Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 14, 1963 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1963
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1963 Hollywood Today A 'ToRplliprnpss' Overlooked hy LI7. By ERNKINE JOHNSON Hollywood Correspondent Newspiipcr Enterprise Assn. HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — "ToRct harness on wheels." Liz and Richard didn't think it up, but Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward did. They are packins five children plus Joanne's guitar into nn automobile camper for a tour next summer of the New England states. "So the kids can stiulv American history first, hand," says Joanne. If you're wnmlerlni; iihnnt her guitar, she's not the Tollc music type, nor even one to appear as a television Kiiest star. "T really prefer Bach," she says while plucking out an old English madrigal in her MOM dressing room. "But. I forgot my Bach music sheets this morning." WHY SHU t'RKII-.KS playing murderess in a now movie mystery drama, "Signpost to Murder" is nn mystery. "I wouldn't do si murder mystery," she says, "if I conliln't he the murderess. It 's nlwayn the best, role." Stu Whitman, who is becoming Hollywood's top specialist in psycho roles, plays another in the film in which Joanne uses him as a "patsy" to almost es- enpe the law for her bloody deeds. Telling it to the camera for a scene, Whitman shudders about, finding his own wife murdered: "Her throat was cut wide —wide open." Telling it to me after the scene, ho says, wistfully: "If you hear of a good comedy role around town, let me know." IK YOU HEAR of Dorothy Provine. the perky blonde, turning down a big offer, let Dorothy explain that she doesn't have the driving ambitions of most film cuties. It. is a problem, in fact, she says. "I enjoy privacy and staying home so much I don't do all the things I really should," she said between scenes of "Good Neighbor Sam" at Columbia. Then she explained: "I get these offers for television shows nnil personal appearances. T know I should do them and I want to do them. Then 1 say, 'No, no, nn.' I'd rather be lazy around the house, j "It hugs me, but that's the way I am. T oven said no to a television series with CJeorge Burns which I know will be a hit. The thought of thai daily 1 grind, week niter week, left me saying. 'No, no, no, no' as usual." As usual, there's still no marriage in sight or even a romance for Dorothy, she says. It is difficult to believe, but she has the complaint: "I don't ever meet anyone." THIS IS HOLLYWOOD. Mrs. Jones: Old movies are thicker than ever — on television. A one-week survey disclosed the airing of 222 features on the seven Los Angeles televisiop stations. Dialers had then- choice of 55 on Saturday. • • » Bob Newhnrt will have a trio of guestings on Judy Oarland's television series . . . King Crosby and the Mrs. move permanently to the San Francisco Bay area early in 196-1. They'll keep the place in Palm Springs in which the late JFK headquartered when in Southern California, THE REGISTER-NEWS Senior Citizens' Club Is Organized FRANK NEAL, THIRD FROM RIGHT, administrator of the Housing Authority of Jefferson County, is an excellent host. He was told this many times Wednesday afternoon when a group of residents in the new housing project accepted his invitation to attend a "get acquainted" party in the Recreation Center, Ninth street and Conger. A highlight of the afternoon was the organization of the Senior Citizens' Club. Irene Purcell, Register-News society editor, and husband, Glenn, far right, were guests. (Delo Photo Craft) Like all other units in the community, the Recreation Center is spacious, well appointed, and delightfully cheerful. The affair was an outstanding success—and Mr. Meal had only one disappointment. This was due to the fact that the miserable weather-and illness among some of the residents—kept some of them from enjoying the festivities. Those attending included C B. Wolfe. Pearl Yandell, Ethel I'loosscr, Edna Holcomb, Minnie Rough, Cora Klannigan, R. Frances Mack, Gertie Dorris, Grace Birkhcad. Channie Burbridge, Mary M. Harris, Curtis Birkhead, Murlie McGuire, Nell Webb Tute, I larvey Mossberger .Harrison Taylor, and Sherman Wicks, newcomers to that community. SOCIETY Woman's Club Meeting The Reverend Delbert T. Wickstrom ol the First Community Church will discuss the topic "The Christmas Origins" at the December meeting of the Mt. Vc- non Woman's Club on Monday, December 16, at the L. and N. Cafe. The Home and Garden Department will be hostess to the general club at the luncheon meeting which will be served at 1 p.m. Mrs. Stanley Rosenhcrger, club president, has announced a board meeting to be held at 12:15 p m. preceding the luncheon. BE ALERT DUSK Men.... PROMISE HER ANYTHING But GIVE HER MINK THIS CHRISTMAS i Quality Furriers Mary Martha Class Has Yule Tarty The Mary Martha class of the Logan Street Baptist Church held the regular meeting and Christmas party at the home of Neva Pennington, December 10th, with 12 members attending. Mrs. Stella Rudolph was a guest. After a short business meeting Mrs. Venita Shull gave an inspirational talk entitled "Christmas Therapy". An exchange of gifts followed the period of devotion, after which refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Mrs. Noma Witter. V. F. W. Auxiliary The V.F.W- auxiliary will meet Tuesday evening, December 17, at 7:30 o'clock at the city hall. There will be a dollar gift exchange and each member is asked to bring sandwiches. Charivari, Shower A charivari and shower will be held for Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gilbert Tuesday evening, December 17, at 7:3C o'clock at the home of Ihe bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gilbert in Bonnie. All friends and relatives are invited. Country Heights Unit llomemakers To Meet The Country Heights unit of Homemakers' Extension Association will meet Monday evening, December 16. at 7:30 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Laverne Creel, 11 S. E Crescent Drive. The annual Christmas gift exchange will l)e held. Sunshine Club With Mrs. High The Boyd Sunshine Club held the annual Christmas dinner December 11 at the home of Mrs. Fleta High with nine members present. Mrs. Edna Douthit was welcomed as a new member. Mrs. Flora Conple presided. Mrs. Dorothy Copple gave a reading and the annual Christmas gift exchange was held. The names of Mystery Pals were revealed and new names drawn for the coming year. In the future, all meetings will be held on the third Thursday of the month. The next meeting will be held Thursday, January 16, at 1:00 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Lucille Tinsley. Visitors are welcome. Whales do not spout fountains of water from their nostrils. What appears to be a stream of water is moisture from the whale's breath condensing as it meets the cooler, outside air. The Nubians plan to resettle on the Atbara River close to the Sudanese-Ethiopian border when Egypt's Aswan High Dam is completed. Egyptians will go north to the Kom Ombo region. SEE—H EAR—TOMORROW (2:00) High School Auditorium ANNUAL CHRISTMAS MUSICAIE SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1963 (No seats reserved — Doors open 1:30) Following intoduciions, conduct- 1 At his suggestion, it was deed with friendly informality, each cided to name Ihe new organi- guest gave a brief talk in which' zllt '°n "The Senior Citizens Club" enthusiasm was expressed for the j and he was unanimouslyy ap- new home now enjoyed in that ! pointed as general chairman, community. Or. as more than one \ Other officers np|x>intcd to serve expressed it. "The comfortable, j with him are Cora Flannigan co- easy way of life such a home af- • chairman; Edna Holcomb, sccrc- fords." 1 lary; and a visiting committee An impromptu program got I " U-IIKIPS Ethel Ploesser, Edna under way with a series of bar-! Holcomb, and Pearl Yandell. monica selections by Celtic nor-. Mr. Neal assured the group that ris—wiio delighted her audience ] the recreation room would bo with a lively rendition n[ "Little available to them at any time Brown Jug", and "Turkey In The' Anrl, he also assured them, free Straw." , coffee would be served to them C. B. Wolfe made an interesting °n occasions, talk—ending with the suggestions that the meetings he marie at regular dates -and that a club he organized. entertainment for that evening. Since it is the desire and goal of the group to always include music on the program, Mr. Ncnl has expressed the hope that a piano can be donated for this very worthy project. And, if there is one available in this community, he is requesting that the owner get in touch with him immediately—he will arrange for transportation. In his closing remarks, Mr. Neal announced that there are now forty-six residents in the elderly section of the housing project— and a total of 80 fami- ., , ., , , , , ics including all ages. At prcs- II was decided that the next 1 ent, he has over 300 applications meeting would be held Monday on file and, from these the-en- evenmg December 23, and plans: tire 150 units will eventually be are now under way for special (occupied. Take It From Kathy BK YOURSELF — THIS WAY Hy KATHY PETERSON. Dear Kathy: I'm naturally a pretty outgoing person and find it awfully hard to keep things to myself. If 1 like someone I show it; if I think something I say it. My friends say that f should ! change my attitude when hoys! are involved. They claim that | a fellow loses interest as soon i as a girl lets him know that ! she cares. This is awfully im- 1 portant to me because 1 found! someone 1 care about for the first lime in my life, is it re-; ally best for a girl to he independent and indifferent or am 1 right in feeling that I should'' just be myself?- P.J. Dear P. J.: Everyone likes to be liked. Knowing that you I care should be the last reason j in the world lor a hoy to lose j interest. He'll think you show; great judgment in choosing j him .... unless, to you. liking < a boy means owning him, Put on your brand or make him feel like a captive and you will lose him. Thnfs different! Be yourself. Show your liking by being interested, interesting and a little flattering when you honestly can lie. He won't find it a bit painful! Teen-agers: Please send your personal problems to Kathy Peterson, In care of .Ml. Vermin Register-News. While she cannot answer each letter personally, letters of general interest will be answered In this column. Timely Quotes Unvl llailsham is dead. Ged bless Quintin Hogg. —Britain's former Lord llailsham, who renounced his title to run for the House o( Commons—as Mr. Hogg. DEAR ABBY . . . Honesty Is Best Policy! Abigail Van Burer ! I Races do not marry Nations do noi marry. Classes do not marry. Only persons marry. —National (Roman) Catholic Conference- for Interracial Justice, approving interracial marriage. DEAR ABBY: What is ex- pectod of a divorcee? When asked on a date, should she tell him she has been married and has children? I did that once, and 1 got the third degree. "How long was I married? Where was my ex-husband now? Why did we split up?" 1 don't think it's any man's business unless he is serious about me. Please tell be. truthfully, how much should a divorced woman tell a man about herself on the first date? DIVORCED MOTHER DEAR DIVORCED: A man has a right to assume that a woman Is NOT a divorcee with children unless she tells him otherwise. (This much information she owes him.) A good rule to follow is: State your marital status (and children, If any) right off the bat. And answer any oilier questions with complete, honesty. If a man asks, it means lie's interested. * * * DEAR ABBY: This idea that the typical housewife does nothing all day but drink coffee with her neighbors and watch TV because she is surrounded, by so many push-button, labor- 1 saving devices makes me boil. When people first meet me and learn that I do not have a career, they say, "Oh, you don't work, do you?" 1 reply, "No, I just sponge off my husband." I have yet to see a completely 'automatic" washer that collects the clothes, sorts them, put.-, them in, starches them, sorts them again, dampens them, irons them, mends them, and puts them away, have you? All the women I know do their own cooking and cleaning, wax their own floors and wash their own windows. And most of them take care of their own yards and gardens, too. Everyone assured me that when my daughter married and our son went off to college "time would hang heavy." Baloney! Sincerely yours, MRS. R. J. H. DEAR ABBY: My boy friend and I were in an automobile accident. His car was demolished, but neither of us was hurt, fortunately. The boy had no liability insurance, and if either of us had been seriously injured neither his parents nor mine would have been able to take care of a big doctor bill (although we do carry hospitalization). My father now says I can't ride in a car with a boy unless he has liability insurance. I am 18. How does one say to a casual date, "Do you carrv insurance?" ON THE SPOT I) E A R ON: Your father makes a good point, hut if you start a policy of quizzing each date about his insurance, your dates will soon be at a premium. * » * CONFIDENTIAL TO "IN LOVE WITH A MARRIED MAN": You were sympathetic when you should have been indignant. When lie made his first advances to you, you should have said, "<io home, heel, and show your ailing wife a little of tlie 'devotion' you pretend for me." * W X What's on your mind? For a personal reply, send a self-addressed, stamped enevelope to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. * • V For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills. Calif. The United States baking industry employs 299,000 persons with a yearly payroll of 51.3 billion. The name of the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, means "silver hill." A large silver mine is operated not far from there "Fresh As A Flower In Just One Hour' M HOUR FREE PARKING For Our Customers Convenience on the Griggs-Martinizing Lot. mem For Mon., Tues., Wed., Dec. 16,17,18 Ladies' and Men's Slacks & Sweaters and Ladies' Plain iris ne HOUR Reg. 60c NOW 49 AT 1006 MAIN ST. IN DOWNTOWN MT. VERNON Store Hours: 7 A.M. Till 6 P.M. Local Student To Intern In Accounting David II. McMullen. son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. MucMullcn, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McMullen, 815 North 11, Mt. Vernon, has been chosen one of 13 outstanding accounting students at Kansas State University, Manhattan. He will take part in this winter's accounting intern program, according to William J. Clark, K-State professor of accounting. Right after Christmas, he will join the accounting firm of Arthur Young and Company of Tulsa for a six-week period ending February 1. During the period, he will perform diverse tasks for the firm, all directed toward making him more familiar with the world of public accounting. In addition, he will be paid for his work and will receive three hours of credit. PERSONAL James Tultle of Ina is a patient in Room 208 at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minn. He is recuperating from major surgery. Mrs. Milliard Tyler of McLeansboro was a Mt. Vernon shopper yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Bonnie Scheerbaum of Bin ford spent Friday afternoon shopping in the King City. Mr. and Mrs. George Koontz of Fairfield transacted business and shopped in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Roy Brit ton of Tamaroa was a business visitor in the King City Friday. He is a former resident. Mrs. Carrie Musgrave of Wayne City spent Friday afternoon shopping in Mt. Vernon. Carl Webster of Nashville made a business trip to the King City yesterday. Mrs. Thelma Bumpus of Bonnie was a Mt. Vernon shopper and business visitor Friday afternoon. Dempsey Thomason of Wayne City transacted business in the King City yesterday. Leo Roberson of McLeans- bor was a business visitor in Mt. Vernon Friday afternoon. Howard Williams of Bluford made a short business trip to the King City yesterday. Mrs. Betty Shrutz of Waltonville was a Mt. Vernon shopper and business visitor Friday afternoon. Mrs. Raymond Dulaney of Wayne City visited friends and shopped in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brookman of Fairfield transacted business and shopped in the King City Friday afternoon. Mrs. M. M. Tucker and Mrs. Leo Roberson of McLeansboro were business visitors and shoppers in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Jackie Hiatt of Wayne City spent yesterday afternoon shopping in the King City. Mrs. Ruth Robinson, Mrs. Ida Webb, and Mrs. Edith Miller of Sesser were business visitors and shoppers in Mt. Vernon Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. H. II. Mat son of Shumway, 111., were King City shoppers yesterday. Mrs. Rowena Douthit of Centralia and Mrs. Russell Douthit and Troy of Dix spent Friday afternoon shopping in Mt. Vernon. New Masonic Officers f ~1 m These new officers of Mt. Vernon Masonic Lodge, No. 31, are first row, from left, Joe Claxton, Senior Warden; Kenneth I. Adams, Worshipful Master; and Tom Glover, Junior Warden. Second row from left are Earl Adams, Chaplain; Robert Fulford, Marshal; Jack Cassada, Junior Deacon; and Charles Rainey, Senior Steward. Third row, from left, are Byron Weld, Secretary; Tony Mabry, Treasurer; George Borders, Tyler; and Bill Salyer, Senior Deacon. The ceremonies were conducted Saturday evening, December 7 at the Masonic Temple with Brice Jones, installing officer; Virgil Pigg, installing marshal; and William Reavis, installing chaplain. A reception was held in the dining room with Minnie Rowe and Mae McCarfer presiding — assisted by Bea Glover and Eva Adams. Out of town guests included Brice Jones of Louisville, III., Ira Dezouchi of Wayne City, and Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Adams and family of Oak Creek, Wis. (Hilliard-Myers Photo) SOCIALLY YOURS... - By SALLY Mrs. Hose Clcgg of 515 Broadway is having another birthday . . . . Siie will be 78 years old on Tuesday, December 17, we have been told by her granddaughter, Mrs. Martha Dalby of Springfield, 111. . . .And, on December 19, Mrs- Corn Ywmvood of 503 south l!»th street will be 88 years old according to a telephone call received from one of her friends, Mrs. Martha Hcil . . . We dc hope each one will receive many other cards with the one wc are mailing today. Quick Quiz Q—'.low did "Grasshopper Glacier" in Montana gel its name? A—11 takes its name from the fact that millions of grasshoppers are buried in its ice. Scientists estimate that years ago the insects, migrating over the mountain ranges, were caught in a severe storm and deposited in the forming glacier. Q—How did the important Greek translation of the Old Testament receive the name Septuagint? A—The name Septuagint Is from a Latin word meaning "seventy." It is commonly supposed to refer to an early belief that the translation was made in 72 days by 72 scholars. BARBS BV HAL COCHKAX When a young married couple get a roof over their heads you c:in't blame them for inviting in friends to raise it. * » + A lot of time is wasted by people telling others in their office how busy they are. * * # Worry is one thing you can read between the lines on most people's faces. * » » We hope you will have such a wonderful Christmas is will be worth going broke for. Australia has an average of only 3.B persons per square mile. India has 349. | CHRISTMAS TREES | jjl CANADIAN BALSAM f. Sizes: 4 to 6 Foot K Your Choice ONLY wj $1.19 I At Your Friendly 2 MARTIN OIL STATION Livingston Pharmacy HAIR DRYER SALE UNIVERSAL OUR PRICE STARLET $ 15 9S $ 13 88 CAMEO $ 21 95 $ 18 88 HAT BOX $ 29 95 $ 24 88 TOASTERS — HAND MIXERS — STEAM IRONS, etc. — ALSO SPECIAL PRICED. CHRISTMAS CANDY Whitman's Samplers I Lb. $200 2 Lb $ 4 00 KING'S CANDY $]00 to $£00 Will Gift Wrap and Deliver Any Amount SPECIAL GIFT DEPT. FOR MEN and WOMEN TREE LIGHTS - DECORATIONS - XMAS WRAPPING PAPER - RIBBON - BOWS. OPEN SUNDAY 9:00 to 5 :00 P.M. Livingston Pharmacy 109 N. 10th Street Dial 244-1100 NOW ...for Brides of yesterday, today and tomorrow 44-piece service for eight A complete set in one purchase tor immediate use. All the basic place settings and serving pieces a family needs for most occasions. 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