Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1915 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1915
Page 7
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ell Your Wants to aO,0<»a People - ~ ' • ' • ' - - • • • " • • ' ^' * • FOR SALE—F 6 R SALE ' ^' the Register WANT&-ALL KINDS ffi**************** IF IN ' NEED OF A PARMfi iJOAN, or any Kind of INSUR-'' ance, cx>rao to me. I am prepared to T ^KE CARE of you. R. L. Thompson, office over Evans' Driis Store. Tel. 142. WANTED-^^SitoRACE ROOM FOR sixteen autojnobiles. ' B. T, Barber. Phone 435. • • •:• • "j • • •:• •:• • •> •:• • • • • •:• • • • •> List Your Property with • • U. Vi. A D A X !i» • Iteui Kfitttle, LoaiLS Life and •> <• Fire Insnnince. <! • Over Palace. Phone 2 »t;. • •> • •:• • • •:• • •> •> •> • •:• •:• •:• • • •:• • • • • FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE OR RE.ST—FIVE ROOM cottage, t»l5 South street. Inquire C. S. Black. Phone S67. FOR SALE—HEDGE POSTS AND Jiedge wood, luo laying hens. Geo. L. Shoaf, LaHarpe. ^ FOR SALE—NICE BRIGHT TEXAS Red Seed Oats. Also Commercial White Seed Corn i Phone 'J89-21 or 984-4. W. F. Webber. FOR SALE—WHITE BLOSSOM Sweet Clover Seed. J. iN. Thompson, Route i2, Moran, Kana. PURE BRED WIlfTE ORPLNGTON Eggs for hatching. Also White Pekln Duck Eggs. Chas. .M. Funk. Phone 1092. FOR SALE—PURE BARBED PL.Y- mouih Rock Cockerels. S. W. Harris, Geneva, Kan. BABIES. CARED FOR AT 202 N. Taylor. Mrs. Oldham, LaHarpe, Kas. PAYl.N'G TEMPLOYMENT FOR W^Omen; fiill or part time. Sell guaranteed cotton, lisle, silk hosiery to user. Experience iinhecessary; large profits. Spring business now on. International Mills, 3046 Ch;estnut, Philadelphia. » W'ANTED- To RENT FARM, SMALL or largo. Must locate soon. What have you got? .'Vddress 0. .1., care Register. CVVANTED —A GOOD RELIABLE white girl or woman for general house work: good v/ages; no wasliiiig. Telephone S22; 1209 N. Sycamore. WANTED-^MIDDLE AGED WHITE lady for general house work. Phone 698 after 6 o'clock. FREE, VALUABLE STOCK BOOKS with each purchase of LeGears Stock Food .r Eakin's Hardware. FOR SALE—W HEAT Plione 971 -lt. S =TR A W. FOR SALE—PIGS AND SHOATS. Call 987-28. Frank Bale. FOR SALE CHEAP— 2 FULL DUCK sheet holders for ledger leaves to cover sheets 10Vix20'/b and 14x18 in. The Register Book Bindery. FOR SALE—BAY HORSE, WT. 1350. Broad drip-wagon; set heavy harness. Call 424 North Chestnut or Phone 811. FOR SALE—T H O R O U G H BRED Barred Rock Cockerels, while they last $1.00 each: Also eggs $2.r)0 per hundred from flock. From penned fowls $1.00 per 1.".. Emma .Mueller, Humboldt, Kas., Route 2. W/^NT—TO BUY 1 OR 2 ROO.M house to move. C. J. Hawley, phone 974-4. FAILH LOAX.S, low rate, aniuial or semi-annual interest. Privilege to pay in full. l.NfSI'KA.X'E written in the best "companies. H. -H. flNMNGHAM Office State Savings? Bank. EGGS FOR HATCHING, ROSE Comb Reds. Also 1 splendid cockereL Phone 310. FOR SALE— 40 FOOT IX)T WITH 5 room hou^e one block from square on terms. Phone 117. FOR SALE—FIGURE PAPER AND sheep skin scraps. The Register Book bindery. FOB S.4LE—BED POLLED BULL calves, eligible to record. James Holtz, Neosho Falls, Kans; ' . . FOR RENT FOR RENT I* * FOR RENT—ROOMS FOF. HOUSE <. keeping or sleeping; partly modern; |.> :;12 W. Madison. i<. F. L. B. LKAYELL, M. D. Specialties- Diseases of the Chest. Diseases of Children. X-RAY. I'lionos—Office 147; Ilea. 147 lola State Bank Bldg. FOR RENT—FOUItTEEX ACRES of ground adjoining lola with 8-r6om •> ^. hoHBfi, good burn and goi)d cliicken <• ^ <i •> «g> •;•<••>•> ^> <••><• house. Mrs. Steijiman, 18'/j H. Wasli-I in.i^ton 1 FOR RENT, FOR S.A.LE, LODGING, I* Furnished Rooms, Boarding, and other * . 1 * •> •> •:•««!•<• • * <> •> •:• cards can he had at the Register office, neatly printed in large, plain type. Five cents' each. FOR RENT—l.MPROVED 5-ACRE ' tract; also 160 acre farm. W. E. Starks. J. IC PEPPER Dentist Office «. er Riley's Hdw. Store East niAe Sq. Plione 687 A YELLOW SINGER CANARY FOR Sale. Phone 109i FOR SALE—FIVE ROOM HOUSE; built three years. Price right. 402 N. First SL FOR SALE—FRESH YOUNG MILK cow; also prairie hay. Keefe, Noitli Kentucky road, VJ mile. LOST AND FOUND LOST—I STEEL BALL BEARING. Uwn Roller.! Call 116; Frank Riddle. SANTA FE tniE TABLE. , (Effective Feb. 7, 1915) • South Sound. No. 201 Passenger daily 11:42 a. m- No. 203 Passenger daily 2:45 a. m. No. 207 Passenger Daily..- 8:24 p. m. No. 209 Passenger daily—- 6:30 a. m. .\o. 215 Freight da. ex. Sun. 12:35 p. ni. No. 219 Freight daily ___-..-2:20 a. m. Xortli Bound. i No. 202 Passenger daily— 1:40 p. m. .Vo. 204 Passenger daily 3:20 a. m. No. 208 Passenger daily 0:30 a. m. No. 210 Passenger daily— 7:16 p. m. No. 216 Freight dft. ex. Sun. 12:15 p. m. ti^ , Tour Cold h Dangerous Kreiik It Ui»—Now. —ACold is readily catching. A rundown system is .susceptible to Germs. You owe it to yourself and to others of your household to fi .2 ;ht tho Germs at once. Dr. Bell'fv Pine-Tar Honey is fine for Colds and Coughs. It loosens-the Mucous,.stops the Cough and soothes the Lungs. • It's guaranteed. Only 2uc. at J'our Druggist. IRA B. FRANTZ OPTICAL CO. •5 lola - - Kansat LEQAIiS (First Published Feb. 18, 1915) Notice of Sale. In the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas. In- the matter of the estate of Simon Heller, deceased. By virtue of aa order to sell real estate for the payment of debts, made by the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, in the estate of Simon .Heller, deceased, dated January 22, 1915, directed to the administrator of said es- tatft; 1 the undersigned administrator of said estate, will on Monday, March 22, 1915, at ten o'clock a. ra. at the south door of the Court House In the City of lola, Allen County, Kansas, offer at public sale by auction, and seill l ^to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title and interest of said decedent and his said estate in and to all the following described property located in Allen County, Kansas, towit: vA) That part of Lot 3 in Block 78 in the original site of the City of lola, Kansas, described as follows: Beginning 19 feet east of the northwest corner of said lot 3, thence south 120 feet, Guaranteed Human Hair Braids for sale. Combings made to order. Coloring done. 502 North Chestnut. Phone 1242. Ifeet, thence west to point of begln- •j. ning; and WHEtT MS SUDDEN DROP SEVEN \m A HALF BELO^Y LAST NIGHT'S QUOTATIONS. Kansas CItf Wlieut In Quoted til* cliauired But Drop in Clilcago I Is Important. | g i (By the Associated Press) Chicago, March 4.—Wiheat prices . made a sudden downward plunge in I tlie last fifteen minutes of trading to- .L day. Reports were current that.mll-- lions of dollars worth of orders for {' war supplies, mostly arms and ammu- I nitlon, had been cancelled in the last :| 48 hours. Although confirmation of | . the report [was lacking, the market ^ broke to a point 7% cents below last I night, the iVfey delivery touching fl .37. ;. Tlie Market Close. j: WHEAT—Sept. 11.04%; May $1.39% July fl:12%, ]• CORN^May 72V2@72%ic; July '?4H. : OATS—Mjay 55%c; July o.l%c. , * . PORK—May $17.27; July $li7.65. • i , LARD-i-A^ay $10.32; July'$10.60. ^ (Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, March 4.—Cash Wheat, market unchanged. New—No. 2 hard, ': ilAWl.iZ; No. 3, $1.40@1.42; No. 2 . 3 red, $1.40@i:41; .No. 3, $1;38@1 • • • • • • • • •:• •> • * • • •:• <• • •> 39. Sipt? • • • •:• • •> • •:• • •> • • •-<• • • • • • • . • • U Have tlie Register mulled to • • you. On rural routes In Allen •> • County $2JM per year; 1(1.25 for •:• 6 mouUis; 15 weeks for 75i>. By •> uiall to any part of the U. S. •> 2i»c a month. Subscribe now! (B) The east 50 feet off of the east ends of lots 4, 5 and 6, in Block 9, Rhoades' Addition to the City of lola, Kanpas, according to the recorded plat I'^losa—May $1.31; July $1 of said Addition. . ' 9Jc. : Said lands are. offered for sale in | CORN—Market unchanged. No. 2 : '. mixed 70 %le; No. 3, 69c; No.- 2 white. 5 72@72i4c; : No. 3, 71c. Close— May ^ e9'54c: JuW 72®72 \ic; Sept. 72%®*, 72 ->ic. pursuance of said order of sale of said Probate Court of said County; such sale hieing necessary to pay the debts of said estate. Dated this 18th day of February, A. •;i D. 1915. • (2)-l-S-i :.'i -(3)-4-ll G. E. PEES. Administrator. • • • • • • • • • •> • •> •> • •> • V • —Attorney John W. Brown has opened offices in the Stevenson building where he will be pleased to receive those desiring professional services. miuKiPEiiiENs FOR Toon VOTERS TO PASS OX MATTER OF PROHIBITING POOL HALLS. .Mavor Calls Election for April 4— *News Not* and Personal -M«'n. ' tlon of tic City. LiHARPE.v-MAR. 4,—The annual congregational meeting of ti)e Presbyterian j church will be held at the chtirch Wednesday evening, March lo, at 7 :30. Noi only the members en- /tltled to vptelbut all contributors and frierids of thechurch as well are cor- dialliy incited'to attend. -^br. Dunham, Physician and Sur- geod. Over .National Bank. Phone 20. Wl J.i Green of Waverly is here visiting hig softs, Verno^ and Tom Green. M ^s. J. I . . . il) ieyeral days is improving. 0^' of the questions to be voited -'be 'w. jLawrence Iwho has been upoh at theielection April 4 will the jpobl hall proposition. The council had decided not to issue any mpre . .h„" ministpr perjnits for tpooi halls, but as there ed as the minister. ' was ip town yesterday visiting with friends. He formerly resided here. —Wo now have our Complete Liiie of Wall Paper on display; beaullfnl patterns. I'rices from 7t double roll on u]).—F. -A. Cooksey, Druggist. W. H .Manners, of Garnett, was a business visitor in town yesterday. C. T. Harris, wJio has been visiting in Blue Mound.has returned home. Mrs. L. H.. Daggett ig ill with the grippe. j --Dr. F. R. Hook, Physician and' Surgeon. Phone CC. Office south rooms over National Bank., W. J. Walrad, of .Moran, was transacting business hei,; yesterday. OrviHe and Jamcs Harvey who have been visiting (iieir si.-itcr, Mrs. Hart have returned to their non;e in Bartlesville, Okla.» Frank Boyer and Ralph Barker shipped a car of stocK to Kansas City yesterday and Prank Boyer went to the City with the car. —If you want some good Wall Pa- I)er CHE.\P .see Cooksey, the druggist. Tuesday night at the Wert Opera House occurred the wedding of Tom .Thumb. The house was crowded and the children, did remarkably well. Lit tie Miss Madge Limes made a charming bride, and Master Earl Maudlin was the groom. Darrell Williams act HmiNOSUPIIT OLD COLONY .1. R. Wl ATI'S PAXAMA-PACIFIC TRIP EXCITES ATTENTION. Mayur and Council Order Sidewalks Improved^Ncws Notes and Per- sunul .Henfion. her sister Mrs. E. B. 'Matthews died Saturday evening. She spend the sum' iner of 1911 in Colony and made many friends here. C. H. Johnson, Wni. Smilli, Henry Ruth and Mrs. Dav(i SIiup each had business in Gninott Wednesday. M. M. Brown niado a business trip to Kansas Cily VVednesiIay.. Mr. and Mrs. John St; John, of Hep ler, Kas., returned home Wednesday after'a pleasant visit with their neph ew and family, Roy Pippinger, near Welda. rnmw AIAR 4 The mii,i of the! '^^^ Mayor and council met in reg- has i caused a smile to grow /^^ere o^ner, one from Hans Joens place to none grew before until the bottom p ^ Matthieson's ana one from the fell out ot the roads. A number of ,. ,f ^ our armers were snarling ^and kick- >^ ordinance cdUed the regSfar 1 g themselves for fil"ng their s^os ^^1^^^,^ the plowed ground is exceedingly soft . ' . , th,y listen to their neighbors wlio do | ^-fj.jf •Z^tJ^J^'^Z not own s.los hear them coax are thirsting fOr teams to, pull a little harder and and clamoring for an iminense grm. A siio IS mighty convenient in> ^^^^ pres.^rv,. peace are stormy weather. j 1,^^!.^,, ,,„^^„„^j^ ,^„3 ^^^^^ H. Gregory, traveling passenger I gpeak above a whisper at home. THE ours D0IN8S AT OAS CITY CHILD ILL WITH DIPHTHERIA IN A SERIOUS CONDITION. An Indiana Visitor Here—News Notes and Personal MenUon of Town and Vlciulty. GAS CITY ', MAR. 4.—Rnrve Hackett will move into the property that is now occupied by Mr. Allen Ensminger. Joe Canatsey has rented the property on North Main vacated by J. R. Heath and he and his s'ster.will live there. Mrs. Hicks, of Bronson is here visiting iier parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Morgan. * The.little three your old bal)y of Mr. and Mrs. Walker Long who is ill with diphtheria was reported as not RQ wejl yesterday. A good many from here attended the fire sale at lola yesterday morning. Mrs. T. J. Anderson who has been in Chicago for several weeks, whcr* {agent for ih"e C.' B..&; Q. was in Col-| " Rev. George Satterlee will hold the she^ookltlie"body of her brother, who lony Wednesday to see J. R. .Wiatt. business ses.sion of the quarterly con ^yhile visiting here, has return- wari "some colnpiaint the members of, - • , " , . rotnrned to I about his Panama-Pacific crowd. L. ference here Friday at 2 p. m. and j , ^ some I J M.' Hershkowitz las returned to, ^ Fowler, Santa Fe agent conducted jcture at the church ' iP BILIOUS. SICK, OR CONSTIPATED TAKE CASCARETS So Ileadaciie, Rnd Cold, Sour Stomach or Costive Bowels' hy Morning. the council decided to submit the pror • i- rier £iiR.own./i ..a.= „ position to a vote of the people. I A ColUnsville after spending a f <iw days maW, five ;members of the couiicil here attending to business affiiira and and four 'members of tne school board visiting his family. ; will be electfed. / ' —See our n 'ew lino of spring wall paper; Waters Danforth, Drugs and Jewelry. The comniittee on streets and alleys • have been ordered to designate a suit ab|e place for Uie hltcuing rack -now located EDuili of the building b<^ing dis'mantered; by R. I'eet. ^Irs. Jam6s Clark is quite ill. J. F. Adams has returned home from a bus|ness visit ni Girard. ^ Mrs. Geo. Busley y«3sterday afternoon entertained the members of the J. B. CUibUt her home. The afternoon was spent with fancy Work and a bocial tiipe. Miss Addye Ross, of Redfield is vis itiing Mr. a 'nd Mrs. J. B. Jiurlock this week: —We noj*' have our complete line of Wall Paper on display, beautiful patterns. Prices from 7c double roll on uji V. A..;Cooksey, Druggist. f IW. H. ItoUe and family of Ghilli- cothe, Mo.; have moved here to make tlijeir home. Steve Quinby, of Paola, was a business vtsiK^r in town yesterday. Harold Robins left last inght, for Pij:tsburg ito join his tjarents and make his .^home. jHerbert Brown of Colony was in tiwn yesterday on business and visiting old friends. E. C.-Poue, of Taney county, |ap.. him to the patriotically painted domicile of our worfhy tow«sman and in* troduced him. 'They planned the trip and made the routings and then J. R. Sang for Mr. Gregory. His first song was '"I'he Tango Stole My Heart Away." Mr. Gregory was delighted. Then J. R. sang the late and popular hit entitled, "Why Start a a Jitney Bus For We'll Never Get Anywhere." Fowler joined in the applause on this number. Then J. R. sang his own com|io8Tiio.n, "if AH the Men Go to War and Die, O, Who Will Be Left to Swat the Fly." Mr. Greg- let a JO-cent box now. , °7;,^°'S 'l '\ pleasant morning. . _ You're bilious! Yo.u have L throb- ^ The Kensington club met Wednes-, , blng sensation, in your head, a bad day afternoon at the home of their • 'taste in .vour mouth, your'eyes burn, president. Mi|s. H. W. Brown, the oc-j your skin is yellow, with dark rings casion beingi a surprise shower tori under your eyes; your li,.s are parch- ^^''^ i}rown. i Tlie sidewalks >yere al i -ri Vrt wnnH«.i- x'nii fe^i „piir uiean ' impassable with snow and water! stilt there wias a good , attendance.' Each membi'J" gave Mrs. Brown a dainty gift and (ogether they furnished the Inneheon which was served | !nl"'"Vl ,Hv ^^^l ^^uT^ James.Welch, of Greeneastle, Ind., ing. Sunday services will be as us-, ^.^o has been visjtiag Dell Adams 'has gone to the farm south of town 'where he will visit a few days. -Joe Price and family moved in Tuesday from the farm north of Gas. B. C. Pope, who has been visiting I his brother-in-law V. W. peath south I of town, returned to his home in f Taney county. Mo., yesterday. ed. No wonder you feel ugly, mean and ill-tempered. -Your system U full of bile not properly passed off, and what you ueed is a cleaning up inside. Don't continue being a bilious nuisance lo voiirself aiid those who love you, and, don't resort to harsh physics that irritate and injure. Remember by .Mrs. J R. Rpber:s and Mrs. Wm. i Varner. The afternoon was one of j muoli pleasure for all. Mrs. I. H. Kas , beer was the only one present be-; ithat most disorders of the stoniach.i—— ••— - , - , . , liver and bowels are cured by morning ; s»des the members of the club, with gentle, thorough Cascarets-r^they I Tt was a real, ground hog snow, work while you sleep. A lO-cent box storm Wednesday and a heavy fall, from your druggist will :keep your' But the editor's family moved the day | liver and bowels Clean; stomach sweet, before,'while the sun was shining. | and your head clear for mdnths. Child- The groundbog didn't slip one over '. ren love tp' takie Cascarjets because onus; ' they taste good and never gripe or | Mrs. Chas. S. Ewen received a tele sicken. 'l gram Sunday morning stating thati i . j; 1 ' . . ^ Weleonie Information. ^Most middle aged men and women are glad to learn that Foley Kidney Pills give relief from languidness, stiff and sore musples and joints, puffiness under eyes, backache, bladder weakness and rheumatslm. They get results. Contain no harmful drugs. Bus- rell's Drug Store. —Rugs, Rugs^ Rugs. Over 100 new floor Rugs at Ed Henninger'a Furni-j ture Store. • MONEY! MONET! MONEI! Who wants money? Plenty of money to loan on good farm security. Prompt service. Farms and City Property for sale or trade. Choice bargains. Also some very desirable suburban trades to offer. We solicit a share of your business. THE POTTER REALTY CO. ' With E. W. Myler Old Court Houses—^Pkone SOi UNITED STATES Post Office, lola. Kans. Office of custodian, February 24, 1915 .Scaled proposals will be received at this building until 2 o'clock p. m., March 16, 1915, and then opened, for furnishing electric current, gas, water, ice, and miscellaneous supplies, refoving ashes and washing towels during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1916. TIic riglit to reject any and all bids is reserved by the Treasury Department. A. H. Ilecox, Custodian. (2)-2.".-(3)-4. (First Published in the lola Register, .Marcli 4, 1915.) NOTICE IN BANKRUPTCY. In the District Court ot the Unifei States for the District of Kansas. THIRD DIVISION. In the matter of Carolina Ringler, of lola. in the County of Allen, and district aforesaid, a bankrupt. No. 803. .Notice is hereby given that on tlie 26th day of February, A. D. 1915. the said Carolina Ringler was duly adjudged bankrupt and that the first aieeting of her creditors will be held at tho parlors of the Kelley Hotel, In ihe City of lola, Allen County, Kansas, on the 1st day of April, A. D. 191."), at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at which time the said creditors may at- lend. prove tljpir claims, appoint a trustee,, examine the bankrupt and transact such other business as may ,)roperlj^ come before such meeting. .•\ssets scheduled $1,100, claimed exempt; liabilities scheduled $1026.71. Fort Scott, Kansas. March 3, 1915. • C. E. CORY. Referee in Bankruptcy. F .1. OYLER. iola, Kansas. . Attorney for Bankrupt. Rebc'i Use Portable Ice Plant Oeu. li^raricisco Villa, commanding OATS—itarket unchanged to %c . higher. No. 2 white. 53>,ic; No. 2 intx-J ed 52i2@53%c.. ! . RYE—$i.x4 (?7; 11 .15. ;:. HAY—Market nominal. . i Wheat received. 53 cars. Knnsas City Produce. Kansas City. March 4.—BUTTER,'• market unchanged. EGGS—Fi-sts 18c; seconds • 16c. . Kansas City Livestock. * Kansas City, March 4-^ATTLE, re-< ceipts 2,500J Market steady. Prime fed steers $8.25(JJ8.75; dressed beef* steers $6.9O@S.O0; cows and heifers . $4.25,ffi8.40; Blockers and feeders $6.00 (fllM; bulls $5.50#6.50; calves $6.50 @.t0.15. I , ; HOGS—Receipts 7.000. Market"5c^ lower. Hejavy $6.50@6.60; packers, and hutcheh $6.50@6 .e0; light $6.50® " 6.G0. [ Cbicairo Livestock. ; Chicago, :" March 4.—CATTLE, i re-: ceipts 5.U0Ci. Market steady. Beeves ?5.75@9.15; cows and heifers $3l60@ HOGS—Receipts 28,000. Marke^ns weak. Light $6.40@6.60; mixed $6.40 @6.65; hea}\-y $6.15(g!6.60; pigs $5.50(9'; 6.70. rroduce by Coghlll Local Markets. t quotations firrni.sliori riailj-" Commission Company. ' Packing (Butter—16c per pound. ^ Fresh Eggs —15c pei* dozen. 5. Poultry---[Hens, 10c per lb.; young' cocks. 6c; spring chickens 9c lb.; F. Fi • F. ducks, 9c; F. F. F. geesd, 6c; No. 1? turkeys, 10c; No. 2 turkeys, 7c; ol* toms, 8c; guineas. 20c eaclii • Green Hides—12c; No. 1 horse hldeti $3.50 each, I Says a Liti URIC ACID IN MEAT : BRINGS RHEUMATISM n •;;s ie Salts in Water May 8nT« You .from Dread Attack. Rheumatism is easier tol;avoid |.haij to cure. States a well-known aiithorj engine, cooling tower and other of the equipment are arranged on one truck, while the*freezing tankf, ^ in number, and each with a capacity of'SB pounds, are carried In a refrigeration box on another.—Popular Mechanics Magazine. feet dry; bieat. but acid fi'om the urine avoid exposure; drink plenty oj •he constitutional forces in the north .Uy. We ^r_e advised to dress warmiyi of Mexico, had a portable ice-lnaking apparatus constructed for the use of his army and hospital corps during his later operations. The niachiner)', which is capable of producing 500 pounds at one time, is divided into t_u:o sections and. mounted og ititjstantial tiucK wiiiih are attached to motor vehicles and transported when the army is on the marcli. "Tha keep the eat less good wate^. Rheuma ing. too ra foods -that absorbed ;^sm is a direct result of ejitf- [uch meat, and other ric^ produce uric acid which \h into the blood. It is th^ function it the kidneys to filter thlk There Is more' Catarrh in this section of the blood and cast it out li\ . - the nores of the akin arj> also a m«ans of freelngl the blood dt ' this impui Ity. In.damp and chlliy colS weather tne skin pores are closed thuk forcing the kidneys to do double'worl|, they become weak and sluggish ana fail to eliminate the uric acid i»hlc?i keeps acdnmulating and clrculatii^ throiigh t \e system, eventually settl!n|s In the jojlnts and • muscles ca isinj; stiffness, jsoreness-and pain OBIIM rheumatism. = -4t the first twinge of rheumatis^n '3 -i ti.e"crumr 'rtharriroti 'er"dIseT.r ;"pui : >^et from l ^ny pharmacy about four toeether. and until the last ifew years ounces of Jad Salts: put a taWespOOli- K <as aupposed (o be incurable. For a iful in a llasB of water and drink b#- «reat many yeara <l«>«to« P |;°"°u2 'w^™«* ' 'f""* brealtfast each mornlhg for' :a fe atlTy rn.?a'X'«1o'1?S^ i^ll^ ''iV V 'Hc with local ueatment. proDouacfed it Incur- acid by i timnlating the kidneys to A able. Science hals .proven Catarrh to be a, normal a ^tion, thug ridding the blodd constitutional disease, and therefore l-e- : duires conatlluUonal treatment. Hall'a !'^r ; n f 8« ' gP «""e3 ; Cstarrh Cure, taaoulactured by P. J. \ Tad Salts Is Inexpensive, harn >jes» Cheney 4 Co. - • • • - - - - - .- . • • Constttutlonal taken liitimally. blood and mucous . i They offer one hundred dollars for anjs- : tbousandfi of folk' who are ?iibj«>t to '^^^."J^'* i*'?,"'^"- circulars jT -heuroatlfcnJ. Here r on have aWea^- " AM ^SiTy 4 euSNBY * CO., Tpi«4p,o. '=:\nt. effeKescent Mth Ia -T^J^tcr Ax\r^ Btiia brjMliita. 7Kc. , | which h «los overcome uric qcld attd IB tike H»W»y «4 »Uy .w»^ toflconstipatioii. i beneficial to your kidneys as w.ell.i 1 ,

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