Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1915 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1915
Page 3
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THE IQLA PAII^Y BEOISTEB^ THURSDAY EVE N^a ¥4RCH 4,1915. • ' . : el Dtn 't wait till it raijis-—come in and see them now—fwe have them in the plaids, cheeks, stripes and plain. Ejach garment is guaranteed one year; all seams t re cemented and sewed. We have all the sizes. The rices Grange from $2.48 to $0.00 . Riehardson's m TE , Relianci Two, Reel Feature ••Bl.ll| PETE'S ESCAPE" "A MOHrS ADVEMIKE" K<*yslone Comedy "«Md^;Gay and Tlcklljb" }iiss K T «|iI A )I —l^ltraDo Soloist 5k* P^V SEAT —5# for II. rioniintr Tomorrow 3ltiline«^ and - l|tl) Episode ot 'if ILLIO^ DOLLAR MYSTElil' -A>Y SEAT -5^ iSATUKDAV ^yKtoni.' ;Coiiietly D(> I.iixf in ?Two PartH -"THE liroiTK HKfAKEKS" SAGE A>D SULPHUR DARKE^rS GRAY HAIR Funk.^of Poteaii; Okla.. is here short \-J!>i( witli hi.s iiiotfier, Mrs. . Funk, J Bru.«h Thb .Uirousli Faded, Lifeless Loeks aad Tk«r Beeome Dark, Cilossr, VonthtuL Hair that loses its color and lustre, o( wben it fades, turns gray, dull and lifeless, is ca«.=ed by a lack of sulphur in thp lialr. Our fcrandniother made up a ini.\ture of Sage Tea and Sulphur to keep her locks dark.^nd heautiful, and thousands of women and men who value that even color, tliat beautiful dark shade of hair which is so attractive, use only this old-time recipe. Nowadays ^e get this famoiia inl.v- ture by asking at any drug store for a .W'-cent bottle of "Wyeth'.s Sage and Sulphur OompoMud," which darkens the hair so naturally, so pv«»nly, that nobody can possibly tell It has hwn applied.. Besides, it takc.=i off dandruff, stops itcalp. Itching an|d falling hair.- You JUst dampen a sjionge or soft brush with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small Btrand at a lime. . By morning the gray half diEUpm^rs; but what delights the . ladips with W .veth's Sage and Sulphur iiR that, besides ben.ullfuUy darkenin;? jfhe .'in(r after a fe«r appUcatlnn". ft jalbo brlne.'i hack the gloss and lustre and elves it an anpearance of abundance I Both of..Vfr. and Mrs. Mark Proctor'H j twill bnble.-i are very ill at their hom«\ '.'.2ft South Third street. The New Higl Mfediber.s of the Boardyoi' Educ-ation,' who are inierested in the; buljiding of a new Higli Sch|ool, have asked.lor a statement from iKfi Clerk of the Roar* as o" money raised by taxation and paid foi^ the retirement of School Building Bonds, Bond Interest and. th «i .'er(^.-tion oi n.'w buildings and additions, during the past ten yeaj^h Amt. paid for new Amount of bonds Bond interest bidgs for which no Year >; Paid Paid bonds were issued _ ._i li.OOO.OO $ 3,685.40 •$10,240.98 19071- 'J, 3,610.40 «»$G,3;t4.42 1.90^-. -,,000.00 3,135.40 a 1909- -i 7.000.00 2,88.-..40 1910- .. £ - - 6,000.00 2,53.5.40 1911- .. - 6.000 00 2,245.20 1912- 6,00000 1,975.20 1913. - 7.000.00 1,705.40 1''14. .1 J 0 ,000.00 1,430.51 191 .-1- _ - -J .'.('.,000.0(1 • 1.160.24 rdtal --i --. - .%M ,0 (>0 .0i) ^ 124,368.55 116,635.40 Total air^>unl of .Monds paid in ten years $ 61,000.00 ''otal anipuni of IniiTi'st paid in ten years 24,368.55 Total amount paid for new buildings - • . 16,635.40 loial _ .. , . . _ - $102,003.95 verage amount paid ynar on above $10,20«).33 l.incol'i:Annex. Eafsett Building. Taxes levi«i and collected to pay bonil.^; at next interest bear' ing pef'^d, June ;{Otli, iyf5. vitIllation-of School Dist. .\o. I" I'lr 19i;5 . --$6,411,710.00 iliialjotiso' Schi-iol Dlst i 10 lor 1914 --$6,198,945.00 Tjix l.';vy (or ihe riaymeijl of Bond Interest and the retirement oi' Bpfads for the vear.s; and 1914 waa $1.20 on each Jl.OOOJof assesi^ed valuation. ' •ertify ihc above repott to he correct W. A. .WIIKELER, Clerk of the Board of Education of the City oflola. District -N'o. 10. PEI^NAL MENtlON Although-tire itorm was unusually heavy here Ust nitht and Ibis niorn- Ung It was reporMi at the Katy station that none 9t the wires on the West line were.d6wa and only those between here and Moran on the east Hue were damased. all others being fn good working ori^er. —Take lunch at Mundls' Drug Store. It's Clean. .Mrs, A. W. Harold came from her home in N'eosbo Palls this afternoon for a visit with her daughter. Miss Clementina T. Harris. —J. W. RIckman, Paper Hanger Phone as. E. S. Gubenalor, of Kansas City, traffic agent for the lola Portland Cement Company, spent today here on business at the local offices of the toinpany. —(la.'ioline at the Palace Garage now for 11 cents. - » M » • While Miss Ethel Martin, operat6r at the Santa Fe, is enjoying a week's vacation with her parents in Topeka, her place is being filled by Harold F Pierspn, of Chanute. —Get your best Lump Coal at summer prices. A car on M. K. & T. track for three days.—lola .lunk Co., 409 N.: Jefferson. Phone 317. The silver cup won by the basket ball team; at the district tournament in Baldwin last week is on display in the \«indow of the MundisDrug Store. —Full line of Remetlco Typewriter Supplies at Mundis' Drug Store. Miss Evangeline Canady, who has lieen visiting Miss Edna Young for two weeks, returned home to ,loplin. Mo., this afternoon. —Exchange your Old Furniture and Stoves for New at Ed Heunlnger's Stove Store. .Mr. and Mrs. E. Trowbridge, of Chanute, who have been here for a few days visit with Mrs. Trowbridge's daughters, returned home this afternoon. .Mr. and Mrs. Vern<! Kerr, of Bariles- viUe, 3topi>ed here today on their way home from Kan .sas City for a visit with Mr. Kerr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kerr. 1 —Eut dinner and ttup|i«^r with liidle»i of Trinity rhurrh at 4J. A. R. hall Sal. unhiy. Everybody invited. .Mrs. .loseph Parks, mother of F. I.. Parks, a dairyman of this city, dleit Tuesday night at her home in .N'eosho Falls. Burial was made there today. .Mrs Parks has been an invalid for many year.-;. Money to Loan — On farms. R. M. Cunningham, uffice State Savings Bank. .VI C. S. Peck, of Savonburg, a daugnter of County Clerk George Seymour, probably holds the record for raising early poultry. A census taken at her pens yesterday revealed a population of eighty-six fuzzy and fussy little chicks. —Dr. 0.1. Cox, Svedallst, Er^ Ear. Hose and Throat. DetecUvo R. M. Clary, of the Missouri Pacific railway's secret service department, spent the day in lola on business. ludge T. P. Anderson, past department commander of the G. A. R. of Kansas, died Thursday morning at his home In Kansas City, Kan. He was known to practically all the veterans in lola. He had been active In Kansas politics for thirty yearS; —The Nu Bone and Barclay, made to measure Corsets, the stays Guaranteed not to break or rust. 1 year; will demonstrate at Mrs. Turner's Miiiln- , eery store every Saturday afternoon. iMrs. Bertha Mitchell, representative. Phone 10.59. George Abbott who has been confined to his home on account! of illness for several days was able to be at worii again today. A. H. Campbell who has been in New York since early last week attending to business affairs, rcturiied to lola today.. FOUND TIMES HAD CHANGED Alkali Ike's Attempt to "Shoot Up" 8an Oisflo Saloon ReeeWod with Markad Oisapprovai. AtK«i( Ike, deputy sheriff from the desert, was a visitor in the city, says a San Diego, Cal.. dispatch to the New York Sun. Aikalt Was looting tor the white lights. By noon, having failed to discover the exc^aient bis soul craved, he made bis way Into the U. S. Grant hotel buffet, and. pulling a "forty-five" that loofce(< like one of the kaiser's howitzers, announced that be was going to do some "cleaning." -\s be swung his Krupp aronnd the room heads dropped behind partis tions, active men dodged Into, booths and many taces paled at viijioiiB of sudden death. Commander in Chief BlUle Schuier Upped bfa dgar to a higher angle than nsnal and, backed by Irish and Oermans, advanced oa "tbe bad man from tbe aand hUls." For an tnatant visions of carnage flaalied before hia eyea of the infn who had sought rerun. Jtut it qulMj paaaed, for 8cibnl9r.sitBex#d tbe cannon and threw AlkaU Htato the sidewalk. Half an bout Iftter the flre- eater waa back Mggta« "^with teara streaming down hia face for his weapon. ; "I'll be on m^ way to tbe aand hills In live minuses," li? pro(Dlaed i(S be got back his gun. _1„__ j IIIIIIIBIIii)TNEWS|ND NOrES OPKRATIO.XS SOO.V. Will Mlart Plant nilb Hut One Kiln HuuRittg~N >nN Molex and.Per. Nunal .Kentloii. HiiMBOLDT, Miirrli 4.-The .Monarch Portland Cement . (.'oiiiitany, of, which has been shin, down all winter for repairs and in waiting lor better prospect.>t for cement, will resume work in the near future. They will start with one kiln, adding more when the spring work opens up. This plant is second only to one in the state and puts out a large amount of high grade cement. , We all likf to see llie plants booming lor it Is a gretit help tn any town. The Beta Literary Society of tlie High school gave soiuelhing new :ind very appropriate in chapel hour ihiy morning. The entertainment consisted of one jiatriotic song,_ followed li.v rhe inaugural address of .Abraham Lincoln in due forry and costume. Artillery was placed tin the sl!ij<e, and 'AW accompanied by a band of soldiers as a body guard and otiier important statesmen of his day, entered for the address. .Mr. Lincoln wa.s introduced by a pioiuinent senator of his day and after, delivering liis nd- dresii was given the oath of olFiee by tlie chief justice. Everyone enjoyed this unnsiml procedure. Messrs. Lloyd and Floyd .lolin.Kou were visitors at the higii school this morning. Mrs. E.,H. Leitzbach. is the guest of Mis. Apt, of lola, today. Tuesday's Chanute Tribune gave an account of the death'of William Phillips at the home of his son, Charles Phillips, several miles southeast of here Many Huniljoldt iieople will remember Mr. Phillips, as he forun'rly lived on a farm iilioiit three luilfs •south of here. Carnett Review: .S'. .1. Fiil|er went to loia today, accomanied by Geor.i^e r.ioveil, of iJelia. They will close up a dealvby which ,Mr Fuller exchan,£;e; businerss propert.^ in l<ila for -.i Uuee farm \\t .lackson county. A SALE OF' Men's Work Shoes Tomorrow and Saturday Men's heavy tan Work Shoes, sizes 6 to 11, regiilar $2.50 grade for $1.9S per pr A BARGAIN! Come in and get a pair. Globe Shoe and i • I rOI .MKK RAMS SrK.nARIM:. ,ward amounting to $5,800, oftered by (Hy Uii- .Assixi.'iii.i fr^^y)' ! ageiicies to the (Irsl mercliantman to lj)iidou, .Miir. 4.—Tiu- Hlaieriien! or j sink a G(;rui;iii submarine. Ii was the cfipi.'iin of Hi., collier Thoidis i leurued that one of the Thordis' pro' ; peller hhule.s bad been torn off iiud two d:iys , .jj^^^ l^^^l ^.^^ j,,„(|y damaged, Indi ves- whicb arriveil at U'eymoul ago thai, the vessel had lammed and ' eaUng "tlie Yorrrt"" with 'wIiTch The've destroyed ;i Germau submarine off t .^.-1 .;iruek tlin submarine. Hechy Head, appeins to .have been ! ub ?lanti ;ited. The c ;ipfai|i and crew will jirobably reci-ive an InscuniiiTi- re , —Drs. Hull £ Roll, O.tteopatbic I'bysichius. Pboue .4 130 and mi. <{^iick Atllen M'linted, —When^one is coughing and «pit- tlii .tr— Willi tickling throat, tightness In chest, soreness in t.hroat and lungs— wlicii beald is acliing and the whole liody ra<-ldf'd with a cough tbat won 't permit sbep—he wants immediate re!- llef. Thoiu'ands say Foley's Honey an^ Tar Compound i.-, tlie surest and quickest acting mfdicjne for c «)iigh.<;, cold:^, ciouii and la Ki 'tppe. Burrell's Drug .Store. • ' ! They all weather Why be subject to the caprices of the weather? Why let your mental and physical states, as well as your earning powers, be subject to the alternating rawness, chill, drafts and zero snaps, until you f^el that with the shortcomings of your old fashioned heating equipment the house seems roofless? Why not miake your own climate in the home, no matter how fickle or fierce the weather, by flooding the house at any moment with cozy, genial comfort at turn of a radiator valve? iBOILERS An IDEAL Boiler and AMERICAN X^diators will assist much to reduce the cost of living and i>etter the livihg by making your home a brighter, healthier, happier place in which to live. These outfits keep tjhe house warm from eijght to twenty-four hours on one charge of fuel^ depending on the severity of the weather; they relieve household drudgery because requiring little attention; and they scatter no ash-dust or coal-gases into the living rooms to ruin furnishings and endanger health. Their cleanliness reduces housedeaning one-half. IDEAL Boilers and AMEtilCAN Radiators actually pay for themselves in ; thcMT fuel econcaniet and absence of repairs. They are made, throughout, of hi^-grade iron. There is nothing to wear out, rust out or bum out. Every featute of th^ construction has been tested and its value and efficiency <!•<'• inttdy establ^ed in our big Thermal Research Laboratories, here and abroad. When put in your building we know that they will get full heating value from eveiy pound of fuel, and deliver it to you in clean, uniform, healthful warmth and comfort throu^out your home. These oiitfits cost no more than ordinary outfits. AcjMptno substitute! MooMace^nraittobuildanew home in order to be rid of the wastes and nuisances of old- fashfcxiiKt bMttng. I 0£ AJ :, Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators can be put in old buildings «• wdt as new, large pr Mnall, fatm or city. No tearing up partitions or floors, nor disturbipg oMlMatbgc4uvawDt Until the hew is ready for use. Oar fnc keek lUtdlBealiiiC tuvestmeat*" teBs moch that it win JMV you to know. Stut today to tame the ""-^yo<woimiiiiidccliiiiate.a<^ an} «ixe building you wuit to beat. Pat» you uadtr no oWisatinw to bay. Act now, wAiile iron prict* are so tltractive {mate *a tliaa ia 10 yc«n sMt) •adjpaaiattiwMcviMaeftlMaKittakiWul&ttcnl Wntt.»bcneorcaa toitay. ^DEAL BoOefS «^ MXRICAN Radiaten •ay An ^«faiii«g Vacanm Cleaiier;—suction pipe runs to each floor. Pnce I150 We d» (M I M tke ASCO WAND V«einim Gleaacr, qponectcd by iron suction pipe to variona floors of houses, flats, schooli. <;fiiirclws, hotels, etc. Tiirough«li|^-««igbtboaeAIX the dirt. eobwiebs.liiit, threads, nwtbs,^^^ into big scaled dust>budcetin cellar OT ride rogot. No drag^nc around a clumsy, inceSdenfe portable deaner—instead, you outfit that is p«rt or tiiebuaUiag-Hi |E *racli«tarbe«^ Aikiir catalog—it doesn't obligate you to buy. ifon piping ive a practical Write Department T-73 Sifr-b a Michigan A«e. Chicago

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