The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 6, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1927
Page 4
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(Frlvate B^nch Ekcfadnse ConnectUs All; Dep^tmbita) THEHHiA^D&gDYrlRECagTEItiWEtgfffiSDAY EVE ^G. AFIRIL 6.1927. One Week .^.U ?^' Cents One Month .......I......Jit OMts One I««r ...W .IO BY MAI|- Outaitw- Allan rCMnnty One Tea*., t... 7. ...... v . .|6.00 Six Uonths L... ....BM Three Ifniiths ....L .i. .JUJ» ^ ..-.rln Allan .CMinty Oiic Tear ^V>-»-^•Six Hoiithsi Thre«i Months One Month uUlt :.nM Natianal tdltorfal Aiseelatlon. Kanuis .r >reilr.Aatoelal^^ The Kantaa Dally League. Audit Buraau o( Circulation. • Press CdttoMn'Of the WOrM. , Inland Da{& Priics Aaaoelatlon'. MEMBER ASSbCIATBO PR^SS. The Begtster can-lev the AasoCialed rrcsB rejHMl by. special > leased ,wfre. The Associated Fress Is exdustvelyi en-! the use for republication :of all news dispatches credited to It 'or not otherwise credited in this pnper, . and also the local hewn jpfibllshed Aere- in.- All rlKhts or republication of spe-^ . clal dlKpatcites herein also-reserved.' Bible thought Jor Today.\ Surely' 1 know: tbat it shall :bo with them thbt fear Gbd.— well with Ui Ecc| 8; 12. • READLNU NEW 8PAPEB8. ^ The' edllor of th i'.KegJBtcr h'as j a: letter from a frie i4 •viVb 'starred to the Ortiiftt. recently on a trip •flic letter was wrWen a daj" bi" fore the ship WM lulu and among otiier thing*" the wrker said: "I -gt -eaUy niss Oie daily papers. Of courae there- in , cpmpensatibns, but' i decide them great duce one to leave, fOr a moAth at a tibe. "Ain't it the truth?" The habit of reading a daily.- lewspaper gets U) be more than a h ibit, it becomes 'Wdi; wh^virWir-he git « Tl ^oirbnii^^alJlfiiiB'*6wtf tfie 'tthor ^fti^m pr. iohtSn.it6ilir:^Bt of the' Burnt! of Aniuaf fniuitrr, V. 9: oepottlbxeat vr jtLg^cimitt^ ' "Ab indant correspradenci indicates conclusively •tlMitAll* owner or ndtofioitkiit •KTNf hUi hitma ra6 alar-paMdiifr it««riu-BliitM^ts Which ore' alisolateljr untrue, un- autkoHiM. tiiMk AOfltt accont wHll ial'lp«^li«ytl»n«. ' Oi«'Mat«fee&t;'to the' «re»6( 'isuic Mtb «ratiiiM8~\ \ u spt-eaOtag f^swr tliita-''em^'bef^ri ii'AbriMMniy tilse'cnd^c^litiyjlrits the Uct' thlir' lh'« esft^nt '6t tO^- ciiiosifl among cattle'1ft tUe tAilttd Ststes has Ott inert (rorn'more than per cent! jli 'tmiat i.t'pet 6ti6t during the lait few'years. ^'Xiiother ^itenitntr Credited. to me, usserting that' the tuberculin tc«t ma^ trpfeid tuberc'ulOBi^ I3 also tintrue.' ^ in tM iodtrarr. the dlMase ' a T&p Hly' lieiBg' eraUlcated and th! tn%ereilitln tcBt Is |the dftig- ndstit agettt' by Vhtch eradication |ls 6einW ac<6oii(iplilAi!a. "With the tWdint' intention of making the fe ]8 «"'qnotatton% plaiis'< ibie. statlbn ICTNT inigeff its Us- tbners to '*rrlfe" to nie poradniiDy for verific&tltftf. Persons whft'have doAe ifi hare rccefred pcr^oniit let teril tirttMing th6' alieged^ Btite- m°ent^!a«^iitrn(> .«> Wit ns nfi'anth- orizedJ It l« hoped'ttiat anj''6th>«r peraom who hATft lfittraeil> to lectures from that station on tuberieu ioait ercdfCAtlbii win «eii9 n«'(he1r names a^d addresses so that I may furnish them -with authentic infor- nifttldn 6tf the subject." "Vj^ aj part of life, and 1 have yet}to enough' to jn- he world oven to do without it' for a day is a giod deal likej "idropping off tlie:ea'i th for the same j length of time., It] is IVte'iolki without food. Go' without your daily papejr for a week, then get • the file all at once and you sit down and: gorge yaur mind Iwitli the things that have happened since you last weriln touch wfth ithe world as one who has g^ne *ithbuC food for a nreek gorges his body when a- supp ly at last appears. One of the reasp is why newspaper reading gets s D strong a ^p on one doubtless s 'liecause ione finds in newspapers so mbhy any-' that sttry, ':for he min who .1 tilings that be n^rer se^s where else. Take example, about bought a jade n^c)clace in China for 1250, took it icweler for some offered $5,000 'for i o a N W York ight repain^as when he called for it, the offer Jrliised 'to $10,i)««, ultimately to f75.0)0 at which figure he sold,—only to learn fater that the Jeweler ii id discovered on one of the stonefe the initiais fp J." and' knew tiereby that it was the faniousj Jade necklace which Napoleon had given to 3o sephine, jwhich had been stolen from the treasured at tlie Louvre, and for which th^ French govern ment had published a i standing reward of 1250,000. I You never cptild read a- story like that in any bdok .^ut of course tjie strongest^ apical of the daily newspater g ^ows out of the fact that it 'is theUay jby day history of the "day and; age ^ti which we 11^." It pnbll^iies the story of our dilpgs and th^ io IN PIE DATS NEWS. ' Otad ot (hose, upon whose should era ^he present trouMea in China have' plaj »d an added burden, of responsibilUy is ^a'jdr General JA L Lejeune, the head, of the famous "fighting marines." Major General LJeJeune is no# in hi> seVenth 'year ot! serN^ce 88 ^tnmanduit 6t the U. S. Marine Corps, has been a'brilliant career of active service, A''native of Louisiana, he first en tered the navy, and graduated with the class of ISM at Annapolis.' In 18^ he /was traWerred'to di« Marine Corps. His appointmjent as brigadier general was received in 1^6.' In the World Wai- he gained an envialiiie r^ord in Fijance by his qualities of personal leadership and by his Widely r 'ebognilEed professional ability. It was he. who commanded the famous Second Di visiott When it TjMktf the German line iji tiie Meuse-ArgoBne offens­ ive. ings of our nelj 6weep^ the whol^ with i^B story of yesterday or this night in Washington or Londoif or Bombay, Little who has made it life to read a dal y newspaper! ha^ his, dPubts wheth !r knythlng ' can compensate him f ir ,ihe loss ot it. Now is the tlmb to snbscrllie! jsfabors. ai^^ ; it world hotizoa what! happened morning orj^t jronder a ^an the habit ot hi^ prOWlip' Idge that lie WTBU candidate. In tjn ing rcHlgacd tt^e From the WashjiniBton i Bureau of thclCansas City Star' cam6 W bUnCh of rumors the ^t> er dayl haTiiig 'i to do with alleged i npending cAbinet dianges. The chi nces aire that 'ail the riimors • wer« piere dull-day stuff, but there 11 one 1 which'cer- t|ilnlv may be jpu in' thif classlti- citloij. ^nd" thai was - 'the 'story that Charles Sviti s If nghcfs was to be put in the oirillce' pj^ :lie S^re- tijry W State up n tl&e |i»»evJooii ^y exacted prowli^' qf l ^rnid ^nt C«*>i- Id .not again ho, n ' first pitee'hihr'- office bhce • l>e- causc heriWRs Ijred of lio^dlnlfi it there is -no •Hkellhop^ • 'j |(«AH>'es woiilii ^gain accei ).t it' 1^ .tt^lser ond pl'scf if he'ahonId|^Ment to accept it he would mPfRniiC the man who tendered it to him hy im- losing the conditijon^that 'he shoUl^ not aga^ l>e- a ciinSdate. And ijn tire third place, iir C^vin ,Cob1id ^e already had d^te ^mined not t^ be a. candidate he would change his inind if i any man siipuld faaveUhe I ej^ronlery Jo atteijnpt'to make *hat \a 'condllkon of' ncRepiing officcj nn- Nearly. iali the outspoken critics of the' foreign policy pf the present Administration call themselves "iLiberals" and most of them were fotiowers of Theodore' I ^seyelt. It w^uid faie interesting I tp linow if thby 'thf^k .th*y arie j ftillowing in his footalepsj when tluey attack the Co'olidge ^dihini^tratipn Wr lis in- slstpce upo| the protection of Americaii life and property and the jpbsei^atfce of the Monroe doc trinje. Have they forgPtten the de- tnand Robsevelt nibd^ 'tipott the Snftan of MijrdCco when a li^tural- ized 'American citizen was kidnap ed by a certain bandit: "Perdicaris alive, or Raisuli deadr* And h^ve they forgotten' 'ttie 'mobilisation' of the fleet ^'Vieii^nefan^Wers under ordeii'^f ffdoll^ift w$en .{he Germans^ #yre l|irei%infe, to land a fbree'M 'nialliMH' fn ye ^ezuei^ to toitetl' loia* A^'S?'" The 'dommerclil ad 'vantage of all -year n^fi ^^i 'i^i is 'lrell illustrated in fefijfi ^^'ttVfieie' a ceriSus tiUtei ilrSl^^iflffSft'iiV stations ^on iHh' 'fetite^f • oi^em"' of concrete an average of iri4b'ca«5'1iriveited the trunk high- ^ys idiaUy '^ilring 1926. And &at is^hi sifiitaesota where motor travel ifptTnailil ^'^W'onldjbe largely at' B &mdSOll /Jluflng the four or five bt'siivtr^ winter that State is obliged to endure. Down here in Sunny kans^ It we had de- peadaMe .trunk roa^ north and BoiilW and ea^t attd West across the State, -Wfihfotit ady: bkaks', the traffic' diml^ttm wob^^ be tDsteriatly heavier.- j An tola woaan started the other day -on a in<)ntb's i|BnnifT l» the course of 'which she is to make almost. Mty ptdtllc , appearances eHhet'Mlc ^y W 6tiMr #nie. And 'aA 'tU')illlmS s^e 'ca'rrled was a hat 'box and' •"sina'il stilt case, jtbe total gro ^tr fitljllit' Itfinf about twsA y ppindlf VwaijfyVeii^ *go oik '^Ittllir trip she wotild hive tskiri I'^raKlri ^jie trunk at tiM v4ry ie«st' No ,wdn|sr tjfie jbi!K|«f;e- meh' are cbm'jtfiMnliR " tliw"^ liieir Is'te." • occupation :—.•-J-' hard to rMist 'the mnarit tfiat* if Mr, an- autb- It Is: pretty tetnpiation to ... ._ ^ord: hisd bee: i Hdlng li* j^dbUe he 'wtnld"'hot have been' iuq^'ped of; tl )4 roa^: ^n^ this para- ij^rpiriii is. written only, to commend nis''gobd 'sense In scouting the id^a' that sdAt^body pnrpos^ly and with iioipicidai ipufpose ran inta^ Ms coop' anrf'tiiiped' It over. Thei (^ncfS are''|6a^;0» man w|io •wa^ be hit anything. ^ The editor of the. Buffalo .blade is indignant because' a man 'came to town wearing a derby hat. We could understand the Blade being amused;; but why indignant? Either the bootleg whiskey in the country is inJproVing in^uailty or le^'s of it is b^ing consumed. We don't recall hearing of any deaths from booze since the gay Christmas season. , ' A patent medicine manufacturer who died lately ileft an estate of 185.000,000. As Barn'um said, there] is one born every minute. PRAIRIE CHAPEL NEWS NOTES FROMCOLONY WJUmath and Mnrphy Buy Dairy ^Ilerd arid Will Follow That BnMiiesit. Peftonal ]tem.«. (L. D. Mattocks) April 5.—In the absence, of the superintendent Sunday, Miss Maud Sloan led the Sunday school., The hewi preacher will prjeach at the Chapel next Sunday at 3 o'clpck. Mjr. and Mrs. Curtis Robb, and Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Mattocks were ^dla shoppers Saturday. . Harold and Charles Maxwell visited Friday night -with their sister, fiTB. Lola Mattocks and family. T. ,E. Hall and family visited Sunday at Joe Eastwood's near La- »nrp«. ^ t ^Read about big Auction' Sale Used Ford Cars ou Want! Ad page. ^^';Carthy Motor Co. Florls Bowman bought a work lorse of Mr. Cline of Moran last ^iday. Lew Head called on Arthur Boyd Saturday. ' B. H: Bacon sold some fat, hogs [Tuesday. . J. A. Mattocks received a tele­ gram'Sunday from his coiisin Ha-- ry Wright, saying that his wife had died. The Wright's live in Un- lotavllle. Mo. Pershing LaRuc visited Sunday Iwith his brother Col and family. Dutch Perkey is ,working for B. H. Bacon. Myier Harclerodc and sister Evadean, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Harcler- b(Je and Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Jtobb and Hazel LaAne visited on Sunday with Mr; and Mrs. Harley Robb. (.Mrs. W. E. Payton) COLONY, Apr. 4.—O. D. Larson returned Saturday evening from a business trip to McPherson. Ho made the trip with Mrs. Larson's brother. Mr. Perry of Yates' Center who recently sold out a furniture buajnesa ther^ and ts looking for a new location. The faritn home 'of Mr. and -Mrs. L. S. Kelley of Lifztown neighborhood was struck iiy lighting during the storm last' Thursday night but no great amount of damage was done. Shingles were knocked off and the telephone ruined; also Mr. and Mrs. Relley were given quite a shock but uot seriously injured. Mr. Van Pelt was over from Paoli -Saturday with .Mrs. Van Pelt, looking after their picture show- business here. City election is being held in Colony today. Two tlckej^s are in the field but no great atpuunt of | interest has been evidence^. Chas. .FPster heads one ticket as mayor and O. M. Schreck whp served the city for two terms liT that capu- rity. heads the other. 'The annual school eiedtion will be held next Thursday afternoon. Read about big Auction Sale ning and has becnj condition since iis been poor for some dren. Ed and Taylor! n a t-riticjil lier hcahh ha.s ;imc. Her chi|l- Johnson frotii Topeka and Lawrehce and • Mris. E. V. .Dixon from Frontenac aile with her. '; April 5.—Milo Sm th and "Pinkj" Hendrix returned Sunday from u short slay in City. j Mrs. C. H. Johnscn. who suftei;- ed a stroke of apoplexy .Saturdajy was reported i>etter Monday anjJ her daugJiter, Mrs. E. V. Dixon remained here to car« for her. Mr.s. W. T: Johnson w^ill [be down from Lawrence this week to be with her. • j Mrs. George Dentkih came from Garnett Monday foi} a short visit with relatives and will have dentajl whrkidone while he^-e. Glen Kent was hbro from Cha|- niite Suirtlay visiting at the homfe of his p.arents. Mr. and Mr.«i. Lew Kent. Mrs. fjpprge-JIathe.s aud son Richard <-aine froni Chanute the last of the week foi- a short visit with her parents. .Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Kent, and Mr. Mpthles tame to spend Sunday. I Pl<iml>ers are here from lolaj, working this, week'' • which .Mrs. Halley tensively remodeled. Mr. and .Mrs. F. A. soil Paul, '-jvere lierej Sunday mother. UBE^IiY (Cora B. IjiairiS.) April L—Mrs. W. V. Wilspd is nursing ia pslinfnl eye this ^eei. • Mr. Ray Wilson d i.i,. ht ving a siege with the;measles.,. : 1 J lrs.' Kincaid and Kelsey were asant callers alt Hrs. HaWS'ft Thursday. ; Mr. and Mrs. Chas Hirris and soil Roy, attended a >lrtHday dinner last Sunday at he jhom^ of their cousin. Miss Eta- Langford l »Tiola. ; \ Mr. and Mrs; Hairingion are making I frequent trips to their daughter's, Mrs. Njck Rouiih, taking home grain anid lay they bad stored there. i I . Mrs. Kincaid has wo incubat- ;ors.setting. j Mrs. P. S. Heath, h spending-a ;few days in lola the jguest ot her ^daughters, Mrs. Joht HUdebrant '^nd Mrs. Glen Cloud'. ; \ Henry Harris called at Mr. Ken- Inpdy's Tuesday morniijig arid found them ^uite busy repairing the damage dpne by wind., Mr. abd Mrs. ilarTc • Castator were Callers there also. ; j I Mrs. Jensen called: on Mrs. Harris Monday. Preaching service i\ill ibe held at Liberty Sunday ev ^nihg^ Come out everybody who is not, kttend- ing services clsewher . I i This dust be an Ap il fool joke of weather. It surely Is borrowed from a vfinter day. I - ^'r. Pdrker came out t|) Henry I for the most part completely nn- Harris's and finished I th<i paptfr- ing.' Mrs. Parker an"d iabic$ canic •Hfiong Mr nday 'aflerno( n. —Head about big Auction Sale IJsod Ford Cnrs on WOjUt Ad page. .McCarthy Tvtbtor Co. Geo. Flayer and iou ;allrd at P. S. Iloath's Sunday afternoon. Other visitors were i-Jarn \st Colglazier and wife fronj Y^les; Center Bhll(lri Mrs. J. Colg .Mr. and Mrs. Bill ren from Colorado Springs; Border Planniug and Plantintr. Mr. Average Everyday Citizen,_ garden is not of large diineiisions. The fifty-foot lotter is in an enor- moiiB majority in most of oth- cities and towns: On the small place, the mdst natural and convenient decorative planting is a border. The arrangement of the honse' on the lot, the walks and outbuildings usually is such that the available space lends itstif to little else for flower planting. V^ery often a spacet from 6 tp 10 feet i wide and from ^20 to 30 feet long' is available. The mixed bor- lier is the ^atu^al splntion. They Ippki' simple, but ;as a matter of fact, a good border i .S' one of the difficult feats for a careless gardener. They need thinking out, whether they are of annuals alonei annuals and perennials,. or perennials alone enhamed with bulbs. The ordinary plan for a border found in books, and horticultural publications has a crazy-quilt- looking arrangement providing for from '.JO to r>0 varieties of plants*, azidr ,1 nd two Mccia^ahan. on the house jis having ext Knoeppel and from Ottawa y visiting at tlie home of his r. Mrs. Emma iKnoeppel. Lee R. Hettick srient the weelf rt with his wife a^d other relaf ond lives in Ottawa and returned here with for a short stay. City e]c(;tion was but a rather "smali .Mrs. Hetticlt him Monday .--— . " "iiiL il ruiiiiT "sma Paed Ford Cars on Want Ad page. 1 as no. outstanding McCarthy .Motor <?o. ' ' A long frieght obstructed thc^ Sanita Fe cri)S8Yng on Broad street for fifteen ininutes Sunday after-,. .,„...j, „. ,„„ ^^^^ moved up ex- i oilmen elected were. A. F. Huskev actly fifteen cars were In line to j .r. H . Kent. Frank Moore, C. W Jones and C. W. Kelley. .Moor^ held Monday vote polled . jquestion had been before the people. Chas. Fos ter was elected mayor, winning over O. .M. Shreck by the small majority of five %-ote|s. The coun drive across. Traffic is always lively on Broad street. Vera* Wlmoth has sold his barber shop''and will move to the Kelser firm Just north of town whltih Burness Murphy had rentCfl for the year. whlW Burness and his mPther will nioVe into the Murphy feSMcnce Ih t^n.' Wilnioth and Mnrphy have'htmghl quite a dairy' herd togrftlter and will push that' bdWneairt " MTS.'phtA. Johnson suffered a strode of apop^eij^ gafrtfrda^ eve- and Jones -scri'ed years oh the council and Kelley, was high man Avhen totalpii up. Geprgn plecied probate" Judie, having nol nposilion. This pl-oup of mcn| slwuld giv<« Cplony administralioh for years. A thief who makes baby car -l riaKPB bis .specialty ik puzzling thd police of Camb'rW.geJ Mass. ' he past twnj irb votes were^ Rehbins was splendid cilji he next iwol Mrs. Edna Hillbraht Jiind Jennid Cloud.' and Edith :icC3anahan •were helping their m )ther, Mrs. Healhj, Monday. j . " The Christian Bndeavlor from the United Brethren chnrcji came out to Liberty with Mr. Ben | Anderson and conducted! tlie ; meeting. We were very gladi to ha\je them come.; They extended anj invitation to a I picnic to have jieen at Riverside Park Mortday, bfit rain prevented^ We hope ybu will all come again.; | | Stock buyirs seem ntoro inter-" ested in buying stock in ihis vicinity since ^-e have be^n shipping with the Farmers' Union, i Mr. and Mrs. Snyder and Jlr. and Mrs. Jones were visitors ; at the Se;ircy home Sunday. i ' .Miss Clara - Hlllbran :. jNathan Wilson and Lucy Wili^ni,visited with the Searcy young folks Sunday after Sunday school. Wilson Heath has been (on the side list the last week, Kincaid.; Jack Massoth of Owl ^ _ _ ited Wilson Heath Saturday evening. . Nathan Wilson .sold Mike Reedy ;Monday. A number from here si tie and hogs with the| I'nion car last Tuesday. Mr. Dawson's sale, well attended and hife jnilic cows sold Scry well as theywijre knpwn to ibe a high testing herd. Mrs. Dawson was called to Yafes Center last week by the .serious illness of herj mother, whdise advanced age makes jrecovr ery. doubtful. But we arje ajl hoping for the best. Mrsj. Dawson; Is having rather a senioui time as Mr. Dawson gains very slowly. Mr. and Mrs. Deader I oti near Humboldt and .Mr. aiid plrsj. Kincaid and Charlotte anjl Kelley were visitors at the Daugherly home Sunday. Both arelsis}crs of Mr. Daugherty. T Four members of the liadies' Aid met at the church Wedntsdi[y afternoon to clean the churcih. A called meeting will be heU^ Monday afternoon'; for a .'bucket .and ^room brigade. Three of the men helped Wednesday and theije will be some more ,work for mch next Monday afternoon. \ \ alfo Mrs. tereek vis- caltle ,to i ipped cat-. Farmers' j wa<^ quite Sunday McFar- STONY POINT Apr. 4.—Roy kickles a:nd spent .Sunday afternoon at C^lJwcll's. I M IS . Grace Steward and children spent Saturday nigtit and at her sister's, Mrs. Austin land. Mr. and Mrs. George Broughton spent Sunday in Bronsoh ai John Tillcry's. Mr. and Mrs. Austin JiTcF'arland an<i little son spent Sunday at Mr. Leraon'.s. —Read about big Auction Sale I 'Kcd Ford Cars on Want Ai McCarthy Motor Co. Miss Sadie Lowary and llj<^ Farland were lola visitors day afternoon. I P.!rcy Thompson aM .<}pent Sunday evening afLMr, on's. , I .Mr. and Mrs. Alfred | V dlmar spent Sunday at Tom Ireland s. and in the afternoon they drov( over to lola to sec the beauiifu new^ honie that Js open to visl on no*v Austin McFarland sawj^d wood for Mr. Goodseli Tuesday;. .Mr. and .Mrs. Charley McCc y and little son, of near Mlldrejj, islted at Ben Marr.'s Sunday. | Mrs. Austin McFarland, % rs. J. W. McFarland and Miss Sidlcj low­ ary are each the owner of a iiew incuhbtor.' . known to the beginner in flower gardening and by no mc^ns <-om- pletely (amiliar to more f experienced gardeners. The first mistake lr)| avoid in starting a border ib to grow. ton many kti planlK. A fcjiv sfmplc groups fiJ' sufficient size will give much more satisfactory results and more bcauti- Iful effects. Later, with experience learned by a season or two's jirac- tice, the iargcr groups can be cut down and more groups whicli will blend in harmoniously may be added, f^or the first attempt, stick to a simple pJan. The experienced gardener is reconciled to and quite content with bare spots in a border, knowing plants have their seasons of beauty after which t .''ey offer nothing but foliage. The: beginning gardener wants arid expects a border to be a miss of bloom the entire season from end to end. This is an ideal that everybody would like to attain hut which is rarely accomplished, although it is by no means impossible. The first plan to consider is sea-i .isons of hloom. Mark off thie ^paces in your border. according to the blooming months, distributing them so that there will be a fair show^ in balanced distribution the length of the planting. It is an excellent idea to concentrate the midsummer bloom in the center of the border, as the climax of the seUson's effort. The accompanying diagram shows the method of planning the, sea.son's blooni. I It ^ \a combination perennial; annual and bul'> l>order. The tol- were'used: 1. delphiniums; 2. hardy phlox; S. zinnias: 4. Shasta daisies; 5. veronicas; G. tulips; 7. iris; S. dwarf ageratum; 1». uar- clssi:.=!. Sii »ll for the .Flower t'STden. A. gardener of any experience at all expects to dig the vegetable garden over every season, turning the soil as carefully one year as he does another, adding fertilizer as liberall.v. Thei flower garden soil problem is different because the backbone of the flower garden will be a permanent! planting or one-that is to endure for several years at least, until the plants attain, sucli a size that it is necessary to divide them. Therefore, the preparation of soil for the flower garden or flower border needs to be more thorough even than the vegetable garden and a deeper planting medium established for the deep-rooting per- enuialsl The old-style scheme of trenching is thej hest but it is hard labor and seldom practiced except hy thpse who can hire it done. It consists in digging a trench two spades deep, throwing aside the family ' ""'I ^•"^ i flH'ug in with ma- Park i""^'' cr (lecayeci vegetable matter 'and the top soil and using Jthe soil ( from the.bottom of the trench for the top of the completed job, where it can he easily -fertilized with commercial fertilizers and top dressings. This kih^ of preparation will rtiake the flower garden or border siiffjcien'tly fertile for several seaspn^.' • However, it is certain that few will go to this trouble, but a.s a substitute spade, as deeply, as possible with one <leplh of the spade or fork. Spade! in plenty of well decayed sta(ble manure, if possible. -If net.; a compost heap is next best and if you haven't one,- start one 'with the Takings of autumn it-avcs, gra^s clippings and any vegetable jefuse. Chemical preparations are now^ available to sprinkle upon rho heap, rredticing It to a s .>nithetic manure in .three months' time. The first preparation of the flower garden is the key to sui -i -oss. Spade it -deep, break the soil fine, put in plenty of fertilizer anil cs- pocially humu.s. decaying vegetable ' matter, to'lrtild moisture in sii.-:poii- sion. Start the preparation of the flower garden as early as thi- .'•oil can be worked. .May 1 will l)o I)len!y of time td get the iilauis in. N.E. OF HUMBOLDT (.Mrii. J. W. Brothers) April .5.;—Owing to the .had wcathel- of the' tiisi week news is very scarce. ' Delia. S ^viriR w.ns absent from .school two; days last wi -ck hi'lpiiit; care for lil-r niotlfor who was sjrk. .Mrs. J. W. Stevens was a M IIMI- boldt shopper .Monday artcriioot.-. Mrs. BcIIe Ad.-inis .•Aiwnl .Mond^'* afternoon with Mrs. ,J. H. Spark:; in Humboldt. | Mr. and .Mrs. Will Bi^otljer.s called on .Mr. and Jlrs. Fred i^aviug Sunday evening. iMr. and .Mrs, Will Hes.s vi.^ited Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kelley. —Read alwut "bi? Auction Sale t'sed Ford Cars on Want^Ad pase. .M( C;artby Motor Co. .Mrs. Belle Adams called on .Mrs. ,• Robert Hanini Saturday aftcriioou. . Mr. ajid .Mrs. Henry SaviUK wcr<^ Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Saving. In the afternoon they drove to Channfe and visited one of the hatcheries. .Mrs. Fred Huber visited Thursday afetrnoon with Mrs. Will Brothers. Mrs. Belle jVdams arid • Lonnib visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Adams in Humboldt. .Mr. and'Mrs. G. G. Compton and son of Kansas City spent Sunday with -Mr. arid Mrs. Russell Andruss. • .Mr. and Mrs. George Waite and son.'J of Chanute were Sunday visitors at the I. W. Brothers home. NrtdesMar Zemo ioT Itching, limitations, Pimples and Blotches. Apply Any Time No more worry about ugly SIdn Irrr- tations. For youcan haveaclear smoa 'V sKn. Zcrao.the pTeasant-to-use cleaji Equid for Itching. Blotchy Skin—ban- iAes Blackheads, Ringworms and Pimples. Use any time. Get Zesaoaow. At 5ruggists -60c and $1.00. zemo FOR SKIN IRRtTATrpNS LET JONES Da IT! Jones Electric Works FliO^E 192 ^ page. ia Mc- Satur- family Lem- Healthjr, ^^gnous men prizes. Buoyant stea bright ^, oompteziofiand exuberant vftj noteasyshtofreefromimr"^' stipationp^on^thewbolei tUe stepb saps energy. € denoe and cuts down tbei Rid your system of oonsti, iti poisons: Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets remove them tgeatly, tone udr tbe sys- tep, dear tbe eyes and a»npKii(m and {nngbadcinormaljigor. Aocmpound of v^^^dabte-.n ^rrtiPiitBi pt'etjui Md tb' iaai Keep Fit! <36od HeaMi Requires Qood EItmi>:' T O be well, you must keep the blood stream free from impurities. If the kidneys lag, allowing body poispns to' accumtdate, a toxic cohditjon j» created. One is apt'to feel . dul^ languid,. tired and achy.' A liag^ng backacHc js sometimes a qrmptom, with drowsy headaches and dizzy spells. That tJie kidneys ard nbt tunc- tioidng pcoperly is often shown by btniiag or scanty passage of *e<iretions. If you have tea- aon. to suspect improper kid. ney, functioning, try Doan'a . PllU—Si tested stimulant diuretic. Users ipraise them thrbugliout the United Statea. A»k your miifiborl % DOAN'S "UiP SOnHJaaiBbnuaetothaKUimy >MCw>illltMniCn.MftriiOT.BHgil>W.Y. i Fftr liigh.grade Electric and Plumbing Services i Plans anA Estlmafcs Free. Buaiions Qoick'relief from pain. 67 FOR lOtR «OXyENIEJrCB WE DELITEKFSEK puc sro potatoimk /,

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