Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 14, 1965 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1965
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HUUN MINMHKH 9 , , , An low* 'fifttwr needn't wtar i tO-fallon ,h«t to b* • rtnehtr, . . . We take our 640 I*** (writ* In Vittnam too much f«r granted, ; , , , DM notdi"-% br'ldgt- bulldtr for durable bridge* el vlnta A Mpllng*, likfr* Africa's famad monkey-bridg** or tha Bride* of Sin Lui* Rty.-'. * * * •' f. An Iowa motorist listed 16 flaws, defects & failures in a neW car delivered to him in a neighboring state. (With more flaws to come?) He threatens the Motor Czar to buy a motorcycle or a foreign car, '•' ? :•':''•' * * * I,, Vexed by a "No Admission" rebuff at • fashionable DM din- nar spot (at 6:15 p.m.) because aha wore a slack suit (it cost bar $1351) a DM matron scornad tha hostess's unbecoming knee- length skirt. Bad knees, she aays. * * * At our Great State's next State Fair every one of our 99 counties needs to parade its own Queen, '18 ,to 35 years old. And shouldn't each Queen know how to cook a casserole dish, sew \ a.' pair of Bermuda shorts, & bake home-made bread? ? ? * * * If Our State University's stalwart Evy really wants to run for governor, A really needs a few extra votes, it might be smart strategy for him to schedule an annual football game with Iowa State. But if ,he's opposed to such a game on principle, of course he wouldn't do a thing like that. "UNCONffSflD emcULAfION CHAMPION ~ THt ADVANCI" State Historical Iowa City, Iowa Society Algono Ho^uth County Entered cs second VOL. 65—NO. 45 1879 matter, D*e. 1, 1968, of Alflond, lowo, oostofflee undef Act of Cpngrcis March 8, MONDAY, JUNE 14,1965 - ALGONA, IOWA - I PAGES IN 1 SECTION once Council studies SPAT telecast Fenton youth moots President on 10-day tour "NY vigilantes hang a mugger" i *,...*, * Iowa travelers confess they're nervous about walking in New York's Central Park./ I marvel the New Yorkers don't organiie Vigilante Patrols to prefect residents A strangers alike. With maybe a hanging now & then? * * * A rumor ,has spread among the grade-schoolers in our neighborhood that the nervous grownups are talking an 11- month school year, because there's so much more to learn nowadays. There's talk among the kids of an appeal to the Humane Society, or , even of helping with the dishes. v * *'.•.'*'•'...' They installed a heat *Y humidity control in DM's adventurous Art Center,: a fairly complicated gadget. Some of the museum visitors, mistook it for-a'modern sculpture or work of art, a\ asked a trustee who was the artist. * * * Can some egghead in Washington or SUl or ISU explain why a few tycoons with $100,000 or more income in 1964 won't pay any income tax, or less tax than a schtim- mozzle like you or me? Or maybe our shrewd,' alert, U. S, Senators from Iowa can explain it? * * * Sioux City's fabulous Stingiest Millionaire wants his wife to have several inches cut off her 12-year old fur coat, so it'll look more stylish A dashing, A so he can have the piece made into a fur collar for his 17-year old ulster. * * * Ladies, next time you visit our overgrown village take your husband to see lithe & winsome Glenna Hampton from Texas dance the Frug, the Watusu, & the Hully-Gully. She's dancing like a nymph or dryad at a new Discotheque, & she'll scare him into acting his age, * * * ANNIVERSARY WIFE On anniversary's early morn I humbly ask in tones forlorn Cans't forgive my errors, dear, Tolerate me another year? —ED te VELTRVP * * # Who/i tht most aiftfd A best Informed i mofHfnewltdfab.lt tattlftal* in your fascinating tffwn? I'll fwtp • ftw if f«r big «ytrgr«wn yijligt'i hysjh< hyih sjcrtt« for fojnt »f yourf. In i njct w«y, naturilJy. ... In Italy thty byild homfi on voicjnstf, i in lowt wt build In tht lowland floodUnd*. . . . I f uajrunttt tfi majke any Itwi fir! I btaufy {darn ntirl) if fht'tl ejbjy my »dvi« §n hiir-do, fifjfl t*prtffif>Ji A DONALD MATTHIESEN One of 72 Iowa farm youths on a 10-day tour of the East was Donald Matthiesen, son of Mr. ana Mrs. Homer Matthiesen, of renton. The group arrived home Saturday night. One of tne highlights of the trip was a reception by President Lyndon Johnson last week in the White House Rose Garden in recognition of the ninth annual "Rural Electric Youth Day." The event was sponsored oy the NationalREC. Donald, the only Kossuth county youth on the trip, won the nonor with an essay he wrote. • 60th year observed by Ames graduates Dr. L/.R. Potter and Ray Me- Whorter, Burt, were among 120 iowa State alumni who were honored with . presentations of gold medals • as classes of 50 years or more observed special events at the annual. alumni days at Ames June 4 and 5. Their class of 1915 had their first reunion with 72 members of the Gold Medal class present. Many hadn't seen each other for oO years! Most of the time .w.as spent in informal get-togethers. Dr. Potter reported that only three veterinarians from the class of more than 30 attended. filtd in court Wayne Meyers as parent of Kevin brought suit in district court last weekend against Lyle and Lora Raney for $15,000 damages. The petition states on July t>, 1964, Kevin, then 2 years old, got his hand caught in a pump at a well at the Raney farm. The Meyers were occupying the residence, the farm owned by Lora and leased to Lyle Raney. He claims negligence in not having safeguards at / the pump. Howard Miller ^ * new member of, Algona council Howard Miller was elected to fill the unexpired term of coun- cilrriah-at-large at the city council meeting, Wednesday. The vacancy was-caused by the resignation of Everett Baldus. The Bald uses are moving on Tuesday to B'ort Dodge wnere he has been transferred as buyer for Hormel. The family will live in the Loomis Park area, they came to Algona in 1951. Mr. Miller has lived in Algona since 1945 but in the area all his life as he was born and raised in the Plum Creek area. The Millers have six children and plan to move the last of the month from their home on north Wooster to 1415 E. North street. New officers for local church group) New officers elected at the annual meeting of the First Congregational church June- 10 were: Church clerk, Clara Schaap;. Charles Paxson, treasurer; Judge G. Stillman and Byron P. Richardson, deacons; Peg, Naylor and Wanda Watkins, deaconesses; Lorain Smith, librarian. Lloyd Bphahnon, 'Don Deal and.Garry McDonald were elected to. the church-board for three year .terms; Virginia Buchanan, missions, and memorial committee; Emma Lou Sindelar, Christian education committe; Pat Bilsborough, music committee. Jim Kolp acted as moderator. Rebuild block of highway 769 here WORK BEGAN Tuesday morning by the State Highway Commission on the stretch of highway 169 on Jones street between State and Call. Object of the project is to remove a frost boil which has formed under the pavement. This is a swelling in the dirt base due to an excess of moisture, which caused the section to bulge and crack because of a lack of support. A broken storm sewer in addition to heavy spring rains compounded the troubles with the asphalt and its niushy base. State Highway Commission district foreman Donald Christensen, Algoni, is in charge of the operation. Crews have excavated a 160 x g4 foot section that has been filled with gravel and is to be covered with asphalt. This is the first time that the stretch has been cored out thoroughly, although earth lias been removed to 9 depth of two feet before. The roa4 has been re-covered with asphalt every year for over a quarter of a century. Heavy cpastructipn equipment io the above picture works to fill in (the long ditch witb gravel and then to press it firmly. The rote} had been resurfaced temporarily for the Meme-rial day traffic. Tke picture ft looking south from Call Joges streets. A/Jvajaye photo by Mj£e Wesley Mains, ex-Algonan, killed as pickupjtruck burns in Titonka crash THE TOTALLY DEMOLISHED 1964 pickup truck in which Wesley Mains, 34 ot-Buffalo Center and tormerly of Algona, met death is shown-after it crashed into a cement bridge abutmem jusi north of 'iitonka last Thursday afternoon. The truck caught fire and Mains died in the burning cab, either from injuries suffered in the accident or from the flames. His wife learned of the accident while teaching Bible school in Buffalo Center. Mains formerly farmed near Algona and Swea City. Photo by Kossuth Sheriff's office. A 34 year old former Algona man burned to death in his picKup truck about 3:15 p.m. Thursday when it struck'a county bridge abutment 3 miles north and one-half mile east of luonka on a blacKtop road. Dead is Wesley Mains, owner of Vves' Farm bervice DX station at Buiialo Center, it is not .Known illne ,aied. as..a,r.esult PL tnc crash or from' the llames. tnat burned the entire inside 01 lliS 1964 plCKUp tl'UCK. Mams, WHO iormerly farmed in tne Algona and bwea City areas beloie purchasing the gas station at liuiialo Center 2va years ago, was out collecting ouls at me time of the accident. {Authorities are uncertain just wnat 'tne cause of the crash was. THERE WERE no skid marks and although the right front tire was blown out, it is assumed tnat the blowout came when tne mat-nine strucK the bridge. Tne accident scene is over a small creek and aoout a mile north of German Valley. First person to arrive at the scene was Mrs. Eugene lieen- ken, who lives about 1'A mile west ot the accident site. She was going to church to pick up her cmluren from Bible school. She saw the truck was afire and two air tanks used to supply air to tractor* tires partiauy 'blocked the road. Mrs. Beenken turned around and rushed to a neighbor's house, where the Titonka fire department was called. They arrived in minutes to put out the flames but Mains was already badly burned and dead when they arrived. He was not pinned in the cab of the truck but it is possible he was knocked out from the impact of the crash, which totally demolished his 1964 truck. it is believed the fire started from broken wires in the motor. Mrs, Mains was teaching Bible school at the Baptist church when she received word of the accident. She left immediately for the scene but was intercepted by a Buffalo Center doctor and nurse, who accompanied her. FUNERAL services for Mains were held Saturday afternoon at the Baptist church at Buffalo Center. Rev! George Blackburn officiated and burial was in the Eastlawn Memorial Gardens in Algona. Wesley Mains was born at Menlo, jowa on Aug. 15, 1931, the son of Mr.'and Mrs. J. H. Mains, n ow of Algona. He graduated from the Guthrie Center high school and served almost 30 mouths with the Marines during the Korean War. He farmed the Irving Urch farm two miles east of Algona upon his return and later farmed near Swea City until purchasing the gas station at Buffalo Center. He was married on Aug. 23, 1955 in Algona to Joan Urch and. she survives as does one child, a son Daniel, 4. BESIDES his parents, he is also survived by five -brothers: Donald, Wesley; Ellis, Algona; Ralph, Bakerstield, Calif.; Dale, Aigona; and Edwin, Des Moines. ueputy sheriffs Don Wood and i^arry Hudson investigated tne crash. *-. _ ______ BILL WETZEL ESCAPES CRASH NEAR BURT Bill Wetzei, a former Algona hign school atnletu and iiuw a student at ManKato btate Teachers college at Mankato, Minn., escaped with minor injuries aoout 8;30 Thursday evening when his car went out of control on an "S" curve and rolled completely over and back on its wheels. He was returning at the end of tiie school year and ins lyoii car was completely demolished, in addition, nis belongings and clothes were also scattered, etc. in the crash. However, Wetzei escaped with only a minor concussion. He was hospitalized overnight at St. Ann and released Friday morning. Wetzei staggered from the crash scene, 4 miles east and 2 miles north of Burt, and walked to a nearby farm to report the crash. He had walked away by the time the call to the police station was put in. Patrolman Tom Cogdall, who was only three or four miles from the scene, arrived and called an ambulance tor Wetzei, who appeared to be in a state of shocK. 85-YEAR OLD WOMAN HURT IN ACCIDENT Em McConnell, 85 of Algona, suffered a cut lip in a two-car intersection accident in Algona Wednesday about 7:20 p.m. A car driven by Je,an Metzen, with whom Mrs, McConnell was riding, and a car driven by Glen I'schetter, Algona, collided at Harlan and McGregor streets with about $500 damage to the Metzen car and $100 damage to Tschetter's machine. Tschetter was charged with failing to en ter safely, by city police, who investigated. Father of Titonka woman dies The father of a Titonka woman, Henry B, Davis, 73 of Bufla- Jo Center, died Wednesday night in the Buffalo Center hospital. He had suffered a heart attack. Funeral services for him were held Saturday at the Buffalo Center Congregational church with the Rev. Avery Wetzig officiating. Burial was at Buffalo Center. Mr. Dayis was born Nov. 26. 1891, grew up-in the Buffalo Center area and was married to Alma Bohl on Nov. 6, 1909. The Miss Garrigan JANET ERPELDING, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Erpelding of Algona, will be Miss Garrigan in the North Iowa Band Festival at Mason City tomorrow. A senior, she is in the marching, concert and pep bands, is a drum majorette, sings in the mixed chorus, concert choir and small groups. She was in the all-school play. She also is a class officer, cheerleader, and National CSMC convention delegate. Her father is a farmer. Lifelong Lakota resident dies at Buffalo Center Lakota — A lifelong Lakota resident, Mrs. William "Jennie" Gutknecht, 80, died last Tuesday night at the Buffalo Center hospital. Services for her were held on Friday at the Lakota Presbyterian church with Rev. John Reiners officiating. Burial was in the Maple Hill cemetery at Lakota. Mrs. Gutknecht had been a patient in the Mission Nursing Home at Buffalo Center since mid-March. She was born Jennie Smith, on Aug. 8, 1884 and was raised in the Lakota area. Prior to her marriage on July 8, 1924, she taught school in the area. Tiie Gutknechts operated a i hardware store in Lakota until ! his death in 1951. She was a j longtime member of the Lakota ! library board and very active in church work. A niece and a nephew are the closest survivors. They are Mrs. couple, farmed for most of their j Paul Kollasch and Roland Smith, majtied life near Buffalo Ceu-! both of Lakota, and Dwight ter. Smith, living elsewhere iu Iowa. Anna Wibben dies; rites at Titonka Monday Funeral services for Anna Wibben, 88, will be today (Monday) at two o'clock at the Good Hope Lutheran church in Titonka with Rev. A. F. Gcrstmann officiating. She died Friday at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Rudolf Willrett, in Burt. Anna Faulken was born in Germany on October 27, 1876, the daughter of Bernard and Bertha Berends Faulken. She was married to Klaus Wibben on May 26, 1900, in Germany. 'ihey came to Hartsburg, 111. in 1903 and moved to Kossuth county in 1915 and retired from farming in 1940. They celebrated their golden wedding in I960. Mr. Wiboen died in 1952. Survivors are six daughters and three sons: Margaret, Mrs. Herman WUlrett, Bntt; Anna, Mrs. Albert Willrett, Algona; Deana, Mrs. Rudolf Saliger, Sacramento, Calif.; Julia, Mrs. Earnest Haack, Uvermore; Bertha, Mrs. Rudolf Willrett, Burt; Edna, Mrs. Louis Price, Lakota; Albert and Bennie B., Algona; Gar- bant, Whittemore. One son and one daughter are deceased. Burial will be in the Lutheran cemetery at Titonka with McCullough's in charge. Pallbearers will be Thomas boats, Fred Hagen, Ehno Folkerts, Edward Harms, William Everding, and Harm Wibben. MOTHER DIES Swea City — Mrs. Mary L. Hood, 89 ot Fort Dodge and the mother of a Swea City woman, died last Wednesday of a heart ailment at Fort Dodge. Mrs. J. A. Sanftner, Swea City, is a daughter. There are two other daughters and three sons. CLUB TOUR DATED The Union Township Homemakers club tour will be June 17. Those planning to go should be at the civic center by 10 a.m. Would provide good TV from many stations Discussed informally at a council meeting last week was a new law which permits cities and towns to install a;SPAT system for bettering television reception. The council took n<f action. In a recent election a calile system was narrowly defeated, showing some sentiment tor bettering reception here. A SPAT system is different than the cable system. Under the SPAT a television antenna would be installed at a high spot, say the top of the Cargill elevator in Algona. Signals from distant stations would be taken there and then rebroadcast. No cable nor new equipment would be required tor the television owner who has UHF. The rebroadcast locally would be on the UHF channels not now oeing useu. Tnc only LiHl-' received here is Fort Dodge and the signal is not satisiactory particularly tor color sets according to owners. UHF channels are from 14 to 82, hence there is plenty of room lor use Here. 11' a SPAT system were installed it is probable Algonans would have good reception of Minneapolis, ues Moines, Austin, Rocnester, and perhaps others. At present iViaiiKato is the best lor Algona, witn Mason, City also goou depending on the area of town. Mason City is installing a new higher antenna which should benefit reception. HoweVer, those two stations Have identical programs. At present some Ajlonans are familiar with the SlfiT system at Spencer which serves the Okoboji area also. This is a private concern with "voluntary" contributions depended upon to keep it in operation. At various times the station has to be shut down until more money comes in. There are a lot of "free riders" on this system. Under the new law the city or town could build and maintain the station with tax men- ay. Tha signals are on low power and do not reach far and only Algona and tha immediate vicinity could benefit. The law provides such service as a part of recreation funds and a vote is not required. The proposal would have to be included in the regular annual budget which is adopted in July or August. The one advantage of the SPAT system is that it is comparatively inexpensive as compared with cable. Everyone with a TV set would benefit. The annual cost would probably be in the neighborhood of about $2 for the average home, it is believed. If there is enough interest the council will investigate and get more definite information on cost of installation and cost of operation. Coundlmeri are hopeful Algonans will express their views to the councilmen. DIVORCi IS ASKED Joane A. Via, Ottosen, brought suit against James H. Via, Bode, for divorce last weekend. They were married at Hartsville, Tenn., Sept. 1, 1962. West Bend boy named state president, Lakota girl historian Two area 4-H'ers were named to state offices Thursday in state elections at Ames, oili Fogarty, 17 of West Bend, was elected »iote boys president while Linda Hoeppner, 1$ ot t-o kpta, was named state historian. One of tru outgoing officers waf Diana Berkland, Cylindei state vice president. The state convention w<j. held Wednesday through Saturday. He is »he son of Mrs. Jo* Fogarty of West Bend and if « former Palo Alto county 4-H boys president.

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