Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on May 28, 1936 · Page 5
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 5

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1936
Page 5
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IHIJRSDAY, MAY 88, 193C. Opportunity ...Days... MAY 28 to JUNE 3 i/ 2 lb. Green, O/v at only .__ £iUl i/ 4 lb. Green, |i at only 14C % lb. Orange Pe- 1 n koc & Pekbe__ 11 C Bakers Cocoa, ' |Q 2 for only—— IffC Extra Special Qt. Mustard 10c (19c Value) YOU SAVE TIME you wash with HI-LEX 1-ilX Ctipmi Quart bottle__17 '/2C Pint bottle 1114c Take Home a Bottle Today! 45c BROOMS, 0»7 for only_ _ LttC Water Softener—Cleanser Better and Cheaper than Soap tor WASHING DISHES —TRY IT 25c pkg. _; 17c 10c pkg, 2 for__15c CRisco, ro 3 pounds for__ OOC 3 Bars for only 25c MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing QUARTS, 07^ Special at O • PINTS, OA for only £.TCV> 2 Pounds for only 53c (7c value) ._5c 6 Pack ^ e ; for 24c Dravis CASH Grocery "Where Quality Is Inexpensive" MRS, JOE SCHULTZ HAS A HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY The home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schullz ol this city was the scene of a delightful gathering of relatives and friends last Sunday in honor of the 71st birthday anniversary of Mrs. S. The guests brought baskets filled with delicious things to eat and after a sumptuous dinner the afternoon was spent very pleasantly in a social way. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schultz and family, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schultz and family, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schultz and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schultz, Mrs. Louise Schultz and family, Harry Lenth,, Mrs. Fred Kamp, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mohs and family, Mrs. Minnie Kohrs, Mrs. Minnie Wclzel, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sander, Mrs. Emma Diederich, Mrs. Chris Sander, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wilke, Mr. aiid Mrs. Fred Miene, Mrs. Ruby Doan and family, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Harnack and family. Read the acts In today's Herald! Horace Gordanicr and Irvin Thomson were visitors in Ossian Sunday evening. Mrs. John L. Gregg has been under a doctor's care the past week, but is now on the mend. Miss Ada Schullz, teacher of Minert school, gave her pupils a picnic last Thursday at the Old Stone House, and with the parents and friends present they made quite a sizeable gathering and had a most delightful day at this popular resort. The school does not close until next week, but it was thought best to hold the picnic before the possibility of too hot for comfort weather' presented itself. Miss Elsa Nicolay of Spokane, Washington, arrived in Postville Tuesday for a few days visit to her many old friends here. She evidently has found the fountain of youth for she doesn't look a minute older than when she left here 15 years ago for the west coast. She has a fine position with a Savings and Loan Co. She reports her mother, the Rileys and the rest of the Nicolay family enjoying good health and all desirous of being remembered to their friends in old Postville. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Schuette, Mr. and Mrs. Bert E. Tuttle were visitors in Guttenberg last Sunday afternoon, and many others from out of town were also there watching the workers on the big dam busy with the work of repairing the damage to the dam recently when a section of the cofferdam gave way, causing a financial loss to the construction company that is estimated at close to $50,000. It is mighty pretty driving through the country at this season to note the St. Patrick's Day finish that covers the farmers fields and decorates the trees. And old king corn is also showing up in splendid shape, as one could see the rows in both ways, and corn plowing will be quite general by the last of this week. WE'VE! MADE GAINS! Believe me, our owner does the job right! First he gave us Bruce 's Green Mill Chick Starter — and now he has changed us over to Bruce's Green Mill GROWING MASH It has the same high- quality ingredients but in just slightly different proportions to fit our particular needs during this growing period. This is an important stage in our development, and it will pay you, too, to feed the best — Bruce's Green Mill GROWING MASH Bruce's Green Mill Postville, Iowa THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA PAGE FIVE. PAUL P. STEWART Very seldom are the voters of any legislative district offered the chance to elect a man for a first term who has the knowledge of state affairs and the contacts with influential men which will fit him to take an effective share in legislation from the start. Paul P. Stewart of Maynard, Fayette county, who is a candidate for the Republican nomination for state senator from the Allamakee-Fayette district, has not only the ability and force of character to make a good legislator, but also the knowledge and experience to enable him to make a valuable legislator from the beginning of his service. Mr. Stewart has acquired the habit of active, effective leadership through his many responsible posts in farm organizations. Known as one of the outstanding farmers and dairymen in northeast Iowa, he has been for many years past a director in the Iowa state fair and the superintendent of its dairy department. For 7 years president of the Iowa association of Holstein breeders, a director in the national association of Holstein breeders, and vice-president of the Iowa State Dairy association. In fact, he has been at all times for the past twenty-five years constantly in one or more places of responsibility where he has learned many sides of public affairs, and at the same time has made acquaintance with many of the influential and prominent men in Iowa. If elected to the state senate, Mr. Stewart would go there prepared to take a capable part in legislation from the very first day, without having to wait to "learn the ropes." This special fitness of Paul Stewart for a legislative place is something which the voters of Allamakee and Fayette counties might well take into account when casting their ballots for state senator at the primary June 1.— Fayette County Leader. On Sunday afternoon last Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Roberts drove down to the Louis McNally farm, south of Luana, to call on Mr. McNally, who has been in quite poor health the past three months, but now seems to be gradually regaining his health. While there they inspected Mr. McNally's fine new barn, which is a whopper in size, and it is said will hold more hay than any other barn in the state of Iowa. A man giving the name of John Collins of Waukon was brought to the Postville Community hospital in this city by a load of boys, who claimed they had found him lying by the roadside below Dubuque suffering from injuries. Mr. Collins states he was riding with a commercial tourist and the car overturned. Dr. Milton Kiesau was called to attend to Mr. Collins injuries, which consist of several broken ribs. Mrs. Julia Pearson, who makes her home with her son, Chet Pearson, and family on route two, Postville, reached her eighty-sixth birthday anniversary on Saturday, May 23rd, but owing to her advanced age and somewhat impaired health she was unable to hold a party as she had planned. However, on Sunday a group of her children, grandchildren and great­ grandchildren, and a number of her friends went down by auto and paid her a visit which she heartily enjoyed, and the many friends of this fine old lady trust that she may be spared in health to celebrate still other happy returns of her natal day. Those present were Mrs. Delmar Reincke, Mrs. Dorothy Groth, Mrs. Hilda Bruns, Mrs. H. P. Hawkins, Mrs. W. W. Brooks, Mrs. Frances Beedy, Mrs. Katherine Abernethy, Mrs. Wm. F. Heins, Mrs. Jane Laughlin; Mrs. Fred Ernst. There were four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren present. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Special Meeting Special meeting of the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Postville, Iowa, held May 15, 1938. . Present: Gustav Dietsch, Mayor; C. C. Sander, H. D. Cole, Earl Abernethy, John A. Schroeder and C. F. Reincke, Councilmen. Purpose of the meeting was to hear objections on the matter of street oiling. Objectors' petition read. No action taken. On motion, meeting adjourned to May 21, 1936. GUSTAV DIETSCH, Mayor. A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. Adjourned Meeting Adjourned meeting of the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Postville, Iowa, held May 21, 1936. Present: Gustav Dietsch, Mayor; C. C. Sander, H. D. Cole, Earl Abernethy, John A. Schroeder and C. F. Reincke, Councilmen. Purpose of meeting to consider the adopting of a Resolution of Necessity. The following Resolution was presented and read and on motion adopted: RESOLUTION Be it Resolved by the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Postville, Iowa, That the proposed Reso- tion of Necessity for constructing a public improvement by oiling and sanding the following streets or parts of streets, to-wit: Green Street from Lawler Street to Lybrand Street; Williams Street from Lawler Street to Lybrand Street; Tilden Street from Lawler Street to Lybrand Street; Maple Street from pavement to Green Street; All of Summer Street; Boody Street from Post Street to Tilden Street; Part of Oak Drive to end of gravel. Murdock Street from Lawler Street to Reynolds Street; All Reynolds Street, except paving; Ogden Street from Williams Street to Post Street; Green Street from Ogden Street to Boody Street; Boody Street from Green Street to Williams Street; All of Lybrand Street. This action was proposed at the meeting of the Council on the 15th day of April, 1936, and is on file with the Town Clerk. Notice of hearing thereon has been given as provided by law, and the date, and time and place; and all objections made or filed, and such objections, with the exception of Williams Street from Boody Street to Bancroft Street and Front Street, are hereby overruled, and the Resolution of Necessity as proposed, with the exceptions, is hereby adopted, passed and approved by me this 21st day of May, 1936. GUSTAV DIETSCH, Mayor. Attest: A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. Resolution ordering the construction and improvement of streets, read. On motion accepted. Carried. Sealed bids for oil from the Iowa Road Building Company and Illinois ^lllMllllllllllllllllinUtlllMtllUlllllltllllllllllllllltlttllltlllltllt, I At the Elevator J | TO MAKE ROOM | We offer: I I 3,000 BUSHELS I | FEEDING OATS | (carrying Barley) f — at— I 22c PER BUSHEL ! Hal! Roberts Son I Postville, Iowa f ? Jtlll1llUlllllllUlltMllllllllllllllllUlllllllltllllllMlllllllllllllllt^ Luhman & Sanders' Grocery Specials: MAY 28, 29 and 30 Lettuce, ex. large, 2 heads for 15c New Cabbage, lb 4c Carrots, per bunch__ 7c Cucumbers, Ige. 7c Fresh Pineapples, 2 for 25c New Onions, 6 lbs.__25c Grape Fruit, 3 for__20c Post Bran 9c Mustard Sardines, lge. oval can 9c G. B. Corn, 2 cans__19c! Toilet Tissue, 1000 sheet rolls, 6 for__25c Silko Flour ___1.49 Mothers Best Flour 1.75 Bruce Chick Mash 2.35 Oyster Brand Shells 59c Van Camp Pork & Beans, giant size, 3 cans for 25c Early June Peas, 2 cans for ___15c Pineapple, 2 cans___15c (Crushed or Tidbits) Hershey's Cocoa, % pound 8c Campbell's Soups, 3 cans for _______29c Tuna Fish, 2 cans—27c Libby's Kraut, No. 2i/ 2 can___ 9c Ex. Stand. Corn or Tomatoes, 3 cans_25c Road Building Co. were read. On motion, bid of Illinois Road;Building Company was accepted as lowest bidder. Application for filling station at corner of Tilden and Reynolds Streets, read. No action taken. On motion, Council adjourned. • '•' GUSTAV DIETSCH, Mayor. A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. BERT WATERS CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY , Bert Waters of Grand Meadow had a birthday anniversary on Saturday, May 23rd, and so on Sunday a number of his relatives helped him celebrate the day most happily by enjoying a bountiful dinner and supper at his home. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Waters, Paul and Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Waters and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Waters and family, Dorothy and Jimmy Waters, Mrs. John Waters, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Kneeland and family and Gladys Ewing, all of Postville; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Leui of Ossian; Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Peck of Clermont; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Peck, Dr. and Mrs. C. K. Peck and family, of Decorah. Geo. W. Hein has had his residence repainted this week. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Putnam were Sunday Visitors at the West Union scenic area. FOR THE GARDEN PESTS — USE — Slug Shot Arsenate of Lead Bordeaux Mixture FOR THE HOME — USE — 7-11 Ant Killer Douglass Pharmacy "Where Quality Counts" Postville, Iowa HERE TO SERVE YOU I have taken over the ownership of the E. P. Durno Hardware business and respectfully solicit a continuance of the splendid patronage and good will the people of this community have always accorded this store. It shall be my earnest effort to carry a complete line of the latest merchandise which will be offered to you at fair prices. In the plumbing and heating field my first aim shall be to render service and expert workmanship to the end that every customer will be satisfied with our installations. When in need of anything in the hardware line, let us serve you—whether it be a box of carpet tacks or a steam heating job—remember our motto is 11 Here To Serve You" L. W. THOMA Successor to E. P. Durno Hardware EX-SERVICE JHEIV ... this opportunity to Build and Save ... may never come again! Right now is the time lo start building your home.' Wonderful sites can be picked up at bargain figures. Good materials are sliil low priced. Labor is plentiful. A new home is easy to 6uance today. Your BONUS can be made the initial payment. Perhaps you think yon cannot afford one. We can show you how a most livable residence can be built and paid for out o] income— just as you now pay rent. [A new home is a "capital investment" in the slang sense—it's a 'splendid one. For you can never go wrong by buying property in a low price market, improving it and holding on to it. And finally remember that your own home it a hobby as well as a haven. It's not only something to live in. It's something to live for. Postville Lumber Co. E. A. HOTH

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