The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1915 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1915
Page 2
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THE TOLA DAIliY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 4,1915. Arrivals in Ladies' and Misses' If I CoiiM. If the wbrlH won- inliii> 1 would give to ypu One-half?,of the giooii and oiio-half of the blue; You shoald hiive of oconn utid luiiil and ^ky , IJxactly )<a much my good friend, as I. If only t)ie gold of iho world wfr<i inlnelj \ would tump i( all in its shson an<t And cutting the smallest colli in two Di*id*, tp a penny, my wealth with you. I [f all life's good fortune were in my hdld,' pn yourijpalh, my frfend ,ii would i aooiii unfold, You shojitd share wiih me in the things that bless. Till naught could add lo your happi- neesl ' jAs 1 owfi no fraction of sea or land. And gol^ iS never within my hand, 1 can ogly share, ' my good friend, j' 1 with; you. iTJie cheer of knowins what I would <lo. ; i ; —New York Times. When the weather becomes fit we want yon to come and see the pretty new styles at the On the twenty-sixth of February a baby soii was .born to Mr. and Mrs. P. I... Wbods, now of Everett, Mass., to whoitf they have grven the name Everett iKlmnre. Mrs. Woods is a daughtetf of Mr. and Mrs. .T. R. Pepper,' and? the friends of both familietn jare InteEesled in the event, i <« • <> In spiFe of the rain and snow yesler lay a s|)lendid representation of the Ijoyal Kjaders class of the Christian 6hurch |athored in the afternoon for B business meeting at the home of Mrs. A.wV. Napier, 308 West Madison avenue, f After the usual oi ening com mlttee reports were read 'and - then the final organization ne;essary to make it.^a front rank class was coni- pletod. ;For this the class lihose light lilue an ?i gold for the clcss colors: •Go F6r,ward," for their'mctto; an op sn Bibl<i;with the lottersiL. 1^. upon it 'or ,thei|p class emblem; '.Judge not 'hat i ye be.not.-judged," Xat the text; iind "We; Mean Business,'' for the bat Ic cry. ;Wlth all thiBse points settled he class; Is very proud to know that Iwlthin a! few days the international charter i^'ill be received together with ) ipennaigit bearing the emblem in the 3la6s cotors.; Elach member will alio receive k class pin. The next meeting is tQ be a social meeting on lh<' third Wednesday in March at , the 'home ofg Mrs. Claude Hurlock. 201 ISouth Oak street. I . f • • • -J- On account of the storm the meeting of ^e W. M. A. of the .United Brethreni cHurch announced for this afternobji has been postponed until tomorrofv afternoon at half past two. The proiram is to be'carried out then just as .planned for today and the presidenit urges a . large attendance BO that all may take Ipart in the election of fefflcers. * O * The Woodmore class of the First iMethodi^t church was entertained yesterddy afternoon by Mrs. J. O. Brown |nd Mrs. C. T. Kirk at Mrs. BVIown'tihome on South Jefferson ave niue ani despite the unfavorable wieather'tiiiere was a very good attend unce. In' answer to roll call each member'! i"esponded with a verse of wriptur^. The study liour with Bryant ^waf^ the first: of a series of siich lc »6on8 |>n the lives or the American poets, a^d was in charge of Mrs. G^o Stratton| gave a sketch of the Ife of the author bringing out many nijercsting points in connection with lis €arl| lltci-ary efforts. Following hlg 8ev |ral members of the da^s •" -J-^^.^ — — NEW YORK St ORE — .iBliiBses Fitted Clyes f^xamined Sallftfovtlen fluarantM'il or Your % MoDejr Refunded. rtiud selections from his. work emphasizing the historical phase and the particular events whicti inspired the writing of the poems. ' The program ended with a musical number by Mrs. Otto Hillbrant. During the social hour the guests were busy with fancy I work and refreshments were served to the following members, Mrs. C. C. Barker, Mrs. George Stratton, Mrs. ID. y. RiJckel, Mrs. Joe McKinley, Mrs. Ira Kelley, Dr. Lucy Hull, Mrs. L«e Moore, Mr.s. Otto Hillbrant, Mrs. B. T. Barber, Mrs. Walter Woodside, Mrs. K. W. Corr. Mrs. Dwight McCarty and one guesf, Mrs. \V. E. Saguer. j • •8' * • I The usual meeting of the W. R. -0. I is to be held at the G. A. R. hall to- j morrow afternoon, and It will be an ' especially interesting meeting ; because several pew members are to be initiated. * Circle number five of the Ladie.s Aid society of the rirst Methodist church will hol<l a cooked food • exchange, at the Fryer grocery tomorrow. • * * The weather today suggests nothing more than a cozy e-^ening at home with some home made candy. Here is a recipe the domestic science classes sometimes use. Opera Coffee Caramels—Boil two cups of graniilated sugar, vlth one ciip or clear strong coffee to' the soft ball stage or from 236 to 238 degrees by the sugar, thermometer. Stir until the sugar melts, cover and let cook two or three minutes watching lest it boil oyer. Remove the cover and without stirring cook to the stage iro ^ntloned above. Add tliree tablespoonfuls of butter, remove dish to pan b'f bold water, and after a few miuutus beat until creamy. i " * <• • It w.Ts decided thi..? morning to post pone (he meeting of the general aid society 6f the Christian church. thi»t had been planned for tlii« afternoon, until tomoijrow afternoon on accouiiit of the Biorm. The meeting will lj)e Us otherwise announcec at the home of Mrs. toni Moore on Kast Street. • 4' « Mrs. J. M. Fife entertained the A. Y. L. I. dub yesterday afternoon and nearly every member wag present to 'enjoy the afternoon wMlh fancy work I Mrs. Fife was assisted by Miss Marl-" nita Fife in serving a delicious fivi' o'clock tea. • •> •:The American girls who last night. Kave thi- final number of the liyceum Course for this winter at the Grand Theatre, were just what they promised to be, six happy, whole souled American, girls, who ; so thoroughly enjoyecJ their own fun that it took but a few minutes for the .audience to catch the spirit and everybody forgot that it was pouring with rain out of doors. There were no stars among the entertainers but their program was tlioroughly entertaining, combining just enough classical and popular music to- Please all tastcv. "The or- cijestra n\imbers were very good and tli« iierlod*^costumes worn during the •Acknd vart of ttae entertAtainent Tlj^eatce \j TOXIfillT "THE MASTER KEY' (Two Parts) "HEP KSL'AVf:'' (Two Parts) "TIIK Jf.\>il('i'lilE (JIRL" "FOR THE DEFENSE" T«ttorr|i>M' "T^IE !>lirHM.\ll|\E SIM" DIINOITS TRICK AN OFRCER l»ltEVE>TEI» LOCK FItO.M "CATCH- MIIEX CLOSED BV HIM. I *.usi >iii|f Freltfiit Tram Interfered «itii I'lir-KiiU vC CfMlfr FuKiUve.s. Now it develops that Marry Morris and iaiiies Marnioii, ^e escaped bank robbers, not only inade an iinusually hold for freedom but glsplayed consiacfable Ingenuity and ',8hrewij- iHjja as well. According to, recent news^from Yiites Center, the two pria- onefs^alinply placed their weight agai ns't' their cell door when. It was cioped by Undersheriff .Moore last Moinlay eveiiing, preventing the lock frohi "catching." ! ., Truing the story, the Yale^ Center Jourhai saj^s:^ "i'ttt^airemade their escape In the were charml'ng and helped materially to carry out (he idea of the entertainment, that Of showing the ihodei;n . . , , , . , American girl "s she i.s,, a combinjl- bpld nianner as they robbed the tlon of the wild strength of the lu- ^i!",^/ ""'"'^X diatu -ma ^d. the purity or the Quuk ^rB. «ff M. .J|rpi)re Wt '."B»'t them their s,ip- tlie charin.of the Colonial dame, and l'^"- <;:30 o 'cloojk. \loore unlocked the fearlessness an«l courage of. tli'e Mie steel door flf th? cage in which the maid of th^ sixUes and of our o^^ JV.^n J ^ere lield, arid passed hem In grandmothers ^heir.lood. As he, closed the ^oor and MIssRulh Sheldon, pne -rof theWm W''^\f^ ^o^spHng the lock ^ is evi- bm^t the company, is a cousin offft''?^ M <.ne or both ol thq youths Miss Peurl Uelliy and Mrs. Truman» f'-''-*^ . T ':„'l "r'«'' \\y\\ with her \vililR bhe ^^ab hei... anisn. .fliat holds it when the door is r. r-. c, * * * » rr 11 seciin.'tv lockcd. Tlils liift tlic door .Mrs C. F. Sager. of Cofreyvtlle. • and > rs. l-awreuce Fans ot Ka'isaa v i , and secured;. daughters of Mr. and Mrs. G y,^J, „f the malp corrW .r in Adams, and little Mips Mlliau Faust. . ^,.„^' -p,,g^| t,,^.y .... , . . .front of the steel ci are vl-siting relatives u, town and imbed upon tlie root oi me ecus anu Win remam about two weeks." Mrs. „ff ., „.,,t of the celling. A Sager has spent, the past six WHt-ks , ,„ Intervenes betw.'cn the roof pf In. Kansas t ity and Mrs. I^aust ,ae-j,,,,. j„„ and the ceiling and the;youths cpmpanied her ihig far on her Way ,,,i„,,„.,j j„,„ t,,,^ .m,, yYM^'^ along it •"•me. jiipy reached a spot ahove the cell * •> •* 'occupied by Wjilt Feazlt-r, who Is-a II has been found necssary to post tnistv. The dotir lo Ihis ci-Il was un- pone the rehearsal of the Chi^istian , |,>,.u..d mid opened upon tjic' e^itranqe church chorus, announced for toniglii ,„ tiie jail iiroiiej-. The two kicked out until the weather, is more fnVoiuhle. section of the plusler ceiUngof this •-• •> * ieeli, dromiud down upon the floor and The young people of the ITnited seized Feazler, who had \\\«,\. started Brelhren church are to have a bo.K , hi supper at the cb.urch parlors tomorrow night to which every one is invited. * •?• * '"• Although the missionary societies study the missfonary lessons from month to month anfi are dutiful in paying their promised allowances the members sometime^ feel that the work is rather remote; and were it not for such interesting and helpful lessons as that studied yesterday afternoon at the meeting of the Foreign Missionary society of the First Meth odist church it Is doubtful if so much h<>lp could b< ly meetings. supper. '^Jiey told Feazler that if he made .Ti) oiitrry they would kill him. Feaz- 11) outcry tliey would kill ('!• was. tlightened into sile uce and the pair walked out of the Jail, the out- i side dotir of which was unlocked. I The jiair ran across the stre^ north •t" the railroad track. Feazler at this juncture ^raii out of the jail and shout- eil lo iiass(!rsl)y that the prisoners had escaped. Paul Laid law, book-keeper in the StfitQ. Kxcliaufie hank, looking out of a window, saw the robbers llee- iug across tin; street and he remarked lo Will ODonnell, "Theri! go a couple of jailliirds." O'DOIWK'II'S first thought derived from the month iwa.s of the hank robbers and he seized Mlrs. S. 1... Holmes was liis reviilver out o'f a drawer and rusli- the hostess and Mrs. O. L. Gaiiing-,ed out'of the bank in pursuit, house was apiiointed to lead the dis-I .lust as O'Douiiell rea(!hed the rail- Buy RM We haA /e just unpacked a big shipment of Ladies' and Children's Rain Coats and Capes, and are now prepared to give you the best values in Rain Coats 'we have, ever had, in most any style and color you wish and at very low prices -T -qu^lity considered. Ladies' Rain Coats, priced from , 1 ... .$2.50 to,$18.75 Children's Rain Coats and Capes, priced at.... .1. ...... $1.98 to $4.50 Ladies' and Children'.s Riiin Hats ! 50c and 75c Ine'ss Mondajr when the jail break was made H«. arrived in Yates Center national public life passed into private life. Senators who re- Bruner received a telegrnin trom.Iola, Informing him that the above men-had expense. cussion of the lesson, trie subject of which was the non-enrrstian child at school. Many of the members were .Kurprised to learn that American mis sion schools are doing a much greater work among non-Cm-istian peoples than the government schools are do- iii;;. iinioiifi the same |M >oples. Tin' nuarterly mite bo.x openinf; took place but because the atten.-auce was .noi so large as it wouldj have luH^n had the weather been- moire I'avorajde Ihi' full amount will not be collected until after the next nieellng. »> .% road track'a long freight train came oast apd cut off further pursuit by. him. for the time. The timely coming of the train probably .saved llie robbers for O'DonnoU could not llicMi after it had passed and they were not again observed till they were passing Ihriiiigh Mel Kiiiiler's • yard. Mil s:tw llu! two strange men hurry- iiif.^ Ijast but lie did not re<:ogiii/e them and did not try to stop them. Organized pursuit of the men started as soon ^.as their escape became i generally TtViown and groups of ariu- ed men, afoot and on horseback, kejit Miss May Bliss and Mr. Frank Pres'up a searfih throughout the night, ton, two well knowii voung people ' The county commissioners, who hap- who live west of town were married pened all to be in town following their last night at the home of thp bride's session of the day,-held an extra se.s- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bliss. ""d decided to offer a reward of to wit- ?2.'>0 for the arrest and conviction of was foi- pair. Half this sum will be iiaid ,for. the detection and conviction of either man. I Only relatives were invited lieSK the cereinoi^y, which lowed by. an elaborifte suppei- • • • The meeting of the Queen Esther' The A. H. T. A. bloodhouhds were Circle for this month IM to be held to- iTonght up from Buffalo Monday ni.<<ht morrow afternoon at the hopfie of Mrs. on the trail. They traced the C P Diiy at four o'clock " robbers past the Lauber farm north' - ; east of town but lost the trail when Mr and Mrs. David Felklns return- H'e robbers waded across a sinall ed home to Kansas City today after a creek. Late Monday night several, brief visit here with Mrs. Felklns' "orsons saw men answering the de- parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hill They scription of the fugitives a, mile and visited In Parsons' before coming to ^ ''SW north of Vernon., lola. Sheriff Carroll was at Piqua on bus_ _— . . _ The Women's Candidate for Mayor of Chicago. CONGRESS FINISHES «ORK (Continued frofn pngr? I) • In addition to the foregoing scores of general leglsliitive hills coverlng,.u wide range of subjects died witlr the end ot tin; congress, among them mitusures for federar road Improvement, general water way development and reorganization or the civil service. _ The last session was iiolabli; too, for the failure of two great Issues, national prolribition and woman suffrage, which produced two of the most exciting legislatrve battles in the history of tli»i Houstj of Representatives. Foreign relations or the nation were almost constantly to the fore from the beginning of congress. The Mexican situation has re(iuired close attention from the outset as has the European war. Throughout the session the President r.nd the Senate Foreign Kelations Comhiittee were in frequent conferences and and much was done to restrain unusual demonstrations whicli mighr. ha\^ disturbed international tranquility. Many treat ies were renewed for live yeilir periods with several great foreign powers. The treaty with Nicaragua providing for the acquirement of the Xlcara- guan canal route and naval stations \iar 13,000,000 was left unratified by the Senate and the pending treaty with Colombia directiii gihe payment of $25,000,000 for the Panama Canal strip was held up by the foreign rel,'i tious (tommiltee. The closing session of (;oiigi>'.'is was almost wholly devoted to appropriation bills, the ship purchase bill light and a few general measures. Aside from the. appropriations about the only important legislation included the creation of a Coast Guard bj- consolidation of the Ufe Saving and Revenue Cutter services; reclassifi- ! cation of grades in the aiidomatic and j consular service; re(|ulring of regis-; tratlon and special tax upon;all deal i ers in opiuni-or its Cerivatives, .and i the creation of the liocky Mounluin \ National Park in Colorado. Much debate on the condition of na tlonal defense enlivened the closin;; session. Proposals for special investigation of our preparedness for war all failed. The congress was arso marked by | differences between President Wilson ' and Democratic Senators over the; federal patronage; a sprited contest | over the Federal Reserve Board, in- | eluding two filibusters, and an unsuc- ' cessful effort in the Senate to estab- 1 lish a cloture rule to limit prolonged j debate; institution of a special in- ' of Kentucky;: White, of Alabama. Scores of Representatives in the; House gave way to new ini.'mhers. TIIE FI'UITIVES I.\ OTTAWA? Ottawa >lerald: The oBlcers hero have recijlvodi notice that the county commissioners ' of Woodson County will pay IZ.'iO reward for the arrest of Harry Milton, alias .lames Burton, and l.angd()n, Allison and waitinK. Theltrain was I unexpectedly halted south fjf First street by reason bf a iamb i« the yards, and in the darkness tlie men, If they had been al|()ard, had optiortunlty to get'off In the darkness before the officers were able to cover'; the train. In fiijct, two young men did got off. inear Second street, and seeing that James Harmon, alias Larry llanlon, j they were observed by boys oh^ the who were charged wi,th robbing the ] sidewalk, they walked rapidly away Stale Kxchange , Bank of Yates CN'ii-.from the glare of the corner llghti and ter. February JOIh. and who broke jail ili: appeared. there Monday.' —•— ^• Last evening,Chief of Police F. T. It.jRlsler Want Ads bring results. qiiiry into iutside influences exerted against the ship purchase bill; a gen- | eral lobby investigation which extend i ed for many months, and proposal of \ an inquiry into senatorial campaign | contributions. With the fall of the gavel today many Senators and Congressmen long This, is Robert M. SweUfei."county clerk of Cook County> who-hasTieaten Carter Harrison for the Democratlr nomination for Mayor of Chicago. The'Harrison. OS did the men In the Democratic primaries on the (|iiestion of choosing between Robert Sweltzer and Carter women voted in the primary by the thousand, and had they teen against him by a large maJority^, tbey would have beaten |>iu). However, it, has befu figured ou^tliat the womeO spilt who ''"-'•ison ha'i beeir five times mayor Of CbiCBgo. He had rn:r: issed the wonderfnt record of hl3 (ai'.ier was the. m^ybr.of Chic;.!... fi .i.>. to'im • DO YOU SUFFER FROM BACKACHE? When your kidneys a^re weak and torpid they do not properlj'^ perforin their functions; 3'our back aches and you do not f^ doinj; mtich of anything. You are likely to be despondent and to borrow, trouble, just as if you hadn't enough already. Don't be avietim any longer. The old reliable medicine. Hood 's Sansaparilla, gives strength ami tone to the kiilney.s ami Iniilds u{> the whole system. Get il toduv. fold WraUier riiap« And Koofrh- n(<<!< will dhnppftnr as qnlrkl^ tbej runie if you n»«* ROSE CREAM I 25<- n i{«itUe —at— BurrelTs Drag Store Big 1 We; are overstocked for this season of the year I and to make room for bur seed) business we will sell | groceries for the next ten days at prices never before heard of in lola. , 1,000 sacks Old Glory and Wolf Premium Flour —nothing- better sold in lola at any price. Come and get all you want at, per sack ..[.*. $1.75 200 cases large can.s solid packed Tomatoes, 3 cans 25c; 12 cans for j: 95c 100 cases No. 2 cans Tomatoes, 4 ;cans 25c; 12 cans 75t 35 cases large packages Rolled pats, pkg.. .. 15c Perfection Flour, sack Cold U'af Flour ._*!.«.•» Corn Meal, sack i<»c f) lb. sack Pancake Flour 20c 4 lbs. Pinto Beans.— 2&c 4 lbs. Whole Rice 'i.'H! 4 Iba Ginger. Snaps 25« 3 lbs. Navy Beans... S 'lC 3 lbs. Kidney Beans 25c 3 lbs. Dried Peaches 2.'.c 5 lb!3. Rolled Oats SSc No. 10 Red Syrup, pail 40c No. 10 Wliite Syrup, pail..--4"»c No. h pail Red Syrup... 20i No. \ pall White Syrup 25c' 7, cans Pink Salmon 25c 3 calris Best Corn 25c 3 pkjgs. Macaroni 20c 3 pkgs. Spaghetti .... .-2»C 9 bars Silk Soap . 2Rc 7 baJfs Crystal White Soap.. aic 7 bajt's Rub-No-More Soap.—25c 7 pkjgs. Rub-.Vo-More ^r—^5* 3 safcks Table Salt .....lOc 3 boixes Matches 10c r. btives .Matches 15c 25 barrels fresh Roasted Coffee—the kind we have been selling all winter—come and get all you want at ..:.. .1 .i:......2 lbs. for 25^ 'i Ihs. Compound 50c 5 lbs. Dry Salt Meat 70c 2ric can K. C. Baking Pow...20c anc can Calumet 20c 4 10c pkgs. Soda .._.3 »c 3 pkgs. Raisins ^^--.25c 3 pkgs. Currants 25c Dried Apricots, pound 15c Dried Apples, pound 10c 4 cans Greeiiwich€I.,ye... 2ilc 3 Old Dutch Cleajliser.. 25c .-. lbs. Sal Soda _.IOc Imperial Tea, pound tici Gunpowder Tea, pound...l -.SSd .Japan Tea, pound SSjq Tea jSittings, pound — -1 Black Pepper, pound S 3 laige pkgs. Com Flakes._-25j[ 2 pkgs. Grape-Nuts ---^ Large Instant Postum 45« Postjiin Cereal, pkg. 22< 3 boxes Tooth Picks Ifljc 3 Gas Mantles . 'A'** 7 rol^s Toilet Paper 25i| Now is your time to buy a supply of provisions —sale begins at 7 o'clock, Friday,: March 5th, andj 'lasts all next week. This Price List Good at lola or Humboldt. and Sejed Cp, CAMPBELL UNDERTAKING We strive to PlJase Phone 332 \ \ '4

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