Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 23, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1959
Page 6
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Junior Editors Quiz on VINEGAR QUESTION: How old is vinegar? ANSWER: Vinegar was used so long ago that its origin is not known. It is mentioned several times in the Bible. The ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, is known to have used it as a medicine. It was a leading export of France during the 19th Century. Vinegar, which is derived from a French word meaning "sour wine " is made by fermenting mild alcoholic liquids such as wine, cider or beer. The liquids are exposed to the air and gradually turn sour due to the action of bacteria. The two chief methods of making vinegar are called the slow barrel process and the quick generator process. The first process requires from three to six months to complete. The second, in which vinegar-soaked material is added, takes only eight to 10 days. FOR YOU TO DO: Here is a drawing of a boy and girl at a cider mill. The girl is bringing apples to b« squeezed into cider. The boy is taking his cider home. Some of it may be made into vinegar for family use. Color the picture. (Glenn Comer of Gainesville, Tex., wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T.M. R«f. UA Pit-0«. ffi 19S9 by USA •inici',' int. "Something's troubling Jimmy, MomI He's never been so contrary not even just before my birthday!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith x'V. ^\ ^ ;^fl / \ '^::-^/9 T.M. hc(. u.t. P>I. oil. ^ /<*I;.'*•;''.•.'.'•. 19S9 Ij NEAStmti. luc. "Bald-headed or not, he'» got the right idea about taxwl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS T.M. Rej. U.S. Pit. Off, ffi 1989 by NEA Sirvlct, he "When you said you were taking me to the fountain, I had something else in mindl" TIZZY By Kate Osann "I only call Richard on special occasions—this is the 24-hour anniversary of our first date!" Circus Talk Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS I Circus home 7 Circus "funny men" 13 Spanish weight 14 Reiterate 15 Circus are planned in advance 16 Handled 17 Body joint 18 Huge tubs 20 Male sheep 21 Congers 22 Rubber treo 23 Some circus animals may be kept in 24 Railroads (ab.) 25 Craft 26 Portion 27 Steamship (ab.) 28 Top performer 29 Drunkard 30 Legal point 31 Suffix 32 Federal region (ab.) 34 Edges 36 Sold at the circus 37 God (Latin) 38 Insurgents (coll.) 39 Pastry 40 Caterpillar hair 41 First woman 42 Floor covers 43 Mimicker 44 Circus —— artists 46 Four-baggers in baseball 48 Royal son 49 Citrus fruit 50 Perched 51 Marvel DOWN 1 Hear these at the circus 2 Laundry machines 3 Thin porridge (Pi.) 4 Carries (coll.) 5 Subdivision of a phyle 6 Grasslands 7 Lifting device 8 Camera part 9 Italian ' goddess 10 One who wears 11 Floating 12 Plant parts 19 Last month (ab.) 23 Top of head 25 High cards 26 Corn bread 28 Weapons 29 Circus 32 Cleanse 33 Rougher 34Verierate 35 Louisiana parish 36 Islet in a river 37 Rely 38 Gleans 39 Whitened 40 Rain tree 42 Kind of spicft 45 Interest (ab.) 47 Polynesian god BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Boots Turn* Detective BY EDGAR MARTIN f MO, I AIN'T (SOT IT POME.' I'VETOLP MOU TWENTV TIMES THAT I'LL FIX THAT WHEW I 6ETTIME-- 1 HAFTA DO THAT STUFF PURIN' TH' LUWCH HOUR WIT' OWE HANP WHILE I EAT WIT' TH' OTHER.' OHjTHATB PICK-TAKE VOURTIME, TAKE AM- OTHER VEAR -TWO/ DON'T THINK I'M TRYIW TO HURR.V VOL).' A SUV Y BUT YOU HAVE \ MUST BE I NO IDEE HOW AWFU L \ MUCH V0LJ 5AVE TI6HT \--HE'SFIXIW ALLOURELEC- ALLTHAT /TRICAPPLIAMCE-. JUST TO /AW MV WIFE CAN SETHIS \ USE'EMFER ELECTRIC \ MONTHS AKJ' TOASTER FIXEP PER / WHAT WE SAVE MOTH IN'.' / OM LIGHT BILLS/ \ ^y&yjjSL VK 1 ?-'!- •t^mf\jM v/wWr' &£&>*33iff3& 1 f^. IO-Z5 ^ O !«• fcj NM S*rrli«. Int. T.M. Hit. U.S. Fit. ECOWOMY OUR BOARDING HOUSE . ith . . . MAJOR HOOPLI IF YOU AMD I ARE <3OtM(5}/ c; T c?ANl6£ Mi TO CO-EXIST, MR.COMPOSER, rb MClDEMCE," YOU'D BETTER BAIL HOT A ,,./-O^^O^.T OF THAT CHAIR A^DTXY^ A6 jjjST A^i!i 1 i l ^A^7//T<? UK1UERTAKE W(TH i HE tMPTV j /THAT VERY TASK.' SEEK eOTTLc^ i 46 OPMV/ 4/TMlStS/ TH&THlKDAMD/ LAST CALL.' A -<- FIRELESS COOLER ,HA96EtNJfc?5$lM<3 fe UP MORE SMCXE- ' TWAN'A POSTCARD #? MUCH TRAFFIC IN) "THIS 6UR6 A SUY CANT PARK A CIGAR FREE RIDE- TODAY = BUGS BUNNY Bonanza PLEASE,NO INSULTS I I'LL WAIT OUTSIPEONTME BENCH WHILST YOU DON YOUf? COSTUME! //"^ r iwr»u*^ i n RIGHT COSTUME SYLVESTEf?! THAT ONE EVEN FITS YEF? CHARACTER! OKAY, SYLVESTER, I'M READY T' LEAVE I PAN INTO AN UNEXPECTED BIT OF LUCK OUT HERE i I'LL BE ALONG LATER FUDD'S COSTUMES A- PRISCILLA'S POP Hardly Seems Fair BY AL VERMEER NOW S THIS COCOON? LITTLE FELLOW. 1 HE'S GOING TO MISS CWRISTMAS CATERPILLAR THE WAYS OF NATURE ARE TRULY AMAZING-, PRISCILLA I9S9 by NEA S4r»lc«. Inc. T.M. B«». U,8. Pn. OH ALLEY OOP Afraid to Move BY V. T. HAMLIN THOSE DINOSAURS ARE Y'KWCW,OOOUA y \CERTAJNLYMAKING / ...T DONT THINK m THAT IDEA OF YOURS \ SLEEP VERY NEARLY/ KIMS WUR AN' HIS ' SEEMS TBE VKJRKIN' I IMPOSSIBLE _i BOYS WILL STAY OUT PRETTY GOOD DOWN THERE... AROUND MOO MUCH LONGER THEY'D PROB'LY BE GONE BY NCW IF THEYCOULPAv GOT BY THOSE CRITTERS \ c- ^".'* i - J *".* ^? ^fZf I i- -^ \^.r^~*- ^V v 1.1 £iJjH,3 by rtEA &*r^i[«. Inc. T.M. H»g. IJ.>. f»t Oft. I Weighty Problem MORTY MEEKLE / 6IX INTO / FORTY-TWO l<5 6EVEN, \ WINTHROR.. V WHY? HOW MANY 6IXTIME6INTD FORTY-TWO, MR.COLBY? BARNEY- BRING THEM IN HERE. BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HER FRIENDS Rude Awakening BY MERRILL BLOSSER NOW! CAM RETIRE"/ \ KNOWING- THAT ALL IS WELL POWNSUIRS/ ME WAS TAKIM6 A MAP SO HE'D &e FRESH AND ALEKT LATS SHOW SFARTs/ ) 1959 bj NEA S«rvict, Inc. T.M. R.g U.S. PM. Ofl. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Sharing Her Secret BY WILSON SCRUGGS WAIT.' I'D BETTGK TAKE MV JEWELS" OFF HEKP--KEEP THEM FOK ME OH, IT'S WOT THAT. I'LL LET YOU IM OU A LIITLE SECRET. I'M APPLYING FOR: A JOB/ R3LLOW THAT BU? EDWIU, AND WHEW IT STOPS AT THE CDKMEK OF MAPLE. PULL UP BE MA'AM TMC; is A KIKE NEIGHBORHOOD AWD WELL PATROLLED, I DON'T THINK- Something's Wrong CAPTAIN EASY 'ONLY L^ST WEEK 1 WAS \f BuTTDTD; THINKING THAT THIS IS THE / YESTERPAY' SEASON YOU USUALLY VISIT SURELY, YOU — WOP DROP IK) -— CL --"^u ACriPXT HE'S AJO OLD FRIgND..,A CLAS5WXTE OF UWCLt WES'. VISIT6P WITH HIM FOR HALF AM HOUR,TUABOUT H : 30 A.M.I TO THE HOUR, IT WILL SATISFY POLICE THAT YOU && THE GIRL PAW SAW IM ESSEX AT WOOW1 HOW NICEl YOU PIPN'T FOR06T HOKIEYl WU'VE LIST&P ENOUGH OTHERS WHO SAW THE VICAR OF COBHftM! EASY'S HEART SINKS AS H& IK) THE VlCftR'6 t.M. (!, s . u.6. PVt Oil BY LESLIE TURNER

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