The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 6, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1927
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

ARE DEFEATED CoUegre Boy? Humble the First T^mi-AUey Rats Tirim Second. Bojh thie ;flr8t~ and second t^ap- - shooters teams went down i,to Idefeat: last night in shooting niatches at the Armory. The Junior.Cbl- lege boys came .otit five | points: >ahe9d of the first jteamiand the: Sonth Street-Alley Rats registered . six' more points than the],second learn." !•'•"• ; The Junior College boys bfident- ly believed that lots of care and I scores result time ipust^ be taken^K good -were to be imade with the, that their match took Ian hour and thirty minutes—much to tlje dls- • guat :and demoralization of-their opponents. The resuft, • h6|weyer, seemed to Justify the time as none of the J.unlor College, shooters dropped below 91. rrhe second match took .40 minutes. Thursday night !will se0 a match between the Lehigh gunners and a new team, the pame ofj!which is not yet ready for ah^nncement. TJie scores taat night'iwere as -follows: ' i Janlor College Alberston _..L.J Richard Garllnghbuse" -.-i Siroup f_— Barber —Ji — Robt. Garlinghouse i- Flrsl Trapsh<H»t*»?i \ Ed. Smith— DuUea — . Dr. Steph4nson Arbuckle L--- \--Z— StJhively .... Knuth .Street AUey Rats Shropshire : i- !— Womaek i— Davis —— — Tippie -4 f--- Crews -1- ——i -L—— Sdcond Trapshooters Parkening —_—-.1 Washburn ; L.._! Bergman - i—,- -p-— Jones —I i Shively —L ,f ~i 91 94 92 9.1 91 l94 86 92 9.3 91 90 89 84 89 .82 • 84 87 93 A Japanese priest !>tauds iii pray-er-amid the smoking rtiiiis of .Mineyania. Japan, where an earthrjuake snuffed iut 2fli00 lives. To the right ofl the picture, behind the jjupanese iKirr>ing his »on afti-r the manner of an Jndiaii papoose, lies the twistedj wreckage of a flivver, j = • . / Number 4 V. Number! (jCootinued from Pa<e 1) AJjout six hundred people went through the Home Beauliful .yesterday—the busiest day tlie dcraon- stralors have had aside from Sun- da.v. Quite a few of .them were "rep'-at" visitors, but the great majority were there for the first time, a large percentage beipg from out of town; i , All of them were thorouShly delight<>d and took plenty of time to see every detail of the beautiful home. One of ,the most .cotnmon remarks'wTiicb is heard is: j".My' This makes me hat& to go home!" Those who co-operated -. in the building and fuirnishings of the Home Beautifuljare the following: ARCHITECTS—: Washburn iiStookey. i GENERAL CO.NtRACTOR— John A. Griffith. \BRICK A.VD COXCRETE-r- . Roy Perkins. PLASTERI.NG-- ; C. A. Fiske. PAINTI.XG— ' i Clair Lincoln. BUILDING MATERIALS— i ' .N'orthrup Lumber Company. PLU.MBING AND FiXTURES— lola Plumbing Company. .WIRING A.ND .FIXTURES— Jones Electr: ical Works. HEATLN'G AND HARDWARE— T. B. Shanhbn. AVALL PAPER—i Cook's. • i PAINTS AND VAllNISHES— . .Rowden's. . ' • FURNITURE— • A. R Sleeper Furniture Co.- SILVERWARE—; Leffler Jewelry Co. RADIO— Arbuckle's Garage. L.'VNDSCAPI.VG-y The Ioi,a Greenhouse. TOILET ARTICLES— - Fry's. / ; BRIJ.XSWICK— • • J. V| Roberts Music Co. MEN'S C LOTHING— Globb Clothing Co. GROCERIES— Pryek- Bros. ! FRIG pi IRE— L. S Bustard. SHOES-+ Shie d's Shoe Store. BOOKS- The Evans Store, r FdRNISHI.NGS A. H. Gibson... ART DR.XPERIES AND LINEN'S J. C:, Penney Co. i LAUNDERING— ' lola Laundry.' STAR AUT0M0BIU5— n. T. Barber. tiAStlLLNE— : iWHioHH Oil VBE lleflnliig Co. UltY ICLRANLNG — " : AlilKMun Cli'anftrs. LADIKH' URAinf-TO-WBIAIt - HldiardMon's.! CONFKtvriONBUy-- Hlfwi Confotttlonitry. Tlip MoiiiM hi^uiitlful IN Innuri'd by U .L. ThoiMpNoti Agoncy, flnuu<'«*d by SctMirlly lliill(|ltix A l<(tuii' AHMI* I 'ltilioti nnd IK fdr'itnfe through John H<-iilhvr., ; ' iOhk HIDE, FUR & WOOL COMPANY I Get oir POirLTRT VTe will ^om' prltes >• AND EUGS after booibi. HONES 111 So. Ohio Pkane ISO; GRENNAN'S MAI^KET We pay Ue; foUowIng prices: Xo. 1-EjffO. —-«c >-o. a EgFS -i-—4——18c JTo. 5 EBgs 5o. 1 Hens Lz'd. So. 2 Hens Broilers' 1.— Horiie Hides _-_—•_ Green Hides .l»e 81c .—18c ..—80c ...fSJMt ««• mm ITonng and Old Goeksj —llf We will come afteir j^ar poaltry. J. F. Gr^hnaii Prbidnce Co. fMt Hour >4 and Elm I rPhOBC t7« ;(Contluued from Page li generously ennuRli to giVe it funds with which to >:!>rry out :i constructive and profitaule progranj. The latter polit-y tlie speaker .strongly ndvocate<l for perfectly obviiiuh na- souF. 'It is the Chamber of Commerce -with money eniJugli: to tuke adva^itage of the opparl unities which .offer for the upbufliling of the fconimunity that renders the greatest service to that conuauu- it.v. i • But after all, -Mr. Hughes ij.nid, money alone will not make a Chamber of Commerce. There must bjj "behind it' tlie willingnes.s! to serve on the part hi its inciul^'r.s. A mail, owes service to his cj)ni- jnunity mi'rely u.-< a matter of i-bni- m'on lairiiess. as rent tnat lu pays for the privilege af living in it, and the Chamber of Commerce should be the in.strumentality thrt>ugii •tii^ch service specially directed to the upbuilding of the city i.s r«-ii- dpred. \ A Chamber i ot ComniTco is not ai community jchest. It is not or- gjanizcd for :hc>;purp<jse of afi'drUrj ing relief to persons in (!i If is, organized to biiiia the city jind it' must always have .-i builiiin;; program in view. The speUjKei .strongly urgod- the i[\vis<loin o, a cireful budget I'.ud 'liscnsspil 'tlip NuniberS (Continued froni Pane 1); tion of Uie Tabernacle. I suppose you, have no liuilding there which will be as large as you would wish. A.s i.s convenient to you express to the ministerial a.ssocia- tioii and laymen my appreciation of their enthusiasm and interest. That will do much toward guaranteeing the success of the iiiee'ting. I am fin Shing the 'meet in j; Tampu toifiorrow and go there to .\urora, Illinois. ' | With everv good wish, • S ni;erelv yours. (Signed) W. .A. SUNDAY. (Continued from Page 1) iu from sioners. Parsons re-elected AT C. Hoke mayor. He" defeated Jaines Powers by 200 votes. Harry Lang defl>ated D. K. Brit ton for mayor of Coffeyvllle. Albert P. Lt-hliian and Fred .Mangelsdorf were : re' elected without opposition to the Atchison city commission. I^rned voted a $ti.").()uu bond issue for a community building. George W. Finney was re-elected mayor. Ottawa had liut one contest. R. W. Mitchell was elected finance H. Slater. .-..000 bond Shipping 01 Yangtse Hamper Activities , I Battjlegi^ps Waishington, Fears of an iolteiTuptioh'tcl ping on thfe "V^ngtse river would hamper erican and other .eunboats engaged tji evacuating China cOast wel the .navy department.^ for^Ignerk ti the e communicated to Rear. Admiral erican yangtsc ported that vii^tually'all sUlps in th'e Yanitse ar^ ers and > shor would serious! activities! o lilay of <AP)— ship- which Am- Houghi of tl ? Am- ipatrol forte, re- a were cdal age of fuel. bum- badsed by seribiis labo[r troubles, 'mjay require tHafth^ Shanghai. The oiily alte would be tife from. Shanghai vessels whichj craft be seiat to native, it was said. shipment o to the river in the opinion of the navy deplartment officials. those embarrass in charges of the Yangt-sie elvacua- tlon. ' ' .1 Conditions atl scribed by .Adnliral "very bad.' ^ Hankow ; weire de- comqiissioner over A. •a$l- many: ways In >vhich ineinbcrKhip may be secured and" niaiutajncd. lie gave it as his bplnijjn thiiMnember- Khlp dues of |2.T a; year for towns' the shse of Parsons, Ft. Scott and lola would be foupd most satisfactory with the dl-stinct understand.i- ing Hiat there were to be no special assessments. In the matttfr,uf obtalbing niefmbership he expi-essWl the opinion -that the best re.suits ilflua'Iyi were obtained by an iin- tenslve' campaign put on by the members themselves, although I he had knpwn instances of very siic- cessfiii campaignsi that had b^en organized by some expert from he outside. The most eflicient w<irk in this line though, he believes, is that which can be accomplished by a large membership committee which is on duty al! the time wh ch looks up the new people who coine to town all the time and induces thehi to.joih the Chamber of Co|n- merce and < which always is ready to t^lk for the organization and thus maintain a public sentiment in Ruppoirt of it. -Mr. Hiigbes was aCcompanieel by .Mr. We4ks.'the Secretary of tho Parsons 01iambei] of Coinnierce. and their visit here was very much :ip- preCiated by the local <irganizalion. I >&rs. .Mitlldji .Menofee of Lallarpe, who was iperaled upon at St. Johns hospital iwo" weeks ago, returned ^oiiie todajV '.t The foregoing letter fronr Mr. Sunday is definite and conclusive nnij means thai the great evangelist bas booked lola for the date! naiftpii and will be here without doubt. The Register regards this as the most important announcement^ it has had! -the privilege of - making for a long time and. it doubtless | (; j.; Lyman, will be read with iinterest by | a I fumniissioner of' greater nunil)Pr of people, than i'anythliig that lia.s aprpeared in these .columns for many months. The fact that Billy Sunday Is to hold a meeting here is important from the standpoint uf rt'lgio'iis interest, but it is even more important if p'ossibfe- froni tlie standpoint of advertising lola and attracting people here. .It nieans that between February 20. and April 3. 192S. lola will be thei center -of interest for all Southeast Kansas. From the beginning to the end of these meetings people will be coming here from towns within a radius iof SO to ;100 miles. The problem will be. not to get Hutchison voted is.<;uc for an addition to its senior high school and. a $H>,«oit issue to improve its Convention iijill. Dodge City voted a $2.'iii.<ioo isjiie for a new high school and gruile school. McPher.son yoteil a $!t.">itMiO issue for a community building. • Garnett defeated a ?:i."..OliO bond issue to improve the city water works. for four finance. years was electeil nia.vor of Hutchison yesterday over C. O. Hitchcock, iinple- mnnt dealer, receiving a majority of approximately .->00 votes. Two special proposals. oit<! for the purchase of historic boot hill as a site'for future public buildings and another''for the issuance of $2.'; M*I »0 in bonds to build 'a new high school and a new grade st'hoo! were carried in yesterday's i election at Dodge Cit.v. he< told boot )ot Hill gained its nam^ in th<' ic pioneer days wlien an un- nuniber was buried "wiili on" as a warning to law them here, but .to take care of! violators. (;;herryvalp rejected a ?l.-.O.0ii0 them when, they come. That is a problem the solutidn of which in due time will be put in the hands of a competent committee. The' important thing to be noted and remembered now is that lola Is to have a Billy Sunday meeting: school iKind issue by 22.-i votes. Murray Diven was rp-eiecled mayor. Hpug; .SOTIET K:tIRA|(<SY I.S RAini D RY MARSHALL Peking, April, 6. (AP)—"TroopB of the army tf Marshall Chang Tso-Ltn. Mnnch irlan wair loW and armed police; today raided the soviet embassy. .Six Russians and l."; to 20 Chinese were taken to the coal patrol as are iclassed :as agitato I Thtise .arrested FRICltON OYER CHINESE REPORTER UBADEK SEEN RY London, April 6,1. (AP)—Renter's "Shjanghai correspondent says fraction .has: been ine^rea^ed between General Chiang Kai-Skek and the • the snp- pmong ion in communist element Cantonese by his act pressing the prbvisidnal administration which the coijimunists re-^, ceiitly established to Shanghai area. The cominnnists, |. ajccordlng the dispatch, sent a < Hankow to take up with the Cantonese ce! five committee, while . a fpport to the same Quarter urg- ipg that the provislonar administration in Shanghai be by one constitutioQall / The latest dispatche^ from Han­ kow, the correspondejit says, indicate the possibility taking military action Hankow extremists, aflny having advanced province and oeKupiedj fu. This is regarded threat to •• Tang Seng-Chi, chief militflry- supporter of t iie communf ists in Hankow. j control the to [eleg&tion to the matted: htral execu- :Chiang s.ent of Chiang against the his ;fourth into "Hunan Hengchow as a direc "Big. Bill" Thompson ! Is Mayor ol Chicago Chicago. April 6. (API-WlUiarp Hale Thompson, Republican, was elected mayor^ of Chieagb yesterday with a plurality of 83,000 votes in a comparatiyely quiet flection. Mayor Wm. E. Dever Democrat, was second, and Dr. John Dill Robertson, insurgent Repibllcan, was a peior third. ' Kansas University Band in lola Today The Kansas university bandk under the directioh of .1. C. McCanles. arrived in. two large busses this morning, for a cone-e^t thi.'; afternoon in the high school uuelilariuip for se-hooi children. Tjie band will return, Friday night for a concert. iThe liand' niembers were attired in new unifor^ns. Mrs. Patience I>>cdom, who lias been at ^t. Johns hospital ifor the past thirty-sii; ilays, was^ able to return to her home, 020 South Buckeye street. Shoulcll be the| most carefully planned room in your hdjne; The fixtures must be properly plajied to make gc od use c|f tevery inch of spaqe and (insure their utility. Once installed bathroom fixtures are not easily moved. It is true economy to employ the finest skill in planning their arrangement We have for free distribution sejveral booklets es^pecially \yritten to aid ypu in building a bathroom. We also iare g'lad to draw plansj and specificaltions wjithout charge or ol^liga- tion. K.C. ELECTRIC & .PLUMBING CO. THE ^ADIO STORE. 109 E.Madison J Phbne Q5 RO^HCR£AMERY Io|a ^Creamery Plans ! Plice Ice Qiream on il^arWt Easter. to • The construction of new facilities for the, manufacture of cream is being rushed to comple-j tion by the lola^Creamery Co. and it is hoped (that the new product will be on t^e -market by Easter, according to .an announcement made by Mr. W. |E. Rundall, manager, this morning. The < large frost coils which will keep the-1 temperature of the hardening room close to zero- have been installed and are ready; for use. All the other necessary 'mii- cWnery has been received and will soon be pla'ced upon ' the found.i- tions. Th» building which' will house the boilers and buttermilk dryers can be completed within a short time if tile weather is favorable. Especial card is being taken in the installation of the machinery to insure, the production of a high quality ice cream. 'With the same idea in mind Mr. Randall has employed aft expert ice cream maker who will be furnished with the very best of ingredients. Al Beam Shtfd^ Floyd Bowers in Ottawa flight Ottawa, Kans. Apr. 6. (AP)— .\1 Beard, Kansas City; and Floyd. Bow€!rs, Denver, boxed ten spee:- tacular rounds last night in the final of the second Elki boxing show. They are in the 160 pouheL. class. Bowers at first had a sligW edge over his oponent, it was i^k- ringside opinion, ^ut at the finish ' Beard was leading the fight. In Jh eS round semi-windup 'Reel" ice up.rady of Kansas City,, 17."? pounds, bested Jack' Frost, Oklahoma City, 133 poiinds. in the third round. A preliminary between Morris Marcowich of Kansas City and Ernest Hull of Ottawa, was Hull's all the way. The former w^eighed 1.=>1 and the latter 15:; pounds. - After ^ve Months, She Seeks Divorce Exactly ^ive months after their marriage*. Nan Wood- yestenlay l.rejught suit in district court for divorce from; her husband, Ro.scoe .A. f Wood. They wer6 married on i .Veivember 5. 192G. at' Yates r«n- ter. In the petition, Mrs. Woiid charges neglect of duty arid extreme cruelty. She alleges that lier husband on two occasions slapped her face, at one time rutting her lip. She also alleges that jhe threatened violence against her. = She asks restoration of her maiden naiiie, Nan-Tlalston. is the secret of p R O D U C E R S ^Farmfers aye, big pro- ^ducei^. They-raise the food products that en- > able \he rest of the world jto live and work. Because fai'ino's are siich important produc- • ^ • •\' ' ers, th is bank likes to see them make money. We :,sha 11 co-openlte with farmers to the limit of conservative b a n k i ng t)ractice to help them prosper. MISSOURI PACIFIC LINES Railroad i Reward^ for Adequate and Dependable Service Must, Be Adequate and, the Public Shoi^ld $ee That Tlwy Arki ATLROAD transportation service ha| been so' the last few years that a great revolu ion has b liniproved railroad'service—the most adequate has-enjoyed—now makes it possible Jor everjr line of bj and less invested capital tied up in commotl ilics in tr factories, in warehouses and retail placet. profits in All this nitians quicker turnover, greater a^il it releases for cohstnictiv)] use trem reasonably cheap money ^akes poinble imi|rovctnent in every line of endeavor; he ciiel from smaller investments jsndous'su n* of capital. An abui^dance of iiiifl development of every nature With it nil, the toiarvolume of busincsji, al^ the' no exctiilicini, •liuwa steady and normal increases, year 1W4 wlicij the was slightly under the record! car (oatlinKB of all coiiiinodilicslhave ii^creased each year (rom>.jk total of 39,323,158 in 1921 to 53.309,644 in I9J6. ^ ' This is as it should be, of course, to\e the railroads—the greatest development agency in the'Nation—must ihave an increasing ypli me of business at a fair rate if j they are to continue to grow and defvefop and exptnd themselves to be of proper i assistance in the growth and development (f the Naion. revolutionized and improved in ^eu, brought about in all business, and depetielable the world ever |usines <i to W conducted with lest n.Mt and -iock> un land, both at , The railroads west of the Mississippi i^iver, whi ifull share of the burden, have not been recjeiving a ;1920 Jo 1926, freight operating revenues on western rail 'Duriiig the same period, passenger revenues Constant improvement is being made bj the public must see to it that the carriers receive aiJ : dependable service. This is as much the; pro dem of the public as it is of the railroads. The public must interest itself in these questions witl a .view to being helpful. I solicit your ce>-operation and Miggestit ns..' nd of e ?sh year, with practically >Vith the >iiiKle. exception of the breaking figure for 1923,'revepua e they have been carrying their jfair share.of the reward. From roads increased only 3.8,per cent.' decreased 34.S per cent. the railfoadsl But if this is to continue, adequate rate for adequate and PnMidetd ' ! r ^^^^ * r * Becausie of the nmngber of Buicks that pecfple buy, ybu get value in a Buick thiat simply cannot be equalled at the Biiick price > V Buick puts the savings^ ofVolume--^theeamings of lead-i ership—right!back into Buick qiiality < ^^illhaifs why Buick gives the satiisfaction it does-—. why there are more than a million enthusiastic Buick owners r r V ^ MARR AUtb SUPPLY CO. 111-113 E.Madison Phpiie 252 PAINTS VARNISHES m ii Par^O- Ke^t Laequ^r A New De v( lo^pment in Decdnuting Dries WiAat a» Hour Y OURfumit ire,wix)dwork ,glas8 ,inetal, toys anti sii lilar surfaces eiasily be made bright an I new wit^ Par-O-Keet— a- lacquer in strikng colors. Goesonwitiia - brudh and in les s than an hour after appli- catitiKQ the fmis ted surfa<s canbe used. Par-rO-KIeet wears as as!varnish or enamel. Even 1 lot dishes may be set upoii it without injuj y. Anyone can use Par-OrKeet. Ask for edlor card • ' ' j ^ " ' Brigham^ larrisoir Hdw. j Co. -1

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