Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1915 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1915
Page 6
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The biisinjess firi^ represeiiteii on this page are responsible largely i^r the jirosperity aiid advanceirie^^^ Each paan bJaeiiL| of Ihese firnis i§ doii^ | Msr gh^je MSL a pleasai^ home to^fnand in interepn!^^e^ Eadi finh^^^^^ here is responsibfe in even W^Y any Mjjs^^ them, will add a portion to t^:^nfib(ll^lfsm j IP any • ^ ETOTtiUai ia GREASES $Ine Front • . > North 8fde Sq. We Have a Full Line of , 5C, lllfc, M in China, Glassware, Tinware, Wobdtfn Ware, Aluinintim and. Enameled Ware and- Notions, i T. M. BAKTEM Hardware and China Store. The Invest ^ton of Itp Xted In .'ADe* Gonty. loia Birnitiire k.W. BECK. PwiRi, 1 doosohold Furnishings, PJMOS and Sewlnf KachlaeK' R. e. McEINNEY V .WjHOLESALE FLOITB AND fIXD It i« pur.^im to supply lolf^ ' vicinity with seTeral of the best brands Flour made in the state. * • . • • t Polar Bear, Storm King, Red Star, Fancy Patent . ..Wichita's Best , NEW YORK STORE The Exclusive YItaaau's Shop Is bjBtter equipped than ever before to handle your Stationery, Color Work, Booklets, etc. The Big Popular Department Store of Alien County. , h Most Re table Place to Buy 1)RT .GOODS t LADIESf BEADT-TO-TTEAE 8IGBE8. Cjur Jeverake In buying tat Ave big etores alTtiyB asaureByou the beat of aerrlce at the lowest i >rlce. Yo^Can^Equal. PRICES Yoi Can^t Beat. Eyeiy^ing from a i'ljiiing Fork to a Pipe Oi^an.^v^,,,^, Pianos on Easy.TemuI FOR INFORMATION concerning Reiki Estate, Rental Properties, Loans or insurance, write or call on J. E. POWEIX, lOIA STEAM WOBES; One of the Beiit Equipped ^ Intestate; Tola Wholesale Fruit Co. in connection. Drake's j We price oin goods very low, . f»referlTiR ko make' our mocey on * darge koliime of s^les rather than «n aoy^ one article. You caa buy - feood goods for less money from us ^ihan aoy ^h'tece else- X prighain Hdw. & Imp. Co. Fine Li very. Fune.-al Cabs anti (^aba for Wedding Partlok . Special Attention to. boardws. Transfers to all partt^ot'^lty. Wagons Meet'AH Tfalna. 'We also do Packing and Btori^i PHONE 909 .812 UVUnmiii^' PHILIP HEIQELE ExdiialTe Kaniifaietnrer.'«ir. Harness and Saddlliy but the Best \V^ork Goes Out of' the Shop. Prfces Better than Any Factory WiUMi^e. 210 SOUTH STKET Hotel Relley loin's Newest Hotel. A Hotel that is Up-to- now. Steam heat, running water; rooms with bath and telephone. lOLA BUSINESS eiOLLPGE Civil Service DAT SCHOOL — NIGHT SCHOOL and . , HOME STUDY CLASSES 'raE GLOBE; SHOE & CLOTriiNG CO. . i. J. H. McXamy, Prop. Everything donfe in wood., Get oui^ price before buy- The home of Good Clothes tor MeA" and' Boys.; The largest dis. tributors of men> .wear in Kansas i Five' Stores—lolA, Pittsburg, Weir f .^SeamBaoo«nd-Oklahoma €Hi3F> - ' I The Most Ext^aiilTe Lla* of Jewelry^ £ Q (: Glass imdSilvier la Southwest. Kansas. Copu Gommission Co. - Wholesale Buyers of Poultry, Butter, iBggs and Hides. USB For Your Poultry. If you don't Adyiprtise no one will know you are in Business, and it won't be long until you will not know it yourself.—News paperdom. UAjtiom (Mrs, C. W. Jaekson.) :Sl4r.2.r^D€ spite thg lieavy roads Bev^ Pyles came' from: Lone Elm and J held-the regular services at Diamond tit 3rp. m. Sunday. Tlf^ audience was smaii but 'all drive tbroughj for I tlie felt r^aid the mi^. |1 »-M^i and Mrs. Aiistin ;Dijetz expojet to ~fliQ\.fi to the. Sam Dragod farm today. : ,;Miga., J.- N. Vickers \ received word from Mr. Vickers tha( he "arrived in Colorado Sprijags lasL Thursday and fJ>iJli^, his 80f, Earl.iwho .is at the fi^piri&gs for hps health, looking even l^ttfi;^than bd expecte^ to see him. -i: Oite •hoi't aid oiie long on our line .number 8;^ willi .ring jtieslie Spraguc wh9| put'in aj phone yesterday. Qi!*8l Banta! who has been home on aoeoluit of sickness returned yegtcr- 4ajr^ his school -w.jrk in Emporia. _^r.'.^«nta is specializing on animal, tftiab^ndry and iagriculture at t^ V.-'"--siat#jjormal. |' ' ? s Mi»;B; W. Penland and Laura aad. t;*" hCiarlnoe Penland and Miss lEthel J;>^x^W.ere Sahday guests o£ Mrs. J.; HB.rT. Stewajrt delivered a fine vaai; pi ilony Jionday. , ' ft •••f---| .Roberts in Browii had misfortune to Mise Lelia McFarlaind spent Sunday night in Bronson with Mrs. Bertie Hall, and went to lola Monday morning and spent the day in lola and! M6- ran. She is still doctoring with Dr. O. L. Garlinghouse, .of lola. Mr. Iind Mrs. B. L. Rogers ai}d son Wayne spent Tuesday morning at J. W. .McFarland and bought 35' .1. W. McFarland, who has up with rheumatism for a so, is some better. ' : chickens, been laid bonth or i -'-vricise ^two colt# it ills father's farni ; ru^t^j'Afildred.froin eating niolded kaf- '< r •flrv. JHPour colts Jn aii-die <l from the i -V -«atne; cause in three'days. Ja»ies MuIIins arid :H. f?nydcr at- rtend^d the Kilborn sa:ie near Kincald STONY FOIST. (Lelia McFariand) ln:V; jlr ^nJ 'cb 2.—Jbhn ;Brdughton Si^.' iJfsoriCJiorse Frjidayi f i..>Y^|«r|'and- Mrs. (Jeorge Lowe lost a j^rjMfrl'and- Mrs. (Jeorge Lowery are nioviag this week Itp tie farm Jthey U^Ve ^rented,' north of Broh^on. 'Vilr^. =Ila -Berry, who has been dan- igero^sty. Ill with blood po^on and {ethers troubi fot- the past foiir weeks, i^^oflsc b'eitcr ijiow,: but] not able to he 1^ jAajry Stjown is much better at yt- --breiiSat. Agn«s Demitts, who has been ipr JjUss Alaryv Brown, wewt ^glSiBt. Pf the weejr. Sadie Loweiiy who is tea<:hlng «t:Bdcklow.i in vMlss Ulllap on account of illness. iBce wlUil hor sister, 'Mrs. John Brandenburg has been oh Li thte • last two or three f e is c|octorlng; with Doctor Bronson: .; ^ -ILowery commenced, work ^ ^46ir: j; W. McFarland. This iitbc'lbilid.^ear for-^. '---iBuisell Bran#e.aburg has FAIBLAWX. Mar., 3.—Ed l|Iatter of KaniiaB City,. who has been viBlting Albert'Manning and family returned aome Tuesday. Mrs. Eliza Bar'.lett, who'was called to •Klrksville, Mo., by lafe death of her brqtber, returned borne .Sunday. jpverett Norton went to "ibla Sunday to visit relatives and to take in the leotttie by Mr. Scott on bis trip to ^Belgium.. Mablie Ford went tofKansas City on b.liaMiees last..week. | Htn^y Lambeth la to .baa bis; sa^c S*Mir4ay,iMarch .6. , -The Grange^at Pleasant :Praire is projgrea^ja'g aicely. ^ HM.ite ^: pumber frpm here attend. TJ^e roads this wek have been very bad^ I ' ' Spring Irys are on the way. Several incubators are worjtmg. The Nightingales postponed their meeting last week on account of the weather. Owing to the terrible condition of the roads now-.the automobiles ought to be mules for a jwhlle. George Brouillard and Ralph Ens- mlnger vjent to Wichita last week to attend the , Implement show, f hey report a fine time. / Next meeting of Pleasant Prairie Grange is a closed meeting March 11. .report that he is much improved. the parental Henry Jacobs bought aeed of Day id la spent Thursday at Riixton Tuesday. , Wood home. " Wlllard Blbens purchased fifteen | Fred Brown has been doing some bead of milk cows from his brother carpenter; and repair work at the Elmer and will run the milking ma- [ Wood Home, chinery and separator. Mrl and Mrs. Harvey Carpenter of Mrs. 'Ethel Davis and daughter Eu- | BssisUuce to Grandma Kerr wlio fell many .trips to town ror the farmers. The roads tin's week have been, very very disagreeable to gef'around and Dianiond and Mrs. Zola Jenkins of, . Mildred and Mr. and Mrs. Dell Ander-'-news items are scarce this week. son sPent last Friday evening at .^ohn- Fergus' home and had music. Mr. Page of Colony was at Henry Jacobs on business Monday. Mr. Rogers and family have moved to their new home near Garnett. We are sorry to lose them but wish them success in their new home. | Mr. Henry was in Ottawa Tuesday .on business. ^^he oorrespopdents of the Register are, ^lad to Ic^rn of the editor's return from-Belgium. His column is alit^ayg interesting. NORTH FAIllVIEW. March 3.—Moving is the order of the day everywhere. Mrs. Moss, of Bronson, who has been visiting her son, Mr. WiUiam Moss and family, has returned home. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wikoff and family spent Sunday vtith Mr.^ and Mrs. Will McKeever, north of LaHacpe. Mr-! and Mrs. James McKaughn attended Mrs.'Kelly's $ale Thursday. The S..S. Club met with Mrs. Her- schpl Smith and the ladies worked at their fancy work. Following the work PBAiBii' RA«r hour a luncheon was served. . Mar a-GuV Deskin will i,-.v. » "^^^^ Mills spent ajfew day.s move to Ottaw:a, neiy which city he has purchased a farm, >ye wish them well in their new aome. Robert Rogers was a .busipcsB .visitor {n lola Monday.. . L. P. Edwards is .^t^King,^ ^uito « nice trade at hig stori^ .sin.ce in^^'ng! .Mr. A. U Wriglit .delivered hqgs in liaHarpe Tuesday. Lewis Wright assisted, Mr. L. CWi-- koff with his butchering Thursday. Earl McH.a who has be^n ab«uai .^^i, and received slight injuries. At this writing she is reported better. Mr. Dugan delivered a fat hog to LaHarpe Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Funk called oh Mrs. James Williams Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Williams is on tlic si<;k list. Mrs. J. Valentine moved Monday from tlie Eagle farm. • -Mr. and Mrs. Tip Williams was in town Tuesday and took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. John Kohler. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boyer spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. -Geo. Anderson of Moran. Miss .\rtie Boyer and mother called on the former's sister, Mrs. Walter Ljitle, Tuesday afternoon. It'has been reported to UH to Hive credit to the Prairie Hall Ladies' Aid. that they fServed better. lunch at. the Kelly sale^than- was fieldom served. We wish the Aid success in the future. Mrs. Walter Wood and : daughter, Mlsa Louise, were in lola Friday. Mr. Bradford, of Moran, moved into tlie Allen house Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. l.«Roy Aycr.s were in lola Tuesday afternoon. MIBS Gladj^s .^yers spent;' Tuesday' evening with Miss Aghes Ayers' Mr. and Mrs. Claud Stewart and from school several days, started back. Monday. itL'to his farm. addition to the J w,„. Mills and family attended the iS^Solr^Jr ^^^^i"'- Ke,ly.ale Thursday , R ^WBI. i (Mrs. Buth .Tacob.J Mar. 2.—Walter Wright Ifft Sunday for Cusbing, Ok^a., where he has em.ployment, Mr. and Mrs. Will Whittington spent Sunday evening .calling at Ho- bact Wright's. Tom Jackson, of. Rising Star was at Henry Jacobs to have some sawing done. CJlarence Vickers spent a week visiting friends in Ottawa, Kansas since our last items. Mr. Roy Roberts was at the Jacobs home,on business last Friday. Mr. Hobart Wright-sold a bunch of fat hogs last Monday.- Mrs. Opal BibeuR. has b«en quite ill the.fiaat. week. We hope she will be able to .get out agam soon, isst w«ek or I John W^ayne, ot Garfield, Kansas, better ^Tiresent |bw visiting:relatives and old neighbors for: the past week but Went to Kansas City and PaQla (or a visit before returning 'home. SOLDIERS IN BfSm SICK KIDNEY DISEASlES Doaa's Kidnejr Pills Are Beiag Svplied Free to Tie Sirfferiay Mca. Aafof Oar Readers €ai try Tib Fam«» Rqnedy titJMAl Eipew,. JB*t Seod Fw a Tnl Bax. J>>wery «pent Mce. Will lf(Dore B^lgbtfqn, 1*0 has been -1 -ilardshi|i8 nnd ex^Ktsocc ja tha cald.' wet trenches is mppiiiucthoaaawbof warrmK European soldi^s with kidney t^oJ^blep »nd *h^an»»li8b.'" grhe ^OM«n offices of Om'a Pills are doing a good d^i^in ^vihg this famous rem^n.dy free to every sold- M^. «t)(o jiirantf • .box. T^-- I INDEF£SiDE>CE 0I»TBi4'T. i.\Iarch 3;—Mr. Wm. Dugan and G. U. E iMalcom attended Mrs. Kelly's Sfula j Thursday. -Mrs. E. B. Hutchison cajled on her uncle, Mr. S. Matcoin, and family Frl-i day. She spent the evening with her aunt, Mrs. J .M. Carpenter, and grand mother, Mrs. N. Mal'com, of Melrose.. Mr.; Howard .Carpenter accompaniedi Mr;;. K. B. Hutchison to lola Saturday! morning on the 5 o'clock street, car to take vthe early morning train for her home near Tulw. .(Ala. Saturday was a'fearful blustering^ day and quite a snow fell Saturday night. The public roads are very mud dy at this writing which will jnake it very bad for those w^bo expect to roovcj to 4beir new homes for this.season. Mr. and Jfrs. -Astbur Dugan spent Thnrsdar night'with his parents, Mr. And.Mrs. Wm..Ougan. Miss.Madge Wright from near Gas. spent -Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Wm. Diigan. Mr. Orant BUlbe brought a load of{ goods to the fajcm-Monday free to any reader of this paper adib Will write them Yor it. " ^ There arc many recoHinienders; of Doan 's Kidney PilU in this vicinity. Here is a list of. users who }iave pqb-. llcly endorsed Doan'a; . lola Endorsers of Doaa's: Mrs. M. Cott, 14 N. Foiirtlj St., Otto Krueger. 407 S. Chest|iut St. W. B: Kelley. 127 S..-W94l|ington St. Ch^rjes Cole,^ N. Bui^ye St. John Boner, 1^ S. Seeond St.' : Harlpir p. Cottj 14 S. Fourth fit 11 ^•i'?-'$S «&«!^f Dr. Stapleton was called to the hpyie of Mr. 0." Kerr Momday to medical to Close up Stock, While it Lasts—Delivered at ;l!ar••!!!«».. ... loltf tee/Cold Storage & Fiiel Gbm)^ ntw lis Aii^k 1Mi ««b Mgr.' day at the liome of Mr. and .Mrs. LcRoy Ayers. Mr. Ernest Helm of Diamond neighborhood, is In move onto thu Mrs. E. ERIC ^ fariii vacated hy Mr. .1. Valentine. . Marcli'camr in like a lamb. We trust it will not roar loud whon It goes I'.qiit. • - :•• •tir- G. D. Malcom took dinner Tuesday with his Bister. .Mrs. J. .M. Carpenter and family and motlicr, Mrs. |fj<. Maicom. of MelroKn. • ,Thc ipany friends of Mr. L. V. Mal- copi in tills ncighWorhood no doubt, wauld like to licar that his'little dnw";!! 'tec.>€ora Annie Mjilcom, is Just getting along fine, K Sim i.s making l .cr home with her^auntle, Mrs. I). Sarver, of ColIInsville, 'Qkia, Mr. T. E. Stewart finished cutting his cross hedge Tuesday. The Tuttle Self-Feeding aiid Self- Wiring Hay Press Operates with LESS lielp! -MAKES money and SAVE? money! 1 man can operate it and bale 1 ton in 1 hour, 2 men 1 '-J tons, 3 men '2 tons, hay Eoing delivered.on ground at.Side of press. Saves of >viro cost.' Sold on 10 days trial guaranteed for one year. Price with (i H. .1'.'cngiue, Tuttle Motor Press Company Teleiihones— Oilire 783; Fuctory i>iM>. - Fill-tor) I S. lYiisbiugton, Bassett OifKc SJbO :Wa8Ungton BABKFX CIBAY HAIB. ;^iT.^.? vrs LOOM I'OII^G, PBCirY, •-.i:.a>r.vj —— GrandniaAl Beelpe of Sa«re Tea and Snlphar Barkens so Katnrally '' ' htXkat-IMilKtAr Can Tell. —AI'moatveveryoae knows that Sa^e" Tea and Bulphur, properly compov|Qd-' ed.«brings bitek-tthe natural color andi liutre to the hair wheii;faded. streriOBd or. gray;'<«lBo^ndeA dahdrufr,i>itchlng scaiR «wf' stapB telling-hair. • Years Bgathe^oliiy!way to get thia mixtd^ife nxs to malte itiatliome .'wbich Is mus-: BV ^tau-.HtiM'Ubliwoiae. - Nowadays. -hy' asking aftjanr ^rurttore for'i^Wyeth's; Sageantl^Balpbiir Compound." you will: get a largfr b^tie of tUs tameuB -oid reclpa.ioit'4lKaii'!6ll^«ents.'. ^ ' lyott't •tar'grayi' -IVy It!/ Wooei can pfNNitblyVtell'. tlmt you .darkenirt your hair, asiit fceff-lt soJtaturaUy: and^t «nJy. ••Yvu daai|i«n°a aponge or, |ioft.<brush wHh ><t ^aM draw this Iheoivii j»^r ::Jiatr, taktor qpa anill •Mma nt a time; by mondng the gpgr ' hall^^pp^fg; and after alot^^^^^^ 1 will sell at public uuetiou at luy farm, Ttli nilles west and 1 north of IV^jK^l^liast uud l^mile Bi^h of Piiiyna, ou v v H^ttday. Marcii 8, 1915 Bcg'inplllg a| 10 o'cloclt a. the folloiring described property: a HKAB H0K.SK8 .A.\U JirLKS. • i bay tiiille, 10 yrars old, wt. aliout loOO .lbs.; 1 3-ycar-oIrt hrown gelding, wt. about 1000, lbs.; 1 a-year-old bay gelding; 1 oxtra good roiin, single driver, 4 years old, dotible gaitcd, (by Judge Lease), wt. ll'iO lbs.; Ibay horse, 11 years old, broke single or double, wt. about !*00 ibA. 17 IIK.iO CATTLE. S head of cows, 1 fresh, 1 will be fresh" soon; 2 coming 2-year-old heifers, extra good ones; 5 yearling calves. 1 yearling bull; I suckling calf. These cattle are all in good shape. 3 .head Hogs—wt. 12. T IIJS . each. I.MPLEMF.MS, FTC. 2 cultivators, S-sh^vel spring clip, .liiiiny hind walking, lind 4-shovcl riding; 14-in. sulky plow- 12-in. Emerson gang plow; 14-ln. walking plow; Buckeye wheat drill; Deering mower; Mc- Cornilck mower: 8-ft. cut Deering bin- dor with truck; Hlaek Hawk corn planter, 80 rods wiret. 2-section barrow; disc harrow; hand com sheller; W> in. broad tire wagon; 2 narrow tire waKons; .set dum* boards; 2 hay frames; top buggy, p^e and > shafts; new grindstone; 2 sets single driving harness; set double driving harness; 2 sets dpuble work harness; 20 bu. ot Early Ohio potatoes; large, quantity corn fodder: a few dozen chickens and some bemsehold goods', tetc. TERMS OF SALE—All sums of $10 and under, cash in han 1.. On alLsuma over $10, a credit of 9 months will be Kiven, purchaser giving note with ap-, •proved securfliy. bearing 7% interest from date if paid when due; if not paid .when due to draw 10% from date of sale. 4% discount for cash on credit sales. No property to be removed from premises until settled -ior. • COL. H. D. SMOCK, AucUoneer. A. DIEBOLDT, Clerk. Mrs. John Murphy LUNCH ON GROUNDS {ilic^tion or two,'your hair becomes beautifully dark, thick and glossy. Special Agent S. K. Burrell It doesn't hurt so much to be bluffed if the bluffer^gesn't show you hia hand afterwari^^ Theretis also the kind of boy who' -No man can succes^fuliy ^(ggulsa won't belong to the gang unlei^s hejiis bald spot without keeping hl» hat pan be the leader. on. ' ' - v : v ; • •

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