Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 17, 1961 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, April 17, 1961
Page 4
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ALTON BVKNWO TfiUDORAPM MONDAY, APH1L it, 1W1 Editorial The Community Gift Perfect VpMHMiN WHIUUI iHMMMt iftfratllctt us to «j|Jitfor gnrnflrf tt» fetfltfits th*t come from ^Ml|at Hi wmcn Wt htt* gotten into the ^jpjtft 4i expecting niMi ! " : Tftii we should never do. I Not that the source nuy b* looking for MpiSI-iitem of apprecUttae. Rather, it does : the beneficurie much more good, thcmselvrs, to fyfy Ippretinw a gift. They me it more eflttNMalttealrf MMf rabrc intelligently. Certainly the litest gift of the Olin family to Mdnticetlo College should not be di<' miMMl casually by the community whkh will •hire in it, The community needs a first class «odi- ' torNftru The only One approaching this status nd*«i that at Alton Senior High School. It has definite shortcomings, including restricted .stage space, inadequate stage lighting, and • shortage in room and equipment over the stag** Its acoustics, contrary to an old wives' tile" that evolved over the years, are first- class, especially when it is well filled, as it rarely AM been at other than school assemblies. Our other school auditoriums, in a bow to tax economy with which w« thoroughly sympathize, are combined jobs, doubling .is gymnasMtma and meeting halls. They have rarely been satisfactory in either the acoustical or seating categories. The wonder of the Olin gift, than, is that it includes separate auditorium »nd gymnasium facilities. Some observers may wonder at tlie 1,000 limitation to capacity of the auditorium. It would be lolly to build a larger auditorium (as such) here for years to come. The great majority of audiences here requiring use of a genuine auditorium are well under 1,000 .And this is the ideal size to achieve maximum acoustical effect plus audience morale resulting from the recognition of a near-capacity attendance. Those who would plump for a larger pub- lie ftrditorium in Alton to • fflmt Ctfitrtthml pltc* would do irttt W too* «t the sit« of crowds that hate feeta itttndfog truly «*»• standing attraction* presented hett lor ytaft under various lutpktt. The new OM» auditorium is the gift |*r- feet for th* community in tht awfifftrioin field. And it it in in area—Godfrey—which increasingly tan fet expected to beeonw the center of the community's population and crowd movement. Deterrent tf gross voting irregularities exist in Cook county, as charged, the state is a whole can be thankful the incidents are being brought to the official attention of the courts. Morris J. Wexler, assigned to investigate the charges of wholesale vote fraud, has announced he wilt ask contempt citations against polls officials involved. This may Russian Stunt May Be Hoax WASHINGTON - Was th* *fr >vtet stunt in outvr space, as an- •rauneed officially from Moscow, ft hoax? Granted that sowetht 'went around Hw wrth, WHS a man really In It, or did the astronaut merely m«ta» a separate ifltght similar to that which an American airman. Joseph Albert Walker, recently mad* In an X-16 rocket plane at an altitude of 37 miles? These questions are being asked by scientist* because there are some obvious discrepancies In the boastful account of his trip given by Maj. Gagarin. i First of all. Gagarin says he •was over South America eleven i minutes after he started. This couldn't be right and the track- Ing data collected by Americans , »4» t. t / 1. V. * ; **•» *«»•*» i_w«»x,»-»»,»« vj . unv * •%.»*•» look like locking the barn after the horse » | te)ls me story nl mlg g^gg Mag . stolen, since it can't change the outcome of the I960 election. ge ration. Second. Gagarin says he camej It will run the usual risk of making the idown by parachute. It is now belittle fellow suffer for the crime* of the big guy. But it may be only in impressing upon these "little, fellows" the urgency of being good citizens and performing their duties .» they should that the rug can be pulled out from under the big fellow. After all, the conditions described in Cook county must be traced to the little fellow at the bottom of the ladder who makes these thing- possible by falling for-the wiles of the more powerful one. In the long run he'll suffer as t result of the politicians' crookedness. If, through realization he will be punished for his willingness to go along with the game, he can be persuaded that an honest job of polls officiating is the best thing, our elections of the future may be freer of the things that went on in Chicago last November. ling inferred by a Russian scien-j 'list that the satellite may actual-' ly have glided tb the earth. [ i Gagarin, in his first interview,' I said: ; | While flying over Soviet terrf-l I lory, I saw * squares of. collective • INI ty MA kw> t.M. M» M. Ht at 2£and 50 Year§ Aa/o • -,-•*. . .. %•/ SXm i ---- !»-» ----- > — jii'Uiiary prenrern rer ^^^ djlAJjlit* Illliia A MI ,»ia ^f* •Huuiiiui, A cow iWWy NtffB woman, MVftf.»1M)0"nMw fMnMT Oit plac* nof 0M fur of Ifer M» Of in- elgW wayi by ^ m .^jt^^ mt ^^juyiyjf- ^^^^^. jui^ mm* MJH^ftA • pmOff mqpVI fKVfV niS Bge, imre to Ipp* * Htf Ifat, although «h« thlflf* HKt. wWtf have placed her Oil Hijajliiwu MnHpbm agt ftf ' m * « ffcffi flit ffl> "We're a one-car, no-boat family and we don't want to live where we'd be considered underpivlleged!" Reader's Forum | wa .s possible to distinguish be- jtween plowed land and grass jland." _ Tfc«l« 1 Utterly Ridiculous A chant* «t attmlWitrtttoTi m the a* *e«im|anl*d by an audit which urtcwertd • baiW tccwmt that had lain dormant for 10 yeaM and oi which the members had no kwswlndli, taeh of knowledge of the furt« had ocetirretl M a result of changing of acoounw from otw bank to another and the merger of the old QUMtis National Bank with Itrat Nattonal Bank * Trust Co., the year before. A. V. Federle was installed as exalted filler. Himer Abbott received from Shurtleff College a football sweater even though the school no longer had a football team. The award was made for Abbott's football activities three years before, prior to abandonment of the sport at the school. C. J. Heck was elected president of Madison County Soil Conservation Association, which would begin Immediate interviewing of persons who owned, operated or Controlled farm land, to determine whether they intended to participate in the new soil conservation program. Miss Marjory Kelly of Alton was a member of the Cast of " Soft Hat "' a movie to be In your editorial of Wednesday, ; Council then either approves, dis- April 12. the suggestion was made| a pp rove s, or amends the ncom-i duced by students of Northwestern University. that the "new" City Counciljmendatlons. and the final result Keeping Our Record Clean in Cuba Saturday's bombing of Cuban airbases by presumably defecting fliers and subsequent events add logic to the timing of President Kennedy's announcement last week that the United States had no intention to intervene mU ; rarily against the Castro regime. 'Castro has been milking for all its worth tfie feeling among South American nations against the United Stat« as a former interloper in their internal affairs. So far in the Castro revolution we have maintained a meticulous hands-off record Oar main actions against Castro hav* been entirely in co»junction with United Nations group q£ Latin American nations, which have Voted j»ifn sanctions against Havana. If^inu veil that the President took his pujjFaC stand against military intervention at thf rime he did. Castro is making the best capital he can out of the bombings and straf- ings by laying them at our door. Meanwhile, our own cause would appear better if we did not go along with the dodge followed by the escaped fliers of keeping themselves anonymous. They have sought to keep their identies secret after taking refuge in this country because they fear for safety of their families. Surely the Cuban government will be able to obtain their identities through the planes they flew and the fact that they are missing. Our own record would be clearer if we saw that they were identified clearly and publicly, thereby scotching Castro's denial they were members of his own air force. » » » * » On a Treadmill he saw all this (holes but it Isn't clear whether} this vehicle had portholes. In fact. Dr. Anatoli A. Blagonravov, I a noted Russian scientist, interviewed at Rome at an international space symposium, said at first that there were no portholes In the ship but later declared there were "slits." Can the human eye really see 200 miles away through, portholes or "slits"? It might distinguish large formations such as the lines on the moon but it seems incredible that Gagarin could have seen anything as relatively small as meadows or fields such as he described. Christopher Shawcross, chair- the current budget back tojthen becomes the city's fiscal Qty Manager for revision i blueprint for the coming year. suggestion, in my opinion, ignored as nonsensical, and utterly ridiculous. Although they had celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary, Frank Meyer, 83, .of Carlinville, still rode a bicycle regularly, and One question that needs to be considered seriously about the new minimum wage latw on which Congress is due to act Tuesday is: How long will the benefits to those affected by it last. It has been the history of the wage-cost spiral that any time a large sector of our j evidence of country's working force gets a .general in- jcredible. crease in scale, the action triggers an effort of other sectors co do likewise. Without a. doubt the sectors unaffected by the new minimum wage bill would be pressing for raises, anywav>'When their union man of the British section of the International Institute of Space Law, is quoted in a Reuter's dispatch from London as saying a protest had been launched with the responsibility of presenting to the City Council a well-balanced budget, or program, of necessary services and the methods of financing these services. The budget was not prepared in a haphazard manner. It summarizes thousands of hours of thoughtful work on the part of many persons who comprise the! city's administrative staff and! members of boards and commis-j sions, and should rightfully be' considered as such. ! After the budget is presented.! the City Council must thought-i fully consider each item in open' suggested, would — (1) Permit and allow the Council to shirk one of its most important duties, (2) Deprive the public the right to voice its opinions, and (3) Allow the pre-election promises to be forgotten. The disregard this suggestion and assume the responsibilities and duties commensurate with their MAYNARD LISTER City Councilman sessions, with the public al- the International Aeronautical i lowed to participate in the dis- Federation in Paris against an; cuss j ons attempt hy the Moscow govern- j Mter 'careful consideration, the ment to seek registration of the' space flight as an altitude record; * • for man. He said the published! </~" 1J.,.. A _,_? /"•«..•-.«. the night was not' troldew Age Corps Forum Writers, Note Writers' names must be published with letters to the Reader* Forum. Letters must be concise (not over 150 words). All are subject to condensation. of church organ playing and choir directing. John Fans, 39, concrete foreman with the Engineering Construction Corp., contractor on Alton dam, died in St. Anthony's Infirmary. He had been ill only three days. Mrs. Doralea Rosenthal died at the home of her son, Louis Rosenthal, on Main street. 8ttfft fttht twn&lnif hill. Lorn on the strueftmm was It about $20,000 and on tHitt conHtrti, dpntttf (ft flit flwMi ***• tfNetrtrtd wmn ffi*~ lighters, using an available stock of brltiki, built a wan 15 teet high, then, Iran tin foot of an adjacent building, lowered ahMti of iron to complftt tht barrier. The fire started in the house of Or. L« McAuley from undetermintd cause, then spread to buildings on Main rtwtt between Cedar and Pine, faking fire successively were « 2'itory burtneai and dwilllng structure of George Lefalvre, a nHfflrtwy store of Agnes O'Keefe, the Calhoun telephone exchange building, of John McDonald, the 2-story building of S. B. McKee, W. H. Tusker's dwelling and barbershop, 0, L. Richey's grocery, C. J. Slaten's Insurance of- lice, and the residence of W. S. Dempsey. The fire also spread across an alley to the city building, but J. M. Amburg's nearby was saved. The fire was fought with a pumper, hand operated, and by bucket-brtgades, Orafton having no water works. Women aided men to carry water and also worked the pumps. Virtually all residents took part In the battle to save complete destruction of the town. J. L. Pierce shipped the first box of Godfrey asparagus to the Chicago market. Alton's new auto fire truck made its first response to a fire alarm Easter Sunday forenoon after the roof of the K. H. Taylor home on Prospect street was found on fire. Much damage was done the upper part of the house before flames were checked, and the loss was estimated at about $1,500. When fire was discovered at 3:30 a.m. on the roof of John Glassbrenner's Northslde home, the bell on the old town hall was used to ring out an alarm. Nearby residents rushed to extinguish the blaze, and it was unnecessary to call the downtown firemen. "The Retrospect" was the name chosen tor a Shurtleff College yearbook to be published for the first time by a staff of eight students elected by the college literary societies, Alpha Zeta and Sigma Phi. Earl McDow was athletic editor. Victor Riesel Says New Political Party Considered NEW YORK — Inner circles which whirl around such political pivots as John Kennedy in the White House and Gov. Nelson kite." They found that, thoui;h]most national presidential elec- they were constantly being asked j tions. to endorse candidates, they we ret Realizing this early last sum- seldom consulted on the actual | mer John Kennedy made a speci- Rockefelier in the Albany Execu- nominations. : a i trip into New York City to five Mansion have been fascinat-j V an Arsdale said the time hadi breakfast privately with the pared by reports of a small mpei-jeome tov independent political jty's Trade Union Council. And ing held in the 17th floor suite j ac tion. They are for the re-elec-jwhen Texas' favorite son, not of the Gramercy Park Hotel hpreitj on o { a Democratic city ad-j quite knowing how he would be on April 11. These circles heard j ministration. But they do not] received in New York, wanted that some influential labor lead-j^anf this to be taken as auto-(labor friends, he came to the prs met quite quietly to discussjmatic endorsement of a Demo-isame Liberal Party council. With launching a new political party i cra tic opponent to Nelson Rocke- in pivotal New York State. j feller In the 1962 gubernatorial Arthur Goldberg as the go-between, the Liberals played a role contracts came due—as they have every right to do. The minimum wage floor raise, however, is bound to be felt in pressure 'for perhaps even greater scale increases. As the movement swings full circle, those benefitted by the minimum wage floor raise then will find themselves huffing and puffing once more to meet the increasing prkfs occasioned at least partially by the new round of wage raises. The Allen-Scott Report Miller Slated as GOP Chairman WASHINGTON — Rep. William ( one who can give all his efforts \\'j s . Friends of Byrnes claim he Miller is due to be the next chair-1 to it. is favored by House Leader nan of the Republican National'; But with Nixon, Goldwater and Charles Halleck. Ind. Walter Sullivan, a science writer for the New Yofk Times, says! me Some of my critics have asked]her intellect and charm. All of] These circles heard right Them' race . j at the national Democratic con- these are famous minds, but we was a meetui 8 of a small, but; go he said, in effect, let's or-| V «ition — though they were what I would replace the In an article published over the week end: "Three days after man's first apace flight there are still several puzzles concerning the circumstances of the trip. They pertain to its timing, the presence or absence of portholes in the manned capsule and the manner in which the occupant returned j to earth .... "The timetable issued in Moscow said the vehicle had reached the sky over South America within 15 minutes. However, there is no point in Soviet territory from "Peace Corps" with. Since it is impossible to replace something we've never bad, my answer is simple. Keep our youth at home to build a stronger and better America, and organize a "Golden Age Corps" Instead. This is not as ridiculous as it sounds, and far less expensive. President Kennedy's Peace Corps will cost between 5 and 10 million dollars a year. The Protestant churches have 26,000 missionaries in foreign lands and spend 163 million dollars a year. which an orbiting vehicle could The Catholic churches in this come close to South America in i country alone, have 6,700 missionaries and spend over 40 mil- so short a time " have millions more just as famous. Much has been written about President Kennedy's rocking chair. It is my contension that millions of our "Golden Agers" forced Into retirement long before their usefulness is over have for years been lulling their active minds to "placid indifference by the "swing and sway" of aj rocking chair. And since all but about 4,000,000 of us are covered by social security, and are us to pinching pennies on about $100 a month, or less, we would be better suit- influential gathering of men a non-partisan political! neither delegates nor members. John Kennedy calls for advice. Barry we ' re not lead more than a million union-(machine. Let's hot have a one-, Now th(j powerful bloc of uni ists—men who said over and over ...... _,^- —»i again behind those closed doors that they are weary of being taken for granted by the Democrats and ignored, therefore, by the Republicans. These men, some 10 of them, who daydream about as often automatically one party. They 'decided to organize neutral force, but not to be neuter. Of course, thus they could bargain better with the Democrats. They had before them as theyjj wck jn 193 ^ talked the example of the New| not want a , abor York Liberal Party, led by the !to ons, led by Van Arsdale, want jthe same freedom of action. a i They don't want to launch a *• "class" party such as Franklin D. Roosevelt asked New York unionists to unleash In the form of the American Labor Party do but want have appointed a committee of (Hatters'Alex Rose and the Ladies lawyers to see what it takes to organize an independent party. The union men who met are not youngsters. But they are the be the labor men to launch cutting right across the Garment Workers' Dave Dubin-j community _ jus , as ^y help sky. The Liberals regularly roll idirect the Community Chest, the up a balance-of-power vote 400,000 in this state. And this; tul ^| centers committees, the cul- generation of national labor lead-1 state is the balance of power in' Out of (n j s ' come two intriguing ed to the low level of living. Not crship The C071 f er ence was called: only are we self supporting, but| origina , ly by a labor leader's > suun u nine. —- —• -«• - oniy are we sen supporting, Dui: nl j_: Ma ii v u v a | a hnr leaders /n 7 9 ¥1 There's another mysterious as-«on a year. They have done a wnen tnc medjca , J£ b SJSSder HarrJVan ArsdaK i Todttfs PrayCT sot-The Daily Worker, a Com-i wonderful job and have long beenj we „„. have ^ *„.* and 1l abor J ea j 5 'lV "? ir * ,X™ *I!2± J J pect.The Dally Worker, a Com.|wonde«u, ^,^ „, ave long oeen |we wi) , nave ^ medidne and ,-;-— ^uuon^mber munist newspaper in London,'Unappreciated by u* doctors. |N published an article on the flight What can a young, inexperienc- [f the "brains in Washington"! .j before it was officially announc- ed college student teach that will put this plan into effect, they as having happened. The arti- they or a golden ager lor that; C an waive age and physcial de- Committee. The young, able New Yorker has the prize just about sesved up — thanks to former Vice Rockefeller swinging to Miller, Sizing Him Up cle spoke on April 7 of the flight as having already occurred when lit wasn't announced or tracked Morton is going along with them. Former Vice President Nixon j by American observing stations If named national chairman. ! .Miller will quit as head of the is ntelling co ' laffuJ c "" 8re "° Bl pretty well de- House Republican Campaign Com-j t ., ided J |vhat ]? e .*?" *>? about IJj 8 ! President Nixon. He has swungj mineei He „ ajso intimating he| Kennedy . adm "J» tra ^ on ln «*>: the pendulum to Miller by giving may not run for Congress again !^ es Ol 8 P eecnes ne P |ans to i as ta orbit ™ til five tater ' hbn his blessing. Previously, Miller had won the teller and Sen. Barry Goldwater, Ariz. Nixon's approval gives Miller a decisive edge in the Executive Committee of the National Committee over the two other leading aspirants — former Postmaster General Summer! ield and Ohio Chairman Ray Bliss. As a result, Miller will be formally recommended lor the chairmanship when the Executive Committee meets in Washington late this week. This Executive Committee endorsement is virtually certain to be ratified by the National Committee when it convenes in the Capital June 1 to elect a successor to retiring Chairman Thruston Morton. Miller was not the first choice of either Nixon or Morton. Nixon favored replacing Morton with two co-chairmen- His choices were Bliss and Miller. That was also urged by Sen. Hugh Scott, Pa, one-time national chairman and close Nixon adviser in last year's campaign. But Rockefeller and Goldwater vigorously objected on the ground a dual chairmanship "weak «nd ineffectual-" in order to concentrate wholly on, the national chairmanship. neja Communist newspaper re- that the astronaut, son of plane designer, was un- medical care. Later on, RUB- Isian scientists in Moscow denied "I intend to measure the poll-! that the earlier flight had oc- •!-"-!-*!>•"-.* S^ZSZ sincerity of the Kennedy orous organizing drive in the recent history of our party," Miller publican senator, "by citing the differences in the President's is saying. "I am firmly convinced -••«"»•» "' »« tu T ...____ „._- .L, -« u^.u; w ords and deeds and the Demo- \ve can capture control of both cratic platform on which he was the House and Senate next year," 1 ;T" T L-T v , j JT if we develop a strong nationwide! elected and whlch he #«>*«* to organizational basis for that." As Republican national chair curred. The Soviets are past masters matter doesn't have? jfects. A brilliant man was in the If you were a good teacher for!White House almost 20 years and 20 or 30 years before retirement, you are much better and wiser with age and experience. Our muscles and joints may be a little rusty, but not our minds. Sir Winston Churchill is still W J» the "voice and mind" of England, and here we have Bernard Baruch and ex-President Hoover, both in the 80's. Wo read every day from the pen of Eleanor at deception. It could be that| Roosevelt Af , e ll&s fulfill. These differences many and glaring." . Nixon is also saying he they did have a man in flight and that the stunt failed. Not to be denied their laurels, the Communists may have substituted the are i experience of one of their highflying airmen who may have will I simulated the kind of altitude man, _ Miller^ would bejhe flrst! g , resg tnat un | egs Congress sharp-(venture which the American. Jo„. .,._,. ._ ..-.j ...^ „,.. ,^ mo£ jjft eg Kennedy's proposals seph Albert Walker, achieved his > in agriculture, housing, education j with his X-15 rocket plane. The Catholic to hold that office. Leading contenders for never walked a step without braces and crutches. But he had the brains for the job. Before you laugh off the Golden Age Corps, remember the man "At 16 I was ashamed of my father's ignorance, but at 25 I was suprised to find out how much he'd learned in a few short years." LUCY E. HAGAN Wood River Sports Answer to Prwrieu* Punto ACKOM • OprapUvia bridf* 4 Ward* off j n-:r- 1: ' i r Ihdl li II. II I -J equipment ISporUmw't possibilities. This new political 'organization does not consider : Nelson Rockefeller an enemy of , York Central Labor Coun-, Father of light, Thy bow in the ^^ people. £«uM well On a slow day this chief! heaven was a an Electrical Brotherhood j t«nes past. In —;- -;-. : __.„„,. , ake , he sfate to men in support him for re-election in '62. .intnoc no** in HUP munnpr let If * nis backing helps the gover- Electrical Brotherhood |tunes past. In like mdnnei, let * v * hours With him'" 8 see Thy'Presence m every." 01 l f Ke tne f a j* wun ,a neavy nours. wnn mm . f . r •. whether mar K in - he puts himself out front the '64 Republican presiden- nomination. And if the new party idea successfully here, there is no doubt that labor leaders of union goes were such leaders of the former j AFL as David Sullivan, presi-j viewing the lights of a city^ or dent of the Building Service International, and Peter BrennHn. head of the New York State Thy, warnings against dangers lonely lighthouse along a rocky coast, may we be reminded of ( rt " u II Tit ...„-.„;—.«.« n« n ;>*^4- sln**r>AfO Di«SlS Oil Building and'Construction Trades Council (AFL-CIO). They bad met previously to discuss joint organizing drives. But soon the conversation turned to politics. Van Arsdale and his colleagues told each other that they were finding themselves the •tail to the Democratic Party's this life. Protect us with the no fears may overcome us, for Jesus' sake. Amen. —Richard L. James, Jacksonville, Fla., minister, Riverside Avenue Christian Church. (0.1061 by the Division of Christian Education, National Council or the Churches of Chrtat In the U. S. A.) dent istates. j Small wonder the inner circles are fascinated by what happened in that hotel suite the other day. (O 1861. The Hall Syndicate, Inc.) MIRROR OF YOUR MIND • Archery chairmanship of the House GOP land medical care. l3Espre«iosi iiwdin government i sensations experienced might well! ya«bUn( Campaign Committee are Reps, i spending and controls will ap-<have been identical with those! lIQrtetUl William McCullock, 0., Melvlnjpreciably increase with resulting encountered by a man in orbit. Laird, W'is., and John Byrnes,!big budget deficits, higher taxes,'After all, to go 33 miles into the ! Increased prices and "less free- air might bring exactly the same fCloMdcar I Winter »porti {sensations and perhaps the same On foreign policy, the I960 pres-jview of the earth, and even per- Put>ii»bed D»tiy by Alton T»i»gr»ph j idential candidate i« lew specific, haps some observation of mea Drinifn* i n nmM*Mu ' . _ . _ .......... AUonEveningTelegrapbj*g, «£"!£»''' JOOrUntelprtM* IB Defamed IT Harness put lIRleefieldi r 11-1 -)t-r Itltotor 90 Crown UMtkMftnl *OCere§l 8! Afresh P. B. r-num pt mP p,?hi. h .r " J ain soing to play that by dows and fields, similar to those j 33 Drww rock and Edi.or iear -" he explains. exultantly described by Gagarin, j M Harvwl Political! " probably is true that the Rus>| Subkcriptloni not accepted in towns i ' " 7\_ .. . «i»n>i w>nl a uitpllitp umiinH th« wbtra carrier delivery if available ! Gov. Rockefeller has "tentative- Mam> benl d "le'l't 6 H»ounq in«j agreed to address the state! earth in w minutes. America has! J this UClwml 40 Hurry 5 Melody 41 Put off 48R«Us •OBsborM « Plant •a tort UOnawtw (suftis) by carrier: by mail $10 a year in convention of the New Mexico Illinois and MUtouri tu a year beyond Illinois and Mf»»ouri. Mali the pom office at Alton, 111. Act Of Coo»r»»», March 3. U7S MEMBER OP THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Young Republicans in Albuquerque j lrue thal Ga * al ' in wenl July 14-16. Sen. John Sherman ** a ' r ' ? ut wh f lher he traveled Cooper, Ky . also will speak. (C 1EW1. The Hall Syndicate. Inc.) L,- The A»bOcU(ed Presi it exclusively "^entitled to the use lor oublicaiion oi all news ditpatchet credited in LANGl AUK PRQViatON AKttAH In tht lace oi lliis potent op- >i*hed he. em SH1LLONU. India — Assamese • an upvrs ui»paivuc» Livuuea ID inib, • j i „j * L »u *•«•• • i i ' paper and to the local news pub :'» declared i» be the official Ian- iguage of India's Assam state in Of CIRCULATION Nixon agreed to MUler'»| MEMg£B TH£ AUDJT BUREAU , a languagebill which has receiv- Jed the oificial assent of the governor. English will continue to tat used in government offices until Hindi replace* it, the bill adds) w»s tgttintt Millar bavluotaJ Adv«rn»iu« Rates and Coa is a member of u a memoer oi Morton, who is also seoa- from tortMCky. fart fee M»-l& v r{8!3S n tract information on application at the Telegraph business office 111 Broadway. Alton. 111. National BepretentativM: the Company New York. Chairmanship is a full-tune Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta Dallas New Orla*aa. S*o Fmocitco, Angela* in providing that shall be used tot a)] or any of the ottfiml pufpmm of Uat around the earth a* claimed, or merely achieved a high altitude in the air, remains an unsolved mystery. The Communists have much to explain. Scientists throughout the world will remain curious. Science has a way of probing into such things. Already the Soviet government has declined to make its data public. Secrecy is always tne refuge of totalitarian governments which do not hesitate to try to fool not only tiwir own pie but the whole world. IWI. N. V. Uar«J4 TrlhuM. tec > Bspttat MOverasM* U Abode o<U» By JOSEPH WHITNEY longer life span, rather than to their greater susceptibility to mental illness. As a rule, first admissions to mental institutions are about evenly divided between men and women. However, there are fewer male survivors in the age group over 74 years of age, and here women outnumber men by approximately 20 nnr. cent. Ita some peopb Answer: People differ in the amount of stop they nwd; th* normal daily need for adults Is just under eight hours. On* or two per cent have som« dfgrc* of iwcolcpsy, the opposite of insomnia. They tend to experience frequent day-time periods of muscular weakness, along with vatut «ie«p-iaduciBf fan* tastes that make it almost mi- Are women most ls •vMMai tfoe bant ttma to atudy? Answer! Yes. Maximum man- tal effectiveness for moat people it reached about an hour alter breakfast, begins to taper off toward noon, and drops mark- adly after th* mid-day maal, Mental altrtaaas picks up again after the evening meal and wmtinuw for wvwui haul*. There are many deviations from this pattern, but it ably fitf tfae ftv«#aj» his mifld is MaMBaUv wede* for evfwiog study possibl* tor them to stay awake. kfi rarely apjiear when outnumber men by tbe Individual i» augaged in mately five per eeot. However, §$ its peak for morning that bpb}» bj* bt«rt,t. ilu» i* ftttributsd to wtmiwi'* KIM Featwe* Drad.. lac )

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