Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 6, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1927
Page 5
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1 f?-^ T^^tt^^'^T-?^:'*!' (FInit PlibHwhed in the lolaCiaJly 1 R^Kixter April «. 1927) FINAL TAXl NOTICE; Wbe?eiia. • tfte; -roUowiDf deaeribfed land and lowh lot* situated ii» Allen Countjfc • Ktini^St -wen sold : for taxes which remainM.duc and unpaid, and: WherMla, Three-or \inor«>,ream mril) have dapaed on Se^ecnber 3. ISZTi since the dale of aald sale, and AKh«r«as; iiu • land aAd town l< have not heenj redeemed fr<>ni aald as required by law, niw Therefor, utfle"? iwld! lands and town lots are; redeemed on! or before:. September t 1917. such of said lands aifd town Iot» then remaining unrad^em^d wlH he conveyed by t4x deed to pur*- chasers. reHpecti^ely. their heirs or »*- Tiie amount taxes, chantea and Interest on- each tract pf land or towyi Ijt» is calculated from. the date w jf «* to the laM day of WedempfiOBi- e*- 'A-ri taxe5 I • » -^^.ast dav of redemption September 1927. • I Deed d(ie Septemberl GENEVA TOWNSHIP. J .p. Minner. Ixjts 2-3H in 6^4 NW<4 S.I- 11. Twp 24. Rse 17. ll.:« kcreif. .Jin.oT. ; • J V MInner. X 55 rods, off W',4 JVW, Ijing -V of Roct llreek. Svli, T -Jt. n 17. 15% acres. OSAGE TWP. J W Sl (ilnbTOOlc.'=com ft W- of 8E cor ft. E 30 ft. S 150 ft, S yj.i>7. • 3. 19?7. »-.:2.19. aw ft X and 7« fiV SO It. N IBO B6. T 23. R 20i MARMATON TWP. W W WriRht. Khb SKM S 19. J 25, It 21. *0 acres. mJ».9iJ CARLYUE CITY. M J Bulff*r.- leBB Plafc E. I4:37.- Ounlap's Add. RulRer. l^t 7. Jl.?:!. BulS'er. 1-nt. S. 41.7.",. Bulirer. .l^t 9. i »1.73. Bulger. l>ot in. J1.32. Bulser. L<tt 11. »1..T2. . Remsberg's Add to Oas. ' Abram Grkwford.- Lot H. BIk 3. 32.96. I •/ . • : 8 T HarlWu8:h. Lot 3. BIk 12. »2.T«. AJ NewSap. Lot 13. i BIk IS. »S .7«. A J Newman, Lot 11. BIk 12. ».<«. A J Nonnwn. Lot 3. BIV IX 33.«2r .V J Norman. Ixit 4. BIk 13. UMi ROM Hill. E Wecrt. I-ot.4, BIk 1. 3I.02. ! Taylor's First Add, 8 O Norman. Lot 1. Bik 3. S2.42. S O Norman, W 2, Rlk 3,- lie. S O Norman. I,ot filk 3. 32.42. S O Norman. Lot 4[ Btk 2.. 33.42. S O Norman; Lot Blk..T. 32.42. S O Norman. lx>t!«. iBIk 3. {36.83 O Norman. Lot 7, BIk 3. $2.42. B S O Norman. Ijot s.- Btk 3. B O Norman. L.)t ;12. BIk 3. 8 O Norman. Ix>t ].r BIk-3. S O Norman. I»t 14. BIk 3. 8 O Nornan. Ix)t. IS. BIk 3. 8 O NJMTnan. ;Lot 16. BIk 3. Taylor's SMond Add. »2.42. 32.42; 32.42. 32.42. $2.42. »2.42. AUas B & U I>Jt 1. Bik 2. 31.90. Seoi a2 .'TWp. 24. Range 19. <To be taxed (or Water Works Bond Tax only.) | . Get) L Edwards. ^E>4 NEi^ leas R R. 316.96.: T r . ^ I IOILA TWP. • , K P nrlrxle. olcim IS-ft E <if SE ci)r Lot 3. BIk 1. Llhcoln Park. E to R-of W. NW. t<> alley 8 tobeg. S 36. T 24. R 18. . — :acrea. Kic. • Lincoln Park. W H Laub. Ifjss R B.-l^t S. BIk 1. »l.»:t. . • W H Laub, W of RR, Lot 7. BIk 1. J1.S3. : .. -.1 ; ELM TWP.- l.-iur.i A Wood. Mim^ral Reserve of almve described.! S 28, T 24. R 19. — acr«s. 31.28. I . CONCRETO. Tfeoapson. i: Lot 4. BIk 11. SI .\r M M M M M M Wr; Mt «2^'Z 'r. hot 14. .rl^.^^^-^-^ i ^liSul^^r:.:::^! : f., M J Bulger. t.ot 12. «W 1- M J Bultrer. lyit l-".. i- M J Bulger. I>ol 14. B K 1. M J Bulger. Lot i.K Bllt I. M J BUlCer. lv>t 19. BIk 1. .M J Bulger. Ix>t 2". »k 1. M J Bulger. Ijnt 21. rtk 1. R .\ Edgar; t<ot 1. BIk J1.7S. 31.75. 31.73. 31.7:!. 31.73. JI.4S; Uumbermanrs Portland Cement . Co.'» ^dd.^ _ ,^ ,\ J FuUorv. l.ot 4. Bijk 1. 5-.c. HUMBOLDT tWP. ; Vnknown. Ix>t 1 of Bln^k 4 of Brookr; /A Hosfnrd's Ailil 4 vacs ted), S T. R IK.I— =«eres. 31,43. I .West!Add to Humbolfjt City. ; \V E R<>Bers. 1-ots 1 und 2 BIk ^..^ '"ouluth Kansas Sub In Sec 33. Twp as; Bangi 18. . 0«rnr .TAhns'MT. TTit !t. Bik 4. Sic Floyd Ponlap; IjHs UJ, 114. BIk • - • • lyo^ s". B!k io .^io; IVarl J13 .79. 'Rose Hill Add. K W and S Dike. Lot 5. BIk 4. 31.12. lOUA CITY. M L McKinneo^ S'SO ft Lot g. BIk 18. 313.49.. 1 Smith &• Trails. Lot 9. BIk IS. 314.62. 1 J W Dille. iJt II. BIk 19. 326.24. r G Ferrlll. Lot S. BIk 26. 3IS2..1S; Maria J Ree<l. lyrt II. Blk 40. JIOS.64. Maria J Reed, Lot li. BIk 40. f 172.74. R HEIIelt. Lot 8. BIk-ML 3147.16. , Bougliton 's Sub. W I Hammell.! cor. N ISa ft. E ft. I-f.t I. 3S23.ff com 5« ft E of SW> 82 ift. a l ."3 ft. W S2| !9. ; : aald sale as required by law. BOW TherMore, nalesB sild landiT and town lots' are redeemed on oir be^ fore .October 27, 1927, sucb of said lands and town lota theniremaln- iBK UQf'edeemed will be/^nveyed by) tax 'deed "to purchasers, respec- tlrely, their heirs or assigns. The amount of taxes, charges and interest on-each tract of i'uid or town lot is calctil'ated frooi the date of sale to the last ^day of redemption, except taxes 1926. Last day oi redemption October 27. 1927. I Deed due October 28. 1927. lOhA CITT. Moore's First Add. Unknown. Lots 1. 2, 3. 4. 6. BIk. 4. »1.71. Given under my hand this 6th day of April. IS IT. , . 1, 1; ,1 . ^ ji WI L 4 O N, Treasured- bf AU^n Cotfiity. Kans. Brttie Smith, 'com 22 ft E of SW cor. R 60 fti N to. R-of-\V- W to X of beg. S to beg. less E 5 ft. I^t O. 3Z02.7»i. I Brooklyn Park. ; : Julia Thorajison. Lot 9. B k- 14. ;. ; . Detwiler's Add. Corn KettJ-. Lot 9. BIk 1. J12.14. Edwirds East Add. P r Ir»In. I.<»t 15. BIk 2. *j;4-).i F 1 Irwin. I^t 16.-Bik 2. 322.28. ' Highland :Place. Iliirris. I»t 8. BIk 16. 3114.08. Jy A Smith. Lot 12. BIk 16. N M rpthegrove. * Mrs P F Doh 47c. LOGAN 94. BIk 10. lerty. Ldt 94 AN TW I P". r w i>.verrart SH .8p '*-ii^' "L?.*' rrei-k. S I. T 26. R 17. « »c)cs. f -M. Tobev & Eakin. EU KEV, S 24. R 26, i R 17i SO acrr»!. 322.63. HUMBOLDT CITY. | - <;«-n Gervals. I^t 5. BIk 29. 3105.57. • fieri Ger\-.-«Is. I..ot 6. BIk 29. $300 9; Ohiirch. Lot 12. BIk lig. 139,40. I> A Oleaaon. Lot «. RJk 71. 31.24. K A treason. XJOI «. BIk 71. 11 .24. . K A Oleasori. l;ot 7. Btk 71. 31.24. T. A Glea.'iod. Lrit S. Bik 71. 31.24. J .Wil.son.ftot 6. Blkl 103. 321 30. Alger's Add. n f Oishma'n,-T/ot 1».^Blkli>. 3.M.3«. n C rnshman. Lot 11. BIk 15. J.",6.S0. Jl« «r '•• BroolciA Hosford^s Add, ^ n r Towner. Ix>t 7. BIk. 6. »r. .IS ,r> r Towner. I>ot 8. BIk 6 12 17, Emmett & MeCullocti 's Add. F/isnd Lettle MorriN. Lot 8. BIk. J. H«rt «nan's Add. F»lfx .Kulin, f.ot J, Btk 3 W.'Host's [Add. 31.6?. 11.69. Ir|j »r>- McCUnahan. liot • U BIk 3., ' »Ury-WClan»h«n. E 79H ft Lot 2.' ^'l -n1ino«& 79H « le«. 8 3SH fl. i.i,t-3. Bijc .r in .oS: M;l Eml] 3162.1 Moore's First Add. EdSJir:\Vllber; Lot 7. Bik 2; JI.OS. Mary K OresKleh lx)t 9. K 10 ft of Lot 10. BIk 2. 31.05. . / Mrs E Z Haynea. le.«s N -10 ft I.»>t I.'BIk 2. 31.«5. • /• / J W Palmej-. L<it 12. BIk 2. 31.03. > Rhoades Add. , LeoX Oish. 1-ot 6.'W^i f^ot 7. BlU 13. 3275.79. •} F A M Howe. I.ot.« 1 arid 2. Bk 23. 31142.95. , (I'j21t lOLA TWP. along R-<'fT\V to 11.65 chs S of S line. „ .V (Janl. com! SB cor X.i* SEU X 416 ft. W to B Une R-ot-yT. SW KM SEi; Che. 8 3152.37. E to 6 line. Sec N 11.65 jT 25, IR 18, 14.50 acres. (First ^ pu6lisbedl in the 'lola Daily Register March 30, 1927.) " iiHEBIFPS 9ALE. The State ,t>f -KanBa8, Allen County, ss. " In the District Court. Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, sitting {.tn and for Allen County, State of Kansas. PAUL KLEIN, Plalnltlff vs. 1 ROBERT BOTCHA.ret al. i Defendant. . By virtue of Itn order :'6f sale Issued by the clerk of the Thirty- deventh Judicial Court, in and for Allen CoiiQty. State of Kansas, ih the above;entitled cause, and to the directed and delivered, I will dn the 30th da(y of April. A. D.. 1927, at 10 o'clock, a.' to., of said day, at the south door of the coutrt house in the City of lola. Allen County. State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described reai; estate, to-wlt: That part of the North one- . half of Sectioii 34. Township ' 24. Range IS, described aft follows: beginning at the cen- ^ tor line of the iNeosho River.' Bridge, thence running East 6Sfi.S feet along the North line of said Section, thenc^ South at right , angle . 1078.8 ; feet to center line of the Neop sho River; thencp following tip the Neosho Rjvejr in a Northwesterly direction t» the center line of the Bridge containing 10 acres more or less, all in Allen Coiinty, Kansas. Said lands and tenements will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. H. D. SMOCK, Sheriff of Allen County, Kansas. By Ed J. Dunfee, Undersherlff. Sheriffs office, lola, Kansas .March 30, 1927. (3)-30—(4^-6-13j-20-27 SOrrCE OPJAPFOIMHE.M •:. , iixecator.: . State of- Kantas. Allen County, SB. In the matter of the estate of Anna Gerdin. late of Allen County, Kansas. • * ] >-OTICE OF APPOIXTXENT Notice is hereby giiren, that on ^he 2Srd day of March. A. D., 1927 the undersigned wajs by the Pro­ bate'Court of Allen County. Kansas, dnly appointed and qualified its executor of the estate of Anna Oerdln, lat< of Allen County, deceased. Al! parties interested In ^aidj estate will take notice and KOTem themsalvea accordingly. DAN OIX)F GERDIN, ! Executor.., 3)-30—(41-6-13 . * BjBAI. ESTATE TiLANSFBBii 4 •f' tamd Dnujr iroSlme «i of * • •; loU J^bstnwt Go. : • HOTJCe OF FINAL ' 8ETTLBSIEKT. The State • of VKansas, Allen I County, ss. In the Probate €4iart In and for V Sfld County. j In the matter o.f the estate of :dary A. Haney. deceased. Creditors and all other persons Interested -in the aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court in and tor said t-ouhty, sitting it the Court House in lola', county of Allen, State of Kansas, on the 23rd and final settlement of said estate, and for an order finding and' adjudging who are the heirs, devisees and legatees of said deceased. A.' R. SLEEPER. Administrator of the estate of *MARY A. HANEY, deceased. if3) 23-30 (4) 6-13, (April 5, lb27) Ed. Dodson and wife Alice.' to Peoples State Btfnk, [Moran. Kans.. lots .1 anjl 4;. block 31. Moran City. I3T5 .42. , i • • I Fielding P. Stapidton and wife Beatrice, to Otis Barker, lots 1 and 2,-block- 4, Fox's Addition to La- Harpe, «8l>0. " j ' "Webster S. Bennett, single, to Charles E. Hebb. lot ,i. block «, Taylor's First Addition to Gas City. AKtoBoblles for Sale' OVE STOCK PA6BFEVB iowei^ Caiaiv Teklcfaa ; 48 L OSH i aiARE>«-5 yjsars old; weighs 1M0:> one= horse, 6' years •; lold, wel(^s 12ae, well broke and a good worker; lO'head milk cows. Just fresh: 13 bead Jeneya, Dnir- taams, and Quem^Aya; ^will 'be fresh in text days;iooe set work ;>1urne8s: one wld« tire wagon; dn<r low iron wheel wagon I with bet^: two saddles; one 14r-Inch walking plow: 'one mowing ma- I ; chine; one ilisc; one bay rake: will sell on time orltrade lor other •catUe J. C Bntcher. ; 1 Ponltyir ana Snwilca ,crilCKS-^150 '49 IBABY ,CHlCKS-il50 WTilte Ms' borns and 500 S. C. R. I. Reds tor Tuesday, the 5th. All ;lroinl State Accredited stock. Leghorns. Jll.OO per 100, Reds 112.00 per 100.' Sturdy; Chick Hatchery, 220 'West Street ilola.' FORD ROADSTER—LatiS I92ji, new ' tires, Al^fcondition everywayj. |180. Ralph Jones. Geneva. Kans. ANNOUNC] PenonalN PUBLIC NOTICE—I .Arabian stallion, sc^-ub 1351. this spring at miles ndrthwest of the old Dave Runnjir cash for the seasjon. work, fieneva, KAnjas. will stand an license No. my place nine ^ola. known as farm; $5.00 Dewey Hunt- ! Strayed, Ldst, FOUNTAIN "ChHstine' Foand PEjH engi Finder please pho. HORSE—Strayed, o marc. Phone 917. SOTICE OF PIXAL 8ETTLE.MEXT The State of Kansas. ' Allen County, ss. In the Probate <3ourt'ln and for jald county. i In the matter of the estate of Hannah L. Sh6<imaker. deceased. ' Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid estate are hereby notified'that I shall apply to the Probate Court in and for said County, sitting at the court house In lola. County of Allen. State of Kansas, on the 30th day of April. A. D.. 1927, for a full and final settlement of said estate, and for an order finding and adjudging who are the heirs, devisees and legatees of said dece.-is- ed. • R. F. SHOB.MAKER. Administrator of the estate of Hannah L. Shoemaker, deceased. (3>-30—(4)-6-13-20 AUCTIONS AnetlOBs PUBLIC AUCTION—Pnbllc iuctlon every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at Bishop's . Sales Pavi ion. - PUgtlC AUCTIO.V—^ will sell at public auction Thursday. April 7, at, 1:."{0 p. m. at 221 South Sycamore, furniture fo- six rooms: befis, dressers, table:, chairs, nig.s, stoves, cooking nteisHs, dishes, and lots of other articles. C. S. Bishop. Auctioneer. lENTS 10 Oold, with engraved on side. 192J. Reward. small gray C. Butcher. OAKLAND — Dealers —POi '26 Pbntiac /coupe,i good asj new; '25 Chcv|n}let touring, like| new; '24 Ford roadster: ?22 Ford coupe, good: '18 Ford cbttpe; chekp; "22 Hn'dson sedan, good shapi: '21 Stndebaker 4-pass. coupe; fine shape: '22 Dodge coupe; 'jlSjDodge touring, good: '24 Overland touring, good; '23 Dodge roadstef. extra good. Some other vejry| cheap cars. Cash, tenns or trad?. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. USED CARS—1925 Chevroje^-truck, dandy shape: 1925 Chevrolet coupe, fine shape: 1924 Ford touring; 1923 Chevrolet touring: 1923 Chevrolet sedan; 1923 FcA-d truck, cab ;and body. Shelly Mo^r Co.. 118 West Jackson. Phone WO. 1926 FORD ROADSTER .-|- First class condition. Boyer .laotor Co. UIOUKST MARKET—Prices paid for cream, eggs ! and ponltry. Onrtmdc and cbfckea coops are at your service jto pick npponl- trv. ^rksr Prodnee Ca Phor 658. MERCHANDISE I HoBsaioH Goody • S9 I AM MAKING^A Wr reduction on cotton •'mattresses and congo- leum mefc'" BrysonFum. Store. CABBAGE^ PLANTS—40 cenu lOO while they last Ga.s. H. W.'Chancy, CANNA BULBS—25c dozen; also dahliai hnlbs, 10c 'each sprouted. 1316 N. Jefferson. Phone 979-4. FINE BLUB ^GkASS-^CIover and fwild pasture, room for 20 more bead cow» April 15. Lonnie Shapel. Carlyle. Kans. Call 972-31. i TltMOTHYi SEED-Clean. $3.30 per bushel. Allen County Implement ^ompanpr. .. iWaafed-liiro Stock SO CATTLE WANTED—To' pasture. Lewjs Powell, mile north and mile east of Iron Works;: CATTLE W.VITED—To pasture. B. R Spurgecn. mile east, 5 north of LaHarpe. CATTLE WANTED^To pasture. T. W. Lytle, 2% miles west of lola. Phono 995-12. WANTED to BUT—All kinds cat- tlfl and-hbga. J. C. Butcher. WANTED—Stock to pasture. R. E. Sullivan, 2 miles south of lola on State street road. Phone 98S-4. MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale 51 DIRT—For grading, unlimited supply, firm and mellow. Leave orders with Shannon or see me. Ragle, 27 South Ohio. 1926 FORD ROADSTER—Starter, deraonntables^ new Phoenix brown : paint Job, tires are; good, .lock steering wheel, spare tire. Guaranteed. .McCarthy Motor Co., 212 South Washington. Phone 89:i. Anto AccessorteSt, Tires, Parts 1$ CHEVROLET PARTS—^ot^ new and used, a big stock; B. T. Barber Garage. 211 Weslj street, r <1»22» MARMA-rON TWP. Geo W Harrl.s. .«ju SB'/t S 4. T 2C. 21, 40 acrex. JR9.9I. HUMBOLDT CITV. ^^M ^n t'.'unnlngliain. I»t Ki. BIk 43. M H Oinninghakn. Lot u. BIk 49. in:.'>7. j • A, Wallace, !/>t 12. BIk 49. |;U.89. OAS CITY. A P Lot 3. BIk 0. $33 91 lot.A CITY. D T and P*«rl RUer. I»f 10. BIkfI7. $«1.79. — ' • Adrtin L Nohle. W ^ '-"t 3. tni W 14 ft (/>t 4. Bk »p. tlliJl. •rnknowjj. lts»]B »6H ft Lot 4 BIk SIgi yne." njir** Add. • , Reiene No 4. N ^• »» 19. »1.62. .r*. 111 .03. O C P^> Wakerield'k SMoad Add. Hatfle G Enis .riwt 7. BIk S. .Hattie G ftiu; Lot 8, Bk 3. BASSETTi Bush'a Add. : Chtirrh. 1M 5. BIk 2. i:<!.97. ~,JiiH«n fhaves. I.ot tiBlk 3. J30.7K. Buth's Second Add. Henrj-, Hafchett. E«i Lot 9. JI.3I. ELSMOBE TWP. Wm WiHIamSon. com 85 n N and <: rds .'.W of BB-cor. B'H SWtl. W.Jl -rd*. >N I'fi 2-3 rds. K 21 r<l>-. s W 2-3 rjl*. S T 26. R 21. 3<4 Bcre.s. |I«.'22." MORAN CITY. 12 ft I^>t • Rtirah anil J H Vanghn. 1 5. B Lot 6. Bm 26. ' it.Zl. . ^ ELSMOBE CtTY. • ^ H T KlUs-J-ots 23-ia-2u--«. BIk t. ^'^^ Miner.. A^- _ i Tra I Miller. LiJls 17-Xj7J9 -;p. BIk 2. ". Nyiman'* Add.; Glen DePo-'-tot 1. BIk 3. -5.83. Sec 30, .T*H>. .26,; Range ."». . • Mre'E K BunJy. eoift-'USl It N of • SB cor BEU. W 337 nc NW a1'"'« K wir vr: 248 rt:'f: sso -.ft. S: 354 ft. to ;- acre«. *2L9S. ' ~ i ^ hi^ iJVHARPE CITY. 1 , .• -FoXV-'Aad. •/ ' - A TV Sharp, ^-ot 2t/Blfc-3. A »S2.«7. »IT.»:. 117.62. If»<2ll , HUMBOLDT CITY, John Amos. liOt l7, BIk 97. John >m<M. R. Tilk 97. John Amo«. I.<»t \9: BIk 97. OAS CITY. Tihflor' First Add to Ga«. ^^Luclnda Howardj Lot IB. , BIk 4. Lu-irraa Howartt. Lot l<i. BIk' 4: »ioo.o3. • , • r i ' I (OLA TWP. Ira Ci Stuck#y.c|»in 310 ft S of I E R W on \r Ride. S Fe. W ISO ft. S 100 ft. !E 160 ft. NIlOO ft. 8 34, T 24. R 18, .J5 acre. 414|5.CO. ! ELM ITWP. B J ^lilior. Sti K'EH 8 7. T 25. H 20. fiO acres. 1209.53. 1 • lOLA CITY. •Claude D Stewart. Lot II. BIk 23. J203..t.t.: :„ :: ClMlMle D Stewart. iMt .13. BIk 23. 1324.31. : ' W A Haycsj r >ot 8. Bllt 41. }139.I<. Gear'a Add. ' Clara E Aridcraon. Lots 1-2-3, BIk 6. M10.I2. . Rhoidet- Add. Dwight Fertls. E 2^3 and loy.- tt E.l«7llj-I2. BIk 9. J4J4.;6. rW C Jett. tot 1 less; W 11 ft Lot 2 BIk 19. J48.67. - 1 • <191S» V • lOLA CITY. J H wnilairison, IMI 4. SOTICE OP I APPOINTMENT Administrator. State oC Kansas, Allen County^ ss; ,i • ' ., : In the matter of the estate of Andrew Swlggfett. late "of Allefi County. Kansasw . ' . , • NOTICE OP: APPOINTMENT! •Notice is bei^eby gtren, that on the 21 day of March: A. D.. 1927 the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, KaR-, isas, duly appointed and • qualllled las Administrator of the esUte of Andrew Stflggett. late of Alfen county, deceased. Ail partial Interested in said estate, will l«k« nbtice and govern tbems'elrea accordingly, i C. A. SWIOGETT.. I Administrator. (.1) 23-30 .(4) 6. (First Published in The lola Daily Register .April 6. 1927). XOTIt'E OP PINAL SETTLEMENT State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the Probate Court in and for said county. In the matteY ol the Eatate'bf eager Lucas, dcecased. Creditors and all oth<r persons interested'in'the afor<^ni(l Estate are' hereby notifieJ that 1 shall apply to the Pi^bat? Court,in and for said Count}-.- sittihg at the Court 'House In Tola. County of Allen. State of ;Katosas, on the 7th day of May. A. D.. 1927. for a full and final settlement^of said Estate, and for an order finding .anir adjudging who are the heirs. deviseiH and legatees of said deceased. LEWIS B. LUCAS, Amlnistratqr of the Estate of Cagcr I>ucaB. deccaseit (4 ,1 6 -13-20-27. PUBLIC AUCT10.\-]I will sell ali public auction at :iishop's-Sales Pavilion, Saturday. Vprll 9. at on? p. ni., horses, cat le, indndin^ tbrfe extra good milk cows: hogs, calves, chickens, fa -m machinery, gang plow, harness wagons, baggies. 8 good automobiles, and lots of extra good house told furniture. C. 3. Bishop, Auctic|neer. PUBLIC AUCTION—1 will sell at P'lbilc auction Frld ly. April S, at 1:30 p. m.. at 414 South Thirij furniture of four rot m house, such! two gas heater:, coal heatcr> gas range, two bt ds eompletei dressers. Columbia graphophonci iind 50 record^, booldcase and radjc^ combined, buffet, t tbles, chairs, cabinet; rockers, rugs. • dishes, rooking utensils, garden tools, other tools and loti, of other ar- tirle-s. C.^ S.. Bishop. Auctioneer. TIRES—30x3, 30x3%, 29x4.40. be bought at a real saviiig. Wrecking-Co. Phon4 782. I :an Ola BUSINESS SERVICE BntldfB? and C4 >ntractingr ; 19 BUILDING— Of new homes lis Ifar bettor than repairing old onesc I have' some good lots that [ I 'ran build hon^ies on, and sell at ;a very reasonable price. J. H.*>Ifalmer, builder of modern homes. 435 North Elm. Phone 509. • i InKoraatfe and Surety .Bonds ;;S3 PqfR CITY. FARM AND ^^TO-^ In.<iurance see the Ray Investment Co. ( FLAGS—All kinds at all times: typewriters to rent, all kinds at all times. Williams Typewriter Co., over Globe. • I.VCPBAT0R-4PracticalIy[ new Ol^i Trusty, 240Hegg capacity: also' good sewing machine. $10.00. Inquire 834 East street. OUTDOOR TOILET — For sale <:heap. Phone 1204J. WALNUT POSTS—And native lumber for sale. A. J. Swinford. 617 South Cottoiiwood street Bosivefis and Office Eqaipment 54 I^\RGE GROCER'S—Or restaurant ice box. hew: also used compnt- ing scales.; Henninger's Furniture Store.! > ' Pael, Peed, Fiirtnizers HAV—Few tons baled prairie. $8 at barn; also alfalfa and crab gras-s, $10 ton. J. I. Conger, 2 west. 2 south and half west lola. LOOSE HAY---.\Ifalfa; also timothy. Mrs. Anna Weber, mile west, iM north Carlyle. Pho*ne 989-24. AUTOM< lot^ or ot shop. Auc onvE Automobile A|<enrles NOTICE OP APPOINTMENT BxMitttr. State of KanaMi Alien County, Blk 21. r JSharpi IjJt 22. Blk 3. »5.S:. Shani I ot 23, 1 J5.32. ; Hillside.^ J, B Weert.! Ie.«« X 43 ft and S S4 f>., r .«Jt 10., «.51. (1919) Edward* Add. W H Trine. Lot I. BHc 2. I28I.S3. jjrVa M.- (1920) I OLA CITY. Stewart Add Cat C. . Hole ^n .'^l^t 1. 180.^1. iOlven under roy band this siii da.v or April.. 1927. , ' •' -f • • • I I- F. .wni ^N. I Trea.«urer of -Mien County. Kanf. •. • f- -' • ••• S ;,°i'th-. AAlJn^.* • I (First Published Apifil 6. :^927.} smith, A*».., _ ^.^.^ ^ OCTOBER 8.4LE. '. HewT T ?:pnti, Ivot 13. Blk 9. GAS XITY. BX O'BrierC tO^ft N of Ivot 1. W.*.-* g sAt Lot 1:-Blfe 9. • B,|•1Har^eJ. I.»>t; 2. BIK 9. $9.30._ iB-X> Lucas. Nit Lots. .Btk 9.„»TJ|. '•^^SweU & Der^iiU. I-ot 6.' BIk 9. ^*C^T'B««*le>-. Lot I«. Blk 20. U-iS. BUtt-?19.40. ^ . Whereas. The following described lands and town Ipts altu^d' in Allen County. Kan..'were sdHi/^r taxes .irtiich remain ^dne anff nti- iald. ahd^-^ • • « '•''•1 1 -Whereas; Three or more veavs' will have elapsed ,on Octolwr i 1927. since the date of said'nai anr'. - -J ' •' "-j BS. . In ^he matter of the estate; of Elizabeth Wtlliams, deceased, late ot Allen County. Kansas. ' NOTICE QP APPOINTMENT i Notice is hereby given, that on the 25th Aa.t ot MM«b. A. D.. 1927 ihe undersigned WM by the Probate Court of Allen Cqnnty. Kansas, duly apiiointed • and tinalified as administrator or tba astat«-ot Elizabeth WBHanu, late of Allen County, deceased. . All i>arties ia- terested iit. said estate will take notice and ^or^nr'themstlres accordingly. . , ALfiipD j. WILUAMS. • ^ • -i [ Executor. (3)-30—(4)-6-13 FRECKJ3E8 AND ms FRfENDS MONTEVALE > (Norma fiBaae) Apr. 4.^!-C. li. Isaac and Norma, Mrs. Frank Isaac. Gerald and Kl- viB were In Kincaid Saturday afternoon. Harold and Lucille Dozier stayed at..Mildred Tfaur^ay night. I The large rain Thursday caused lots of high -water. • I .^Read about big Auction Sale iUsed Ford Cars on Want Ad page. .McCarthy Motor Co. Mrs. Charley Isaac is on the akk l»»t. ' . . Mrs, Gladys Isaac, Gerald and ^Iwin spent Wednesday with Mr^ iD^nnls Isaac. JMisa Ixjis Rogers spent Thursday, night at! Elbert Temploman's. Norma Isaac roisised scbool last Thursday. • • \ . . , Leo and Cyril Hill spent Thursday, night at iFrank Jollif's. ; Mrs. Prank Isaac' and " children A USED CAR— Is asldcpendable as the dealer who sells it —Dodge Sales and Service. The best place to buy good, dcpcndi ibie used cars At present we hate a complete line of both open atd closed models, priced to sell. Ellis Motoi Co., 214 North Wasiinglon. HUJ>BO.\-ESSEX—Siiles and Serv ice. Bud White \ otof Co.. 21 South Washington. Phone 180. IT'S TIME FOR TORNADt!)—And ball storms Better letu^' write you uo a policy and be prdtected. Arhnckle Real Estate. 1 .MILO ;MAIZE--200 busbels. 50c bu. at bam. Bring saclcs. J. I. Conger. ^HITE SEED CORN—.\daptcd to fertile soli. |2 bu. Ltmtted supply. JC. W. Works Farm. Hum- bbldt;- i ! W^ted— To Buy 66 good condition. STROLLER^In Phone r975-21. wiNTED TO BUYt-Good . wagon,', harness and cows. 1412J. team. Phone ROOMS AND BOARO RoonfH Without. Board- «S FRONT SLEEPING ROOM—South exposure, modern. Phone-885. FURNISHED ROOMS—In private r home, modern. 222 South Buckeye ' street. Phone- 1438W. . REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats FURNISHED APAHTMENT — In modern , home; also sleeping: rtwms. phone 671J after Spl m. Farms and Land For Rent, 7C IfiO ACRE FARM—For rent, excellent ground, fair ipiprovcments. 180 acres cultivation. \ balance pasture: 140 acres adjacent. 100 acres cnltlvation. 40 meadow. Rent ond or both. S. M. Knox. Humboldt. Houses For Rent 77 HOUSE— J 6 rOom, with garage, gas, electricity, water in house. Phone 5.'»7J. • , HOUSE—5 room modern, all oak floor.i. ifcwly .decorated. Phone 966F2—45. THREE ROOM HOUSEJ—Electric i lights, city water, located at 508 ' South Chestpnt. See M. A: Schlick. 5 ROOM C(|)TTAGE—.Modem, iff good condition. Phone 1033. '. Sn n For Rent SO HOySE—Barn and 3 acres, chicken house, lots ;of fruit. Van Hyning, Kelle.v Theatre". REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms and II.And For Sale 83' 15 ACRE TRACT—One o? the best in the county; reasonable price possession at once. John Reuther. Honse.H For Sale 84 MoTlBf, Tmcklngr, Storaire S5 CORB -TRANSFER C0.4-P«ckins. storage, long distance! hkoll Rcaaonable rates. Pbooia .40. Professional Services S8[ SURGERT —Meldldna; Z-rair. Dr. F. UnsU. Phones: offlcij, 886: residence. 1H6W. EMPLOYMENT Aatomoblleii P^r Sale tourii^g; 1918 Chalbers touring --, FSord todrinig. B. T. Barber Gar spent Sunday iwith Clarence Isaac's. I afee. 211 West strtet. Phone 515! COOD USED CAR£*-Buick. road iter, new tires; Studebaker coupe also a bargain In a Bulck touring! Marr Auto Supply Co., Buick Dealers. RELIABLE USED Nash advanced to|irlng Essex coaches: 19: touring; Chrysler " tradf". • Ross Arba Chrysler Dealers. REAL USED CAR BARGAINS-f 192ff Chevrolet coat h; 1925 Chev rolet coach: 1923 Chevrolet road ster; 1919 Chevrolcl touring; 1923 Chevrolet ton truck 1922 ChevroJ let light delivery tr ick; 1923 Stas roadster; 1925 Star touring: 192ij Sur touring: late iiodel Star six touring: late mo lei Star six coupe; late model Star four se4 dan; 1924 Essex coa :h: 1918 Dodg4 CARS — 193 3 192; !2 Essex fouB )8" coach. Wd :kle's Garagej Phoiie 36. BtitI Wanted—Female COOK —Lady, wanted. I Ikqulre Victor Hotel, Mildred,'Kans WHITE GIRL —Experienced In honsework, good home, good wafees. Write Box 312. loih. Help Wanted-Male S3 TIMOTHY HAY—About .two' tons. 110.00 per ton. Phone 983F11. B. A.. Hill. Carlyle, Kans. WELL ROTTED MANURE-J-For flowers, gardens and lawns. Ij. C. Butcher. , . Household €!oods 59 COAI, RANGE—We are offering a 6-hole. full grey enaniel coal range yrith closet and full 10-gallon reservoir for $95.00. Scbell Gas. Stove Company. . GOOD MODERN COTTAGE—East front. J1650. J. II; Hamilton. Suburban For Sale 87 SUBURBANS FOR SALE—13 acres, good Improvements: 15 acres, well improved, on slab. Jackson Realty Co.. over Brown's Drug Store. Wanted^Kcal Estate i land for sal zada,. Mont. WANTED—Td hear from owner of D. M. Leight. Al- CLASSIFIEP DISPLAY FARM HAND—Wanted, by Bert Wllbi|e. one east, south of lAHarpe. Imonth. three MARRIED MAN—With sma lly. wanted for farm work Robinson. LaHarpe. ; EINANOAL Money to Loan—Mortgage . 40 I fam- Cbas. FARM L0AN3^4)alck aervlce and reasonable rates. A. JD. Hawthome. 213 8. -WaBhlagtoa MONEY TO tiOAN—Prliate. and eastern money to loan Ibaj farma and city property. Low rate. Terma aad payment tolsttlt borrower. Stewart & Punk., I PA!RM AND CITY LOAii^BaBe rate ea farina. 6%. eity B %1 Long or short time. R. M. CnPUngham. LIVESTOCK ! Heraes. Catfle, TeMf^ ^ 25.NICE PIGGY SOWS^will far­ row in JfrtJm one to three weeks: red ones, white ones; a/nd black ones. J. C. JButcher. <' ' Used Ford Cars April 9th 2 p. in. anci 7 p. m. ON NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE on the lot behind Sandwich Inn (formerly Peerless Oil Station.) ' - . • • Oil Our Entire Stock of Used Cars. 1 COMPLETE LIST will be given on this page Thursday i edition, also all Retails regarding saleJ iiacelRi^SpTV^Fordseiv IkCAIfflXliR CO. •• ^ ri i

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