The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1966 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1966
Page 3
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MR. AND MRS. Kent Immer- at the parental Leo Immerfalls fall and baby will be here from and will be with the Frank Moul- Mankato to spend Christmas eve ton's Christmas day. NOTICE ALL LAW OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED THE SATURDAY PRECEDING AND THE MONDAY FOLLOWING CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS KOSSUTH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION WEATHER permitting, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gelgel and family will come from Kansas City, Mo. to spend Christmas with the parental Fred Geigels. Other guests will be the Fred Geigel's son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Volgt and James, Fenton. MR. AND MRS. Harold Hobson attended the 40th wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Art Traeger at S-imner, la. Mr. Traeger and Mrs. Hobson are brother and sister. MR. AND MRS. Henry Furst and Mrs. Ruble Walker were at Mason City Sunday and were dinner pests of Mrs. Dorothy Shatto. Others present were Mrs, Ethel Woolridge and Jim Kephart, Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Furst, Britt, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Furst, Humboldt, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Holmes, Ventura, and the respective families, Arlene Cunningham, Des Moines, and Dale Barnard, Minneapolis. VIRGIL, SON of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Groen, left Sunday for Spencer to join the Air Force and will go to San Antonio, Tex. for basic training. MR. AND MRS. Gartner Ewen, Amboy, Minn., were guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen will have as Christmas guests their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Tlppin and Bret, Storm Lake. JUDGE AND MRS. G. W. Stillman, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jones, Sioux City, and Mrs. SUllman's sister, Mrs. Ralph Flnkblne, Atlantic, are leaving Saturday for LaCrosse, Wise, to spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jones and sons. Mrs. Dan Jones Is a daughter of the Stillmans and Dan is a son of the Fred Jones'. Watch For HARRISON'S Annual Year - End Clearance Sale Beginning, December 27 </ HRISTMAS And we cordially invite you to attend our -OPEN HOUSE- WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 28 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. FREE COFFEE AND COOKIES STATE BANK At the Time and Temperature Corner Algona I MR. AND MRS. Roy Berrie, McGregor, son-in-law and daughter of Mrs. Mary Barry and the late Bill Barry, recently stopped here enroute to El Monte, Calif, for a visit with their son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Boesen. GILBERT HARGREAVES and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Elbert went to Omaha last week to see Harry Hargreaves, brother of Gilbert and Mrs. Elbert, who is hospitalized there. It Is expected he will be improved sufficiently In a short time to be brought to Veterans hospital In Des Moines, making it easier to see him more frequently. At present, Mrs. Hargreaves is at home and the family is awaiting the decision on moving him. MR. AND MRS. Henry Furst are going to Britt for dinner and gift exchange Dec. 24 and will be Joined by Mr. and Mrs. Dick Furst and family at the Eugene Fursts. The Eugene Fursts are going to Grand Forks, N. D. to spend Christmas with Mrs. Furst's parents, Mr. and Mrs. "Bud" Barnard, former Algonans. KNUTE MEHL, whose parents manage a Good Samaritan Home, is in the Navy and has been located at San Diego, Calif. After a two week leave, much of which will be spent in Algona, he will return to San Diego for a short time and will then go to San Francisco for further schooling. MRS. MILTONDAHL Is leaving Thursday for Ft. Dodge where she will join her grandson, Bob Pratt, and they will go to Pella to spend until after New Years with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Pratt. Bob is a student at Cedar Falls and Is doing practice teaching in Ft. Dodge. DR. AND MRS. Ray Potter are going to Nevada to spend Christmas with their son Jim and family. The grandson, Mike, who had recent orthopedic surgery, is making excellent recovery. MRS. LEO GARDNER had major surgery Dec. 12 at Dickinson Memorial hospital. She is now home and getting along nicely. MRS. LUCILLE ZERFASS and Alice Condon will accompany Helen Dlngley to Des Moines Friday and remain till after New- Years. Mrs. Zerfass will visit her sister, Mrs. James (Irma) Altwegg, at Redfleld. Miss Condon will visit relatives and friends, having one niece in Des Moines and two nearby and they will be joined by friends from Oklahoma City and Waterloo. Miss Dlngley will be with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Nugent. HOWARD BEARDSLEY was taken to St. Ann hospital Dec. 14 for observation. He has not been in the best of health the past few months. It is expected he will be dismissed and able to go to Rock Rapids with Mrs. Beardsley and the daughter, Margaret Ann, who will come Wednesday from Cheverly, Md. for the holidays. At Rock Rapids they will be guests of Mrs. Beardsley's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Collins. MR. AND MRS. Don Nettelton, accompanied by Tom Samp and Phil Specht are leaving Friday for Santa Catalina Island, Calif. Their time is limited to the holiday period as Mr. Nettelton Is on the faculty of the Algona school system, but If possible, Tom will visit his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Samp at.Santa Monica and his grandmother, Mrs. Selma Godfredson. All Officers Of Midwesf Prtg. Are Reelecfed At the annual meeting of Midwest Printing & Lithographing Co., Inc. last Thursday evening in Algona, all directors and officers of the corporation were re-elected by stockholders, Russ Waller of the Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., was reelected president; R. R. Jackson, former publisher of the Spencer Daily Reporter and now a member of the Iowa State Printing Board, was elected first vice president; Robert Jackson, president of Spencer Printing & Lithographing Co., Spencer, la., was elected second vice president; and J. D, White of Spencer, third vice president; Colleen Gross of Spencer was re-elected secretary- treasurer. Harlan Steburg is plant superintendent. "Kossuth County'! Favorite Newspaper" Thursday, Dee. 22, 1966 Algona (la.) Upper Dei Molnei-3 TV*********#****#**********#***#* STUDENT Barton Sutler, student of North Central Community High School, Manly, has been cited as one of the outstanding students of high school English in the country. The National Council of Teachers of English has named him a 1966 national winner in its annual Achievement Awards competition. COMING Friday, Dec. 23 "The Exciters" PINE ROOM • PARIS KELTS Two-faced enough to please everyone... Very clever, this handsome, reversible belt in soft, supple cowhide. Paris designs It to blend with his entire wardrobe . . . the rich black reverses to deep brown. Satin-finish buckle. Priced at .... $3.50 The Nicest Gifts Cost Less at S & L :• I i :• .v ' Merry Christmas ! We will be closed December 24 & December 26. CHARLIE'S SUPPER CLUB ALGONA ANNUAL END-OF-YEAR CLEARANCE TIRES-TIRES-TIRES NEW TRUCK TIRES AT CLOSE OUT PRICES 1 New 650 x 15 6p FS farm and Comm. Nylon 12.95 2 New 670 x 15 6p FS Transport 16.95 •>, New 670 x 15 6p FS SAT M&S 21.95 2 New 710 x 15 6p FS SAT M&S 25.95 2 New 700 x 16 6p FS farm and Comm. Nylon 19.95 4 New 700 x 16 6p Orig. equip. take offs 21.95 4 New 750 x 16 8p FS Orig. equip. 34.95 ' 2 New 700 x 17 8p trans, port same as HD 27.95 New 750 x 17 8p trans, port same as HD 34.95 ' 3 New 825 x 20 lOp Farm and Comm. Nylon 41.95 825 x 20 lOp FS Orig. equip, take offs 110 55.95 ' 4 825 x 20 lOp FS Orig. equip. 110 nylon take offs 57.95 New 900 x 20 lOp FS trans, port same as HD 59.95 '3 900 x 20 lOp trans. 110 take offs 65.95 >2 New 900 x 20 FS steel-cords .. 75.95 >2 New 90 x 20 lOp Sup MiTr Xbr nylon 73.95 '4 New 1000 x 20 12p Sup MiTr Xbr nylon 89.95 PASSENGER New 590 x 13 T&C tu 10.95 L2 New 590 New 600 New 600 New 600 New 650 '2 New 710 New 760 New 600 W/B .. [2 New 600 black .. I New 600 N/W ... '2 New 650 '2 New 650 W/B ... >2 New 650 N/W ... r 4 New 710 x 13 T&C tu W/b .... x 13 T&C tu W/b .... x 13 T&C tu N/W .... x 15 T&C tu N/W .... x 15 T&C tu black ... x 15 T&C tube type .. x 15 T&C tube type .. x 13 FS orig. equip. 11.95 12.95 13.95 15.95 13.95 14.95 15.95 x 15 FS orig. equip. x 15 FS orig. equip. 15.95 14.50 16.65 14.50 x 15 FS Nylon N/W .. x 15 FS orig. equip. 16.95 x 15 FS orig. equip. 17.50 x 15 FS Nylon tu W/B 16.95 FREE! Register each time you are in our store for the Free Turkey Drawing, December 30. No purchase is necessary and you need not be present to win. While getting ready to take our year end tire inventory we uncovered hundreds of tires that we must sell now. We're willing to "deal" on these tires... discontinued tread designs (brand new tires) ... new car "take-offs" (many matched pairs and sets used less than 100 miles) ... good inspected used tires (some with thousands of miles of tread remaining. We'll have these tires sorted in stacks for easy selection. Come in and pick your tires and name your price! No reasonable offer will be refused. Be here early for best selection. Volume 5 Firestone Christmas Record 20 Gallon Trash Can....... Car Front Seat Floor Mats Blinking Safety Light 2 New 760 x 15 FS Nylon tube type 15.50 1 New 760 x 15 FS Saf Ch tube type Nylon W/B 17.50 2 New 760 x 15 FS Saf Ch tu Nylon W/B 18.50 2 New 760 x 15 FS dl Ch tu N/W 22.95 New take offs: 50% OFF 1 650 X 13 US N/W 1 695 x 14 US N/W 1 700 x 14 General black' 1 735 x 14 Goodyear N/W 1 775 x 14 US black 4 775 x 14 General W/W white stripe 1 775 x 15 8p US tu black 1 775 x 15 Goodyear W/S 1 845 x 15 US W/S 1 900 x 15 US 3 Stripe OTHER ODDS & ENDS AT DISCONTINUED PRICES 4 600 X 13 Dl Ch tu N/W 2 650 x 13 New Dl Ch tu N/W 1 650 X 13 5p tu N/W 1 695 x 14 New Dl Ch tu N/W 4 735 x 14 New Dl Ch tu N/W 1 750 x 14 Nylonaire tu W/B 1 750 x 14 Champ tu nylon W/B 1 750 x 14 Old Saf Ch tu N/W 6 775 X 14 New Dl Ch tu N/W 5 800 x 14 Champ tu nylon N/W 1 800 x 14 New Saf Ch tu nylon 1 800 x 14 Old Saf Ch tu nylon N/W 17 825 x 14 New Dl Ch tu N/W 3 850 x 14 Old Saf Ch tu nylon 6 850 x 14 Old Dl Ch Tu 1 850 x 14 Old Dl Ch tu N/W 1 850 x 14 Old 500 tu 1 885 x 14 New Dl Ch tu N/W 2 670 x 15 Champ tu nylon N/W 13 775 x 15 New Dl Ch tu N/W 5 775 x 15 New 500 tu N/W 2 710 x 15 Champ tu nylon 1 710 x 15 Saf Ch nylon tube-old style 4 815 x 15 Old Dl Ch tu N/W 7 815 x 15 New Dl Ch tu N/W 4 815 x 15 New Dl Ch tu N/W (8 ply) 1 815 x 15 New 500 tu N/W 1 760 x is Old Saf Ch tu nylon 1 760 x 15 500 tu N/W 3 885 x 15 New Dl Ch tu N/W 5 650 x 16 4p Saf Ch nylon tube typq Joe Bradley Firestone Phone 299*24211 Algpna . .i "**? • •'-,: ' *0. South of Algono Mottl

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