I. in 1711). Colley Cibbler was appointed by Ueorgo 11. in 1730. William Whitehead was appointed In 175S by George II. Thomas Win ton was made laurcatu in 17S5 by (iecrge 111. Henry James l'yu was appointed by George 111. in 17i)0. Hubert Soiuliey was appointed by the prince ivgt-nt in 1S13. William Wordsworth was appointed by Victoria in 1S13. Alfred Tennyson was ti| pointed by Victoria lu ISTiO. Chaucer was the lirst who received nn allowance of wine; granted in 1S31), Hen Johnson's salary was £100 and tierce of Canary wine. On Sonthey appointment in 1813 the tierce was commuted Into nn annual payment of V2~ in addition to the salary of £100. How's Tills I Wc offer Ono Hundred Dollar* Reward for ny case uf Catarrh Unit cannot be cured by "ull'tt Ciitiirrli Cure. F. .1. I 'llKNEY & CO., Prop*., Toledo, O. Wc, the uiidrrKlh 'iii'd, have known V. J Cheney fur Hie taut 15 yearn, ami believe hlra ii-rfet -lly liiiiiorntilo in all buMnerw transac- 118 anil tlnancially able to carry out any bimtueKS obligations made by llieir llrm. West tfe Truax, Wholesale Druiririata, Toilo, O., Walding, Klnnan A Mariin holesale Druuglflta, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the bloml and mueooi surfaces of the system. Price, 75c. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonial* free. In 1823 a patent was Issued to Jeremiah Bailey, of Pennsylvania, fur a mowing machine, and lie eonslriu -Li -il two machine* the same year. It Is believed thai Uteae were the first ever maile. HINDOO WOMEN. Iti-nuu-Uulilf lot- Tiit-li' Ut-iiuly TIiiuiK llavlnu Ititi-liiti-li- (-0KI11111H. The women of Uie dark-skinned Hin­ doo nice aro remarkable for their phy sleal beauty. Below the medium height (from 11 Kuropeun standpoint) their carriage Is erect uud exceedingly graceful. The long, swinging motion which they affect iii walking is prodib etl by llieir habit of currying all kinds of merchandise ou ihe head. The lllu doo head Is small anil Uio face la relined, wllh delicately chiselled features, Tho bitii', "woman's crowning glory, Is blue-black anil very abundant. It Is worn parted in the center and drawn down straight behind the ears, being colled nl Ihe back of Uie head lu :i heav knot. Thoy practice tho barbaric custom of piercing the nose, through whluh a gold or silver ring Is inserted. The lingers of the small black hands are usually covered with rings of various kind while silver bracelets adorn the slender wrists. Kings are worn also fremienlly on the toes, and the women arc seldom seen without heavy silver anklets. The single garment worn by the Hin­ doo women consist of 11 long scurf, al ways of some while material, which dexterously woven about tho body until It forms a skirl uud what looks like a sleveless Jacket. Their eitsto 1» denoted by the color M' the mark which the priest of tho Brahman religion places each morning their foreheads. CHATTER. Sore tlirout nnii iiroiu-liiu! affections are leetlily relieved anil clfcctniilly cured by le use of Unit safe uml reliable remedy, Dr. B II II 'K Cough Syrup. II has stood tbi teat of half a century. Probably the nearest rudder on that made for the torpedo boat VtUearn. was forgod in a single pleca, aad wtiffci twenty -two tons. Untie lu Look Like Netr, DreRfi'S, Oent 'B Clothing, Feathers, Glove*, lc, lived or Cleaned, Plush Garment* Slcameil, at Otto Plctch's Dye Works,3U1 W Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. l'lie women physicians uf Phlladclphl are credited with receiving very large in comes for their services. Some avera (10,000 a year, others $110,000. Willi Flyg Cream Balm a child can bo rented without pnln and with perfect safety fry the remedy. It cures Catarrh. My son has been afflicted with nasal ca tarrh since quite young. I was Induced to try Kly's Cream Halm, and before lie had used one bottle thai disagreeable catarrliu smell hail all left him. Hu appears as we as any une. it is tlio best catarrh remedy 1 the market.—J. C. Olmstead, Areola, 111. One of my children had a very bad tils, charge from her nose. Two physicians pre scribed, but without benefit. Wo tried Kly 'i Cieam lliilin, and, much to our surprise, lliciu was u marked Improvement. Wo continued using the Ualm and In a short lime the discharge waB cured.—O. A. Cary, Corning, N. Y. Apply Halm Into each nostril. It Is Quickly Absorbed. (Jives Itelior at once. Price 50 cents at Druggists or by mall. ELY llhOTHEHS, ofl Warren St., New York. If we could penetrate the earth's aurfaeo to a distance of two miles we would find the place where wuter could uot exist except lu Uiu state of ateuui. THE NEXT MORNING 1 FEEL BRIGHT AN! NEW AND Ntf COMPLEXION IS BETTER. Mr doctor uyn It ncta pent I T on tha itomarb, llrm »nd kltineyi. nn 'l inn plPRsont laxatlTe. ThU drink U made from herhft, and Is prepared forUM aa eaallj utoa. It In called LAKE'S MEDICINE All ilrii|i^i<l> aril it al :AK- ind |l ]«r [>Maif*. If yon ranntM Mt n-n.l rour atldrtat for t f>M Mm pit.. Uin'l Timttj ItdUM* DTia Ua bawtl* wh dar. la or Air t. U haalthy, l£li U DM* tj. AtMrau OIlAToK P. WOODWARD. LiIU-T, N. T, To aid dig afler eating. s-titin tul<e one .Small Bile Boon y5c. per botllo. Ten days per annum is tho average amnion of sickness In human life. B UKCIIAM'S I'll.1.8 cost only 25 cents a box. They are proverbially known throughout the world to bo "worth a guinea a box." The sunflower bears 4,000 seeds, the poppy 33,000, and the tobacco plant 70,320. PITH.-All Flu 81o|ipait frae liy llr. lill.irN (Jl-'-tlt Xt-rvc IC- MtlM -or. No l-'itii iiftsr tlt-.t iliiy's use. Murvnluim euros. Treiulauuiul S'J.OO trini buttls Ires to L-'il Canon. Bond to Or. Kliuo. tl.ll Arch Bt., l'hlla.. 1'u. ci- 1 uml The area of the great Sahara equal to that of tlio United St.-ilcs. Guaranteed to cure Bilious ,M' Constipation, Small Bile Beans. They call a bicycle the "devil's iliarlnl" hi Tin key und the sullsn forbids Its use. Have You Asthma? 1)H. It. Soiiii-'i-'MAS.N, St. l'aiil, Minn., will mall a (rial package of Mt-lilitiiiiiiiii'H Antlium Clue free to any sulTerci'. (lives Instant relief in worst canes, and cures where other* fall. Nnnic this paper and seutl address. Children of Vlx. and Mrs, U, H. Bailor Altoona, Fa. Tho in-cut I'nlntci-, K UM- II, Facetiously It btiltctt ills (attests. Cblongo Joui'uul: It la suld Unit the famous pointer, Fusell, had a grout contempt for what lie termed 'chatter." One afternoon ti party of frlenilB paid a vlalt to his 8tt <illo, and after n few niluuleH spent In" looking at the pictures, thoy seated thomsolves and proceeded to indulge lu a loug aud purposeless folk,' to which tlio painter, as host, wus forced to listen, though bo did uot Join lu It, At last, lu one of tho slight punst*. Fusell mid eiu'juostly; i "1 bail porlt for dinner to-day." "Why, my dear Mr. Fusoll," pxolnlm- t'tl one of Uie startled group, "wont uu extremely odd romavkl" "in It?" said the ualutCTJngenuouBir. Both Had Eczema In Its Worst Form Alter Phyilciant Vailed, Hood>» Bar- taparilla Perfectly Cured. Great mental agouy Is endured by parents who sea their ohlldren suffering from diseases caused by Impure blood, and for which there seems no cure. This la turned lo Juy ivliun Hood's Saraaparllla Is resorted to, for It expels the foul humors from tho blood, and restores the diseased skin to fresh, healthy brightness. Kead the following from grateful parent*: "To 0.1. Heel« Co., Lowsll, Muss.i think HootVa BarssusrilU Is thsruost valuable attilgla* on the uarktt for blood: and sUa dlisawi, Oar two ohlldnu suttwod Iwrlulj with t»» . Or* 15 ENJOYS Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant •ad refreshing to the taste, and acts rently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver aud BoweL), cleanse* the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual Mnstipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and ao- aeptable to the dtomach, prompt in Its action and truly beneficial in It* (fleets, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, it* many excellent qualities commend it to all and have mode it the most popular remedy known. syrup of Figs is for sale in 60o and $1 bottles by all leading drug- fista, Any reliable druggist who nay not have it on hand will pro- rare it promptly for any one who fishes to try It Do not accept an; mbstitute. CAUrORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. mtAHOisco, ouu •nn-gniU *r new row, H.t. DON'T GET SICK. This is nil vice eaBy to give, but iinrd to follow. Tlie next tiling is to add, when you do get sick, get well n^nin ns fust as you can. This is easy to do if you will take the right remedy. The winter is coming un, uiul you will take cold. You t'Miiiiiit lii'lp it. In this case get a bottle of I! KID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDMEY CuiiK iiiid take it freely. Do not bo afraid of it, for it will not hurt you under any circumstances. In fact, you can driuk the contents of an entire bottle without injury. It will, however, cure your cold. This it does by exciting the excretory organs to resume their proper functions. When the kidneys do their duty, when the'lungs aro relieved of their congested blood vessels, when the skin opens its pores and the surplus water in the blood nnd some of the salts escape in that manner as is proper, then your cold is cured, but not until then. This work is done by Rum's GEIIMAN Couan AND KIDNEY CUBB. Get it of tiny denier. The small bottles a re 25 cents, tho large one* 50 cente. Svi.ViiT Ri'Mi 'PY Co , Peoria, 111 AMERICAN TIN PLATE We carry Isrgt sttch both bright aad roofing. They are rolled from bttt Amtritm iron by American labor and capiiml They are wuquaUd for ductility aaW finish. They are tmptrior to the tame grate imported from England. We tell them ior Utt money. We guarantee them to the fwllrtt •» tent. We handle plate* from su rlifUissBt American mill*, STARKWEATHER * CO, 21 M Piatt Importer*, 75 ft 77 Buffalo St, Milwaukee, Wtk S ORTH Soml at t p. H. n., oi DOUBLE THE MONE1 . oiioo to J OHN S IUUSTIAII , O.T.A.O., i. ,, , .- O . ,llott «2' ni.,and roculve.postage E»l| tlio sllukost tleok or ourdB you ever hand! TKN QENTB nor uaok, lu stamp. orooluT Asthma! Uuiioi-tlnx 1 Tim A rrlesv liola Plant, discovered In Congo, Weal 'Afriuu, Is Nature's Sure Oare for Asthma., tltn-i. Uiitirmitt-otl or Mo l'njri Usiiort ullloe, HlU HrouJwuy, Mow York. Cor l.arie lilul tint). I ItKII hy 91,t||, address KoT» <Jo., IU Vluo St., OluelauSl, Ohio, I^e ¥r &orpa ^y^D?ueT ^£^sn>\TO9u% >jt«tuUst war. ittdJuaioaUi^olalms, anjr slaaa Oarfleld Tea Cures Constipation

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