Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 7, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, April 7, 1927
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;• \. ' i TOPEKA J , VOLUME XXX. NoJ 141. The Weekly ReKister, EkUblinhed 18G7. The Iitlu Dally Kesliler. Extabllithed ]t>S7. lOLA, KAN., THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 7, 1927, Successcfc- to The lola Daily Ueglster. The lola Daily Record, and luin Dailj- Index. TWELVE PAGES Former Secretaiy of War To Go There Saturday; As ^Representative Of President Coolidge. ^. tVnshlngton, Apr. 7. <(AP)-A ftfrmined move on the part ot ' FrtMident CooUdire t« solve the vipvJnir Nlrarasnanj proWera. Was lndlr»t«>d today jin the a^i* poiJDtme^ of Henrr i. .Stimsun, forjiier Secretary of Innr, to tro to the THir torn Central 'Aiiierl- tan repiibllc :is a ijeprejenta- the of the president.' Rome Sees^piot i ! InBiirningPlane Papers Express Opinion That Santa Maria's Burning Was Anti-Fascia Plot and Not Accidental Tossing of Match by Youth> Apache Lodige, Roosevelt Dam, Ariz., pril 7. (AE)—Commander Francesco iD^ Pinedoj whose plane w^s; destroyed by fire here yesterday afternoon, does not believe the disaster was the result of an anti-fascist plot. * Every possible effort to allspr suvli suspltioiijf, as expressed by Washington, Apr. 7. ry L. Stimson.. formdr secretary of war, was appointe special representative (AP)—Hen- il loday^ as rif I'resUleiit Coolidge to visit Xicar|igua. A slate departments ' annouu(!'e- nieiit said Mr. Stiin^soii^ would'] lake tO'Nicaragua for'ihe infornia- '(^.llon of MlulBter Klit^rliaidt and Rear Admiral Latimer "certain ~ views uf the adminiRti *atlan which caifnot convcnleDlly be taken up Uy currespuiidence, and n order to get liiformaticiii frcJm tliein HM to tliti eniire sliualion In that coun- •try," ^ I "The stfife auil biOodsii'i'd llidt is going on in that ouuntry is a matter of great regr«(; and the necessity for proteoilng the interests of our cJflzens Iliere and Ilie large ' interests j of the L'nited States goyernnieliti Is Very great," the-tannouncement added. The announcement | followed a '• Conference at the White House at; whidh Secretary Kellbgg.' Assisl- iiut Secretary Olds, and-.Mr. Stim-[ son discussed the quektiou of .Mr. 1 Stimson's mission', with the president. Stimson iwUl sail from New York via Panama, next! Saturday. PHERWILL FACECHARGE FOR MURDER First Degree Charge to Be Filed in Death of , >V. J, Bedard, Plain- vilEe High School ! Athlete. . i'lHln\11re, KniiM. Airril 7. (AP) — Willi! m j; Hedard, Plainv^lle high; school atlilete; foutid ilyitig liy a i treuHoii- stniiid aliove all because rouds cenil) haiidH wan! Jury found A der w sortie Home newspapers . M'ill be made by the fascist aviat'on whose four-contiiient flight has been delayed pending arrival of a new ship, he told the Associated Press toiFay. Hankow; Rome, April 7. (AP) — Leading Rome newspapers today expressed the opinion that destruction of Commander lie Pinedo's. seaplane at ROoseveJt Ham In Ar^ond yesterday was caused by anti-fascist agents. The'plane was burned, presumably by! a match jthrown on oily water by an unidentified boy. At the same time the {>apers voiced appreciation of action of the United Slates in offering the ttalian flyer anollier machine. ' I "We are confronted," the Popolo dl lloma says, "with stupid, vile de from giiUHhot wouuds re-III vrW) liave the effect of showing came to lilH death at tliei"": '•""."f *>''<-•!' anti-fascism is , , , , I reduced dud because It will create of an unknown person. | „„iverHai; lulmiratlon for .Mussolini lie eylilenie poliilH strongly to-l,„„| |>,. pjnedo. making the recep- Uiiy .Miiliir. Hie coroner's; tl(m of the latter »i .New York a uvesligiillng Hie .slaying'K"^:''^'' triumph," ) today. I ' The uiiti-fuKcisls. the paper goes liarge of first" degree mur-|""-/"''"-''' '"'»''•'': Til"^ ,1, , „, , I I ,. , , at Italy and oftend fa.sclsm. Instead 11 be filed againsl .Maher ln.^.,„,,y „f,v„j^j .,„j ...ortified hu-i niedia^lely, Duffy llijidman, county j,„a„ity. POllLTRY MEET IS WEDNESDAY Poultry Expert to Speak At Memorial Hall i Meeting. A meeting of the -recently organized poultry asociatiou will be held Wednesday night; April 13. in Memorial hall. The purpose of /' this'meetlng is to complete the or- "f ganizatlon and to discuss plans for making it a real active forcj? for • poultry ImporveraeiJt. ; J. H. McAdams. exten'sloii ponl- tryman, from K. S.'A.J C.^ will be prresent and will di.scuss the general topic of "Spring and Summer Care of the Flock.!' • .Mr. .McAdams has become known to. poultry raisers of Allen county because of his work here this spring, anri will have some facts of interest to present at this meeting. One of the jgreat nee(|s i^ Allen County says Roy awJn, -county agent is (III active oitgapizallon ' to promote and (fneoura^e p.oultry . impiovemenl. anrf: the new association plans to do this for this reason, it merits the support of all . who are'(utereated in poultry production. All are invlU'd loi this meeting, regardless of their opinion or in- letittons to Join. attori ey said. between attorneys that his pre- limlu iry hearing will be held in Stockton next Tliursi^y morning. Bond of $50,000 will lie a.sked. Irai C. Syajler. -Maiiliattan.jatloruley for j .Mailer ..said he was iiiCormed. .Ma ler has been ill the -Rooks | coun y jail at Sio<:kton under :i i charj e of. assault with attempt to! " "" iiice his arrest last Thurs'day! kill ! morning. L,il Ian Bedard, sister of William, who estified yesterday that Maher liad threatened several times to kill Ifer unless she married him, left he township hall in .44 >ars when the verdict was returned. Thd case against Maher grew out oj" the trodble he had with Lillian; Bedard, with whom he kept company for about a year. She' ?nt to Wichita, shortly before. lUtjg of her brother, to get ray from .Maher, it was testi- wasis the her a fled. The Shoilthorn Breedere j Meet at Hiimboldt Th" Alleii County Shorthorn Breeders association wlllj hold its annual meeting at Humboldt Saturday afternoon. The bujsiness of lUie meeting is to hold thje annual SWectiwi and to plan the activities ol the' year. Tlie meeting will be held in the city liali -at 1:80. For nelHoit, 'Mich., Apr. 7. (AP)— /^aroii. uminajion for the ninth day in ihis $1.0U0.< It w Sapiro the In Seni It has been agreed t "The blow failed to hit the target." it says. "The fieroic gesture iDePinedo's flight) ! virtually is achieved, and it certainly will be 'achieved in .the new machine. Italian genius and fascism have shown Iwhat heroism.can do." The Messaggero while not mak- ng an open accusation, expresses 'onviction that tlie Santa Maria vus burned by anti-fascists; as, it -tated they have oftfn threatened o destroy the machine and kill Its i -rew. News of the setback profoundly addens the entire Italian people, he paper adds, Init does not cause ny concern as to the eventual J uccc'ss of the flight, because ail talians remember that UePinedo. lipon his departure; promised Mus- jolinl to win through at any cost. The Gionale 'Italia remarks that the entire jltalian people appreciates the offer of the American war department! to furbish DePinedo with another plane. i Signor Halbo. under-Hecretary for aviation, cionferred this morning with officials of the ministry : of Ue,ronauticH; regarding a choice; of ijlie Aew machine to be sent to the fliers, in accordance with Mussolini's instructions. -The plane will he chosen from t mong those in use by the military' >(|uadrons and will he of the Itame type as the, one burned. It will be hipped probably late today by a ^pecial friin to Cienoa, where It \f\U lie eniliurked for .Ne* York, eriiaps oi^ h destroyer. The entire diplomatic corps ex- Iressed renret to the Italian gov- ej-iinieiit for the destruction of the SiJinta .Maria. The American am- io the United auth tit c DIRECTOROF HICHWAYSi NOT CHOSEN Conditions I Are "Very Bad," Re^r Admiral Says in Messa^re Transmitted to Washington—McMUr- ' ray Tells About Japanese Movement, j Washington, ApriV 7. (P);—Foreboding conditions at Hankow, more than 200 miles above Nanking on fchfe Winding Yangtse river; shared the center of' interest in de>^lop- mSits in China tojday with the attitude to be taken by the Moscow government oyer raids by. Chinese authorities at Peking of Russian property within the diplomatijc compdundi Rear Admiral Hough, iCororaand-^> er of the Yaiigtse patrol, reported the situation at Hankow as "very bad," while another imessage apparently from him but transmitted to Washington from Minister MacMurray at Peking. s^ii| that the Japanese were preparing to defend their concessions at that city. This dispatch reported that a Japanese naval force of two; cruisers, four destroyers and a gunboat bad been assembled there. The. admiral also disclosed a new problem In the evacuation of Americans from cities along the upper stretches of the river due to a shortage of coal.' This dispatch reached the capital about the time the. shipiilng board announced that It had authorized, R. Stanley. Dollar, vice-president of the Dollar Steamahip Lines, to divert both passenger and cargo ships operated by that company from their regular schedules to accoinmoclate the Americans In their evacuation of 22, Up For Murder Leavenworth, Kan., Montgomery Countj Bandit Has One More'Crime Added to List Ch irged Against Him •—Has a Long C rimiital Record. April 7. (AP)—To the list of criities charged against the n^me of, Wesley (.Grandpa) Harrison, Montgomery county baijidit, under sentehce of 10 to 21 ye^rs in the Kansas prison, has beeri added the charge of murder. Today the 22-year-oIii i|ri.soneri>— who appears to be fifty of his hardened face, is held in c*>ains, ion his way to Okemiih. Okfuskee County, Okla., to j stand trial: for the slaying of a night Commission Nbt to Make Choice Uijtil New &' Goes I^to effect ( In Kansaii on May 1. ' I Topeka, Kans. Ap 11 7. (AP)— Selection of a Kaiisat highwaj director was postponed^ today by, the Jury relumed its verdict after hk^aring ICriiesi Wise testify Maher had told him lie would "get even ytilh the whole Hedard fam- Ily .r AARON SAPIRO IS ON STAND Tenth Day Plaintiff testifies in Huge ; Libel Suit. Sapiro niidergtiing cross >x- 100 liin-I suit against Hepry new state highway commission til after .May 1. 'Meeljlng todayi new commission decided to 'lake no action on the appointment ii after the new road law becomes effective-on that dat!. The commisioli'dei,lded it wtiuld polntment before it .sumed power. The three candidat|>s for thei position appeared. Etch madei a short talk bearing <^n his candidacy. John C. .Mack, Newton pub- i lisher and author of law, was the first t( speak. "1 am not in the senSe of word a candidate for Kord. today attribnied tlieCollapsi of the Maine Potato (Jrowers' Kx- lliangi. which had paid liiiBi fees of: $1!)..100 to alleged libelous 'articles )rinted In Ford's weekly, the Dearbiirn Independent. [as the third loss of income jhad attributed directly to leiiendenf articles, tor James A. Reed, (hlef of Ford "<tounsel, traced the organization o : the Maiije potato growers and Sapiro's receipt of fees and had pised on to the Minnestota growers when he turned b.nck and took li'p the; .Maine Cooperative. Southwestern^ Oklahoina\s Creeks Are Out of Bany From Big —Oklahoma City. Okla.. April 7. I.A.P)—Creeks and rivers li south-western Oklahoma were out of • their batiks today and much dam­ age-was'reported tff farms in the lowlands, las the result, of heavy rains .last! night. i ' At Duncan, flood waters of Cow creek are reported to, have! driven fifty families from their hoiiies aiid Creeks and rivers near Chicka- sha-aiid Duncan were-all reported at flood height. Pauls Valley was said td be threateited by Rush creek and the Little Washita from b issador, Henry F. Fletcher, Was tlie first, to send a message to Mus- sOllni. Ambassacjor Fletcher praised jllie work of De Pinedo. lamented the distriiction of.his plane, and* also p edged a thorough Investigation of 11 e ai-cident. North State Street Road to Be Graveled ; Plans for graveling the North State street road from the point where the paving ends two miles north were announced today by Ijce Noflzger. county engineer. His plans call for tearing up of the old macadam roAd. Sids on the jil-oject will be received by the cjiunty; commissioner^ April' \t>. ihe wOrk will he rushed to com- pletionj This will give a good hard s irfaced road from Iqla to, Garnt-ft. the CI flooded many iiortioiis of Pauls Valley track Island nekah last night. A halt mUe of [t-as washed out on the Rock between Chickaslia and Nin- The Frisco also reiwrts to have swept at" least one home a wa .shout near Tullle anil another downstream. i i near iLawton. I Model Home ickasha region. Heavy rains Talk ^»'it Is an Interesting thing ^n^es- . tei -'s I toJ the ting visitors through the ilegls- ome Beautiful Just to 'IU<ten ctiminentK and remarks of J Am» Mijrt and another which they rjiake. ' ; ' ' I Yestk-rday, for -Instance, a smalt boy;, after surveying the cedar lln- -<|d closet in thi? soujh bedroom for ' some time, said: "'Mama, I wish yoii'd buy this house." MWhyfr "Bechuse .1 -want that pair of shoes jthere!" . Another youth, after looking at the ffont of the hotise for a,long time, asked how soon they 5rere which ten to ohe: Hut th to go It Is "fixinri" to roof over ihe rest of the friht porch! Of c turse there Is one comment ^utMtriiis all the re>it aliout line, and that is Ihe simple "Oh! Isn't THAT lovely!" i> one which |i^-rhups rat^ks next It it is the,one tliat Is heard HI) mui y limes just as visitors are leaving \ "(Jei'I This makes me'hate Jack home I" Interesting, too. In notice how ninny times soiiie such a- remark as; this Is heard: ".Sow THIS Is;L,ouise told me to pay special atliintlon to." (Contlaued on P«g« 8, Number 1) !LKS INSTALL NEWOFFICERS Frank McCarthy Is New Exalted Ruler for Organization. One of the Importaitt meetiogs of the year for the lola lodge of KIks took place last night when the new officers were Installed for the coming term. J. J. Orlf-' fin, district deputy, was In charge of the ceremonies and installed the fdtlowlng officers: ^ Frank. .McCarthy, exalted ruler; Roy Fry, esteemed leading knight: (toward .Miller, «steemed loyal klight; W. H. King, esteemed lecturing knight; .Mel Fronk, seicre- li ry; Roy McDonald, treasurer; .) uro Hrownfleld, trustee: J. O. S yers, tiler. , The appointive oflces— ch «)lln eiqulre. Organist and Inner guard -will l>e announced next Wednes- d ly; by Exalted Ruler' McCarthy. A. R. lEnfleld. past exalted fiiler, i^ the delegate to the i^rand lodge convention in ClnclnhatU next June. China and return States. •WJilIt; Ihes.' de|elopments occupied the attention of officials, interest ..conltlnued in the situation presented at Peking by the raid on Russian property, although as yet no official report'has come to the state, department on the incident from Minister MacMurray. There appears little doubt In official circles, however, that this . violation of diplomatic sanctity of the embassy affords ihe Moscow government cause for protest and that it conceivably could be taken as an overt act which might result] in drastic action by the soviet by ^'ay of reprl.sals.. The reference in press dispatches that the diplomatic corps at Peking hii.d given authorization for the raids was hot understood, lal-r iliougii it was suggested that this might aply' to the question of obtaining permission to enter the diplomatic compound. While no official comment was forthcoming. U was I Apparent that officials found It difficult to believe that Ihe Peking diplomats had authorized forceable entrance of any diplomatic mission and under, provisions of tiie Boxer protocol of September 7, lOttl, the Peking authorities presumably would find It necessary to obtain this permission in order to enter that area. Dispatches from Paris, however said the raid waS not made with the authorization of the diplomat- l« corps but that Chinese aulhori- j ties had asked permission to search jit," Gray said.' '~If~ if un- tlie watchman on the night of February 26, while "Grandpa' was being sought as an escape frOin the prison shale pit. ' • Yesterday |Harrison, whoSit mind Conce'ved the prison mine nutiny of.last July, was positively identi- fl^l as the slayer of the Oklahoman by a youth ai whose home H; rrison stayed in L)Kem:ih. acrordiiig to prison officiiil.|j. Armed witti u ri>(|uisitioi^ from the governor of (Jkialitima, ivraiitini by Governor Pauleii, K. .N. Catleit, county attorney of Okfuiset? J. A. Brown invesiigatur of the criminal iileiitificalion t<iireaii from Oklahoii'u City and C. C. W litson. Okfuskee county deputy heriff, came to the prison with the yoiitli who was to identify ilurrisi n,' ' Th'.', convict was placed in ; room wi^tli seviili others, the yontli \Valked in, stepiAt I u|i to lliirri.soiij and .'<aid: '•ilelio. Grand;'a'."' Harrison's removal to .etan I trial n the condition that if he is not cOiivict- ^Jll|Jn Oklahoma wa.s grantee). <: ed and sent to the electrir j-li will be retlfTued to the .slate once. iir, he Iprison FACINGTRIAL FORKILLINGS Pittsburir Man Charged With Dynamiting Home And Slaying His Children in Case. JSR^UTY; Hoover iTalks 200 Miles, And i Others See Him , Doing It—Radio Experiment Is Success. : " not be good policy to make anjap-; Harrison was brought lierjr from actually / as- reformatory, in Oi-tober, ' ' ' I'Ji 'i. He had' escajied Jroiii the the uew road road dliject- or," Mr. Mack said. "1 am for good roads in Kansa 3 and 1 feel that under the uew aw you twill lie able to hulld mor« than injthe past. 1 believe that the present state i-oad engineering department should be retained, bi t a ^an Should be placed In the directJDr's J >ffice who has not been conniect- [M with the old c'omnii »8lon." , r ^Tftked by R. M CfraSr of WlcHlfa, member of the Commission from tho fifth district.; if 1 e was withdrawing bis candidacy .9r still was in a receptive mood, Miijck replied: If you want, mo to bfcome a candidate, I will. Mack presented thel commission with a packet which [he said <ion- tained the indorsement of 85 members of the legislaturu to his dan- (Hdacy. i | John M. Gray of Kirwln .farther, merchant, and bankei], spoke liext. I want the Job be :ahse I need the Russian bank in the legation quarters. Inasmuch as the soviet government has renounced all of its privileges, in China the bank does not enjoy diplomatic Immunity -and conseciuently the dlpio- matc corps could not oppose this search. ' DK. V. K. 1TEI.LfXGT0X KOO HAS RKSIGNED Peking. April 7. (AP)—Dr. Wellington Koo tendered his resignation as premier today to Marshal Chang Tso-Lln. It Is reported that General Yang Yu-Tlng. Chang's, chief adviser, will become premier. the reformatory and had served previously in the Topeka iniliistrial school. Here in the, suniroer of 1'J28, he became, a leader, iinioiig hi.s fellows in the mines ijnd in July he is credited with havilig c.\- horted the more than :{00 miii|i-rs. to mutiny. They held their guards was on jmy I't'f^ive SOVIET COXSIL GENERAL CITES WARXI.VG TODAY Shanghai, April 7. (AP) — The soviet consul general, Wilhelm F. Linde. today called; on the Norwegian consu general as dean of the consular corps here and announced that I if the ,soviet consulate in Shanghai waft raided as were the buildings attached to the embassy inj Peking yesterday he would hold tho consular bodv responsible. A.MERI(A.\ LS REPORTED MISSING. ,.«AY- BE DEAD Peking. April 7. (AP)—Dr. C. P. Frlberg; a Luthern missionary of St. Peter. Minn., is missing in northern Honan province. It Is feared he has been made captive by bandits. 1 PEKING AND MOSCOW . MAY SEVER RELATIONS Peking, April 7. (AP)—Severance of relations between Peking and Moscow was 'regarded probable in many quarters today as a conselquence of yesterday's raid on several buildings near the soviet embassy in Peking. (Continued on Page B. Number 2) ' feet financially you coiildn' it'to me." I John W. Gardner Of 1 Marion, member of the new ^ommiss and chairman of the old comn sion spoke last of the candidacy. "I don't know as I have anything particular to say," he declared, •!but I have been In this work for some time and am acqjainted with it. If our work has been satisfactory, I would like o know It." ppening with a prtyer. Woody Hockaday, of Wichita told the commission to apoint dack to tihe Job. : . , "The Wichita Chamler of Coin- merce told me that they wouldn't indorse Mack because he woiild probably pave a road- to Hutchinson, leaving Wichita out/' Hockaday slfouted. captors for ;I6 hours beforej gaveMu of hunger, mntinv gained natioii-wide licity. On January 6 of this yeari iliey The pub- liar- ri.son eluded his guard at the prison shale dump and fled . On .March -t he was captured In Kansas too much booze having brpught about his apprehension. Yesterday he denied ever hjaving beeri In Okemah, but (the" Oklajhoma authorities tell a different j tale. They informed AVar^eri W. H. Jl.ick- ey that Harrison, with others, ed a room in Okemah and ol night of February i6 looted a canttle of silk and cigarettes. City. reiH- 1 the mer- They were apprehended in the af--t of making away with $l,ouo inj cigarettes jby the night watchniajn. It is alleged Harrison sle:W hini and made a getaway. 1 THE WEATHER FOR KANSA.s^-rngeMled weaih- pr tonlffbt and Friday; not mi^h cluinpe In temperatnre, i Temperature—Hlghe: t yesterday 75. at 3 p. m.; lowes. last nlgh£. 58 at, 5 a. m.: normal for todiy, 5.1: excess yesterday 13; excejss since January 1st. 365 ldegrees;tu!s date last year—highes. -10; lowest 34. Precipitation forth* .24 hoiirs ending at 7 a. m. todiy. x: total for this year to date. 7.00; exceiis since January 1st, .37 inches. Relative humidity at 12 nobn yesterday, .56 per ceiit; 7 a. m. today. 91 per cent; barometer ije- duced to sea level, 29.99 inchiis. Sun rises 5:5S a. m.; sets 6:EiO p. m. i Weather and Roads. Cloudy except Hutchinson, sa- lina. Ottawa. Wichita, iralnlng; Arkansas City, unsettled;! reads good, except Hutchinson. Saliua, Ottawa muddy;. Wichita slick.! Wisconsin School PiipMs Still Out Hi-Y Group Holds,'Its Annual Electi<jn Tdday • —*- J • The senior Hi-Y held ftjS a mual pre-ICaster election todayi The officers are: Wal^*r 'Proih -i bold, a Junior this year, presillent; Herb .McEvers, junior.: vice-presideiit: Wallace .•Viiderson. junior, secretary; Myron Funk, sLpho- more. treasurer. j The Impressive Hi-Y initiiition will probably be used ne.vt 'I'lies- day night at the induction j ;cre- mony. \a attempt is being made to get Clyde Hartford, iioted "Y" boys' worker, to give the talk of the evening. Pittsburg. Kans.. Apr. 7. (AP) — The state met determined opposition for'the most part unsuccessful, in the pres<entation of its'eyi- deiice; to<Iay in tlie" trial of F:;irl .Mj-yberry (-barged witli slaying "his two cliildren liure last February 6. •vitli a dynamite bomb. Fifteen ftate witnesses had appeared tliip afternoon, weaving a chain of circumstantial evidence about tlie accused man. Clashes between'counsel were frequent 'and objections to questions asked by prosecution lawyers were so numerous as to impede lii most cases, bbjections were overruled. . It appeared that most of tomori row, if not longer,: will, be required ))y the .state to complete its case. • Kvidence was introduced today in an effort to show that May- bei-ry, in his work, had free access to dyimn1i».e; that he was seen in a dynamite storage room heie a few hours before the explosion^ and that J he visited .the iiome ; of his estranged w^ife. where the children were staying, several hours before the blast. The story of an alleged quadrangular lov^ affair between the Mayberrys and >Ir. and Mrs. Harvey Davis, as a motive for the crime, was introduced in testimony. New York, Apr, 7. (AP)— Television — the system of transmitting dis]bant scenes and persons in action over telephone and radio circuits, made its formal public bow' this afternoon. ; In a demonstration. Secretary of Coinmerce itoovej- at AVashingtba talked with President jValter S. (!ifford,'of the American Telephone and Telegraph company While the apparatus threw;-on the screen the clear, animatecr|picture' pf the secretary as ho spoke twj) hundred milqs away. ' • j Aj studio entertalnmejnt at the " Bellj laboratories stationl In Whip- panj-. .N'. J., was.transmitted by radio; to the laboratories' here and the; scenes thrown upon the screen with all the realism of a moving jilcture wiiil" the radio also carried the voices of the actors^ .After President Gifford had talked with Sticretjiry Hoover and had • viewed the' secretary's facial expressions in the small rectangular receiving apparatus a switch was turned, connecting wfth a largo soreen. Secretary Hoover,then ad- dres.-ied the guests so' that .all could clearly see his face and figure in actipn. He delivered a brief -speech, his voice being heard over a loud speaker. State Club Leader Is Coming to lola H. W. Coe. state 4-H club leader, will .be in Allen county nejtt "Tuesday for a conference with Allen 'county 4-H club officials to make plans for this year's club activities. jtjite main FT. SCOTT HAS MYSTERY DEATH Sidney; Thomas, 18, Found Dead With His Face Cut and Bruised. Fort Scott, Kans. April.7. (AP) Sidney Thomas. 18. w^s found dead in bed at the .N. H. Conine home hero jate yesterday, his face cut and bruisey.j Herbert Conine Jr.. told authorties that ho had found the young man sitting in a stupor on a downtown curb Tuesday night and. had taken him to the Coniiio I home and put him to bed. He Forty-three Schools In Music Contestsh '^as still in" a stupor yesterday i "Winfield. Kans., Apr. 1. (AiP)— Forty-three Kansas and Oklahoma ;high schools, represented by 1,135 '^tudent I /contestants, startedj in elimination contests liere 'at one p. m„ today in the annual n^usic .ind . forensic contests under jaus- pi '-bs of Southwestern College. Eliminations take place today! auQ Frijday, with finals on Friday liight ami. Saturday. j I morning, and yesterday noon. Conin© reported, but later when Conine visited the room Thoinas was dead. Coroner R. O. Crume is conducting an investigation, and will hold an inquest, probably to- mororw. SERIOUS TROUBLE IN CHINESE RAID Intei'national Developments Seen, by Minister MacMurray.^ •\Vashington, April f.' (AP)— Raiding by Chinese soldiers of properties : of the Russian soviet; embassy at Peking which 'has ' threatened serious International'- developments. v;as descrlbied ^oday.,' by American .Minister .MacMurray " as a case where ":iri the Chinese; went beyond the' authorization grante^ them by the Peking foreign drplomatic corps. , Reporting to the stale depart- ^ .meat -Mr'. .MacMurray said tho .Vetherlans minister, as senilor diplomat, authorized the Chinese lo- cal authorities to search "certain private properties"- of tho Dahl, band and the Chinese Eastern railway adjacent, to the Russian ern^ bas)jy| in the I'eking diplomatio ' quarter. " No iChineso officials or .soldiers may enter this quarter without diplomatic permission because of an agreement after the Boxer uprising. , . . The Chinese, however, also raided "the compound . of the former Russian legation "guard, wherti four Russians had barricaded them!>elves and set fire to'varioua papers. They wero overpowered and there was no bloodshed. Woodmen Circle to Meet in Pittsburg: Coffeyville, Kans. April 7. (APJ Pittsburg was chosen as the 1929 convention city of the Woodmen Circle at the close of the convention here last night. The session will be held in connection with the state Woodmen, of tho World convention. The circle i.s' thV auxiliary organization to the; Woodmen of the World. I Coffeyville Singer Is Awarded $25,000Damages From Doctor Superior, Wis., Apr. 7. (AP)— With citizens threatening to appeal to (iov. Fred; R. Zimmerman and with students of another high school walking out, t)>e strike of the 1.000 Central high school students today entered its sixth day with no further prospects of settlement. ' Striking students hailed as victory the.resignation-last night of John S. Hadley. member of the board of education. Hadley handed Us, reairoaUon to Mayor nred Bax­ ter, rather than yield to demands of citlxens that the'board force tie resignation of Rev.. A. T. Ekbla I, president of the board, and P. R. Spencer, superintendent of school i. Another victory was i)een by Central strike leaders in the sympattur strike of 100 studenti of East hig li school who stayed awiay from clasi - es yesterday aftemcjon! in suppon of the walkout of | central high school students iu trotest agalnit the dismissal, ot;.Mis|Lulu Did Insoin,^ (acnltjf mfmq^r! aliice 190f. i TO RAISE FUNDS Money Collected During Lent Week Goes tor Missionary Work.j The Salvation Army, observes Lent for oho week each year!- and this year the observance begins April 10 and ends April 17, aei -ord- I itig toian announcement from iCap- 1 tain TIbbetts, in charge of the 1 Corps in this city. The loionoy | saved by the members in deiyiiiKJ themselves varioiis articlesf of foo .l is pooled and u.^ed for the n :iln- tenance of the Salvation -'Vrmy .Missionary officers, of whom ther< are now 3,749. or about one-si.xt i df the total officerslilp of the or( ani- j;atIon. Friends of the Army are also given an opportunity to give, and members 'otj the lola post will be calling in the residential sec' ions durlng 'the week. Of the eighty-three countries and colonies in which; the Salydtlon! Arnijy flag Is flying, seven are Considered purely .Missionary -.cpiin- trteii. These are Ceylon, Japan. Korea. India. AXrIca, China, \ and Dutch East There arejoth- er countries which are maintyilned In part from therMlBsionary: fUnds. Coffeyville, Kans. Aprir 7. (AP) A jury in district court at Independence early today awarded-Oryille Lander of Coffeyville a verdict for $35.0UU in his suit against Dr. C. H. Fortner, Coffeyville physician, for injuries to his'throat alleged to have been suffered as the result of a tonsil operation. Lander sued for |7S^000 charging that a promising career as a singer had been ruined by the alleged injury. The, suit had been in progress a week. The -jury had deliberated since Tuesday afternoon. The' verdict for Lander Is tho second 125.000 judgment to be rendered J against Coffeyville physicians within the last six months^ A. C Bojwman was awarded $25 ,000 ill a judgment against Dr. G. Coyle-'for the alleged adminstra- tibn of a wrong solution .Itt-.tha ti'eatment of an intestinal ailihent. Bowman had asked for $65 ,000 In Gretna Cashier Held In Chicago ChUago. April 7. (AP)—Dynamiting of the Oretna. Kans.. slate bank last July 6, and the embezzlement of $4,200 Was believed explained today In the arrest of Giles Crampton, 35, former cashier of thf; bank. Crampton confessed, police say that he took the money to finance an Invention upon which he was working.. He said Hie actual dynamiting was done by a business man of Gretna. Topeka.: Kan.. Aprtf 7. (AP)— The home of Giles Ci^ampton's sister In Chicago has been watched by detectives since a warrant was issued, at Phlllipsburg "last July charging him with enil>ezzllnKj $4,200 from the GretnU iState Bank ot which he was cashier. A Topeka surety company, which had bonded Crampton has Instigated a nationwide search for him. . John X- Morris, president of the surety company, left for (Thicago today to talk with the former cashier. > I > "Two or three business. Ipen at Gretna have been suspectedjof^hav- ing helped Crampton," >Morris declared^ .'.'But I da not know wblcl^ one he had impUc'ated."

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