The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, April 7, 1927
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SOCIETY - My dear Daddi^ boagbt a mansion For to bring my Mammlo to, In a bat with a long feather, . And a trailing gown of blue; And {I company of fiddlers And a roiil; of ihafd8:and mcd Priced the clock round to the I »ornli^g. In a gay i house-warming then. And then ali the guests were gojne, i . ' and . ; • All was BtHl as still can be I In froip tbe dark ivy hopped a Wee smiall bird: and that was Me.' ^ . ' —Walter De La Mare; Tnesday: NIgrfit Coif ore qnjk First jIfeetiiKr What originally was the Junior 1 Current Eve^its club, Sponsored by the Current Events club with 31 rs. ' A. G. Speeglje, chairman, assis ;ed by Mrs. G. J. Trombold and K rs, JS. Jk. Scbell. held its first reguJar metiing last night in j the homel of; Miss Clara Brown, 4nd changed - the name of the club 'to the Tu esr • day Niglit Culture club. ' Miss .Clara Brown, president, '. presided over the ii'eetirig. i rs. . "A. 6. Speegle explaii ed the constitution of the Currei t Events club and it was adopted by the ne>v club. The sweet pea and rinse and white wereHie club Iflower , and dors chosen. Mrs. G. Jj JT^-om- bold introduced the coursei'of study to be followed. A short! program conijisted of a piano rioiq by Miss Margaret. Roberts: iwoi readings by Mrs. J. W. Hudson ind 1^0 vocal solos by; Miss Clara i^rown with Miss Margaret itbb- erts acocmpanying. 'The next meeting will: be held Tuesday night, Aprir 19,' at 6 :30 in the PorlnndHotel. ; i Ten moro charter mpnibBrs registered last night. They were: M/s? flonwe firorlHn. MIHH Blanche Mnrmont, MIHB Glitdys Murmonf, Miss Cntjierino Cnnnnn. . Wnn Calheriiin (iard, MIHH Mnlen Koblnr. Ml««! hconn Gniy, Mlnti IJorothy CuinmlngH, MltiH M»»r(!cd(»H Nnal ^niiil Mrx. Arthur, Htmtiiion. (lueNt)) went Mrn. tl.-O, Illdgo- other mtimherfi prcHeiit wore: 1 Mla« <!lBra lirnwit, MIHM Mur- gaFjCt RoborlD, MIKS Kyvelyn liwi- . vitt, Mliiu Lnvon Mshi-r, MIHH Beiitrlat McMurray. Mlsii i'curt Mc- Karnli^, MISIL Darlino Cota, Miss darnetJt Case. Miss Doris Clpla, MlBs Hazel Buff •on and Miss Hva- iyni BrccketiridgD. Viiphmfii Seventieth Birtlidny • ' In obesrvance of the seventieth birthday anniversary of her mother, Mrs.. L. P. - McCracken, ' J|lrs. Ira Moses entertained with a party, in her home at 702 South AVash- ipgton avenue yesterday afternoon. The mem|)ers of Mrs. McCracken's Sunday! school, class, the Loyal Leaders, of the First ChrlstiaTi church, Tvere the guests. . "The time iwas spent in an inform^ social way'and a program was given. Mrs.G. M. McNejeley gave a reading. Mrs. Hoy Mpore and Mrs. Moses entertained yrith a black-face burlesque and little : Boger Reynolds spoke a.piece:land sang a song. The honor guest re' ceired' many gifts and the ^|ass members gave Mrs,' ^cCrackein a sterling .silver spoon. Mrs. Pj B. J. .^dams making the presehtar tion speech. Mrs. t Moses wasjas-' sisted by Mrs. Reyiiolds, Mrs. Jack Craven and Mrs. iPennington ' in _ serylng refreshments. The guests were: Mrs. J. M. McNeeley, Mrs. DeWitt, Mrs. IClng. MfB.: Mel^ Riggs, Mrs. Wm. Andr- bi(eh; Mrs| J. D! Judai, Mra.-Mar- Tln Robeijtson, Mrs. P. B. jj Ad- anla, Mr. and Mrs. L.; F. McC^ack- eri, Mrsi Roy !MoorC, Mrs^ 'John Pennington, MIrs. E.- L. Reynolds. Mrs. Oscar Craven., Mrs. i Jack Craven, Roger Reynolds and Bryon Moses, ' > • « «i SarprlRc Bifthdny Parlr iMrs. H. M. Jones, 517 South Oak street, was honored Sunday ^'ith a piirty In observance of her islx- tjr-fourth birthdaV, the guiests bi-inglng a basket lunch. These pjbpple were present: ' . i ' j'Mf.' and Mrs. ClaVcnro Jones pnd son. Coy Joneil; Mr. and Mril. I?aul Jones and son. Hay Jones; Mr. |and Mrs. Walter Smith and .dau{^ter, Juanita Smith: Mr: and Mrni [parley Wynn and son. Victor Vfmn; Mr and. Mrs. EA Olds. MISH Efla Olds. Mr,. James Jofies. .Mr* lohn Jones. Mr. Dlnimi;. of Eire ^ton. Mo.; Mr. Leslie pone's and Mr. Byrle Jones. •* •! <• Henderfion Circle Xo, in !Lsdie8 of. (he GntU Anoy j The regular meeting of Henderson iCircle No. 147, Ladlesj of the Grand Army of tha Republic took place yesterday afternooti in head- QUartetB in Memorial hall.j : The president, Mrs. Ardis Kemp,, .presided oyer thei meeting and tbej ' ritual )>vork of the organization; WBstbie program.: There was a' good: attendance. Uoytd Ifefcrbbfrs of Ai^erica :Clnb !Mp<tiqg- Members of.^he Royal;Neighbors of America club met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Frank Marks, 224 . West Bruner street. The time wah spent inforifially and refre^ments . were served. Twenty, people were present. • • * \pvng Woman's Foreign XiBsion Ary'Society 'The Voitng Wqm ip's Foregin Missionary society of t)ie First Methodist Episcopal church ' met Tnesday night with Miss p'lorence Funk, 307 North Jelfersot avenue. - Tlie president. Mi is Luslla Varner was in charge i f the meeting. * Miss Dorqthy Freemjan was the de- EnterUliis LnnchMO i Bridge eink .Mrs.: Kenneth Fouit ent^rained the meinbers of the Luhcb^n Bri/Tge club yeserday lii: her home at 402 South' Washington ajvenue. ' Luncheon ! was served at one o'clock.!! Mrs., J. D. Mittelbach sored mgh at; bridg<A the mem- bprs prMent ytere: Vtrs. J^ L. HHir. Mrs. E. E. Jlar- riion, Mrs. E.jH. Hunter, Mrs. R. B; Northrup, Mrs. E. E. Lynn, Mrs. R.| W. liirry, Mrs. Verne Northriip and Mrai J. D. Mittelbach. WfymenV Union Missionary X^atingV The Vfomen's Union of thle First Baptist hchnrch licld its monthly missionaMfy meeting yesterday ait- crhoon at the.temple. [ V program'^as given after the business, meetrng. Current events Mm the "Mission" magazine wdre roll calf responses. Miss RUth Brown Vias the devotional leader and a ihort' talk was given by Mrs. J. [H. Soweroy on the subject of 'jPresumptous ^ins." Mrs. T. E.. Sninahan reviewed the fifth chapter, |of "Moselm AVomen." . The following members of the Wo'rid. Wide GnildJ costumed to represenpt. the country of -which they spo^b, reviewed the last chapter of ,| ['Moslem Women." < Mrs. Grace Btadshaw talked on Kgypt and Afri^ca; Miss Luiella McKlarnin on Arabia and P.ersia and'l Miss Viola L^fvman, Nigeria and pales- tine. Miiss Lcwman also spoke of tho chaliiengo the Moslem religion is making to the Christian religion. Ijlrs. J."!!. Sowcrby closed the program with prayer. • Ujostessiio Bridge CInb Mrs. Jl G.. Stadler and Mrs. P. S. .MItclajIl were hostpsB to the mpmbprsjof their hrUlRo club yes- Ipfdny nfternonn in tho h<}'mo of Mrs. St&iller, :I02 .South Cottonwood Htfcftt. MlHH IJIIznliolh Apt, Mrs. H. M. I'aliiinr ^nd Mrs. .1. T. Ilei I went guoiilM il)ul ll|(! ninmhitrH jreseitl w«r(<: Urn.l.. V. liowhii), MIKH liuiivl B) wluN and Mrit. J. J, (irit- (in. i r. 11. HBCCIHI Nodnl Tho (Ff 1«. Hiiecliil tlHHK of liic, chuiTh ufJhit I'lilled llri'll urn In (vlirlst met Wcdnvitdny nflornoon with Mfjl. W. K. Ayling lur Ih.v transaction of buHlnpss am a mi- ciol tlniiy The program w« i prny- cT, hymn i. roll call, rcndingt, music and gartjcfl.: Refreshments were served hy tho hostess; assi itcd by Mrs. .Wilson: and Mrs.! Mor iaon, • The I^ay meeting vJlll le with Mrs. C.:^S. Bishop. Those attending tbeTnceting were: Mrs. Mabel Manning, Mils. Ray Oliver, ijlrs. John Oliver, Mrs. Arthur Oliver. Mrs. C. S. Bisht p. Mrs. CharlesilHali; Mrs. Floyd Oliver. Mrs. G.I F. Klink. Mrs. Ri th Davis, Mr*. J. A. Fisher, Mrs. Albert Wttson, Mrs. Arthur M irrison, Mrs, Elbert Ayling, Mary Morrison, Russell Hall, Jeff Ayling. Ayling and Mar] )ry Davis. J i •> * * TH \M)rCong^kss Snnday; Miss; school church; Ti6tldnal ead^r. M&is I D^ris Cota reviewed khe lesson' JA/aopial hour followed' and, refre<nme|nt8 were «erved. The ; 'me)tnber8J present ! wer©:' •'' \ r ;.! • ' W' Miss Robert^ Warner, i Miss-Dori is Chllds. Miss Kathleen STorsythe. Miss Dorothy: Frerai«Ui, i-Mlsji . Knowles, Mr.-i. Oatherine Odor. •. Miss Ludla Varner and Miss Dor- Scliodl naNs Xeek!) Viola Lewman's Sunday lass of the First Baptist ^..».....l|ield a meeting ':'uesday night iii the class room at the temple, ji After the class I usiness refreshments were servei. The boys present were: Oscatf iDriggs, Harold Menzle, Harry .iThompson, Billy . I uttram. Harry pennison. J. B. Ri< e, Merris Dlcf!, Ralph White, Albirt Hcr^ fihey, ^rei^ont Clinkenbeai-d and Frank (Benson. Mris. liUdijsldii Lasiirp of New llricans, widow,of Cnnjrrexsnian i4i/aro of Loulsbina, lis u ran- didsile to lake, her husband's • place In Washlnglon 'sjllouse of ; l{epre.sentatlvc .>i. Friends say • Khr has a xood chanrc to win. | K M. 0. Club Meets i Mrs. R. D. Fry, 214 Burnci f trcet, was hostess yesterday aft< moon to tlip Tiipnibrrs; of the Pj : I. O. flub, Tho afternoon wa:^ ^pent informally and ,Mrs. C. E Fry and .Mi .ss DPIOI >s Fry assislcii (he liostess in icrving a two4 (oursp lunch. Mi.* Delorcs Fry ;ilayed piiino .solos ^ind little ShIrJ ey Fry .jang "Le Me bo Youij jwcetheart." Thi members a( he meeting were: Mrs. Charles htranklln, Mrs !;iaHde Barker. Mrsi. Fred Woodin Wrs. J. J. Varner jind Mrs. J. W WrCarlneyi j IIOKIONS III 'WediM'sday Aurtliin Club ;MrH. I).'- .SppiU 'pr »»';i(; IIDHII'HS ypHteriluy to tli« incniliJ'rH of tin VVj'(l;ii 'H (lay AucMoii «luji. Lunch- pou wiiH HiTVi -rl ill ^1 o'clnrk and Mrn, J, F. FoiiNi riTi >|vril high M we favor al hrl<l ^if. ' I'IKI iiMrtn III r» iiri'Hi'iil wi'i 'n; Mi 'M. F. .1. Iliirliiii, IMPK. V. ('. A inhermaii, Mri*, I), P.: Norlliru|). MTH. J, F. I ''iiitwt. Mm, W. K Uiiii. lallj .Mm. L. L. Nurlbnip, ,Mr«. J. :. .Mllti 'lliach. • I ENDICOTt World's liirgck ; .<Mr8; O. Totinan) ; ^ Apr. 4.!—Tom and Groyer. STiuljte went to Chanutc Tbursdky' to their fatlier, who is very 1I|. i"Oren Totman and Charley PoU- man called on Will'Herder of-New York Valley We Incsday afternoon. -Mrs. Ted Bee c apd children of Benedict, called at the C. E. Baum home Monday.! J Mr. and Mrs., p. Ronsick and family of Humboidc !spent Sunday at the G rover Shiiltz home. Mi(w Eva Reedy spent the week end witti. home folks, i Mr. BecQnnoif calleil on O. Totman Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Cole spent Sunday wKta their daughters, Mrs. Ralph Williams and Marjorie and Eli;i6r Colo of Humboldt —Rend about big Auction Salp Uspd tFord Cars on Want Ad page. McCartiiy Motor Co. FrlU Hartwig of Humboldt called at the Charley Pollman home last Sunday morning. Mr. and Orcn Totman and Mary took Sunday dinner with Mr- and Mrs. Charley Pollma^ and family. .Mr. and Mr.s. C. G. Leonard and fnmi!.v,.Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kcc and Allen spent ^imday at the parrn- tal Ueckct home of Now York Valley. .Mr. and Mrs. Charley Domitz and children. Mrs. Etfa Domitz. Miss Clara Dqmltz and .Miss Thelnia Domitz spent Sunday at the Fritz Dopiitz bjomc. Mrs. Tptman and .Mary called on .Mrs. Polhnun Wedni-sday afternoon. Mrs. C. E. Baum called, on Mrs. J^ieurance of Iliilgo ncighborliuod .Monday afternoon. 'I'he rain (ho past week put (hp creolis out of their banks and .Mr. .lolin.son could not make his mail I route Friday. Mr. and Mrs. C. (',. Leonard spent AVednesday aflprnoon al thp L. S. Beckett homo al .New York Valley. , T. L. R'pily and Paul sjent iTIiiirKday evening at the Charley I'oHinaii hoiiip. . . (Fjera |toney) April 4. 19».^Me^8r8. .Mayfidd and Hlgginbotbnn / hi tve corapfet *4 a' barn for [Bof Gil espic of t le Itock Creek; nelgbtx) hood. Th T are now working tn remodel I ig and otherwlBo Impn Ting a boo le for D. C. .Chambers This house is, on the southeast :orner of K r. ^rphy 's fariq west of C;trl^(t " Mr. and Mral Roy i Jbambers a id children'were Sundiy visitors at Ed ChambelTB. -i Mr. and Mrs. W. 6. Dickerson Gas'City i^ttepded cturcli 'at lyle Snnday morning, Mr. and Mrs. W. P, tha and Frances we i JOLA DAILY BE 3ISTER. THI ySDAY iEVENplG.. APRTIi 7, 1927. Till' Ni 'W Knj;lanil LcaKU'". wliirh Htiirl"i| on il;i rarer last year, lias I elided to play a .spllt-h'-nt'oii IIIIH .Vi >ar ill till- liopi> (hat it wllUiidd ittpi'i'tit til lliii gani'!. I (U'Drt.!' Slwlitr'a cliM-f ainlitiloii \vhi-(i III' riii'riMl iiriiri 'HMloiial IIHIH'- liall wiiH til Iti 'iMiiiM' a gri-ai pltrln -r, II waH iiH a iiJIi 'liiT at ^•lllll');l• that |lu' flr."<l altraitpil altptitloii. J0HN5J0N Shoe Makers. formsm A correct interpretation of the Spring mode is presented • in this Easter dip ilay-of Footwear $2^98 ti) $5.98 BILES FAMILY ower SHOE STORE Gorgeously Displayed Our {^'election of footwear is as cheery an a flower Kardcri. Rright; colors — unusua] de-' Hi ^ns. And each color and each style carefully selected with a nice consifleralion of the froicks ' and hats with which they're to be worn. In the shades of Strol- Tan, Parchment Rose, Stone Grey. I AND $6 Sheer Cblfloh Hojilery to Match, S|»^rially Priced AND $1.50 _ i i. "it. j Archer, wej^e TlsltorB| the Curtis Yowell home Silnday. We are glad Mrs. Archer 1^ able to be |8b <)u| again., } Bora/Aprtl 1. a daughter io Mr. anit MrB.; Elmer Archer of Versailles. jHtsaonrl.. / —Read about big Auction Sale Used Ford.Cars on Want A^-page. McQairtliy Motor Co. i' .. Mr, and Mrs. W. S. DIokerson were! dinner guests at tho Wingler home, Sunday. Mrs, Charlie Adams and^ Waldo and Helen were visitors at the CarlKfe cht^rch and also at tbe Wlif^er home Sunday.' Mr8{. Fred Cook has! been }n the sicfc list the past week. family were caflers tftfro Wingler borne Saturdii}'^yeiiing. f ' Mr. and Mrs. Wi|l Nichols and children were .visitdrs' at the Roney home Sndday:.! I The I measles epidemic is about over and children are again enjoying their imuh. , the fishermen from town made their regular appearance on the crijek bank^, Sunday evfn though tbe mud was kbbo top deep, frd'm the recent high waters.! • There will be a Farm Bureau meeting at the school Taotiae Friday. Sunday was communion Sunday. There was a good| attendance 'at Mf.rand Mrs.- F. L, Ronty! and church. The new elders were in- sBilled and three new members received into' the church.. Ida Kelley will lead Christian Endeavor next Sun.ctay. The . annual Congregational rae«ting of tbe.Carlyle cbnrcb wa .i'; held Wednesday evening,. TbrenI i elders were re-elected and a new/ one elected. •if The elders of the church met at ^ the manscfMonday evening to fin Isb up the year's work. ' Tp cooki a meringue when Hie oven is too hot or wlieh all thii' space Is taken . up . with othor things, place it_ in the warraiiijc oven until set and then hrowji in {be oven. ' [ , |2(5 Yeai^ of^SuaxssM Merchandismg 'in, lolaf Kay^dr^s Poiphd H^t Silk Hosiery $1.65 ^'"$2.00 15 New Shades. The best values. Nev T*ather Belts. Again the vogue for tlie belted coat—in all thf new shades— ' 50c™ $2.50 The greatest savii^gs Tye believe in smart Coats and new Eister Dresses. Beautiful Indeed Are these New We are showink this week a great many of them. Very new arrivals. Every n^w and acceptable mode of the season is expressed. Shown in the desirablishadcs. Very moderajtely priced for such beautiful Coats. I bXHER COATS—YES Priced as low as $9.95 and up to $75.00. Offers jiist the kind of a frock one needs for really all occasion affairs. It is sporty and veryiattractive, yet not flashy, dlinty colorings in Check Ta^etas in your sizes. EASTER ACCESSORIES. Flowers Peirin's Kid ^Glovps, Kayser's Silk Glov4. dainty Neckwear, dainty HSEXidere^ Ainted Heel Hosiery. Gotham Gold Stripe Hpsierir. NonSpi 394—the ant THElpRUq SUNDRY DEPT. Offer^ some real savipg opRortunities. Mufti 29c—^tiie ideal illlry cleaner. Cashmere fipquet gokp' $145 Listetme -—J—:— iseptic deodorant Pepsodent tVrath Paste 25c Ivdry Combs 50c yifaid^Hwiey and Almond __: c... 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