Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on October 13, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA I See It by C. W. D. Some of the most reassuring words heard in the past week were spoken by Representative H. O. Talle of Decorah speaking to the Postville Commercial Club. In telling of portions of his conversation with General Clay. V. S. commander in Berlin, he slated that Clay was of the opinion that war with Russia is not as near as many Americans have been led to believe by newspaper and radio reports. The general, as reported by Mr. Talle. seemed to believe that Russia would go to all ends short of war but that the Communists at present were not prepared to enter any major conflict. These reassuring words coming from a man who is well acquainted with the intelligence reports regarding Russia and her military strength, acted as soothing balm on a few jittery nerves. However. Mr. Talle reported the general to be of the opinion that we must maintain our position in Berlin and refuse to back down one more step. It is still beyond question a tense situation and a spark could go astray causing the unexpected. • « a • * England has socialized medicine. Seven out of every ten dollars goes lor administrative expenses. * * * * * In driving through the countryside Sunday, the beauty of Autumn was again vividly portrayed in the changing scenes of color through the wooded regions. Having just finished looking at some of the modem realistic art shown in Life magazine, it was hard to comprehend how scenes of such natural beauty might look to the realist"* eye and especially how it might look on canvas in his finished work. I enjoyed the scenery and \vas especially glad to know- that our modern artist would never have a hand in fashioning nature's fall pattern. ***** Federal, State and local governments take 31 cents out of every dollar earned. School News- (Continued from page 1) been appointed county council delegate for this year. High school students who are in the study hall from 1:00 to 2:00 o'clock were given the opportunity to listen to the world series baseball games. The American history students have been studying the formation of the present constitution of the United States. Mr. Gosmire has been calling in the seniors and discussing their future plans as to what they will do after graduating from high school. Tlie band will be without the regular director for the next few weeks, because Instructor Luhman Cotton is in the hospital, having submitted to an appendectomy. During his absence. Miss Eunice Boardman will take over all the band activities. The school and the faculty wish Mr. Col ton a speedy recovery. FARM KERNELS. The way a sow is fed before breeding and during gestation has a big effect on the livability and growth of the baby pigs, says Damon Catron, animal husbandman at Iowa State College. ***** Having dairy cows freshen in the fall is good management. In buying limestone watch for fineness and neutralizing value. Dealers must make these values known to the farmer on demand. ***** Dairy cow numbers have been dropping for five years. Football— "OH MY YES! OSCAR IS A GREAT BELIEVER IN INSURANCE!" Complete insurance protection lifts a heavy worry burden from your mind. > Consult with us for the right insurance n to give the most protection. Turner Insurance Agency "Complete Insurance Service" (Continued from page 1) two more tackles by Mork and one by McNally the Bombers had only reached the 44 and were forced to punt. Schultz returned to the Postville 33. Schultz got to the 37 in two plays. Meyer was then good for 25 yards % off left tackle. On the next play Schultz went the full 38 yards to pay dirt only to be called back because of a Postville offside. Meyer went for no gain, Schultz was good for four and a pass was incomplete. Meyer's kick went into the end zone and was given over to the Bombers at their 20. Meyer, tackle, stopped them for a one-yard loss. Mork tackled at the 23. Waters returned the punt to the 50. Schultz was dropped for a two yard loss. Meyer lost seven more. Rima then tried a pass which was intercepted and run to the 35 of Postville. Hoth stopped them at the 34. A pass was incomplete. Christofter- son kept them at the 34. Schultz stopped them at the thirty and Postville took over. Postville fumbled on the first play and West Union recovered on the 30. McNally did the. tackling at the 28, Christofferson at the 27. A pass was good to the 16 and a first down. Mork threw them for a four-yard loss. Hoth knocked down a pass. Then they traveled to the 14. where they fumbled on the next play. Postville took over and after a mixup in the backfield, Rima was tossed on the eight. After more backfield difficulty. Rima ended up on the Postville one. Merle Meyer went back to kick, and got the ball out where it was downed on the 27. Christofferson threw the first play for a one-yard loss. Duwe tossed the next for an eight-yard loss. A pass was good to the 27, i and a fourth down fcass was ! incomplete. Then, taking over, Postville solved its difficulties. On the first play Schultz carried to the Postville 40. Then Postville was penalized five yards for backfield in motion. Then Schultz carried to the Bomber 32, a 30- yard gain. He went to the 35 on the next try. Meyer carried to the 18. and Schultz busted right through the middle of the West Union line to hit pay dirt. Schultz then circled end for the extra point. Postville 14i West Union 0. A bad kickoff was stopped at the West Union 45. On the first play Jack Meyer intercepted a long pass and was downed on | the Postville 38. On the last ptey of the game Meyer carried for six yards. i It had been a hard-played ball ! game with West Union giving the Pirates their first real test. Although the Pirates looked like they may have been in trouble at two points in the game they pulled out and made good. Schultz was superb on running end and was getting real help from his blockers, especially Mork. McNally turned in a real defensive game and was ably assisted by Hoth, Schultz, Gunderson, Mork, Duwe, Christofferson and all the rest of the Pirates. WEDNESDAY, QCTQBEK ,j_, Left To Write By Bob Klauer. Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform, to the editorial policy of this newspaper. | Telephone No. 170-J Postville, Iowa i NEW HAT At Emmetsburg a woman bought a new hat. with feathers. Her husband has a springer spaniel, who is learning to retrieve birds, j The pup "retrieved" the hat as it lay on a chair, rushed out to take it to his master. Woman and dog made record time down the streets of Emmetsburg. She got it back. Thomas A. Edison published the first newspaper ever printed on a train. Best Care - Best Prices • Pick Up Eggs Often •^r Cool Eggs Quickly + Pack Eggs With Points Down * PRICES: 57c - 47c - 31c We Handle Swift's Feeds Hansen & Matson Co. Telephone No. 251 Postville, Iowa USED CARS FOR SALE 1941 Nash Fordor 1939 Ford DeLuxe Tudor 1941 Ford Pickup 1940 Ford Fordor 1937 Chevrolet Pickup 1930 Plymouth Tudor 1948 Chevrolet Truck 1948 Ford 2-ton L.W.B. Truck (with rack) 1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor 1949 Ford Custom Fordor 1949 Ford Custom Club Coupe 1946 Ford Tudor 1940 Ford Tudor 1941 Chevrolet CONNOR-PEYTON AUTO COMPANY Ford Dealers PHONE 6 WAUKON, IOWA MOTOR CLUB "OF IOWA A.A.A. SERVICE Dewey and Wilson The Council Bluffs Nonpareil in an editorial entitled, "If Gillette Should Be Elected," calls to the attention of the Republicans of of Iowa the inconsistency of voting for Governor Dewey, for president, and not supporting Senator George A. Wilson, of Iowa, for U. S. Senator. "Former Senator Guy Gillette is making a persistent effort to be elected United States Senator this fall," the Nonpareil editorial states. "It does not seem to have occurred to many Republicans in Iowa what Gillette's election might do to Dewey. "It could wreck the entire Republican program and make Dewey practically helpless in the White House. "At the present time there are 51 Republicans and 45 Democrats in the Senate. The Democrats need to gain only four seats to gain control. "The election of a Democratic senator in Iowa might assure a Democratic majority in the senate. Then what would happen? "The Democrats would elect a president pro-tempore to preside in the absence of the vice president. Much more important they would control all of the committees. The chairmen would be Democrats. "Thomas, of Oklahoma, would be chairman of the committee on agriculture" the Nonpareil points out. If Senator Wilson is elected he will undoubtedly receive this chairmanship, so important to the farmers of Iowa. The Nonpareil editorial continues: "McKellar, of Tennessee, would be chairman of the committee on appropriations. Tj'dings, of Maryland, would be chairman of the committee on armed services. Wagner, of New York, is ill, so Maybank, of North Carolina, would preside over the currency and banking committee. George, of Georgia, would be chairman of the committee on finance, Thomas, of Utah, would be chairman of the labor committee. McMahon, of Connecticut, would be chairman of the committee on rules. Every committee would be headed by a Democrat who would determina the measures permitted to come up for consideration. "How far do you think Dewey would get with every senate committee dominated by Democrats?" the editorial asks. "Yet this may happen if Guy Gillette is elected Senator from Iowa," the Nonpareil warns. In conclusion the editorial states: "The only thing for every Republican, and every Iowan who wants a real change in Washington to do, is to vote for George Wilson for United States Senator." Wilson Aids Sportsmen Iowa sportsmen and others who are keenly interested in the obvious relationship between wildlife conservation and the long range agricultural program will be interested in an article in the July 1948 edition of Sports Afield. This publication calls attention to Senator Wilson's active part as co-sponsor of the long range farm program known as S-2318 and calls attention particularly to Senator Wilson's amendment de­ signed to include wildlife conservation to the agricultural program. Sports Afield says: "Senator George Wilson (R. Iowa) co-sponsor of the original bill S-2318, and a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, took action to include wildlfe conservation in the long range farm program. "Senator Wilson offered n scries of amendments which would encourage and aid farmers and landowners to cooperate with the state and federal agencies in restoring and conserving wildlife habitat on their land. "Senator Wilson declared: 'Unless constructive action is taken to preserve the wildlife of the United States we may some day discover that it has vanished from the scene. Pheasants, quail, grouse and other species of wildlife must have sufficient cover in which to rear their young. By a cooperative and co-ordinated program the farmer will, under my amendments, be aided in replenishing habitat for this natural resource of our .country.' " Senator Wilson's amendments were accepted in their entirety by the Senator Agriculture commit- 1 J tee and became a part of the bill) || which the Senate passed. In the | g late hours of the session a House- • ] Senate conference committee temporarily dropped the amendments in an eleventh hour rush to get an agricultural bill passed. They will come up again during the next session and will be adopted if Senator Wilson is re-elected. the deep yellow pigment of their skin, shanks and beaks.' Poor quality birds show less color, and those that may carry some infection usually have little color. The plumage of poor birds may be dull in color and their weathering may not be complete. Pullets selected for housing in the lightweight breeds, which includes Leghorns, should weigh 3 pounds or more. Barred Plymouth Rocks, White Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires, or Crossbreds thoi weigh at least five pounds, quite says, Pullets selected should \« uniform size and develop, Only those that are laying sim be housed together. Small« » immature birds should be In another pen and housed 1»& Nitrogen fertilizer used as i dressing on winter wheat will ually increase its yield, Iowa SUJi College agronomists say. INVEST SAFELY Need To Cull Pullets Before Housing Them An all-pullet flock doesn't necessarily mean all are layers. Some pullets may be loafers too. says Prof. Robert Penquite of the Poultry • Husbandry Department at Iowa State College. By getting the loafers out of the way there will be more space for good pullets. Penquite says that Leghorns need not less than three square feet of floor space and heavier breeds not less than four square feet. In choosing pullets for the laying flock, select the ones that are healthy, full-fleshed, large, heavy, deeply pigmented and sexually mature. The faces, combs and wattles" of the pullets kept should be fully developed and bright red in color. The pullets should be healthy. This can be determined by the bright, clear appearance of their face, the smooth, well-finished eyes, the red color of head and condition of their plumage, and This Bank provides a safe place to invest surplus funds and protect valuables . . . those in need of ready cash come to this Bank for assistance. Banking is a vital community service and we enjoy conducting this service for our community. Citizens State Bank POSTVILLE, IOWA SPECIAL SALE RADIOS AT PRICES BELOW COST "Some day I'm coins to sail to the South Sea Islands . . . Not so fast there, Snooky. Better find out first if I can get lots of WATERS' PASTEURIZED MILK there every day." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese. CaU 237-J. We are closing out our remaining stock of Radios at prices below cost! FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED! SEE THESE— 3 Table Model Radios—two in walnut, OC one in blonde, your choice fMIiiJ 1 Table Model Radio-Phonograph Combination, in walnut $65 2 Table Model Radio-Phonograph combinations in modern blonde finish with 21-inch legs, for conversion to floor models, jjj bargains at only. 1 Portable Radio—Runs on battery or AC-DC current. Self-contained 4*1-n battery charger 3>J)U Because we are selling these Radios below our cost price, all sales will be for cash and no trade-ins will be accepted. POSTVILLE »?lum(,\

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