Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 13, 1972 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1972
Page 11
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Avenues oi fashion Alton HiVt.'imig ieit-grapii Queries on male fashion revolution . Foursome favorites combine corned beef and cheese for snack Corned beef-cheese treat By AILEEN CLAIRE iteA Food Editor Golf Widows who decide to Join 'ejn may not beat 'em but at: least they can score after ttie game with a quick snack. Open-faced sandwiches of corjied beef and cheese with & waffle base help restore spirits after nine or 18 hoUjs of golf. Foursome Favorites bake quickly in the oven iince the base is a frozen waffle. Serve with a refreshing drink and some fruit. FOURSOME FAVORITES 2 3-ounce packages cream cheese 1 tablespoon prepared mustard 1/4 pound Cheddar cheese, grated >4 pound corned beef, finely chopped 1 9-ounce package frozen waffles Heat oven to 400 degrees. Beat together cream cheese, mustard and Cheddar cheese Cooking is fun Liver sausage and •Muenster cheese sandwiches on rye bread served with potato salad make a no-fuss summer dinner. Fresh fruit is dessert. Salami omelette is a vacation specialty. Slowly brown cubes of salami in a skillet. Add 1 well-beaten egg per person. As edges cook, run a spatula around edge so that uncooked portion will run to bottom. Cut in pie-shaped pieces to serve. until well blended. Stir in corned beef. Place waffles on cookie sheet. Heat about 7 minutes or until crisp and hot. Spread each waffle section with cheese mixture. Return to 400-degree oven about 5 minutes or until thoroughly heated..Makes 6 servings. By KEN FISH the wide range of questions I get is quite encouraging to a man in may business. It certainly indicates that the interest in men's fashion is great and growing all the time. Here's a cross-section of queries: Dear Mr. Fish: I saw an ad for a suit described as having "the look of doubionl silk in a polyester double knit." What in the world is "doubionl"? — R.W., -Lexington. DEAR R. W.: A typographical error. It should have read "douppioni" (Italian), "doupion" French) or "dupion" (English). In any language, it's silk thread made from two cocoons and has a thick, uneven texture that's used in fabrics like shantung. Dear Mr. Fish: I am interested In buying an authentic polo coat, but I'm not too sure what all the features it should have (width of Lapel, kind of pockets, half- belt or full, length of coat, etc.)—R.F.T., Kalamazoo. DEAR R.F.T.: Originally, the polo coat was a buttonless wrapped coat with a sash-tie belt. Most of the new models are buttoned, however although it's still correct to call them p ol o coats. Many of the newer models have buckled belts, but the trend is toward tying them like a sash instead of using the buckle. Your coat KEN FISH should have wide lapels (at least five inches), deep patch pockets with or without flaps, and should be knee length or 'a little longer. Dear Mr. Fish: Can you give me the names of two or three of the finest custom tailors in London? I am particularly interested in conservative suits for a man of ffi). —T.L.G., Baltimore. DEAR T.L.G.: There are, of course, many fine tailors in London. Three I would suggest for your particular taste are Hardy Amies Ltd, H. Huntsman & Sons, Ltd., and Kilgour, French & Stanbury. A lot of you certainly are "repeaters" when it comes to asking questions. One of the things that appears to bother you most is the right way to tie the wider ties. A Windsor knot in a four-inch to 4% - inch tie is so big and bulgy that it looks like a basketball; we recommend either the half-Windsor or the traditional four-in-hand, to the mystification of many men. For instance: Dear Mr. Fish: Some time ago you spelled out the directions for tying a half- Windsor knot, which I cut out. But I've misplaced it somewhere. Would you mind repeating it? — M.W., Saginaw. DEAR M.W.: Yes, I would mind, and I'll tell you why. When I got your letter, I looked up that column in the files and reread it. And it was absolutely incomprehensible to me, and I KNOW how to tie a half-Windsor knot. What I'm doing instead is to send you a diagram, which is much easier to follow. Dear Mr. Fish: Do you think the slim tie will ever return to fashion? I've heard that styles in men's clothes come and go in cycles. — T.N.E., Nashville. Dear T.N.E.: There's a new book out called "The Kondratieff Wave," in which the theories of a Russian economist who was purged in the '20s are explained: his idea is that practically EVERYTHING repeats itself in 52-year cycles. Which might well apply to those skinny "string" ties which I, for one, don't ever want to see again. However, there are definite signs that some tie manufacturers are beginning to slimdown their spring models, but the bulk is coming off in almost infinitesimal fractions, the way it does when you're on a diet. There still seem to be a lot of men who resist change in fashion simply because it's change. Can't say that I blame them, in some ways. Back in the 60s, change was often made for the sake of change. Fortunately, saner and wiser heads are now prevailing. Dear Mr. Fish: What's the lowest acceptable heel height in today's fashionable footwear? — K.F.S., Indianapolis. Dear K.F.S.: The lowest acceptable height of the heel is, I suppose, what it's always been — an average of one inch. If it's fashion you're talking about, though, the iy 2 inch to two inch height is better (the latter is about the limit unless you're into the platform-soled, ''Carmen Miranda" type of shoe that's popular with younger men). Oddly enough, due to their construction, these new heels often look higher than they are. When in doubt, measure. Dear Mr. Fish: I've heard that there's a "revival" in two-toned saddle shoes. Well, I heard the same thing last year and they were In the most outlandish color combinations I've ever seen, such as orange and brown or green and red. If this is a revival, it's not not what I remember about saddle shoes.—P.McA., Portland "ear P. McA.: Rest easy: These new saddle shoes are in the classic combinations of black-and-white and brown- and-white, with an occasional excursion into brown-on- brown styles. But, as with everything else that's being touted off as a "revival," these aren't any such thing. MEDIA 1 PROBES...d. l?gn . d fo explore media environments (e.g. film, TV, photography, cable communication, print, satellite) as processors of messages and men's minds. MONDAY, SEPT. 18 — ALPHABET SOUP An exploration of how we shape the alphabet and it shapes us. MONDAYS 7:30—9 pm SEPT. 18—NOV. 20 Media Probes at Hayner Public Library Get Your Child in the Big Parade! If your son or daughter is trying out for the band— by oil means take advantage of Halpin's Student Progress Plan. We cooperate with the schools and with parents. We can help you select the right instrument — that will have school approval, and IMPORTANT TO YOU, we will rent you the instrument — When you buy, you'll get full credit for every dollar of rental payments. HALPIN'S EXCLUSIVE RETURN OPTION At the end of any month you may return the instrument and payments made to that date are considered as rental. Your return of the instrument cancels the contract and there is no further obligation on your part. "Come in and let us help you 551 E, Broadway 462-0666 MUSIC COMPANY OPEN EVERY EVENING Alton's Complete Music Store" UNDKR NEW OWNKRSHII HAIR FASHIONS Mirror WASHINGTON PLAZA Krminlilf Mui> II,il GRAND OPENING THROUGH SEPT. 16 20% OFF On All Hair Cuts *200 00 IN WIGS, FABERGE TOILETRIES SHAMPOO SET, PERM WAVE. GIVEN AWAY FREE STOP BY AND REGISTER ( ui«i> Ptmir A message for employei with a work force of four to fifteen people. Four of our most experienced Blue Cross/Blue Shield representatives are available to meet with you, at your convenience, to help you evaluate your present company health insurance coverage. From September 18 to September 29, they will be spending all their time helping Alton businessmen determine if their current coverage is realistic in terms of present-day medical costs. They'll point out the weak spots that can find you face-to-face with an employee who is saying, "I thought our policy covered a new born baby from birth...and now I'm stuck with a bill!" Then, hopefully, our man will be able to show you a Blue Cross/Blue Shield package that will do the job right, for the same money, or just a little more. For an appointment, call 462-6805 today. Maybe you'll like what we have to offer and you and your people will join the over 3,000,000 people in Illinois who enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a Blue Cross/Blue Shield card. Maybe not Either way, we'll consider it time well spent. Kenneth White Edgar Barstow Wm. Johnson Grant Louin Blue Cross/Blue Shield 1629 Washington Avenue • Alton, Illinois 62002

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