Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 19, 1950 · Page 31
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 31

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 31
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ALTON •VMffttO THURSDAY, JANUARY I* till Sott Conservation County Meeting Set for February 1 , EDWAMfcVILLB, Jan. 19— Achievement* In the soil conser- <jfetkm program of Illinois reached • ' new high during 1949 when fttrinm ot the *t»te surpassed their accomplishments for the pre- In the amount ot conservation work applied on farmland. So states a report from Brut* B. Clark, state conservationist at Champaign, to the office of the Madison County Soil Conservation District, located in the Farm Bureau building. Officers of the Madison County district are Arthur Meffert of Highland, chairman, William M. Rohrkuste of Edwardsville, vice- chairman, Klchard Ellis of St. Jacob, secretary, and William D! Bertels of Dorsey and J, Henry Klueter of Edwardsvllle, director*. tot*! twhntettir of the U. 8. Stttl Cwwemtltm Service Is Anton Sajovetr, Reports of Madl«on County activities during the past year will be made at the annual meeting of the district at fidwardsvHle Feb. 1. Sajovetz states that during 1949, farmers cooperating with the district developed 32 complete farm conservation plans, each of which is geared to the natural capabilities of the land and designed to fit a particular farm, acre by acre. They also built 1.2 mifes of terraces, placed 520 acres under contour cultivation, Improved 226 Mnt'ftf |*Mtw*» wrttt MM farm pond* «nd oMMtructed Hx mlle« of waterway* they Mi* proved 11 atret of wlWllfe area*, planted 23,6So feet of multmorm rose and Installed 8000 feet of tiling. Compared to 1948, farmers of the state made an increaie of 19 percent In the number of farm plans which they developed In 1949 with the, necessary technical assistance by the Soil Conservation Service, state* Clark's report. Many of the Improvements in land use provided for In these plans will show In their accom- pti*tiMMita tGt 1990, M IHMfi\ By uw etoti *f 19*1, ta the report, farmers of Illinois had organtted 93 Mil eonsertt* tlon district* covering 31,000,000 •eres of land. Complete farm conservation plant have been developed by 17,819 farmers of the state. Local representatives of the U. S. Soil Conservation Service alto gave technical assistance to 1995 other farmer* with simple practices which they will later develop Into complete farm conservation plant, During 1949, Clark's report shows, farmers cooperating with i ft* tariff 111,419 „. «Mt«t* added ii,m acres of ttrlp cfop- ping, Improved 19,805 acre* ot pa*- tu«, planted ISt a«m of tit**, bum 354 firm ponds, 283 mile* of terrace* and Improved the drainage on 20,505 acre*. To de* velop better water disposal systems on their land, farmer* ot Illinois constructed 4,400,000 lineal feet of grass waterway* and'ter* race outlet* during the year. •' These are only some of the practice* which go to make up complete farm conservation plan*, says the report. A new trend among farmer* of working In niinoift Traffic Death Rate Dropped 8 Pet. nunot* highway ttafftc tataiitwa numbered it§l dtiHng tact year, a drop of 8 pereant tram th» 1811 death* In 1941, the Mate highway division ttld Monday the 1949 toll reptewmt* ed the greatest peacetime redue- neighborhood group* to *olve tnu> tual erosion problem* with tech- nieat assistance froth the Soil Conservation Service wilt have an even stronger bearing on future progress, states the report. lion from a preceding yetr Due* 1999. only during World War It, under drattie raruilment At eU villan automobile travel, were lower death rate* rt- ., the dcptrttnent aaM. A total of 199 faulitie* wet* counted la*t «w«th,a 10 hercent Inercate over Decettberi 1948. About one-half of the annual egg production of the United State* It laid in the four»month period from March through June. The okapi, a large animal ot central Africa,, wa* not known to while men until the 20th century, "UNCLF DICK SUCK'S ALTON STORE KNOWN FROM COAST TO COAST!! THE JOLLY IRISHMAN HAS ORDERED ALL FLOOR SAMPLES AND -.zzr I OR 2 OF A KIND —~ • SUITES AND ODD PltCFS TO BE SOLO! I SURPRISE FLOOR 6AMPLE SALET1 SAVE 30*40* 50* UP TO 50% And MORE 1 STABLES! END TABLES - LAMP TABLES Tier Tables - Dram Tables Book Tables - CocktaH Tables UP TO $18.75 VALUES! YOUR CHOICE, Only . . . NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES YOU TO PAY THERE IS NO INTEREST AND NO CARRYING CHARGE FOR EASY TERMS AT SLACK'S You'll bo MirpriMd how cheap you can buy aomo of thoto amnplo placet!. 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