Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 13, 1963 · Page 16
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 16

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1963
Page 16
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16 TELEVISION'S UNHAPPY MILLIONAIRES: HE REGISTER-NEWS --- MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1963 Riches, Renown* Reversals — Three Rs Of The TV Celebrities BOONE: Puts crs away. his six-shoot* By ERSKINE JOHNSON* Newspaper Enterprise Assn. HOLLYWOOD — Eves strained after years cf television viewing 7 Jifterv this morning beccuse of a late, late show? Dent ccrriclom, you television fans. >cu're luckv. Telo\ ;<--n *• > .< '•: rr.?< who rivd; h ,i e • ! '''!ache.-. NVv cr be -re •;: si': < w business have <o rwr.y «ud- dcnly beeeir'.e •<(.•• r:c:. so f:tm- ous —and so uniuppv. Call it the day -f the unhappy television millionaires. The hectic, hfch-ter.swn demands of television blended with the highly emotional na- wouldn't like a new camera like the that takes perlor pictures anywheti . . . anytime . . . automatically? BALL: Success and a broken marriage. ) tures of talented people is the I foundation for the unhappines-. ; Television's demands are in' satiable, but as eaprieiou> as a roulette wheel. T.< he hked is the g.ul "f S '-'ld. however, actors uo.d on, tertaincrs alike are f a >' i n hurdles new to the world oi show business. i A career can be made and unma.le in as short a titr.e as , 13 «eeks. Television popularity ! rat:::; systems -till dictate li'e and death for the yuan:,' hope- ; :"ul or the old pro. The sudden 1 end of a show because n i low rating or a sponsor's change of mind breeds bitterness and , unhappines.-. ! For the entertainer who be- , comes a hit there is the risk J I of overexposure killing off a : I career years in the making. | i It happened to Milton Herle ! ; and Sid Caesar, once the kingpins of the little screen. Today; they are rich, but unhappy. I Berle craves straight dramatic j roles and Sid hopes a n e w ; movie will renew his o n c c bright career. ; •o- -o- -o- As a spectator to the rise ; and fall of Berle and Caesar j on television, Danny Kayo re-, sisted weekly show offers tin- ; til this season. "How long will it last?" is a question Danny is already asking himself. Judy Garland's desire to he liked on her new show has cued a series of backstage flare-ups which have brought changes in production and per- BURR: How to from the stand. step down are some of the features? Around-the-lens electric eye ... viewfinder data center. . . precision f/2.8 lens . .. double exposure prevention . . . trigger-type lii--' advance lever. can you find a top-quality camera with so many features at such a sensational low price—• , including carrying case and flash unit? Bell v Howell/CcMion Gnone/ Only s O|l Jackson's Offer You: 95 • Guaranteed Satisfaction • Free Gift Wrapping • Greater Selection • Credit Terms • Greater Service • Everyday low Prices M. E. JACKSON SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Southern Illinois' Leading Ji • eti-r for Over 13 Years sonnel. When Sh.'w" t; (Iracle v Hut the was loo doesn today he is a night club With moti ever need, a ny is lea the time He 'll be , tb. the " 11111 11 X- Allen aded I' r o m the air, into retirement, lure o; the spot light much tor George. He need She money, but • is on tho road with sinking act. money than he'll pouting .1 ack I'.en- : HUTTONr Afterward, I rics about health. Real wor« in:. ('IIS hecause o! . ! "i '.'i"-, his siiow. n N't:i' n-Nt season. i. o -o- ;irln r. television Mih lype casting that >tars lose in the ehar- a 'ate they For blends rie'ee.- so indelible personal identity aelors they play look upon as worse than death. For instance, seven vears as j the Paladin of "Have (inn. Will | Travel" made llirhurd Boone a millionaire. g a v e him the easy life. I Jut he's h a e k this season, working harder than ever on "The R i e h a r d Boone Show." "Ciiinsmoke" put Dennis Weaver in the big money. But. being typed as the limping Chester has turned iiis career into miserable I nisi rat ion. In attempting- to escape from Dodce City. Weaver has made three bids for a series of his iwn tar I rem the West. He has appeared, in white tie and la;!.,, as a sin.:er on a television variety show. Old Waller I! re n nan, a movie Oscar winner way back in If '.(\ became a millionaire for the second i ii.TO via "The I agents. McCoys." Gone fishing now? Nope, returns to home screens next season in a new series in w h i c h he plays a business tycoon. "I'd he miserable in retirement." he says, and he's probably right. He's the essence of unhappiness w hen he's not A rich man today, Raymond Burr is worried .•'.bout the image of "Perry Mason" haunting his acting career when the 'cries ends -- and all series eventually do end, you know. The quick end of the "Betty Hut ton Show" left the one- lime Hollywood star in such an emotional state that friends worried about her health. •o- -o- -o- At the move personal level, television's long working hours and nervous strain cost Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz their marriage. .Jim Arness' marriage ended in a legal separation. His "Gunsmoko" fame and fortune were blamed. The backstage television picture is not all unhappiness, of course. Its rich rewards have favored many, tempering their ambitions. But for many others, television breeds unhappiness in its pressures, its insatiahle demands, its rating wars with toji shows opposite one another, its overexposure, its type easting and, above all, in its frequent instability based on the whims of sponsors and the second-guessing of advertising Bobby Richardson led the i Yankees in stolen bases last | season with 15. He was caught ! twice. Jockeys Particular About Pants | Spring ! games for begin By GENE PI.OWDEX MIAMI (AP) — Jockeys are particular about 1heir pants, and if you think that doesn't present a problem, ask .Mrs. John D. Shecliy. For 15 years this motherly- looking, middle - aged widow with a Tennessee twang in hoi' j ;j'iitist :ii >l« voice has outfitted America's leading riders and her colors have been on everything from cheap cl aimers to Kentucky Derby winners. She has two women helpers, and their workshop in a modest home on the outskirts of Miami is crammed with cutting and sewing machines, patterns, helmets and bolts of silk and nylon in all colors. In addition to jockey pants and caps, Mrs. Sheehy turns out shirts in the colors of thoroughbred stables and blinker hoods lor horses. Wdile much of Mrs. Sheehy's business comes by telephone, telegraph or mail, many jockeys call in person to try on their pants and insist on a Perfect fit from waistband to ankles. They sell for $35 a pair. The pants must be fitted so they won't sag when the jockey walks out into the nadock but will 11. training exhibition major league teams on Saturday, March Mature Parents Legacy of Illiteracy By Mrs. Muriel Lawrence Newspaper Enterprise Attn. Once, in the 10th grade, I lost three weeks of school due to the mumps. Upon my return I suffered agonizing discouragement. I found myself The Outsider. I could make no sense of my algebra teacher's questions, none out of my classmates' answers, tn my history class I 'd left Rome in the charge of Julius Caesar to now return and find it entertaining Nero with lions and Christians. If you ever lost school time of more than a week to illness or other causes, you must surely remember what I am talking about. — the lost, deadened sense of yourself as the "Unbe- longer—the Misfit. Hut like nil the other youngsters tn my school, I could rend easily and well. And because of my rending skill, I could soon regain my place In my class. I could recover the lessons I hud lost to absence—anil with tlu-m my sense of belonging. If I had not been taught how to read easily and well, I might have become a school dropout. I simply could not have sustained the painful isolation that would have become my permanent state had I not been able to make up the lessons I'd lost. It is now fashionable for the experts to advance many and highly complicated reasons for school dropouts, including emotional disurhance, ineffective homes, etc., etc. Could the real cause be a simnle one? Ts it poor reading ability? Are youngsters quitting s-chool because poor reading ability makes it just too difficult to recover the belonging place they have lost to school absences? For neople of school-quitting age, the ''look and say" method of reading instruction was widely in vogue during their elementary school years. Is there a connection? I don't think too much of the "emotional disturbance" and "unhappy home" explanation. What school child lias not suffered from some form of emotional problem? What home lias ever provided the background or perfect serenity? Anyone who has ever learned any school lesson has bad to learn it in spite of problems. But If he can't rend —•hat's different. If you are a school child and can't read well, school absence can destroy you. You'll quit school the moment it'.- nossible. Whv shouldn't you? School bis denied you the tool you must have to hew your way back in. ft has rendered you helpless to help yourself. Tom Tresh of the Yankees hit. .209 last season. He hit .305 right-handed and .245 left- handed. won't bind when he mounts a : spirited thoroughbred and draws , his knees up under his chin. There must be roem to pump those tiny legs in the heat ot compel iiion, too. The pants are made without belt loons or pockets, with an strap in back and buttons in front. The lops are of nylon bin they're elastic from calf to ankle and fit snugly around the lower leg. A rule of The Jockey Club calls for riders to wear helmets, and Mrs. Sheehy makes caps to fit these. Shirts are made in one size, full in the shoulders with ample room for action. If the sleeves arc too long, the boys tuck them up with rubber bands around the wrists. Nell Sheehy once worked in a garment factory in her home town of Milan, Tenn., and John Sheehy owned horses. After their marriage they traveled from track to track by trailer. Every time they pulled into a trailer park, word spread that a seamstress had joined the colony. At Narragansett Park in Massachusetts she made some jockey pant for Frank Harris, a valet. This led to other orders and when Sheehy's health failed, he sold his horses and said to his wife, "You make the pants and I'll sell 'em.' Sheehy died in October, U>M, but Mrs Sheohywas encouraged to stay in business. In a game acainst Wyoming. Pete Got ay of Montana' kicked a 64-yard punt. OUR REPAIR WORK IS GUARANTIED SERVICE MANION S. 9th Street APPLIANCE Dial 242-1227 WITH Millers' Auto INSURANCE 25,000 LIABILITY 20,000 UNINSURED MOTORIST 1,000 MEDICAL 1,000 DEATH BENEFll $1000 BEG YOUR PARDON In Thursday, December 12, Register-News Coldspot 13.9 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator-Freezer was listed at $249.95 and 17.1 Cu Ft. Coldspot Freezer was listed at $239.95. IT SHOULD HAVE READ: COLDSPOT 13.9 CU. FT. Refrigerator-Freezer 17.1 CU. FT. COLDSPOT Stores 598-Lbs. Right wingman Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings is in I his 18th National Hockey i League season. He is 35 and has ! been the league's most valuable player six times. Quarterback Jim Hill of Wyoming got off a 515-yard punt against Kansas this season. FREEZER $23995 $24995 SEARS in N. 10th St. Dial 242-3000 19 6 Mo. •No Male Driver Under Pleasuro L'se Class 11 25— Buy Seagram's and be sure No Accident Last Three Years Call Today w. w. Colvin Office: 313B So. 10th 1 Ph. •AVi.'iW Xo Mcmht'rsliip !•'(•« MILLERS' MUTUAL OP ILLINOIS INSURANCE W AUTO • H0MI jB^iu.—• BUSINESS Extra Dn **. Gin mms 7 {KOWK-tlEWCO WHISKEY. 86 PROOF. 65% OMII NEDTML SPIRITS. SEA0R*«*S V. 0. CANADIAN WHISHT-A BUND Of IUE KUCTO WHIStntt wi vuts otg. DS .8 ptoof. SOCR^-S mm out cn-owiim m cm aa fioof. PHTIUED nm mum turn, SUAW-KMUIS co, itc We The Women MAY HER MAGNIFICENCE GUIDE US As American women vvntcbed with heavy hearts a slender young woman straighten her shoulders and lift her chin as she went publicly through the long, long funeral day of her husband, they murmured to members of their families gathered with them about their television sets, "how can she get through the day?" But Mrs. John F. Kennedy did get through that long, long day with the eyes of the world upon her, showing such dignity and courage and selflessness as the world is rarely permitted to see. The Important thing now Is that we do not forget the lesson she taught us, for there is » lesson In her conduct for every woman who will some day lose it luishatid In dentil. And the shocking truth l.s that such it fate awaits a great many devoted wives, since women today arc. outliving their husbands by nil too many lonely years. What did the wife of our slain President teach us by ex- i ample" 1 Simply this: to meet the death of a loved one with selfless courage, instead of self- pity. To stand straight in the face <>l tragedy instead of breaking under its burden. To think, even in our most desiilale hours, of others. Tn do whatever has to be done, however difficult it might be. To reach out for a degree of maturity life mny never have before required of us. Someone said of Mrs. Keinie- The colt Ishkoodnh, a $15,000 Florida yearling buy, Is an Indian name meaning "hall of dy when thnt lone l°"K day was ended, "she put steel In all who wltnesHed." She did that. And she also fire." gave us as memorable a pro-; ~"" ' , , file in womanly courage as vvn | Earl Sande rode his lusl (nor- may ever see. We must not for- 1 oiighbred race at the age ot get It. 51. FREE BARBECUES Sunday, Dec. 15 SAM SWEET'S COCKTAIL LOUNGE Buckner, III. Red or Yellow Sturdy and So e^oe Handy. Save Now! SALE OF 208 CHRISTMAS CHAIRS Platform Rockers, Swivel Roc kers, Lounge Choirs, Recliners SPECIAL! PLATFORM ROCKER $29.95 Value! While Stock Lasts. Long wearing nylon and plastic combination. Beige, brown or turquoinse. Quantity limited. ONLY $5.00 A MONTH $ 2 LARGE Him BACK ROCKER $39.95 Value! While Stock Lasts. Fino quality nylon and plattic combination. Coil spring seat. Seige, brown, Turquois?, or gold. ONLY $5.00 A MONTH ciol! Toke Your Choice!^ Swivel Rocker or Recliner Choose • nylon iwivil rocker with foim cushion or • nylon end plastic recliner »t this low price. Brown, beige or turquoise. $54 Only $5 Dowrt—$5 A Month New Vinelle Recliner KING-SIZE! A BIG chair for BIG eomfortl Foam pillow back with Vinalla eovtr thai looks and wears like leather. Upright lo full reclining position and anything in betweenl $89.95 Value 79 %7 Down $7 A Month Brown Cactus Green Prairie Beige Turquoise or Gold Sit upright! w**h rvi New Vinelle Swivel Rocker lig, eomfarUhtt twWtl rockers with loam cushion. Durable vinyl fabric backed plastic that is washable •nd wean for years. Beige brown, green, turquoiif »r gold. Only $6 Down — $6 A Month miTC H€ L 218 S. 9th Serving Southern Illinois For 44 Years Mt. Vernon

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