Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1915 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1915
Page 4
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THE Member rh« The The The THE IOP[ DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 4,1915. DAliY Rl^GISTER IOLA DAILY RECORD AND THE lOLA DAILY INDEX. f,f- . : : : WkMOCiated Prcn. Kansas Daily League. Bureau of Advertising A. N. P. A Kansas Sdltorlal Association. Auillt Biiraau of Circulations. THE HEOISTEB FUBLISHIKO CO. Chas. IF. Scott, Editor and Manager, itered the lola Postoffice as Second . Class Matter. AdvertlslViK Rates Made Known on Application. Official Paper of City of lola. Off cial Paper City of Bassett. * SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By Carrier In loia, Oas City. Lanyonville ' Concrete, LaHarpe and Bassett One Week :......<....;.. 10 cent> . One Monih ;..-. J .....- « cent One Tear BY MAIL. dne Tear Inside county $2.5- One Tearl outside county »3.0i ^ TELEPHONES. BuslnessJOfflce 1 Society Reporter^ .•]• Job and Binidery Department 14 After Register THE HIGH SCHOOL PROBLEM. borne two or three months o. reflection, and after careful consider ation of all the' ^bjectiohs that ha:v- been urged against the proposal, th< sees no reason to .changi the' view s it expressed last Decembe as to tH'i desirability of providing fo the erecjtion of a new High Schoo building So fa • we have been able t< is conceded, even by many o tamest opponents of th< learn it the mosi $80,000 broposition, that the presen High Sd hool facilities of lola are in ••Idequati, and that some provisioi liitist be made to,meet the situatioi brought about by the growth in at . tendance and in. the scope of th. 'school V ork. Practically the only di ference of opinion, therefore, is no on the 1 undamental iiuestion , us t whether a new building Is needed, bv. upon the comparativery unimportan questl9ii as to whether that ne< building •fehall cost ?40,000. or ?80,00( The necessity of a new building o some sort being conceded, the whol debate, therefore, turns upon th question as to how good a buildin lola cat afford to construct. It is jus such a question as confronts an; business concern ^ that has outgrow Its old juarters and Is trying to de cide how much of an addition t •build. In one case as in the othe thire are just two problems to solve First, I ow "much liioney can we a) ford to spendi whhiut laying an un due'buijden upon ourselves; and se< orid, Shall! we build just barely tli . room tt at we need now, or shall w make kome provision, for futur growth? , The answer to the lirst question i the case of lola, would seem to b that if tor other reasons it is wise.t in^fit $80,000 in a high sciiool buil<^ 'ing the district can afford jit. Men- bers of; the Board or Education wh have given the matter the most e> haustivc examination, declare the ne' bonds <^n be carried and paid ofl when t ley. are-dire with an increas in the ax levy^at will add but fi teen cents to llfch thousand, dollar of assessed yali^ation. That is to sa. the additional tSJibt would not amour to so much as a.doUar a year to ai: citizen Jwhose property was aasease at a lefss valuation than $6,500,—an' that n^eans thkithe.-annual; burde upon the averagj^tax payer Would t equivalent to the cost of a few ci gars or a few slicks of chewing gun Certaiiily the (Hfference between th tax burden involved In voting $80,00 and that whiclf would follow votin jl40.00 (Jr— fifteen cents a yfear pe thousand and ['seven and 'one -hS' cents n the other,—is not one th;- ^ would be felt by any citizen of lol no matter h<^ slarge his property in terests may bei The Register is a , niuci averse ifipaying high taxes a any good citizeij has a right to be, an- it would not urge a bond issue whicij it believed would be burdensome am oppressive either upon itself or upoi 'any of its neighbors. It is for th proposed issue: because it does no belie\]e any tjtizen would feel th> load <j)r would .5regret the expenditure when j once it pad been made. Shall we provide barely for thi present need br sl^aU we make? pre vision' for thd future? That is ihV seconid question and the answer to ' virtually measures the difference tha: existd between those who favor a'f $80,OC0 and thpse who ask for a $40J. 000 biiiding. [The latter point to ;hc fact pat' if (he larger building i< erect<!d and tiie "JuUior High School" is orjganlzed ifs planned the result will be to leaye seven or eight roomt in till! ward'buildings empty. That if true-f-but jit does not alter the fact that I nearly liwice as many students are jiow crowded Into the High jSchooI building as it -cs ever Intend- iCd to accomm|jdate, nor does it alter the f|irther fact that it is impossible jto relieve thii congested condition without; constructing, a new building. The ttudents jn the Hfga School can- j; not ^e scattered ^roiJnd town. They [ Riustibe assembled in one building, and when that building becomes inadequate another must be provided, even if it does result in leaving a few rooms ifi some of the ward buildings temporarily unoccupied. But vhat barm is done if It does happen tbit we -have more room for our schools than they need at this particular moment? That condition is bound to be but temporary.. lola s going to grow larger, not smaller. Lincoln school is already crowded ind with the- new population that ioubtless will AH up chat part o! town when the new smelter begin: operations, it is practrcally certain hat the present building will not accommodate all the children who wil" seek admission there. The four roomt •vhich-the erection of the new build- ng would at the present moment va- ;ate in this school will almost cer- ainly be needed within another year. • t is,nearly equally certain, that thi our Irooms which would be emptieci n thje Jefferson school also will bi ilied again within a short time. But even if there never was a de nand for any of these rooms in thi .vard schools, the largument for ai idequate new High Schobl building: ATOuld still stand, for the attendance ipoh the High School is'certain tf ;ontinne to increase. In the face o: he degline in our population the Higl ichool enrollment has doubled withir. he past six years,—duetto the faci hat an ever higher percentage of 8th ;rade pupils are entering the Higl ?chool. It should not be forgotter. •ither that with a spwndid new built ng, splendidly equipped as this on<, vouid be, very many families will bi .ra\yn here by reason of our superioi ducatipnal facilities, while the num- ler' of students who would come ir Tom the country; districts would bt greatly increased. The Register ha; •very confidence 'that within a yea; fter the new High School is fin shed not less than five hunSrec! itudents will be swarming through, ts hails, and every one of its twenl.^ ooms will be serving a good purpose It is the judgment of the Register herefore, that a new High Schoo; luilding is needed, that it would b( ruer economy to spend • $80,000 thai 40,000 upon it and that to vote bonds p the larger amount would not im- lose an unduly burdensome tax upon he property of the district. The Secretary of Labor, after an nvestigation covering many months f time, has made a report in which le admits that the wages paid in the .ottery indnstry in the United Statet ange from 90 toi 600 per cent highei han those paid in that industry ii, ither countries, and yet the only hing he can think or to .save th( Vmerican industry ts for American nanufacturers to "practice economy.' t would require right smart econ- imy to make up for iTiat difference ir. vages The country has the Republican '.enators to thank for the defeat o! he President's bill for the govern- nent purchase of merchant ships,—: neasure that was as uuwlse political- y as it was unsound economically. A New York jury has awarded : nan C cents damages for the alier.a ion of his wife's affections,—and al -hree of the parties concerned fee eeply insulted. The trial of the Barnes-RooseveU ibel suit has been set to begin on t)»; .9th of April,—which is the third jur wars to begin on that date. 01 .5. • •> REFLECTIONS A>D REMAHMS •: :» (By A. V. JS'apier). The sin that is spared because i )ays dividends is the one that ruins boys and girls, ^ » * • . The overage dead beat-spends sijf flcient time in dodging his credifort o earn all he owes. • » » We never knew a man so good that could Ipve his enemies, but w( iiave seen them too wise to waste any ime trying to get even: «. * « Most of us are guilty of so many ridiculous acts that it is unbecomin? to dwell on our few brilliant aecomp- ishments. ' • » * The peach crop expert has so far failed to add his dire predictions ic our other worries. You can get out of a boy just whnt you have put into him. •;••*'• . Up-to-dateness is K commendable quality in any make of automobile t>)it nobody gbould carry the idea so fitr as to pay (or a car with nexl year 's money. • » • The trouble with a good loser i«= has a hard time making good at anything else. . • • • WbiiD a professional man gets behind the times he is just as much scorned ag an out of date automobile. • • • * No woman should feel undu|/sens! tlve because she lacks a thorough knowledge of politics. There are a great many men wbo nave been voting for years on the strength of an inborn prejudice. • • • Time may take away our teeth and our hair but it cannot rob ij.s of the memory of <he first snow man we ever made. • * * Wheq a man is a genuine bore he is the last man in town to find it out. • • • Economy is good, but it isn't economy to spend a dollar's worth of time in saving a dime. • .* * Farming is the biggest business in the world and there is no reason, at all why a farmer should not have a thorough education. • • .• When . you hear a ' man kickin,!? ibout the lack of enterprise in your oWn or community ask him wiiat he is doing to improve it. !• * * * * * • * * * * <•> * • • > KANSAS CLIPS ASI> COMMENTS * ^ ^ ^ • ••*<•••*.:•<.<. ^ ••••• • • •:• LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE • I • . •> I <. .> .> .> <. .> « <. <•<• <. .> <.« One way a man can ^.convince tiu people that he is trying to lead a bet- er life is for him -to go around and pay up some of his old debts.—Osborne Farmer. The White Man's Burden is —Yatfis Center News. a jas Shaving is about the only part of % man's expenses that marriage, doesn't increase.—Salina Journal. 1 do not care for those wlio will weep at my funeral; the people 1 love are those who laugh at my jokes. Mrs. Ralph Tennal. It was kicking about taxes that made us Americans.—Lansing News There trusted to "pull o ffany refer to September .Morn. City Traveler. whcj c;i .•tiling." g.' We Arkansas Wo won't helievt? (hi) pics-; sUilc- ments that a Clevi-lanU woman is H"-' mother of 27 children, until Uu! nia.i;- •izines get her to writo how sli*.' raised, them.—Western Sitiril. There is an Atchison woman by ilio name of ".lawless." May her tribe: in crease.—Troy Chief. It is not always the most siiapely head that has the most in it.—-Better Way. .Slight Error J orreetjied. Editor Register: 1 discover that 1 have made an,error in the time covering the payment of the items given in the financial statement. My minutes made from the District Clej-k's record ishould read: : I During the last TEN years, in addition to meeting all of the burrent expenses out of the levy for general fnnd the. Board has paid the following amounts respectively: For Annex to Lincoln BuilJ- ing. 1916 $10,'2T?. SO For new heating plant in Lincoln building, 1912 For constructing and finn- ishlng Bassett bldg, 1907._ For repairing Lincoin building. 1S14 For new heating plant, .lel- fcrson building, 1914^ For fire escapes, 1911.^--^ For new piano, apparatus and furniture since 1910._ For 'real estate, for play ground since 1910 1,380.00 6.394.42 1,244.61 3,119.49 I l,13.'i.0O SuU Your Sweet-ioothl l„864.8fi I 92r..nn Total $26,337.-l.S 1 have discovered tliat the six luiil leyy has been made during the lai-t I'our years—iirior to that in 1910, the ovy was 4.4 mills; 1909, 4 .9 niill.s; : 1908, r,.2r, mills. j Will you please publish the above as I correction, and oblige, • t Yours very" truly, i .1. E. HEXDEHSO.V. I Too many young people ar(> satisfied to be just average.—Mrs. Homer Hoch. President pro tem seems l' he as high as you can git in Mexico.—Ab -J Martin. A Greenleaf woman who had the Then and >'i>n. .Mr. Editor: In taking a retrospect of tlio pass- ' ing years, I find that just Uiiriy-(ive years ago today, March 4, l.SSO I land ed in lola with my family and an ox- ; cursion of eastern relativi^s and friends, numbering as 1 i-eniemher now twenty persons. It was a heauti- j fur warm sunny day. Hoys were play j ing niarbles about the streets atu( running barefoot. .Roads were dry and dusty. Townfolk.^ were inakiii;; :arden and farniers were buny work- j ing the soil. lOverytliing seemed to wear the air of early siunnier and w • : thouglil We liad struck llio Italy ol'' America on c-liinaLc 'I'Ws illiisioM ! continued for a litltc over a week; when the storm broke ui)oii us. • On j the 16th and 17ih of .March we lirul | the heaviest fall of snow that I ever I saw in Kansas. Tlie fiUge snowdrifts | lillcd the roads so completely that WH ' had to drive in the tields, and filled the deep cuts between iola and Kansas City stopping trarns for about '.'.'i hours. Tlien Grecniands icy moun-| tains seemed to rise before us for t)-e ] ice froze on still wa:pr abriut tlirc:' inches tiiick. But tii<:,suii cuiiic out and it soon passed away. Prices of property aiiii stock weiv quite different then. Improved land sold at from $15 to $25 per acre. r;nv prairie from $4 to $7 perjacre, hor.H'-'s, cattle and hogs at about one-half or Mppeiite and Dagestion DYJI.V:.-.S; THE CCUNTi OF MC NTE . CRiSYO! eomes in two delit- iotis flavors. Beneficial, economical. Made ckan—kept clean—sealed air-tight against all impurity. The Pei-fect Gum in the Perfect Package. No wonder its sale ceeds all others! l(!ss than the price now. grip last week counted all the bones . beef steak broiight from that were aching at once. 206 of them. There ar;> All of us grandstand more; or less and we would grandstand more if wo thought we could get away vvitli it^ Osborne Farmer. A Kansas man 65 years old went to California and let, some race track gamblers skin him out of $6 ,000. We lavc no synipathy.for that fellow eith ?r. We believe in protecting home ndustries—why didn't he let some Xansas grafter do !iim?—Comer Da- vles. This Man Never Wears a Coat. Atchison Kan—With the exception of the time he attended the funeral of \ brother in Missouri, five years ago. foseph \Vlscarson, a coal teamster, seventy-seven years old. of this city, 'lever wore a coat in .his life. When he •ook off the coat at that time he naught a cold. He never owned such I thing as an overcoat Despite his »gii he dnps hard wi .rk every day. This—And Fire eCnis. , —DONT MISg THIS. Cut out this ilip, enclose five cents to Foley & 2o., Chicago, 111., writing your name ind address clearly. You will receive A good juicy eight to ton oil lliree ,to free for llie lor a (luar- conts i)er pound, beef five cents, liveraiul liearlj asking, eggs four dozen ier. Then I bought fine largo bottom land corn for 17 coni.s per bushel. lo­ la then had about l,2nn population. Of the peraon.s on that excursion 1 might sif.v some wmi back lioiii- some further.wo?t,"some have pone to (hat long home from vvriich no traveler return.s and soirio of lis leniaiii even .unto this present day. Mighty changes have been v/rought. The map of the world h.-s c;ian,i,'ed or in changing very rapidly. Great inventions have startled tne world. Forts considered impregnable are falling be fore the terrible missilo.s' hurled against them. Battles are fought up in the air and under tlie water. But I forbear. D, B. D. SMELTf.ER. Tarlyle Sdiool RenorL Report of Carlyle school. District .\o. 2, for the moutli ending February 2t;tii: -Vanies of those neither ahseiif nor tardy: Floyd and Harvey Powell. Mildred and Blanche Nix, Lonnie, Grade. Roy and Lawrence-Siiajiel, Ethel, Gladys, Mabel and Re.vfoi'd Winglor. .Martha Gilkeson. Earl, Harold and Clarence Calhoun and.Albert Dickerson. Honor lloll: Albert Dickerson, Ethel an.I Rexford Winglor, Lonnie and Grace Shapel, Earl and Harold Calhoun, Mildred .\ix and Harvey Floyd Powell. Number enrolled n return a trial package containing I and Foley 's Honey and Tar Compound, for (at beginning of month, 22; at close of •oughs, cold^ and croup. Foley Kidney j month, 19. Average daily attendance ^illa, and Foley Cathartic Burrell's Drug Store. Tablets. 22Vj- of tardiness, 1. Vi.sitors: Mr. and Mrs. Mx. Mrs. Shapel and ex- Write today for your fr^e copy of introducing these active Spearmen. 28 images, litho« ^aph^d in four colors. Grovm* ups as well as children fun in this quaint jingle will find Iota «£ IxKik. A«S«es« 120G Kesner Bl^g,, CMcagm Save i«a VnHed t^SSIHh CoiUBons around each package of WRIGLEY'S — they arc good for many valuabi* articles of high grade n^erchandiae for Men. women, children .and the hnm** DENOUNCED ACT OF CHARITY Butchers of French Tov;n Saw Damag* toTheir Interests in Off* of Phil- i- anthropist. Misses Bessie and Susie Shajiel anil' Mr. W^iigler. ! .Maiy Buck has gone to Piqua to attend school. ! Glenn and RuFsell Wells and Gladys j Sullivan have moved to Oklahoma, i .Mr. Weber has moved on his farm i in this district. j .Mr. Shapols li;'.ve moved on the Clai- i borne place and a new family will oc- ! ests is now in action, says Le Cri do cujiy the Carniiie place. ! Paris, 6n a little island in the Seine, The place "formerly owned by Mr. i opposite JIaisons-Laffitte. Monsieur .•\ndr(!ws will have new occupants. | Leigh, a well-known turfman, who un-! Mr. Crocker will move down south ; recently has been an American, but 1 A little drama portraying the conflict of patriotism with private inter- of Humboldt. Floyd and Harvey Powell will move into^another district, —Olive S. Sawyer, Teacher. — SEJflOB HIGH SCHOOL CH.ISIJTK. Cbanute spenHl57,000 on school bulld^n^ last year. Thl^ building has the tenth, eleventh, twelfth grades, while the Junior High School has the seventh, eiglia, and ninth. The secretary of •''e Board wr'tes: "We see no disposition on the part of any considerable number of people to regret the investment in school facilities. On the contrary our people, as a whole, seem to be exceedingly proud of the buildings. is now a naturalized , Frenchman, "rounding the cape of si.xt'y years," has been raising some line pigs on his little island—handsome, high-bred, black porkers, which cam-^ to him by express from tho Ivory coast. Filled with tha lOclat of patriotism and benevolence. Monsieur Leigh said to the mayor of JIaisohs: ".Monsi-iur, you have public souphouses for the unfortlinate. I will give you for soup a pi.i; each week uii til the end of hostilities.':, A fine pig is worth from one hundred to one hundred and fifty francs, and his wua a handsome present, and the donor was warmly thanked for his generosity. Then it was that the pork butchers of tho village intervened: "This animal." they i;-did, "that Leigh gives for nothinK, the mayor had bought, perhaps fropi us. We'll cease to furnish moats tb that man Leigh. We'll i)oy- cott the Leigh pigs." ^L Loiub came back at them. He said to the drummer of the village: "Announce everywhere that I will set u-.i a pork butcher mys' If in tho market place, and will .sell my pigs to the p.libllo at ?.3 per cent less than these onvioiis fellows." M. l.oish did as he said. Each mar- hot (|ay there is a rush of the population to the stand of his pork butcher, wliich has become the object of K^n oral favor. Following this the philan- thropi.s' has been receiving mai^- let- tors, B( -TO of them threatening to burn hia itables, "And," says Le Cri, 'this i-i'how I'.anian nature recompenses one who proposed to do good with his own money." Wound Makes Man See Green. A very intt resting case is reported of a soldier.^ n a recent engagement, being shot in| the forehead, the bullet passing out of. the back of his head without kiUii or even stunning him'. He remarked "Everything se^ms green all round .liic;,'' and when in the hospital tent he still persisted that h^saw everything gr'een. This case appears ^o favor the cerebral theory of color vision or Dr. EJdridge-Green. the shock 10 the brain having altered the discriminatory apparatus so tTiat impulans caused by graeu rays had a preponder. ating influencp.—Scientific American. Some people are constantly antioved ; from one .veaf's end to the other with a 5 persistent bru lehiul eou}jli, which is whol- ; Iv iinnfcessai.v. Here lis a lioine -made j. remi'dy that-srvts right at tlie cause and ' will niake yoi 'wonder what became of it. ; (.'ft i'/i; oU) ces I'inex (5ti cents worth) • ironi aiiv drujgist, pour into a pint bottla ; and Jill the bbttlc with [ilaiii ;;rahulated ? I Hujiar Bvrup. .Start takiiij;^ it at once, : Gradually but surely y <iu will notice th* <i plile <;n) thin but and then disappear al- • togftluT,' thuk viuiiiiu a cough that you ; never thoujrliB would end. 1 it also loosens J tin- drv, hoarke or tifht cough and heals • the iiiflaminaiion in a painful couRh with - ronuirkalili- iliitiidity. (Ordinary couishs 5 are coiiquiTiMl hv it in 24 hours or less. \' Xothiritc hft ^cr' for bronchitis, winter j eoui;li.s and hrbnchiul iisthma. This i'im -xl and Suiiur Syrup mixture makes a fuljl pint—enough t^ last a ' family a IOUK ! time—at a cost of only 54 ' (.•pnts> Krepsj pcrfectlj- and tastes pleas- ^ —Register Want Ads bring results. full directions ant. Kusily prepared. with l'ine.\. i -. Vinex is at special and highly concen^ ; f rated omnpo(ind of genuine Norway pin« * extract, rich in guaiacol, and is famous ( the world ovdr for its ease, certainty and prom |»tnes8 fn overcoming^ bad cousbs, : chest and thrbat colds. •! Get the genuine. Ask vour drut!:eist • for "2 ^2 ounces Pinex," and do not accept -, anvthinz else.. A gnarantee of absolute satisfaction, <>r raoneS' promptly refunded.' ( noes with tliis prepara^Mm.- The Ifinex : Co.. Ft. W8yjnie;lni\'- ; :

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